Image of a very cute kookaburra somewhere in a forest in Australia. The Laugh Of The Kookaburra

16. The Laugh Of The Kookaburra


Blessings for Understanding the Cycles of Evolution


The Kookaburra Kingdom


Kookaburra is a rather large and furry carnivorous bird that exists primarily down under in Australia. The laugh of the Kookaburra has often been recorded and utilized for simulation of jungle sounds; however, Kookaburra does not live in a jungle at all but rather a gum tree forest much like the Koala Bear. Our kingdom enjoyed the presence of Asur’Ana as she traversed the continent and paid the Blue Mountain region outside of Sydney Australia a visit. We appreciate the work that she is bringing forth, as an ascending being in our own right.


Slow Movement and Nature of Dreamtime


Kookaburra and many other kingdoms down under are unusual and rare. As the oceans parted the continents, the nature kingdoms diversified into a range that over time looks not much like one another, nor behaves like one another. Those species in Australia tend to be slow in movement and nature, even if we are hunted or hunt to subsist. Why are we so slow? Primarily because Australia was the only remaining “dreamtime” realm after the many falls in consciousness in Earth’s more recent history. Dreamtime is a space in which expansiveness is exponentially greater, and in an expansive state, nothing moves too fast in the physical. Furthermore, many species spend more time asleep than anything else and in the dreamtime realms.


Indeed, the Koala Bear will sit quietly in the gum tree, and fall asleep mid bite upon a gum leaf. This surprised Asur’Ana who visited the Koala Bears in Koala Park. Wombat, which is much like a giant flat rat, was sound asleep on its back with its tiny curled toenails pointing up. Dingo (wild dog), which is akin to the German Shepard species that most are familiar with, was also sound asleep in her cage. Such species are asleep in the physical, but quite active in the nonphysical, where the nonphysical “light body” or “body double” travels in support of Earth’s vibration, often scouting out problems with chakras or grid work that are global, or repairing, reweaving or resorting libraries and dreamtime planes of reality. Although we sometimes appear lifeless in our fast asleep state, we are actually quite busy with our nonphysical responsibilities.


Each species has a counterpart upon another continent. Kookaburra is related to Porcupine in the North and South America, the Hyena of Africa, the Mole of Europe, along with several ocean species of fish. Why are so many diversified types of nature kingdoms interlinked? In our interconnection, we provide a unified field that spans the globe without having any given particular form upon all continents, or requiring a given form to live both upon the land and under the water. However, all kingdoms that are interlinked work together for a common goal and purpose in relation to the maintenance of Earth’s field and her global ascension underway at this time in history.


Bringing Fulfillment to Earth’s Cycles of Evolution


One may wonder why Kookaburra is not more akin to Hawk or Eagle given our ability to fly? Kookaburra was once a land mammal, and indeed we retain a form of fur that covers our body. Over time, we found that former form, and in particular our short legs were not enough to cover the massive land of Lemuria before the collapse of the ice shields, and so we developed wings to fly from region to region. However, we retained our fur and our purpose, which is to monitor the cycles of evolution of Earth, and to bring forth the fulfillment or fruition of such cycles.


Bringing fulfillment to any cycle that Earth has entered has been impossible in recent history. For the past 32 million years, there have been interference from outside forces that has prevented bringing to fruition a period of evolution that would have quite naturally lead to the return into the fold of the Great Central Sun. The more recent falls incurred through human interference are the worst of all, leaving all species with a genetic form that cannot ascend. This causes ascension to first require resurrection and reconstitution to a biology that can then ascend. Much of our translator’s written materials shed more light upon this topic, but let us suffice to say that until the restoration is fulfilled upon, real evolution or ascension, cannot begin.


In spite of the falls in consciousness, the history that Earth has lived is important. It sheds light upon many manipulations that have occurred over time that lead to non-evolution or the extinction of places much like Earth. In the evolution of Earth, now all can be understood, and in the understanding, problems that involve many dimensions can be rectified. All of creation has value. No creation is to be destroyed for any reason. This creation has a special purpose, along with each kingdom in the overall dance of the Tao. And this Kookaburra would like to bring to consciousness for those reading these books.


Original Purpose of This Creation


Many may not realize what the purpose of your creation or the nature kingdoms upon Earth hold in relation to soul. Most souls within your creation of 144 dimensions have misused power at one time or another in the dance of creator and creation. In the misuse of power, one utilizes what should only be for creative and expansive purposes to destroy or harm another. Souls that express such tendencies are generally “sentenced” to a place where due to the slowing of time and the harmless nature of the species therein, there is time to ponder soul’s wrongdoing. This is the original purpose that your creation held beloved; a safe place for destructive souls to come to understand why destruction is not such a good idea.


Most souls have been held captive within your creation for eons of time. Often, they go from planet or star to planet or star, taking on different forms, each of which teaches soul about collaboration, unity, harmlessness, and working for the common goal of evolution and ascension rather than destruction and annihilation. Sometimes souls who have been the most destructive begin in such species not unlike the frog, lizard, spider or bee, and may spend upwards of 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) incarnate in such a form. Such forms allow soul time to ponder; ponder all of the other experiences that had been created over time and in a destructive capacity expressed in another place and dance of misused power, and why an only destructive focus is wrong.


All Souls Are Watched and Tested During This Cleansing Period


As any planet or star approaches an evolutionary cycle, only those souls that appear to have learned the lesson in full of harmlessness, cooperation, collaboration and unity will remain and shall evolve home within the given cycle. Those that have not yet learned to be in absolute collaboration with the whole of the consensus that one resides upon are removed. Earth is in the process of bringing forth a period of cleansing, in which any souls that have not learned harmlessness and collaboration shall now be removed from Earth and go on to continue to learn their lessons elsewhere in the third dimension. In addition, the genetics of all species including humankind that are host to such harmful tendencies of soul are to be modified so that only a gentle collaborative nature remains after this period of cleansing.


During this period of cleansing, all souls are assessed and tested, whether they reside within the form of plant, animal, mineral, dolphin, whale or human. Any soul that cannot master harmlessness and unity shall be removed, as the soul is not ready for the ascent out of the dance.


Therefore, it is not just humans that are being tested and watched by multidimensional counsels overseeing this cycle of in-breath or evolution. All species and all souls herein are watched, all are tested, and those that fail are being earmarked for expulsion to yet another third dimensional creation, where they will again incarnate into a form suited to the lessons that the soul has yet to learn. This is also the same for humankind, who is further being assessed as to whether or not the genetics and lineages of each physical package give birth to a harmless state through ascension, or a harmful one.


Phasing Out Harmful Genetics and Lineages


Those lineages and genetics that have ascended into greater harmfulness amongst the map carvers of human ascension shall be phased out for incoming children over time, leading to a gentle human being that works in resonance with all of Earth. However, understand that this is so for all species. We are all phasing out harmful genetics, and for most species, this includes carnivorous behavior and the consumption of flesh, hunting and being hunted. Over time, our biology too will become vegetarian and therefore harmless in nature in the physical.


In your creation, there have been destructive souls that have gained enough power to do great damage to all forms and all consensus realities that reside within the 144 dimensions that Earth is at the bottom-most threshold of. For the souls, such as the one that resides within Kookaburra, we have now witnessed another set of destructive souls known as the “false gods” that are not unlike the patterning that we too once participated in; such souls have destroyed and destroyed and destroyed, causing fall after fall in consciousness upon Earth.


This cycle of destruction has gone on for seeming eons, with many creations in the bottom most dimensions going extinct over time. It has been estimated by the Tao that over 8 billion creations have gone extinct in the bottom most vibrational range. This is due to a large mismanagement on the part of the souls in governance over your creation, that have chosen to allow destruction to go way above and beyond the purpose for which this creation was created.


This creation was created to allow soul to learn not to destroy by spending time in slow moving creatures, pondering existence until after much thought, and through freewill choice, soul chooses not to destroy again, and comes to work in unity and collaboration with all other souls. Instead, this creation has become a prison from which no soul can evolve because the governance overseeing the creation has allowed destruction to continue unto extinction. The Tao is now extending within this creation to rectify the mismanagement therein.


Extinction Is Painful


Many souls have gone from creation to creation after each planet or star has gone extinct, with never a possibility of going Home. For some, like Kookaburra, soul has been held captive upon the lower dimensions for so long that there is no remembrance of when the dance began, and hardly any remembrance of what exactly soul did to become quarantined into this dance. This is a sad thing, and we have witnessed 16 extinctions in our recent memory of places not unlike Earth. Extinction is a painful experience, for although soul retracts, the form must die, and if form cannot die through conscious freewill choice, then it must age and become diseased enough that it can no longer continued to procreate.


In essence and in the Tao’s examination, creation should be “turned” each cycle. Souls that have learned the lessons of harmlessness exit in the ascension cycle returning “home”, and souls that have been newly uncovered as harmful and destructive, or have misused knowledge in any capacity, assigned to the bottom-most dimensions replacing those souls who have learned their lesson and are ascending out. However, in your creation, destructive souls somehow gained jurisdiction over the entire dance, and prevented the turning. A distorted form of ascension was the modality that such souls inflated themselves into dominion.


Such souls fell into a dance in which ascension became about ascending into greater harm, holding greater and greater positions of authority and power through abusive tactics, and then taking and raping the lower dimensions to such an extent that extinction therein is the result. There are 3 planets in your solar system that once had abundant life upon them in the third dimension. One was Venus, the other Mercury, and the third Neptune. The life upon each of these planets went extinct over time due to the repeated stripping of the necessary components to sustain form in the third dimension.


The stripping occurs through a group of souls known as the “False Intervention” who create wormholes into the lower dimensions, invading each planet or star’s governance in a “takeover”. In the takeover, the souls who were originally in charge are shattered beyond recognition. Those remaining subordinate to the new dictatorship are likewise shattered. The new dictatorship immediately instigates a method of stripping records in which that which sustains life is pulled apart and sent up the dimensions for use by other souls for other purposes and who likewise retain dominion through abusive tendencies. The stripping causes fall after fall in consciousness.


Everything is turned upside down in the process. That which was from the time “before” is considered “evil” and “problematic” to the new governance after the takeover. This is how the angel “Lucifer” got such a bad rap; he was an angel from before the last “takeover”. Therefore, he remembered something that could potentially threaten the current set of souls in dominion. Lucifer hid out, and the souls in jurisdiction played him up to be “evil” and something to be feared. However, in reality Lucifer remembers enough about the times before the last takeover to be of great assistance at this time of ascension.


Over time, the beings in jurisdiction con all form as to their superiority, impeccability, and omnipresent “all knowing” nature. This is the dance of Sananda, the Melchizedek Order, the Counsel of 12, the Ascended Masters that never really ascended, and so on. Such souls present themselves as all knowing, and yet their purpose is to tear apart creation to extinction. If one is going to be pulled apart to extinction, then one must be docile and obey; one must worship the “Lords” and not question their authority, and so on. Earth herself dropped so much in consciousness that she too fell into a position of worship and belief in the all-powerful ways of the “False Gods”. However, the truth of the matter is that since their appearance upon the scenes about 4 million years ago, there has been nothing but fall after fall in consciousness and vibration.


Many other creations that Kookaburra has partaken in trusted such false gods until the deadly end, and believed what they said; “Ascension of this planet is not possible.” “The only option is extinction.” “You have not what it takes to make it.” With heavy hearts, Kookaburra’s soul has followed such souls so many times in absolute belief of their “all knowingness” only to retreat allowing form to die and former species we ensouled to become extinct. This time and at this time upon Earth, another possibility is emerging and with such a possibility, the underlying records of how the false gods dismantle creations have come to be understood. Furthermore, enough of the records have been recalled, resurrected, and reconstituted that Earth’s resurrection and ascension is now underway.




The false intervention can be considered a form of parasite or maggot upon creation, which eats away at creation from the lowest denominator and lower dimensions. In parallel manner, form has fallen upon Earth into a pattern of death, rebirth and reincarnation. All children of all species are born with maggot eggs, regardless of species. Over time and as the form ages enough, the maggots hatch and begin to ingest the tissue that is dying within the aging or diseased parts of the cellular structure. It is for this reason that we suggest a gentle de-parasite herbal cleanse for all upon the path of ascension; as the maggots must be destroyed in order to prevent further decay allowing for biological resurrection and regeneration instead. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for a gentle parasite cleanse.)


The maggots serve a particular purpose as form dies; bit-by-bit they tear the form apart, digesting it until all that is left are the bones. For plants, the worms ingest the leaves, stems and flowers creating what is known as mulch. Maggots are also a physical plane representation of the false intervention that tears apart creation in an energetic rather than physical sense. Maggots will cease to exist as all form upon Earth becomes fully regenerative in nature, and this is indeed coming forth through biological ascension. In a parallel manner, the false intervention and false gods are being removed from Earth at this time as they do not serve global ascension.


Creation was never meant to be torn apart in such a manner; creation was slowed down to allow soul time to contemplate and learn to move beyond destruction. The destruction of the souls overseeing this creation perpetuates destruction rather than allowing soul an opportunity to evolve out of destruction and into a new dance of unity. Therefore, the presence of the false intervention and the dominion of the harmful souls and false gods upon all dimensions that they reside defeat the entire purpose that this creation was constructed for in the assessment of the Tao.


The Turning of Creation


The Tao in its recent descent has been educating all souls to remember the original spiritual purpose that form and soul hold. This is in preparation of the first “turning of creation” in eons of time, in which destructive souls will be assigned the bottom most positions, and those that have learned the lessons of harmlessness may now ascend on Home and into a new future dance. Therefore, the end to this dance of ongoing destruction and cycles of extinction that have plagued over 8 billion creations is now in sight.


This brings us to another point that Kookaburra wishes to bring to consciousness. For you see, souls in the human form have misused the power of a fully conscious species for destructive purposes upon Earth, bringing forth fall after fall in consciousness for all species therein. Therefore, and due to the turning now underway, such souls incarnate in human form and responsible for such misuse of information face only a few possibilities in relation to where they might go in the third dimension to continue their dance, and what forms might be available to incarnate into.


Such souls will be limited to the lowliest and simplest of creatures, for so great has the misuse of power and knowledge been upon the earth plane through the human dance. Such incarnations will give such souls a long time to think about what they perpetrated not only against Earth, but also against the human species.


Many have heard that there is no right or wrong, only the journey. However, if one’s journey destroys the journey of another, maims or harms another, then one has caused that which the Tao has outlawed. Therefore, one has committed a “creational” crime and must be placed into a circumstance in which one can then learn why it is not appropriate to destroy another. For many souls upon these lower dimensions like Kookaburra, we have long learned our lesson. We are not only harmless, but will only act in a manner that serves the whole in all that we do. This is the state of being that must be attained by each species in order to ascend home with Earth in the coming 1,000-year cycle. One must learn to collaborate and cooperate upon all planes of reality that one resides upon, both within the physical and within the unconscious dreamtime.


Here is where so many humans are at a loss. One does not understand that one exists upon many dimensions concurrently. One may be gentle and kind in the physical and highly destructive in the nonphysical dreamtime state. Such an unconscious and destructive state of being was used by the “maggot souls” or false intervention that wished to tear apart creation into its components to be disseminated up the dimensions and consumed elsewhere.


It is far easier to use humans caught in a fantasy that they are harmless when if one examined such humans upon all the planes that they reside, one would find that they are equally destructive upon other dimensions in counterbalance to the loving nature they experience in the physical. Therefore, humans must ascend out of their destructive unconscious patterning in order to ascend Home with Earth.


Becoming Earth’s Stewards


In order to accomplish this task, it is most important for ascending humans to become aware of the multidimensional reality that surrounds oneself, and begin to pay attention to the nonphysical dance. Human form was designed to be fully conscious and supportive of any creations choice to ascend. In polarity, there are always two possibilities present; one in which one can fail to support Earth and wind up being cleansed with all other souls and consciousness that is not ready for the journey home; or to ascend and become a steward of Earth contributing to the ascension of the whole.


What is stewardship? Stewardship is the agreement that one will only function in conjunction with Earth in all that one does. As one attunes to Earth, and Earth requests of oneself to move here or there, or go here or there, and handle this task or that, whether in the physical or the nonphysical, one questions this not, and fulfills upon the service work. Perhaps one’s ancestry lived upon this land or that at another time, and perpetrated great harm. Now in living or visiting such land again, one can undo the harm that one’s ancestry perpetrated. This assists Earth in her ascension by releasing patterns that cause her harm; and assists one in balancing the karma that one has inherited with Earth. It is only as all karma is balanced from one’s tapestry of ancestry that one is free to ascend Home.


For humans, humans are used to going where they want and doing what they want in service only to self. Re-educating oneself to be in service to the whole is a difficult process in Kookaburra’s estimation and observation of human initiates. We have seen initiates who wish their dream to come true without contributing anything to Earth. They were surprised to discover as of late that Earth was blocking their dream from manifestation due to a lack of fulfillment upon their energetic responsibilities to Earth and the human species. This is the lesson of stewardship; fail to support Earth and Earth will fail to support oneself in one’s own endeavors and dream manifestation.


Co-Creating with Earth


The dreamtime planes have been altered as of late. There is no longer only one dreamtime in Australia; there are now 12 parallel dreamtimes over each continent and within the Inner Earth. Earth is taking command of her own dream from those of the False Intervention that have run the show for so very long and since the human seeding. This new dream causes one to have to allow Earth to co-create all manifestations that one may envision. Over the coming 25-year cycle, no dream that is not in alignment with Earth’s ascent will manifest, not even for a human being. Those who are ascending are paving the way to a new manner of relating to Earth as a co-creator.


What is a co-creator? A co-creator is one who allows Soul and the consciousness of Earth along with all dimensions that one resides upon to co-manifest one’s life dream and dance. One is related to not only Earth, but also the Sun, and the Sun’s Sun, and all Suns up through Dimension 144 and beyond. Each sun is ensouled by a group of souls that co-directs the creations beneath, projecting a script for the life dance and evolutionary plot and theme for each dimension of life therein.


There are many dimensions of life. Some places such as the planets Pluto and Jupiter only know energetic life. Upon such planets, there is an intricate movement of energy that soul incarnates into for the experience of the dance. Such a place knows not form, only energetic movement, which creates a rich tapestry from which soul can learn many things. For to ensoul form, soul must first understand the principles of energetic movement; therefore, often such places are where souls who understand little about form are first placed to learn enough about energetic movement to later ensoul a form, even if such form is something akin to a bee or spider to begin with.


The energetic movement of all places, including those that hold form, is determined by the Logos in the dimension above, who likewise received its script to be projected upon the dimension beneath from the dimensions above itself. The original projection is from the Logos in charge of creation upon Dimension 144, who is much like a juggler with many apples. The Logos of your creation must sustain the projection for all dimensions that it contains, creating a script through which evolution of the whole may come forth.


One therefore is not just simply a steward of Earth as an ascending being. One is also a steward of the solar system and a steward of the creation of 144 dimensions that one resides within. Humans, in their original full conscious biology, communed and connected with the Logos upon all dimensions to align to the greater dream for your creation. Alas something intervened shortly after humanity was seeded upon Earth, and humans became confused.


Furthermore, those humans with the greatest understanding and genetic materials for understanding dreamtime and the multidimensional dance, known as the Grand Masters suddenly died and over a short time period. Alas, there was nothing to guide the human species out of the hands of the false intervention souls thereafter, who stripped the human form so greatly of genetic materials that all of the past 200,000 years of falls in consciousness could not be avoided.


Humans and through the process of ascension have the capacity to clear the karma, and correct the dance so that one ceases to be used by destructive souls and forces any longer. This requires commitment and a willingness to become more greatly aware of the nonphysical realms and dimensions above where one also exists but is unconscious of.  Therefore, Kookaburra offers the gift of opening to dreamtime.


Opening to Dreamtime


Dreamtime is a nonphysical realm in which there are many “movies” playing concurrently. One is free to tune into the movie that one might prefer; but the purpose of the movies is to better understand one’s own self, one’s own thoughtform and one’s own karma as an ascending being. Therefore, one will find reflected back in the movie script playing in the dreamtime realms all nonphysical relationships with others, whether they be human, plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale.


The relationships to the nature kingdoms projected in the dreamtime movie script often take a guardian and guidance-based role, for we can perceive that which one may be coming to understand from a point of greater clarity as we exist outside of the human dance. Therefore, such movies of relationships to nature are useful to ascending initiates as one may call upon us for advice and support of one’s continued evolution in tuning to such dreamtime scripts.


Dreamtime also has movies playing about the unconscious relationships to all others that one knows in the physical. Such movies can be considered “parallel realities” and “parallel lives”. Now and due to the restructuring of dreamtime, there are 24 parallel lives for any human at 2 segments of DNA, in which each relationship one has in the physical is expressed in a different manner in another reality.


For example, if one is married to a particular spouse in the physical, the spouse will be a friend, associate, boss, acquaintance, lover or unknown in different parallel “movies” or lives. If one has a particular friend in the physical, the friend may be the lover, spouse, associate, boss, acquaintance or unknown in different parallel lives. All polarities must be expressed, and therefore one experiences all dances with all others in the unconscious and in opposition to the physical life expressed.


As initiates ascend, one embraces each of the 24 parallel realities and lives in the sequence that they are layered around Earth. For the 24 parallel realities are layered like an onion that goes from closest to the Earth to farthest from the Earth becoming solar in nature in the end. The last 4 parallel realities are solar realities in which one’s solar unconscious relationships are expressed. As each of the 24 planes are integrated, and as one pays attention to the movies playing about one’s relationships to others in the dreamtime unconscious, one will become aware of patterning that is not expressed in the physical.


Unconscious Harm


One may have a loving relationship with one’s spouse, friend, boss, family or acquaintance in the physical, but find that one is an enemy that hates one another upon a parallel plane. As one goes to integrate the parallel life in which one is an enemy to another, one will become aware of unconscious harm or abuse that flows through due to the nature of the dance in the given plane. It is here that initiates must pay attention closely, for it is such unconscious harm that ultimately leads to disease, aging, illness and death, and non-ascension.


For although one may be loving in the physical with the individual at cause, the polarity of enemy is expressed nonetheless in the nonphysical dreamtime; and the hatred and blows of energy sent back and forth are recorded in the physical and etheric body whether one has recognition of the dance or not. This is how a spouse whom one is an enemy of upon a parallel plane can lead to disease, as the ongoing hatred and blows recorded in the unconscious and etheric destroy the etheric form. Over time and as the destroyed etheric form steps down into physicality, disease is the result in a particular part of the body most compromised in the unconscious hatred between the two.


For two who are ascending together, both may address the unconscious plane in which one hates one another, and ascend beyond it. However, one must also understand that not all lineages are allowed to ascend at this time and due to the harmful nature that the map makers of such inheritance went into in their attempt to ascend. Therefore, there is a good possibility that the spouse or friend or family member may not be able to ascend out of the harmful tendencies along with oneself as an ascending initiate. This leads to a time in which one parts company, as the ongoing unconscious destruction would only lead to an inability to ascend any further if the relationship continued.


Often times, Kookaburra has witnessed initiates going into great bitterness at the unconscious harm flowing through a particular association, friend, family member and so on. The bitterness can become a trap if one does not ascend beyond it. For the associate, friend or family member may not have lineage to ascend and this lifetime, and may not be able to prevent the unconscious harmful dance as a result. No one is at fault for this per se; it is just the nature of ascension given the human predicament and how low in consciousness humanity has dropped.


One must come to a space of forgiveness in order to ascend beyond the harm. Otherwise, one will simply continue to be shattered in the unconscious dance and not be able to ascend beyond it. As one forgives and forgives completely, the unconscious enemy ceases to have any power or say over one’s life dance, and the harmful blows sent either way cease.


Each dance experienced upon each plane of reality is a mirror to one’s own internal state of being. Just as one’s physical manifestations are a mirror of one’s own unconscious nature, one’s unconscious movies are a mirror for the patterning and thoughtform one must transcend in order to ascend. If one has an enemy in the unconscious, then one does not love non-conditionally. Therefore, the thoughtform of non-love or hatred must be transcended in order to come to a deeper state of non-conditional love and unity within. Such transcendence comes forth through forgiveness, forgiveness of the dance witnessed in the unconscious movie or in the physical plane life.


Unconscious Dreamtime


In addition to parallel lives, there are also movies of one’s past ancestral lives playing in the unconscious dreamtime. Such movies come forth as one is ready to release the karma from a particular ancestral experience that may have occurred upwards of 10,000 to 80,000 years ago. All initiates compile records of ancestral lives related to one’s genetic package and inheritance. One is a holographic record of all lives lived in the physical and as related unto oneself. As one ascends, the records held in the DNA are opened, and one has an opportunity to assess what one’s ancestors experienced at another time.


It is as one pays attention to one’s ancestral lives that one comes to understand that one has been all things human in one’s lengthy inheritance, and done all things human; one has experienced all things from being the murderer to the murdered, the prostitute to the pimp, the wealthy to the homeless and so on. It is as one comes to understand and forgive all such experiences that compassion can be born in the heart of the emerging Bodhisattva through ascension.


The purpose of dreamtime is to allow humans to again become fully conscious of all planes of reality that one resides upon. In so doing, there is a greater possibility of ascending in this lifetime, and the potential of completing all ancestral karma in full so that one may move off of the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles. It is only as one ceases requiring to reincarnate again that ultimately one can ascend Home to the Tao with Earth.


In opening the dreamtime, there is a greater chance of initiates understanding their parallel and unconscious realities enough to succeed at the goal of releasing all ancestral karma and moving off the death, rebirth and reincarnation cycles. Furthermore, in the opening to dreamtime there is a greater possibility of coming to a position of forgiveness and compassion surrounding the entire human drama and dance. It is only as more of the compassionate Bodhisattva nature emerges through ascension that the human dance will begin to change and the possibility of a unity-based civilization be born.


This Kookaburra looks forward to. In the meantime, call upon us guardians and guides to the dreamtime planes that surround oneself. Let us each choose to ascend Home!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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