Image of a shiny green ponderosa pine tree. Blessings For A Return Of Consciousness And Soul

10. Blessings For A Return Of Consciousness And Soul


From the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom


It is the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Ponderosa Pines are considered the state tree of Montana in the US. We are a tree kingdom that transitions from the forests more heavily laden with life due to greater water element, to the plains that receive so little water that only grass and sage plants grow. Our kingdom requires less water and this is why we are a sturdier breed of tree in a transitional environment that has less water element to sustain us.


Unconscious Soul Consumption and Fall in Consciousness


What would the Ponderosa Pine Tree Kingdom like to say to ascending humans? We have watched the human dance for a very long time. In the west, we have watched as the white man overran the red nation’s peoples taking away their land and confining them to reservations in the US or reserves as they are known in Canada. The red man lost his freedom to roam and live from the land each time that this has occurred in human history. This last period where the red man lost his land was the eighth time we have witnessed this dance. Due to ascension, there is now a better understanding of how and why this occurs each cycle of human history.


In this last cycle, the red nations of the plains in particular were dependent upon the buffalo for their sustenance. The Buffalo Kingdom is one that the Ponderosa Pines know and love dearly. In their roaming, the buffalos eat of the grass and then deposit their poop to fertilize the soil causing more rain to fall and allowing more pine cones of our Kingdom to potentially sprout, particularly following a fire in any given region. Our kingdom and the Buffalo Kingdom therefore have worked together for a long time to sustain our respective existences.


The Plains Indians became heavily dependent upon the buffalo, following their herds and hunting them as required for fur, flesh and bones. Not one part of the buffalo went unused; bones made useful tools or works of art. The fur kept them warm in their teepees during the cold winters and wrapped the newborn children in a soft comforting blanket. The flesh was cooked and sustained the bodies of their tribes. The fat was mixed with berries and nuts gathered from the land and used as a trail mix when traveling. The Buffalo Kingdom sacrificed of their own bodies to sustain the Red Nations humans out of love.


As the white man invaded the red nation’s territories, the white human began to unconsciously (unknowingly or without awareness) consume the soul of the red nation’s peoples. Why do white humans unconsciously consume soul? Ah, this is an interesting topic and has to do with the Anu inheritance. The family of Anu were from a foreign creation known as the Pleiades. The souls that came with the Anu eventually left as they were non-resonant here upon Earth. As soul left, the Anu began to consume the soul of the red nation’s peoples that lived nearby to sustain their existence. As soul was consumed, the red nation’s peoples experienced a fall in consciousness and into territorialism causing wars to break out between tribes.


In this more recent era, the red nation’s peoples had lived peacefully upon the land of North American for thousands of years. It was as the first white settlers moved to the East Coast of the new land known as North America that red nation soul again began to be consumed yet again just as it had been in the era of the Anu. As the red nation’s peoples lost soul, they began to unconsciously (unknowingly or without awareness) devour the soul of the nature kingdoms that they relied upon in compensation.


Fox, deer, elk, eagle, salmon and buffalo were the species most relied upon by all red nations’ peoples coast to coast. It was therefore fox, deer, elk, salmon and buffalo souls that were consumed in compensation. Not all red nations peoples hunted buffalo and traveled in teepees; actually, most tribes had places of residence constructed nearby hunting grounds or the ocean with farmlands nearby where crops such as corn and squash were cultivated for easier harvest.


The red nation’s peoples had a peaceful way of life up until the arrival of the white nation’s peoples. As the white nation’s peoples began to consume the soul of the red nation’s peoples, the red nation’s peoples fell into fear and lack. Another fall in consciousness was underway as a result of this game. The end result was that tribes began to war upon other tribes over territorial disputes, particularly over regions that provided ample hunting and gathering of food source. The wars became increasing brutal the more that the white nation’s peoples claimed the land and consumed their soul. In time the white nation’s peoples in the US went to war upon the red nation’s peoples as well desiring to take all land for themselves. They succeeded at this goal in the end pushing all remaining red nations’ peoples into a form of prison known as a “reservation” or “reserve”.


One way that the white nation’s peoples succeeded at concluding the era of the Plains Indians was to destroy all the buffalos by shooting them en masse or causing their herds to jump off cliffs as they were chased by men on horseback. This ended the main source of food and warmth leading ultimately to surrender on the part of the remaining Plains Indians. Causing herds to jump off cliffs was not new to the Plains Indians. The Plains Indians had actually chosen this modality of hunting about a hundred years before the white nation’s peoples invaded their territories.


Loss of Soul Results in Extinction


Up until this point in time, buffalo was hunted one on one between warrior on horseback and the herd. The weakest in the herd surrendered itself unto the sustenance of the tribe. As the tribe’s soul began to be consumed by white nation’s peoples, the Plains Indians began to consume the soul of buffalo. As enough buffalo soul had been consumed, suddenly the idea occurred upon the part of the Plains Indians to run an entire herd of 20 or 30 or more buffalo off a cliff creating a large feast that was greater than a single tribe could consume in one sitting. This caused some buffalo carcasses to go unused in the end creating the first known form of waste on the part of the Plains Indians in this era.


Why would the Plains Indians suddenly take of the buffalo kingdom to a greater degree than necessary creating waste? This occurred as buffalo lost its soul. As buffalo lost soul, there was not enough soul to sustain the physical forms of all buffalos. Many buffalos chose to die at one time as a result in this form of hunting. It requires soul to sustain physicality for the nature kingdoms. If soul is lost, the numbers of physical members of any species will diminish. Humans call this extinction today, and the extinction of many species has been due to the loss of soul to such a great degree that there is not enough soul to produce newborn children.


Why did the white man kill most of the buffalo to win the war? The buffalo had lost so much soul that there was not enough soul to sustain the number of herds that they had incarnate in physicality. Out of the loss of soul due to the consumption of buffalo soul in the part of the Plains Indians, the bodies of most buffalo were retracted out of physicality. This occurred as the white man destroyed 90% of the herds of buffalos to win the war against the red nation’s peoples.


Why are there dwindling populations of fox, deer, elk, eagle and salmon? The red nation’s peoples had consumed the soul of these kingdoms as the white man consumed their soul. This is the same in many other nations. As the white man moved to the land known as Australia and Africa, they began to unconsciously consume the soul of the Aboriginals and African nations as well. In turn, the Aboriginals and Africans began to unconsciously consume the soul of the nature kingdoms that surrounded them. The soul of antelope, tiger, lion, zebra, elephant, emu (ostrich), wombat, koala and dingo were lost in the exchange. In compensation, the number of physical incarnations of each kingdom likewise declined and some to near-extinction.


The souls of the Inuit (Eskimo or Mongolian peoples) are also consumed by white nation’s folk. In turn, those of this red nation consume the souls of whale, dolphin, seal and polar bear. The souls of those of the East are also consumed in the interaction with the white nation’s peoples. In turn, those of Tibetan root race inheritance tend to consume the soul of the plants. As more and more soul of the plants is consumed, it leads to the creation of more and more desert. The dust storms and deserts of China that have been created seemingly by overgrazing in the past century are really the result of the loss of the soul of the Chinese to the white man who in turn consume the soul of the plant kingdoms.


Any loss of life occurs in the nonphysical first and foremost. First and foremost, any life form that begins to go extinct is first consumed as soul. As there is not enough soul, there is not enough consciousness to spin the chakras of the collective energy fields of a given species. Each species works together as a body of energy that sustains the whole of any kingdom. As enough soul is lost, the collective chakras collapse along with the subtle bodies and collective light body, and over time the number of physical vessels that can be sustained through the collective energy flow diminishes. As the energy diminishes significantly enough, extinction is created of any given species.


Buffalo is learning an important lesson as are all nature kingdom species at this time. Nature realizes that it somehow was pulled into a war between different nations of humans. Nature sacrificed of its own soul so that the humans that they loved that were red nation and peaceful in nature could continue to exist. Nature is learning this lesson and will never do this again.


Nature is recovering her soul by retrieving it from the red nation’s humans that it was given to so that nature may ascend into a new era of peace, unity and unconditional love ahead. What is required in counterbalance is for those of red ancestry in present time or of ancient red ancestry from ancient times to retrieve their own soul from the white nation’s peoples or Anu family members through ascension as otherwise, ascension will fail for humanity. This is why we write unto each today with this information.


What Happens to Soul After Consumption?


Where does soul go when it is consumed? Soul ends up becoming all kinds of dreamtime planes that are not really associated with sustaining life in the natural world. Soul became the dreamtime that the Anu desired to continue to manifest to sustain their lives in their life extension practices. So much soul was consumed from the red nation’s peoples that the Anu had no use for all of it; excessive soul was then bartered away to the Pleiades or Orion for use in their dreamtime as well.


Much like the rotting buffalo carcasses left behind as the white man slaughtered all the herds, the Anu consumed so much soul that there was “waste”. It is due to the consumption of anything in excess that the experience of waste is created. Everything has a place in the blueprint of any consensus reality. It is only as the blueprint for existence is violated that there is then something that remains left over that has no use.


As soul is consumed and reshaped into something other than its original blueprint, there is something left over that has no use. As this occurs in the nonphysical, over time physicality responds in parallel; suddenly there is “waste” in the physical. The reason humans pile their wastes sky high or bury waste in poisonous landfill is the result of how soul has been wasted in the dance of the human energy field. As each part of the nonphysical is restored to its true function and purpose, there will cease to be waste, and as this occurs, humans will learn to take better care of their own waste or in other terms, recycle.


What happens to soul as it is consumed? Soul becomes non-conscious fabric that can then be molded into many dreamtime shapes. Soul can be molded into non-physical buildings and castles that then become houses and castles as the dreamtime plane steps down into physicality. Soul can be molded into technology such as computers, trains, planes and automobiles so that such technology then develops in physicality. Soul can be molded into cities which then develop in the physical. So much soul has been consumed and sent into dreamtime that a large era of techno gadgets and large cities has developed yet again as a result in present time. Such cities and techno gadgets serve not evolution and are causing humans to be consumed by their own devices. This is leading to another fall in consciousness for humankind.


Soul was not designed to become a dreamtime plane or be molded into houses, cities or technology; soul is a conscious nonphysical blueprint that sustains life through the interaction with the moving energy field of all living things. Lose enough soul and a consensus reality will begin to move towards extinction, and this is what has happened upon Earth. So much soul has been lost since the Anu came to Earth that Earth has dropped and dropped in frequency as there has been simply not enough soul to spin the fields of all kingdoms or Earth as a whole.


Resurrecting and Reconstituting Soul


How does one recover soul that has been consumed? One resurrects and reconstitutes soul through intention. Sometimes Asur’Ana has resurrected and reconstituted 800% of the soul that she now knows that had been lost over time. This occurred as key karma was released for how soul had been lost in her ancestry over time allowing her to recover that which had been consumed in ancient times and was held as non-conscious fabric in dreamtime either here upon Earth or in other creations that it had been bartered away unto.


How does soul feel about it all? How do humans feel who are used, enslaved, imprisoned, starved and abused? Humans feel worthless, used, hopeless and helpless. This is how soul feels that has been consumed and has been used to create physical goods that have no relationship to the life of the consensus or evolution; soul feels used, enslaved, hopeless, imprisoned, starved and abused. As soul is resurrected and reconstituted to its original blueprint, there is an opportunity for healing and restitution of the nonphysical to its real purpose; which is to sustain life.


Extinction is coming to an end for many species at this time due to the restitution of enough soul to sustain their fields. This in turn is causing many species to begin to breed more offspring in compensation to the larger energy flow available unto each kingdom. In turn each kingdom has an increasing energy flow that can support and sustain Earth’s global ascension.


Each kingdom contributes their energy flow to the overall energy flow of Earth. Earth has chakras that are made up of the combined chakras of all kingdoms upon Earth. The larger the fields of each kingdom grows to be, the larger Earth’s field grows overall leading not only to the effect of global warming but global ascension as well. Each kingdom requires its soul to be retrieved and restored in support of global evolution. Each kingdom is therefore busy with this goal at this time; to retrieve as much soul as required to continue to support the evolutionary journey home into the Great Central Sun.


As soul is reconstituted, it is pulled from the non-conscious dreamtime fabric that has created the human techno-era, cities, trains, planes and automobiles. As there is no longer any dreamtime for each city, form of transportation, piece of technology or other human construction, over time all such creations will cease to exist in physicality as there is no etheric structure remaining to support its continued existence. It is through the retrieval of all soul that all objects fabricated out of it in the nonphysical will cease to be; and as this new dream steps into physicality, the physical objects associated shall also likewise cease to be. This is the future ahead due to the choice of all species to retrieve all soul and reconstitute it for the purposes of ascension and evolution Home.


Mechanization of Field Due to Loss of Soul


What happens when soul is lost? Fields become mechanized. Nature has become a mechanized physical existence with little consciousness remaining other than instinct. This was not so long ago. Long ago, nature was fully conscious and lived from the breath, not requiring the consumption of anything to subsist. Long ago, nature had enough consciousness in the physical to direct the body in unique experiences that were joyful for soul to share within in the dream of life upon Earth. Long ago, there was no mechanization of field; only soul dancing with the energy of each kingdom directing the life and dream as it desired. The bodies of the kingdoms were conscious of the souls managing the life and shared in the co-creation of each physical plane experience.


As soul began to be consumed, and this began long before humans entered the dance upon Earth, the number of physical forms of each species began to dwindle. Over time and as more soul was lost, the bodies began to mechanize the energy flow to sustain itself rather than go extinct. As a result of the loss of so much soul, nature has come to exist in such a mechanized state of being that a restoration to full consciousness is a very difficult prospect indeed. Nature will fulfill upon this goal however only if enough soul is retrieved to manage the ascension.


Through ascension of each species, the biology can be gradually modified through each subsequent generation born to an ever-increasing level of consciousness. First, each kingdom that is carnivorous will learn to subsist from fruits, nuts and vegetation. Then, each kingdom will learn to subsist only from the breath becoming fully conscious again in the process. Although this is a lengthy process that may take 100’s of years to fulfill upon for all species, it is possible and it is the dream that Earth and each kingdom is choosing for their future.


In parallel to nature, humans have fallen into a mechanized dance that holds little consciousness in present time. This is a reflection of the lack of soul managing the human field. As soul was consumed, mechanized energetic systems were left in their place or humans would have gone extinct long ago. Mechanized fields breed a mechanized lifestyle in which there is little consciousness driving the show other than ego and negative ego associated with body level awareness and personality entities. Personality entities are fractured bits of soul that have gathered together founded upon resonance of a particular vibratory rate. As humans lost soul, they entered a dance of personality, ego and negative ego in which fractured bits of soul drive the dream rather than a whole soul that is complete and self-aware.


It is the fractured pieces of soul driving the human dance that leads to conflict and abuse as well as failure and feelings of inadequacy. Fractured bits of soul do not know enough about how to weave a human dream so that it flourishes upon the physical plane. The end result is a lack of enough dreams to create enough experiences of fulfillment. Out of a state of non-fulfillment, humans abuse one another. Out of a state of non-fulfillment, humans become addicted to substances and entertainment in an attempt to anesthetize that pain that they are in. Humans are becoming so fractured and so incapable of weaving a dream for their lives in present time that more and more are winding up upon the streets homeless.


Inner Focused Life and Fulfillment


As humans ascend, soul is reconstituted and recast. As this occurs, there is something other than ego, negative ego and personality that can drive the human dream. As this occurs, there is something that is self-aware and focused upon ascension to live each human life. As soul that is self-aware drives the human life, the dream can be rewoven to create experiences of fulfillment in the life dance leading to greater abundance and joy.


As soul drives the life, humans will interact in less fractured and brutal manners towards one another. As soul drives the life, there can be greater awareness of the larger picture underway to allow for resolution of conflict through negotiation instead of warfare. As soul drives the life, there is also an opportunity for humans to learn to work more consciously with nature and give birth to a new dance of unity upon Earth.


As soul drives the human life, it will redirect humanity inward. In opening to one’s inner reality, there is something to focus upon other than the media entertainment that anesthetizes the masses. In opening to one’s inner reality, humans can learn to direct their life from the inside out rather than feeling at the mercy of the outer life experiences. As one learns that one can alter the inner fabric of one’s thoughtform to create the dreams that one desires to experience, there will be more time put towards this goal than the other focuses that prevail in the current human dream.


As future generations become totally inner-focused, the need or requirement for the current technology will fade to a new day in which evolution and spiritual mastery becomes the primary focus of humankind. As the need for the technology ceases, it will cease to be produced, which will dovetail with a time in which the dream for the gadgetry has faded from the dreamtime planes due to the retrieval of all soul required for nature and Earth to ascend. This is the hope and dream of Earth at this time of global evolution.


What do the Ponderosa Pines wish to conclude this chapter with? Retrieve, resurrect and reconstitute the soul that once danced with your ancestry, beloved. Retrieve all souls from all of Anu inheritance that you or your ancestry has danced with. Return the soul that your red nation’s ancestors took from nature so that nature can ascend. Intend the end to the mechanized state of being that you have known in this lifetime.


It is out of a mechanized state of being that one experiences boredom. Boredom is really the result of the same dream playing out day after day after day with little variance. As one releases the mechanization of field through ascension, and retrieves and reconstitutes soul that in turn assists in creating and maintaining a moving energy field that is rotational in nature, one can then weave and catch a dream that is more fulfilling and that one intends to experience. The more fulfilling the dream experienced, the more satisfying the life lived. This can become your truth in the choice to ascend beloved.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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