Image of Molokai, a secluded island in Hawaii. Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #1

Shaktar Twin Flame Lore #1


Twin Flame Union Overview


The Love of the Two


Twin Flames


The love of the two

Is a fable

Of a monadic duet

That fosters a dream

In an incantation

Of Divine Love

Of Spirit, Self and Soul

That causes the pair

To inaugurate a union

In the sublime formulation

Of the heart of the two

That triggers the flame

Of the Dao and the Tao

To ignite within


Twin Flame Lore Overview


Twin flame lore is sacred action of self-unfolding between the two in the dreams of life. Sacred action is one of deep care of the heart that defies all obstacles through time. True twin flames often enter a union and never depart. Twin flames are a parallel aspect of soul that descends to embody two individuals of parallel archeological habitat of genetics. Twin flames can be fostered in male-female, male-male or female-female unions through time. Twin flames are one of the most difficult to most magnificent of union experiences that can ever occur for two in the physical bonded together in twin action of fate.


Fate is a habitat of karma that is inherited at birth. Twin flame fate is annotated at birth. As a twin flame union is fostered, the fate causes the outcome unless forgiveness unfolds between the two. If forgiveness unfolds, the fate can be keyed into another lore fable for the continued dreams of life. Twin karma is unique and not of a common union of the two. Twin karma can be eloquent to exotic in its notions of self. Twin karma can be destructive to demonic in its sadomasochistic experience through time. Twins can love and can hate as deeply through time. Twins who hate destroy one another generally speaking.


Twin flame unions are not to be underestimated at their effect whether consummated or not. Twins that cross the path of one another have strong affluence over the fate of the life of each. Twins who pass in the night in a casual sexual encounter and never find one another again can be devastating unto one or both. Twins who cross paths in the daylight of life through friendship, business or other acquaintances will foster each into sacred action. Sacred action triggers a new life fate to unfold that fosters spiritual evolutionary sequences. Twins who consummate an affair and attempt a union that fails can lead to the fatality of one or both. Twins that align foster the most succulent short to long term unions available to be experienced today.


Twin flames are bonds of care of the heart. Twins generally are genetic duplicates of opposite or same sex expressions but not always. Monadic twins stance of soul descend to foster each of the pair and the union through time. Monadic duets form between the two that foster sound and light that syncopates the lore fable for the twin union fable. All unions are a lore fable dream that plays out in the life. The lore is known at birth and chosen for on behalf of the karmic habitat of fate of the two. If the karma can be forgiven, the fate can alter allowing a better outcome through difficult twin flame strife in life.


Fostering Divine Systems of Self Through Twin Unions     


Twin flames are not a union to tamper with if there is not a commitment to the outcome if the partnership is to foster divine systems of self. Some twin unions foster sacred service unto the Dao and Tao of the planet. Self is the consciousness of the biological expression of life. Self fosters twin unions for many causes through time. Twin unions can be glorious. Twin unions can exacerbate one another to a point of departure. Twin unions can attempt to depart only to be drawn together again into another round of attraction that causes the hearts to syncopate together once more.


Drama and trauma are not uncommon in twin unions in this era. The drama highlights the problematic patterns between the two to be forgiven. If forgiven, the patterns fade into another delightful dream and time of eloquent light motions of self that can trigger ecstatic reunion of the two. The romance carries on and into another interlude of strife to be realized through amongst those twins mastering spiritually in life only to foster another beautiful incantation of dream ahead. Long term twin veterans foster an understanding of the rises and falls of twin oscillations through time and become warriors of the path of the two.


Love/Hate Unions Between Twins


Twin unions rarely accolade into beauty and graciousness forever. The beauty and graciousness experienced in one moment is transfused through in light motions of field and can be followed by experiences of mild incompatibility to major strife of the two through time. Twins can have a love/hate unions, and this is not uncommon in this era. Hatred is only non-love and something to be realized through. Realization of self often presents difficult happenstances in twin flame union lore to foster each to find their way to equilibrium and equality of self of the two. Equality of self of the two precludes strife or judgment in either direction. Hatred is abated into unconditional love as equality of self is embraced.


Twins hate one another in judgment. Judgment is a mind bend. Mind bend to the right fosters judgment. Mind bend to the left causes unconditional love within. Often twins are polarized into mind bend of one into hatred for the other and the other into unconditional love. The roles can reverse leading to the one who hates suddenly loving their twin while the other suddenly hates the other. Twin polarity can be transfused through amongst those mastering self-realization in this era. Twin polarity of mind bend is a common problem that drives the pair to depart the union through time unless forgiven.


Twins have a sacred incantation from birth that is a hypothesis for the union. The union of twins is to be fostered in sublime motions of self that allow the monadic duet to be united within the two if a long-term union is the karmic fate to be experienced. Fostering sublime motions of self is difficult in this era. Many potential monadic duets of sublime motions of self foster ill-hearted unions that do not cause care of the two. Ill-hearted unions occur as one uses the other or fosters a hatred for their twin. Hatred is difficult in twin unions due to the union of the heart. The hatred of one twin can kill the heart accolade of another leading to death.


Fostering Forgiveness to Sustain a Twin Flame Union


Twin flames also can oscillate in divine moments in time in which the two become as one in superlative light synthesis motion of self. The divine motions foster divine moments in time that are long for again and again. Divine motions of self occur again and again if the two fosters forgiveness of the difficult patterns of twin strife karma between the pair. Those who witness long term twin unions foster recurrent moments of forgiveness that foster the two into another reunion of the divine within and experienced between the pair. The reunion is longed for but the need to foster forgiveness to sustain a twin flame union is great in this time period.


Twin flames oscillate a notion of the divine between the pair. The notion of the divine carries each forward through the stanzas of karmic patterns to be forgiven in order to reunite the two into superlative notions of self. As superlative keys unfold, the two unite again into the joy and ecstatic reunion of the pair.


Ecstatic reunion is a common happenstance of fate between twin flames. Few may understand twin flame unions outside of the experience of couples in divine partnership fostering of twin orientation of self. Twin flame experiences may be a longed for experienced for many upon the spiritual path but are not an easy journey regardless of how attracted one may be to the other. Only a few have karmic habitat of fate to experience a twin flame union in this era due to the difficult strife or loss of heart that can be caused in intimate twin associations.


More Than 60% of Twin Flame Unions Are Not Harmonious in This Era


Twin flame unions are divine in their ordering of dream for the life when succinct between the biological habitat of archetypal nature. Some twin flames are harmonious in their affluence of archetypal nature. Two out of three twin flame unions are non-harmonious in this era. Out of the two that are non-harmonious in stature of twin oscillations, one will foster a continued relationship while the other will abate the union due to too difficult variances of a theme in the life dream. Those twins that foster continued union in a less than harmonious status of life learn the most in a spiritual context of realization of self. Monadic duet soul infuses each twin to understand, witness and allow realization to occur. Soul is more interested in twin flame unions that can foster actualization more than other union scripts as a result of the mastery possible in the given lifetimes.


Twin flame unions are not to be taken lightly. Twin flame unions can teach one or both the most difficult and momentous of lessons upon the spiritual path. Those who fail to forgive the lessons often perish in the plight of the night that follows a difficult dissolution of a twin flame union. Twins can assert their unions into beauty and grace through time. Twins who can forgive will foster momentous occasions of beauty and grace again and again through time while also working through deeply difficult moments of strife of the two. Forgiveness is the keynote to twin flame unions that survive the partnership through time.


Dao and Tao Alliances Foster Twins        


Twins remain together only due to Dao and Tao alliances within. Dao is the feminine attribute of the archetype of incarnation. The Dao fosters the dreams of life. The Tao is the masculine attribute that fosters the direction of mastery in life. Dao and Tao alliances foster twins. Dao and Tao are unique to each incarnation within the archetype associated with the biological habitat of fate. Dao and Tao inaugurate in life through the heart cavity to foster the heart accolade of self. Twins foster each an accolade of self in the heart that fosters a Dao and Tao union first within and in time between the two.


Marriage is required to foster a Dao and Tao union between the two due to twin agreements. Agreements for twin fostering is a sacred action of self. The agreements inaugurate a sacred lore of twin beloveds for the pair to dream through time.


Twins who can realize into sustainable harmony have the best possibility of living a long-term union throughout the life. Sometimes they foster enough compatibility to only depart when one perishes through death. The one remaining can foster a new life but sometimes chooses to follow the twin into a death due to a broken heart accolade. Twins often die in sequences together as a final lore action of fate. Twin fate is resolved in the death of the pair as the love of the two carries on post life.


Twin Flames as Friends and Family Members


Some twin flames cross paths in mutual friendship. Friendship of twins is a deep oscillation of care and understanding that can be mesmerizing to experience. Twin friendships oscillate together to foster each in the life for a time and heal the heart of incidents that were difficult in the life happenstance of fate. Twin friendships rarely last more than two years with enough time to foster the healing of each. Sometimes the loss of a twin friendship is very difficult for one or both.


Twins can also be fostered as mother-child or father-child unions of the divine. Often the parent heals of difficult wounds of the heart in the birth of a twin flame in the homestead. Sometimes the other partner is diminished or feels cast out due to the deep care of the two between the parent and child. If a second sibling unfolds, the other parent may cause a twin flame union as well. Often it is a counterpart lore union in lieu of a twin union that stabilizes the entire family in the birth of the second child.


Trilogy twin families are interesting happenstances of fate. Trilogy twin families form as a set of twin flame parents give birth to a twin of both. Trilogy twin families are unique in their habitat of fate and in the fostering of the child through time. Often the child grows up in such deep care that the fate is one of a non-caring partnership later in his or her life. Polarity has its notions and motions that are sometimes difficult to offset. All polarity actions are fostered for the purpose of realization of the spiritual path through time and in the karmic habitat of fate of each.


Twins are notorious for desiring to be alone together and without the need of any other to foster the life. If there is plenty in the financial realms of existence, perhaps this is workable through time. In today’s greed-based hypothesis, it is difficult for the pair to oscillate solely on their own given the need to foster an income. Sometimes the practicality of the system of need for food and rent foster one twin who generates the income while the other remains at the homestead to foster their twin. Rarely do both twins work in the current system of twin flame union due to the possessive nature of the pair.


Children other than twins may be a part of the family habitat of twin parents for a time but generally apartheid the nest in the end. Sometimes children of twins abate the family altogether never really desiring to see one or both parents in adulthood unless they too are a twin of fate of the pair. Twins are so integrated together there is often not room in the life dream for children beyond the age of eighteen. The children mature and then foster other unions of sometimes twin or counterpart lore of fate and find a new family in the in-laws that better resonates within and in the life.


Twin Flames of Different Cultures


Twins foster unique habitats of cultural integration if multi-cultural in status of fate. Foreign entanglements sometimes work out between twins and sometimes do not. When foreign cultures mix in twin flame unions, a unique habitat of fate unfolds that integrates the two variances of dream into a new dream of deep fostering of two distinctly different natures. Twins have the capacity to knit together variances in such a manner that dreams unfold together when if attempted in a counterpart couple would fail. Twins foster one another through time in unique manners that are beautiful to experience from outside the union too.


The following story illustrates the nature of twin associations. Articles to follow will explore each twin system of dream that foster friendships, family, divine unions, divine twin partnership, and difficult twin happenstance of fate.


In the Love of the Two.

Tao of Shaktar


Shaktar is a transfusion lore keeper of partnership fables fostered in life. Shaktar is an achievement of over 8,000 incarnations exploring all partnership issues through time. Shaktar is both male and female in gender or ambidextrous in ethereal appearance. His and her expertise is to be honored always within and in each life experience. Transfusion assimilates consciousness from many incarnations into a common fabric of human ethereal systems that supports the dreams of Earth.


Twins of a Duet


Sanoh and Sabian were the twins of the momentous occasion of themselves. The pair fostered a unique union of an East meets West context of self. Sabian is Latino in his oscillations of the divine which works well with Sanoh’s Thai inheritance. The pair embraces and fondles one another over the course of many eves only to realize that they are to be wed. Sanoh and Sabian defy two sets of parents who each object to the union claiming that the two are not succinct enough in cultures to be well. The two wed nonetheless surrounded by a few close friends who honor their beloved stance in life.


Sanoh and Sabian choose to relocate to another location that is far away from the parental homestead of each. They choose to vacate much to the dismay of their friends and into an island habitat of fate. The islands foster the two but not the economy of life. Each discovers themselves working harder to make ends meet and finally abate the isle stanza of self. The island life does support their union greatly. The economics force the pair to return to a region not far from Sabian’s parents in a desert ambiance of land. The sun is high and the desert is sublime at a noon time renderous of fate. The two become of the three causing a child to be conceived of their heart’s delight. The destiny is a family of a trilogy of twins.


The child is born at midnight on a clear starry sky with a crescent moon motioning over the mid-heavens of self. Sanoh names the little girl Duangkamol which translates into “from the heart”. Sabian embraces the name as it resonates so deeply with the two and the three of a trilogy in their lives ahead. Sabian chooses to foster more education procuring his Master’s in Psychology. Sanoh fosters the love of her life in Duangkamol who is an emerging goddess of youth in herself. Sanoh procures a Master’s in the Arts while raising Duangkamol. The degree allows her to teach at one of the most adroit educational systems that her daughter can now attend as a gift, and the family could never afford otherwise. Sanoh is thrilled and Duangkamol is fostered greatly in the unusual approach to education that nurtures her and her mother through time.


Sabian is increasingly embraced in his work as a mesmerizing counselor of each. Clients flock to his wisdom day and night to a point that he is less and less present in the sacred household of the three. Sanoh ponders Sabian’s need to foster everyone rather than only those that can heal within. The two create dissention of the non-sublime over the truth of his recurrent absence in the household as his daughter needs his presence to foster herself. Duangkamol is entering her teenage years and needs the focus of her father to balance her male and female issues within.


His daughter is appearing to be gracious, but Sabien is concerned of potential lovers who may have already broken her virginity. He is unclear, but Sanoh is not concerned as lovers were also of her fate at an early age. Duangkamol conceives a child out of wedlock at age 16 with a young man who is far too unwell for Sanoh or Sabian to consider bridging into the family. An abortion is considered, but Duangkamol chooses not for this, feeling the love of her twin child within.


Sanoh and Sabian are at the wits end over what to cause in their daughter of fate. Finally, Sanoh chooses to accept the grandchild as the pregnancy is now too far along to abort. Sabian chooses to depart the family and finds his way into another lover’s arms for a time. The new beloved Lana is kind but not of his mind. Sabian is in need of something else within. Sanoh misses Sabian greatly but finds herself adoring her daughter in her blessed stance of near motherhood. Duangkamol is less and less desirous of her new little one as the belly expands so greatly. Sanoh recalls her own pregnancy and the bliss of the newborn infant. Soon it is known that her daughter is bearing two twins and not just one.


The little boy and girl are born one fateful morn of a sunrise that is spectacular for both Sabian and Sanoh to witness. Sabian has returned to the homestead making peace with his new fate as a grandfather of twins. The birth seems to melt the pair and the family into a newfound destiny of hope. The children are named Cassandra and Cyrus. The twins form an oscillation of a quintuplet of self for the five twins all resonating with one another in the homestead. The family delights in its newfound romantic stance in life. Sabian abandons his former lover for the love of the family. He flowers and flowers finding a center point of the heart that he cannot defy as true love within experienced without. It is a love affair of the divine amongst the twins.


Cassandra and Cyrus along with Duangkamol find the father Louis very difficult upon themselves to experience. Soon Duangkamol chooses to abate the relationship with Louis much to his despair. He desires to witness his two twin children mature. Duangkamol is not willing as he is not good within a twin family happenstance. Louis counteracts the choice with his parents in flair given their statues of some wealth. Duangkamol knows that her family has few assets however rich in the care of the heart. She chooses to disappear for a time with her two children, and only Sanoh knows where she is and fails to confess her whereabouts ever to Louis or his parents.


Soon Cassandra and Cyrus each fade into ill health. Duangkamol is beside herself as to what to do. Each homeopathic medicine fails to remedy the experience of two little ones that have become non-well. Finally, Sabian intervenes with much social and spiritual guidance for this daughter. Her children need the love of the family habitat and are fading in life without all twins present together.


Duangkamol chooses to return to the homeland of her parents. Louis fosters an alliance again with Duangkamol who out of need of finances succumbs unto the union conceiving yet another child. She desires to abort the child at first but Louis and his family gradually convince her to yield unto the experience for their own sake and her own. They give the small family an estate of their own longing, allowing some of the economic strife to abate in the life of Duangkamol and Louis. The pair motion into their own home and soon there is a family of five living under a common roof. Although the estate is beautiful it does not feel like a home to Duangkamol.


Duangkamol finds herself very ill in the birth of her son Jorge. Jorge is a large child, almost larger than her womb has room to bear. He tears at her uterus causing her to hemorrhage during birth. Duangkamol dies, and Sanoh and Sabian are absolutely distraught at the change of fate of themselves. They mourn the loss of their daughter and two twin grandchildren deeply. Louis chooses to raise all three children on his own with his parents choosing to obtain custody from the courts of the region. Sanoh is convinced that Louis and his family will destroy her two beloved grandchildren. The courts fail to award part custody to the grandparents.


Sanoh and Sabian are torn apart by the forensics involved in the separation of the twin family. They know not what else to do but to abate the region fostering again an island hypothesis of existence yet again. The two discover island style of life fosters many who find them luscious in their light motions. Sabian’s counseling aplombs. Sanoh motions to teach in a local school. The twin grandchildren long for the presence of their lost grandparents through time. Neither Cassandra nor Cyrus can find their way to the beauty of the life that they had known until Cyrus meets his twin at age fifteen.


Cyrus meets Francesca and is enticed from the beginning, witnessing a union divine of heart motion that reminds him of his early life. The two marry several years later causing Cassandra to depart the physical due to a sudden fever that concludes her life. Cyrus is devastated on one hand by the loss of his twin sister and enthralled at the same time by a wedding unto his beloved Francesca. A child is conceived on his wedding night and the two romance into the ethers forever in themselves. Sanoh and Sabian foster their presence at the wedding and in the birth of the great grandchild Gianna.


Gianna matures under superlative guidance of many interested in her fate. Sanoh fosters artistic skills while Sabian counsels her with his wisdom. Gianna attempts to break up the twin alliance of her parents and grandparents alike. She succeeds at causing her parents to divorce. Eventually Sabian and Sanoh retreat back to the islands to save their union. The pair fade into the sunset of their lives fostering many a following in the island habitat of self. They mature and blossom into the adroit equation of the twins of the land. The twins of the land foster the care of the two and the many amongst those who appreciate their nuances of self. Gianna fosters the opposite perishing at an early age in an accident of fate.


Twin Flame Lore Analysis


Twin flames are a glorious expression of love that is unconditionally accepting of each. Twin associations foster the deepest and most divine motions between the two or in a family happenstance of a trilogy. Twins are also easily ruptured in non-twin alliances that are close and not abated through time. Twins are sincere in their care of the two, three or many. The care of twins can oscillate into the work happenstance aiding others in finding their heart in life. Twins are gifted at fostering their dreams together and through time. Twins that remain together generally do so through the end of time.


Twin flames are a longed-for status of marriage or partnership in any era. Twins foster unions through superlative keys that are inherited through time. Twin unions can alter the fate of the life out of hope of a new day which triggers a new dream to descend fostering each ahead. Twins that foster one another are delightful if possible. Twins who cannot foster one another can be equally difficult and heart wrenching to experience. Twin love is forever and carries on post death. Twin lore is a sustainable action of wave motion. The following prose is a reflection upon twin love motions of self.


Tantric Sustenance


Tantric Sustenance

In the repose of myself

There is an adroit equation

To love within

Out of infinite wisdom

Of the void of possibility

Where all dreams arise

Causing extraordinary moments in time

In which the Self of the Self

Rises to the occasion

Fostering transformation of itself

To give birth within

Unto a new and fortuitous future


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space

Pure Love


The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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