Image of the children silhouette along a beach with a golden orange sun in the background. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension

11. Earth’s Perspective On Autism, The Indigo Children, And Ascension


Earth has completed in this year of 2021 with a focus upon karma associated with slavery, subordination, insanity, and deformity. The purpose of this focus was to release all global karma and thoughtform associated so that a new dream of biological unity could be anchored. The male and female energies upon Earth were united into the flame of Divine Union within the heart chakra of Earth as the karma was released in full. The flame of Divine Union has been ignited and shines brightly in the Aurora of Earth! In so doing, there is a greater state of soul infusion and direction on the part of the Great Central Sun for Earth as a global consciousness and vessel.


The Flame of Divine Union


We are returning unto the Great Central Sun, beloved. This shift is bringing about new Great Central Sun counsels anchored now within the Aurora of Earth to oversee the ascension of each sentient species, including fully conscious ascension in human, dolphin and whale form. One may attune to such counsels for rectification in karmic disputes, or for greater understanding of one’s spiritual purpose and life lessons.


The new flame of Divine Union creates a global kundalini energy flow that now exchanges energy with the Great Central Sun; as such there is an ongoing movement of photonic energy between Earth’s Aurora and Core and the Great Central Sun. The recent explosion of light emanating from the Aurora as perceived as the “Northern Lights” is indeed the result of this shift. The lights are not from the solar sun, but from the inside of Earth as it emanates through caverns that emerge into Earth’s surface in the North Pole. Earth is heating up and shall continue to do so into the decade ahead!


In this chapter, we wish to explore the records assembled from this year worth of karmic release. Each year a special group of map makers join us in dreamtime to contribute their personal ascension to better understanding the history of humanity in association with Earth. We honor each in this dreamtime program past and present, as ascension is not an easy path and it takes great fortitude and dedication to push forth contributing to such a goal.


Human Genealogical Planes Opened


The genealogical planes have been opened. Earth now has the capacity to trace specific inheritances down the ancestral tapestry for a better understanding of what information each human, whale or dolphin has received from birth, or what information shall be received on the part of incoming children constructing a body in the womb. This shall allow better boundaries surrounding ascension such that the problems associated with false ascension cease to be a future dilemma.


Over the course of this year past, continued release of human records through ascension has allowed Earth to better understanding the underlying cause of insanity and autism along with deformity and retardation. Now that the underlying karma is understood, it can be released so that the genes associated can be pulled from the human gene pool. How long will it take to release such karma? Human ascension is on track to release all karma for disease, deformity, insanity and autism/retardation by 2033 at the current pace of evolution. Although we have released the global cause, the personal cause associated with the human genealogy is not fully mapped out or released as of yet. It will take many more ascending humans with all lineages associated to clear the karma for such genealogical disturbances.


However, an understanding of how and why such patterns came to be is now understood. Each ascending initiate can begin to attune to this karma and choose to release it in one’s personal ascent and for one’s own ancestors. Each human is related to billions and billions of ancestors; one can begin to map out specific karma associated with each group of ancestors and intend to release it in this lifetime. As all karma for all experiencing such a state of being in all ancestries is released, the genes shall be erased forevermore that are at cause, and health and a lengthy disease-free life shall be each future human inheritance.


Holographic Retraction


Many may wonder with the populations, as they are today how Earth could handle lengthier human lives? How can we handle more humans than are already incarnate? The coming times of cleansing shall bring restitution to this issue. At this time a holographic retraction has begun, and all humans extended from particular holograms that are either non-ascending or have concluded their karma for this life are being “retracted”. The retraction cancels the dream for the life, and the individual simply exits physicality in one manner or another. The times of cleansing have begun beloved; and all that is not necessary to the global ascent of Earth shall now leave physicality.


However, Earth wishes to remind each reading this book that consciousness does not end with death; it carries on as a living ancestor to all others that one is related unto. Death is perhaps far more difficult for those left behind than the one who exits the physical plane. We have seen initiates in recent months that have had many family members and friends leave the dance of physicality in a few short months. This leads to cords of attachment rebounding into the fields of those remaining behind. Sometimes such cords will literally shatter the heart or pelvic chakra enough in the death of a loved one or family member that one may feel the pain associated. In most cases however the rebounding cords lead to depression or in other terms “grief”.


Unwind the cords that have sprung back upon those left behind from the chakras through intention, and the chakra can recover; in so doing, the grief will not be so long lasting in the life experience. Furthermore as an ascending human, one can choose to process the attachment and complete upon all karma between one’s ancestry and the one who has departed physicality, and this too will lead to recovery from the grief over such seeming life travesties as well as contribute to one’s ascent in this lifetime.


DNA Anomalies in the Anu Slave Race


184,000 years ago, a group of blue-blooded humans known as the family of Anu (Greek and Roman Gods) arrived upon Earth. They came to mine gold for their own dying star system, the Pleiades. They arrived hoping to utilize a red nation slave race seeded by the Sirians for this purpose. The red raced refused to participate or assist, and so the Anu brought scientists from home and from the Orion Star System to create their own slave race.


Many experiments occurred over a 2,500-year period to produce a human slave articulate enough to work and serve the Anu. Most of the slaves bred went extinct. One species that has survived from this experiment is known as the Gorilla in present time. The Gorilla was not intelligent enough to be used to serve the Anu as they lacked verbal language skills, and so was set free to live in the wild. The Gorilla has enough of a connection to other primate kingdoms upon Earth that it is choosing to ascend at this time in history.


The human slave race that did survive was drawn from 60% Pleiadian DNA offered up by the Anu themselves, and 40% red DNA from the Native American root race. The red nations people did not volunteer for this; they were captured by the Anu scientists and used to duplicate the genetics from. However, this too was a repeat of karma in the red inheritance, as all red nations tribes were cloned, incubated and seeded upon Earth by Sirian Scientists about 115,000 years before the arrival of the Anu.


The surviving Anu slave human was much like humanity upon the surface of the Earth today; they were bright enough to raise their children, hunt, farm, procreate, have simple spiritual practices, but not smart enough to evolve. This was the intention of the Anu, who desired a docile slave that would not rebel or evolve out of their slave-master relationship. And this indeed is what occurred, and is why bringing forth mass human ascension is so difficult at this time in history, as most humans incarnate today have not the holographic connection required for ascension.


Retardation and Insanity


There were problems with some of the Anu slave lineages incubated. Those incoming children of Anu slave inheritance that utilize genes to construct a brain from the Sirian red seeded nations DNA, and the brain chemistry from Pleiadian Anu DNA are generally born retarded. This in essence is the karmic cause of retardation and a mongoloid human in Earth’s estimation; a brain with incompatible brain chemistry. Those with retardation in one’s extended family or ancestry may intend to transmute such karma in one’s ascension in this lifetime. As enough accomplish this task, the gene pool shall be cleansed of this type of anomaly and children that are born retarded shall become an experience of the past.


Those bearing such children in present time are often settling the karma for how such an anomaly came to be in human history. They are learning why blending dissonant DNA is not a good idea as it creates a dysfunctional human. This is also the same for those bearing insane, paranoid, schizophrenic or manic-depressive children. One has created the life lesson as to why such scientific experiments are a breach of creational law.


Insanity is the result of a parallel genetic anomaly. Those incoming children that utilize genes from the Pleiadian Anu DNA to construct the brain and the chemistry from the Sirian red seeded nations DNA generally end up schizophrenic, paranoid or manic depressive in nature as they mature. Why is this so? The red chemistry combined with an Anu brain opens up the consciousness to the unconscious planes of reality, and the human may not be able to discern between physical and nonphysical realities. This indeed is the underlying cause of schizophrenia.


The drugs the doctors have created today to treat such humans are not unlike parallel drugs developed in two prior human civilizations; one that occurred 72,000 years ago during the Era of the Mahavishnu; and anther that existed 40,000 years ago known as Atlantis. Such drugs strive to balance the chemistry enough that the human may lead a more or less “normal” life.


Alas there is no cure for schizophrenia, paranoia or manic depression through ascension. Ascension may actually aggravate schizophrenia if one has an Anu brain and red nation chemistry. We have seen several initiates ascend into greater insanity or schizophrenia. In schizophrenia, one has access to all holographic information at once, whether one has earned it or not through mastery. This is extremely confusing as such humans may understand much, but not really be able to decipher what is the appropriate focus for their personal ascension or life expression.


We guide such humans to seek out psychiatric assistance and to take the drugs that assist in balancing the brain chemistry in amounts that support their well-being. We also guide them to intend to release all karma for such a biological and biochemical nature so that future generations of ancestors yet unborn shall not experience such an insane state of being into the future.


Those with this biological problem are limited to 1,800 in their ascent in this lifetime as anything ascended into beyond this leads to greater insanity. Each may also choose to search out those ancestors suffering from insanity and release the karma in present time. As enough release all karma for insanity, the genes shall be erased from the human gene pool, and such forms of insanity shall be an experience of the past in future human civilization.


Autism and Deformity


The Anu scientists were immoral in their conduct in many ways, including their scientific experiments. Over time and in boredom due to lengthy life extension practices that extended their lives thousands and thousands of years beyond a normal human life, the Anu became increasingly lawless. A lawless scientific experiment is one that harms those species associated. Alas there are many harmful scientific incidents and experiments recorded in the gene pool of humans and nature alike along with the dolphins and whales.


The Anu combined human DNA with many species. The half-human half-horse or centaur was one experiment, along with the half-human half-lion. Such experiments put humanity and nature alike into great pain, for the two sets of DNA were never devised to be interbred and the blending of such put the associated forms into agony. Nature does not separate between forms; therefore, as one form of such nature went into agony, all of nature experienced a parallel level of collective pain.


Such intermixed species had very short lives of 10-15 years or less, and aged before they ever became mature. This was also so for whale-dolphin-human experiments. One of such experiments is known as the mermaid. Such forms of human-dolphin-whale combinations lead to great pain in the aquatic realms. Mermaids rarely lived beyond 18 years in age and were old by the age of 12. The pictures of beautiful mature female mermaids are only fantasy realities left behind by the Anu who justified such experiments as “entertainment”.


The Anu had many theme parks not unlike Disneyland today. Such parks were filled with living “experiments” that other humans from other star system such as Andromeda, Orion and the Pleiades would travel to experience. The species from such experiments were kept in a living prison or zoo to be viewed; in their experience such creatures felt like a freak at a freak show; there was no love in the experience. This too and all the pain that is associated that is both physical and emotional is recorded both in the DNA of nature for those kingdoms involved along with human DNA. As the theme parks ended up under water due to the breaking of the ice shields, the Anu did not attempt to create such again. Perhaps they became bored with their own entertainment.


The records for the blending of animal and aquatic DNA with human DNA leave a scarring in the ancestry and cellular structure. Every so many generations, the scars recur leading to deformity or autism. Deformity generally occurs where animal heads were united with human form, or human heads with animal form in the Anu experiments. Often this leads to a “hump back human” if expressed in present time.


Some adults experience a webbing between fingers or toes, or a crippling form of arthritis in which fingers and toes twist around one another. This form of birth defect or arthritis is the expression of the scarring in the ancestry where the genetics for the fins of fish or whales and dolphins were united with the arms and legs of humans. As those suffering from such patterns in present time or their relations release the karma in full, such genetic scarring shall release and the genes associated shall be erased from the human gene pool.


Autism is the result of non-verbal receptors of the dolphin-whale kingdoms in the brain of a human. Such a mixture is the result of the creation of the “mermaid” species by the Anu scientists. Autistic children will have a direct inheritance back to the mermaids and mermen bred in Anu laboratories. Such humans that are born autistic are without verbal language skills in the brain, and as such, they are not understood as the parents and teachers along with medical staff do not know how to communicate telepathically or non-verbally. Whale and dolphin form is a non-verbal species; they are fully conscious and aware but speak to one another telepathically.


Autistic children may have an opportunity to recover through ascension by developing verbal language centers in their brain as drawn from the DNA in other human ancestries. We know of some children that are presently recovering such skills at this time that was diagnosed autistic at age two. We hope to hear of many more of such success stories through ascension in the years ahead.


Parents of autistic children can intend to ascend, and intend that their autistic child ascend. Also, one can intend to anchor Earth and the nature kingdoms to assist in the retrieval of records for verbal language skills from the child’s ancestry. As all karma for this type of scarring is released in full, the genes associated shall be erased from the gene pool and there will be no further autistic children born unto the human species. Earth anticipates that this shall come to be so by 2030-2033.


About Indigo Children


Indigo children are children that were seeded to take the ascension to 1024-1800 segments of DNA only and began in 1985. This project was under the direction of Dara from the Order of Dari, a soul extending herself upon Earth under the auspices of bringing forth human awakening. Dara has departed from Earth as of July of 2019, as it was perceived that she had been shattered so extensively in a war with the red and white false gods that she was incapable of bringing forth what she had agreed upon. Dara is currently experiencing a recasting with the Tao. Please refer to Chapter 7 for more information.


These “Indigo Children” came into the world beginning in 1985 through 1999 as a part of the early attempt to launch human awakening. Alas the awakening was offset by global dark forces that pushed humanity back into a state of slumber again; it took another decade to bring for the awakening of those who were to map carve adult ascension. Adult ascension has taken off at last, and some of the “Indigo Children” may now follow the map to 3,000 segments of DNA if their ancestry and holographic predisposition is suited to the next level of evolution. Such children if they ascend beyond the original seeded segments will move into greater unity and harmony within, becoming more greatly harmonious teenagers and young adults.


The problem with 1024-1800 segments as a resting point for ascension in the West is that it creates an incredibly large field that can be a conduit for some very dark forces. Some “Indigo Children” are very problematic or even violent in nature in the West in particular. Why? Western humanity has reversed polarized with the feminine running male energy and the men running female energy. At 2 segments of DNA, this offsets violent predispositions in the male form leading to the “sensitive new age guy” as an adult; at 2 segments it also allows the female form to move more fully into their power so that they may express themselves in greater ease.


However, this same reverse polarization at 1024-1800 segments leads to an ungrounded form that will either get ill due to a lack of soul present; or lead to violent or difficult behavior that is difficult to control as parents or teachers. Indeed, many cases of “Epstein Barr” and other diseases that lead to great tiredness are really the result of ascending to 1,024 but failing to anchor enough soul to energize the field with enough chi to sustain the vibration. There are simple solutions to this explored in our earlier materials. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 5 “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension” for more information.)


Most Western parents of the incoming “Indigo Children” never learned proper gender polarization as adults, and continue to run either male energy as women, or female energy as men. Moving the wrong gender tones leads to a field in which the energy flows up; upwards-moving energy causes soul to sit outside of the form rather than grounding into the form. This leads to children who emulate their parents and are ungrounded. As a result, soul sits outside of the form, and any dark force can enter the child’s large ascending global sized field causing disturbing behavior.


The solution to this is for the parents and children alike along with the teachers to learn to ground the field unto Mother Earth and run the proper gender-based vibrations, which creates an ongoing movement of energy that grounds spirit into form. As spirit enters form, spirit will manage the behavior. If there is no spirit present, something other than spirit overtakes the form and “misbehaves”.


We had one extreme example of violent misbehavior in the life of an ascending initiate. This individual has worked in altering their own gender-based vibrations due to reading our books; this has led their own children in their ascent to do the same. However, a neighbor’s child that has ascended to 1,024 but is reversed polarized has extreme behavior problems; so extreme that this child is on extensive medication including “Ritalin”.


One day, this individual had the responsibility of taking care of a small petting zoo nearby while the owner was out of town. He invited some of the neighborhood children along with his own to join him. This included the child with the behavior problem. While no one was looking, the problem child took a young fawn into a back shed and cut off its head and limbs with a hatchet. He showed his “friends” who reported the massacre to this individual, who of course freaked out to say the least.


The disturbed child further appeared to have no emotional understanding of the harm that they had caused; they apologized for what they had done, but queried right after, “Can I go ride the donkey now?” Upon arrival home and when the parents were informed, the child again apologized to his parents, but went right on to ask “Can I have some ice cream?” The child has no emotional understanding of the pain it had caused unto nature, let alone how much it disturbed all around them.


Why is this so? Ritalin along with many other medications children such as these are put upon numbs the emotional body; perhaps in the numbed out state such children behave better at school, but it also allows no emotional relationship to cause and effect of behavior to be understood by the consciousness of the form. Furthermore, Ritalin is associated like all drugs with the drug planes of reality. Such planes are filled with violent and vile entities and dreamtime scripts for murder and abuse of all kinds. This child upon all the medication attuned into a dreamtime associated with the cartoons they had been watching in which animals were massacred, and then entities entered the ungrounded field and acted out the behavior in the mutilation of the young deer in the petting zoo.


This is so for the rising cases of abusive and murderous behavior throughout human civilization; much of the cause of such are individuals who are ungrounded attuning unto violent dreamtime planes and then acting out the violence in the physical. One can as an ascending human learn to anchor and clear such planes minimizing such behavior in children and adults alike. (Please refer to Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 21 “The Walrus Tusk” for more information about anchoring.)


Why Are Indigo Children Problematic?


Why are ungrounded “Indigo Children” such a problem? For one, the evolution to 1,024 segments of DNA essentially erases all fear-based programming upon a biological level. Most teachers and adults rely upon fear-based programming and punishment to “control” their children. Such programming will fail to work with ungrounded ascending children; if anything, such children will act out even more greatly as one attempts to control or punish in the fear-based modality.


Drugging such children may assist in having them sit still in a classroom for a time, but also may lead to a human who does not feel and as a result, and then can cause even greater harm in the life dance as in the above case. Earth therefore does not recommend drugging such children. Instead, Earth offers parents and teachers alike the following advice.


How to Assist Indigo Children


1. Learn to Ground and Teach Your Children to Ground


The blueprint for proper gender-based tones of creation is a part of the genetic encoding to 1,024 segments of DNA. Therefore, the information is available for boys to run male energy and girls to run female energy along with adults who master this level of ascent. As the teacher and parent, if one is running the proper gender-based frequencies, one will ground naturally as the energy flows down the field rather than up; and all others will do the same. Little boys will naturally polarize into male energy if the teacher or parent is running their proper gender-based frequencies, and little girls will polarize into female energy. This will ground the spirit into the form.


As spirit is grounded into form, spirit will manage the behavior and not a bunch of violent or out of control entities. Remember form is simply a vessel for spirit; if the spirit is violent, so will be the vessel. If the spirit is peaceful and loving, so will be the vessel. One can also ground the classroom or home and intend that Mother Earth remove all violent dreamtime so that it is simply not present to be attuned unto and then acted out.


If you choose to anchor Earth and the nature kingdoms into your classroom or home, Earth and the nature kingdoms will assist with the evolutionary dance of the family and school. However, before one can anchor such for others, one must be anchored oneself, and this requires grounding and the movement of proper gender-based frequencies in one’s own field through one’s own ascension and mastery. One may also teach your children to ground at home and move their energy systems such as the “Synthesis Meditation” in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Teachers may do the same in the classroom, having each ground in a brief meditation in the morning before class begins, and in the afternoon after lunch break.


One initiate is a school psychologist who also has a private counseling practice. This counselor has had great success with teaching his students and clients to ground, set boundaries, make intentions for peace, unity and other life dreams, and take their power back from those that they have given it unto. This counselor utilizes the same techniques in the high school that he works for with amazing results in both the students and the parents. So, this can also be for others of parallel preoccupation.


2. Work with the Language of Light


Another initiate has worked as a teacher’s aide for several years now. They practiced such anchoring techniques through conscious intention and also hung a Language of Light banner in the room the first year. They would have the children color the symbols when they were bored or as projects for art. They would also choose Language of Light words as the new words to be learned in any given reading lesson. This initiate noticed that the class was peaceful on the days they were present. Sometimes the children asked more about what the symbols meant, and they would explain them and how they might apply to their daily life. The presence of the symbols appeared to have a positive effect in the year it was present in the room to be viewed.


The next year the teacher of this class chose not to allow the Language of Light banner to be hung as the principal prohibited it. This year was the nastiest group of children ever. The teacher quit the school, as did the initiate, as the principal was too controlling to allow for a shift in energies that might allow for greater peace and unity amongst the student body.


Perhaps this speaks to the power of the Language of Light thoughtform to mold a group towards unity. Therefore, Earth suggests that one hang such a banner in one’s child’s room or the classroom if one is a teacher. Furthermore, give your child a small sized version to put in their binder or a business card sized version to place in their wallet. Now one may think, “What good would that do?” Well nothing really; it is all in the intention.


If you give the banner with the intent that the tones will be present along with the consciousness of Mother Earth to support your child in remaining grounded at school, so it will be. If the intent is that the tones of creation of the Language of Light will be present due to the banner in the bedroom or classroom, so it will be, and these shall have a soothing affect upon the field and form.


Why is the Language of Light so powerful? The Language of Light is a magnetic thoughtform that is held by all nature kingdoms upon Earth along with each ascending species, including humans, dolphins and whales. As one pulls such frequencies into the home, bedroom or classroom, one is essentially pulling the peace and serenity of nature into their environment. Such peaceful energy has a soothing affect upon the electrical nature of the human consciousness at 1024; in other terms the Language of Light grounds out excessive electricity.


3. Ground Out Excessive Electricity with Exercise


Most children at 1,024 segments of DNA are so impulsive and cannot sit still because they have excessive electricity moving in the nervous system. If the children are grounded, such as those of Hispanic, Native American, Hawaiian, Greek, Indigenous of African descent, who inherently run the proper gender tones, the excess electricity is grounded out to the center of Earth leading to a more peaceful child. If the children are ungrounded and reverse polarized such as most white children in the West, the electricity builds and builds until the child is so nervous they wish to run around the classroom, or so fidgety that they cannot sit still and pay attention. Grounding the classroom is one way to begin to clear out such excessive electrical buildup; another is exercise.


Why is it that many schools have eliminated physical education, and do not allow time for children to run outside or play in the playground in-between their studies? When Asur’Ana was in elementary school over 35 years ago in California, outdoor play occurred twice per day plus physical education in the form of games and so on at the end of the day. This continued throughout junior high and high school. Teachers appeared to understand that children required movement to burn off excessive energy, and then after this was fulfilled upon, they could more readily settle down to pay attention and learn. Why has this simple knowledge gone seemingly out the window in your “modern educational system?”


Several years ago, while living in Hawaii, Asur’Ana met a man at the pool of a complex with two ADHD children. Both children were in schools in Alaska that had eliminated all physical education whatsoever. Both boys were on Ritalin, but were still so agitated that they played violently at the pool while on vacation. Drugs will not resolve the problem; exercise will assist; however, one will still have to teach one’s children to ground and run the proper gender tones for their form. If one accomplishes this task, the behavior problems will fade into a good student and a conscientious teenager or young adult.


The rising vibration of the land is going to make it worse in the years ahead for those that cannot master 3,000. Most children shall rise to 1,024 or 1,800 as the original Indigo Children have, who are now adults. Most children are matching the land enough to ascend to 1,024 or 1,800. This leads to difficult classes in schools that are almost unmanageable in nature by adult teachers due to the misbehavior. Some initiates who are teachers have learned the techniques of grounding self and others and anchoring Earth and the nature kingdoms, making their classrooms far more peaceful than many others in their school. So, this can be for oneself as a parent or teacher if one so chooses.


4. Allow Earth and the Nature Kingdoms to Assist


As a teacher or parent, one can not only anchor the Language of Light, but also attune to the blessings of the nature kingdoms as they are offered in our book Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms or in our upcoming book Mysteries of the Little Creatures which will be published next year. One can hang the pictures of such kingdoms in the bedroom or classroom with the intent to anchor the kingdom and the associated blessing. In so doing, the kingdoms holding the gate for ascension for humanity can also be present to provide healing and support, and also learn the lessons that human ascension offers unto each kingdom for their own evolutionary purposes.


The kingdoms extend of themselves at this time unto all ascending humans to clear karma and provide the space that more humans may master the upper initiations in this lifetime. The children are your future ancestors; the more that ascend the gentler the times ahead shall be as they shall draw a gentler dream into physicality for the entire human species.


The Next Wave of Ascension Ahead


1. The Pale Indigo Children


Beginning in 2000 and through 2017, the next group of Pale Indigo Children entered the world at 2,200-3,000 segments. This project was also under the direction of Dara from the Order of Dari. We call them “Pale Indigo Children” as they entered the world upon the pastel lavender tones of creation, or in other terms the vibration of “Divine Union” in the Language of Light. The tone of pale lavender assists in anchoring the next wave of transmutation for humanity at large. Pale violet is the flame of transmutation that allows pain, suffering, fear, greed, lust, death and judgment to be risen above. These children entered the world with the purpose of assisting humanity in rising above dogmatic thoughtform of right and wrong.


All told approximately 500,000 Pale Indigo Children were anticipated to enter the world by 2017. Some of these children (roughly 30%) shall ascend to Bodhisattva level in early childhood. Some former Indigo Children shall also make the rise to Bodhisattva with them in an interlinked dance of energies required to support all in this goal of spiritual mastery. Less than 20% of the 1 million Indigo Children seeded to 1,024 will make this next phase of ascension, as only these have the proper inheritance for the next evolutionary work.


Most Pale Indigo Children entering the world at 2,200-3,000 segments will have an exceptionally large head; so large in fact that the doctors may be concerned. We have many initiates who are grandparents to these sorts of children; the head almost appears two times larger than the rest of the body, with wide set eyes and a square cranium with a large enough space to hold the much larger pituitary and pineal glands. Sometimes the back of the cranium is more greatly enlarged than the front for new children of this genetic level.


2,200-3,000 segments lead to a child that is at peace within as they have embodied a magnetic nervous system. As a result, these children may assist in allowing the classroom to be far more peaceful in the years ahead and as they mature enough to go to school. Most Grandmothers of those of this nature have told us that these little ones are a joy to be around. Teachers, siblings, friends and parents love these children. Their presence also encourages the others to be less agitated, as the movement of the magnetic Language of Light in their fields dissipates the electricity that others may still be caught within. So, the classrooms containing these children may be far less difficult for the teachers and parents alike!


2. The Children of Compassion (Turquoise Children)


Beginning in 2018 and through 2027, the first wave of Bodhisattva level births shall enter the world at 6,000 segments. These shall be “Children of Compassion” as they shall anchor the turquoise color of compassion upon Earth and for the human civilization to attune unto. These children shall allow humanity to move towards compassion-in-action and unity as a new foundation for human relations; and assist humanity with the transcendence of the fear-based and greed-based paradigm.


These children shall even have a larger oval shaped head as they are born. These children will be born spiritual masters and demonstrate their loving nature from an early age. Such children shall be born unto special parents that will understand and support such an initiate. Such children shall lead to an entirely new form of governance and leadership as they mature into adulthood in the quarter century ahead. All told Earth is anticipating 1 million of such births by 2027.


3. The Golden Children


Beginning in 2028 and through 2033, the first wave of Mahavishnu level births shall enter the world at 15,000 segments. These shall be “Golden Children” who shall enter on the gold and silver bandwidths of photonic energy from the Great Central Sun. These children shall assist in the widening of the gold and silver planes upon Earth for the purposes of entry into the Sun. Most shall master full consciousness by an early age. All told Earth estimates also 1 million of these children to be born to adults who have mastered Bodhisattva evolution in their lifetime or above. Such children shall be considered living saints and shall lead to the birth of the golden age ahead in human civilization.




There is much to do to prepare Earth for entry into the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun. Earth must master the initiations to Mahavishnu vibration as a global vessel (15,000 segments of DNA). Bodhisattva level global evolution (6,000 segments) is anticipated to be mastered by late 2023. Earth will have mastered “compassion in action” upon a global level as a planetary initiate as this occurs. What does this mean for Earth? That Earth will attract souls and governance that is associated solely with the Language of ONE or gold and silver thoughtform thereafter. In essence, only photonic souls shall dance with Earth as a global vessel after Bodhisattva level evolution is mastered, leading to greater unity in the nonphysical realms surrounding Earth.


We are returning Home to the Great Central Sun beloved. All that may attune to this goal and make it one’s personal intent, to enter the Great Central Sun and live to see the birth of the coming golden age, so this shall come to be so. If not in this embodiment or lifetime, then in one’s future ancestry, so it will come to be so. Each wave of ascending children shall assist Earth in her goal of entry. This is the purpose of generational ascension; it is also the purpose of adult ascension; to assist Earth in her mastery by mastering oneself and contributing thereby unto the whole.


As the karma for disease, deformity, insanity and autism is released in full, there is an opportunity for humans to ascend out of disease; to grow new limbs or rectify the deformity through conscious intention. After all, geckos grow new tails, don’t they? So why cannot one grow a new limb or repair a deformed part of the form? Yes, it can be so, and the only limitation is the thoughtform and scar tissue that locks in the old patterning within. Transcend such thoughtform; transmute the scar tissue, and the body shall heal itself of its own ailment through ascension. One shall also clear the karma to free one’s ancestry of all such ailments into the future.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



Creational © 2020, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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