Image of beautiful white flowers with yellow core. Shakti Relationship Lore #1

Shakti Relationship Lore #1


Fables of Union


Self-Realization Through Divine Union


Fable Lore


The dream of the union

Is a fable

Of a tale of enchantment

That enriches the motion

Of a union

In a story

Of the sublime

In the art of realization

Of the Self of the Self within

In a hypothesis

Of a partnership Divine




Fables are lore that cause dreams to be lived in all experiences of life. Fables are stories that trigger happenstance between the two or the many. Fables occur in contexts of the two, the family, the work environment, the habitat, the region that the life is lived, and any group endeavors focused upon. Group focuses include spiritual, educational, cultural, societal, national and international fables. Fables define the life happenstance in all circumstances of human existence.


Fables are a script that defines the dream to be lived. Fables are founded upon hypothesis of existence that occur through prose dreaming. Prose is defined to determine the life scripts at each juncture of change. Life dreams are determined at birth and sequenced in time in relation to fables of stories to be dreamt for a particular time in the cycles of life. Fables include the time in life from birth through childhood, teenage year happenstance, young adult happenstance, middle age and old age circumstance, along with a fable for the death.


Fables alter in seven-year cycles for most. Fables amongst those who are spiritually awakening can compress in time and alter in as short a time as three to four years of continued realization. Fables of partnership have scripts that determine the outcome of the union and the realization to unfold amongst those in the spiritual foray of understanding. Fables of divine partnership are a specific series of dreams that happenstance realization amongst those choosing for union as a dream of mastery of the life.


Mastery Fables of the Two


Mastery fables of the two are case specific to the karmic and dharmic happenstance of the archaeology and archetypal nature. Some union fables of mastery are of extremes in polarity in which forgiveness is fostered through strife. Some union fables of mastery are of moderate polarity and longer length partnerships in which one realizes and the other fails to and a union divine is mastered within one. Some union fables are of twin and counterpart lore of two who unite and understand enough to realize into a union divine of the two in a happenstance divine.


Fables of the two in union are complex. Lore of the two is founded upon genetic attributes of self that are archetypal in nature. Archetypes that are suited to union offer relationship founded upon the principles of twin and counterpart lore. Twin and counterpart lore is defined by those who are less polarized in nature and understand one another to a deeper level in union. Some partnerships today happenstance in twin and counterpart lore; most do not and happenstance in cross archetypal unions that cause extreme to moderate opposites to occur in the life circumstance.


Union in Polarity


The foray of the union

Is a dream of polarity

In which the opposites express

In a series of insights

In which a union within

May be mastered

Through a partnership of strife

In the act of realization

Of the nature of the two

Within a foray

Of forgiveness of self


Union in extreme opposites causes strife. Strife can be equated to a happenstance of partnership in which the two are polarized against one another in perception or life decisions. In opposition, argument and disillusionment unfolds leading to the dissipation of the union. Opposites generally attract due to ideological or habitual differences. Extreme opposites do not counterbalance self but instead pit self against self into a foray of difficulty of partnership lore. Partnership lore of extremes is karmic, and as the karma is forgiven, fades into a choice to separate.


Many aspiring to self-realize choose for partnerships in extreme polarity prior to birth due to karmic happenstance and spiritual life lessons. The extreme opposite experience in partnership fosters the emergence of compassionate action through forgiveness of self. As those realizing realign into unity within, the extreme polarity marriage or partnership generally dissolves as the requirement of the opposing force to forgive and realize ceases. Fables of relationship of extreme polarity are attracted to the happenstance founded upon a hypothesis of union for the life that alters as the union ceases.


Fables of partnership in extreme polarity often cause darker dreams to unfold. The dark dreams can happenstance violence that wounds the self or the physical vessel. Sometimes extreme polarity fables can lead to death of one or both in life. Sometimes extreme polarity fables foster such deep dis-synergy that disease develops leading to strife. Those realizing through extreme polarity fables of partnership are best divesting the circumstance and departing the relationship to allow for forgiveness of self.


Karmic conclusion is a fable all of its own. Fables for karmic conclusion do include those in extreme polarity partnerships. Often the extreme polarity relationship is so filled with strife that sometimes the partnership can conclude prior to the karma associated. Those realizing self can continue to forgive the karma long after the partnership concludes. Often extreme polarity partnerships continue to offer insights for realization of self in compassionate action within throughout the life.


Extreme polarity relationship is a happenstance of the non-divine. The non-divine is a fable all of its own that hosts many scripts. The non-divine is a state of fostering birth of a union that cannot be fostered due to mis-matched forensic motion of the mindset. All happenstance of dark, medium or light polarity is the result of mindset. Those causing strife host mindset that fails to align as a pair and the result is strife leading to disastrous life happenstance. The strife is a force of its own that occurs when the wheels of the poles fail to align between the two. It is the wheel of polarity in the archetypal foray of nature that calls in any particular fable of life. The wheels do not change unless self realizes. As self realizes itself, the wheels of polarity realign within to cause a better happenstance to motion in the life dream.


Union of Moderate Polarity


The dream of the union

Is a foray of happenstance

In an archeological circumstance

In which Love is fostered

In the one

And a union within

Of the Divine

Is caused

Through a partnership

Of a non-postulation

Of truth within


Relationship fables of moderate polarity foster partnerships of less strife but not of a union divine of the two in the expression of self. Moderate polarity relationship occurs due to variant archaeological attributes of nature that are partially complimentary. Some moderate polarity relationships can last an entire lifetime. Others fade as the fable becomes renderous or less than positive in the foray of the dream. Moderate polarity relationships are karmic and generally conclude as the karma either completes or is forgiven. Moderate polarity relationships are founded upon a particular hypothesis that attracts the dream of the partnership into the life happenstance for the purposes of realization for those upon the spiritual path.


Moderate polarity partnerships are more common in current human systems of self. Most humans enter the world with karma for relationship between archaeological natures. The history of union is deliberate and concise within each life as a result of the ancestral karma of self. Those choosing for relationship will cause dreams of partnership that fulfill upon karmic contracts held within the ancestral sequences of dream. Cross archaeological happenstance can be hopeful to renderous causing the dream of the union to conclude before the karma is complete if suspended in a negative fable. Those realizing can forgive long after the partnership concludes realizing the entire foray of compassion in the happenstance.


Moderate polarity relationships have struggles that are expressed as disturbances that plague the partnership. Sometimes arguments ensue and the dream of the two goes sour. As the pole shifts, the union can return to a sweeter stature of hypothesis of dream. The polarity swings from sweet to sour back to sweet and then sour again in moderate polarity partnerships. In extreme poles, the dreams swing from blissful to ugly and it is the ugliness of the partnership that causes the dream often to conclude. In moderate polarity partnership, the sweeter to sour interludes of dreams are not great enough often to end the union until the karma concludes.


Karmic conclusions of moderate polarity fables are unique unto each. Sometimes the unions end in death of one. Sometimes they end in separation due to the choice of the one who is self-realizing. Sometimes the union falls into extreme polarity due to karmic happenstance of the family or other associations in the life. It is a difficult happenstance to experience a moderate polarity relationship turned extremely sour due to renderous karmic qualities of friends, extended family, workmates or others. Those partnerships that go extremely sour are best to forfeit and depart through forgiveness as they cause mental strife to disease.


Fables are case specific to the karma in any family or extended family happenstance. Fables will call the dreams to flow from sweet to sour in moderate polarity relationship lore. The fable may also create a dream for a conclusion due to extremely sour happenstance to allow the karma to conclude. Fables drive the dream of any union forward through time into each happenstance that manifests in the life. Fables can be understood and forgiven to foster the realization of self through time.


Union of Counterparts


The foray of the union

Is a happenstance

Of an archeological nature

That understands and deliberates

A union Divine

In a dream of forgiveness

Through compassionate action

In which Love may be realized

In a union of the two

In the ignition of truth

Of a chalice Divine


Counterparts are archeological systems that align in common birth origins of self. Counterparts are more greatly aligned in understanding one another due to common genealogical sequences of dream. Counterpart fable lore is founded upon union that is of balanced forensics that offset polarity into a synergy of self. Counterparts naturally synergize causing relationships that can accolade into the divine. Divine partnership can only be attained through those of archeological sequences of self that are counterpart lore in nature. Counterpart theory has been defined in the chapter titled “Overview of Holographic Counterparts” of Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Counterpart lore has been explored in the chapter titled “Counterparts in Action” of the same volume.


Counterparts are naturally resilient to change of partnership over time. Most counterpart unions are retained for the entire life in enough synergy that they foster realization of self. Counterparts will discover that the union at home flows well as long as children are also twin or counterpart in lore in nature. If the children born are of variant archaeology of extreme polarity unto the two, then strife can emerge in life due to family trauma. Moderate polarity children are less effectual at causing strife.


Children are case specific to the karma of each parent. As parents experience the karma within difficult family happenstance, many spiritual lessons can unfold that trigger realization of self. In parallel to children, in-laws and other extended family may pose difficult happenstance in counterpart union relations. In-laws as with children can be of many archaeological natures in ancestry and trigger karma that can be realized from into deeper accolades of forgiveness.


Tantric Fusion of Self


Counterpart lore theory is a very syncopated journey into divine revelations of the two amongst those choosing for self-realization in the life. Divine partnerships oscillate in motions that trigger synergy between the two heart accolades of self. Heart accolades merge into divine realization of self through poetic prose union in wave formations. Waves oscillate the two into an intoxication of self that is deliberate and beautiful to experience. Most relish the tantric bliss of moments of beauty that occur in counterpart tantric fusion of self.


Tantric fusion of self is not to be confused with sexuality. In ancient times, sexuality was a not a part of the beloved foray of dream except for procreation. Tantra is a sensual expression that involves poetic prose dreaming and divine motions of synergy of waves in tantric fusion. Wave motions can be fostered through yoga positions of the two that harmonize the union. Divine fusion is an art all of its own that is rare in present day relationship happenstance.


The lore of counterparts dreams many levels of fable in self-realization accolades of dream. Each level of dream of realization fosters expansion into deeper synergy between the two in tantric fusion. A union divine is mastered in cycles of six years each with fables changing through time each addressing issues to be forgiven. Many in ancient times had lengthy lives and counterpart unions that lasted hundreds of years. Union was considered an adept manner of mastering together through the synergy of the two into expanded states of divinity.


Counterpart Lore Mastery and Purification


Divinity of the two is first mastered within each. Each of counterpart lore must master within in an expansion of realization of self leading to an increase in the chalice of the divine and mansion of self. The two hearts expand and then ignite a flame between the counterparts as each masters the prose ckantor associated and transfigures into a union divine. As the flame ignites, the fields are purified, and self and spirit launch a synergy that is divine into the foray. The synergy of the two can expand and purify self of an entire region.


In ancient times, counterpart lore was caused to purify the land and tribe to sustain a state of unity and honor of the whole. The archaeological differences between humans today make it difficult for any two counterparts attaining mastery together to purify much other than themselves. As counterparts in union choose to unfold in community happenstance, the purification of the group and the land could occur. Most communities form in multi-archaeological happenstance sometimes causing dis-synergy of the counterparts attempting realization of self. Sometimes the unions fail as a result causing one to depart the union rather than purifying the group.


Those in counterpart union oscillate motions that allow for the beautification of self. Self is a foray of striation held suspended in the field and contains the consciousness of awareness of oneself. Consciousness is sustained in counterpart theory lore of partnership as the two work together in the striations of field forming a bond that withstands the manner in which awareness is frayed in karmic interludes of experience. Those arising in realization through counterpart lore shall be gifted at mastering further levels of accolades of self due to a union divine.


Holographic Archetypal Dream Sequences


Counterpart lore is suspended through holographic archetypal sequences of dreams. Counterpart theory will catch upon the two that intend to activate holographic dream sequences from within. Archetypal nature is determined through ascension to a particular level of adroit happenstance of mastery. As archetypal nature is derived of the two, then holographic dream sequences for counterpart lore can be triggered to be lived in the partnership formations of self.


Counterpart lore scripts have happenstanced dreams through time and sometimes have caught upon those that were not sincerely related in archaeology of self. Those unrelated in archaeology will fall into moderate polarity of fable regardless of dream sequenced in the union. The cause of the polarity is a magnetism that cannot be sustained between any pair unless they are sincere to the ancestry of counterpart of archaeological nature. Counterpart lore partnerships can be an intended dream to be made manifest amongst those realizing self through experiences of union. Those manifesting counterpart theory of union may require clearing of other karmic happenstance of relationship prior to creating the dream of union intended.


Counterpart lore theory causes synergy of the group. Counterpart mastery is assessed through the capacity to synergize not only with one another but with a group of others capable of synergizing together. Dis-synergy of another is considered a dis-achievement of self in all happenstance including between the two or within a group. Those failing at synergy of self fail group achievement of mastery in self-realization.


Counterpart lore relationships are due to be triggered in archetypal sequences of dreams upon Earth. Those choosing for counterpart theory union have an oscillation of self that ignites the flame of union within the heart chalice of the divine in personal mastery. The flame of union attracts the counterpart lore person into the life happenstance. Each must first ignite the flame within in order to attract the partnership of counterpart union. As the flame of the two ignites between those in the union of the two hearts, the counterpart relationship lore begins.


Union of Twins


The foray of the dream

Is a Love of the Love

Of the One of the One

That accepts and perceives

The beauty within

Of the male and female

Accolades of Self

Of the Dao and Tao

In a sacred union

Of a flame of realization

Of the Divinity within the two


Twin lore is a deeper level of achievement in self-realization than counterpart theory of union if oscillated unto. Twins are duplicates of the genetic fabric of self between males and females of parallel ancestry. Most twins are not designed for partnership but happenstance in various systems of self to accolade one another in the dreams of life. Twins sustain the dreams of life around the world. Most twins are born with continental differences of cultural habituation of self. Some twins find one another due to travel in current happenstance of the human marketplace. Most fail to meet ever and occasionally two that are destined to cause partnership between twins find one another and accolade a union divine.


Difficult Twin Unions in This Cycle


Twin unions are difficult at this time due to an extreme magnetism of self and biological sequences of dream. The biology of duplicates of genealogy causes an oscillation that draws dreams in the direction of imbalance. Twins in union flow from times of desiring one another to rejecting one another. Twin theory was once less difficult in nature but has happenstanced upon an odd structure due to the alteration of the fabric of the human species. Twins who adjoin in partnership will work hard to release the patterns of dis-synergy in the life happenstance and circumstance of self in order to cause a union divine.


Twin theory requires purification of ancestral happenstance leading to destruction. Twins sometimes destroy one another in physical plane interactions or unconscious barbiturate systems of self. Twins tend to barbiturate one another into a happenstance of dis-synergy of self. Twins that oscillate in union will flow from moments of synergy to moments of dis-synergy of one or of the pair. The movement of dream from synergy to dis-synergy has become a part of the fable of lore of the twins.


Twins that destroyed one another over time are the partial cause of the destruction of all. Twins will destroy one another in matrimonial pursuit of happenstance unless the karma is forgiven over time. Twins can occur in homosexual unions as well as heterosexual systems of self. Twins that dejected one another in same sex unions are suspended within the underlying cause of the destruction of the feminine or masculine accolades of self.


Those choosing for twin partnerships will learn to forgive the karmic sequences of death and oscillate a new motion repairing the happenstance of discord and dis-synergy, leading to tantric motions of bliss and love. The realization of twin happenstance is a deep commitment to forgive the karma of the archaeological nature of self. Some may think they are suited to a union of twins but may not be due to the deep level of introspection that is required to realize self in the current foray of twin fables of destruction.


Twin lore is a beautiful theory but may be a difficult foray to happenstance in the now. Twin theory can oscillate motions that purify the entire planet of destructive sequences of dream. Twins that oscillate motions that destroy cause the opposite. Twin theory is not to be taken lightly. Twins that unite must take responsibility for the global karma caused and forgive and then another system of self that supports and sustains the whole can be implemented.


Fables of Self of the Two      


Fables extend for seven-year cycles each. Partnerships that carry on beyond seven years change in the fable lore founded upon karma between the two. Long term marriages will exist in two to three or more fables over time causing changes in how each relates in the physical due to partnership lore dreams. Changing fables is a marital lore all of its own. Marriages can be heterosexual or homosexual unions that are committed without physical plane certificates. Long term partnerships will carry on in changing fables through time. Some fables are easier than others to experience. Changing fables accolade a system of self in those choosing for realization in counterpart union.


The fables of union vary from dream to dream in each life. Fables catch upon each through a series of oscillations of self knitted into the fabric of the field. The field is a motion that catches a living dream of self. Living dream motions are mastered in ascension through consensus-based systems of self. The fables of counterpart lore dreams of partnership cannot ignite between the two until self-realization begins in the mastery of each.


Fables of the two in polarity have a particular sequence of dream that fosters consensus ascension and realization of self. Fables are founded upon the lore of the mother and father as the beloved of self. Polarity based union is founded upon a relationship of a mother and son or father and daughter; or in homosexual union, a mother and daughter, or father and son relationship. Most unions today do not accolade into the foray of the beloved due to mother and father lore. The beloved of the beloved within must be restored first in the act of realization of self in order for the beloved of the two to take flight. The beloved of the two is limited to counterpart theory of union.


The chapters to follow will explore mother and father associated unions in partnerships of life dreams. Father and mother theory is a multi-archaeological habitat of dream. Beloveds can only form between those of parallel archaeological happenstance of ancestry. Unions of multi-archaeological sequences of dream reflect the status of self. Self of the self within is a phenomenon of the beloved in union of Dao and Tao properties of self. Dao and Tao is a fabric woven of the archetypal foray of self.


For those choosing for twin or counterpart lore unions, Dao and Tao is derived from the same fabric of self. Self is a fabric of the archetype. Divine union can only be sustained between the two if the fabric of self is derived from the same archetypal sequences through time. Counterpart lore theory of self-realization is a good theory of union to choose to achieve for amongst those of archaeological natures suited.


We invite those interested in the happenstance of relationship lore and theory to continue to study our materials. Each incarnate is a special happenstance in a time of realization that can oscillate into accolades of achievement through forgiveness. As the partnerships of your life are forgiven, a new dream can take flight leading to another type of union within that can then manifest without in the partnership of the two in divine union.


Fable Lore


The dream of the union

Is a fable

Of a tale of enchantment

That enriches the motion

Of a union

In a story

Of the sublime

In the art of realization

Of the Self of the Self within

In a hypothesis

Of a partnership Divine


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