Image of a yellow orange Sun at sunrise. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension

12. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension


It is the Solar Father that greets you today. The Solar Father is a solar level consciousness comprised by all planets including Earth united into a single awareness. Solar consciousness has always been present; however, long ago Earth left the solar dream and entered a dream of great darkness and difficulty. It has been only within the past year of global ascension that Earth has re-entered the solar dream again; and this came hand in hand with anchoring the gold and silver photonic planes upon Earth.


The solar dream is a fourth and fifth dimensional dream that is photonic in energy flow and nature. Photonic energy is circular or rotational, much like the Language of Light. Rotational energy has been a necessary modification to Earth’s energy flow in order to re-enter the solar dream. In so doing, a script for global ascension is now available unto Earth and each species therein that flows from the solar sun onto the dreamtime planes surrounding Earth. As each attunes to their personal script for ascension through the dream from the sun, then ascension shall come forward in one’s life and future ancestry.


The Non-Dream Between Great Central Suns


Long ago as Earth exited the solar dream, she entered a dream of death. This dream projected upon her a script that led to fall after fall in consciousness. This shift occurred long before humanity was seeded upon Earth; if anything, the script for destruction called the human species to be seeded upon Earth. This dream of death is not projected from the sun but down the dimensions of the space between or non-dream between Great Central Suns. In essence, all that has exited the Great Central Sun has fallen into duality or polarity and split into two dreams; one dream that suspended life and made possible evolution and ascension and is photonic in nature, and a second dream that made possible only the cessation of life, extinction and death and is non-photonic. Photon energy can be equated to the chi necessary to sustain life.


Those planets or stars that fell out of the photonic dream never returned over time. Most fell in vibration so substantially that they left the vibrational bandwidth that they once existed upon and dropped to the dimensions beneath. Some re-entered the photonic dream after they fell, stretching a dream that once only was upon Dimensions 25 and up to the Dimensions known as 12 and 5, and now 3 as Earth has re-entered the dream allowing for a 3rd dimensional photonic dream to be prevalent again in your creation.


Because all that left never returned, those remaining in the photonic dream lost track of what occurred, why it occurred, or what went wrong that caused the fall in consciousness in the first place. Earth is the first creation to return out of the non-dream into the photonic dream and bring with her records of understanding that shall assist us all in recovering enough to return Home to the dream of the Great Central Sun. For we too exist outside of the Great Central Sun’s boundaries or dream in parallel manner, and choose to go home in this evolutionary cycle ahead.


Life within the Photonic Dream


Life within the photonic dream of your solar system is primarily fourth and fifth dimensional. The sun knows a fifth dimensional life form of all kinds that are primarily nature kingdoms; plants, animals and minerals abound upon the sun. There are no humans nor whales and dolphins. The sun is not a water planet like Earth but rather a land-based or earth-based element creation; much like Earth’s ancient past, we are filled with mountains high and valleys deep towards the solar core, all of which is filled with life of all kinds.


If one were to enter a fifth dimensional form, one would perceive life upon the sun as a solid reality, with green trees, granite mountains, blue streams and large lakes, birds, flowers and plants along with many animal kingdoms. There are some aquatic kingdoms too in our abundant lakes and streams, but not nearly the numbers associated with Earth. We have the same blueprint as Earth as it originated from the Great Central Sun that creates physical form for soul to dance with and experience.


Most other planets in the solar system exist within the photonic dream and have fourth dimensional semi-etheric life upon their surface rather than physical life. Earth is the only planet that has a physical blueprint that emulates the solar sun. Mercury has a fourth dimensional form that is nearing the fifth dimension in its own ascent; Mercury is becoming a small sun of its own volition and this is anticipated to be accomplished before the solar system enters the dream of the Great Central Sun, about 15 years into your future.


Life upon Mercury is a dance of viscous energies that simulate water upon Earth with its ebbing and flowing tides; however, such energies are comprised of the element of fire primarily instead of water. Viscous fire creates the fertile fluid for which other etheric creatures may exist, much as the aquatic kingdoms exist within the sea, however these creatures are semi-etheric and non-physical in nature, and are “fire breathing” in nature. One can think of the fire-breathing dragon as one creature in semi-etheric form that one may have some remembrance of from one’s more ancient human dance.


Much like one’s light body that is invisible to the one’s own sight in the third dimension, one sees not the life upon Mercury, as life is held in a vibration that cannot be perceived with the human eye. Instead, the human eye perceives Mercury as a land of active volcanoes and craters continuously spewing lava. Life upon Mercury can however be attuned to through one’s inner eye, just as one perceives one’s own aura, chakra system, light body and subtle bodies. Mercury is holding the tone of non-conditional governance in association with the solar thoughtform. As she ascends, she shall contribute her fire to the continued ascent of the solar system.


Each planet in the solar system has altered the sacred geometry to be a continuous rainbow of tones that are fourth dimensional in nature and associated with the Language of Light. One may consider the Language of Light as a fourth dimensional thoughtform that leads to the expression of unity consciousness, and it is a bridge-language that the Great Central Sun understands. Each planet contributes one or two of the base notes of this language to the ascent of the entire solar system. Some like Mercury are also bridging into the golden and silver tones of the Language of ONE, which is a fifth dimensional thoughtform that is photonic in nature.


Venus has fourth-dimensional semi-etheric life upon her surface, as does Mercury. Such life form is contained within a viscous form of ether that creates a fourth dimensional atmosphere that sustains many semi-etheric creatures. Such creatures breathe the ether much as creatures upon Earth or the sun breathe air, or the creatures breathe fire upon Mercury. The fourth dimensional atmosphere created upon Venus covers her in clouds as perceived through the human eye. Venus holds the tones of Breath of Life in the Language of Light for your solar system. Venus much like Mercury is nearing a fifth dimensional vibration, and shall emerge as a small sun in her own right in the coming 100-year cycle and following entry into the Great Central Sun.


Sun vs. Planet


What is the difference between a “sun” and a “planet”? From a solar point of reference, it is all a matter of vibration. A sun holds a vibration that races in speed to a point of near-combustion; however, the vibration is held just below the level of combustion and to a fiery explosion as experienced in the third dimension. This is the result of the pace of molecular rotation of all molecules of all living things upon the sun.


The planets in your solar system cooled to a point of having slowed in molecular rotation; in the slowness, a density develops in which time spreads out into a straight line rather than a continuous whole. The sun knows no past, present and future; only one time in which all possibility exists. As each planet becomes a sun of its own right again, each shall move from time that is spread out into no-time or in other terms, past, present and future shall become one.


As time becomes one, there is no delay in one’s manifestation. One thinks or dreams and instantly the dream becomes real or lived to be experienced. It is for this reason that there can be no destructive intention or thoughtform in the photonic dream, as the destruction would manifest instantly blowing oneself up otherwise. All planets in the solar system much like Earth must leave behind whatever destructive thoughtform that they entered that caused their “cooling” or slowing of time; and as they do so, they build again into a fifth dimensional dance in which instant manifestation becomes possible.


Destructive thoughtform has prevailed in this solar system as it has within all dreams that have exited the Great Central Sun. In order to prevent the destruction from destroying the whole, dreams were segregated and slowed or cooled until the planet or star could come to understand why it had entered a destructive dance and ascend out of it. Alas most of that which has cooled never figured out why the destruction occurred and never learned their spiritual lessons; and instead fell to the dimensional thoughtform beneath.


This solar system and all therein is the first creation recorded in time, space and form to begin to retrace its steps out of the destructive dance and back into the unity again. Each planet that is nearing a fifth dimensional thoughtform such as Mercury and Venus are accomplishing this task at a most rapid pace.


About the Other Planets


Each planet except Mars and Pluto has the possibility of returning out of the destructive paradigm, heating upon again through ascension and returning to a state of a star. The solar sun holds the space for this to occur and through its field relays a dream that allows for the possibility of ascension. Earth is choosing to ascend, as are many other planets in the solar system. Earth is not the densest planet; indeed, Mars and Pluto are far denser than Earth. Neither of these two planets appears to have any signs of awakening at this time of solar ascension.


We now understand from records recovered upon Earth that Mars is a planet from another silica-based creation, and cannot ascend as it has the wrong biochemistry. Pluto is most likely too far in orbit from the Sun to most likely receive the benefit of our dream for potential ascension. These two planets will be left behind as the solar system enters the dream of the Great Central Sun, most likely combusting if they attempt to pass through the barrier known as the Photon Belt.


Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn each retain fourth dimensional etheric life form upon their surface and it is for this reason that they appear so cloudy to the human eye. Each of these planets has a different biochemistry and variant life form. Each of these planets are ascending and holding Language of Light solar-based tones of creation to augment a solar ascension.


Neptune holds a water-based life form that much like a giant sea is filled with etheric water creatures. Because Neptune is fourth dimension, she appears as covered in blue clouds, which is indeed fourth dimensional water. Neptune holds the tone of divine union and compassion in the solar sacred geometry. These colors are pale lavender and turquoise can be clearly seen in her cloudy field.


Jupiter is a land based or earth-element based form that holds semi-etheric life that parallels life upon the Earth or the Sun, however the blueprints are nonphysical rather than physical. It is for this reason that Jupiter appears covered in clouds to the third dimensional human eye, as such clouds are how fourth dimensional semi-etheric life appears from a third dimensional perspective. Some of the semi-etheric life forms are similar to the larger animal kingdoms found upon Earth, including elephant, hippopotamus and giraffe. Jupiter holds the tones of power and freedom and in the solar sacred geometry. These tones are reflected in the yellow and peach colors of her clouds.


Saturn holds an air-based reality that hosts mostly semi-etheric energy flow without form. Here souls come to learn about moving energy in your solar system before they choose to take form upon another planet with fourth dimensional semi-etheric life. Saturn holds the vibration of forgiveness and compassion in the solar sacred geometry. One can see the colors of these tones clearly in the green and pink of Saturn’s rings.


Uranus is another water-based planet that froze in the falls of your solar system. Such water supports a semi-etheric aquatic life form. Uranus however is heating up and melting her icy surface. Uranus holds the vibrations of structure and non-conditional love in the ascending solar sacred geometry. One can see the colors of lavender and silver in the clouds surrounding Uranus.


Earth likewise now contributes the tone of unity and compassion to the fourth dimensional dream that is photonic and solar in nature. Earth is the densest of all of these remaining planets. Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn shall most likely ascend into fifth dimensional stars around the time Earth masters the fourth dimension in full, anticipated now approximately 300 years into the future.


About the Ascent of Earth


Although Earth may seem as though she is slow in her ascension as compared to the other planets, she carries the most keys to the ascent of the whole. Such keys are not only vital to solar ascension, but also to the reparation to the photonic dream that borders the Great Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun herself. For Earth has been the most greatly impaired by dark forces, or in other terms, took the brunt of the harm that was sent through the solar system by dark forces prevailing on the upper dimensions of the space between Suns. Much like the human who absorbs the hits of unconscious harm and becomes ill in the dance of life, Earth has a predisposition in her casting from the Great Central Sun to absorb harm. Now Earth is ascending out of such a dance, and refusing to receive additional blows, and returning the karma and underlying patterning at cause.


The Solar Father has reviewed the ascension records of Earth and those humans and other kingdoms that have passed through into the photonic dream. There are a few kingdoms that never lost full consciousness upon Earth, and there are fourth dimensional regions of domain that are primarily inner-Earth or volcanic at this time in history. These regions and kingdoms have entered the photonic dream as of late, and in so doing Earth shall now share more intricately in the evolutionary journey of the entire solar system from this point forward.


There are dark forces that prevail in your solar system in association with Earth, Mars and Pluto primarily. These forces are not a part of the solar photonic dream; instead they are in a separated off non-dream of destruction that these three planets attune to due to their loss of consciousness. Such forces may claim that they are solar, however they have nothing to do with the photonic dream emanating from the sun, nor the jurisdiction of your solar system.


Much like all that has exited the Great Central Sun over time, your solar system has fallen into a split dream; one for life and ascension and one for death, extinction and destruction. Through ascension, the dreams shall be unified over time, and that which cannot ascend at all cast out leading to an only-photonic dream remaining into the future. This shall come to be so upon entry into the Great Central Sun in the not too distant near future.


Humans are often prey to such dark forces as humans appear to be awaiting a savior rather than taking responsibility for one’s own ascent and evolution as a conscious sentient being. Dark forces like to mirror what one wishes to perceive and often will attempt to appear as a savior or force of the light. The non-dream that has consumed Earth is a difficult place to navigate, and the ascension records of those humans entering the photonic dream tell a sad tale of manipulation, corruption and deceit on the part of such forces.


The Solar Father therefore invites humans to turn away from such forces and go inward, connecting to one’s own soul and holographic knowing along with nature and Earth. One will access communication with Earth, nature and the sun through the holographic planes and one’s hologram within, which sits in the heart chakra in human form. Such knowing from the inside out is the only force that shall guide one home in the long haul, and is one that is difficult for dark forces outside of self to manipulate through.


Solar Assessment of Human Ascension


Human ascension has been difficult to bring forth upon Earth. Humans were seeded upon Earth without planetary permission, and suspended in a dream emitted from Sirius. Sirius ascended and displaced karma that went un-transmuted upon Earth and humanity through the human dream. The karma for destruction that Sirius failed to transmute acted out in greater and greater dreams of warfare amongst humans upon Earth, leading to a nuclear annihilation. This nuclear annihilation affected the entire solar system causing a greater rift between all planets. The orbits of all planets altered moving further from the Sun; this included in particular Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Pluto moved so far from the sun that she fell into an ice age that has yet to thaw out enough to allow for even the earliest momentum to ascend.


Earth’s orbit also moved further from the Sun in the nuclear annihilation of the Anu; Earth rotated on her side. It took Earth 8000 years to reconfigure her chakras to sustain some sort of balance after the nuclear winter, which also created a minor ice age. The result was the single largest drop in consciousness for Earth and your entire solar system alike in this current dimension of thoughtform. Human ascension upon Sirius have now been perceived as the original cause, as the karma that created this particular outcome did not originate upon Earth or in your solar system, but rather was transferred by Sirius onto Earth through her own incomplete ascension process.


Human ascension has been used as a weapon to destroy creation after creation throughout time, space and form. Humans who often due to falls in vibration and the scientific manipulations of creating pared down slave races are often partially conscious at best; in so being, they are easy to manipulate by forces that desire the power of an ascending field to tear other fields and creations apart. This is what occurred upon Sirius in the Solar Sun’s review; human fields collectively increased in size and forces of great darkness utilized such fields to shred your solar system. The sun lost great consciousness during the time of Sirian ascension; we were stripped so that Sirius A and B could build a fifth dimensional body and light body.


It is now understood that such stripping also caused the vital pathway for karma and un-transmuted patterning, matter, thoughtform, machinery and entities to flow through your solar system. Earth absorbed much of this due to the human life that had been seeded by Sirius upon her surface, which provided a direct pathway onto her form. The type of ascension Sirius mastered is incomplete; as these records have been reviewed now due to the global ascension of Earth, the greater photonic dream is choosing to quarantine Sirius A and B so that no further harm may prevail through her field.


There is a photonic dream that contains each solar system that exited your Great Central Sun over time. Your solar system is a part of this greater photonic dream. Sirius A and B ascended into the photonic dream, but incompletely. Up until now there has been an ongoing loss of consciousness for the entire photonic dream and we could not perceive where the loss was occurring from or through; this is now perceived as occurring through Sirius A and B, and as a result, photonic counsels have chosen to segregate the source of the problem until the next steps leading to restitution can begin.


Rectifying human ascension into a form of evolution that cannot be used to harm, strip or mutilate is of the utmost importance from the viewpoint of the Solar Father. Historically, humans, dolphins and whales have been used as weapons to shred creations unto extinction. Although it has been perceived from the outside that this was so, an ability to prevent the dance or the greater understanding of how it has occurred was unknown. Through the ascent of humans, whales and dolphins upon Earth, the understanding of how such species have been used as weapons of destruction is coming to be known. Strides are being taken within each species to assure that they are not used for destruction again so that all may return Home to the Great Central Sun with your solar system.


About Real Human Ascension


From the viewpoint of the Solar Father, real ascension occurs through biological and biochemical changes. The biochemistry of all life upon Earth must return to a photonic fourth dimensional form. In order to accomplish this task, biochemical changes must be constructed in a gradual manner so that the original blueprint for photonic life can be reconstructed upon Earth and in the physical. Photonic life does not consume; eating is a non-necessity as the air provides all that is required to support life. Photonic life holds photonic energy inside of the cellular structure, which provides ample chi to hold a fourth or fifth dimensional state of being.


A fourth dimensional state of being is a transitional state in which there is still a delay in the manifestation of one’s thoughts and one’s life. This state of being is for the purposes of testing the ascent and assure that there is no remaining destructive thoughtform that might blow oneself up or the world up if one were to enter a fifth dimensional state of being in which the delay in manifestation ceases.


There are humans who entered the fourth dimension upon Earth in times past. Most reside in the Inner Earth. These humans are coming to discover that they failed to transcend all destructive thoughtform but rather left it behind for third dimensional humanity to experience. They are not allowed into the photonic dream as a result any longer. Each must transmute all destructive thoughtform or one loses permission to remain in the photonic dream, lest destructive thoughtform prevail and all be destroyed.


Destructive thoughtform holds the concepts of I hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute and I own. The Inner Earth peoples ascended into a state of being that is fourth dimensional in which these thoughts prevail in a subtle manner as the karma for how they came to be had been pushed upon outer Earth humanity. As a result, fourth dimensional human civilization in the Inner Earth is not much different from third dimensional humanity; and this is now perceived for what it is. Sirian humans also reside in a parallel state in the fifth dimension, and they too are now being removed from the photonic dream in the greater understanding of how they ascended destructive thoughtform rather than transmuted and transcended into unity based thoughtform.


Much of Asur’Ana’s dissertations go into great detail about how and why incomplete ascension came to be upon Earth, and how to avoid creating incomplete ascension again in present time. Those map carving ascension from the third dimensional outer Earth in dolphin-whale and human form have learned from their own experience that incomplete ascension does not work; it will only lead to the extinction of the whole.


Solar Perspective of Incomplete Ascension


Incomplete ascension is all about not fully ascending all parts of the form into the next dimension. In essence, the incomplete fourth dimensional human ascensions left parts of the body behind for their third dimensional ancestors to experience; such a mixture of form only leads to disease and discord in the third dimensional ancestry carrying on. Such discord continued to cause warfare and discordant human relations in human civilization in the third dimension, and the holes in fourth dimensional form became a pathway through which dark forces could manipulate the physical planes.


Furthermore, where the body was impartially ascended exist holes and gaps in the grid work and thoughtform that leave the space for dark forces to use the exaggerated fields of those in the fourth dimension for the purposes of harm. The solar system has lost vast consciousness and chi to incompletely ascended humans residing in the fourth dimension upon Earth with such holes and gaps. In the greater understanding that this is the underlying cause of a great loss of chi and consciousness we have collectively experienced, we are choosing to quarantine all fourth dimensional humans until they repair their ascension and reweave the holes in the field and form in full.


All parts of form must be ascended; each and every cell, organ, gland, system, and structure must be created in the fourth dimension as living fourth dimensional cells. The fact that ascension has occurred impartially is a vast complication that is due to living outside of the dream of the Great Central Sun in which missing records and a lack of remembrance of how to ascend contribute to incomplete ascension. There are records of attempted ascensions in human form in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt in which entire body parts including heads, legs, arms were left behind in 3D. Such humans never made it to the next dimension, as what body can exist without a head anyway? So, you see creating an incomplete ascension, even in minute amounts, really does not work and only creates problems for the whole.


Those dark forces that have used incomplete ascensions to work through the holes of fourth dimensional human, whale or dolphin form are to be removed from your creation and absorbed by the Great Central Sun in due course. They shall be returned to the consciousness that birthed them, and with a heap of karma for destruction carried with them home. Such beings shall not be greeted in love, but in wonderment of why they did what they did, and how this came to be. This is for the Great Central Sun and the Tao, a force beyond this to come to understand.


Most forces prevailing in human form upon Earth have been of this nature; they wish to create incomplete ascension again so that there are more holes to strip creation to extinction. It has been determined from records gathered that over 8 billion creations have gone extinct in this manner from prior expansion and contraction periods within the Tao. It is through such stripping that the dark forces have extended their existence between expansion and contraction cycles; such forces remain from other creations long come and gone and that failed to go Home when their cycle of completion occurred.


Why such forces failed to go home is not really understood; however, in this cycle all shall be gathered and returned, as they are not the sincere responsibility of your solar system or Great Central Sun to attend to; they are the responsibility of whichever sun from prior expansions and contractions of the Tao that cast them. In returning such forces to their consciousness of origins, the entirety of why these problematic regions of domain of great destruction came to be shall be understood in full, and this type of problem can cease to be created into the future.


A More Human Perspective of Ascension


Human ascension requires a willingness to look at oneself honestly, and see where one relies upon the thoughtforms of I hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute and I own; whether it is expressed towards oneself or towards another. Then layer by layer, one must transmute each piece of such dissonant thoughtform into the Language of Light, which is founded upon I forgive, I am, I empower, I have compassion, I love, I breathe, I am free, I stand in unity, I sit in union, and I relate in collaboration. As all layers of the old paradigm are transmuted into the new, one masters; as one masters one alters the biology to reflect the new thoughtform one is integrating to become increasingly crystalline in form.


The biochemistry of the crystalline form is the first form one must ascend into in surface Earth human ascension. Then as one or one’s ancestry masters the crystalline form in full, one can go on to begin to master a photonic form that can create a fourth dimensional cellular structure. The crystalline form has 18 forms of salt and 18 forms of fat at 36,000 segments of DNA that are not present at 2 segments in our analysis.


The 18 salts create energy movement in the pattern of sacred geometry that is associated with each of the 144 single, dual, tri and quad notes of the Language of Light. The fats hold such vibrations in the physical form leading to a vibration that has enough molecules to support all ley lines, meridians and grid work rewoven within the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body or body double, and greater solar sized auric field.


Those attaining full consciousness construct a solar sized field held by a tiny human form upon Earth; this requires a vast amount of energy or chi moved through the sexual energy or kundalini to suspend; it is for this reason that each cell must become crystalline in the structure to provide enough chi to suspend such a large auric field and energy movement. Ascension requires the physical biological biochemical changes or it cannot occur in the etheric within your creation upon Earth. For Earth holds a blueprint for both soul and form to dance together. If form fails to ascend, soul cannot ascend.


Furthermore, one cannot only ascend the etheric body or light body; one must ascend the physical too. Incomplete ascensions have occurred as the light body and etheric body were constructed into a supercharged field without the physical altering in biochemistry in full to create a fourth dimensional photonic biochemical form with 1,024,000 segments of DNA as you calculate them. The result is incomplete ascension in which there are holes and gaps in the fourth dimensional form through which dark forces can manipulate physicality in the third dimension into an extinction cycle.


Those ascending to 36,000 are map making a pathway back to third dimensional form that is crystalline. The crystalline blueprint is third dimensional; fourth dimensional blueprint is photonic and a large leap beyond the fully conscious crystalline form. Photonic form causes a yet greater biochemical leap yet again in which salt and body fat are modified to become capable of holding photonic energy; the photonic energy energizes the cellular structure without the requirement to consume food.


Alas fourth dimensional human form in the Inner Earth continues to consume a vegetarian diet as do fifth dimensional Sirian humans; this is large sign that they really did not embrace a fully photonic genetic blueprint; as if they had they would require nothing but the breath to subsist. Real fourth dimensional form is photonic, not crystalline.


About Ascension and Mastery


Many humans are in confusion about what they have mastered in ascension. Many have been subject to false ascensions and supercharged fields without the necessary biological and biochemical changes to support it. This problem of mass false ascension in human, dolphin and whale form united into a crescendo of electrical sacred geometry and caused a massive solar wobble in recent months; as this occurred the Solar Father intervened and put a stop to such forms of incomplete ascension in human, whale and dolphin form upon Earth, as they could prevent the ascent of the solar system otherwise.


Such incomplete ascensions are once again the result of failing to ascend the biology and biochemistry of the form. Dark forces had stripped grid work from Earth and other planets in your solar system to create such supercharged human, whale and dolphin fields. Such planets along with Earth have chosen to retrieve their ascending grid work, which has sufficed to collapse such false ascensions back where they belong, into the second dimension.


Humans at 2 segments of DNA are second dimensional in nature and extremely rigid. Ascending humanity back into third dimensional thoughtform and a crystalline biochemistry is the first step. This can only be accomplished if one has a biological ability to transmute DNA and the biochemistry of the form. Much false ascension upon Earth has occurred due to humans, dolphins and whales alike trying to ascend without the biological ability to transmute into the biochemistry of the crystalline structure. Alas so much information has become lost in the many falls upon Earth that not every form shall hold the remembrance of a crystalline structure.


Ascension shall therefore be quite limited, as those without the necessary biological skills will have to exit physicality and give birth to others who do have such skills. This is why a generational ascent is necessary upon Earth and within all species therein. We see that over 90% of the current form upon Earth will eventually perish and give birth to a new form that holds an understanding of ascension; this is so for every species beloved. As this occurs, the ability to ascend all of Earth into a fourth-dimensional photonic form shall emerge in the centuries ahead.


Dietary Suggestions for Ascending Humans


Ascension is biological and requires providing the necessary nutrients and sustenance to the form to allow for the biochemical alterations. The crystalline form has 18 salts and 18 fats. Each fat is necessary to hold a particular segment of the tones of creation known as the Language of Light. Each salt holds an energy movement that allows for the formation of the sound or music associated with Language of Light based unity consciousness. The diet of those who are ascending therefore will never be salt free or fat free.


It is interesting to note that the dark have created great media hype to support a fat free and salt free diet as a means to extending one’s youth and life. Perhaps this does work at 2 segments of DNA; alas it will only prevent ascension if ascension is one’s goal. Additionally, retaining one’s level of ascent mastered requires that one continue to consume fats to repair a form after it has become regenerative or crystalline in nature.


Why is this so? Fat becomes rancid over time. As the fat goes rancid, the notes of the Language of Light sour; and this has created difficult or destructive circumstances in some initiates’ dance of life as a dream for destruction was attracted to the sour sounding tones of creation. This has led to an understanding that the crystalline fats must be replaced every 180 days throughout the form lest they go into greater distortion through rancidity and then draw a harmful circumstance into their lives.


Form is a living dream; the tones of creation one holds in the field and form draw all dreams into one’s life dance, along with those that one verbalizes or internationalizes. If the tones go sour due to rancid fat within the form, one then calls a sour dream into the life dance.


Therefore, ascending to the crystalline structure once is not enough to hold a pure enough thoughtform to call a non-destructive dream into the life expression; one is continually ascending or repairing fats gone rancid to hold a pure enough thoughtform to transcend death. This is also mostly so as not all life upon Earth is crystalline, and the combination of crystalline and non-crystalline food source leads to substances that cause fats within the cellular structure to go rancid. At another time, one’s ancestry may have held their tones in purity with greater ease, as all life upon Earth was crystalline.


For those who are vegans, the ongoing requirement to replace fat can most easily be provided through avocados, coconut milk, olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and other nut oils, nuts and nut butters. For those on a vegetarian diet, one can have all of the listed vegan fats along with dairy products such as whole milk and butter. Salts are less subject to distortion, and therefore generally do not require restructuring once introduced in the act of physical transmutation to the crystalline form.


Embracing A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet


The “I slaughter” and “I consume” thoughtform cannot be left behind without embracing a purely vegan or vegetarian diet. If one is not yet ready for a vegan diet, then a vegetarian diet may include eggs and dairy products. Much of the dissertation from nature to humanity through Asur’Ana has been about consumption thoughtform or the requirement for humanity to slaughter. The sun would like to give its understanding of this patterning.


Over time humanity has been stripped of consciousness. Today in present time and upon the surface of the Earth, humans replace the lost consciousness that they are continually stripped of in the consumption of flesh. The denser the flesh, the longer the life, and if one loses consciousness rapidly enough, one dies of disease and potentially at an early age. The requirement to consume flesh is therefore a necessity to retain any life at all at 2 segments of DNA, as there are so many holes and gaps in the field that one is like a black hole that continuously sends chi and information elsewhere.


As one ascends, one begins not only to reweave one’s grid work to a more solid form, but also breaks the agreements to give consciousness to the life of something else somewhere else in another creation. Such agreements are prevalent upon Earth as it has been her nature to sacrifice herself so that all other creations may survive; this has included the planets in her own solar system that have not fallen as far as Earth as the solar consciousness was lost. As one releases one’s agreements to barter away one’s consciousness, one supports Earth in so doing the same, and suddenly one begins to plug up the holes enough that one maintains the level of consciousness ascended into rather than declining further into greater density.


As this occurs, the requirement to eat denser substances such as flesh ceases to be necessary to retain one’s level of awareness. It will only be as humanity at large transitions to such a state en masse where they are collectively ceasing to lose consciousness that humans will become vegetarian again. However, such a time is coming, as there is now a dream to support such a shift as Earth has entered the photonic dream of the solar system, and is anchoring a human dream of this nature upon Earth.


For those that ascend above the baseline of 3,000 segments, one enters the new dream and script from the solar sun that has been anchored upon Earth to support ascension. This dream calls for a return to vegetarianism for all kingdoms upon Earth. Each kingdom is developing a vegetarian digestive tract to support this shift, as it is the first step to relinquishing the “I slaughter” and “I consume” thoughtform that has prevailed upon Earth. Each reading these materials may make strides to do the same in support of the ascent of the whole of your species. This however cannot be a fat free or salt free diet, beloved.


Disunity Thoughtform


The “I hate”, “I undermine” and “I dispute” thoughtform leads to war that is either internal or external in nature. External expressions of this thoughtform lead to war between individuals and nations alike; internal expressions lead to disease in all of the forms known to human along with deformity and accidents that maim. Such thoughtform when expressed upon nature leads to the “I slaughter” and “I consume” thoughtform, in which nature is hunted down as a food source. Nature offers food source requiring not the act of hunting. Such food source is in the form of fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables along with the milk and of the animal kingdoms. These are offered in agreement; flesh is not and therefore is considered warfare upon the animals.


The thoughtform of “I own”, “I subordinate” and “I consume” creates a civilization founded upon slavery, in which the rich enslave the poor so that they can own more and consume more than all others. Consumption is not just about flesh but also about outside goods, objects, possessions, property and so on. It is in the consumption of that which is outside of oneself that lead to the falls in consciousness of the recent cycle, for in so doing, more and more grid work moved out of the etheric body to attach to the objects that one possesses. As the grid work left, more and more holes were created through which the chi of the human species could be stripped en masse.


This form of stripping through ownership occurred in more ancient times in association with the Anu. The Anu were a group of humans who came to mine gold from the Pleiades about 184,000 years ago (also known as the Greek and Roman Gods). The Anu bred a partially conscious group of human slaves in a scientific laboratory to work in the mines and serve them. The Anu would entice the slaves to own more and more technology so that the holes in their fields could be used for the Anu to plug into and drain off chi from to suspend their lives due to their lengthy life extensive practices. The slaves in turn enticed the neighboring red nations peoples to also purchase such technology, who likewise attached to their possessions creating holes in their fields through which the Anu slaves then took of their chi to attempt to sustain their lives.


The thoughtform of consumption is like the food chain; everything is consumed from the smallest to the largest. This is also the same for humanity; humanity consumes flesh as they are consumed by dimensions that take of one’s chi through the same holes remaining from the times of Anu. The only way out is to ascend out of the dance by retrieving one’s consciousness and reweaving the field so that there are no longer any holes or gaps to be consumed through. In so doing, one ceases to dance in the consumption paradigm, and thereby ascends home to a new day of unity.


DNA and Thoughtform


The disunity-based thoughtforms are the result of blending DNA that was incompatible and dissonant. The Pleiadian silica-based Anu blended their own DNA with red nation hydrogen-based DNA from Sirius to create a slave race. This blending caused dissonance of the slave nation as well as the red nations used to extract the DNA from. Such dissonance translates into the thoughtforms of I hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute and I own. As one ascends, one transmutes foreign DNA that did not originate upon Earth or within your Great Central Sun. As this occurs, the internal emotions associated with such thoughtform cease to exist. This by and large occurs as 6,000 segments is mastered in the current path of ascension.


How does DNA create thoughtform? DNA is holographic and designed to create particular energy movement in any field that embodies such DNA. DNA that is silica-based creates electrical sacred geometry associated with the mer-ka-ba or six-pointed star in the chakras and subtle bodies of such a human. This pattern when blended with magnetic rotational energy cuts up the rotation field of that which is magnetic and hydrogen-based.


A field that does not support itself due to conflicting energy flow leads to a shortened lifespan, aging and disease. The average red nations person experienced a life-span of nearly 1800 years at the time the Anu slave race was incubated; the slave race due to the dissonance within knew a 500-year lifespan in the early days of their civilization. Later and due to the ongoing feeding on the part of the Anu of their own slave nations for chi and grid work to suspend their own life extension practices, the slave nations dropped to a life-span of only 100 years.


Upon an emotional level, the mer-ka-ba causes the feelings of shame, blame, anger and fear along with greed and lust to be experienced in human form when blended with rotational magnetic energy. As the DNA is transmuted associated with the Anu slaves through ascension, the associated patterns cease to be recreated in the field, leading to the emotional experience of inner love and fulfillment instead. Those ascending in the West with ancient red nation ancestry are the ones that primarily experience the ascent out of shame as an emotional experience behind their evolutionary journey.


However, the red nations peoples that were used to create the Anu slave race from, which include Native American and Tibetan root races primarily. These root races also have experienced the feelings of shame and servitude as a result of how their DNA was used. Partially, this is so as they holographically were intertwined with the Anu slave nations due to the sharing of DNA. As such red nations ascend beyond the vibration that the original genetic sharing occurred, they shall likewise transcend the shame that they holographically feel due to the genetic manipulations of the Anu scientists.


Recent History


In the review of your recent human history, many cultures in recent times held crystalline biology, including the Polynesians before the white man arrived; many Tibetans before the arrival of the Chinese, and many in India before the arrival of those from Pakistan. The Polynesians relied primarily upon the fat of the coconut to sustain their crystalline form. Coconut has a high amount of cholesterol within both the meat and milk. Polynesians have been measured as high as 2,200 segments as short a time as 200 years ago in your history. As the white man arrived, plagues wiped out most of the Polynesians and they fell in consciousness.


Those in Tibet and India measured as high as 2,200 segments up through 600 years ago, and relied mostly upon milk products from the cow to sustain the crystalline form; and many uphold a vegetarian diet to this day feasting from the milk of the cow only and not the flesh. As other humans of lower DNA pushed into the territory of those remaining with a crystalline structure, generally a great plague occurred thereafter killing off those of crystalline inheritance. Why? Those of lower genetic materials stripped the genetic materials of those that were crystalline leading to disease amongst their populations and another fall in consciousness. The conflict between crystalline and non-crystalline humans is ancient, and originates in the war of the Anu and Anu-slaves against the red nations people.


It appears that Gandhi retained the genetics of the crystalline form and diaphragm that converts sugar from air through the breath; this may be why he could abstain from eating for long time periods and not starve. This may also be why Gandhi held a greater spiritual purpose and focus within his life than most others, as he had a greater level of conscious awareness upon a biological level. Consciousness is biological and not just of spirit in a blueprint such as the one Earth is a part. Therefore, an increase in human consciousness requires biological modifications through ascension.


There are many others present today that were born with greater biological consciousness, most of which are unknown and amongst the indigenous populations around the globe. Asur’Ana in thumbing through a National Geographic the other day came upon a photo of a spiritual leader conducting an initiation ceremony for the young men of a small African tribe; it was an initiation into manhood.


This elder leading this initiation had shaved his head and the skull appeared as if it were two skulls together or twice as large as a normal human skull; this is a brain from the times of the Mahavishnu and ancient ancestry still present in the genealogy of this particular tribe. And so you see, nothing has been lost really and truly; however, much like within the nature kingdoms upon Earth, the information has become scattered between humans and is not readily available to each and everyone incarnate to draw upon in present time in order to ascend.


The most difficult ancestries to ascend are those of white Western inheritance and those of yellow Asian inheritance that are related to the Anu, or Anu slaves, even if one has ancient red lineage to the Grand Masters. The reason for this is the level of dissonance within the biology of the form due to a blending of DNA that is non-compatible. In order for the ascent of the entire human species to come forth however, some of each nature must also ascend. It is only in the ascension of each nature and each ancestry that the karmic cause underlying why each fall in consciousness came to be can be understood. It is only in the understanding of how and why such incidents occurred that one may forgive and the karma is released enough that humanity at large may transcend and ascend.


This is the purpose of the map making for the group associated with Asur’Ana and Per in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS); to make ascension possible amongst those who are white or yellow and of ancient red ancestry primarily. In so doing, a complete circle of ascension comes forth in which no human strain or lineage is left out, all karma can be released, and a new day for humanity at large can be born. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join their ascension school by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.




Earth is ascending and beginning to make her presence known in the solar photonic dream. Those in human form who master 36,000 segments shall also enter the photonic dream. For many it will be one’s future ancestors who enter the photonic dream. It is the purpose of this chapter from the Solar Father to trigger the necessary intentions to foster the return to full consciousness within the human species upon Earth.


Many cannot reach the Solar Father directly; however, via the hologram associated with Earth, there is now a link so that one may commune and connect directly. Listen within the heart beloved, and listen only with the heart; it is through the heart that one will be guided through their initiations and ascend home to a new day.


Ascension allows for a new level of awareness to be born upon Earth. However, one’s ancient ancestors already understood such thoughtform long ago. It is only as the ancestors were separated off from humanity that they failed to be able to contribute their knowing unto yours. The ancestors have returned due to the release of the karma for how they had become separated off. Call upon your ancient ancestors to understand your personal spiritual lessons in this lifetime; learn the lessons therein so that future ancestors yet unborn will have a different set of karma to work upon, allowing one a return journey Home in a generational sense.


One may also perceive one’s future journey home through future ancestors. All of such information is available through holographic knowing. Holographic knowing is a part of the genetic fabric of all related to the red nations peoples and ancient Grand Masters. Those from the Pleiades related to the Anu also have a holographic knowing, but it is from another creation. Such humans will return to the creation that they are associated with holographically upon death; as this is where they were spawned and therefore where they belong.


Much of the confusion in spiritual understanding today comes from those of variant holographic information bringing forth information true to their holographic nature, and not necessarily one’s own. Tune inward therefore, and find one’s own truth. One needs not a teacher or guru to find one’s way Home; only to go within and open to the vast library of knowledge that one already has available unto oneself holographically. The ancient ancestors will assist with the interpretation if one asks.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light



This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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