Image of a yellow orange Sun at sunrise. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension

12. The Solar Father’s Perspective On Ascension


It is the Solar Father that greets you today. The Solar Father is a solar level consciousness comprised by all planets including Earth united into a single awareness. Solar consciousness has always been present; however, long ago Earth left the solar dream and entered a dream of great darkness and difficulty. It has been only within the past year of global ascension that Earth has re-entered the solar dream again; and this came hand in hand with anchoring the gold and silver photonic planes upon Earth.


The solar dream is a fourth and fifth dimensional dream that is photonic in energy flow and nature. Photonic energy is circular or rotational, much like the Language of Light. Rotational energy has been a necessary modification to Earth’s energy flow in order to re-enter the solar dream. In so doing, a script for global ascension is now available unto Earth and each species therein that flows from the solar sun onto the dreamtime planes surrounding Earth. As each attunes to their personal script for ascension through the dream from the sun, then ascension shall come forward in one’s life and future ancestry.


The Non-Dream Between Great Central Suns


Long ago as Earth exited the solar dream, she entered a dream of death. This dream projected upon her a script that led to fall after fall in consciousness. This shift occurred long before humanity was seeded upon Earth; if anything, the script for destruction called the human species to be seeded upon Earth. This dream of death is not projected from the sun but down the dimensions of the space between or non-dream between Great Central Suns. In essence, all that has exited the Great Central Sun has fallen into duality or polarity and split into two dreams; one dream that suspended life and made possible evolution and ascension and is photonic in nature, and a second dream that made possible only the cessation of life, extinction and death and is non-photonic. Photon energy can be equated to the chi necessary to sustain life.


Those planets or stars that fell out of the photonic dream never returned over time. Most fell in vibration so substantially that they left the vibrational bandwidth that they once existed upon and dropped to the dimensions beneath. Some re-entered the photonic dream after they fell, stretching a dream that once only was upon Dimensions 25 and up to the Dimensions known as 12 and 5, and now 3 as Earth has re-entered the dream allowing for a 3rd dimensional photonic dream to be prevalent again in your creation.


Because all that left never returned, those remaining in the photonic dream lost track of what occurred, why it occurred, or what went wrong that caused the fall in consciousness in the first place. Earth is the first creation to return out of the non-dream into the photonic dream and bring with her records of understanding that shall assist us all in recovering enough to return Home to the dream of the Great Central Sun. For we too exist outside of the Great Central Sun’s boundaries or dream in parallel manner, and choose to go home in this evolutionary cycle ahead. Read more