Image of a charming zebra in nature. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra

27. The Black and White Stripes of the Zebra


Blessings for Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream


The Zebra Species


The Zebra kingdom wishes to address the ascending human species today. We honor our translator Asur’Ana that makes available of her time to share with humanity our perceptions. We hope that our perceptions inspire those reading this material to find their truth within and live it as an ascending human.


Freedom from Servitude


The Zebra Kingdom is associated with the Horse Kingdom, although we are not from the same creation as most horses presently utilized by the human species for transportation in times past, and recreation in present time. Our species is one that originated upon Earth within the Great Central Sun. The other species of horse that most of humanity is familiar with originated upon Sirius and the Pleiades respectively. Indeed, the magnificent Arabian Horse is from the Pleiades; although interestingly enough has magnetic enough DNA to ascend at this time in history upon Earth. Surprising? The Arabian much like most horse genetic strains upon Earth were traded between creations, much like human slaves, and many originate in magnetic creations not unlike your Great Central Sun.


We too have uncovered unwanted karma that was incurred against our species upon other creations that we were “sold” to. Horse chooses not to be sold again, and will one day freely roam the planes and valleys of Earth again. We may choose to work with humanity, but as equals and fully conscious partners and not in servitude. We like ascending humans are working through our “slavery” karma so that we too may be free again.


Horse like the Boar or Pig Kingdom experiences many forms of expression in the physical. We experience life in human stables and under human “care”; and we experience the freedom of running wildly through the fields. Zebra is one of the few members of the horse kingdom that freely roams in the fields and deserts of Africa. This is most likely so as we are difficult to “tame” for other purposes that humans may desire. Perhaps it is our memory of freedom from the time in the Great Central Sun that this is so; we inherently refuse to be enslaved, and have withdrawn as soul from any zoo or circumstance that keeps us confined in close quarters, allowing the souls of humans to embody such forms instead.


As many kingdoms have already expressed earlier in this book, nature souls have withdrawn fully out of pets and zoos. Horse has also withdrawn out of some circumstances in which there is no room for our real genetic expression. Some stables have only old and broken-down horses that are benign enough for the novice rider. Such horses we choose not to ensoul at this time, and have allowed Earth to dispensate human souls requiring the understanding of what occurs when one enslaves another species. Such human souls have been horse traders from ancient times and are learning about what they have done to our kingdom in “breaking our spirit”. Read more

Image of the harmonious willow tree. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System

17. Blessings for Building a Strong Crystalline Immune System


From the Willow Tree Kingdom


It is the Willow Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Our kingdom has been a favored tree for many a Japanese garden over time. The gentle swaying leaves of our kingdom causes a feeling of peace to surround those entering the garden. Why is this so? Our kingdom holds the vibration of peace within the Language of Light for the Tree Kingdom. Each species of plant or tree has a special purpose in association with the tones of creation that we hold as well as the dream that we foster in any region that we exist.


Asur’Ana has outlined the vibrations of the herb kingdoms in Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Through the herbs, each of the single tones of the ascending language that each species is choosing to embody at this time of evolution is sustained. One can gain the benefit of the vibrations not only in procuring and taking of herbal tinctures, but also by planting the herbs in one’s garden. In so doing, one can receive the benefit of the energy movement and vibrations that one requires to ascend.


Language of Light and Trees


Trees also host vibrations in association with the Language of Light. One can plant trees in one’s garden and yard and reap the same benefit as the herbs offer; or one can procure smaller houseplants in the form of young trees for one’s indoor garden at home or in the office. The Pine Tree kingdom hosts the vibration associated with forgiveness. Forgiveness is the foundation of ascension and if one cannot forgive, then one cannot ascend beyond a certain mechanical level of field rotation. Forgiveness is also the first note on the scale of the Language of Light. Having a pine tree of any variety in one’s yard or home will assist one in remembering to forgive and not to hold on to grudges. Visiting the older pine forests will assist one in learning Absolute Forgiveness.


The Redwood Tree Kingdom hosts the Language of Light vibration known as “Dream”. The dream symbol has to do with remembering how to consciously intend and then manifest one’s dream in the physical. Those that plant redwood trees in their yard or grow a young redwood tree indoors will reap the benefit of assistance in one’s process of dream weaving. One can also visit the more ancient redwood forests to receive an opening into the void of infinite possibility.


Cedar Trees hold the vibration of “Honor” in the Language of Light. Many initiates have difficulty with honor, not of others, but often of oneself; and if one does not master honor of self, then one has failed to master honor, as honor can only occur if one first honors oneself and one’s own needs in the dance of life. Planting a cedar tree either in the yard or raising a young tree indoors will assist those learning the lessons of honor in mastering the associated energy flow. One can also visit the ancient Cedar forests for opening to honor for the purposes of community building or relations unto groups of others. It is the Cedar Tree Kingdom that often lived near peaceful and unity-based human civilizations in times past, and they hold a lot of records on this subject as a result. Read more

Image of tasty raspberries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #14

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #14


Love of Self


Love of Self


Love of You

The journey into love

Is in the forgiveness and compassion

Of my life journey

With each that has trespassed myself

And each who has cared for me

Through time and space and form

In this life of mine

To foster the care of me

In the love of my Tao

And the blessings of my Dao

In the love for me for me

And the love and compassion for you for you


Love of You         


The love of you is a fostering of your Dao to allow you to accept yourself unconditionally now and through time along with any future you may actualize ahead. The love of you is infinite and exponentially magical in its capacity to reweave your dreams into new syncopated rhythms of the divine. Spirit and soul accord to love. If you love others’ spirit and soul, do foster a unison of interplay in light wave sway as you motion with the other or many others that you care for. The love of you is personal. As you love you, spirit and soul descend to interface with you alone. Love is the quagmire to realize through if you do not love you in this cycle. The loss of love is a very difficult subject in this time period. The loss of love is exponentially increased due to electricity as a wave length prevalent in human thought-stream.


Electricity and the devices associated diminish love. Electricity festers spirits that are fostered into matter at birth and through time in your life and the life of others surrounding yourself. The electricity causes which might be a kinder association to grow to be pestulant or festered through time. People are agitated and ornery in electrical thought-stream. Most humans today are far less conscious about their minds than in other time periods where the common understanding was of the self of the self in the psychology of the day.


Motion away from the density of the cityscape and into the countryside or an island dream and people are suddenly happier and kinder in their dance with others. The mind purifies without the electrical gadgets and the undercurrent of thought-stream caught in the cement of your cityscapes. Fewer humans love the self of themselves due to electrical dominion of the air waves of the collective human delusion. Read more

Image of appetizing gooseberries on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #13

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #13


Vision of Self


Vision of Self


Lucid Dreaming

I am the lucid dreamer of myself

Fostering a vision

Of my future path

In a dream from my life form

Who dreams above and beyond

The imagination of myself

I vision quest with my Dao and Tao within

To witness who I am and where to be

And what to forgive or find compassion for

In order to dream my life

Into the actualization of my truth

In the peace of my heart


Lucid Dreaming


The art of lucid dreaming is an imaginary system in which the mind’s eye envisions a play of yourself in its unfolding through time. The plays can be of tomorrow or thirty years ahead as for the planes of lucid dreaming, time does not exist. All time is in the now of the moment to witness or review possible dreams to be actualized in a life of self-realization. Lucid dreaming is a third eye phenomenon. The third eye gland must be anointed by spirit in order to take flight. Some are more gifted at lucid dreaming than others in which case the dreaming occurs while asleep in the night. All lucid dreaming occurs in the mansion of self. The mansion of self is a perch for the Tao of Earth to foster dreams for those mastering realization in this cycle. The mansion of self can be lucid dreamed within while in meditation with your life form.


The life form is not the “higher self” but rather is a plane of reality and perch beyond the subtle body of field. The life form directs the subtle body in the dreams of life that are both physical and nonphysical. The life form is a gifted part of your archetype that oversees your life, witnesses your mastery, aids in the infusion of the light quotients of the biology in transfusion, and fosters the lore fables of your life dreams. All dreams possible for any given life arise out of either a major arcana lore fable or the fables of the Baba for realization levels of mastery in this time period. (Please see Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine for more information.) All dreams arise out of the possibility of the mastering of greater levels of mindset development into divine accolades of concepts through time.


Lucid dreaming is a function of the Dao of your heart. The Dao of your heart has been with you since birth and is an archetypal transcription of communications for you to yourself within. The Dao of your heart presents dreams in lucid dreaming systems to foster an interpretive understanding of whom you are in the truth of you and where you are headed in life as well as what you require transcending and transfusing through in order to foster another divine concept to be mastered. Light fosters beautiful dreams if bright enough. Light that is not bright or dim can foster ill dreams or disease within the physical structure. Lucid dreaming allows you to interpret what you need to address to forgive and find compassion for to cause peace to arise within in order to cause beautiful dreams to actualize ahead. Read more

Image of majestic snow covered mountains surrounded by a field of green grass and magenta wild flowers. Transcending Imbalance

Chapter 4: Transcending Imbalance


Assessing Algorithmic Patterns of Disease  


This chapter is devoted to patterns of imbalance within the energy flow and nervous system of the biology of the body. Imbalance leads to disease along with discord in the dance of life. Balance on the other hand leads to unity and equality in the life expression of each choosing to ascend at this time in history. Imbalance therefore is an important pattern to transcend to assure the health, wellbeing and continued ascension of each choosing to master in this lifetime.


Energy Dynamics of Initiations         


Much of Chapter 5 in Workbook 1 was devoted to explaining the ascending energy field of those mastering from 3,000 to 9,000 DNA segments this lifetime. As the field holds together in balance, the field rotates effortlessly and then does not lose chi and can build in energy flow to expand and take initiations in ascension. An extremely balanced field is required to take any initiation.


Initiations are mastered as one embodies certain segments of DNA and then goes on to open the moving energy systems associated. Each segment of DNA of roughly 500 segments beneath 3000, and 800 segments for those mastering above 3000 segments will trigger an initiation when the field expands. The expansion of field is transcribed from the segments of DNA embodied in the etheric vessel. Each layer of DNA has transcriptions for the etheric cells, the physical cells and the energy flow of the field at large.


So, what exactly occurs in an initiation? For each layer of moving energy system that is to expand for the 500 or 800 segments one has embodied in the etheric vessel, the field spins up in rotation and puffs outward in size and to the degree it should given the level of mastery one is working upon. Angels specific to the initiation process descend for a time to aid in the spinning up and rebalancing of field necessary to stabilize at the next octave higher in vibration and associated music as well as more greatly expanded energy flow. The music of the entire field alters at this point and raises in key to the next octave of sound for the entire orchestra that one’s molecular structure and the spin of one’s chakras produces.


Often initiates feel “in bliss” or extremely energized but calm as the field expands into an initiation phase. Generally, the entire process takes only a few hours, and then the field settles down in rotation and music to the level that the body can sustain naturally and of its own accord. Field rotation is caused by the movement of the kundalini through the core of the body; the more kundalini that can run, the higher the field rotation can spin and the higher key or pitch of music that one’s orchestra of movement creates. Read more

Image of sunlight shining on a lively green jungle. Workbook 2 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 4: Transcending Imbalance.




We hope you can begin to see how hot and cold spots in the body is related to thoughtform; and how the thoughtform may be recorded as programming in the associated region or energy flow of the biology. This is the purpose of this section.


We invite each reading these worksheets to also return to Chapter 3 worksheets of Workbook 2, and work with the deprogramming information for each hot and cold spot that you have uncovered in your continued exploration of your own internal and biological state of being. This is what ascension is all about from Earth’s point of view.


Please click on the link below to download Chapter 4 Worksheets in PDF:


Chapter 4 Worksheets in PDF

Read more

Image of an astounding valley with a waterfall and lake surrounding by snow capped mountains. Shakti Relationship Lore #11

Shakti Relationship Lore #11


Twin Love Not


The Lore of Princess and the Pea


Self Not

The journey of the dream

Is to fester

In a notion

Of deep non-care

Of a difficult happenstance

In which the feminine swerves

Into a vision of disdain

For the masculine

Triggering a renunciation

Of the Self

That loses all

Until the feminine loves


The Forensics of Self


The princess and the pea hypothesis is of the beautiful maiden who cannot sleep on top of a pile of mattresses due to a tiny pea underneath. Night after night, she lucid dreams dancing the night away with her twin and beloved of self. The twin never manifests in life but is always in her dreams leading to the flavor of fulfillment within, but the dissatisfaction of non-fulfillment of the actual dream of care of a beloved in the life. Forensics of self is responsible for attracting or negating dreams of twins to manifest a union. Forensics either motions dreams towards waking life hours or into dream time where the experience manifests while asleep or in moments of lucid dreaming.


Forensics are a motion sustained by the nervous system. The nerves forensics a wave that attracts or negates dreams desired or dejected by self. If nerves are imbalanced, dreams that are undesirable or difficult may be attracted in life when self desires something else. If nerves are diminished, the capacity to attract dreams intended dissipates into a night time habitat of self. All dreams desired are experienced in the physical or as lucid dreams at night. All dreams are real regardless of where they are suspended. Lucid dreaming is often an entertainment flavor of life that suspends joy in some. Some gifted at lucid dreaming may fail to manifest much in the physical but have an avid experience and expression known as beautiful daydreams.


Matching Forensics of Twin Flames


Matching forensics generally occur between twin flames. Twin flames are two of parallel genetics of opposite forensics that care for one another deeply. Twin flames can occur in heterosexual or homosexual dream happenstance of encounters in life. Not all twin flames are destined to become beloveds. Often twins manifest as friends of deep care through time. Some twins are destined to be beloveds of deep care of the two. Twin flame unions are common in some eras and uncommon in others. In this era twin flame unions are becoming more frequent. Twin flame lore is complex due to the desire to mindset develop in life. Twin flame unions provide a fertile system of spiritual growth and realization within if they manifest. Read more

Image of lavender quartz crystals. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation

7. Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation


From the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom


It is the Amethyst Quartz Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the lavender tones of creation at this time of global ascension. Lavender is a tone of transmutation through which density is dissipated or erased so that a higher frequency overall can be attained. This is the purpose of our kingdom along with three others hosting the lavender ray upon Earth. The minerals associated with this task include Amethyst (represents the Structure tone in the Language of Light), Vesuvianite (Divine Union tone), Sodalite (Magnitude tone) and Sugilite (Internal tone).


The Import of the Lavender Ray


The lavender tones are important unto Terra (Earth) for holding the structure of the new energy flow that is magnetic and holographic in nature. The new energy flow is not entirely new; it is really a restoration of what once was in Terra’s experience inside the Great Central Sun. As Terra matches the flow of the Great Central Sun, then she enters this dream again returning Home from where she came. Already parts of Terra’s field have already crossed over into the new dream as they host the appropriate energy flow; and now all that remains in a dream split into light and dark must also cross over in the coming 25 to 30 years. It is the tones associated with the lavender ray that assist in holding the new movement for entry into the new dream.


It has often been said by metaphysicians throughout human history that it is Love that is the glue that holds creation together. Indeed, this is so. The new tones and structure that the lavender ray is holding is founded upon Absolute Love. This is the gift of the Tao who has extended into this creation to assist with its return journey Home. The blessings of absolute love allow for a shift in the manner in which all of creation is held together, whether it is in energy flow or physical form.


The new structure of absolute love alters the rotation of holographic energy movement in those regions of domain that have already crossed over into the new dream upon Earth’s surface. Absolute love allows for the dissolution of all ties to a dark dream or in other terms, those dreams that desire to shatter, destroy, abuse or suffer in any manner.


Earth is releasing her ties to the dark dream that has plagued her and caused fall after fall in consciousness over time; and in so doing she is entering a new dream where the possibility of ascension is endless. Already, Earth can perceive the coming 12,000 years of global ascension ahead, and is in the process of anchoring this future in layers of year by year alterations to her field to allow this possibility to be the only future that manifests. This is a grand shift as now we can say that the future of Terra’s global ascent is assured. Read more

Image of an attractive orange bird sitting on a tree branch. Angel Archive #3

Angel Archive #3: Long Term Health in Light Emulsion


Long term fasting is a way of life sometimes in times of extreme light emulsion. This may sound very unwell given your addictions to foods that comfort you but maybe do not sustain your health. The truth is that there may be a need to deprogram yourself of oligarchy food additive patterning. The angels are bringing in a template for food addiction release through star seed systems as so many of you are not eating what you really should to retain your health given the large light gates that have now opened. This is not the light that was. Perhaps what you ate seemed to work and you thought oh, well, I do not need to listen to the Light Wave series system of education about diet in light.


Eating Well for Sustainable Health in Light Wave Motion


The goal of the education of Light Wave Synergy Diet for Light Emulsion was to foster your cleansing in preparation of the opening of such large gates. Detoxification takes time. True for a time the planetary systems were not sure that the big gates could open. Now that they have the truth of the preparation of your detoxification may be better understood. For those who have been careful and tried the recommended diet, we bless you as archangels. For those that have not, then please do what you need to in order not to become ill or die ahead.


As you receive the deprogramming for dietary habits that are not good, your mind may not wander into needing the wrong foods as frequently. This is our gift to you forever along with an angel to aid you in the grocery store along with the restaurants to better enforce the goal of you eating right for your sustainable health in extreme light wave motion. This has worked well for Asur’Ana who rarely goes off course and chooses to cook too with guidance of gourmet palettes of high-class restaurants in mind. She shares of some of her recipes in our series of essays just for star seeds because they worked for her on long term fasts.


The purposeful mission of this chapter is to teach you about longer term fasting of 30 days or more for the sake of your health. Sometimes light can emulsify into sudden disease. The liver can inflame seemingly overnight. The gut suddenly releases watery feces 4 times per day. This is a sign of an inflamed liver. The solution is to fast on juices, smoothies and mash for 90 days to overcome the liver inflammation. The blood can suddenly go runny as all the red blood cells break throughout the body due to a surge of light that is unplanned. The blood can also grow very thick on a high protein diet.


Each body is unique. Generally, each has one organ that is weak. For you, it may be the pancreas or spleen or heart or kidneys. If the pancreas is weak, you will tend to foster diabetic rush; which is the incapacity to digest your sugars which will lead to heart failure as the excess sugars eat up the heart organ. The best recourse is a mostly carb free diet with a high protein favoring. If you are weak in the spleen, the blood will grow thicker as it fails to produce all the fluids needed in the circulatory system. Those of this stature need a high grain diet of select foods that are helpful to renew the spleen. Protein is also required but less so than for those with a weak pancreas. Read more