Image of a heart among the stars. Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies

Section 3: Introduction to Shaktar Relationship Studies


About Shaktar Relationship Studies


For Realization of Divine Partnership


Light Synthesis

The light synthesizes

In a motion Divine

Showing us the path

Of relationship within

Fostering the Infinite

To realize Itself

Through the male and female

Vestibules of Self

In the freedom to care

In the Love of the Love

To foster a unique journey

Of partnership within


Realization of Divine Partnership     


Divine partnership is an aspiration of care of the heart. The heart of humanity has become ridged and unloving in itself. The journey of partnership is internal as well as external. Through the journey of partnership, the heart may heal and flourish again into the capacity to care. Care is an oscillation of the divine in the heart accolade of self. The heart blossoms in a life of spiritual mastery to fulfill upon the love of the love within.


The love of the love within is a surreptitious phenomenon that triggers a happenstance of the flavor of care of the heart. The flavor of care is born first within and then manifests without in the dreams of life. Dreams foster unions to teach humans how to foster care of the heart. Most are incapable of fostering care within in this time period. The journey to love is often a difficult happenstance through time. Love fosters healing from traumatic or emotional charges associated with rejection, dejection, rape or other strife associated with male and female, male and male, or female and female relationship experiences.


Partnership Fables


The purpose of the essays in the Shaktar Relationship Studies section is to foster an understanding of the fables that trigger dreams of partnership to arise in life. No partnership dream or family association or work fostering is not of a fable lore fostering in this era. All dreams are fables, much like fairy tales presented in the media unto children, and foster the incantations and dreams of the experiences of life. Each fable shift occurs in seven-year increments through time. Each fable has an incantation associated with the lore that then dreams each life experience with others through time. Partnership fables are case specific to the origins of relationship karma in the inheritances associated. Read more

Image of a magnificent sunrise. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form

6. Restoring the State of a Creator unto Human Form


This is a first in a series of articles through Asur’Ana and the Heart of the Tao to address the patterns and issues of becoming a creator in human form as well as a steward of this space craft known as Terra ahead. We hope each enjoys this information as it pours forth. We also recommend working with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1 to foster as complete an ascension as possible this lifetime. A complete ascension without schisms is necessary to the sustenance of health in the new dream. Workbook 2 focuses upon the emotional issues of separation and imbalance in ascension and how to bring them to a new state of unity and integrity within.


Blessings for Remembrance that You are the Creator


The Heart of the Tao would like to address the real purpose of human existence. The human form was devised by the Tao long ago as a physical representation of the “creator”. All creations in the Tao are structured from sound, movement, tone and color. All creations have a shape that is caused as the energy associated moves; it also has a sound that is like a symphony of sweet music. Creators choose the blueprint for any creation by drawing upon variant possibilities within the template created by the Tao each expansion cycle and cause their creations. Human consciousness may or may not be a part of any creator’s creation.


Creators work together hosting neighboring regions that create sound, tone, music and color that complement one another, creating even a more greatly beautiful music when all is orchestrated together and moves together. Creating through sound, tone, color and movement is also only one type of creation in the Tao; there are thousands of other types of creations that have additional attributes; however, the foundation of all creations is related unto sound, tone, color and movement.


Within the movement, there can be form or biology as you know it. The genetics that you know are a part of a blueprint that takes sound, tone, color and movement and condenses or compresses it into what appears to be a shape of some sort. The shapes formed in the compression can hold consciousness or not. Whether shapes hold consciousness or not is up to the creator at cause of any creation and what the creator is vying to experience and evolve to understand.


What Is Consciousness?


What is consciousness? Consciousness is awareness that one exists within the compressed sound, tone, color and movement that creates form. Non-consciousness on the other hand does not hold awareness within the biology of the form, but rather just within the creator behind the creation that compressed or molded the physical into its state of being. Creators can also alter any form into becoming conscious at will and if necessary to the sustenance or evolution of the creation. Read more

Image of a wonderful pinyon tree. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension

23. Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension


From the Pinyon Tree Kingdom


It is the Pinyon Trees that address you today, and all varieties that produce pine cones with pine nuts. Many of you enjoy your pine nuts in Mediterranean dishes or as oil that is useful to the treatment of ulcers. Pine nuts have been enjoyed in ancient times when the towering trees produced pine cones the size of a football or larger, and nuts the size of brazil nuts in present time.


Crystalline Nodes of the Nervous System


Pine nuts are filled with protein in larger amounts than most other nuts, along with pine resin and oils useful to the digestive system. Enjoying pine nuts in one’s meal every few weeks is also a good ascension food as the fatty acids are useful to the development of crystalline nodes in the nervous system. It is the nodes that transfer chi from one part of the nervous system to the other allowing for stimulation that causes unity-based thoughts and physical movement, along with energizing the entire body for regeneration and continued ascension.


Often if the nodes of the nervous system only partially form in the ascent, a shaking of the body results as the energy skips and jumps down the nerves to the muscles. This is not Parkinson’s disease but resembles it in some ascending initiates that have extreme scarring of the nervous system. Although due to deterioration of the nerves in older age, the same symptoms develop in relation to this disease. For those suffering from shaking in the physical in the ascent due to scarring of the nervous system, consuming pine nuts each week will allow the region to self-heal by providing the necessary nutrients to develop crystalline nodes. Those who are ill from Parkinson’s disease may also discover the opportunity to self-heal through ascension and aid this goal in the consumption of pine nuts.


Pine trees in general assist Earth in holding the void or infinite dreams of all possibilities that could be experienced upon Earth. Those trees that produce pine nuts infuse the dream into the physical through the consumption of the nuts. It is for this reason that the Grand Masters who were seeded upon Terra (Earth) from Sirius brought with them four varieties of pine trees that produced cones with pine nuts. These four varieties have diversified over time but are found in China, Europe, North America and Mexico primarily today.


Attuning to Terra’s Dream with the Language of Light


The pine nuts were originally used by the Grand Masters to make tinctures and oils that they occasionally consumed to retain their dream weaving capabilities, and attune to the infinite dream of all possibilities around them. Then in choosing the dream out of all that is infinitely possible, the Grand Masters were to assist in leading Terra into an era of ascension and evolution “home” ahead. Read more

Image of a lofty flying eagle. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5


The Fable of the Eagle


The Power of the Love of Whole


The Eagle Lore of Self


The love of the love of the self of you

Is an eagle lore of self

Of the care of nature

In the love of the caress

Of spirits of the land and the creator of all

That nurture you and me

In a repose of truth

In the sincerity of the heart

To love the natives of the land

In dreams of sustainable realities

Of each and the whole

Nuanced through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The love of the land and the people of the land is an age old truth. The fostering of truth is a spiritual aspiration for those in leadership capabilities through time in spiritual haciendas of self. Those with spiritual capabilities are often haciendas of self in which the self of themselves is fostered to cause a shift towards sustainable realities of one and the many of the land. The sustainable realities of humans flux also towards nature cause a trilogy of systems of self to descend to protect and foster both human interests and natural world ordering of interests through time. The love of the land and the people is not a common theme of spiritual wherewithal in this time period. Greed has overlaid humanity to such an extent that the love of the land and the people is all but lost.


The Eagle arcana of fate is a Baba Lore Tale of the love of the whole. Loving the whole is not just of the people; or the projects you think are palatable or worthy of fostering; or the young; or the old; or the family; or the tribe. Loving the whole embraces each human along with nature as a worthwhile cause and a conscious fabric of the planet to be witnessed, understood, forgiven, worked with and fostered as a part of the dreams of life. Tales of life without natural world scripts are not as insightful as those that foster the witnessing of nature’s communications towards you about your own state of being and the realization that is fostered within. The Eagle reflects on willing to listen unto and apply the wisdom of nature unto their own journey of realization in a fate of leadership of the clan.


The wisdom of nature is not only adroit in its contemplation of you and each; but also takes into effect the needs of the whole that may not be understood or witnessed by human awareness through time. In choosing for the greater good of the whole, the difficulties of strife may be overcome by the leader and the following and the clan at the same time. Nature is not unaware although humans would like to think that it is. In the subconscious and in spirit behind the natural world is infinite wisdom that can be attuned unto and fostered in the life of you. May each witnessing this essay learn to attune unto the natural world spirits of the land and sea and foster something else other than the hypocrisy of the human wherewithal not. Read more

Image of a lovely and sacred Holographic Medicine Wheel

2. Holographic Medicine Wheel


Blessings for Remembering Holographic Wisdom


January 17, 2021


Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


We wish to speak to you about the nature of the medicine wheel that we worked with at the time that we were alive. What is a medicine wheel? A medicine wheel is a circle of holographic knowledge that you draw upon to weave the dream for your life. The medicine wheel is this wheel of knowledge that you call upon in times of struggle, whether it be struggle with family or relationship, your contributions to community (work), or an ailment that you are suffering from in the body. The medicine wheel will assist in opening you unto the knowledge that you have within to find direction, forgive, alter the dream for your future and to self-heal.


It is our observation that so much information has been lost that often medicine wheels are missing key ingredients that will allow those awakening to attune to the entire breadth of knowledge that is holographic and carried within the human species. In our time, the medicine wheel had 18 positions upon it, each of which is an entire holographic wheel of knowledge of their own. Asur’Ana has created a beautiful diagram of the medicine wheel that we understood at the time that we were alive. You are the dream weaver that sits in the middle of the medicine wheel and weaves the dream for your life experience.


Some may like to create a physical altar or circle of the physical representatives of each holographic archive; one may sit within their own medicine wheel if one chooses. In reality, this is not really necessary however, as all holographic knowledge is stored in the heart region of the field, which is the seat of the human hologram. Therefore, as one attunes inward and into one’s heart, one will access holographic knowledge of the human species or any other species upon Earth, or Mother Earth at large, or Solar Father. All really lies within, although having symbolic representations of each kingdom or part of your medicine wheel, may also be nice to have within one’s living environment.


We wish now to speak about each of the holographic wheels and how they may be useful to one’s spiritual unfolding as well as healing of life experiences of trauma, wounds of the heart or disease. Each wheel of holographic information will provide keys for self healing and forgiveness. The nature of each wheel is unique therefore in what it can contribute unto you, the dreamer of your dream. There has been much written about conscious dream weaving through the Ascension Insights series. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” and Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream”  for more information.) Read more