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Light Wave Webinar #5: Balancing Your Mind in Light Wave Motion


The mindset bends

As you fail to forgive

And love the one

Who is unwell

Care for all

Care for each

Bless yourself

Bless the one who is ill

Love the Earth

And be well


Light Wave Webinar #5 Introduction


The mind requires certain motions to offset mind bend. Mind bend is a function of a dysfunction of the motions of the mind. Mind bend fosters depression to anxiety over life circumstances.


Mind bend does occur between parties in today’s world. Mind bend is the result of a flare of wave from one cortex to another. Some waves between parties lead to depression; some waves lead to anxiety; and yet other waves between parties can trigger peace or humor in the dance of life. It may be wise to learn to mind bend others into peace, harmony and humor than not.


Humor lifts the darkness off each. Those that suffer love to think dark thoughts that depress you or others around them. Lifting those who are depressing into humor offsets the waves that mind bend them into strife.


Those who are anxious will shift their assemblage point in relation to you if you mind bend them into peace. The anxiety will lift and they can repose with you in happiness instead. Read more

Image of a sacred dream catcher with 8-pointed star facing the sun. The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home

4. The Twelve Paths of the Red Road Home


Blessings for Conscious Dream Weaving Through Intention


September 22, 2021


Dear Beloved on the Red Road of Self Discovery,


It is the Native American Ancestors that speak forth about the new scripts associated with Red Nation archetypes that two leggeds or humans are beginning to embody at this time. Humans are a living dream that catch a script for the life dance. Most humans are unaware of how they catch a particular dream or how to change the dream if it is not what you desire to create. Most humans are also unaware of how your thoughts direct the dream that you catch. Thoughts create intentions; intention is a force that causes a particular thought to be sent to the solar Sun by which if it resonates with the language of the solar system, will relay a dream associated into the manifestation planes. It is for this reason that monitoring thoughts is one way to cultivate one’s dreams.


Thoughts that are random as well as unconscious also create intentions; if the focus is negative in the nature of one’s thoughts, then negative or sour dreams will be drawn into the dance of life. If the thoughts are positive, then more positive dreams will be drawn into the dance of life. Most humans have positive and negative thoughts which essentially cancel each another out leading to boring dreams with little excitement, unless there is karma to draw an exciting or difficult dream to oneself nonetheless.


This is the crux of why the ancestors do not suggest watching violent movies or reading violent or depressing or sour media materials, because if there is karma for violence, depression or sour life experiences, then a violent dream may be drawn into the dance of life without awareness. Choosing to focus upon positive themed stories with outcomes you would like to manifest is far better; and yet even more desirable is the focus internal to self through meditation to connect with the natural world and nature kingdoms or Mother Earth along with your ancestral council of twelve for guidance upon your spiritual path. (Please see the last chapter “The History of Atlantis” for a lovely meditation to meet your ancestral council of twelve.)


The History of Loss of Dream Weaving Knowledge


Manifestation upon Earth is very slow. There are seven manifestation planes that any dream must step through before it becomes physical. The planes themselves have been host to a load of distortion that has been cleared through ascending initiates embodying their upper level of mastery at this time in history, such as Asur’Ana and Per. The dream time planes should step down a dream that is resonant with the thoughtform that the DNA in the body holds. For a long time, dreams did not reflect the DNA of the body. This was due to a series of manipulations to the dream time planes orchestrated by a group of blue blooded Pleiadians, known as the family of Anu, who came to Earth to mine gold to perpetuate the life in their home creation.


The Anu soon realized that the energy flow of Terra (Earth) was non-conducive to their thoughtform. The Pleiades is an electrical creation from another Great Central Sun that hosts radioactive geometry. Electrical or radioactive geometry is non-resonant with Earth as she is a magnetic creation from a magnetic Great Central Sun. As the Anu arrived upon Earth, they soon began to age, and they discovered that the geometry that they spun would invert in the magnetic biosphere of Terra. So, what did they do? The Anu called upon their own scientists of the time to come to Terra and alter her biosphere enough by introducing electrical geometrical patterns that were not prevalent before this time period. These patterns were held in large minerals that were grown in laboratories for this purpose and then imported unto Earth from the Pleiades. Read more

Image of a beautiful yellow lotus or water lily. Flower Essences of Self #2

Flower Essences of Self #2


Apothecary of Herbs and Diet For Light Synthesis and Transfusion


The Light Within


The light within

Is a beautiful synthesis

Of the self of the self within

In the love of the now

In the perseverance of realization

Of the unity of all of life

In which the dreamer and the dreams

Of wholeness may unfold

In collaboration with all kingdoms

In the new dream


About Transfusion and Self Realization


Transfusion is an ancient energy system that is associated with self-realization. Transfusion is a flow that oscillates the self of the self within into interplay with spirit such that consciousness can understand the nonphysical in life perceptions. Life for many is devoid of the expanse of spirit. Self has been cut off from spirit for eons of time in human expression. The loss of spirit is a direct happenstance of loss of knowledge and direction to allow life to unfold in ease.


Transfusion is an adroit equation of light that spins over and through the biology augmenting diffusion of density into particles of gaseous substances of self. The gas flows through the pores and other gateways of self to dissipate on the exterior leading to a system of ascension of the vessel that augments self infusion of self. Self infuses into the biology where the density departs leading to a self and soul driven exposé of life.


Transfusion is not an oscillation possible without a rendition of light synthesis of self. Self of the self within is an energetic formation of seven layers of field that synthesize consciousness into self-awareness. Few understand the nature of self and it is a region of field that can be damaged as realization begins to transfuse. Transfusion light synthesizes the striations of the self of the self within into an ignition or spark that ignites truth to be exposed and expressed in life. Read more

Image of a fox and a pig in a forest. From the Fox and Wild Pig Kingdoms

39. From the Fox and Wild Pig Kingdoms


Blessings for Completion and Communion with the Heart of the Tao


The Fox Kingdom and Wild Pig Kingdom


Although Fox and Wild Pig may not appear to have much in common in the physical, we do in the nonphysical, as we each assist Earth in understanding her spiritual lessons so that each segment of karma can be forgiven and Terra may ascend. Each kingdom has consciousness that exists in bandwidths that once understood a fully conscious state of being. Each kingdom therefore has great wisdom and knowledge to impart unto Terra as well as ascending humans at this time of evolution Home into the Dream of the Great Central Sun. It is the bandwidths of full consciousness and holographic truth that Asur’Ana attunes unto as she works with our kingdoms to relay the messages that we communicate to ascending humans today.


Opening to Holographic Knowledge


Those who are opening to holographic energy flow will also be able to attune to the same planes and access our guidance for yourself. Opening to holographic flow is not difficult, but one must have the records and information on how to do so. For some initiates, holographic connection was lost so long ago that it takes ascending into further DNA and accessing ancestors further back in time to recover. For others, accessing holographic knowledge occurs at an earlier time in the ascent as one’s ancestors were the last to lose their connection and in more recent history.


Nature would say to initiates, “Just keep going, keep ascending and what you are seeking will open up to you in time.” So, this is also the same with accessing holographic knowledge through ascension; just keep going and in time you will recover the records necessary to connect and communicate again holographically with Nature, Earth, the Ancestors and the Tao.


Finding guidance and truth from within is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of ascension. The guidance nature offers is from our wisdom and understanding of earlier time periods upon Earth and when we were fully conscious in our own biology. Full conscious biology hosts self-awareness; the mind understands that the body is incarnate and alive, and the mind can receive impulses or communications from the nonphysical souls and Mother Earth, and then the body can respond to the guidance received.


In more ancient times, our species roamed the Earth and communicated with one another and all other kingdoms nonverbally. We could communicate with the trees and the rocks and other plants or animals. In a fully conscious state, we did not consume anything but the air. No kingdom sought to destroy another kingdom and we lived in peace and unity with one another. Read more

Image of a path through a vibrantly green forest. Psychology of You #3

Psychology of You #3


The Living Play of You


Learning to Dream in Light Wave Synergy


The happiness of my life unfolding

Is a fortuitous occurrence that flows

In dreaming in light wave synergy

In a play of my own stage production

As an actor or actress of myself

In the drama of my heart

And not the groin of myself

In the love of spirit

And the love of soul

In a dream of peace and merriment

In a sway of beauty through time

In the love of each of my soul family

As the other actors and actresses of my life


Dreaming Your Life in Light Wave Synergy: The Love of the Stage Play of You


You are a stage play all of your own making. The stage play of you hosts many actors and actresses that play the variant roles portrayed in the people in your life. The roles vary between light, medium, and dark light or non-light motions that cascade the experiences that each witnesses and expresses through time. Those dreaming in bright light foster dreams of magic and nuances of joy in which everything aligns in their favor more of the time than not. Those dreaming in medium light foster a mix of some joyful nuances and encounters and some sour experiences through time. Those dreaming in dim light cause dreams of depression or sourness more of the time than not. Those in non-light dream the darkest of possibilities of living nightmares in the physical.


The cast of characters in your life if you are a mastery level human incarnate in this time period generally align into a wheel of possibility of those actresses and actors expressing some bright light dreams, many medium light dreams, many dim light dreams, and one non-light dreamer that causes a nightmare in polarity associations with one another through time. You are a wheel of characters all of your own to experience in this life with the actors and actresses upon the stage play of you through time.


The bright light, medium light, dim light and non-light assume four positions around you. You are also propelled often between bright, medium and dim light dreams but not the non-light systems in this cycle. This is to preserve your life as the nightmare system of dreaming might conclude your life span in an early death. This is a gift of the planetary Tao this cycle that witnesses the darkest of dreams cascading over humans over the past eight centuries.


Fostering Dreams in Rays of Light


Bright light is fostered as a cascade of rays that are pure. Pure rays are translucent and un-festered in their overtones of color and call very joyful dreams unto you. Medium light hosts seventy percent pure rays and thirty percent impure rays. Impure rays are hazy in stature of color and draw some sour dreams into the life dance. Dim light hosts thirty percent pure rays and seventy percent impure rays that foster haze overall drawing mostly sour dreams unto you. Non-light hosts one hundred percent impure rays causing haze to blaze leading to a nightmare through time. As you learn light motion of field, the haze can be purified in medium and dim systems of rays. As such, those light motioning can begin to purify your dreams into beautiful nuances more of the time than not with some of your associations. Read more