Image of the Galaxy and Stars. The Ancient Grand Master History Upon Earth

1. The Ancient Grand Master History Upon Earth


Book Cover Image: Art Painting “Star Dreaming” by Alma Nungarrayi Granites


Book’s Introduction


This book offers a series of articles from the consciousness of the Ancient Grand Masters who were seeded upon Earth by the Sirian human race for the purposes of perpetuating human life upon Earth and ascending the human species. These ancient ancestors had large heads three times the size of the largest human cranium in present time. Such brain capacity allowed the Grand Masters more awareness than the greatest scientists of our time. However, their focus and purpose at the time incarnate was to maintain peace and ascend their forms, clearing a pathway into the fourth dimension for Humanity and Planet Earth alike.


Many Ascension Blessings!


Aloha Nui Loa,

Asur’Ana and Per


Chapter 1


It is the ancient ones who greet you today to share a little about our lifetimes and journey that occurred long ago. We began our lives, all 48 of us, upon the planet known as Sirius over 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). Sirius was a third dimensional planet much like Earth at the time, with mountains high and valleys deep, along with rivers, streams and lakes the size of small oceans. Sirius A was not a water planet; Sirius B had become a water planet due to warfare with the Pleiades over territorial disputes and resources in foreign solar systems. Such warfare had shattered the ice shields creating oceans upon Sirius B about 1,000 years before we were born.


(NOTE: When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.)


Earth Manipulatively Chosen for Extinction


Each of us Grand Masters had different parents that were of the “spiritual elite” upon Sirius. We were bred for the specific purpose of moving to Earth in adulthood and fulfilling upon karmic agreements between Sirius, the Pleiades and supposedly Earth. Now we say “supposedly”, as Earth actually had no agreements to host human life, and the entire seeding of the human species occurred against Earth’s will and due to the manipulative dance of certain forces prevalent in your creation that had chosen Earth to be the next place to fall and be “pulled apart”.


Creations come and go into extinction on a recurrent basis in your creation to sustain yet other creations upon upper dimensions in need of fresh grid work and etheric blood to survive. Now this may seem rather “gross” to think about, however it is not much different than how one puts one’s cows out to pasture or fattens one’s pigs for the slaughter to sustain human life. One can see that human life in present time emulates the destructive forces in your Creation in nature as such. Read more

Image of pink, gold and silver light waves. Light Wave Archive #21

Light Wave Archive #21


11-11 and 12-12 Gateways


Gateways are portholes that are planetary sequences of numerical formations that foster particular dreams in certain regions. Dreams of unity occur in superlative regions fostering 11-11 portholes. 11-11 portholes are numerical binary encoding of the molecules of the rocks, plants, trees and nature kingdoms that are 11 to the twenty seventh followed by a 0 or 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110. The binary sequences call dreams of the sustenance of unity to the land and the people living in the region.


12-12 gateways purify the 11-11 sequences further into concepts of oneness and wholeness theory of life. The 12-12 encoding is 12 to the twenty sixth following by 0 or 12121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212120. 12-12 gateways are rare and generally in remote regions around the planet except in a few openings to date. 12-12 gateways cause dreams to align in honor and integrity for the land and people living in the region. At this time, there are only thirty 12-12 gates and one hundred and forty-five 11-11 gates planet wide.


11-11 encoding is an equation that fosters unity in the dreams of life of initiates that master the sequences personally within their own binary equations. Those mastering the 11-11 sequences within foster the mindset development of oska and aliska to moska and nesska. Those in 11-11 mastery come to understand compassionate action within. Those in 11-11 mastery are best sustained in regions with 11-11 portholes and gateways. Those who are not supported often find themselves falling into depression.


12-12 encoding is an equation that fosters wholeness theory of self in realization of itself. 12-12 encoding is more difficult to master and requires development of visspa and vesspa mindset of full cherry formations of synapses in the cortex of the brain. Those in 12-12 encoding are even less succinct in the continued development if the life is not fostered within a 12-12 gateway or porthole upon the planet. Visspa and vesspa mindset is easily mind bent in non-12-12 gateway regions.


Many regions foster 11-11 portholes and gateways in far more numbers than 12-12 formations. 11-11 gateways are present in most mountainous, lakeside, ocean side, parkland or pristine regions global wide. For those mastering the 11-11 sequences, it is best to find the regions that feel the most joyous to the body as they are most likely in an 11-11 sequence of binary encoding. The dreams of life and of the land will align into unity sequences in 11-11 gates and foster continued development of those in oska or aliska or moska and nesska mindsets. Read more

Image of a baby seal kissing his mother. The Love Of A Seal

22. The Love Of A Seal


Blessings of Sacredness and Honor


The Seal Kingdom


Seals much like Walrus live along the shorelines of land and sea. We also live in the cold arctic where we live, swim and play freely feasting off the untouched fish that are prevalent. Humans have a difficult time moving in and out of many regions that we live, and here we experience a relatively untouched life expression under most circumstances. In so doing, we hold the octave of unity open in vibration and tone for all to feel.


Experiencing Existence as a Collective


Seal is related to the new astrology sign “Unity Bearer.” (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Indeed, our lives and family relations occur in unity, with each watching out for one another, and assuring that all have enough to survive. If fish is not abundant, our children are allowed to feed first and foremost to assure the preservation of our species. We have long worked in unity together, and it is why we were selected to hold this particular sign for both humanity and Earth to ascend into.


Seal has much to say to ascending human initiates. Each species has always observed humanity. Now at this time of ascension, nature is holding the gate open for human ascension. Therefore, we are in observation in particular of the ascending humans upon a daily basis. You have much to teach us, as it is often through our observation of you that we learn something about ourselves that requires transcending in order for our species to ascend. So, humans may also observe nature and learn something about yourselves as ascending beings.


In recent years, humans have spent untold amounts of time filming nature. Perhaps in this era of awakening this is a good thing. Such films allow humans to touch into the intimate orchestration of our lives in a very personal way. However, understand that the physical reality that one observes is only a portion of reality in which we exist. For first and foremost each species is a nonphysical vessel and associated with a host of angels and souls that sustain an intricate weaving of global energy. It is from the nonphysical that most species experience their existence, and not the physical. Why is this so? It is because we experience existence as a collective.


Seal experiences its life as a collective of seals that exist all over the world; some in the arctic, some along the coastlines of the continents, and some in zoos or aquariums. In recent years however and as our karma for participation in zoos or aquariums was fulfilled upon, our souls withdrew. This is also so for all species held in such institutions; human souls that have karma to learn and understand about imprisoning animals now ensoul all species in any zoo or aquarium. Therefore, if you wish to commune with our species, one must go out into nature where we freely roam. Read more

Image of 2 mostly yellow and some violet flowers native to Norway. Dragon Dreaming Archive #1

Dragon Dreaming Archive #1


Prose of Self


The Banter of the Ckantor


The banter of the ckantor

Is a message of Self

From the dragon lore realm

Accolading the foray of happenstance

Into a new day

Filled with mirth and happiness

Departing the non-sweetness

Filling the life with truth

Sincere to the postulation

Of myself

And my Soul


Prose Ckantor


Prose ckantor is banter of self. Banter is a poetry form of mirth to make light of the happenstance of the day. Banter is associated with dragon lore dreamtime. Dragons dance in the mirth of the girth of self. Mirth is happiness, joy and humorous expression of the lesson of the day. Girth is the strength required for self to realize the thoughts at cause of the happenstance. As thoughts are realized, they are edited through forgiveness of the issues of the day.


Issues are made light of in banter. Self realizes best in humor of itself. Humor lightens the self into transformative gear known as banter. Banter poetically reposes the lessons such that the self may understand, illuminate, ponder and progress through its accolades of achievement. Banter can be attuned unto through conscious intention. Self continually receives banter as a part of its happenstance in its accolades of achievement. Banter fosters the introspection necessary to realize itself. The following is an example of banter for those reading this chapter.


Banter of Treasonous Union


The beautiful one of the system of self is accolading achievement for itself. The journey is witty and gritty. The murk and the mire are impure. The day is grim and the achievement is beholding a sad tale of two who are not well. The male stands tall in the grass of the valley and cannot find his way. The female is wandering listlessly in the valley alone and by herself. The two longs for each other but are separated by a stream and a gorge of mountains. Read more

Image of a family silhouette with the sunset in the background. Healing The Inner Family And Ascending Into Unity

4. Healing The Inner Family And Ascending Into Unity


This is the second chapter devoted to exploring holographic archetypal patterning and the embracing of the unity paradigm through the healing of the inner family within. This information is presented in preparation for entering the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun operates in holographic thoughtform. Holographic thoughtform is founded upon equality; therefore, to the degree that one embraces equality within, to such a degree one will be more prepared for the pushes and pulls of holographic thoughtform inside of the Great Central Sun.


Why will the Great Central Sun energy flow be so pressing upon humanity? Holographic flow recalls that which one has left behind in the unconscious; and dispels that which is not one’s own by returning to the source of origin. This is the nature of holographic flow. In our early experiments of holographic flow amongst ascending humans in Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) group mastery program, holographic movement was utilized at their dreamtime workshop this year.


The flow brought back so much displaced darkness of not only the individual but also the group at large that all reeled from it as they could not integrate what was returning fast enough. Those who were solid enough in their mastery of the Language of Light were able to withstand that which was pressed in upon them and was returning due to holographic movement, and organize it in manner that allowed for continued transcendence. Those who were not wobbled so extensively that they had to be removed from the continued dance, until they can master the Language of Light at a later time.


Therefore, we have a little understanding now of how holographic movement may affect ascending humans in particular; it may retrieve so much unconscious so rapidly that one will barely be able to keep up with the onslaught of lost parts of self returning unto one’s field. This could make one ill if one was not prepared for it. As a result of this, we can see now more clearly what is required to prepare the human form for entry into future Star Gates along with the Great Central Sun itself.


What will be required is the building of a strong kundalini energy flow so that one may burn off more karma and density than is currently possible by most ascending humans in present time. Additionally, humans will need to move towards greater unity within as it is only in unity that one has a greater stability of field, and the pushes and pulls of the holographic flow will require great stability so that one is not pulled into disease, particularly after entry. This is what this chapter and future written materials are geared towards; preparing humans for entry into the Great Central Sun. Read more

Image of abundance of coconut fruits on a coconut tree. Blessings For Interdependence

13. Blessings For Interdependence


From the Nut Bearing Tree Kingdom


It is the Nut Bearing Trees that greet you today. Nuts such as almonds, pecans, macadamias and walnuts have been a part of human dietary habits since the original seeding of the Red Nations Peoples about 300,000 years ago. Nuts are high in fats and proteins necessary to sustain life. Long ago, the ancient red nations’ peoples did not consume flesh; they survived instead upon a vegetarian diet. Primarily, the nut kingdom assisted in providing 80% of the protein requirements for the crystalline biology of these ancient humans. Legumes (beans) and mushrooms provided the other 20% of the protein requirements.


Complete Foods


Protein is a necessary substance to ascending biology. The muscles, organs and glands require adequate protein to assist in the ongoing regeneration of crystalline cells as well as ascension of decayed regions of the form. Nut proteins may be one of the easier sources of proteins to digest by crystalline enzymes, easier even than eggs. Why is this so? Nuts when ingested break down into many nutrients as they contain small amounts of sugars, oils and protein making them a “complete food”.


Complete foods host all nutrients necessary to sustain one’s form. Crystalline digestive enzymes break down all three components in one’s diet, which is why it is good to include some protein, carbohydrates and fats along with fermented foods in each meal as an ascending human. This makes nuts a good “complete food” to ingest as a snack or as added to one’s main dishes, salads or desserts.


Most plant kingdoms do not host fruits that are complete as a nutritional source. It is through food combination that one creates a complete meal providing all nutrients required for continued health and evolution. In time, many other plant kingdoms much like the nut kingdom will increase in nutrients as they ascend into a genetic blueprint from another time in which all foods held greater levels of nutrition. Foods in ancient times were complete unto themselves.


Coconut is an example of a more ancient food that is complete to an even greater degree than most nuts, and is one of the few of this nature remaining upon Earth. Fresh coconut juice provides a fermented liquid filled with many digestive enzymes due to the heat of the sun. Asur’Ana discovered that this fluid is very useful in breaking down the deposits in the liver and kidney ducts as well as cleansing the veins of the blood. Read more

Image of a huge forest with several naturally formed lakes. Earth Archive #3

Earth Archive #3: Demon And Dragon Affluences


Dragons of the Lake


The dragon dreamers foster union

In a unity divine

In the sea of Self

To cadence an accord

Unto the dolphins and whales

In soma mindset

For happiness and gratitude

For all of life

And love of each upon the path

In the love of the whole of the Earth


Demons of Care: Spirits of the Natural World


The natural world hosts spirit that fosters dreams of the whole of the planet. The Demons of Care are a fostering of the planetary Tao to sustain natural world dreams. In recent years, the Demons of Care were badly shattered. They are choosing to retract off the planet due to the high thresholds of damaged fabric of self that requires recasting elsewhere. The star system Sirius is absorbing the Demons of Care as they had fluxed here from Sirian escapes of natural world dreaming.


Sirius continues to play a vital role in the development of humans here upon Earth and incarnate in their worlds. Sirian worlds number three when Earth is only one. Many forces of nonphysical mastery pursuits foster dreams of strife and extreme polarity to learn large spiritual lessons from Sirius and here upon Earth. Often developments from Earth that are successful return to Sirius to foster something else that is kinder in stature of life ahead. Some fail tests here and are prohibited from reincarnating in Sirius through time.


The Demons of Care foster care of humans who develop in dragon dreaming through time. So many demons of strife from other creations damaged into the Demons of Care that they collectively abated the support of humans in mastery octaves exceeding four decibels. Many humans chose to damage with the outer demonic forces maiming the Demons of Care. For those of deep care of the whole in wholeness theory of self, the loss of the love of the Demons of Care has been very difficult to overcome. Many dragons were also wounded attempting to save the Demons of Care. The overall loss is deep and those who loved the dragons and Demons of Care feel a deep and sincere hopelessness sometimes within. Read more