Image of blue stars in the beautiful night sky. Light Wave Archive #23

Light Wave Archive #23


Atlantean Fate Keys


Atlantean fate keys are prevalent today amongst those choosing for mindset development. Atlantean fate keys cause an excursion of dream that fosters a reunion with those of Atlantis in present time. Some dreams are nonphysical in which one encounters tantric beloveds or mindset experts or medical experts who aid in the dreaming of the development as an etheric healing vestibule. Astute Atlantean teams foster dream time healing for those mastering new mindset flux. Currently, the healing teams fostered in dreaming with Aligning With Earth website and Light Wave series are Atlantean based. Aligning With Earth is choosing to bring Atlantean information on mindset development to the conscious attention of the public.


Atlantean systems of development were far superior than in this era. The cortex of the mind developed in six layers instead of two, three or four in this era. Six layers of cortex is akin to a full realization of self. Six layers of cortex fosters synapses that flux into an exquisite human expression of love of the Tao and the fostering of the Dao. Those of the sixth level of development ruled the planet and human dreams in Atlantis out of deep compassion and a desire for humans to reunite through time into tantric lore of self. The astute warriors of spirit of their era continue to prevail today to include new developments in this era and foster mindset flux that prevents humans from nuclear warfare.


There are four humans incarnate for up to eighteen hundred years in remote regions that continue to retain six layers of cortex. The four humans are supported from the era of Atlantis into present time. The four are unknown to humanity or the governments of this world. Atlantis relies upon their mind flux to retain control over the dreams through time that would backlash upon their own era. Those developing under the auspices of their care are numerous in this era due to technology that spills over in the collective mind flux of their era. The collective mindset is to now flux into other light wave motions to straighten out the collective vision to foster an age of enlightenment in lieu of a nuclear catastrophe.


Atlantis systems works best in tantric dreams. Many fostered learn about partnership lore of self from Atlantis systems in tantric wave motions. Some are fostered in dreaming with Atlantean masters of tantric motion only. Some are taken in time in an abduction happenstance of fate for further development into third and fourth layers of cortex for another level of mindset development. Most cannot spawn four layers let alone three in this cycle. The teams of Atlantis are now to focus upon tantric lore of partnership fables to foster care of the two, the three, the four and the group into a new era of harmony of humanity to offset potential war.


Cortex Development and Nerve Detriment       


Tantric lore of self is a light synergy-based fostering to allow the right and left hemispheres to realign into peace, gratitude, care of the heart and union within. Second and third level cortex development can foster a unified wave pattern that leads to harmony of the two, three, four and the group. Without Atlantean fostering, most mind waves flux the left and right hemisphere apartheid triggering disunity within and disharmony without. Read more

Image of 2 pale aqua colored butterflies gracefully sitting on yellow flowers. The Dancing Butterflies

1. The Dancing Butterflies


Blessings of Freedom and Magic


The Butterfly and Moth Kingdoms


We of the Butterfly Kingdom have much to say to ascending humans today. We honor our channel or translator Asur’Ana who provides for us an opportunity to voice our truth. Butterfly and Moth hold the remembrance of biological transmutation. Our lives take us from birth from an egg into the form of a caterpillar. As we mature, in time we weave a second egg known as a cocoon, and undergo a metamorphosis yet again from a multi-legged insect into a winged creature that takes flight. It is the winged creature that has the possibility of laying eggs in many more places, spawning yet new caterpillars where there were none before. This allows for the continuation of our species, even through the tough times such as Earth’s ice ages in the past.


Genetic and Biochemical Transformation


Metamorphosis is symbolic of ascension both metaphorically and physically. Those who are ascending learn to dissolve the inside and outside of the form a little at a time and in small pockets known as “cocoons”. Each pocket of tissue undergoing transmutation isolates itself, dissolves into a primal “goo” that simulates the birth of life as the ovum meets sperm, and then transmutes itself in a genetic and biochemical sense into the crystalline structure.


Genetic transformation occurs in many stages in ascension, and the same regions are transmuted again and again over time into yet again new biochemical systems in the journey to Full Consciousness. Asur’Ana and Per’s form has had over 1.5 billion pockets cocooned over 18 times each throughout the body in their mastery of 36,000 segments of DNA and a crystalline form. One can see in this why biological ascension takes decades to fulfill upon, and why it is slow and painstaking in nature.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The Crystalline Structure


What does crystalline mean? The crystalline structure allows for one to become a living mineral that holds an increasingly higher vibration and larger energy field, and that can move energy in increasingly complex manners associated with mastery in ascension. The crystalline structure is filled with the mineral known as salt. The further that one ascends, the more complex the forms of salt are created in association with the Crystalline structure. Asur’Ana and Per have 18 forms of salt that prevail throughout their form and nervous system; each of the 18 salts hold a particular energy flow in their field necessary to their fully conscious state of being. Each salt also attunes them to a portion of the thoughtform known as the Language of Light and Language of ONE. Read more

Image of enchanting cherry blossoms and shiny stars. Dragon Dreaming Archive #3

Dragon Dreaming Archive #3


Dragon Dreaming from the Heart


Dragon Dreamers of the Heart


The dreams

Of the dragon

Are a mesmerizing exploration

Of plight

Into the realms of Spirit

In which matter collides

Into a journey of understanding

Of the need to forgive

And be at peace

Learning the lessons

Of the heart


The Fables of Dragon Dreams: Postulations for Self-Realization


Dragon dreams are avenues of experience that express the predisposition of self in concise methods of anthology. Each human has a postulation for a predisposition founded upon a hypothesis of life of archetypal lore. Hypothesis for each life are contemplated prior to each incarnation to assure a journey of the dragon human into dragon dreaming lore. Dragon lore dreams presuppose a spiritual journey into the explorations of lessons that lead to understanding, forgiveness and compassionate action of self. Dreams that support spiritual understanding are special sequences that catch through the life augmenting self-realization.


Most dragon dreamers are born into happenstance of both demon and dragon nature in the family. Sometimes one parent is dragon in nature. Many times, dragon natured humans are born into those of demonic nature within the entire family foray of dream. Generally, there is someone close by that is dragon in nature that may be a neighbor, aunt, uncle or grandparent if not a parent. Dragon natured humans cause at least one person near enough to aid in the dreams of childhood and teenage years in support of difficult happenstances of strife. The dragon natured other may be remembered fondly as a support influence in the early life.




Dragon dreamers postulate many happenstances to understand the life circumstance to cause forgiveness to unfold. Generally, there is deep struggle of polarity of opposite happenstance to cause strife in the early life, the teenage years and the young adult years. The purpose of the strife is to accolade the path of forgiveness later in life. The strife is a necessary component to the opening unto realization of self. Many dragon dreamers do not begin the realization process until the age of twenty-five to thirty. Today many young dragon dreamers are awakening and are sometimes called “Indigos” in the current human experience. Indigos often awaken with dragon dreamer parents or relatives that are mastering in parallel in syncopated sequences of dreams. Read more

Image of a flock of birds flying up in the blue sky. Dolphin-Whale-Nature And Human Ties

8. Dolphin-Whale-Nature And Human Ties


We wish to address an important issue that has cropped up in recent months of problematic ascension around the globe; and that is one of the intermixing or blending of humans, nature, and dolphins and whales in ascension. It appears that this problem is a repeat of karma that is ancient and involves the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt about 18,000 Earth years ago (72,000 human years). Earth is in the process of rising above the frequencies that were in place during the era of the Pharaohs, and it is for this reason that this karma is up now for all sentient species to clear.


Many in current human form incarnate this lifetime with whale-dolphin or nature souls. These souls extended into human form to understand the human dance and foster human awakening and evolution. These souls are now retracting as their lack of understanding the human genetic structure is causing problems in human ascension as well as the ascension of all other kingdoms. The problems have to do with the sharing or blending of grid work associated with the etheric body and moving energy systems along with DNA.


Incomplete Ascension Due to Blending of Genetics


Those with souls from nature or the dolphins and whales may discover that they have whale-dolphin or nature kingdom grid work and energy flow surrounding the body along with DNA. This is troublesome for many reasons that we wish to delve into so that it can be rectified in the personal ascent of each who reads of our materials. Dolphin-whale or nature kingdom grid work cannot ascend human form. It is now understood that the vast problems of incomplete ascension involve all species and is the result of the blending of grid work and genetics between kingdoms.


Perhaps it is a good thing that genetics are so rigid given the enmeshment of species in ascension; otherwise humans embodying whale and dolphin grid work might experience portions of their skin turning blue-gray in color and their feet and hands becoming fins along with their neck sprouting gills. Those embodying animal grid work may have discovered themselves sprouting fur and whiskers; and those embodying tree and plant grid work might have found their skin becoming flaky like bark, or sprouting leaves and flowers. Although many ascending initiates may discover that they have dolphin-whale or plant and animal grid work and DNA woven into the etheric, none of the DNA could anchor into the physical due to the rigidity of the current encoding; and perhaps this is a good thing after all.


The largest problem of this mix up of grid work is that DNA from any other kingdom will not conduct human genetics into the etheric cells. Therefore, one will find large gaps in the ascension of all regions of the form that have hosted nature kingdom or whale-dolphin grid work up until present time. Out of the 90 individuals that joined us for our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) Group Mastery workshop last month, there was not one individual that did not have grid work and DNA from at least one other species; some had grid work from more than one species. Read more

Image of a humorous looking penguin with its arms/fins outstretch. The Walk of a Penguin

23. The Walk Of A Penguin


Blessings for Non-Attachment


The Penguin Kingdom


The Penguin kingdom has been observed with great curiosity by the human species. Often, we are perceived as “cute”. In the wild, we exist in very cold climates in which few other mammals can survive. Asur’Ana once observed a beautiful nature film played on a long flight to Europe. In the film, hundreds of Penguins pulled close together sheltering the young in the middle due to a fringed storm. We have survived as a species in such climates by pulling together in unity as a collective.


Lack of Feeling and Reverse Polarization


Penguin holds the vibration of Divine Union along with Swan and Goose in the new consensus astrology. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Divine Union is a state of being in which one holds one’s unique truth within the tribe or clan, and yet functions in unity together, collaborating for a common goal. In the goal of the life of Penguin, the survival of our species has us collaborate body heat during the coldest times of the year. Then in the warmth of the spring, summer and autumn, we hunt, swim, nest and procreate in joy, building our body fat to yet again to survive the coming winter. Without the union and unity of the group, none of our species could survive, as we have not hands to building igloos or other places to reside to retain our warmth otherwise.


Penguin has observed that human’s function in great disunity. It is out of disunity that one human does not care for another leaving others homeless upon the streets, or starving in another country far enough away that one does not need to observe such a painful dance day to day. It is easy to shove away such pain if it is not in one’s own backyard; furthermore, the electricity and electrical thoughtform that humanity resides within hardens the hearts in such a manner that most do not feel; it is in the lack of feeling that humans treat each other in such painful manners.


Penguin observes how painfully most sensitive children are treated by unknowing parents who are so hardened themselves that they have long forgotten how it feels to be open hearted. Soon and generally before the age of 4, the child has become hardened themselves due to the brutality of the dance. One initiate observed such and in particular after the birth of her son. Her son opened her heart, and as it opened not only did she feel, but began to perceive the brutality of behavior of others around her, particularly parents towards their children. It is no wonder that war and the brutal games that are played between nations have become the norm, as so this is also the norm for family relations, particularly in the West.


A part of the cause of this lack of feeling is the result of reverse polarization. Reverse polarization is the result of the dropping of the two nuclear bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused a shift between the male and female energies in those countries associated, including Japan and all countries in the West. Read more

Image of the Sun in the center point with double circles of reflecting light around it, surrounded by snow background. Earth Archive #4

Earth Archive #4: Finding Your Center Point


Centeredness of You


The centeredness of you

Is a system of Earth

To mature you into you

To foster a system of life

In which dreams can unfold

In the love of the planet

In a dream of your life form

In synergy with all of life

In the love of the planetary keepers

In the care of the whole of Earth


Center Point of You: Fostering You into You into You


The center point of you is a vast array of self that fosters the physical life in its unfolding dreams through time. The center point aligns the self of yourself to find its axis in time. When the center point is offset a very difficult dream can unfold. The self of yourself is often depressed to suicidal if the center point has fluxed elsewhere. The center point should align under the feet and over the head allowing the subtle body of field to surround oneself along with the life form. A center point that is off axis causes the subtle body and life form to exist elsewhere and away from the physical. Boundaries do not hold and life dreams are difficult to impossible to foster with others.


Often the center point of self is offset when murder of self unfolds. A demon damages the infrastructure of the self of the self of the subtle body removing it from you and motioning it into another. The subtle body collapses and then the center point is offset often forty to fifty miles from the physical. The loss of the center point and subtle body is very difficult upon the physical in this cycle. Demon actions have often oscillated beyond karmic habitat of fate fostering those who are almost unable to live in their lives in this time period. Often those fostering such strife feel suicidal and sometimes accomplish this in the life.


The center point can be restored in the action known as un-murder of self which will foster a restoration of the striations of field in about four to six hours after intending. Then the intent to restore the center point (under the feet) and end point (above the head) and flux point (in the navel area) and the zero point (in the sun under the subtle body) will restore the motions around the physical for proper dream motions in the life. Read more

Image of a variety of potent Chinese herbs. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension

7. Using Chinese Herbs To Support Ascension


Asur’Ana brought through many herbs that support biological ascension that also hold the Language of Light frequencies for physical attunement. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) These herbs assist in the biological process of ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution and support the current map of human ascension in becoming physical for each willing to attune unto and utilize such herbs.


Chinese herbs indirectly support ascension through the balancing of elements and energetic flow through the meridian system, kundalini, sexual energy system and digestive energy system. Chinese herbs therefore are helpful for the purposes of altering the energy flow and bringing balance unto the elements of air, water, fire and earth within one’s field. In so doing, we will assist initiates in preventing the ascension into disease; or in ascending out of disease if this is what one has manifested in the physical.


Much has been written about the karma for disease and how to retain balance in ascension. The nature of disease was explored thoroughly by all ascending species in 2020-2021. The reason for this was to prevent the ascension into disease, not only of humanity, but of all other kingdoms and Mother Earth as a whole.


Human Biochemical Records Absorbed by the Plant Kingdom


The Tibetan Root Race holds records of the fall in consciousness from a fully conscious state or 36,000 segments of DNA to 15,000 segments of DNA. This fall preceded the era of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, who attempted to ascend back to full consciousness, but failed due to the misleading of the false gods into a dead-end path of another fall in consciousness instead. As humans lost full consciousness, the DNA for the biochemistry of their form was absorbed by certain herbs, tree bark, flowers and roots. This shows each that nothing is ever really lost, misplaced perhaps but not lost. The plant kingdom absorbed human biochemical records as the dream for the human biology fractured, and we have preserved these records in living form ever since and until enough humans could ascend and recover this information.


Therefore, the records of biochemistry and energy flow of a fully conscious state of being is held in many Chinese herbs. The herbal kingdom now makes available a list of Chinese herbs that have agreed to assist humanity in the ascent to 3,000 segments (mastering dream weaving) or 9,000 segments (mastering compassion in action or Bodhisattva level evolution) at this time in history. Read more