Image of a beautiful white horse running on the snow. Horse Power

2. Horse Power


Blessings for Power, Strength and the Fortitude to Ascend


The Horse Kingdom


Horse extends greetings and salutations to all involved in this ascension extension of the One; greetings as in hello, welcome on this path and salutations as in honoring your willingness to extend yourself for the greater good of the whole. We, the Horse species, admire those who undertake the work of ascension and we understand what a work it is.


Work has two connotations to humanity. One connotation of it is the amount of effort required to do a particular job as in how much work is that task. The second connotation is the task at hand being called work as in “I am going to go to work now”. For ascending beings, the entirety of the life is the ascension work and therefore to say how much work is the work is accurate as is how much effort is the ascension.


Why is horse, known for strength and power in the fleetness of foot as well as in the ability to do much work in the course of a day, talking about the work or effort of ascension to the human ascending initiates? Horse is about the power and strength to persevere until the completion of the task at hand. The ascension path is for those willing to extend in each moment the effort required to transcend all issues at hand, each day, week, month, year and decade of continued ascension.


For each the effort in the moment will be different although each is pushed to the extent of capability to see how will each choose in the moment of decision. Why is this testing embedded in the ascension process? Is it not enough to have to release the pain and heal the karma of the lineage?


Genetic Package and Karma


If the point of ascension were only to acknowledge the past and get on with the future, then perhaps the tests of life would not be necessary. However, ascension is the culminating experience for any genetic package and therefore ensuring the quality of the package is of paramount import to the whole of creation; as the movement forward for a genetic package says that this creational unit understands all lessons and can be trusted with creational knowledge and responsibility. Read more

Image painting of an eagle flying high. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles

1. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles


Blessings of Multidimensional Awareness


The Eagle Kingdom


The Eagle Kingdom has been invited to speak to the human species through our channel Asur’Ana. She has a long history of working with all kingdoms from the earliest moments of the beginning of her ascension. She has depended upon us for wisdom, encouragement, and hope during moments of great distress, and healing. The healing the animal kingdoms offer is one of harmony. We bridge our human brothers and sisters into harmonizing with Earth, and in so doing, one’s most distressful moments can pass, and one can learn the underlying lesson as to why one created such difficulties.


Eagle has always represented unto Asur’Ana as “higher wisdom” or better stated, wisdom coming from the whole. Within the relations to all species, Eagle holds the role of advisor, advisor as to how all species may better collaborate and better support one another. At this time of global ascension, we are busy with such a role as ancient conflict between species is melted away into harmony as the karma between is released. Our role often involves pinpointing when the karma was incurred, the souls involved, where they originated from, how they came to dance upon Earth, and what the related solar, universal, cosmic or creational karma is.


Multidimensional Consciousness


Eagle holds links to one’s multidimensional awareness. For Earth, we provide the necessary keys for Earth to link up and clear karma that is related to other dimensions of experience. Once Earth existed at the 25th Dimension, and this occurred from the original expansion of your creation many of eons of time ago.


Earth over time has fallen and fallen and fallen, until she dropped from the 25th to the 18th Dimension, and then from the 18th to the 12th, and then from the 12th to the 5th and last from the 5th to the 3rd dimension of awareness, density and thoughtform. Earth therefore has matching karma that she is releasing upon all dimensions now that she is reversing the many falls in consciousness or vibration in the choice to ascend. She is clearing all like karma so that a new state of being may ensue, and one of joy and unity amongst all species upon Earth.


Humans also have a multidimensional relationship to other humans in your creation. You are not the only group of humans therein, but are one of 500 human civilizations that reside upon Dimension 3 through 144 that is governed by the creation that you reside. Many human civilizations have experienced similar travesties to human history upon Earth, and are learning from the records shared in your ascension. It is eagle that delivers such records to all species upon all dimensions that are related to those upon Earth, and this is another function that we hold. Read more