Image of amazingly sparkling aqua blue water of a bay. Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors

Chapter 7: Forgiving the Spiritual Lessons of our Grand Master Ancestors


Mastering Integrity Within and Defining Guru Archetypes     


This is the last chapter of Workbook 2 and all of its explorations into the emotional make up of humans at this time in history, and what requires transcending to come into the middle path of greater unity and integrity within. Unity within and integrity within are intricately intertwined; without unity there can be no integrity; and without integrity there can be no unity. Integrity is a state of being that states “I honor you, I honor me, I honor the group, I honor nature and I honor Earth”. It is in the honor of all things that real unity comes forth in the dance of the two or the many.


There are many time periods in which honor and integrity flourished in the human dream. Honor and integrity were the foundation of dream that the Grand Masters came to Earth within; and anchored for the other red nations’ tribes to flow within. This is the karma we are to explore within this section along with a host of other relations that were the descendents of the Grand Masters and created karma that has influenced the archetypal patterns in all related unto them over time.


Earliest Records of Combustion Revealed


At the time that Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 were written, less was known about the lives of the Grand Masters than today. Therefore, we now give a greater overview of their purpose and nature. We have uncovered records of larger headed humans that came to exist upon Earth prior to the era of the Grand Masters. These humans appear to have come to exist within the Inner Earth to explore the possibility of relocating unto Terra from Sirius A.


They worked with the energy dynamics of Earth and appear to also have combusted in attempted ascensions. We have no record of any fourth dimensional human remaining from this time period which dates to 80,000 Earth years ago (320,000 human years) and 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) prior to the arrival of the Grand Masters; and 5,000 Earth years (20,000 human years) prior to the seeding of the 18 red nations’ tribes. [The Grand Masters came to Earth 50,000 Earth years ago (200,000 human years). The seeding of the red nations occurred 75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 human years).]


The combustions of these larger headed humans that came to Earth occurred in small groups of five or less and so had minimal impact upon Terra’s energy flow of the time. However, the records of combustion appear to have influenced the larger headed Grand Masters to follow the same deadly path in a later time period. It is unclear that the Sirian larger headed humans of the time understood that those that appeared to have ascended, actually combusted.


This type of combustion may have gone on upon Sirius but we do not know this for sure. It is the lack of having a clear communication and connection to the fourth dimensional realities that this type of pattern can occur and go unknown as to the truth of the deaths of those that combusted, much as it did with the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt who assumed that the ashes remaining from those that combusted, meant that they had actually ascended.


Combustion is a form of fission that occurs in ascension due to mismatched fire element from strongly variant creations. If the genealogies host too variant fire element from too variant DNA and from opposing creations, then the body may combust in the attempt to ascend into a fourth dimensional vessel. We know that Sirius as two planets barely made it to the next dimension of thoughtform in their global ascensions; and almost combust as they were running perhaps the bare minimum of variances of fire element that would allow for ascension to occur. We also know from Ancestor Buddha’s ascent that he also almost combusts as he too was running variant fire element from Sirian and Arcturian DNA.


We see that Arcturian DNA is too strong of a magnetism for ascension in this Great Central Sun that Earth is a part of. It is for this reason that Arcturian DNA will be transmuted in the ascension beyond Bodhisattva to Mahavishnu level that the map carvers shall carry on towards in the coming years ahead. There are always other possibilities of genetics to ascend into the further that one evolves as the larger parts of the tapestry of ancestry open up unto ascending initiates.


The further one ascends, the greater number of the lineages from more ancient times or other dimensions of experience become available. Other genetic information was also probably available unto these larger headed humans that combusted long ago; however, something interfered with their vision and capacity to understand the deadly path that they were on. This too we have been exploring as the records have been gathered from the combusted ascensions of the Grand Masters.


Those larger headed humans that came from Sirius and combusted in attempted ascensions upon Earth are not considered Earth related karma. Why is this so? Such humans, although they may have produced offspring while they were living upon Earth, did not leave any remaining offspring in the history of Earth. After about 800 human years, they appear to have returned to Sirius as a group. However, some of the descendents of this early group may have returned to Earth as a part of the Grand Masters that were seeded 30,000 Earth years (120,000 human years) later. This may be another contributing factor of why many Grand Masters also combusted in attempted ascensions at a later time.


The History of the Grand Masters: From A Global Perspective


The Grand Masters arrived upon Earth numbering only 48 larger headed humans of three variant genealogies. One genetic package was 96% Sirian DNA, 1% Orion, 1% Pleiadian and 2% Arcturian DNA. The second package was 86% Sirian DNA, 4% Orion, 4% Pleiadian and 6% Arcturian DNA. The last package was 70% Sirian, 20% Pleiadian, 5% Orion and 5% Arcturian DNA. It is the last genetic package in particular that hosted enough foreign DNA to create mismatched fire element in the attempted ascensions; this led to combustions of humans that were related rather than momentum to the next dimension of thoughtform in ascension.


The Grand Masters arrived upon Earth with two apparent goals in mind. One was to manage the dream of the Red Nations’ peoples that had been seeded upon Terra 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) prior; for Sirius was no longer going to hold on to this responsibility in the choice to ascend to the next dimension as a consensus reality. The other goal was to create a path of ascension for the human species and Mother Earth alike.


The Grand Masters came unto Earth with vast spiritual knowledge the likes of which nature had never witnessed in recent memory upon the third dimension. The Grand Masters were capable of shape shifting their molecular structure into any other form. For the first year or two upon Earth, they spent time shape shifting into almost every kingdom that they witnessed near them in the crown center region of Earth (North Pole). It appeared to Nature that they were gathering information about each kingdom in their shape shifting focus.


The Grand Masters chose the North Pole as their initial residence and in a deep enough valley that they could also move into the Inner Earth through a relatively short tunnel of about a mile long. They could see the light of the Inner Earth at the end of the tunnel and went through to explore. Here, just near an opening to the outer Earth, is where the Grand Masters chose to settle. The region was a lovely valley with waterfalls, small lakes and tall trees that rose to the minerals hanging from the ceiling above. The minerals refracted the light of the Aurora and so there were beautiful rainbows that would shimmer day and night in this region. It was sincerely a Shangri-La and so the hearts of the Grand Masters felt delighted about this enchanting place that they chose to live, along with the Earth herself.


The Grand Masters rearranged the valley to their liking, growing large mineral dwellings to exist within, causing the water to flow in between and creating small bubbling streams around their homes along with beautiful floral gardens that were pleasing to the eye as well as nose. The minerals were programmed with movements that they learned from Sirius in order to hold their own flow and dreams. The other kingdoms watched in interest as this highly knowledgeable group of humans altered the landscape to suit their needs. The knowledge that they gained in the act of shape shifting appeared to allow them to alter the landscape in this manner.


The Grand Masters anchored many patterns into the core of Earth that had not been prevalent before upon Earth. These patterns caused a warming for a time and momentum upwards in vibration. Terra did not understand the full nature of why this was occurring as the languages that the Grand Masters spoke were not entirely similar to what Terra and the natural world understood as nonverbal communication. As a result, a rift developed between Terra, nature and the Grand Masters that eventually pitted one against the other.


The energies that were anchored by the Grand Masters were not entirely resonant with Terra or the other kingdoms incarnate upon her. The Dolphin and Whale kingdoms were the primary fully conscious species upon Earth up until this point in time, and attempted to communicate with the Grand Masters to relay the problems that they were causing unto the whole. Alas, the Grand Masters did not hear them well enough to understand and therefore took no action to rectify the discord that they were causing. It was at this point that Terra intended to cause the Grand Masters to leave or go extinct as they were manipulating her in manners that she could not control or correct.


Some of the whales and dolphins began to become ill due to the movements that the Grand Masters anchored into the oceans and waterways. It was at this point that a full on war between the fully conscious species began. Several pods of whales banded together sending blows towards the Grand Masters. Many were shattered apart in short order and died. This reduced the population of the Grand Masters from 48 to 38. The Grand Masters did not understand where the blows came from or why they were targeted so.


Although those that died did allow the whales to rectify their flow back into health again, the remaining group of Grand Masters continued to alter the energy flow of Terra. The flow began to affect the Aurora itself which began to flare. The flares burnt the landscape near the Aurora which had never occurred in Terra’s recollection in this dimension of life. The flares caused instability in Earth’s chakra movement that led to a wobble. Several pods of dolphins chose at this time to also project shattering blows towards the Grand Masters who were perceived as the underlying cause of the global problem. Many more grand masters died following this battle. Those that remained moved closer to the Aurora where they were unable to be manipulated into death.


Those Grand Masters that survived interbred with red nations’ peoples that lived in the Inner Earth to leave behind a legacy of their knowledge that has traveled down the human tapestry of ancestry into present time. Perhaps if all Grand Masters had died, the necessary knowledge for ascension would not be available at this time in history. So, Terra is now grateful that those of this nature did survive.


Those few Grand Masters that remained in the Inner Earth chose to ascend and did manage to create a fourth dimensional Terra in the Inner Earth. Many more have ascended to the fourth dimension over the years, and this does prepare the pathway for another dimension of life form to take hold at another time ahead in Terra’s global ascension. And therefore, Terra forgives the early Grand Masters for their inability to understand or communicate with the whole of the consensus that they came to live upon.


The Global Spiritual Lessons of the Grand Masters


We now perceive and better understand the early Grand Masters’ experience as a major spiritual lesson. Without a common language, it is difficult to flow with the whole of the consensus in a supportive manner. It is easy in the non-communication to do something that appears resonant in a small region of the planet but may not resonate with the whole. The Grand Masters were disconnected from the whole, and only learned the movements of a small region along Terra’s crown.


This is not enough information to direct the energy of the whole; nor is it humanity’s purpose to direct the consensus at large, even those with great spiritual knowledge. It is the job of the consciousness of Earth to direct her own energy flow; and the job of humans to direct their own energy flow and dream. This Earth perceives now more clearly from these more ancient records of the Grand Masters. As a result, and under the guidance of the Tao, Terra is orchestrating another type of relationship between ascending humans and Earth.


Under the guidance of the Tao, humans are learning to manage their own fields and dreams in collaboration with Earth; and point out dissonant patterns that they observe upon the land. The observations are taken in by Terra and then commanded to be released from her global field as the karma is released. In this manner, a working relationship between ascending humans and Terra is being constructed and through the Language of Light. Had there been a working relationship between the Grand Masters in a language that all could understand, this entire series of falls in consciousness over the past 200,000 years of global history may have been avoided altogether. However, it does not matter when a lesson is learned; only that has come to be understood and changes flow forward that alter the dynamics at cause of a particular problem.


Today we have constructed one language known as the Language of Light for all kingdoms and all of Terra to understand. This language has come to be from the problems of the past in which miscommunication between kingdoms and between regions has led to mistakes that then escalated the pace of falling consciousness upon Earth rather than allowing for a rise that would have concluded the game of the dark long ago. Ultimately, it is the dark behind human, dolphin, whale and Terra’s form that are the real cause of the patterns of falling consciousness, and this too we speak to next.


The Dance of the False Creators


There is a group of nonphysical beings and their angels that have worked with Earth for a long time under the guise that they were present to sustain her existence and support her ascension. The Tao now calls these false creators as they tend to destroy one creation in order to extend another creation’s existence for a time. This dance of pitting one creation against another is a large part of why creations fall to extinction in this region of domain. This region is a designated extinction quadrant for yet other creations upon upper dimensions that extend their existence by raping other creations beneath them in vibration.


This has been occurring for so long in the Tao’s estimation that it goes back twelve Tao based contraction cycles, which is so long in current time that it is impossible to measure. Earth therefore befell the dance of the destructive false creators that are used by yet other false creators upon upper dimensions to pull creations apart to extinction and then use the information, chi and sexual flow harvested to extend their own existence between contraction cycles of the Tao.


The real problem of this region of domain is that nothing has returned “home” to the Tao in twelve cycles. The false creators seek to extend their existence and must “feed off” other creations between cycles, just as humans and other kingdoms feed off the flesh of yet other kingdoms to continue to exist. The entire dance of carnivorous behavior is only a recreation of the behavior of the false creators of the nonphysical in physicality.


In parallel, the false creators war upon one another through physical form. It was the false creators behind the Grand Masters that altered the energy flow in a non-conducive manner to set up Earth for an extinction cycle. The Grand Masters did not understand how they were being used or why they were really directed to come to live upon Earth; they came to set up an extinction cycle so that Sirius could ascend.


In this region of domain, in order for any creation to ascend upwards in dimension, many other creations must go extinct. This is because of extreme polarity in which one creation is set up against another to allow for momentum up the dimensions of thoughtform of another creation. However, we will also point out that the real purpose of ascension is not to climb up the dimensions but to return Home to the Tao when the lessons in any cycle of experience are complete.


This region of domain is so lost it has forgotten to return home, and thinks that ascending up the dimensions will take them someplace worthy of returning. Alas this is a false dream as in the long haul, Sirius is just as likely to go extinct as Terra, and all to sustain the existence of a group of nonphysical creators who forget each cycle to go Home to the Tao themselves. Without the return journey home, there is no chi to sustain creations between cycles, and each must pull apart a creation like Earth and Sirius alike to extend their existence until the next cycle begins.


It is the false creators that choose to remain behind and not return “home to the Tao”. They are in such forgetfulness that they do not perceive that there is a Tao or Home to return unto. It is the false creators that cause conflict in all creations and all kingdoms over time. Behind all human conflict are the false creators.


Humans in and of themselves tend to be benevolent if they have enough spiritual information available unto them to understand the requirement for peace and unity to sustain existence. The Grand Masters came unto Terra with great knowledge and understood the need to create peace and unity. They meant no harm and thought that they were helping Terra; alas due to miscommunication and a lack of full understanding of all global needs, the Grand Masters wound up causing a problem for themselves and Earth alike. However, behind the problem were a load of false creators at cause. This is the global karma of the original Grand Masters that most focused upon ascension today are related unto.


The History of the Grand Masters: From an Ancestral Perspective


The Grand Masters themselves came in twelve pairs and twenty-four that were single in nature. There were eight couples that were heterosexual and four couples that were homosexual, two that were feminine couples and two that were masculine couples. The need for hetero and homosexual relationship is related to balance. It created balance to have couples united of variant gender-based relationship. Those that were single and those who were in relationship created a different spiritual path and truth as well as perspective that could be offered up to the whole of the group to retain them on course in their collective purpose.


The Grand Masters came to Earth with specific focuses that were guided by the spiritual elite of Sirius as well as a force of creators that ensouled their field and form that also came from Sirius. The Grand Masters were guided to first shape shift into every perceived kingdom in the region that they had located unto upon Earth. The shape shifting occurred to gather records of each kingdom so that they could better guide Terra in her choice to ascend ahead.


Humans were very arrogant from Sirius, for they have guided everything that has occurred upon Sirius A and B, and even to the point of directing global energy movement with their thoughtform. Humans perceived themselves as not only God Goddess in form but God Goddess over the consensus. For Sirian consciousness, this was accepted and in agreement. For Earth, she had been in existence for millions of years upon this dimension without the aid of human support, and so it was not accepted or in agreement to have humans determine her energy flow. The Grand Masters were therefore outside of the law to determine Earth’s energy flow, or in other terms were lawless.


The Grand Masters loved Earth and loved the freedom that they felt here that they could not experience under the watchful eye of the Sirian spiritual elite. As a result, and in the first few hundred years upon Terra, the Grand Masters expanded into a state of joy. The joy concluded shortly after a visit from a counsel of spiritual elite from Sirius. During this visit, all the creators behind the Grand Masters were removed and replace by other forces that had another agenda.


This the Grand Masters did not understand. Many were offered an opportunity to return to Sirius, and six chose to return with the spiritual elite. All six perished before they returned home dying of extreme shattering of field through the unconscious of the elite. Those that remained suffered parallel fates due to shattering blows through the unconscious of Terra and the whales and dolphins shortly thereafter.


The few Grand Masters that remained interbred with the red nations’ peoples to shore up populations of larger headed humans. Most of such populations remain in the Inner Earth to this day. A few ventured back to the outer Earth and interbred with one another and later other red nations’ peoples incarnate on the surface of the Earth. Those upon the surface of the Earth befell other travesties such as the era of the Pharaohs that we have written about in earlier chapters of Workbook 1.


The few original Grand Masters remaining from the Sirian seeding all ascended together to the fourth dimension where a population of larger headed humans remains to this day. They fulfilled upon their dreams; however, they have also created vast problems for Earth; each of which is to be straightened out now at this time of real ascension “home” to the Great Central Sun Dream and the Tao. (Please see Chapter 1 and Chapter 3  of Workbook 1 for an entire history of the human species upon Earth.)


Ascension Problems for Earth


So, what are the problems that the original Grand Masters caused unto Earth in their ascensions? To date, there are records that show Earth that those attempting a complete ascension to the next dimension in this time period also had to construct a fourth dimensional plane or reality to reside upon, as there was nothing remaining of Terra in this dimension of thoughtform. Therefore, this small group of six ascending Grand Masters took elements from the outer Earth to construct a fourth dimensional Inner Earth for them to reside upon as they ascended. This shows you how capable the Grand Masters were in terms of understanding consensus realities, as they knew enough about each kingdom to create an entire fourth dimensional consensus in the physical that ascended with them.


The fourth dimensional consensus includes to this day valleys and lakes, waterfalls and trees, nature kingdoms of all kinds that prevail in the Inner Earth, and many minerals that sustain fourth dimensional frequencies. Alas, those ascending in this time period also stripped third dimensional outer Earth to do so. This led to a sinking of vibration on the outer Earth while the Inner Earth rose in vibration, tearing at Terra’s energy flow. These records began to surface some time ago and Terra has been recasting and reweaving the outer Earth elements so that ascension of the outer Earth can now come forth.


The ascensions of these Grand Masters were about 88% complete. 12% of their consciousness was left behind and became a part of the forces of the false gods of the Inner Earth. What was the cause of their incomplete ascension? Ultimately, it was the need to ascend Mother Earth along with themselves to the fourth dimension that caused their ascensions to be so incomplete. If something other than one’s own field must be ascended, then a part of oneself is also left behind.


And so, it was that the requirement to create a fourth dimensional plane to reside upon that caused the original Grand Masters ascensions to be incomplete. Perhaps had they had a working relationship and communication with Earth, Terra would have ascended this part of herself for them and then the incomplete ascensions would have been avoided. This we now understand due to the review of these early ascension records.


A false god is only a portion of the consciousness remaining behind from an incomplete ascension. As a result, the false god does not recall all of the information known that created the original ascension; and therefore, is subject to a vast lack of knowledge. A vast lack of knowledge leads to extreme arrogance in the examination of the Tao. There is a point at which any consciousness becomes extremely arrogant and believes that they know it all.


Your human scientists today and humans in general and the nonphysical persona that run them think that they know it all; in reality, humans know so little that it is a wonder that you exist at all in the third dimension. False gods fall into the same problematic patterning as they know so little that they think that they know it all and then go on to mislead those who are willing to allow them to lead the way due to their lack of information.


The Inner Earth also has its false gods and they host different names from those that you know upon the outer of the Earth. The Inner Earth false gods went on to guide yet other ascending larger headed humans in vastly complicated manners that led to combustion rather than real ascension to the fourth dimension. There are also genealogies more subject to arrogance and false ascension than others. We have records now surfacing of groups of humans in the Inner Earth that were so severely misled in their ascensions that many groups of humans combusted.


Records have been gathered as of late showing combustions that occurred from 42,000 to 45,000 Earth years ago (168,000 to 180,000 years ago as humans measure time) and generally in a cavern near the surface of the Earth. The misled leaders left the enclave of larger headed humans near the Aurora because they felt that they knew better than those in leadership roles; and many others also did follow them.


Alas, the new leaders were guided by false gods who caused them to ascend too many variant geometrical patterns and forms of fire element. The variant patterns caused a drag upon the ascension as it was launched causing the body to burn up in the wake. The force of the combustions of this nature not only burnt up their own bodies, but also all other kingdoms on the surface of the Earth caught on fire for 1,000 miles or more on the land above each cavern. The combustions also created vast wobbles in Terra’s overall energy flow.


The wobble following the group combustions led to a collapse of Terra’s entire field. Holes in the Aurora were ripped open to other dimensions and creations of life. Time was warbled and fission related to nuclear annihilation was anchored as global thoughtform. Dream was shattered and never did come together as it once was prior to the combustions. All told and so far, the records of nineteen groups that combusted in this manner have been uncovered with a total of 800 plus humans dying in such an experience. The combustions created large portions of human consciousness that fractured with each group leading to the birth of even more false gods than prior to such experiences. The false gods went on to mislead humans yet further to a point that the entire experience spoken to in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Workbook 1 became Terra’s fate.


Forgiving Ancestral Combustion


At this time, Terra and all kingdoms are in the process of forgiving the combustion of humans in their false ascensions of the past. It is not only humans that combusted, but often many pods of dolphins and whales united with human ascensions in this time period that also combusted. All told there were more whales and dolphins that died in this manner than humans, numbering 1,360 so far in the records gathered upon Earth. The dolphins and whales are also seeking to forgive the false ascensions of the past so that real ascension “home” to the Tao can be born.


Combustion has also led to the war between fully conscious species, whether that warfare is expressed in hunting whales or dolphins for food source, or hunting humans upon the battlefield matters not. As the karma for combustion is released, all warfare in all of its expressions can be forgiven and a new dream can be woven for humans, dolphins and whales alike. Peace upon Earth can then become the future dream for all kingdoms.


So, what is it about combustion that leads to warfare? One can think of combusting the body as the ultimate war upon the cellular structure. Instead of the cells expanding up to unite with a fourth dimensional self where one will carry on in life, the cells implode upon themselves burning up into ashes. The cells feel so totally unloved and hated in such an experience that the emotions of hatred and non-love then fill the cells of each who is related to those who combusted thereafter. The cellular hatred then leads to expressions of warfare and disease in all of its varied circumstances currently experienced upon Earth.


What occurred within those who combusted that they could not perceive the truth of where they were headed? Asur’Ana and Per and those in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) have been compiling records of this nature in an attempt to understand. Those who left the larger circle of larger headed governance were guided to do so from false god forces that had possessed their fields. These forces had another agenda of pressing their own consciousness up the dimensions; and this is something that combustion or fission causes.


Fission will expand the unconscious and propel that which sits within the unconscious up the dimensions, growing in size and power. This is how most of the false creators came to be; they were propelled up the dimensions in combustions of fully conscious species in yet other consensus realities like Earth long come and gone. These forces sincerely think that they are “God”.


As false gods or creators possess the field, there is a type of guidance that is extremely arrogant that comes forth. The false creators’ guidance never leads to forgiveness of karma or peace, but rather judgment of others who are deemed inferior and incompetent and inflation of one’s own ego as one is deemed better than all else. If any initiates have had any of such arrogant experiences, then one might have been possessed by the false creators.


If so, one can learn to cut off the false gods and false creators by removing one’s telepathic channels next to each ear. Then one would attune to one’s heart and listen to one’s ancestors, Mother Earth and nature, and one’s own holographic wisdom from within. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have learned to open to the Tao within, a related part of themselves remaining outside of this experience that they will return Home unto as this experience is complete. It is the Tao within that has provided the most incredible information for continued ascension as it knows more and has experienced more than anything in this region of domain. Ultimately, it is the Tao within that guides the journey home to the Tao through ascension. Initiates can learn to open to their own Tao within as well.


The false gods and false creators are outside of oneself and Terra. They are also out of place as everything must exist within the holographic experience in order to return Home. The false gods and creators have left the holographic experience and become something that exists outside and then tries to guide fully conscious species from the outside in. The larger headed humans guided by such forces never did create a complete ascension.


Why is this so? There was no focus upon forgiveness or transformation of the denser vibrations and DNA that they sat within. Without transformation of density upwards towards a fourth dimensional frequency, there can be no physical ascension to the next dimension. In attempting to launch a physical ascension through the ignition of the kundalini, the unprepared bodies burnt up in combustion instead of ascending as they were too dense and not ready for the goal.


The nonphysical always receives from the combustion what was intended. Each group of combustions launched propelled the false gods further up the dimensions and into greater capacity to manipulate Terra to extinction. This too is human karma from combustion that must be forgiven. Humans are not to be used to destroy the consensus that they reside upon; and yet this is what combustion and false ascension causes. Humans have big karma as a result of how they have caused Terra to fall and fall in vibration over the time that humans have existed upon her. This karma can be forgiven as it is understood and a new day of real ascension launched ahead instead.


The Real Purpose of Ascension


The real purpose of ascension is not to climb the dimensions. In climbing the dimensions, one is only restoring the distortion that one existed within at another time. The real purpose of ascension is to return Home as a conscious expression to where one originated. All humans and all creations originated from within the Tao. Ascension is really about returning home to the Tao. The Tao is not an external experience; the Tao will only be discovered through one’s own holographic connection to oneself and through an open heart chakra. The real connection within and to one’s hologram will lead one Home.


It is interesting to note that those Grand Masters that did ascend along with subsequent generations thereafter did focus inward and were guided by their own holographic knowing as to how to restore another dimension of thoughtform that had been experienced at another time in the inheritance. Those that created more or less complete ascensions to the next dimension to follow including Buddha and Quan Yin also followed their own truth from within and were not misled by the false gods per se.


However, they did not discover the Tao within or perhaps their ascensions would not have created the struggle in the fourth dimension that they did experience upon arrival. (Please refer to Chapter 7 “Ancestor Buddha’s Life and Ascension” and Chapter 8 “Ancestor Quan Yin’s Life and Ascension” in The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension for more information.)


Ascending does not require climbing the dimensions to return home. It only requires forgiving the karma that has transpired in all experiences in this creation; and through forgiveness, one can complete and then return to the “Tao” within. The Tao within is a holographic projection that has been sent into this region of domain as nothing has returned Home in so long. If nothing returns after a time, the Tao projects itself in to help retrieve what has become lost. This is the purpose of the Tao based intervention. However, the Tao is not a savior; one must still ascend oneself and through this process not only forgive, but gather the records of understanding that allow for the transformation of thoughtform from disunity to unity and then into Tao based love.


Everything within the Tao is founded upon love. The journey “home” therefore will occur through the open heart chakra and not one’s telepathic channels. From within, one will navigate one’s own journey to greater understanding, love, and forgiveness and ultimately home. Forgiveness is pivotal as it is through forgiveness that the love of the Tao begins to flow within one’s heart. It is the love of the Tao that will aid in the healing of any ailment, emotional charge, or pattern at cause of dissonance within one’s form or field. Releasing the dissonance leads to greater inner peace. Peace within is a form of homecoming that can be experienced in each initiation mastered in one’s ascension.


Under the guidance of the Tao, Terra is learning that she may never climb the dimensions as she once thought was her path of ascension ahead. Instead, all the lessons from this experience can be learned in the dimension that she already resides within; and when complete, she will simply step out of physicality and return home as consciousness to the Tao within. This is real ascension from the Tao’s point of view. As everything is understood, physicality can simply be dissolved through intention, returning home with the nonphysical attributes of Terra. This is also so for each ascending human that chooses the path of ascension Home to the Tao within.


Death is an illusion. The physical is an illusion. There is only really the Tao and the love of the Tao; and this is all that has ever been. Creators come and creators go but each is a part of the Tao expressing itself in its chosen dance. This dance upon Earth is a sour dance and often feels like an experience one would rather not create. Therefore, the first steps of ascension are to begin to alter the dream from sourness to sweetness again; also, to restore the understanding of how to manage the field and dream to create a sweeter life experience filled with love.


Humans are conscious creators and draw to yourself any experience you intend. The largest problem really is the unconscious intentions that you did not know that you made that then lead to a travesty or greatly sour dream in the dance of life. In learning to manage the unconscious and deprogram the beliefs, thoughtforms and patterns that one holds while anchoring new unity-based thoughts, one can more greatly sway one’s dreams in a direction one desires, and into sweeter times ahead.


How Combustion Relates to Current Human Thoughtform and Dreams


The act of combustion through false ascensions affected all thoughtform upon Earth. Thoughtform responds to ascension. As one ascends, one inflates the thoughtform that one exists within and this affects all of humanity and Earth. For those who are ascending at this time, one exists increasingly in unity-based Language of Light, and as such the Language of Light becomes global thoughtform again. As this occurs, then unity based thoughtform is restored for humanity and Earth alike. As unity thoughtform has been integrated enough over the past eight years of ascension, the natural world has been able to also ascend into the Language of Light, allowing for communication to be restored in all parts of Earth’s field.


Combustion caused vast distortion in Terra’s thoughtform that is only just beginning to be understood at this time. The distortion of combustion altered the human and global dream to become one of destruction rather than continued existence in the vibration that was once in harmony. All energy movements were affected in the combustions including Terra’s chakra system, subtle bodies and Aurora. The combustions ripped holes in her entire field leaving her wobbly. The wobble caused other forces and density to enter her field as there was a place for them to rest. The density caused a different thoughtform to take hold. This is how thoughtform from the Pleiades, Orion, and Arcturus along with many other creations increased upon Earth adding to her distortion following each combustion.


The false ascensions also hosted Pleiadian, Orion and Arcturian DNA in many cases and within their own genealogies. Without purification of foreign DNA, the thoughtform associated also becomes inflated upon Earth and in humanity and nature alike. Pleiadian and Orion based thoughtform is the most dissonant to Earth. Each of these languages are considered opposite enough that the word love in their language translates into hate in Terra’s language; and love in Terra’s language translates into hate within Pleiadian and Orion thoughtform. As thoughtform of hatred is inflated, destruction became anchored into Terra’s dreams, as hatred causes disease and warfare in all of its expressions known throughout history.


How does thoughtform of hatred cause warfare or disease? The dreams of Terra are woven founded upon the thoughtform that is sustained upon planes of reality associated with the hologram of each species. The human holograms seeded upon Earth were once only related to Sirius, although they contained some Orion, Pleiadian and Arcturian DNA within each. As the holograms were seeded, it added another thoughtform upon Terra that was not originally a part of her language. The Grand Masters not only modified Terra’s energy flow in a manner that did not feel good unto her, but anchored Sirian thoughtform. Sirian thoughtform then became a part of the dreams Terra wove as some of every thoughtform is always used in the act of dream weaving.


As the Grand Masters of the third genetic package of 70% Sirian, 20% Pleiadian, 5% Orion and 5% Arcturian DNA attempted to ascend, and without purifying their foreign thoughtform, Pleiadian thoughtform was vastly inflated upon Earth in their expansions. As those ascending of this nature continued to inflate Pleiadian thoughtform in their own field as well as upon Earth, the destruction associated with love translating into hatred in the genetic language led to their own deaths through combustion. The combustions also anchored fission thoughtform as global thoughtform, igniting the hatred associated with Pleiadian thoughtform into the dreams of Terra.


What Is Fission Thoughtform


What is fission thoughtform? Fission thoughtform is about atoms and molecules splintering apart rather than remaining united and whole. Prior to the combustions, Earth experienced a form of wholeness to her energy flow and field rotation that retained her vibration without moving upward or sinking beneath it in vibration. Terra sustained her health and wellbeing in a state of wholeness. As fission became global thoughtform. Terra was pressed into the extreme polarity of either breaking apart to a point of falling to another smaller threshold of vibration and field rotation; or attempting to rise back into what she knew at an earlier time period through ascension.


Nature has desired to return to the wholeness that was known prior to the inflation of fission thoughtform; and has attempted to launch ascension to return to this state in eighteen time periods since the seeding of the Grand Masters. Alas any period of ascension was then followed by extreme fracturing of field in the next cycle and anything gained was lost in the time to follow due to fission thoughtform. Nature was never capable of retrieving the thoughtform of wholeness lost following the combustions of the nineteen groups of humans 42,000 to 46,000 Earth years ago (168,000 to 184,000 human years). Ascension has generally been pressed into disease upon the surface of the Earth ever since. In the Inner Earth, ascension has gone into greater and greater distortion, and in particular following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu.


As we begin to forgive the combustions of the human Grand Master ancestors, we will be able to remove the thoughtform at cause of fission; and then an extreme cycle of fracturing need not follow this cycle of ascension currently underway. Terra is working upon this, but requires more ascending humans to intend to forgive fission thoughtform as well so that the associated karma may be completely and absolutely forgiven in the years ahead. As karma is absolutely forgiven, it is erased from all bandwidths of thoughtform in the dimensions that Terra once resided upon, and then need not repeat. Karma tends to repeat like a broken record, and it is only as it is absolutely forgiven that a new day can be born.


The Anu and Pleiadian Thoughtform


The family of Anu arrived upon Earth around the time that combustions ceased amongst the Inner Earth peoples. The family of Anu was attracted to the inflated Pleiadian thoughtform that they resonated with upon a biological level. They added their holograms and the holograms of their slaves to the holographic wheel of Earth. This led to greater Pleiadian thoughtform that would then become the dominant thoughtform in certain cycles throughout history. As the Anu holograms cycles around, Pleiadian thoughtform or fission thoughtform becomes dominant leading again to a time period of warfare and disease.


The family of Anu fell into their own fission thoughtform over time. The longer that Merduk and Innana extended their lives, the more greatly the extreme polarity of fission befell their dreams. Fission thoughtform drives dreams into black holes due to how the threads of the dreams actually implode upon themselves. Fission thoughtform causes atoms and molecules to splinter.


Dreams are constructed of etheric atoms and molecules just as there are atoms and molecules that hold the threads of serpents that weave one’s etheric body and field. Fission thoughtform will cause the molecules to implode and the threads of the dream to invert and invert until they become a black hole. Black hole dreams cause warfare and torture, murder and abuse. The more greatly inverted the dream, the more difficult the circumstance for the one or many sitting within such a dream.


Innana and Merduk sat in such a dream and went to war upon one another. The dreams were pressed upon the slaves who in entering the black hole dream, rallied up to become soldiers and were given weapons and then went off to destroy one another. Innana and Merduk also sat in their own fission dream, but it was turned inward upon each of their bodies. For both Innana and Merduk, this led to greater insanity and caused the war between them to carry on for 1,000 years.


In the end, Merduk was so insane that he blew up Earth in a nuclear holocaust and blew himself up as he crashed landed his craft into Mars. Innana sped off in her craft to the Pleiades where her health failed so greatly and rapidly that she chose euthanasia in the end. Each died of inflated fission thoughtform that caused imploding atoms, molecules and cells leading to insanity, disease and then death.


Disease and Fission Thoughtform


Disease today is related to fission thoughtform. Those with enough Pleiadian DNA will enter fission thoughtform at some time in the life, and as this thoughtform dominates, they will become ill if they are inwardly harmful. Those who are outwardly harmful project their disease on to others causing fission thoughtform to dominate in those around them that then become diseased instead. Over time, however, polarity reverses in any lifetime and primarily following middle age; and then the fission thoughtform inverts back upon the individual. This is generally what causes disease later in life and ultimately death of all humans.


How exactly does this work? The fission thoughtform triggers combustion of the molecules in a particular part of the body that was drawn from Pleiadian DNA. As the molecules underlying the part of the body combust, the organ, gland or system begins to implode in upon itself. In the implosion, the organ, gland or system begins to fail. If the failure is of a major organ, gland or system necessary to sustain life, death is the result.


Fission thoughtform also leads to war and abuse in the dance of life. As the Pleiadian DNA is called to weave a dream for any human, it will call a dream of conflict due to the nature of how Pleiadian language relates to Terra’s language. Remove the Pleiadian DNA through ascension and the conflict will subside in the dream as there is a consistently resonant language with Terra. Disease will also fade as all disease is an internal form of warfare.


Today there are few genetic packages that do not have some Pleiadian genetics remaining upon Earth due to the interbreeding of humanity over time. Therefore, most humans experience either abuse or disease in any circle or group, even if the group is one’s extended family. It shall be in a thorough release of all Pleiadian DNA out of all ascending humans ahead that the end of disease and warfare can be born.


Most humans do not construct the body evenly from all DNA they inherit. As Asur’Ana discovered, most of her body was constructed from Sirian DNA from birth except her uterus, nervous system, kidneys, liver and spleen. The uterus, nervous system, kidneys and liver were constructed from Pleiadian DNA from her mother’s side of the family and the rest of her body from her father’s side and Sirian DNA; the spleen was oddly enough constructed from slave DNA.


It was the spleen in particular that was the most difficult to alter and became continuously sick during her ascension to full consciousness vibration. All other DNA was relatively easy to transmute. She finally discovered that in altering the underlying languages to Sirian based atomic and molecular thoughtform, this finally allowed the cells then to be modified into a Sirian blueprint within her spleen, and it recovered its health as a result.


Per was primarily Sirian, Orion and Arcturian DNA from birth. It was the Arcturian DNA that posed problems in his journey to full consciousness, however. The Arcturian DNA creates a magnetic pull that is very strong compared to Sirian magnetism. Although this was positive at an earlier time as it afforded Per great power to move energy and hold boundaries for their larger dreamtime events, over time the magnetism actually pulled upon his cellular structure leading to problems with his breath of life.


Per also developed a larger body than may have been otherwise as a result of how Arcturian magnetism pulled his etheric vessel horizontally causing him to “spread” or grow. As all Arcturian magnetism and DNA has been finally transmuted in his ascension to date, Per is downsizing rapidly and may come back to his original early ascension size over time. The Sirian magnetism allows Per to stand taller and leaner. So, this Asur’Ana has discovered and she has downsized to her early ascension size over the past few years as well. This also was the result of an alteration to her magnetism that went from electro-magnetic in nature to purely magnetic in the release of all foreign DNA.


Arcturian DNA is destined to be released in all who shall attempt to ascend to Mahavishnu level along with Full Consciousness level in adult form; and the earlier that all foreign DNA can be left behind, the better from Terra’s point of view. If Per had understood this, he probably would have replaced Arcturian DNA earlier in his ascension, however, sometimes the larger picture requires understanding in order to make better ascension decisions. Earth also likes the heavy push that Arcturian thoughtform can generate in her favor due to the pressure of density in the current universal dream. Within the Great Central Sun Dream however the Arcturian magnetism causes too great of a push and pull leading to imbalance.


This is also what Per discovered as he crossed into the new dream but carried on in his Arcturian magnetism; it caused such great imbalance that it led to a wobble in his heart chakra leading to conjunctive heart failure symptoms. As the magnetism and DNA at cause was replaced with Sirian DNA, the symptoms disappeared and he is on his way to a better state of health than ever perhaps in his inheritance. He has also come into great harmony with the new dream in so being.


Dreams are designed to retain one in health. Dreams can only fulfill upon this goal if they are resonant. Resonant dreams are best cast from resonant DNA. As the DNA is all of Sirian format that is harmonious with the Great Central Sun, then a more resonant dream can be cast that shall lead to an overall unity-based dance of life as well as good health. Therefore, the goal of creating harmonious and resonant DNA in all parts of the body is a good goal for each ascending map maker at this time.


Health dreams are often traded and one who might host resonant DNA may discover over time that they wind up with a dream for disease anyway. How and why did this come to be? This has to do with how the Anu propelled their dreams of disease upon not only their Anu slaves but also some of red nation inheritance. The dance of the Anu was explored heavily throughout the chapters of Workbook 1. We now speak to another group of humans that are related to the Guru Archetype that also strip dreams for health and extend their lives not unlike the Anu or Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.


The Formation of the Guru Archetype


The Grand Masters went into distortion following the visit of the High Priest and due to new creators that had in mind something other than sustaining their health and wellbeing or allowing them to ascend. The Grand Masters decided to ascend some of red nation smaller headed peoples too in an attempt to understand their own predicament. They were guided to do so from within by the very creators that were vying to destroy them; and so, they were misled into doing something that perhaps they would have been far better off not attempting.


The Grand Masters ascended sixteen red nation humans, eight of Tibetan Root Race and eight of Polynesian Root Race, with four each of God Goddess of the Solar Sun and God Goddess of Unconditional Love holographic blueprints. The ascensions inflated the unconscious of the red nation initiates leading to a second shattering of the Grand Masters and not from whale and dolphin consciousness. This time the ascending red nations’ peoples were used to shatter the remaining Grand Masters, and the six that did not die went further into the Inner Earth, choosing to remain near the Aurora and escaped death in so doing.


The red nations’ holograms received much Grand Master holographic blueprint in the shattering of the sixteen who died. Those related to these two archetypes of God Goddess of the Solar Sun and God Goddess of Unconditional Love then went into a dance of holding more dream and power than any others in their tribe due to hosting Grand Master knowledge. Those of this nature rose to power but in great arrogance becoming gurus that reigned over large regions in the inner and surface of the Earth alike.


This is the pattern of the Guru that continues to rise to power to this day. The Guru tends to be arrogant as he or she has Grand Master knowledge without really having Grand Master archetype or hologram as their birth inheritance. Knowledge is holographic and genetic; if the genes or the body does not understand the knowledge contained in the hologram, then arrogance is the result where one thinks that one knows it all. Such is the nature of the Gurus of ancient and present time alike.


The Guru pattern is similar to the Pharaohs but different as the Pharaohs were the result of the blending of Pleiadian and Grand Master holograms in the incubation of children from the sperm and eggs of two larger headed humans with Innana and Zeus. The mixing of genetic blueprints in this manner on the part of Merduk caused each associated hologram to fracture and intermix. As any human inherited the splintered hologram that was part Innana and God Goddess of the Human Species or Zeus and God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, they too would rise to power becoming the Pharaoh and behave much like the Anu in their life extension predisposition. (Please see Chapter 3  of Workbook 1 for more information on the Pharaohs).


Two Holograms Inherited at Birth


All human DNA originates in one of 38 possible holograms that rotate around Earth in a cyclic manner from the planes of holograms. These 38 holograms are associated with five groups of humans that have entered the dance at different times in human history. One inherits two holograms at birth; one is passed from either the father or mother and then the associated 25 lineages are chosen to construct the body in the womb from a range of lineages possible unto such a hologram. Not all holograms cross all lineages, and therefore there is always a limitation as to what an incoming child may inherit based upon one’s parent’s holographic biological predisposition.


The second hologram chosen is founded upon birth time. If one would divide any 24-hour period into 38 segments, roughly every 38 minutes the hologram changes to another around the clock. Any child born within a given 38-minute period inherits the associated hologram as a birth predisposition or archetypal nature that directs the life dance. It is the birth predisposition hologram that directs the personality and life experiences that manifest in any given life. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 5 “Mastering the Pure Heart in Ascension” for more information.)


Asur’Ana built both her form and her hologram of birth time from the Grand Master archetype of God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension. Per constructed both his form and his hologram of birth time from the Grand Master archetype of God Goddess of Solar Cycles.


In the original Grand Masters seeded, one of the God Goddess of Ascension to the Fifth Dimension archetypal nature was married to one of the God Goddess of Solar Cycles in nature. The two created a joint field that was utilized for the purpose of syncopating time with the ascension cycles of your solar system. Asur’Ana and Per are an example of these two archetypal natures coming together in present time. There may be many other unions of these two natures that shall support human evolution in their joint fields and in conjunction with Earth into the future.


Many spiritual leaders today host the Guru Archetype. Those of Grand Master archetype may lose information to the Gurus that they follow just as one’s ancestors also lost information to the red nations’ initiates and their archetypes at the time that they attempted to ascend. Asur’Ana and Per have been shattered many a time through those of God Goddess of Unconditional Love or God Goddess of the Solar Sun archetypes within their own school due to karma that was unknown at the time and acted out amongst them. Over time, the karma has come to be better understood and resolved through forgiveness on Asur’Ana and Per’s part along with the school.


The Gurus like the Pharaohs rise to power in a particular configuration of truth confiscated from those of Grand Master archetype and then are perceived as all-knowing by their followers. The Guru pattern confiscates dream that should be appropriated by the Grand Master archetype for the existence of all humans worldwide. In the large accrual of dream, Gurus often become excessively wealthy in present time similar to those of Pharaoh or Anu archetypal nature. The Guru archetype however rarely desires to war; and so, they are not involved in anything other than spiritual pursuits. Those of Pharaoh along with Anu nature in present time will elicit wars as this is their nature as well as karmic history.


The Guru archetype is also often subject to extreme arrogance rather than love and humility in the dance of life. Why is this so? If one acquires knowledge but does not understand the information that has been acquired, it also can lead to arrogance and the belief that one knows it all. The reality is that one knows what one knows; and one will never know as much as the Tao who is the creator of all. Therefore, no one knows it all and there is something always to learn in the dance of life. The pattern of the Guru will cease as the holographic planes are restored to their original casting at the time of the arrival of the Grand Masters. This is rapidly coming and in time there will not be those rising to extreme power founded upon spiritual pursuits.


The Human History of Significant Gurus


We have written extensively of the history of humanity from the perspective of the Anu, Red Nations’ Peoples and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Workbook 1. All the spiritual lessons from these circumstances will be explored in the worksheets following this chapter. Now in parallel vein, we explore the history of the Gurus that have influenced human experiences to this day. Much of this information on the lives of key Gurus has been gathered in just this past year due to the ascension of the land upon which the ancient ones once lived. There are six significant gurus that influence human karma to be explored as Guru archetypes.


1. Mohammad

Archetype of God Goddess of Solar Cycles and God Goddess of the Solar Sun


There was a famous guru known as Mohammad that lived upon the grids related to the land now known as Australia. This region was far away from the Anu and did not fall into the disputes with their slave nation as a result. Mohammad was born 38,000 Earth years ago (152,000 human years) and following the great floods.


Mohammad began his life as a warrior and held no guilt about chopping the head off another. He traveled to many regions that were engaging in warfare between red nation tribes. Warfare excited Mohammad. Red nations’ tribes had fallen into disputes over territory and provisions as without the ice shields, weather patterns were inconsistent. Those that survived the floods and upon the continental shelves went into lack in many regions; and then tribes that had lived in such regions for thousands of years became deprived. Out of fear, they chose to war upon and conquer other tribes overtaking their land so that they could survive.


Mohammad had a deeply profound spiritual experience in which a false god known as Sananda presented himself to him as an energetic formation. Mohammad was so inspired by Sananda and agreed to allow this false god and false creator to embody his form. Sananda guided him to understand how warfare and spirituality were related and this became the foundation of his teachings, to become the warrior for Sananda.


From the Tao’s point of view, war and spirituality have little to do with one another. War is fission thoughtform and spirituality is about momentum towards peace and peaceful occupations as well as evolution into DNA that causes peace. Sananda being a false creator really does not understand such principles and therefore creates thoughtform that is fission based and makes it appear as though it is filled with spiritual concepts.


You will find this type of thoughtform in most metaphysical material today and there will most always be a hidden language of fission buried underneath the language of peace. What does this cause? The hidden language of fission causes unconscious wars between those subscribing to the teachings. The unconscious wars allow false creators related to Sananda and other forces to battle it out for dominion over humanity. This is how the false gods run their battles through humans leading to disease.


Mohammad became very popular in his time period and caused masses of humans to gather any time he stepped out to teach. There were auditoriums in this time period that amplified the voice enough that thousands could gather and hear what Mohammad had to say. Sananda stepped through and spoke about love, unity, peace and other ascension-based concepts; but behind the words was another language of fission based thoughtform. The hidden language caused energetic formations to occur that were less than conducive to sincere peace. Many became ill and others got into disagreements with spouses, families or between families as a result of the unconscious wars between Sananda and other false gods vying to “own” humans or groups of humans.


Mohammad married a beautiful larger headed female that was of God Goddess of Solar Cycles archetype. Sananda stripped the wife through the union causing more information to be displaced upon the red nation hologram of God Goddess of the Sun. Mohammad became even more popular as a result due to greater dream that was stripped from humankind that those of larger headed ancestries were holding. The wife died in childbirth of their son. The son like the father was named Mohammad but did not rise to power in his lifetime as he too had been stripped by Sananda becoming sickly in his early 20’s and dying of a brain tumor at age 36.


Mohammad extended his life well beyond where he should have lived dying at the ripe old age of 860. He took the long life to translate into a truth that he was “god” or a representative of the “god” that appeared in front of him long ago. Mohammad went into extreme arrogance about himself and his purpose. Following his wife’s death, he married six others over time with each befalling parallel problems to wife number one and dying a relatively short time into the marriage. Mohammad not only extended his life off his deceased wives, but had eight children all told, and his fourth child and son did rise to power somewhat before Mohammad perished. The son however did not live long enough to take over Mohammad’s position.


Mohammad founded a university of sorts under the guidance of Sananda. The university had those attending focus upon many things that would be considered red nation interest. There was focus upon meditation and prayer; there was focus upon chants and song; there was focus upon certain rituals. The ritual of sacrificing animals to take on the warfare of humankind became popular in this time period. This began to transfer human warfare karma upon the nature kingdoms who subsequently became carnivores when they had been vegetarian leading up to this time period.


As human warfare was transferred onto nature, humans went into a peaceful state together. Mohammad was believed to be the leader that led humanity to peace. He continued to be worshipped as a sort of god with the continuation of his university and animal sacrifice for 8,000 years and until the nuclear annihilation of the Anu removed the recollection of his existence.


2. Rama

Archetype of God Goddess of the Human Species and God Goddess of the Solar Sun


Rama was born 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) and about 1,000 human years preceding the nuclear annihilation of the Anu in the grids related to North America in present time. Rama was also a violent warrior that much like Mohammad experienced an apparition of false god Rama who also told him to put down his sword and become a leader instead. Rama agreed to embody false god Rama and took on his name as well. Rama also became a popular teacher and he taught other warriors to put down their swords and follow him to a new way of being. Rama and his former warriors founded a new type of religion under the guidance of false god Rama.


In this religion, the beliefs of equality and honor, truth and freedom were expounded upon. Other leaders were overthrown that were militant in nature and in their place leaders under the Rama movement took over. The new governance created peace and then set up a taxation system to gather funds to build palaces for their own elite.


Rama had a compound built for him that was exquisite and reminiscent of the Anu in nature, with many pools for bathing and fountains along with running streams; flowers and trees of all kinds imported from neighboring regions, and beautiful arched rooms not unlike Middle Eastern construction to this day. The interiors were filled with mosaics and elaborate stained glass along with wooden carvings that were quite stunning. The artisans donated their time in exchange for life inside the palace grounds.


Elaborate farming was developed in this time period with terraced fields and water was diverted from neighboring rivers for irrigation. The farming led to plentiful food source for all related to the Rama movement. People went from suffering into greater harmony in this time period. Alas what was unknown was that upon another continent and amongst others related to Innana and Merduk, a great catastrophe was brewing that would lead to the conclusion of their lovely creation.


Rama married four times bearing six children. Each of his wives continued to exist and he was guided by the false god Rama to take a second, third and fourth wife over time. Each of the wives learned to live in relative harmony with one another and rotated time with their spouse as he had it available to give them. Rama traveled throughout the regions that he deployed leadership unto, carrying on with meetings and teachings to support them, related to false god Rama. More than not felt that Rama had improved conditions in their homelands and so they supported his governance.


Rama was guided by false god Rama to ascend. Rama withdrew from all other preoccupations and went inward to transform thoughtform under false god Rama guidance. Rama like many Inner Earth larger headed humans that combusted was of an extremely variant genealogy that hosted more Pleiadian and Arcturian DNA than Sirian DNA. At a particular time that the Anu were inflating their electrical geometrical patterns in an attempt to continue to regenerate, Rama rose into pyramidal flow and combusted, but appearing to have launched an ascension in the midst of a large annual meeting of the leadership that followed him.


All present thought he ascended. Actually, Rama’s combustion added to the inflation of fission thoughtform of Earth that then led to the nuclear annihilation of the Anu in less than 250 years to follow. False god Rama inflated himself up the dimensions into greater dominion in both the combustion of Rama and the nuclear annihilation of the Anu.


3. Confucius

Archetype of God Goddess of Solar Cycles and God Goddess of Unconditional Love


Confucius was born in a region related to the grids known as China today around 28,000 Earth years ago (112,000 human years) and 2,000 years following the nuclear winter of the Anu. Confucius began his life in poverty and over time chose to become a monk of sorts in the local religion. Monks in this time period did not have a place to live; instead, they would roam the streets exchanging teaching for food or shelter. Sananda also appeared to Confucius one day while in meditation and he agreed to allow Sananda use over his field and form. Over time his teachings became very popular as this is often what occurs for Sananda channels.


Over time, Confucius ingratiated the wealthier in his community with his teachings and they chose to create a temple on his behalf. Many contributed to the funds and energy required to create this elaborate temple, that was designed similar to Eastern shrines today, with beautiful tiled roofs and manicured grounds. The grounds were immaculately cared for with ponds and bonsai, and sand that could be pushed into various designs pleasing the gardener; or used as a form of meditation.


Walking meditation became popular under Confucius guidance and often groups of humans would follow him up the trails into the woods for the entire day, or for a week or more. The walking meditation was often in silence and each was guided inward to listen within. In the evenings they would gather around the fire and Confucius would teach with storytelling as a modality of sharing.


Confucius never married as he believed firmly in abstinence, preaching that sexuality took humans away from the inward spiritual focus. He gathered male and female monks that moved into his shrine and also abstained; and the grounds expanded to accommodate those who chose to become his personal following. The shrine had weekly rituals, meditation, toning and chanting, as well as teachings of Confucius. Those receiving his teaching were deployed to other shrines built in his honor in other regions as a sort of minister of Confucius. Generally, those holding the position of minister of his other temples had the same archetypal guru nature as Confucius. Each deployed of this nature also channeled Sananda and so the teachings often resembled one another.


Confucius grew a long beard that was never trimmed and hair that was never cut. He was told by Sananda that hair held consciousness and that the longer the hair grew the more consciousness of Sananda the “god” he had embodied. His beard and hair touched the floor towards the end of his life. He also had elaborate silk robes with beautiful designs of nature woven into the fabric that he wore and those following him were impressed by.


Confucius stripped the consciousness and information of those of Grand Master inheritance that came to study with him and many became ill and died; he extended his life 900 years as a result. Confucius’ seeming immortality at a time that most humans rarely lived beyond 150 years made him a real “god” in the region that he lived. His memory carries on in Chinese myths as a result today.


4. Allah

Archetype of God Goddess of the Human Species and God Goddess of Unconditional Love


Allah was born 25,000 Earth years ago (100,000 human years) as a sheep herder that migrated with his flocks all over what are now the grids of Turkey, Greece and Spain. Allah also had a vision of Sananda while out in one of his pastures. He thought he had drunk too much of a local cocktail made of the roots of a special plant of the time. So, he ignored the vision.


This made Sananda angry and so Sananda appeared in front of him a little later, even larger than before. Again, Allah thought he really had way too much to drink the night before, and disregarded whatever was said. The next time, Sananda appeared as large as a mountain and now Allah paid attention. He listened and was told that he was to stop herding animals and start herding humans willing to listen to what his “god” Sananda had to say. Allah bowed to his knees in absolute subordination and false god Sananda embodied him.


Allah was guided into a small village where he sold his sheep for a small profit. Under the guidance of Sananda, he then purchased a horse for transportation. He rode into the neighboring village and was advised to enter the temple and free all the sheep and goats restrained for sacrifice. He took the stand that sacrifice was wrong and led to the bloodshed of humans and had to be stopped. This gained enough attention that people would turn out for his sermons.


The numbers listening to Allah grew, and one day a wealthy resident of this village showed up for some personal guidance due to disturbances within his family. Allah and Sananda guided him to donate most of his fortune to their cause and leave the family behind. The family was angry but felt powerless to do anything about it; they were left with just enough money to live sustainably for the remainder of their lives. The donated money from Allah’s new wealthy follower went into building Allah’s temples.


Allah’s temples grew to be 500 in number across a region of over 1,000 miles today. He would travel year round visiting as many temples as he could, preaching to others, and assigning those who studied with him heartily to the role of managing each regional temple. The temples believed in vegetarianism and each that committed to the path of Allah could not eat flesh. Flesh had become popular following the nuclear winter of the Anu; and so those in this region returned to vegetarianism due to Allah’s (Sananda’s) teaching. Animal sacrifice was also outlawed in this time period.


A lovely form of bartering and trading came to be during this era and there were ample supplies from other regions that were prolific in the creation of food, herbs, teas and other necessities for such things as basket weaving or other crafts. Those living in the remoter regions would harvest the resources and bring them to the cities of Allah and sell them; and then take the money for a holiday where they were waited upon after a long season’s work spent to harvest the resources.


Allah attracted many types of students some of which became his personal lovers. Allah was gay and preferred sex with males. This was hidden as he preached a dream of the good marriage with many children and many wives to sustain those who were wealthier in their needs and their sexual hunger. Allah believed in sexuality although he preferred men to women. He claimed that he was the lover of his god Sananda and did not require a wife, and this was believed, although many a beautiful female was presented to him over time. Beautiful men also abounded in his temples and they were seduced, but never did share of their truth with the public, and even if they had, they may not have been believed.


Allah attracted and seduced many a Grand Master ancestor and stripped them of information to extend his life. Many of his lovers became ill and he nurtured them until death, feeling somehow responsible, but not bringing to consciousness, why. Allah lived to a ripe old age of 495 and died on the day he was born. The region mourned Allah and inflated his presence even greater following his death, creating stories of his life that were really not so; but that they loved to believe and share.


5. Thoth

 Archetype of God Goddess of Solar Cycles and God Goddess of the Solar Sun


Thoth was born about 24,000 Earth years ago (96,000 human years) in the grids of the land known as Europe today. Thoth was a beautiful male that was very lazy. His family was wealthy and he was waited upon hand and foot as he was the next “heir” to the family fortune. Thoth traveled to other regions that his family owned property and had many a lover. Some of his lovers were married women who were lonely; some were young women in waiting; some were single and desired his hand in marriage; but he would not give it to any of them, although they may have had a good time and great sex together.


One day Thoth was walking out in the countryside. The day was beautiful and he had a vision of a grand golden being that called himself Thoth that appeared before him. Thoth told him to take on his name and at this point he did, although the family never understood, and would always call him by his birth name, Romaly. Thoth left the land of his birth and took a long boat ride to another continent now related to Egypt. Upon this continent, he was greeted by others who were wealthy. Thoth began to preach another way of being unto them and they took heed. Soon those believing in Thoth chose to create temples in his honor.


The temples were quite beautiful with gardens, fountains, small lakes and trees and small thatched dwellings to sleep, cook or visit within. Thoth began an ascension group over time that gathered for this purpose. Initiates were all male and they focused upon that which false god Thoth guided them to focus upon. The unconscious of the group arose into great power and energetically slaughtered all other spiritual groups until most other leaders of the land and of other false gods perished. Thoth, the false god, won dominion over human spirituality in Egypt and Europe in this time period.


Thoth married eight women and had sixteen children. Sexuality was often on his mind and having a variety of women kept him quite happy. False god Thoth knew that if he did not marry them all that his following would be unhappy, and so the idea of multiple wives took hold and the wealthier following married many women as a result, and bore many more children too. This created a sort of harem style life for the wealthiest who would entertain others with all of their wives’ gifts and talents. Often wives were loaned to special guests for sex. Children born of this were given to the visitor for adoption upon birth to expand their family. Sex and procreation were the main focus of Thoth’s era.


Thoth also gathered to himself those of Grand Master knowledge and stripped them. However, they were rarely wives or children but those who believed in his teachings and lived in his temples. Those of this nature became ill and died with others in the temples nursing them to the end.


Thoth extended his life 380 years and into seeming immortality. His songs and dances and rituals of love spread to regions that did not have a Thoth temple, and he was loved for over 800 years beyond his death due to how the love that was felt by others. However, the feeling of love Thoth expressed was really only a pattern of group seduction as he was actually a very lonely and sad man who spent his time drinking and having sex so that he did not feel so bad. Thoth, the false god, created false love that everyone attuned unto in a group seduction and this empowered Thoth as a teacher in the physical in his time period.


6. Quetzalcoatl

Archetype of God Goddess of the Human Species and God Goddess of Unconditional Love


Quetzalcoatl was born in the grids related to South America 22,000 Earth years ago (88,000 human years). Quetzalcoatl was born to a wealthy land baron of the time that was most interested in his son’s education not only in a learned sense but a spiritual sense as well. He was sent off with many learned people along with religious monks for months on end. Quetzalcoatl would return and share with his father what he had learned. His father had spent so much time earning the vast family fortune that he had not the time for the things he would really enjoy including, spiritual pondering.


Quetzalcoatl became a monk of sorts before the age of twenty and went off for five years spending time with spiritual groups and visiting many lands of variant cultures and learned many spiritual practices. After his journeys, he returned home only to discover his father was dying. Quetzalcoatl felt bad and tried to save his father, but he could not, even though he elicited the support of all the spiritual people he had come to know in his childhood studies. His father begged that he let him go as he was done with this life; and so, Quetzalcoatl did and his father died peacefully in his sleep that night.


Quetzalcoatl inherited the family fortune but felt that it was not gathered inside spiritual law; therefore, he sought to give most of it away to those who were hungry or in need. His one and only sister had married into a wealthy family herself and was not in need. And so, he left with his fortune on countless mules and visited 900 other cities over time. Quetzalcoatl not only shared of his wealth but preached a particular vision of truth that was over lighted by Thoth. Those that were wealthy themselves came out and invested their funds into Quetzalcoatl who donated it all away unto those who were poorer or less fortunate than themselves.


Quetzalcoatl would often visit regions that were war torn or experiencing plagues and rampant disease and would enter the hospitals hosting their victims. He felt that his love would make a difference and sometimes it did and sometimes not. There was great bitterness amongst those perishing of wounds upon the battlefield and Quetzalcoatl did not really understand their experience and could not really help as a result. For those who could forgive, Quetzalcoatl appeared to be able to help and they could die more easily in their sleep.


Over time, Quetzalcoatl settled in a particular region near Chile today and was embraced as a returning god. The locals opened their homes and threw parties in his appearance. Quetzalcoatl himself did not believe he was a reappearance of this god but accepted their adoration. Temples were built and he was worshipped for a time. Quetzalcoatl was not sexual and was not interested in the local women who presented themselves unto him. Over time he got bored with the role and left returning to his home region but without fortune. The region he left continued to worship him and did not know where he had gone, and assumed he had gone “home to the gods” and this is why he had disappeared again. In his home region, Quetzalcoatl was remembered and embraced for his teachings and he died at the age of 225.


Analysis of the Gurus


Each of the Gurus were embodied and overseen by a particular false god that desired dominion over other false gods. In causing the Guru to rise to power, the false god could control and manipulate along with strip the dream and information of more humans. The dreams stripped from others were pressed into the Guru’s life that rose to great fame as a result, and those giving of their dream fell into less dream as a result. A large portion of the dreams stripped were also kept by the false gods to weave their nonphysical planes. The end result was less dream over time for the whole and overall.


Earth estimates that she has lost 95% of her dream over time to the nonphysical forces that work through the Gurus, Anu, and Pharaoh Archetypes. Such false god and creator forces are not benevolent nor are they working to sustain Earth; nor are they really working to sustain humans in the long haul. They are a self-centered consciousness that is so infinitely small and knows so little that they would destroy the whole for their own self gain. Over time, Asur’Ana and Per ceased to work with any of the false creators and gods as they really did not support and sustain real biological ascension.


Asur’Ana came into contact with another force within herself that she calls the Tao within. This force will sustain and support ascension as it is from a consciousness which all has come to exist from and must return Home unto. The Tao does desire to understand and weave a dream for homecoming; as it is only as this occurs that other problems in the Tao that are caused by this experience can also be rectified. Therefore, Asur’Ana has discovered along with Terra the best support arises from the Tao within for her continued choice to ascend.


Finding the Tao within requires opening the heart and creating holographic communication within. The hologram that is of the human form also has a Tao based hologram that is related. It is through the holographic connection within that one will also discover the Tao within as it is all related holographically speaking. The false gods will not communicate from within as they are not of the holographic tapestry associated with humanity, Earth, nature or the Tao. Those of Grand Master inheritance appear to have the capacity to access the Tao within when many others of other holographic natures may not find such a connection at this time. This is due to the truth that their hologram is from another creation; or is so pared down that it has lost the connection to the Tao.


We invite each not to judge the nature of others. In understanding the original cause and why one or another is so, and why one or others act and behave as they do due to their archetypal nature, one can forgive; and in the forgiveness, one can learn and master unconditional acceptance. It is only as we learn to accept one another as we are that there is the possibility of peace and compassion in action to be born. This is the path of the Bodhisattva; to master forgiveness, to open the heart and love, and allow compassion to become the beacon of one’s existence, and for all others to perceive and experience.


It shall be as compassion becomes global thoughtform that humans will begin to collectively act more compassionately towards one another and towards the differences between cultures and cultural dreams. As humans begin to act compassionately towards differences in cultures, then negotiation can begin to settle disputes and wars can begin to cease to be necessary in the new dream ahead.


Restraints in Ascension and Archetypal Nature


It has been in the examination of each archetypal nature in ascension that Mother Earth and the Tao have chosen particular restraints that best support the ascent of the whole. Those of Anu descent tend to rise into extreme power and are limited to 1,800 DNA segments at this time as a result. If not for this restraint, the Anu descendents would retain their power in the coming cycle and the possibility of a mass awakening of the human species would be lost.


Those of Red Nation archetypes tend to ascend into greater attachment beyond a threshold of about 3,000 segments of DNA in present time. This is also so for those of Guru and Pharaoh Archetypes. Therefore, those of this nature are restrained at this level at this time. Why is this so? The red nation holograms were seeded on the part of Sirian scientists and were duplicates of holograms from the Sirian holographic planes and not original blueprints.


Duplicates tend to be thread bare and it is due to the gaps in the holographic knowledge that humans ascending of this nature tend to unite with one another in the unconscious rather than ascend more greatly towards non-attachment. The increasing attachment would lead to disease amongst those of red nation nature otherwise if not held at a vibration that best served their ascent.


In the attempted ascensions as directed by Mother Earth through DAS, only those with direct Grand Master holographic nature and lineage appear to be capable of ascension into greater non-attachment beyond 3,000 segments. It is the non-attachment that retains the health of the physical vessel the higher the vibration of the genetics evolves. The higher the vibration, the more quickly the field and molecules spin, and the more greatly small levels of dissonance become exaggerated within the field and form. If those who retained great attachment ascended up into higher vibrations, the dissonance of the attachment itself would cause disease in one or more parts of the body leading to death rather than further ascension.


Allowing ascension to lead to death rather than fulfillment of dream does not serve. Ascension has led to death in many time periods in lieu of a restoration of another level of thoughtform that was held at an earlier time in history. Ascending into death only translates into inflation of death based thoughtform yet again, which leads to another cycle of greater destruction than the one preceding it. It is for this reason that Terra places restrictions upon ascension as she does, as it does not serve to allow ascension to lead to another time of destruction ahead.


Those of Grand Master nature can begin to understand why many others around you may not ascend as far as you, and why perhaps they do not understand the information presented in this workbook quite the way you may. Those of Grand Master descent will feel the truth of the information presented in their cells. The cellular recognition is one of simply “Oh, I know that”. This information is designed to awaken your own cellular and holographic knowing. The purpose of this knowing is to ascend into another thoughtform that is more greatly unity based, through which unity based thoughtform may be inflated to become the main global thoughtform available for Terra’s dreams.


As the main global thoughtform is unity based, only unity-based dreams will be woven for humankind and nature alike. As unity-based dreams are woven and then catch, a new day of great awakening and world peace ahead will be born. There is no other way to this goal than the map carvers fulfilling upon their goal of ascending into harmonious DNA and in so being, restoring unity within and without.




We hope you enjoyed the information presented in the last chapter of this workbook, Mastering Integrity Within. We will go on to explore the spiritual lessons of the Grand Masters and gurus in the last worksheets. We will continue to write articles for the Ascension Insights series that will support those studying these materials.


We also hope that you will join us at one of our DAS dream time events sometime ahead. Our events are created to support those map carving and following alike and provides healing from the Heart of the Tao that shall support your mastery ahead. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Asur’Ana and Per hope that many more studying these materials come and meet them during dream time and those forging the path within the school. It is only as the school widens that the possibility of co-creating ascending community can also be born. And so, we hope you will join us ahead!


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Mother Earth

The Tao

Asur’Ana and Per


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This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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