Image of a sweet antelope on a field of wild flowers. The Leap of the Antelope

26. The Leap of the Antelope


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Antelope Species


The Antelope Kingdom has much to say to ascending humans today, and it is with great honor that we can communicate through our channel Asur’Ana. It is because the languaging of Earth, which has become both verbal and non-verbal in nature, that communication between nature and humanity has become possible.


Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications


Humanity knows verbal thoughtform; nature only knows non-verbal thoughtform, which is akin to whale and dolphin sounds, or music without words. Much like a symphony of sound, non-verbal communication utilizes repetitive musical stanzas to communicate sentences of meaning. Dolphin and whale sounds in particular construct communication founded upon tones in octaves way above humanities ability to hear in the physical; these are the sounds of what one may equate to sonar or ultrasound. The scales that the Whales and Dolphins utilize therefore are as complex as any human language in the variances and nuances expressed.


Antelope and all other kingdoms only understand communication constructed upon sound, as this is the original form of communication that has been prevalent upon Earth, even in her time inside of the Great Central Sun which ended about 96 million years ago. Humans add verbal thoughtform to the consensus known as Earth, which is equivalent to adding words to the musical stanzas of sound. Verbal communication has turned out to be a very important addition in Earth’s choice to ascend; as humans can analyze the dance in another manner than nature given the dance of verbal communication.


Earth has learned verbal communication herself as a consciousness and has added this communication to the Language of Light so that both verbal and non-verbal are now a foundation of communication available unto all species. The Language of Light is the new language upon Earth that allows all species to understand one another. All are choosing to leave behind any other former languaging so that communication between species can freely flow and support the ascent of the whole. It is for this reason that Antelope can so readily channel through Asur’Ana unto human initiates, and she fully understands what Antelope is expressing as we share the Language of Light in common.


Antelope represents the Evolutionary Truth Bearer in the new astrology for ascending initiates. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Antelope unites as a global energy flow with many other land and aquatic species to experience a multi-creational experience upon Earth. Such species includes flying fish, mollusks such as the Scallop and Muscle Kingdoms, several other fish kingdom species along with land mammals such as groundhog and ferret. In so doing, we understand what it is to be under the sea and upon the land in a variety of forms of life experience that each teaches our species and our soul about evolutionary truth. Read more

Image of sumptuous papayas on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #10

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #10


Transcendental Self


Transcendental Self



I am that I am a being of light

From the realms of spirit

In a system of truth

That I am a transcendental being

Fostering the understanding of soul

And the thought-stream of spirit

In a path of self-realization

Beyond the quagmires of physical delusion

In light wave motions of field

Transfusing into the renewal of my youth

Transcending the beliefs in death

Transfusing into the love of my soul


Transcendental Self


The transcendental self is a fostering of the capacity to realize beyond the quagmires of a human born into third dimensional limitations of delusion. The human system of dreaming is bound by a system of delusion that is not unlike layers of a gauze of light that reflects belief systems that each thinks must be so. Each level or octave transfused through as light motion of field takes flight raises you above the gauzes of delusion and into other possibilities of thought-stream that are unlimited and of spirit.


Each thought-stream mastered in the mind waves of you lifts a portion of the veils of delusion that you have been surrounded by for your entire life. Each delusion did cause and affect certain life experiences. Each delusion when risen above allows for a completion and absolution of the cause and effect that the belief suspended over the dreams of the life. The life dreams then reach new heights of possibilities of non-limitation for what is experienced next.


Beliefs are not real. Beliefs are suspended in the DNA. As the DNA is purified in light motion of field, the thoughts of spirit can be integrated as new light wave DNA grows. As the new light wave DNA grows, the belief systems of delusion are relinquished within. Beliefs come in six categories in this cycle. The first is the belief in the outside power of another. In truth you are yourself always and no other has any power over your reality unless you think otherwise. Read more

Image of savory kiwi fruits on the tree. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #9


Fluidity of Self


Fluidity of Self



The bonds of karma depart

Giving flight to a bond

Of resonance of the heart

In a fluidity of soul

That merges with the two or the three

In a divine key

To foster a dharmic happenstance of fate

Where the interplay is fostered

As soul family

In an emerging dream

Of the love of the many

In the love of the Tao of each


Fluidity of Self


The fluidity of you in you is an interpretive understanding of who you are in association with those who care for you in your life. In the fluidity, spirit descends to foster care of you in you. You care for you and those who care for you then flux towards yourself due to a draw of light motion of field to form bonds amongst those who resonate. It is the fluidity of self that causes bonds of resonance to form in the life.


Bonds of resonance often cause real care of the heart that then can emerge into the flavor of soul family in the life. Bonds of resonance are not to be confused with other bonds that are karmic in stature. Karmic bonds do attract and sometimes foster care too. Bonds of resonance are dharmic and not karmic in this cycle. Bonds of resonance do not force the bond due to a debt to be settled. Karmic bonds enforce an association until the debt is resolved. If there is no care on the part of one for the other, generally karmic bonds trigger a departure of the union or friendship after the debt is settled.


Bonds of resonance that are dharmic are very different. If love is fostered of the two in a bond of resonance, the dharma attracts another time to be together ahead. The timing is not always immediate if both lives are busy with other life focuses. Karmic debt forces relationships to recur in increments of four to eighteen days per month to settle the debt. Relationships of dharmic resonance recur only when it is time. The bond will flux the two to be together when the Tao of each call for an interaction. The timing of resonance bonds of dharma may be once per month or many months apart if the lives are busy with other karmic debts. Read more

Image of a gorgeous place in nature with concentric rings on the ground and the rising sun in the background. Transcending Fear and Loss of Information

Chapter 2: Transcending Fear and Loss of Information


Assessing and Transcending Birth Archetypal Nature


This chapter is to take the information shared in Chapter 2 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 to a new level. In Chapter 2, thoughtform was spoken to in association with how it is related to fear, pain, suffering, greed, lust, judgment and death as humanity currently operates within. In this chapter, we desire to have each assess the 18 thoughtforms that one was born with as the archetypal nature that one is associated with. One can also use this information to assess the birth nature of anyone close to oneself, including one’s spouse, children or other family members or partners.


Why is understanding one’s own birth nature important? It is in understanding the 18 main thoughtforms as drawn from one’s tapestry of ancestry to create the body and persona that you have known as “you” in this lifetime that one will more greatly perceive all the patterns that one must transmute in order to master 3,000 DNA segments or higher in frequency. Why is this so? It is as one masters 3,000 segments in vibration that one also transcends all birth thoughtform and karma from this given lifetime, and also transmutes and transcends the DNA and persona that one was born with that was non-unity based or founded upon polarity.


Polarity and Limitation


The state of polarity causes limitation in the dance of life; for in polarity one can be one way and not another, or have one thing and not another. It is also a state of polarity that pits one person against another in competition over dreams. Dreams gravitate to those who think thoughts associated; each who think antithetical thoughts to the desired dreams find the dreams naturally gravitate to another. This of course leads to disappointment and non-fulfillment in the dance of life. Therefore, to create and catch the dreams that one desires to make manifest through intention, one must integrate the language that will allow the dream to be caught within one’s field.


This is how the Language of Light serves to draw a dream of greater unity and fulfillment into the dance of life. As one embraces this language and erases the old language that one created with in earlier times in one’s life, one will then attract dreams that are associated. Because the Language of Light is a unity-based language, dreams of unity are more likely to be attracted than dreams that are polarity based. This allows those embodying the Language of Light through ascension to create dreams of less extremes leading to a life of greater abundance, fulfillment and balance.


About Dogmatic Beliefs


Within the Language of Light, the extremes of dogmatic thoughtform are left behind through the transmutation process of ascension. Dogmatic beliefs and thoughtform lead to extremes of all kinds in the human expression. Why is this so? Dogma is founded upon electrical pulsations. Electrical pulsations press more energy or dream in one direction and less of energy and dream in another. This is why electrical thoughtform creates extremes of greed and poverty, acceptance and rejection, love and hate, peace and war, etc., as more dream of a particular nature accumulates in one direction and less in another. The more extreme the swing, the greater the disparity between what is accumulated in one direction and is deprived in equal measure in another direction. Read more

Image of an alluring island in the middle of the sparkling blue ocean. Workbook 2 Chapter 2 Worksheets

Workbook 2: Chapter 2 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2, Chapter 2: Transcending Fear and Loss of Information.




We hope you can begin to see how ascension brings about a shift in thoughtform that then creates a shift in the dreams that one can manifest in this lifetime. In the ascent to 1024, one doubles the thoughtform one was born with. This allows for less extreme polarity to occur and causes many more dreams to become possible that would not have been without ascension. In the ascent to 2200, the thoughtform one was born with triples allowing for even less extremes due to how the poles between thoughts will cancel each other out. This too allows for a more greatly unity-based dream to catch.


Most indigenous peoples are ascending to 2,200 and holding at this frequency. The ascent to 2,200 causes an increase in power of thoughtform to enough of a degree that those ascending will begin to dominate in world leadership as well as business. One can see the shifts already occurring in South America as one example with new leadership that are taking back the right to govern their own natural resources and profit from them, amongst many other changes. This shall allow such nations to rise out of their own poverty by taking back their own power to do so.


Upon a personal level, ascension is not really much different. Many spiritual aspirants are born with thoughtform that is powerless and gives and gives of oneself to others. As one ascends, one begins to balance the poles enough that one begins to retrieve power and balance giving and receiving. This occurs somewhat in the ascent to 2200 segments; and even more so for those carrying on into an entirely new scale of thoughtform associated with the Language of Light.


The Language of Light creates greater balance of polarity within its very thoughtform; for this language unifies two extreme poles creating a new middle of the road thought in its place. Therefore, the very language associated with the Language of Light is unity based within itself and without the requirement to cancel thoughtform to create balance. As a result of this truth, the Language of Light will call a more greatly unity-based dream unto one’s life dance more frequently than the old thoughtform one is leaving behind. The Language of Light also creates a more greatly balanced rotation of field as it does not sway from one extreme into another as one thinks or perceives the world around oneself.


We hope that this information is supportive of your continued evolution. We will provide more information about working with the Language of Light in the chapters to follow.


Please click on the link below to download Chapter 2 Worksheets in PDF:


Chapter 2 Worksheets in PDF

Read more

Image of a gigantic oak tree with many branches. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream

16. Blessings for Rotational Energy Flow and Unity Based Dream


From the Oak Tree Kingdom


It is the Oak Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Oak represents a solid wood that is useful for building one’s furniture or homes. Oak is a denser form of wood in comparison unto gum or eucalyptus, and it is for this reason that we provide a solid foundation from which one can construct one’s dwelling. Oak has watched as a consciousness the lives of humans from inside of their homes as a result. Not unlike the Spruce Trees that experience life around the family Christmas Tree, Oak experiences life also of the family from within the homes or furnishings constructed from our trunks, particularly in the West.


Evergreen and Endless Spring


Pine is also used for housing and furnishings, as well as cedar wood in many parts of the world. Although one thinks of Oak as a separate species from cedar or pine, in reality we are all a part of the same family of trees that diversified over time into different forms. We are not evergreen as the pine tree; we lost our information on creating evergreen leaves in the many falls in consciousness of our species in our life upon Earth. One of the main focuses we have along with all plant life is retrieving our evergreen knowledge. In so doing, our leaves will one day again be able to produce sugar to feed our trunk year-round rather than having to retract life and essentially hibernate in the wintertime; this will cause us to have green leaves all year round.


At another time all kingdoms were evergreen. Flowers never faded and lasted for years if not decades upon the associated bush, tree or plant. The concept of birth, death and rebirth was not a part of the evergreen reality that the plant kingdom understood inside the Great Central Sun dream. All life received enough chi and nutrients to exist seemingly forever, without aging and without death.


This is the state of being that Terra (Earth) is vying to return unto in the coming 250-year cycle. As Terra continues to ascend, the blueprints from ancient times in the Great Central Sun shall be modified to be embodied in the third dimension; and in so doing, all of life shall return to an eternal form of physical existence in which death and rebirth is no longer experienced.


It is death and rebirth that is painful to experience. Humans grieve the loss of loved ones as they pass. Nature grieves in a different manner each winter as life must be retracted out of the physical in order to survive. Although we do not experience loss or emotions or pain as humans’ experience, we still in our own way grieve the wintertime. Long ago when Asur’Ana asked the Pine Tree Kingdom of Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rocky Mountains what they desired the most, they responded “an end to the cold and to wintertime!” Read more

Image of a field of lavender flowers. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #2


The Fable of the Magician


The Force of Magic


The Magician


The Magician

The lore of magician

Is a gift of creation

That desires to sustain

The beauty of the dream

In the eloquence of the sublime

In order to cause

A design

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion

Of life


Parables of the Tarot


The tarot is an ancient arcana of fable that anoints the field in a particular dream that sustains the existence through time. Parables are fables incanted at birth for a particular purpose amongst those upon the path of awakening and realization. Parables are not to be confused with other life theories of self. Life theories are rhetorical and occur in sequences of one hundred and forty for incarnation spells that augment the journey from birth unto death of each life. Prose ckantor of dragon dream accolades of self inaugurate the incantations prior to birth. The spells associated anoint the field at conception to cause the life to unfold in the dreams yet untold.


Dreams anointed are case specific to many forces desiring to experience the life for the understanding of self. Self oscillates a motion that anoints the dream of the life at special times of inauguration. Inauguration of self occurs in seven-year lore cycles from birth to death. Each lore cycle has its own incantations to foster the dreams for the experience of self. Self has special incantations for those who realize consciously.


Conscious realization is a case specific accolade of achievement when fostered. Realization of self is a sacred act of a spiritual foray of dream. Many may feel that dreams can be forecast or altered through life. The incantations of each are oscillated in a motion for fulfillment of purpose and are not suppositioned to alter unless forgiveness unfolds at each level of mastery. If forgiveness unfolds life, happenstance may oscillate in a new direction of the divine to sublime.  Read more

Image of a rose quartz ball. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love

6. Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love


From the Rose Quartz Kingdom


This chapter begins a series of materials from a group of minerals associated with a particular set of vibrations that are held through the mineral kingdom for Mother Earth and all sentient species that are ascending at this time in history. The Rose Quartz Kingdom is not the only mineral that holds pink tones of creation: Rhodocroshite, Ruby, and Pink Tourmaline are other minerals hosting the pink ray. Pink is associated with Forgiveness (rhodocroshite), Unity (rose quartz), Oneness (pink tourmaline) and External Awareness or the connection between humans or between kingdoms (ruby) in the Language of Light. (Please refer to Chapter 1 “Minerals and Single Tones” for more information.)


Global Warming Is the Result of Increasing Molecular Spin


The mineral kingdom assists in the transmutation of global thoughtform for the consensus known as Terra (Earth). Terra is a consensus reality. Much as each human must learn to transmute polarity based thoughtform into greater unity, so is Terra undergoing this process as a planet. This is what fosters global ascension or global warming as humans perceive it. Global warming is really the result of an increasing spin of Terra’s molecules within her body along with the increasing spin of the molecules in all kingdoms, plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin as well as human.


Most species are just beginning their ascent beyond 1,024 segments of DNA in vibration upon the surface of Terra. Terra has equated molecular spin to the number of segments of DNA that have been restored within the biology. Each additional segment of information causes the molecules to heat up and embrace a new pattern. In the ascent from 1024 to 3000 segments, the molecules shift in patterning from a solar system style of rotation to the Triple Sphere patterning or “Consciousness” symbol within the Language of Light. As the molecules move into this new patterning as defined by the DNA, there is room for additional warming or heat to emanate from each kingdom along with Terra as a whole, leading to a more rapid pace of global evolution.


At this time roughly 40% of Terra’s overall molecular structure has embraced the Triple Sphere patterning. In the coming 5 years, it is anticipated that over 80% of Terra’s molecular structure shall embrace this new patterning. As this occurs, global warming shall begin a rapid pace of “heating up” or “thawing out” of the glaciers that remain upon Terra’s body. The melting of the glaciers is necessary as the frozen regions host non-moving energy; non-moving energy causes imbalances in Earth’s rotation of field as well as the wobble that creates the seasons in her physical rotation around the solar Sun. As the poles and remaining glaciers melt in full in the coming 300-year cycle, Earth’s wobble will also cease and seasons as you know them will disappear. This is something that one’s future ancestry shall experience.


Detoxification and Global Warming


The heating up of Terra’s surface will increase the capacity to detoxify many substances that humans have discarded into the ocean as well as upon the land. Recently, Asur’Ana read a news article online stating that the arctic Orca Whale Kingdom hosts so many toxins in their blubber that they have been designated as toxic as the polar bears, who also host many toxins in their blubber from consuming seals. The toxins are all human made substances dumped into the sea. Read more

Image of a beautiful blue and peach bird standing on a tree branch. Angel Archive #1

Angel Archive #1: Loving the Body


The body of you is a sacred fostering of your body level angel and all the small angels that foster the life of each cell. All angels need to be blessed and loved daily in order to survive the systems of planetary dreaming that are unfolding in sourness in many regions at this time. Sour dreams lead to death of your body level angels. Death of your body level angels causes grievous emotions to arise in the life. Grief and crying frequently is one symptom of loss of body level angels through time. Resurrecting small angels may be impossible; however, as you resurrect the large body level angel through focus, she will go to work right away to re-infuse small angels into your cells.


Star Seed System Boundaries


Death of small angels leads to death of the cells if they remain defused for long enough. Generally, death of the cells begins in 18 days after the loss of your body level angels. Loss of body level angels can be due to psychic blows towards the body. Generally, in times past psychic blows were only to the etheric. Today many are experiencing psychic blows directed towards the physical which hits upon the angels of the body and not the cells. As angels are hit upon enough, they die. This is a sad time of many infractions of boundaries towards star seeds that may be difficult to deflect unless you remain in star seed system boundaries.


Star seed system boundaries are suspended by the archangels through the new emerging star seed life form that is planetary in size. As you allow yourself to commune with your archangel, you will feel the boundaries flux towards the physical from the new life form planes. Fostering a focus of communion with your angels daily will protect you from a load of patterns flowing through people and the land too. Psychic abuse also can lead to shattering of the psyche. A shattered psyche leads to disorientation of you in life. Sometimes anxiety arises and also in extreme cases of abuse towards the psyche, a state of hysteria may unfold until the psyche comes back together enough. Archangels will mend the psyche if you remember to commune.


Foods that Smell to Angels


Angels prefer a body that does not smell. Certain foods are known to smell if consumed. Angels tend to depart the body if it smells of too many foods that are not helpful to the angelic motions. Here is a list of foods to avoid.


  1. Meat and Fowl (smells like rot to angels)
  2. Fish, Salmon or Shrimp (smells like rot of the sea)
  3. Garlic (smells like stench)
  4. Cabbage (smells like urine)
  5. Onions (smells like garbage)
  6. Brussel Sprouts (smells like turpentine)
  7. Junk Foods with Petrochemical Flavoring or Coloring (smells like gasoline)

Read more