Lovely and serene image of cosmic eggs. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum

6. Godheads And Goddessheads Of Our Ovum


We would like to explain a little about the Order of Dari and of its function within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Lord and Lady Dari has returned to assist your Godhead and Goddesshead in overcoming the distortion that has plagued so many aspects of their creation. The Order of Dari offers a perspective to all circumstances which stands outside of the distortion within your creation. From their perspective and guidance, many corrections will be made over time, not only upon the Earth plane but throughout your creation and God/Goddesshead.


Your creation (which is embodied by Lord and Lady Alora and holds Dimensions 1 through 144 of which Earth is a part) is only one of 144 creations embodied by your Godhead and Goddesshead. The Godhead and Goddesshead of this creation embody 144 creations, each of which has its own creator logos who is similar to Lord and Lady Alora. Godheads, Goddessheads and Creations can be likened to a collaborative agreement between many souls who have come from many sectors of creation to co-create a particular experience. In this case, Lord and Lady Alora are an aspect or creator God who have co-agreed to share their experience of creation with 143 other creator Gods. All creator Gods within a creation work together and evolve together.


The Godhead and Goddesshead oversee the evolution of all of the 144 creator Gods within the creation they embody. Much like the creator Gods themselves, the Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of many beings who have united to embody all of their creation of Dimensions 1 through 360 and oversee the collective evolution of all creator Gods. Our Godhead and Goddesshead are made up of 144 temples. A total of eighteen souls collectively hold the temples and oversee all evolutionary levels of all creator Gods such as Lord and Lady Alora. One of the beings who has overseen fourteen of the temples upon the level of the Godhead has been known as Rama. Rama has been the Godhead-level logos who has overseen the evolution of the particular creation that contains Earth.


You can see that the order and structure of each creation is highly complex and made up of many beings who have collaborated and united to co-create a particular experience. Rama oversees fourteen creations of which our creation is only one. Not all of the 14 creations Rama oversees has had the problems that this creation has experienced. At this time in Earth history, only three out of 14 creations that Rama oversees have been distorted or “fallen” further into density or matter than originally designed. Eleven other creations (s)he oversees do not know life below the 25th dimension and have never experienced physicality as you know it. Rama has hiers hands full, so to speak, in attempting to restore and repair the three creations that have gone awry.


Order of Dari


There are many Godheads and Goddessheads within our Ovum of 4,000 dimensions. Your particular God/Goddesshead is one of 144 and is considered God/Goddesshead number 36. There is an order that oversees the evolution of all Godheads and Goddessheads, and this order is known as the “Order of Dari”. The Order of Dari is made up of 144,000 temples that each serve a particular purpose in maintaining and evolving each of the Godheads and Goddessheads they oversee.


Lady Dari can be considered the feminine aspect of all of the 144,000 temples and Lord Dari the masculine aspect of all 144,000 temples. Although there are many beings who have come together to embody your Ovum of 4,000 dimensions and the 144,000 temples within the Order of Dari, we do not respond to individual names.


We are well aware of the fact that many upon your plane of reality channel entities who wish to be acknowledged by a particular name. We consider this a reflection of the distortion that you live in. From our perspective, all levels of a creator are equal and should work together co-creatively to bring forth their desired creation. From our perspective, any creator who wishes to be personally acknowledged for the information brought forth is acting from ego and not from unconditional love and collaboration. You can see that the problem known as ego is not only a human problem, it is also a problem with each and every creator God within your particular Godhead and Goddesshead. We do not judge such experiences but point them out so our readership can understand that all of the problems you experience within your Earth plane are also problems contained in the very fabric of your Godhead and Goddesshead. The Order of Dari is beginning to make contact with many on Earth as well as many other races within your creation to assist in correcting the distortion and returning your creation to a state of love, harmony and joy.


Lord and Lady Dari have always been a part of your creation as well as your Godhead and Goddesshead. Some many eons of time ago, long before anything within your creation existed below the 25th dimension, communication with Lord and Lady Dari and the Order of Dari was severed by a being who joined Rama as a co-creative force. Within a short time, the entire Goddesshead was destroyed by this being who was a destructive force which brought the belief in “destruction” into your creation. All experiences with any creation are holographic. If an experience occurs within one part of a creation, the experience, emotional trauma and karma is transferred to all other parts of creation. Karma (being cause and effect) sets in motion the pattern which repeats the destructive experiences everywhere else within the same creation.


Christ/Creative Forces and Anti-Christ/Destructive Forces


In order to better explain how destructive souls and destructive forces came to be, we must digress up many dimensions outside of your very Ovum. Many of you have heard the concept that all of creation is the result of a thought. The thought of God/Goddess results in all manifestations within all creations. The God/Goddess on dimensions so very high and beyond your Ovum had several thoughts resulting in the manifestations you currently experience within your creation. The first thought God/Goddess had beyond your Ovum was, “What happens when the Masculine and Feminine are separated”? Separating the masculine and feminine had never occurred before this thought and resulted in the tearing apart of the very fabric of creation into a masculine half and a feminine half. This occurred all the way down the dimensions and, in time, resulted in the experience of the separation of the feminine and masculine in physical form.


In the upper non-physical dimensions, the tearing of the fabric of creation was not neat and tidy. As the tearing occurred, something was left over, much like pieces of threads would be left over if one were to rip a piece of fabric into sections. That something left over was a non-conscious destructive thoughtform. You see, the something that was left over had the memory of destruction recorded into its very fabric or being, because it was the result of that which was destroyed or ripped apart. These pieces of souls (which were the result of destruction) became destructive forces throughout creation. Some have called this force the “Anti-Christ”. From our perspective, this is an accurate term. You see, “Christ” or “Christ force energy” is the creative energy of all of creation. Anything that would be in opposition to life force or “Christ force energy” would be an “Anti-Christ” vibration or energy.


We would like to say something about creative and destructive souls or creative and destructive vibrations. A creative soul or vibration only knows how to create or hold Christ force energy. A destructive soul or vibration only knows how to destroy or hold Anti-Christ force energy. When the two are brought together, one experiences “duality,” or periods of creation, followed by periods of destruction, followed by periods of creation again. We do not judge whether a soul is creative or destructive (or of Christ force or Anti-Christ force) for it is simply the result of God/Goddess thought and the wish to experience something that had never been experienced before.


We would like to say something about the evolution of All That Is. There is such a belief in perfection within your thoughtform. Nothing is perfect, and All That Is is evolving. All That Is evolves by thinking and then experiencing the results of their thoughts, just like humans evolve by thinking and then manifesting the outcome of their thoughts. You see, evolution is the same throughout creation regardless of dimension.


Our Ovum Contains Destructive Forces


As the Anti-Christ souls were born, they were not accepted or even noticed on the dimensions they had come from. Because they went unnoticed, they moved down the dimensions looking for a home. The Ovum that we as the Order of Dari exist in is not the only Ovum that exists. Our Ovum is one of 144,000 Ovums which each experience their own unique thoughtform that has co-created a unique experience of life. Our Ovum, however, is only one of two Ovums where the destructive forces from the upper dimensions found a place to reside.


The reason our Ovum ended up receiving the destructive forces is a simple one. You see, many of the Lords who had come together to create this Ovum were new at this particular experience and job. In their lack of experience, they were also easily conned. A being from a very high dimension appeared. To the inexperienced God/Goddess of our Ovum, this being appeared as a “God” who could be of great assistance to them. This “God” promised to assist in the evolution of this Ovum in all ways. In their lack of experience, the God/Goddess who held this Ovum invited this “God” into the fold not realizing that it was a destructive force. As the destructive force came forth, it severed the communication between the Ovum and those forces which oversee the evolution of each Ovum.


In a deep sense, the God/Goddess of the Ovum experienced a “separation” from their God in a similar fashion to the human experience of separation from God. Additionally, the God/Goddess of the Ovum experienced being “conned” or “seduced” into believing and trusting in an entity who was not trustworthy. We see that the experience of the con and seduction is a common experience in human life. We are sure that each of you can relate to such experiences. Again, we show you the relationship between the dimensions. Everything that exists on one dimension also exists upon all others, regardless of the size or position of the creator God involved. This is mentioned so you understand your equality. You are a creator God/Goddess just like any other, although your experience is limited to a third-dimensional creation. The lessons of all creator Gods/Goddesses within any creation will be similar because you have chosen to join forces and together co-create a particular experience.


The ovum-level destructive force soon penetrated the Order of Dari, taking over certain temples by conning the Lords and Ladies of those temples into believing that they would help in a similar way as the God/Goddess of the Ovum was conned. In so doing, the communication between the temples, and above the temples, became severed. The destructive forces invaded each Godhead/Goddesshead throughout this Ovum. Eighty-nine Godheads/Goddessheads rejected the destructive forces and have remained pure and undistorted at this current time and history upon Earth. Fifty-five Godheads/Goddessheads embraced the destructive forces to one degree or another, just like the God/Goddess of the Ovum had. Each of these creations have had problems not unlike the problems you have upon Earth.


Earlier in this chapter, we mentioned that your Godhead/Goddesshead is made up of many beings who had come together and collaborated to bring forth a particular experience of creation. Much like the Ovum, your Godhead/Goddesshead was made up of beings who were somewhat new at the role of being a creator God/Goddess of this level of creation. In their inexperience, they embraced the destructive force wholeheartedly, and it severed the communication between the Godhead/Goddesshead and the Order of Dari.


The entity who invaded your God/Goddesshead is a part of the destructive force which invaded your Ovum and is from a very high dimension in origin. For all intents and purposes, a being from such a dimension would appear like a “God” to lower dimensions such as our God/Goddesshead or from the human perspective.


Not all beings who comprise the temples that run your God/Goddesshead embraced the destructive entity. However, Lord Rama did. Most rapidly following Lord Rama’s embracing of this entity, his feminine half, Lady Rama, was destroyed. The entity then proceeded to invade each of the fourteen Creations that Lord Rama was responsible for and, over time, brought forth destruction to such a degree that three of the fourteen creations experienced “falls” into density or matter so great that it threatens the very survival of this entire God/Goddesshead. Lord Rama was unable to communicate with the temples of the Order of Dari, nor were any of the other Creator Lords and Ladies who make up the God/Goddesshead. They have been searching for a solution to the problem of a continuous “fall” that has perplexed these three creations for eons of time and have been battling with that which had conned them into embracing it.


Just like the human form experiences pain of both a physical and emotional nature, so does Lord Rama. Each time another sector of his creation “falls,” it is a very painful experience. We point this out to assist our readership in understanding that what you feel, God/Goddess also feels, and that we are all healing together. Lady Gaia is the body of Mother Earth. Each action that increases pollution puts Lady Gaia in pain. It is not unlike the human experience of having a body dying from cancer or some other illness, and the pain is equally difficult to experience.


Reversing the Distortion


The Order of Dari and many beings from many dimensions above the Order of Dari have sent a part of themselves into your creation to intervene. Our intervention does not mean, however, that we will ascend Earth for humanity, for this would be a distortion that you call “codependence”. Our intervention will clear the pathway of ascension to make the ascension of Earth a possibility that does not currently exist without our intervention. Once the possibility of ascension has been created, it will be up to many people on Earth to “intend” ascension into reality. If humanity does not pull together as a collective force, then Earth will not ascend.


Outside of time and space, your entire Ovum has collapsed in upon itself into a black hole with all life lost. Many of you have heard of the concept of “going back into time” and “reweaving the collective dream” which was created at a time that has long since come and gone. As your Ovum collapsed, all of the information surrounding what occurred to cause such a collapse had been lost. The God/Goddess beyond the Ovum have come back into time to collect the lost information and to see if the distortion that this creation has moved into can be reversed such that this Ovum could be brought back to life. The God/Goddess beyond the Ovum have sent in a part of themselves to collect data and attempt to reverse the process of distortion.


Karma, as you know it, is cause and effect. We know that karma acts much like a broken record. Once a pattern of cause and effect has been experienced between two individuals, that same pattern repeats over and over again until one individual or the other decides to release the pattern and grow beyond it. The Ovum that collapsed created karma which guaranteed the entire experience to happen again unless the information which caused the collapse and the karmic patterns involved were released. The God/Goddess beyond the Ovum have to send a part of themselves back into time to collect data and heal karma to ensure that such destruction and distortion do not occur again elsewhere within creation.


Those who have ventured into this creation from the God/Goddess beyond the Ovum are here to collect data, heal karma, and attempt to reverse the distortion. Reversing the distortion is not guaranteed unless many within the distortion pulls together to bring this goal to fruition. If many do not pull together to reverse the distortion, the data collected is enough to ensure that this level of destruction will not happen again and will supply the God/Goddess beyond the Ovum with the lesson and experience that occurred as a result of their thoughtform.


Separation of Consciousness and Life


One may wonder what thoughtform the God/Goddess beyond the Ovum would have that would create such destruction as the destruction we have experienced within this creation. The thought that God/Goddess had were twofold: one being, “What occurs when one separates life from consciousness?”, and “What occurs when yin and yang, light and dark, become intertwined?” We can ascertain from the very experiences upon Earth exactly what happens from these two thoughtforms.


Your human experience is an extreme example of the separation of consciousness and life. In most human lives, there is little or no communication between the soul and the body. For the vast majority of humanity, the body goes about life as if it does not have a soul, often believing that the non-physical, intangible world does not exist. The separation between the conscious and unconscious experiences can be so extreme that it is not unusual upon Earth to have a personality who is extremely loving upon the conscious physical plane and extremely destructive in their non-physical manifestations. The extreme destructiveness accrues vast amounts of karma the personality has no knowledge of and, yet, has to be counterbalanced, nonetheless. You may wonder about those lifetimes of extreme victimization some seem to experience for which there is no explanation upon Earth. These lifetimes are the result of very dark, unconscious karma which must be balanced to keep the energy flow of their soul in balance. So, we can say that the separation of consciousness and life also creates the experiences of pain and victimization.


The separation of consciousness from life also creates a living form that is extremely mechanized, a living machine to a certain degree. If you look at your planet at large, you will see that your nature kingdom is not unlike a living machine. Your birds, animals and plants only have a small repertoire of behavior to choose from which includes the experience of birth, death and preying upon one another for sustenance. It is as if they are biological machines programmed to repeat the same routine, day in and day out, year in and year out.


We, as the Order of Dari, can show you many creations that are undistorted in which an entire nature kingdom is fully conscious and capable of shapeshifting into any form the consciousness desires to experience. These creations are filled with joy and creative self-expression. These experiences are experienced only in those Godheads/Goddessheads who have retained their original design and intent and have not yet moved into the experience of distortion. We share this with you to remind each of you of what you once experienced within the very creation you currently exist, for unlimited creativity was also a part of the original blueprint for your creation.


Mechanization is Devoid of Life Force


Much like your nature kingdoms, humanity has also become very mechanized. Although you may have a larger repertoire of behavior from which to choose, much more is repeated day in and day out than not. In addition to the human behavior which is repetitive and mechanized, your civilization has also created many machines which have taken over what the human form once did physically. Although one may consider this progress, the machines that do what a human once did are devoid of love and life force. The mechanization of your civilization has resulted in moving further and further from the love of the land, further and further from life and the very life force that sustains you.


The mechanization of your reality is a result of the loss of consciousness or the separation of consciousness from life. When consciousness is removed from life, life results in the experience of a living machine that can only repeat the patterns inherent in the biology. Many of you have heard of the “Greys” and the “Reptilians”. These races have no souls. The souls who once embodied within their species retracted over time because of the pain. When the pain is so great that the soul can no longer sustain itself, the soul leaves, leaving behind a living machine that is soulless. These races are extreme examples of such an experience. If humanity were not to reverse their current evolutionary path, they too, if given enough time, would end up soulless.


Many of you have heard that if humanity and Earth ascend that these races (such as the Greys and Reptilians) will cease to exist. They will cease to exist because Earth’s ascension will increase the vibration of the universe to such an extent that the very vibrations of pain, anger and fear these races live in biologically will cease to be a reality within our universe. In our review of their thoughtform as the Order of Dari, there is nothing that can be done to reverse this, because evolution always requires the presence of a soul to evolve a species. Without a soul, their species have no hope of evolution and, therefore, must cease to exist sooner or later.


If humanity and Earth ascend, you will, over time, begin to experience a reversal of the state of mechanization that humanity currently lives in. In time, humanity (along with your nature kingdoms) will become increasingly capable of unlimited creative self-expression and magic and thus return your creation to the state of unlimited joy and creativity it once existed in so very long ago.


Intertwining of Yin and Yang


The second thought that God/Goddess outside of your Ovum had was, “What occurs when yin and yang, black and white are intertwined”? Within the Earth plane and human experience, we can see clearly what happens when yin and yang are mixed, when black and white are intertwined. There are many within human form who seem loving, who seem to wish to “do only good” for their fellow humans and human civilization. And yet, if their actions were examined, we would find that they were actually working only to serve their own personal gain, whether it be financial or otherwise. There are also, conversely, those who seem “dark and unloving” who actually are, if one were to be in their presence, quite loving and concerned for humanity at large. This is one of the consequences of mixing up the yin and yang, the black and the white.


Another aspect of this thoughtform or paradigm (the mixing of the black and the white, the yin and the yang) is the confusion surrounding spiritual evolution. There are many upon the Earth plane who have sought to ascend, who have sought the higher principles of spiritual evolution. When black and white is intertwined, it is difficult for an initiate to know which way to go. They may choose a path which appears loving, which appears to offer movement towards “God” and toward evolution and find that it actually offers nothing of the kind. An example of this are those who have chosen austere lifetimes as monks of one sort or another, only to discover at the end of their lifetimes that they were no closer to “God” or evolution than any other lifetime.


Conversely, there are those amongst you who have experienced extremely loving lifetimes in tribal environments of one sort or another. These lifetimes may seem devoid of spiritual concepts and thoughtform, and yet the love contained within these experiences may seem closer to the love of “God” than a lifetime of a monk or other conscious spiritual pursuit. These experiences are the result of the mixing up on the black and white, the yin and yang. For in the mixing up of love and non-love, that which is deemed to be loving and godlike (such as a lifetime of spiritual devotion as a monk) will prove to be non-loving, and the lifetime which is deemed to be unloving and un-godlike (such as a lifetime within a tribe) will prove to be loving and more godlike.


In the confusion of white and black, yin and yang, good and evil, spiritual evolution becomes confusing. We can see from the human experience that in the confusion of which path is good and which not good, the process of evolution slows down and eventually ceases altogether. For the souls of such an experience do not know which path is moving towards love and God and which is not.


Imbalance of Masculine and Feminine Energies


In the West, the mixture of yin and yang has also resulted in many sociological changes. In the West, the feminine took on a masculine vibration around the turn of the century and brought forth the “Women’s movement”. The Women’s movement has polarized women into masculine pursuits. The feminine form now interested in masculine business pursuits is a good archetypal example of the shift in polarities that has occurred within the West. Here we find the feminine form devoid of any femininity or true feminine power, who has embraced what is deemed powerful to the masculine form, which is greed, wealth, and separatism.


The separation of the masculine and feminine (and the separation of their gifts and talents) are greatly misunderstood within the distortion of Earth and within your creation. The feminine form is powerful in a different way from the masculine. The feminine is powerful in her ability to love and intuit or perceive the future. The masculine is powerful in his ability to manifest and create that which the feminine intuits. The masculine and feminine require each other, and in a state of divine union, the two energies come to balance.


When the masculine energies are devoid of the feminine energies, creation and manifestation become overvalued. Greed and hoarding results. The pursuit of greed and manifestation devoid of love or consideration of how such manifestations affect the well-being of Mother Earth is the result of masculine energy run rampant without the feminine energy in counterbalance. Those in feminine form who have adopted the masculine pursuit of greed and manifestation are equally out of balance. If true feminine power is restored upon the Earth plane, there is a potential of bringing the restoration of love to Earth. The love of the feminine has the potential to restore the respect and honor to the land, the respect and honor of all lifeforms upon Earth. The love of the feminine has the potential to ascend Earth. This will require the feminine to rise in power and come together as a collective voice in a way they have yet to accomplish.


The biological ascension of form brings forth the restoration of the correct pursuit of power. Power (as humanity has known it for many thousands of years now) has been based upon greed and wealth and has never held the well-being of the whole of Earth or Mother Earth in mind. Ascension and the genetic alterations inherent within its manifestation brings forth a resurgence of power based upon the love of the whole, the love of all. Ascension brings forth a restoration of inner power within those who have felt disempowered. Conversely, for those who have been falsely empowered by greed and wealth, ascension brings forth a correction that results in a loss of wealth and false power and a resurgence of true power that is based upon unity and the greatest good of the whole.


Reweaving the Collective Dream for Ascension


Each of you who takes your personal ascension now will begin to reweave the collective dream of the Earth plane. The current collective dream for Earth does not contain the possibility of her ascension at this time. As enough human beings (one percent of your current population) begin to embody 5,024 segments of DNA or higher, they will begin to reweave the collective dream for humanity upon the Earth plane. As one embodies 5,024 segments of DNA, they embody the state of the Bodhisattva or the state of harmlessness. As enough embody the state of the Bodhisattva, they will collectively anchor the golden octave of the Buddha upon the Earth plane. It will be from the golden octave of the Buddha that the new dream for Earth’s future can be woven. The new dream that those who embody the state of the Bodhisattva will weave will contain the thoughtforms of peace, love, unity and enough for all. The new dream that those who embody this state will weave will contain the possibility of ascension for Mother Earth.


As enough initiates intend to ascend, the collective dream for Mother Earth can be rewoven. It may be that the majority of initiates who intend to ascend and accomplish this goal are feminine in form. It may be that the majority of initiates who ascend and reweave the collective dream for Mother Earth are feminine in form. It may be that the rise of feminine power and voice alters the course of history for the Earth plane.


All things exist within the potential future of any one individual or collective group of individuals. It is our goal to inspire those who read this material to the purpose and goal they entered the Earth plane to accomplish. It will only be as enough intend to move forth in their purpose that the dream can be rewoven in a way that love, unity and enough for all can become a reality upon Earth.


The Order of Dari Took Over the Karmic Boards


We, from the Order of Dari, invite our readership to connect with us, to allow us to support your movement towards your personal ascension, and to allow us to support your I AM Presence in fulfilling your soul purpose and mission upon the Earth plane. We have anchored 800 temples upon Earth for this purpose and have brought forth healing guides and support from outside of your God/Goddesshead and from beyond the level of distortion you currently experience. Our temples may be visited during meditation or during dreamtime.


We have come at the request of Lady Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth. Lady Gaia has felt deeply unsupported by the Lords who have governed her and this creation for so very long. It is Lady Gaia’s wish to end the destruction that has permeated her reality and experience and bring forth an ascension for her embodiment and all who exist upon her. We have come to support her in her intend to ascend.


There are also those who made contact with us and requested support for their personal ascension as well as for Earth. Asur’Ana made contact with us out of deep distress and the realization that help was needed from beyond this creation if Earth were to ascend. In their distress and continued realization that the Lords who had governed this creation for so long lacked the information to reverse the distortion, they requested assistance. Their prayers and requests for assistance have been answered. The Order of Dari is acting as a communications link between Earth and the God/Goddess of the Ovum and the God/Goddess beyond the Ovum, bringing in support and assistance from high dimensions that have never been experienced within your creation.


The Order of Dari has recently taken over all Karmic Boards throughout your creation. The destructive forces which have pervaded and governed your Godhead/Goddesshead and your creation for so very long now had invaded your karmic boards and distorted the justice system throughout your creation. Much like the justice systems upon Earth (which are corrupt and serve those with power and wealth in a different way from the rest), the karmic boards throughout your creation have been equally corrupt.


The karmic boards of the past have regularly assigned karma accrued by destructive souls to creative souls. This has caused the punishment for such karma to be taken by creative forces, which ultimately caused all creative forces to lose their power. When any being misuses power, it is the right of the karmic board to remove the information and power that was misused until the being learns not to misuse such resources. When karma is assigned to a creative being who had not actually perpetrated the act, their power and information is taken away as punishment. The being who actually committed the crime (who is usually a destructive force) has gone unpunished and goes on to repeat the action again elsewhere within creation.


All karmic records are currently being sorted through, and the misassigned karma is gradually being adjusted by those Karmic Board representatives who have come from the Order of Dari. We share this with our readership because many initiates carry a deep sense of guilt or the feeling of having sinned. The deep sense of having sinned may be the result of carrying dark karma that was never truly perpetrated by your soul. A creative soul understands love and would never wish to harm another. A destructive soul does not understand love and in the lack of understanding perpetrates harmfulness or destructiveness wherever it goes and with whomever it touches. A destructive soul lacks consciousness and conscious understanding of “sin” or “guilt”. We invite those initiates who wish their karmic records researched and adjusted to visit the Karmic Board during meditation or dreamtime.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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