Image of a majestic tiger lying down and looking up at us. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail

5. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail


Blessings for Holding One’s Boundaries in Ascension


The Tiger Kingdom


The Tiger Kingdom has much to say today about our purpose and how we may serve you in your choice to ascend. The purpose of the Tiger Kingdom is to hold the boundaries of Terra (Earth). Boundaries are thoughtform that set precedence for what one will allow in their field, and what one will not allow or in other terms push out. Thoughtform that is destructive often allows entities that are abusive and harmful to use a field to target harm at others, or receive harm from others causing mutilation of both a nonphysical or physical form.


For a long time, Terra has suffered from the harm emanating from other planets and stars towards her. Such harm has been used to pierce her field, and the blows shattering her grid work, which is then stripped. As more of the grid work is stripped, records, chi, information, moving energy systems are also then pulled apart. This ultimately has led to fall after fall in vibration and consciousness for Terra over time.


In Terra’s ascension, she is learning not to allow such blows towards her field any longer, and to retrieve all that has been lost over time. In the ongoing retrieval of lost knowledge, Terra is able to reconstruct her field as it was at each phase of prior fall in consciousness. In so doing, she is playing out her many falls in reverse, and will continue to build herself until she enters the fourth and then fifth dimension in her global ascension.


Terra’s Illness and Detoxification Process


One might think of Terra as a sick or deformed human. All illness in the human dance is a reflection of the same pattern in which one has stripped another of the information necessary to hold their vibration and form in health, and in the loss of records the other becomes ill. Terra, in her own way, has been a very ill planet, equivalent to one in human form with terminal cancer. It is for this reason that those in human form whom suffer from disease will find much compassion from Terra, as this too has been her experience.


The toxic waste that is emitted by the human dance is just a reflection of Terra’s toxic thoughtform, thoughtform that says “I must sacrifice myself for the well-being of another to the brink of death and extinction”. Any human that has a disease holds a parallel thoughtform. Through ascension, thoughtform can be modified a little at a time until it ceases to be what it once was. As the thoughtform of self-destruction is modified, the damage allowed to one’s field through such beliefs can begin to be reversed. Terra is recovering from cancer at this time. One would equate her current state in ascension with the concept of a “remission”.


Form along with the genetic components is the result of the thoughts of God Goddess All That Is, of which one is a part. As one modifies the thoughts of the God Goddess within, genetics alter and form changes. For Terra, a period of great detoxification begins now in which all that remains with toxic thoughtform and patterning will cease to exist upon her embodiment or in other terms upon the land. This detoxification process shall come forth over the coming quarter century cycle.


One might equate this in human form with going upon a special diet of food to assist the body enough to detoxify an illness. Through ingesting special herbs, fasting on fruits and vegetables, and taking time to detoxify the human form, it can recover. Terra is going on a detoxification program that will shed from her skin that which continues to pollute or damage her in any manner so that she may recover in full from her disease, and ascend to the next dimension.


Increasing the Light and Decreasing the Darkness


Form is form, and all form mimics God Goddess All That Is. If each human were to magnify the grid work of the etheric body to be proportionate to the size of your planet, one would see the equivalent of their nighttime sky in their own form. There are tiny points of lights, much like the stars, with vast space between or darkness. The darkness is indeed density. Ascension brings about an increasing of the light and a decreasing of the dark. In time, your nighttime skies will not be dark at all but permeated with ongoing light. This shall occur as Terra enters the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun, at which time she will exit the unconscious or space between of your creation having completed with such an experience.


For those who are ascending, one is decreasing the darkness or space between which equates to the density of the form, and increasing the light. This has the effect of increasing the size of the points of light and shrinking the space between gradually and over time. In order to enter the fourth dimension of thoughtform, one must be 70% light and 30% density or dark. To enter the fifth dimension, one must be 80% light and 20% density. Alas this is impossible to accomplish without biological and genetic modifications. However, such modifications are coming forth in newborn children of all species, including humans, and therefore shall occur gradually and over the coming few centuries and into the next millennia.


Recovery from Disease Through Ascension


For most humans, taking the form from cancer to ascension to the fourth or fifth dimension will not be possible. However, a recovery from the cancer and an opportunity to witness the unfolding new era and new civilization born for the human dance founded upon unity is a possibility. Many a human may begin their recovery from disease through ascension now that Terra has accomplished this in her own ascension, as Terra has anchored the possibility of this when prior to her last global initiation, this was only a hope and not a reality.


For those with healthier forms, there is the possibility of riding the wave of ascension from third to fourth to fifth dimensional awareness. Terra is proceeding slowly, and therefore one may be able to go with her over the coming 1,000-year cycle, living to see entry into the Photon Belt and the ongoing restructuring of her form into seeming molten lava in the third dimension. One’s own form will mimic such changes through ascension and will also appear as molten lava in the third dimension as one moves into the fifth.


In order to recover from disease or even ascend, one must become clear about their boundaries. Sometimes boundaries are held through anger. Much like the roar of a Bengal Tiger, those who would threaten to continue to do damage to one’s field are held at bay as one stands their ground and terrorizes the forces of the dark into retracting. Much like a war, in which one has soldiers holding the line in any given battle, those that tend to be inwardly harmful must learn to fight, fight for their right to recover and ascend. It has been in the choice not to fight back that one has been compromised again and again throughout one’s ancestry into disease.


Holding One’s Boundaries


Asur’Ana’s predisposition is towards peace, nonviolence, and harmlessness. She learned early in her ascension that if she failed to fight those entities that were beating up her energy field, she would not only fail to ascend, but would also rapidly become diseased and die. Often, Tiger would appear to remind her to hold her boundaries, and growl at the dark showing Asur’Ana that she required taking an aggressive stance in order to win.


The dark when puffed up and assured of themselves are relentless warriors. When deflated due to one who will fight back, they become scared rabbits and run off and hide. Soon, she learned that simply screaming at the beings in her mind and slashing them with a sword of light was enough to cause them to never return again, so terrified they would become.


Karmic Harm vs. Non-Karmic Harm


In a similar manner, Tiger patrols Terra’s boundaries day and night, terrorizing those that might like to infringe upon her outside of the dance of karma. There is a difference between karmic harm and non-karmic harm, and Tiger would like to explain. Karmic harm is any incident of harm that is founded upon karma that has yet to be released by Terra, or a human for that matter. Such harm often occurs just as Terra is about to release the karma and bring to consciousness the agreements and incurred the violation long ago. As the agreements are released, the harm is reversed, and Terra transcends the next layer of violations against her over time.


Non-karmic harm is harm that is perpetrated without karmic agreements or bonds and through manipulations of one sort or another. Sometimes karma is inserted into the field that is not Terra’s and then harm acted upon that is not truly karmic. Sometimes thoughtform that Terra has already transcended is thrown back into her field allowing the violation to occur yet once again. Sometimes the forces of the dark construct psychic machinery that overrides Terra’s will again causing her harm. Such manipulated harm incurs more karma for the perpetrators. It is non-karmic harm that Tiger wards off day and night, and such harm would impinge so much upon Terra’s field that she would not be able to ascend. As it is for Terra in her global ascension, so it is for human ascension.


Ascending humans are faced with karmic and non-karmic harm just as Terra is. For a long time, the dark have run rampant control over Earth and all upon her, including the human dance. This has also been so with Terra’s own ascension, which has progressed slowly towards its goal. However over recent years, Terra has come to understand the manipulations and karma surrounding how and why the dark came to be in her creation, and the karma has been released at long last. As a result, the forces of the dark plaguing Terra and ascending humans have now been pushed from Earth. This shall allow other human initiates to ascend with greater ease. As the dark leave, an understanding of how they perpetrated non-karmic harm has been gained, and the machinery and equipment to perpetrate such is being removed from Terra altogether at this time.


Surrender to the Changes


Many do not realize that it is the very beings that many in the metaphysical movement have worshipped that are behind the non-karmic harm. Such beings view Terra’s ascension as a loss so great that they were willing to sacrifice all to retain their dominion. This is neither right nor wrong, but such beings are so lost, they do not remember that there are other dances possible outside of the dance upon Earth, and that the other dances will lead them “home” one day. Sad, to see that which is so lost and remembers so little that it holds on to what it knows in such great terror of change.


And yet how many humans are in terror of change? Change plagues the nature kingdoms not, for we do not perceive reality as humans do, from such a limited vantage point. We guide humans to surrender to the change. As one releases, embracing the change with ease, moving where one is required to continue to ascend, life will flow with joy, ease, and into greater experiences of freedom and expansiveness.


Full Consciousness


What would Tiger like to tell our human ascending masters today? Stand tall in your truth beloved. You are God Goddess in form, and a fully conscious species. Full consciousness equates to understanding in form who and what you are, and what your truth is. At this time, nature does not understand this as form, only as soul and in the nonphysical realms. Humans hold the keys to the recovery of each kingdom to a state of full consciousness, and it is for this reason that we watch your ascensions so intensely. For we too are headed towards full consciousness, and if humans can restore their own biology to such a state, so can we, although our journey shall be much longer, for we have fallen further than human.


What is full consciousness? Full consciousness is a biological level of awareness in which one understands inside of form the nature of one’s reality, and all that one understands as soul in the dreamtime realms. Once there were Great Human Masters that understood the entire dance of soul, evolution, dreamtime, and the nonphysical multidimensional dance of your creation. Indeed, there are some like Asur’Ana that have begun to recall what their ancient ancestors inherently understood as Great Masters. The time of the return of the Great Human Masters is upon you, beloved. Such Masters shall lead humanity home. Such Masters shall come now en masse through the newborn children in the years ahead.


You may call upon Tiger as your boundaries are violated in any manner. If there is karmic cause, Tiger will assist you in discerning who the karma is with and when it was incurred so that you may release it. If it is a non-karmic violation, Tiger will assist you in undoing the manipulation and standing in your truth such that your boundaries shall hold.


Sometimes nature can and will take on karma of the human species to assure a successful ascension of the whole. Many ailments of any pet are generally the owner’s issues that the pet has assumed. As the pet owner retrieves his or her own patterns, the pet may well have an opportunity to recover.


Humanity does not cause extinction beloved, as each species controls the numbers born each year, even in lieu of toxic substances or human populations overrunning our territory. Most species are ascending out of the toxic dance and in a few short years, there will be no human-made substance that shall affect those with a crystalline form. As for human populations, this too is anticipated to dwindle in the coming 30-year cycle of global cleansing. We look forward to the day when Tiger and human may live side by side in peace.


Tiger is related to shark in the aquatic realm. Shark too patrols the boundaries of Terra as Shark and Tiger is one and the same energy field. Many a human is frightened of Shark as well as Tiger. Beloved, all species react to human fear, and it is the fear that humans are in that causes any species to attack. Without fear, humans and all species will live together in peace, unity and non-violence.


In the Hawaiian tradition, Shark was revered as a master of the sea. Shark was often prayed to if there were dwindling supplies of fish to feed the populace. Shark then communicated with the fish to move closer to the shore to assure that our human brothers and sisters were fed and nourished. Both Tiger and Shark invite humans to cease to fear either of us, and understand the important contribution our species makes to the whole of Earth.


Many blessings upon your journey.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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