Image of two black crows. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind

6. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind


Blessings for True Law and the Return of Truth


The Crow Kingdom


Crow represents the keeper of true law. True law is founded upon karma, and karma determines the dance of relations in present time and in ascension. Karma holds a particular dance in place until it has been released and transcended in full. It is through transcendence that freedom from karmic relations is found. As karmic relations are transcended more and more in the human dance, unity becomes the outcome with humans dancing together in equality and joy.


It may be difficult for humans to understand that all human relations are karmic. There is not one friend that one has that one holds not a karmic bond to. There is not one family member in one’s birth family that one does not have karma with. There is not one job one has ever had that was not the result of requiring to settle a prior karmic debt. Furthermore, there is not one product that one purchases in human form, nor one institution one relies upon such as the bank, that is not founded upon a karmic debt. Crow is the keeper of the knowledge or karma, what is true karma, and what is false. We are also the keeper of the information on how to balance the scales relieving oneself of all debt over time through ascension.


Blessing One’s Food Source


Crow has an ocean counterpart, which is Salmon. At one time, Salmon was revered by North American Natives as a food source, which sustained their life and well-being, particularly as salmon moved upstream to spawn its young. Much like Buffalo for the Native American plains people, those in the Northwestern regions relied upon salmon fat to endure the lengthy winters.


Salmon like Buffalo has agreements to support human well-being and does so in love, although not much love until recent times was returned by humans harvesting Salmon global wide. This is changing at last as more humans remember to bless their food. In the act of blessing, one honors the kingdoms that sacrifice themselves for the sustenance of one’s existence, and returns the chi in a balanced dance of giving and receiving so that more young ones may come forth to continue to feed humankind. This is true law in action, which equates to balance in giving and receiving.


As salmon moves upstream to spawn, bear feasts. In the feast is a dance of communion between the souls of salmon and bear. In the communion, bear returns equal chi to the life ingested in the feast, which cause more eggs to be laid so that there are plenty of new salmon in the year ahead. The Natives consuming Salmon would remember this law and honor the kingdom, and in exchange were blessed with plenty of salmon in exchange year after year to feast upon.


Humans in forgetfulness fail to bless their food source. This is why food does not grow in plenty, and humans have learned to rely upon artificial fertilizers to force the plants to grow. Now are also hatcheries in which fish are farmed. Such fish and food source is devoid of soul, and cannot ascend. As such food source dies, humans will be left to hunting and gathering again, unless more conscious farming practices come forth in the human dance. One of the intents laid forth by ascending humans convening in dreamtime this past month was for more conscious farming to come forth so that those humans who do survive and ascend are not left to starve in the coming 25-year period of cleansing. Many may also be called to return to the garden, raising the basics for one’s own family or community in their own backyard. In so doing, one will place the chi and love into the land, and the land will reap plenty of food in return out of the love shared between human souls and the souls of the nature kingdoms.


Return of True Law and Balanced Giving and Receiving


Most humans other than indigenous peoples have lost the remembrance of true law and balanced giving and receiving. Through the consumption of salmon, all humans are being re-infused with the vibrations of true law. In so doing, and in the coming decade, humans shall begin to relate to one another differently and founded again upon true law.


The current law that humankind functions upon is far off course from true law. Humans are taxed and pay interest to humans that give nothing in exchange, creating a deficit, which expresses itself in poverty, hunger and homelessness. Why is this so? To the extreme that one pole is expressed, which is wealth through taxation and banking, to equal extreme must the other pole be expressed, which is starvation, hunger and homelessness. As humanity awakens again to true law, Crow foresees that there will be a restoration of balanced giving and receiving that shall occur. As this occurs, so also will the experiences of starvation, hunger and homelessness come to an end.


There is a saying in Hawaii surrounding “living from what the land and sea can give”. At another time and in Hawaiian Fishing Villages, where all grew taro plants in the garden and harvested their needs from the sea, such humans lived freely and without penalty. Indeed, as the white man populated Hawaii; fishing was outlawed, along with Hawaiian Fishing Villages. The Hawaiians were asked to pay taxes, which forced many from their own homes and gardens and pushed to work for the sugar and pineapple barons. So greedy are the barons and humans behind the banks of your world that over time, any natural means of supporting a human existence has been outlawed in most parts of your world.


This is an extreme example of imbalanced giving and receiving. However, any extreme polarity will swing the other way, and sooner or later the expression of living from the land in balanced giving and receiving will again be so. Such is the nature of the swing of the poles, and to the degree it is extreme in one direction, so it also will become in the other. One may look at the current tax and banking systems and wonder how this may come about? How can they possibly be restructured? We suspect that they will collapse as humans ascend and either refuse to pay by returning to bartering with one another, cutting the “middle man” out of the dance, or die off in large enough numbers that there are simply not enough paying those who benefit.


Humans have reached a place where they are so convinced that food comes from the grocery store or restaurant that the remembrance of how to grow and gather food has been forgotten. This is tough, as if times change, how will such humans feed themselves? Salmon is infusing humans with the remembrance of how to grow and gather food so that they will remember when the time comes, and will therefore survive. All kingdoms love our human brothers and sisters, who have fallen into great forgetfulness, and in so doing, are our teachers. You teach us about what not to create next time, and as all kingdoms rise out of the dance that has not supported the whole, a new and wondrous tomorrow will be born. And to this we look forward to, as the new era will be one of unity and joy amongst all species including humankind.


True law in the human dance requires that one balance the scales of karma only with those that one sincerely has karma with. Our translator has written much about the manipulations that occur unconsciously amongst all humans, one of which includes karmic manipulation. It is not unusual for humans to displace karma on to others, and this is standard practice in your shopping malls and grocery stores. The stores place karma on to humans so that they will be obligated to buy buy buy their merchandise keeping the store in business; the more successful the store at displacing karma, the larger the chain or the bigger the mall. Ascending humans will require becoming aware of the manipulations of karma, returning that which belongs not to oneself, as otherwise one will be forever enslaved to an environment and preoccupation that does not support one’s evolution.


For it is not just malls and shops that displace karma, but all industries, including the banks, education system, government, corporations and businesses of all kind. The more successful the industry, bank or business or the more wealthy the country, the better gifted at the displacement of karma on to those who buy buy buy of their products of services and pay taxes. How can one ever balance giving and receiving under such a circumstance? One must balance giving and receiving in order to ascend. And is this not why the forces of the dark set up such an inequitable system in the first place, to assure non-ascension of humankind which ensures their continued dominion over Earth?


Suggested Intents for Completion


Ascending humans will pull out of the dance in due course. Those mapmaking ascension are finding a means out of the dance of karma through the transcendence of karma, and then the balancing of the scales each day, week, month and year of their ascension with all one knows. How does one balance the scales? One intends completion. Here are some suggested intents that shall assist each in rectifying the karmic manipulations that occur in such great prevalence in the human dance. One may make these intents each day in meditation:


  1. “I intend to complete with all family members, friends and acquaintances each day. I intend to balance the scales of karma and chi in full.”
  2. “I intend to complete with my employer and employees or fellow workmates each day. I intend to balance the scales of karma and chi in full.”
  3. “I intend to complete with all industries, banks, food providers, malls and specialty store chains that I frequent each day. I intend to balance the scales of karma and chi in full.”


In so making these intents, the scales of giving and receiving may be rebalanced after interactions that may cause karma to go greatly out of imbalance through karmic manipulation. In so doing, one will be able to ascend in ease, for the calling of completion causes any karma that is not one’s own or has not one’s own energy signature to be returned to its source of origin.


There are two types of completion, major and minor. Minor completion allows the scales of karma to be balanced after all interactions in a particular day, week, month or year. Major karmic completion brings about change. There are non-ascending humans in any ascending human’s life dance. As such, there may be a time when all karma is settled between you, and this will cause an ending of the relationship. If the relationship is with one’s employer, one will change jobs. If the completion is with the bank, one will change banks. If the completion is with one’s spouse, one will divorce and move on to their sovereign journey. If the completion is with the region that one lives, one will move.


If one completes all karma without ascending, one will die as one is complete with the physical plane. Intending completion without the intent to ascend will indeed shorten the life span. However in ascension, there is always more ancestral karma in the next vibrational bandwidth that one has risen into, and as such there is always more karma to complete upon between oneself and all others. Little by little, as one rises to full consciousness, all karma between all humans is released in full for one’s ancestry, and then one is completely free. Asur’Ana is embarking upon this state in the year ahead, and will write more about what it means to live beyond the dance of karma that has driven all human relations for 200,000 years.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


Correcting One’s Tapestry of Ancestry


True law states that only karma that is legitimately one’s own must be paid upon in order to settle any debt. Any manipulation of karma added either in one’s present life or in one’s past ancestral inheritance is null and void. For a long time, and before this was understood, Asur’Ana fulfilled upon a lot of debt that was not sincerely her own. As she came to understand this, she intended all karma without her personal energy signature as uncovered in her entire tapestry of ancestry to be removed, and anything missing or given to others recalled. This too is a good intent for ascending humans to make, along with retrieving parts of one’s tapestry that have also gone to another in the dance.


Due to the scrambling of karma, pieces and parts of one’s own true inheritance have gone to another, either in one’s present life or in one’s past life ancestral dance. In the straightening out of the tapestry of ancestry, this is rectified, and one may be ensured that one is clearing only one’s own karma in ascension. One may intend to repair the tapestry of ancestry before falling asleep at night, and so it will be done.


To ascend, the initiations require that a complete tapestry that is sincerely one’s own inheritance be present. Otherwise, whose karma are you settling, and what genetic information are you anchoring in the form and ascending into? If it is not truly one’s own inheritance, how could it possibly be compatible with one’s current form, and if not compatible, the dissonance will increase causing biological illness rather than ascension. For this reason, correcting the tapestry of ancestry is most important for ascending initiates.


Sometimes, as one corrects their tapestry for the first time, they may discover that the job that they have or the spouse that they are with is the result of a manipulation, and that there is no karma to call one to the dance. This would invoke a major completion and most likely a separation. Over the coming 18 months, the tapestry of ancestry of all humans who are ascending en masse (7 billion planet wide) will alter. In so doing, there will be much change as so many humans are living lives not founded upon true karmic inheritance, so manipulated the human tapestry of ancestry has become.


For those that are ascending, change becomes a way of life the further one moves up in vibration. Perhaps you will be present to support the others who are just rising to the occasion, so to speak, allowing them to better understand all of the change in their life dance from the perspective of mass human evolution, and the return of true law. After all, is this not what becoming a leader in the ascension movement is all about? Such leadership may not involve being a teacher of ascension, but rather a voice to all that one knows who is experiencing the changes inherent in ascension. This form of leadership is as valid as any other form beloved.


Coming to Balance


Crow has often danced for Asur’Ana. Once on a trip to the South West and on a trail in Sedona Arizona, two crows danced for her. They made so much noise as the wings hit the wind that she thought there had to be a helicopter nearby. So surprised was she that it was simply the sound of our feathers as they danced in the wind as we circled one another. Asur’Ana has called upon our presence for many years, and even in her early ascension, which began almost two decades ago. She was drawn to Native American teachings, and connected to the nature realms as a result.


We would assist Asur’Ana in understanding where she was out of balance in her life dance, guiding her to give less and receive more. Many upon the spiritual path give and give and give, until there is nothing left as there is nothing in return. Crow will assist those who are predisposed to giving too much to come to balance; likewise, for those predisposed to taking too much, we too will assist you also in returning to balance. Often when one gives too much in one area of one’s life dance, one receives too much in another. Balanced giving and receiving equates to the balance of all dances, with all others, and with all groups or institutions in human form along with all other species upon Earth.


As one begins to come to balance, one may find that there is a long-term deficit in one direction. One initiate whom we shall call Victoria had deprived herself of the things she longed for, and for a three-month period she spent spent and spent, filling herself with the longing that she had denied herself. Crow was present to witness this, and observed Victoria going from depleted to full in the experience. In the fullness, Victoria found that she didn’t desire anything much any longer, and balanced giving and receiving was the end result thereafter. Each will have one’s own experience of coming to balance with giving and receiving through ascension.


True Law also outlaws karmic infractions. Sometimes ascending initiates have found themselves attacked by those that they have no karma with. Under such a circumstance, they would take their case to the karmic board and a settlement would be made. Those allowing the attack through their unconscious that was outside of the laws of karma now had a debt, and the debt was inherited by all related to their ancestry. Crow will assist in any karmic infraction that is outside of the boundaries of true law for any ascending human. One must simply call upon us for guidance and support, and so it will be.


We hope that the information shared is of support in your personal journey of ascension. Each of our kingdoms have special blessings and vibrations to share known as “medicine” by Native Americans. We provide our blessing through our translator for each who so chooses to open their heart and receive.


Many blessings upon your continued journey.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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