Magnificent image of the Arctic Circle. New Global Dreamtime Launched

5. New Global Dreamtime Launched


So many global shifts are underway at this time in preparation for the next entry into the third Star Gate towards the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun. The next entry point is during the September period of this year. More or less, Earth determines the entry time founded upon vibrational threshold that is global in nature. As Earth attains a particular vibration and energy flow in each increasing global initiation mastered in her ascent, the next level of Star Gate is passed through. More or less, each entry point increases the amount and pace of photonic energy available to fuel Earth’s continued ascent forth.


Each level of increasing photonic energy allows for the biological changes inherent in ascension to grow at a more rapid pace for all species upon Earth. At this time many species range from 1,024 to 12,000 segments of DNA depending upon origin of embodiment. Forms sitting upon lands such as islands in Hawaii, which is as a landmass pushing forth to Mahavishnu level vibration or 15,000 segments of DNA are keeping pace. Most subsequent generations of birds, land mammals, plants, trees and shrubs are matching the vibration of the land at this time.


Asur’Ana notices the vibrant and lush green color of the plant kingdoms upon Hawaii, which run from bright green to a pale turquoise color depending upon variety. The ascending flowers are more vibrant in color than ever, and healthier lasting longer than at prior times. She also notices that birds in Hawaii are embracing a more vibrant color in each subsequent generation of increasing genetic materials, along with an emerging crystalline diaphragm. The crystalline diaphragm and form cause such birds to be rounder and larger than before.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


In the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia, the land measures roughly 6,000 segments of DNA. The plant kingdoms and birds appear healthy, strong and vibrant in nature. Along the coastline both south and north of Sydney, the land measures 1,800 segments. The seagulls and plants again appear strong and healthy.


Overall, Earth as a whole is transiting 3800 as a global vibration in the physical, and 4200 in the nonphysical. The overall vibration is an average that takes the highest and lowest points and finds the middle point. Therefore, there are still some dense regions generally highly populated by humans and in the form of major cities that lie below 1024 in vibration, however even these are on the rise.


Karma and Completion


For humans at large, now is the time to ascend or completion will be the next phase of evolutionary expression in form. Completion allows for a cancellation of all karma accrued in this lifetime. If one has karmic debts from childhood or adulthood that have not been settled, the coming decade will be the time for settlement. Karma owed is a complex dance that is both ancestral and generational, along with debts acquired in one’s current life dance.


By and large, humans who are not ascending have roughly 25 ancestral lineages that were utilized to construct the form. Additionally, humans at 2 strands have lineages that only extend back in time roughly 2,000 years or from the point of Christ’s death. As such, humans at 2 strands will only be settling karma in this given life for the past 2,000 years of the human dance within one’s ancestral experience, plus whatever has been acquired within one’s given life dance. Any karma remaining upon death transfers over to one’s living ancestors related to the same 25 lineages utilized to construct the form in the womb.


At this time, Earth has tallied all karma for all humans incarnate upon Earth. The souls and counsels in governance over Earth have accomplished this through a lengthy period of “recasting” where each and every human was pulled into the Aurora during dreamtime and assessed.


Each human has a book of karma that defines what is owed, and what karma is to be settled before death in a given lifetime, or carried forward and settled through other present-day relations. Such relations are far more extensive than one’s immediate family or children as millions of humans share the same lineages. Therefore, any karma acquired by a given lineage can be settled by millions of humans; and it is through the collective dance of many of the same inheritance that all karma for any given lineage will be settled in full.


For those who are ascending, karma is even more complex as one builds the ancestral inheritance back in time to two time periods depending upon the level of ascension to be mastered. The level of ascension anticipated to be mastered by adult humans shall be limited to 3,000 or 6,000 segments of DNA, as humans are by and large so unaware of the unconscious realms that they tend to unconsciously misuse their power in a manner that is non-supportive of global ascension. It is for this reason that adult humans will give birth to a generational ascent through future generations of unborn children that shall master the upper initiations of full consciousness and beyond.


Humans ascending to 3,000 segments will build their ancestry back 40,000 to 120,000 years and settle karma from the last era known as Atlantis. Little has been written about the karma from Atlantis, but let us suffice to say that it was a repeat of the era of the Annanuki that culminated in a major nuclear war which annihilated Earth again, causing her to fall again in consciousness, and genetic material to decline so low that any hope of ascension was all but lost thereafter. Those settling karma from this era will discover a cast of characters all of their own that played out the same dance of the Annanuki more or less in form.


Humans ascending to 6,000 segments and mastering Bodhisattva level evolution will assemble their ancestry back 120,000 to 184,000 years ago and settle karma for the era of the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) who extended their lives 18,000 years through many distorted practices of karmic deferment through the sacrificial death rituals of other humans along with the consumption of human blood. It was the distortion that the Annanuki fell into that led to an era of death, decay, disease, war, deformity, along with pain, suffering, and fear for all of Earth.


As humans release their karma from the era of the Annanuki in full through ascension, a new era of peace, joy and unconditional love may follow. This, Earth and all species therein look forward to. It is anticipated that by 2028 humans ascending to 6,000 will have cleared all karma for the Annanuki reign allowing the peaceful era to unfold thereafter. The period ahead is an era of cleansing in which all lineages and genetic materials not suited to ascension will cease to exist through death and give birth to those that can ascend in future generations.


It is anticipated that the first wave of cleansing shall occur over the coming decade, where humans at 2 strands of DNA will become too compromised to continue to exist. By 2048, those who ascended to 1,024 but no further will again become too compromised to continue to exist and this will result in the second wave of cleansing. Many may die upon entry into the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun, as those without enough internal harmony will combust. However, in the combustion they will exit physicality with the consciousness carrying forward to experience the ascension of the future ancestry.


Third and fourth waves of cleansing are anticipated in the time periods of 2055-2065 where those who ascended to 3,000 may become too compromised to continue to live. And then again in the 2080-2105 time period where those who ascended to 6,000 may become too compromised to continue to live. The gift of those who have ascended to this level is the return of the conscious choice to die. One can exit not through pain or disease, but by simply understanding that one is complete with life and then going on to exit physicality in sleep through conscious choice.


It is anticipated that this group of humans ascending to 3,000 and 6,000 will have well fulfilled upon the purpose of their ascent, which is not only to clear karma from the fall of Atlantis, but also to assist in the nurturing and care of ascending children into their adult years and anchor a new form of leadership founded upon compassion.


Those ascending to 6,000 and mastering Bodhisattva will be the new wave of leadership for the coming 25-year cycle. Such humans will have mastered compassion in action and be walking examples of leadership founded upon non-conditional love and acceptance. Such humans shall begin to emerge in leadership roles beginning in 2024.


Ascension Communities


There shall be small numbers of human ascension beyond 6,000 to 15,000 and full consciousness for the purposes of releasing enough karma to allow for Mahavishnu (15,000 segments of DNA) and Full Consciousness births (36,000 segments of DNA) in the coming 18-year cycle. Such humans will never assert themselves in a leadership role but rather will remain in the background of civilization to fulfill upon their special spiritual mission.


In many regards such humans are highly sensitive and the current human expression far too dissonant to support such ascents. Therefore, such humans will retreat living very quiet lives doing simple tasks to support the form until communities of ascending humans are born. In the communities where level of evolution is honored, such humans may take a leadership role to assure the birth of a new system of human relations founded upon honor and non-conditional love.


There may be many ascending communities, however only 18 will be designated as map making communities where a new blueprint for human civilization will be experimented with and launched. Earth foresees that these communities will anchor a new blueprint for human relations in community that will then be woven into the dream of all humans global wide so that humanity at large has a new foundation to evolve into that supports the continued ascent of the whole.


Diminishing Electricity


The increasing photonic energy will begin to placate the remaining electricity upon Earth in the years ahead. Already there are reports in Sweden and Norway of random cessation of electrical flow from ascending initiates. The trains suddenly stop in the middle of a route for no apparent reason, for sometimes up to an hour, throwing the entire train schedule off for the day.


Why is this so in Norway and Sweden? Such regions are bathed not only in photon energy from the Star Gates Earth has entered already but also that which flows from the center of the Earth and Aurora therein. Therefore Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland along with the Arctic Circle is currently bathed with more photonic energy than any other region upon Earth except the south pole. One may see what will occur in the coming decade as a result and as the photonic energy is equivalent around the globe; the magnetic pulsations will cause the temporary cessation of electrical flow. Over time, the magnetic pulsations will be so strong that there will be no electrical flow whatsoever; this is anticipated to occur around 2046 and two years prior to entry into the Photon Belt itself.


Indigenous cultures are rapidly ascending at this time, along with the dolphin and whale kingdoms. Most whale and dolphin pods have reached a minimum of 2,800 segments of DNA, and such are map followers. The map makers have attained full consciousness and are moving on towards soul infusion in preparation of making the map for others of their species to follow. Human ascent is far more complex as the human species has been used unconsciously to strip Earth and strip other humans of records, grid work, information, genetic material and so on.


Human Karma


Humans have been shown to be the main agents of the False Intervention, a group of souls that are more or less information brokers that transmit information from creations that fall in consciousness to upper dimensions where such information is consumed to sustain life. Much as humans raise cattle, pig and sheep for slaughter, certain creations are slaughtered to sustain life elsewhere. The cause of this is just coming to be understood by Earth, and in so understanding, a pathway out of such a dance constructed that shall allow for resurrection, reconstitution and ascension in lieu of extinction as a future possibility.


Humans therefore bear the brunt of the karma for the falls of Earth; however, humans are not the only cause. Long before humans arrived, dolphins and whales danced with souls anchoring patterns and thoughtform that later attracted humans to dance upon Earth’s soil. Had this not occurred, humans may never have arrived or been seeded, and Earth might have been less compromised over time. However, this is not the case, and one must work with what is in order to ascend out of the dance at hand.


Ascending human form into a harmless unconscious state of being is very difficult; many fail due to unconsciously harmful patterning and the cause of such failure is so deeply imbedded in the past ancestral dance that it is hard to lift out of. So far and out of 144,000 possible lineages within the human species, only 10% or 14,000 appear capable of ascending in harmlessness. Such lineages will be the only lineages made available to incoming children after 2028, and as all karma has been released to allow for such a shift. This shall assure that all incoming children born after this time period shall have the lineages required for ascension.


What happened to the human species that causes humans to be so unconsciously and energetically abusive? Long ago, a group of souls separated off from the Tao, the consciousness from which all life emanates. As the Tao ascended home leaving only a vacant void behind, those souls left behind began to drop in consciousness and vibration.


Such souls looked around and decided something had to be done, and chose to destroy a part of self to sustain the remainder of self at the given vibration, lest all light be lost. Such souls created non-conscious machines designed to pull apart a portion of their own creations. Creation after creation was destroyed in order to sustain such souls. The pulling apart of creation did not occur easily at first. Over time, certain species were modified to allow for a more rapid pulling apart of creation. One of such species modified for such a purpose was the human species.


The human hologram was cut apart, a hole bored through the middle, and a particular thoughtform inserted to allow for destruction. Such thoughtform was explored in Chapter 20 “The Thoughtform Behind Disease” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3, as it is the same thoughtform that contributes to aging, illness, deformity and death in present time and upon Earth.


Furthermore, after the thought form was added, the lords and ladies in governance over the creation began to broadcast a particular script; a script or projection for destruction. Humans who had been modified with destructive thoughtform picked up on the script for destruction and acted it out by creating such great conflict that war and nuclear annihilation was the result, which led to a more rapid pulling apart of creation to sustain the dimensions above.


Humans in present time are familiar with such scripts. Such scripts resemble the evil plots depicted in movies by Alfred Hitchcock in which two are pitted against each other enough that one destroys the other through murder. Translated into a civilization, two nations are pitted against one another until they war, and war so greatly that the entire planet is compromised. Such scripts and the human species proved to be so useful to pull apart creations in order for such souls to hold their vibration that they have continued to this day.


It has been estimated that over 8 billion creations have been pulled apart to extinction through the use of the human species in a parallel manner. The souls who set in motion the machines to destroy so very long ago never dismantled the machinery thereafter, nor were the holograms that were altered ever repaired. The machines went on to destroy and destroy and destroy as did the human species. In the next two expansions of the Tao, creations never designated for destruction by the original set of souls left behind were also pulled apart. So many creations of the Tao have been destroyed that the Tao has extended into this creation to understand and allow for a shift in awareness that will bring an end to such ongoing and continued destruction.


For in the current phase of expansion of the Tao, the requirement to consume another creation to subsist is non-existent. There is enough chi and information to sustain the whole. However, the souls caught in this dance are so set in a particular thoughtform that they appear unable to end the destruction of their own volition and evolve into a new way of being. It is for this reason that the Tao is extending more fully into such destroyed regions and forcing souls caught in the dance “home” for recasting. In the act of recasting, the soul remembers the greater part of self before such a dance began, and then there is an opportunity in the remembrance to evolve into a new way of being.


The human species as it is represented in present time and upon Earth is not a current blueprint from the Tao for a humanoid form. The current blueprint from the Tao is androgynous and highly aware. The blueprint Earth received for human form is the manipulated form designed to assist creation in better being destroyed or pulled apart for the purposes of consumption. Therefore, a new holographic blueprint for the human species is being devised to allow for the ascent out of the destructive nature and into a harmless and peaceful state of being again.


Such a difficult task; and yet it teaches Earth and all souls in observation so much more than one may ever realize. For each realizes and recognizes how one was conned into the belief that human form was superior; and in the superiority, Earth and all species gave their power to humankind who subsequently misused the power for destructive purposes causing fall after fall in consciousness. Earth and all species are retrieving their power in their current evolutionary dance and never again shall another species be looked at as “God Goddess” above and beyond any other species.


New Dream and Script for Humanity and Earth


Earth has acquired enough information in her ascent to understand how human form receives the projection of script for destruction that is personal, regional, national and international in nature. Such receptors are built into the human DNA. Up until recent weeks, a broadcast for destruction through warfare was still received from souls high above in dimension and involved with the consumption of creations upon lower dimensions for their continued existence. Such broadcasts are mechanized and generated through a being known as “Rama”, and Rama turns out not to be a conscious being at all but a high-level set of machinery programmed to destroy or pull apart creations.


Rama’s broadcast or projection has been removed from the planes surrounding Earth, your solar system, your universe, your cosmos and your creation as of late. Earth along with all other ascending dimensions has altered the dreamtime planes designed to receive such broadcasts and is generating a new script for humanity at large. This new script includes a period of karmic completion ahead along with cleansing, and an evolutionary leap in consciousness that shall allow for the birth of a new Golden Age for humankind. The script is generated by the Tao and broadcast upon Earth from solar, universal and cosmic Suns that are ascending as Earth is ascending.


The Nature of Free Will


Humans really have no free will, although it appears as though one may do whatever one wishes in human form. In reality, humans are very limited. Each human is born with a particular set of sensors within the DNA that picks up upon a particular script for the life outcome broadcast into dreamtime by Rama. There is so much limitation at 2 strands of DNA that no human has any free will at all from Earth’s point of view. Each is limited to the script one receives, and such a script determines all human expressions, including love, marriage, birth of children, preoccupation, hobbies, interests, vacations, disease and ultimately death. One can read the DNA of a newborn child with 2 strands and have a clear-cut understanding of the nature of the life to be lived.


Humans have lost the memory of the future. If they remembered the future, they would see what was coming ahead of time. They would see that there is no “chance”, no “synchronicity”, no “luck”, no “probability” other than the genetic predisposition inherited from birth. It is the receptors of the form that receive a particular script that defines who and what one will become over time, whether one succeeds or fails, whether one becomes famous or not, whether one becomes diseased or not, and so on. There is no free will in the human dance, although the loss of future memory causes one to perceive otherwise.


Even in ascension there is no free will. Within one’s inheritance there is a distinct pathway one’s ancestry fell in consciousness. There is only one way back out of the decline through ascension, and it is the same pathway up that one’s ancestry went down. Therefore, for each ascending initiate, there is only one journey that will lead to ascension. This may be hard to accept; as so much in human form is founded upon freedom. There is no freedom in human form; only a prescribed script that is genetic and a prescribed journey out of such a script for death to a new script for life and ascension.


Those that are clairvoyant can read the scripts both non-ascending and ascending humans are now receiving. For those who are ascending, the human hologram has been edited as of late to contain two scripts; one for death and one for ascension. It is the hologram that receives the broadcast from dreamtime of any script. The hologram sits in the heart chakra region of the human form. The ongoing intent to ascend will attune one to the dream for one’s ascent which will manifest a new life outcome that will lead to resurrection and reconstitution of the form to a regenerative genetic structure. However, one must choose the script for ascension that is offered; fail to allow the change necessary to anchor the script into the physical and the script for death will kick in again and become the outcome of the life dance nonetheless.


Ascension and Change


Ascension requires change, and change in the physical. One must leave behind those who are not ascending in due course, as the continued dance with such folk causes the continued loss of information and records due to the unconscious harmful nature of the human species. One must give up the preoccupations and hobbies that do not serve ascension. One must move from regions that fail to support the form in ascension.


Fail to leave those that are harmful and one’s ascent will cease leading to death. Fail to leave the job that is killing the form due to the high level of electricity and one’s ascent will cease leading to death. Fail to move to a region pure enough to allow the form to detoxify in order to ascend, and one will cease to ascend leading to death. There is a narrow possibility ahead of human ascension; and one must follow the script that leads one out of those expressions that cause death rather than ascension or one’s ascent will fail.


Asur’Ana has observed many indigenous cultures that are ascending. Such ascension is coming forth in greater levels than in non-indigenous cultures. Let us give an example to clarify: A particular group of Aborigines had chosen preoccupations of wildlife preserve management, which allows such humans to be out in the “bush lands” of Australia rather than in the city. As a result of their preoccupation, ascension is coming forth most rapidly, with a range of 1,800 to 4,800 segments for this particular group. As this is so for this group of Aborigines, this can also be for all that place themselves in a parallel circumstance that serves ascension.


Preoccupation and Ascension


In order to fulfill upon the potential script for ascension, one must have preoccupations that serve. This is difficult, as preoccupations that may appear to serve ascension may not. We would like to delve into why this is so that ascending initiates will better understand. Preoccupations that are inherently electrical in nature or retain one in the large cities of your human civilization are not suited to ascension. There is not enough support of the nature kingdoms nearby, and the high level of electrical energy causes such a slowing of the field that it becomes difficult to master initiations beyond 1,800 segments of DNA. Therefore, those ascending to 1,800 with such preoccupations or living environments are guided to move elsewhere and choose another type of work.


One initiate left electrical engineering as their ascent caused the development of vertigo. The electrical energy was so severe in the building that this initiate worked that they literally found the crown chakra twirling leading to ongoing dizziness. The vertigo was so severe that they could not walk down the hall without stumbling. This initiate opted for a career change and was able to attend massage school and is developing a successfully massage practice at this time. The massage work supports continued ascension whereas the electrical engineering career did not.


Yet another initiate working for a computer company reached a point of non-ascension at roughly 2,200 segments. This individual opted for a job that does not require being indoors and delivered mail outdoors for a time, and is now delivering bread to grocery store chains. This allows the form to be outdoors and on the road and moving, which serves their continued ascent. This is also a difficult thing for the human ego, and this initiate has struggled with such issues internal to self, for human ego says “I went from a job paying $60,000 per year to one that earns $10 per hour in order to ascend!” The ego must be relinquished in ascension and therefore Earth perceives this as a good thing.


Human worth is not founded upon level of earning, but upon evolutionary status; the higher the evolution, the greater the power of thoughtform, and the easier time manifesting one’s dream. One is therefore more capable of manifesting a dream-come-true circumstance through ascension than through non-ascension, but one must relinquish that which does not serve. In the above individual’s case, they are being prepared to teach workshops on ascension, and one day will give up their delivery work for another purpose. However, they could not anchor for ascension workshops without greater preparation of field, which requires the further ascent of the form. This is an example of creating an intermediary preoccupation that supports the ascent and life until the dream that one may desire may be made manifest in full.


Yet another initiate sold the house, quit the job, and is moving to the countryside. They are planning on opening a mineral shop as they have collected so many minerals over the years that there is enough to open a shop. Such a shop will be in a small town and in a wooden building and not a mall, therefore avoiding the pitfalls of mall existence.


Shopping malls with large department stores along with grocery stores and high-rise apartment buildings are as radioactive as your inner cities. Why? Such is the nature of the building technology of department stores and grocery stores along with high rises. Department stores and grocery stores are further designed to keep everyone under false light that is florescent. Florescent lighting is radioactive, although perhaps not to the degree that local science would perceive as harmful; however, over time and without the light of the sun, such radioactivity builds and builds and builds, causing the inside of such places to be as dense as the cities regardless of where they are.


Ascending humans require exposure to sunlight and daily at that. It is exposure to the sun that allows one to attune to the ascension of your solar system. It is such exposure that gives one an opportunity to bring one’s vibration up to the next notch, and then release the patterning and karma triggered in such a vibrational bandwidth. The sun also dissolves etheric mucous, entities and machines released through ascension. Therefore, daily exposure to the sun is useful in ascension. A preoccupation and/or living environment that allows for exposure to the sun is therefore useful to ascension.


There are many preoccupations that serve ascension. Most will be simple in nature from working with food (food server to cook) to massage or other healing arts, to delivery work, to working as a substitute teacher, to running one’s own business, to working upon a farm, to teaching workshops, to creating music, dance or art, or even working in a hotel in a resort area that is beautiful and tropical.


There is no limitation, however if one’s job requires remaining in a highly electrical environment 8 hours per day, such as a shopping mall or grocery store, then such preoccupations make ascension difficult indeed. There is a limited time to bring the body to a strong and healthy enough state to resist the coming years of cleansing. Doing all that is required for the form to allow this to be so is imperative. Earth advises that ascending initiates leave the ego and high-profile dance behind and find a simpler lifestyle. In the simplicity and in living in a non-toxic environment, one will allow the body what it requires in order to ascend.


Possessions and Ascension


Humans pride themselves upon their possessions; whether it is the house that they own, the landscaping of the yard, the manner in which the home is decorated, or the manner in which one decorates themselves or in other terms dresses. Possessions and ascension are opposing forces. The more that one possesses, the more that one feels “safe”. Unfortunately, the more that one possesses, the harder it is to ascend. For possessions lead to attachment, which leads to a field that leaks chi due to the cords between the etheric body and all of the possessions; over time and if enough chi leaks, one will find themselves in a cease ascension experience.


Possessions can also be friends, acquaintances, pets, family, children, spouses, and plants. One will lighten the load in order to ascend, and each released from the dance will allow a wave of attachment to release that shall fuel ascension forth. However, if one fails to let go of such folk then a cease-ascension will also occur.


Possessions can come in many shapes and forms. One can build a business and one’s clients become possessions. As one evolves, one will have to allow the clients to evolve, letting go of those who one is complete with in karma, or one will also cease to evolve. It is so for any preoccupation with clients from doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, teachers, and so on.


One may also find that the thoughtform behind the preoccupation does not serve in ascension beyond a certain point. Ascension brings about the recognition of a new form of law, which is founded upon evolutionary principles. How can one practice law and ascend if the law that one is practicing is founded upon an old paradigm? Over time one may leave the preoccupation behind in total as it no longer resonates, and if not, one may fail to continue to ascend beyond a certain level of evolution.


Doctors in the current paradigm are often worshipped and expected to heal their clientele. No one can heal another; others must choose to heal themselves and there is the possibility now of such more than ever before through ascension. One young initiate chiropractor quit and closed their practice, as it did not resonate with their ascent any longer. Too many would come for healing that had no interest in taking responsibility for one’s own form or life creation. No one can ultimately heal another, and in recognizing this, this particular chiropractor chose to quit and find another means to support them self.


Identity Machines and Map Carving


At two strands of DNA, humans have fallen into a mechanized form of identity. One identifies oneself founded upon preoccupation. “I am a dentist, butcher, lawyer, baker, candlestick maker, teacher, doctor, student, teenager, child, parent, spouse, beloved, friend, receptionist, actor, writer, governmental official, waiter, cook, and so on.” Such identity creates a form of machinery that pervades the field and makes it difficult to change one’s life dance, for the machines are programmed to repeat the same patterning day in and day out. Each set of machines also have a particular set of personality associated, which is why so often folk of the same preoccupations in different nations behave in a similar manner. Particular roles cause humans to behave the same regardless of nation or culture.


In the next phase of map carving ahead and for those in particular that are ascending to 6,000 segments embracing the vibration of Bodhisattva, identity must be dismantled in its current mechanized form. For identity gets in the way of ascension, as the machines do not allow for the presence of soul. The purpose of ascension is for the field and form to become increasingly soul infused. Machines are soulless mechanisms designed to move energy in a particular manner without soul. Souls and machines are therefore an opposing force in ascension.


As soul was withdrawn from the human dance through a loss of consciousness and in a stripping by the false intervention, the human field and genetics became increasingly mechanized. In so doing, so did human behavior. It is difficult often for awakening initiates to recognize how mechanized your third dimensional reality is. For all intents and purposes, those under 1,024 are soulless living machines, whether they be plant, animal, mineral, whale or dolphin in nature. It is no wonder therefore that humans build computers or computerized forms of entertainment or transportation, which mirror the mechanized state of being within.


What does mechanized identity look like? Every preoccupation in human form has a set of machinery along with personality entities that accompany it. As one changes preoccupations, a new set of machinery engages and the old machinery is cast off to another assuming the preoccupation one leaves behind, or the machinery is built on top of and molded to the new identity. We will use two initiates whom shall be named Irene and Philip as examples to better define what we are speaking of.


Irene had 8 preoccupation changes until she assumed the role of a yoga instructor. There was an identity of child, which as she transited the age of 9 and the related machinery was passed on to another human newborn. From 9 to 18 she was a teenager, and assumed teenage identity machinery. As she graduated from high school, the teenage-machined identity was passed on to someone leaving behind childhood, and Irene assumed the identity of college student.


In graduating from college, Irene took her first job in computerized graphic design, which changed her college student identity to a new identity for computer graphics. As this job was left behind for one as a telecommunications customer support person and later sales representative, additional identity machinery was added to that related to computer graphics design to mold the identity towards sales associate. Later as Irene chose to enter massage therapy, identity machinery for massage therapy was added to the identity machines for the prior preoccupations. This is why the more preoccupations one has as an adult, the more machinery one acquires over time, and the more rigid one becomes in behavior.


Add to the above the choice to have a child which added identity for parent. Irene also had a passion for business, which caused additional machinery to be added to the field related to her business studies. Later, Irene found a passion for ballroom dancing and learned all of the Latin dances. This added even more machinery for the preoccupation of ballroom dance.


Over time and the longer one lives, and the more preoccupations one has, the more extensively mechanized one becomes. Does one notice how stiff older people are? Arthritis is the norm; aged adults who can barely bend over or turn their heads. Much of such stiffness is the result of identity machine after identity machine added to the field over time as humans live their life and embrace this preoccupation or that. One can see in this why there is a limited number of preoccupations one can have in any one given life, and the more that one manifests, the more that the form ultimately will decline in health by age 50 or 60.


Irene broke the pattern of identity in choosing to ascend. In the choice to ascend, she dissolved all other identity machinery and assumed the new identity of yoga instructor. In throwing away the old, the new identity allowed enough flexibility to grow with her. Why? Irene would mold the identity as she saw necessary to allow the field to continue to expand and grow in size, increasing the vibration of the form and ultimately the genetic material therein.


Some identities are easier to mold in ascension than others. Philip’s life also caused the movement from preoccupation to preoccupation. He was a chef for many years along with husband and father. Later he became an engineer. Engineering did not allow for much fluidity of identity to ascend. About a decade later, Philip chose to ascend and left his engineering job. In choosing to ascend, his mechanized identity as an engineer was gradually dismantled.


Eventually, Philip also left behind the identity as husband and spouse in the divorce of his wife. Interestingly enough, as the identity machines were dismantled, his children chose not to communicate with him at all. Why? There is no identity to cause the relationship.


Identity is such a way of being that the entire old consensus holds up the machinery necessary to sustain the restrictive preoccupations that it knows and the relationships between people. Unconsciously, humans add identity machinery to those who they identify with in a particular manner. It is through such machinery that humans relate to one another, as humans have forgotten how to commune or allow soul to enter the field and relate to another soul in form.


For long timers in any preoccupation or with any level of fame, the machinery is so extensive as each who acknowledges the profession or fame of the other adds machinery to the pool. One sees this in the role of President, Prime Minister or Queen or King of a nation. Everyone in the nation or world adds machinery to the “President” or “Prime Minister” that identifies the individual in the role that they are to play. Unfortunately, such machinery ages the form extensively, which is why presidents and prime ministers often look 10 years older in a single 2- to 4-year term.


Earth is observing that those transiting identity will have to change. One cannot leave behind the old paradigm and retain the identity machinery that one has assumed up until now in one’s life dance. One must choose to dismantle the machinery; however, one may not relate well to others thereafter as all others in the old consensus are still working through an old mechanized form of relations that will soon become extinct as such humans are destined to complete through death in the years ahead. Therefore, those ascending will find themselves the odd person out of the dance, as one may not relate well as one relinquishes the old identity.


Constructing a new identity that allows for ascension is tricky. Certain preoccupations are easier than others to ascend within. One initiate who is a professional musician has no difficulty dismantling identity, as the music business allows for more fluidity and change than many others. Those in non-traditional healing modalities or psychological pursuits also are anticipated to change or evolve, and this is the foundation of such preoccupations. Therefore, it is easier for those with such preoccupations to ascend.


Those with seemingly innocuous professions such as baker, substitute teacher, candlestick maker, waiter, cook and so on, also appear to have an easier time of it as well. The preoccupations that are the more difficult involve electricity in some manner (engineering or computer science) or are so rigidly defined (traditional doctor, police officer or lawyer) that ascending out of such machinery is very difficult without giving up the preoccupation altogether.


Identity and Human History


As one dismantles the identity, one feels free; free to be who and what one is in the moment. Such dismantling causes one to begin to cease to identify oneself founded upon preoccupation, but moreover as a human representative of God Goddess in form and upon the spiritual path of transcendence. Ultimately, humans were designed to ascend and evolve, and consciously at that. Humans were not designed to become the baker, candlestick maker, parent or spouse as the only goal of a given life existence. Humans were born to understand thoughtform, and transcend thoughtform that is non-evolutionary based. This is the purpose of human form and all form upon Earth and upon all dimensions within your Creation. Form is a vessel for soul to learn and evolve, and ultimately to evolve itself back to non-physicality.


The Annanuki created a human form in the incubation of the slave race that in its very limitation, could not evolve, and does not know how to examine thoughtform and transcend or ascend. Such humans have multiplied and equate to 60% of the current world population; such humans believe that the only purpose of life is to marry and procreate; or find preoccupations that entertain or make one wealthy. It is due to Annanuki genetic programming that all humans have the rigid mechanized identities that they do at this time in history.


The original red seeded race remembered the original goal and preoccupation of the human race. They seeded many great masters of genetic material that allowed for a conscious expression in form that Earth had never partaken of before their arrival. Unfortunately, Sirius also cast off those lineages in human form that could not ascend displacing them upon Earth; therefore, the humans that arrived were not entirely fully conscious as the Grand Masters. This too is a limitation in the red lineages, most of which likewise are not equipped to ascend beyond a certain level of genetic materials in Earth’s experience. This further attracted the experience of the Annanuki who bred an even further limited human form in a laboratory.


Limitation of form and genetics is a sad thing to experience. Earth has experienced each species declining and declining; from full consciousness and an ability to relate in harmony; to the requirement to eat fruit and vegetables to subsist; to the requirement to feast upon the flesh of one another in order to sustain life. Each drop in consciousness also caused soul to fracture and lose consciousness until a point where soul remembered not enough to know how to ascend or repair what had occurred. Much of the last 50,000 years of decline is due to human involvement.


For humans are conscious, but not conscious enough to discern if forces of the dark perpetrate harm through the field and strip information and genetics from Earth. It is through the great level of mechanization known as identity machinery that the forces of the dark utilize human form to manipulate Earth. Remove the machinery and one will enter a state of harmlessness, as there is little mechanisms left in the field for the dark to work through any longer.


Identity and Self Worth or Self Love


Earth invites ascending humans to dismantle the old identity and embrace the new identity of simply being human representatives of God Goddess in form. In so doing, and over time, one will cease to stratify human civilization founded upon preoccupation. Most humans perceive worth founded upon preoccupation, and not as an inherent state of being. Why is this so? The Annanuki programmed humans to view themselves as either superior or inferior founded upon role in slave civilization. Such a dance has carried forth into present time.


Many a tribal nation of indigenous humans have had a far less rigid system of identity and relations. All were a member of the tribe. As a member, all were fed, sheltered, nurtured and included, unless one broke the laws of the tribe to such an extent that one was cast out. There were identities, and generally they were associated with what one was gifted at contributing to the whole, but were never considered the sum total of who and what one was as a part of the group. Earth views the new consensus identity to become more reminiscent of tribal life into the future; where each is honored, each contributes to the whole, and each is viewed as God Goddess in form that is equal to all others.


It is the identity that is superior that leads to yet another that feels inferior. It is the swing between superior to inferior that leads to a state of worthlessness, or a lack of internal self-love. Really and truly, how much more love do doctors, lawyers, or others of high prestige sincerely experience in their life dance? No more or less than any other preoccupation as love does not come from anything outside of self; it is an internal state of being.


Asur’Ana had the opportunity to watch a Hawaiian wedding. It occurred to her how much the dream or fantasy of the wedding with the 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen and the 250 guests applauding one’s decision was the “end all be all” of life. How many initiates continually ask “When am I going to meet my twin flame? (And live happily ever after?)” Marriage and finding a mate is not the end all be all of life, beloved. The purpose of human life is to evolve.


The identity of marriage allows some who are married to feel loved. However, it is a “mechanized identity machine” form of love; and it fulfills not the human heart. How many of you have left your spouses and families because you felt not loved? Mechanization never fills the hearts. Therefore, Earth guides initiates to not seek the twin flame, but to seek within connecting with one’s own soul, removing the machinery and opening the heart to commune instead. In the communion, one will begin to feel loved from within, and in such a state, one needs not any partner to feel loved or identify oneself.


Humans identify themselves through how others identify them. One is young, old, middle aged, married, single, divorced, parent, child, and associated with this preoccupation or that. If one’s identity is “good”, one feels good within. If one’s identity is not so good, such as the family rebel or black sheep, or town crook, one feels not so good within. Often one may have an identity that should cause one to feel good and one still feels not so good within. Why? The identity machinery in and of itself is electrical. Electricity causes the emotional response of shame within a magnetic emotional body. One may therefore never feel adequate for the job, even if one is successful in their seeming identity. As a result, one may also always be afraid of failing, and in compensation, strive to over succeed, or in other terms, become exceedingly wealthy.


As the identity machinery leaves, one ceases to feel shame. This occurs concurrent with the dismantling of electrical based thoughtform and the transcendence of the 7 planes of fear in the ascent to Bodhisattva. As shame is transcended, one can begin to feel loved from within, and such love will not be founded upon any preoccupation or success story. It will be founded upon the love of soul for form in the choice to ascend and evolve.


The New Dreamtime Planes for Humanity


Earth has gone through a global shift in which new dreamtime planes have been anchored in every major chakra center. The purpose of the new dreamtime is to project a new script upon humanity that allows for an awakening and ascension of those who have lineage and hologram for such, and completion for those that do not.


At this time, certain lineages for ascension are allowed to go only so far in adult human form (3,000 or 6,000 segments of DNA). Some are being phased-out altogether and will not ascend beyond 1,024 segments of DNA. Most of such humans will have only direct inheritance to the Annanuki themselves, or the Annanuki slaves, and therefore have not information on how to ascend the biology of the form in a magnetic creation. Yet others have red ancestry but that which could not ascend in Sirius due to an imbalanced nature. Such lineages also shall ascend only so far in adult form, and shall not be a viable option as a choice of lineages for incoming children after 2028.


Those with the possibility of ascension receive two dreams broadcast into one’s field. One is a dream for completion through death; the other is another possibility of the ascent to 1024, 3000 or 6000 segments. Those with holograms related to the Annanuki are blocked in their ascent beyond 1,024. Those with half and half holographic inheritance (half Annanuki half Red) can ascend to 3,000 segments and no higher. Those with red holographic inheritance may ascend to 6000, and in limited cases to 15,000 or 36,000 DNA segments.


Earth has mapped out the karma and holographic nature of each human in the recent recasting of all humans global wide. As a result, humans destined for ascension are known; and in the knowing of who can and cannot ascend, the dreams broadcast are different for each. For those who have the possibility of ascension, one must choose to ascend. Some shall ascend for a time with the land if one lives in the country or along the seaside and upon land that is rapidly rising in vibration. Most indigenous cultures have agreements with the land of this nature, and may never consciously choose to ascend, and ascend nonetheless. For those without such agreements, one must choose; choose either the dream for life and ascension, or the dream of death and completion.


It is for this reason that the intent for ascension is still imperative particularly for those of white and western inheritance. Why is this so? In the intermingling of genetic materials from Annanuki sources or their slaves, one has lost the agreements with Earth to ascend. One is white in skin color due to such intermingling. One may consciously add such agreements and ascend with the land to the degree one can. Furthermore, one can intend to ascend and focus one’s time upon the internal act of self-mastery required to fulfill upon such a choice.


Do indigenous folk have a dream for completion through death? Some do; as Earth has discovered that in the holographic mix up, some indigenous folk chose Annanuki holographic inheritance when the lineage should have dictated otherwise given the nation that one was born under. Over 2,000 years ago and as Christ ascended to 24 segments of DNA, the holographic archives were opened by the forces of the dark. At that time, holograms were scrambled and manipulated, and humans allowed to choose that which had no relationship to their real lineage-based inheritance. Holograms spawn lineages. Theoretically, one should only be able to choose a hologram related to the lineages that the hologram spawned. The dark allowed humans to manipulate holograms along with lineages for the past 2,000 years.


This has created those in the indigenous cultures with Annanuki-like archetypal patterning and nature. This has led to some members of indigenous cultures to seek out fame, fortune, becoming the guru or famous book author, and so on over the past 2,000 years of human history. Earth is disallowing holographic manipulations along with lineage manipulations from this point forward. However, for those who are already born, one made their choices in the womb. Those who chose Annanuki holograms are blocked from ascension, regardless of nation.


Why cannot Earth ascend indigenous folk with Annanuki nature? Annanuki nature wishes to dominate and subordinate others. This has caused ultimately the current human strife and problems that have led to war and the annihilation of Earth. Ascension creates powerful thoughtform. Those ascending with dominion-based natures would only cause dominion-based behavior to continue and not be phased out of the human dance. Therefore, such humans with such a nature cannot ascend, or nothing will change, and the potential of WWIII manifesting would then become a reality.


Each human receives two dreams if they have hologram and lineage for ascension. For indigenous folk, the agreements with Earth may override the lack of a conscious intent to ascend, if they live in environments where ascension easily comes forth. For some living in more remote regions of Earth, such as the example above of the Aborigines nature preserve rangers, ascension is coming forth most rapidly as they are matching the vibration of the land.


We also see this to be so for many taking the early initiations to 1024 or 1800; not consciously understanding that this has occurred may be present; however, if one looks closely at the form and field, one can see that such folk have ascended. However, to take any ascent above 1,800 and without agreements with the land, one must consciously choose to ascend. One must intend to ascend and continue to attune to the dream for ascension, or one will end up completing through death in attuning to the alternate dream through non-choice.


The New Magnetism for Earth


There are 8 planes of dreamtime that correlate with each of the 8 global chakras upon the surface of the Earth. These new dreamtime planes were recently launched as Earth completed initiation 4,200 in the nonphysical in recent weeks. The dreamtime is a Flower of Life pattern that originates in the Aurora in the center of the Earth and extends out and over each major chakra center upon the surface of the Earth. The Aurora now spins counter-clockwise, while the global subtle bodies spin clockwise, balancing the two energy flows out in a new form of magnetism. This new magnetism will increase as the electrical energy is detoxified in Earth’s form over the coming 25 years and will one day be the only form of magnetism or gravity remaining.


Long ago, the pull of gravity was not electrical, nor was it a pull. Gravity was a gentle magnetic push from the universe and solar system in which Earth resides. This gentle push allowed forms of much greater size to exist upon the Earth plane. Once Woolly Mammoths stood 180 feet high. Birds with large wings 80 feet in span took to the sky. Deer and bear 8 times larger than present day form roamed the forests. Form did not weight so much as gravity was not a pull so heavy as today, but a gentle push from outside forces. The push was caused by another form of magnetism held in motion by solar, universal and cosmic forces that pressed the weight of their thoughtform onto Earth, and Earth held a parallel thoughtform to receive such a push.


Humans as they were originally seeded stood 10 feet in height. As the Annanuki launched electrical sacred geometry, a new form of magnetism was introduced that caused a far greater pull than previously experienced. The Annanuki were smaller to begin with, only 8 feet or less in height, which was a sign that they had already degenerated in consciousness. The electrical sacred geometry caused a great pull upon all species on Earth, who over time compensated by creating smaller and smaller forms in the womb in incoming future generations. Humans degenerated from 10 feet to almost half this size over time.


Within the coming 20-year cycle, the electrical form of gravity will be phased out altogether. The new magnetism will take hold in full causing all form to become far less dense as it is fully anchored in roughly two decades time. This will be a gradual change and is coming slowly, and will assist Earth and each species therein in “lightening up”, or in other terms, ascending. Humans will begin to restore their original height and stature thereafter along with each species upon Earth.


For those ascending today, often the form becomes stocky and round. This is due to the ongoing pull upon the grid work of the form by the current system of gravity, which is too great of a pull for a magnetic system. This leads to squat and stocky ascending masters. There is little that can be done to elongate the form until the gravity alters in full. For ascending adults, after 2030, one may grow further in height allowing one a more lanky and balanced form thereafter, as gravity becomes half the pull of the current form of magnetism.


Earth’s Dreamtime History


Dreamtime was once global in size. This was so prior to the arrival of the Annanuki. The Annanuki set up an alternative dreamtime to the one Earth ran for her consensus reality. This alternative dreamtime of the Annanuki expanded and expanded until it overran Earth’s dreamtime limiting to a small portion of the southern hemisphere currently over Australia. In addition to the Annanuki dreamtime, there was also a separate red human dreamtime. Sirius anchored this dreamtime as the red human race was seeded. It was as the Annanuki merged their dreamtime with the Red Seeded Race that Earth’s dreamtime dwindled in power and size.


Understand that humans were not originally invited for seeding upon Earth by the consciousness of Earth. Ascension records recently revealed that a being known as Sananda made agreements for the seeding of humankind. This was without the awareness or permission of Earth that this came to be so. Earth did not find out about the human seeding until a karmic incident manifest, which was deferred to Earth’s karmic boards. Soon it was discovered that without Earth’s permission and without her conscious awareness, thousands of humans had moved and begun to reproduce upon Earth. Why didn’t Earth know about humans? Humans were not a part of Earth’s dream. Instead, humans had brought a separate dreamtime of their own making from Sirius and anchored it in Earth’s global chakra system without Earth’s knowledge or permission.


Grand Masters became aware of the division of dreamtime between the red seeded race and Earth. Agreements were constructed to unite the two dreamtimes. Before the dreamtimes could be united, all Grand Masters died suddenly and over short time period. These Masters were shattered often in huge electrical blows orchestrated by Sananda. Once extinct, there was no human remaining with enough awareness to repair the dream merging the human dream with Earth’s dream.


Why would Sananda wish to divide dreamtime? In so doing, Earth would have no say over human endeavors. Sananda then overtook human dreamtime and seized control over the human species, anchoring a script for destruction as projected by Rama down the dimensions. Why would Sananda do such a thing? Sananda is a machine programmed to destroy creations by pulling apart the bits and pieces of grid work, information, moving energy systems and so on, funneling them up the dimensions through the false intervention where they are consumed by larger creators who believe that creations require destroying in order to subsist.


Sananda’s dreamtime for destruction has been removed from Earth as of late. Human dreamtime and the human dream have been united with Earth’s dream at long last. Perhaps if this had been accomplished 184,000 years ago, the falls in consciousness would have been avoided in full; as Earth would have had a say in the nature of the human consensus. This too is a vital lesson for Earth; for Earth rejected the human species after they were already seeded. When one rejects another, one ultimately rejects oneself. Rejection is the fertile ground through which any fall in consciousness is born. For falls in consciousness are rooted in hatred, and hatred is the result of rejection.


Humanity has never really belonged to Earth. This leaves an underlying and internal sense of rejection and separation that is inherent in the original Sirian seeding of humankind. Earth invites ascending humans to heal this deep sense of non-belonging or rejection now, and open up to the new dreamtime that includes humankind at last.


Human is a part of the whole. Human has acted in a manner that has been non-supportive to the whole. Now human has an opportunity through ascension to forgive; forgive them self for what has been perpetrated against Earth through their individual and collective field; and to forgive Earth for rejecting humankind in the lack of understanding of how human came to be upon Earth. In the forgiveness, now we can all dance together in a new dream that can launch an era of love, peace, joy and unity ahead.


Eight New Dreamtime Planes of Earth


There are eight new dreamtime planes surrounding Earth at this time. The dreamtime was once seated in Australia, and spanned no more than the Australian continent. Now dreamtime has expanded to become global again and run through each major chakra center upon Earth. Many down-under are well aware of the thin veil between the physical and nonphysical realms upon such land that has always held Earth’s dreamtime. This is the gift of being surrounded in dreamtime; the nonphysical is accessible with ease. Many initiates from Australia are often gifted conscious dreamtime travelers as a result.


Now that dreamtime is global, there is a nonphysical realm supported by Earth for all in the new consensus that is Earth generated. For a long time, Sananda ran planes of reality that were a form of dreamtime for humankind. Such dreamtime was often used to mutilate fields and strip records. Such planes were also used to confine humans in restrictive identities playing out scripts that ultimately lead to death, annihilation, war, and extinction. Such dreamtime has more or less been removed in the launching of the new dreamtime in each chakra region of Earth.


The main spindle that turns dreamtime revolves around the Aurora. The Aurora is surrounded by four chakras under Earth’s surface which also have a specific dreamtime associated. However, such dreamtime affects the Inner Earth people more than outer Earth humans. Such dreamtime is as follows:


Dreamtime of Divine Timing: Under India/China

Dreamtime of Divine Union: Under Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean

Dreamtime of Unity: Underneath the North Pole

Dreamtime of Authentic Power: Underneath the South Pole


The Aurora spins now counter-clockwise. This spinning augments the spinning of the four dreamtimes above, much like the gears of a clock that turn each section. The Aurora connects to each of the four above dreamtime planes via a Flower of Life energy flow pattern. Then the Dreamtime of Divine Union connects to the Heart Dreamtime that lies over the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Ocean. The heart is the director of dreamtime for the surface of the Earth.


The spinning Aurora shall cause an increase pace of global warming. This is necessary as the molecular structure of Earth must continue to speed up to meet future entry points in the next phases of Star Gates to be entered in the years ahead. Understand that global warming is not to be feared; it is a symptom of ascension and parallels one’s own warming as the kundalini runs hotter and hotter in human form the further that one ascends. Those who are ascending will be quite comfortable in a warmer atmosphere as one’s own body temperature will match Earth’s body temperature. Crystalline humans were devised to live in tropical environments, and as Asur’Ana has found, her body is most happy in such a place.


From the heart center, the first Flower of Life patterning for dreamtime is projected interconnecting all others that lie under each of the seven additional chakra regions of Earth. Each dreamtime has a specific nature and purpose given the purpose and vibration of each chakra center. We wish now to define the purpose of each chakra center and the dreamtime upon the land therein. Initiates may further discover that visiting certain countries with different dreamtime nature may be beneficial to one’s ascension allowing for the healing of certain key issues in one’s ancestry.


Crown Chakra: Dreamtime of Spiritual Roots

(Arctic Circle, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Northern Territories Canada, Alaska, Northern Russia)


The crown chakra is the dreamtime of spirituality. This region holds keys and archives to the evolutionary journey of Earth as a whole and each species therein. For humans, the crown chakra was the place of the original seeding of humankind and from which all roots races migrated outwards towards other chakras global wide. This chakra region therefore contains information on all seven root races and is therefore the place that one may recover ancient human records from in order to ascend, and heal the rift between human nations.


Root Chakra: Dreamtime of Abundance

(Antarctic Circle, Tasmania, S. Africa, Tip of S. America, New Zealand)


The root chakra is the dreamtime of abundance. Abundance is a state of being in which all needs are met, all that is required is fulfilled upon. In essence, a regenerative biological form is the first step to entering a biological state of abundance. A full state of abundance shall be attained as one’s biology becomes self-sustaining, providing all nutrients from within. The dreamtime of abundance holds records and keys to such a state of being from an earlier time in Earth’s ancient and 12th dimensional history. For those with manifestation issues, such a region may allow one to recover and heal missing records on abundance.


Heart Chakra: Dreamtime of Non-Conditional Love

(Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, Christmas Island)


The heart chakra is the dreamtime of non-conditional love. Earth is healing her experiences of unrequited love, abandonment, rejection, and harm, and in so doing, is entering a state of non-conditional love upon a global scale. Such love can be best experienced in the dreamtime in the heart region of Earth. For humans, Hawaii also holds a load of keys to sexuality and sensuality, and is a place one may recoup one’s sexual records enough to develop a strong kundalini for ascension. It is also an excellent place to come to heal one’s own heart in ascension.


Creative Chakra: Dreamtime of Co-Creation

(Canada, United States, Atlantic Ocean)


The dreamtime of co-creation is where the dream is received from the solar sun and then relayed to all other dreamtime planes within all other chakra centers global wide. Earth is aligning her dream to the greater dream of ascension that is solar, universal, cosmic, and creational. The dream for Earth’s ascension along with all ascension in all dimensions is broadcast through a parallel dreamtime in each region. For humans, this dreamtime is a good place to heal the rift between body and soul along with body and Earth, and learn to co-create with the God Goddess within again.


Life Force Chakra: Dreamtime of Unlimited Life Force

(Europe, Southern Russia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Tibet, India, China, Egypt, Indian Ocean)


Life force sustains the moving energy of the whole of Earth’s field, along with all who partake of the consensus known as Earth. Such life force may be equated with sexual energy or kundalini, and one may equate this with such, however the dreamtime governs much more. Life force is the vital chi that sustains all of life. Earth is learning to create all of the chi that she requires to ascend.


Much of Earth’s vibration has been compromised over time due to the loss of life force, which was removed and sent elsewhere to sustain other creations upon the upper dimensions that Earth is related. Earth is learning to retrieve all that was taken over time and utilize such energy to transcend, resurrect, reconstitute and ascend. Many humans have difficulties sustaining their life force over a given day, week or month. This dreamtime shall be beneficial to humans learning to hold their own as ascending beings into the future.


Vision Chakra: Visionary and Magic Dreamtime

(Mexico, S. America)


Vision has been blurred upon Earth. Such a blurring of vision was the result of electrical sacred geometry that created filters and veils of illusion. It was just such veils that the forces of the dark required in order to be perceived as forces of the light; as they are really dark in color but with the addition of veils and in stealing some tones of creation from another, now they could appear as forces of the light. All of such patterning occurred only as enough electrical chi became prevalent upon Earth.


In counterbalance, Earth has developed tones to lift the veils and perceive through to the truth. It is from this dreamtime that Earth directs her own ascension, viewing clearly what requires releasing next and what energy patterns to embrace next to continue to fuel her ascension forth. For humans, this dreamtime will assist in removing the veils of illusion that cause one to sit in fantasy realities rather than seeing more clearly one’s own truth or path.


Dreamtime Chakra: Dreaming Dreamtime

(Australia, Great Barrier Reef)


The Dreaming Dreamtime holds information on being the dreamer and the dream. Long ago, Earth lost control over her dream; her dream fell into the hands of the forces of the dark that manipulated Earth into another dream other than what she had intended. Much of this occurred as her dreamtime was reduced to only a small section of Earth that she could have any say over. Earth is learning to become the dreamer and the dream again, seizing control of her own fate through the choice to ascend. This region’s dreamtime allows Earth to view her dream and then edit it as necessary to allow for her continued ascension. For humans, this is a good region to journey to in order to heal one’s own karma for misuse of dreamtime and magic, and to become the dreamer and the dream again.


Rhythm Chakra or Heartbeat of Earth: Dreamtime of True Timing

(Northern and Central Africa and Surrounding Oceans)


The Dreamtime of True Timing projects the heartbeat of Earth, or the rhythm with which all attune to in order to align in present time to ascend together. For a long time, Earth fell out of sync with time within your creation. As time slowed, Earth fell also in consciousness. Therefore, ascension requires an ongoing pace or rhythm that continually increases and increases until Earth’s time is aligned with your creation again.


Earth is working her way back out of distortion in the ever-increasing pace of time. As Earth enters the Photon Belt in full, time will cease, and all shall enter an ongoing state of timelessness. In a timeless state, aging ceases, and past, present and future exist as a common energy force. As this occurs, the past can be erased setting in motion a new future that shall allow for the continued ascent to the next dimension and beyond. For humans traveling to this land will assist one in remembering to align with Earth’s heartbeat. In so doing, one will be more assured to ascend.




A new dreamtime for Earth has been launched. Each ascending initiate may want to call the new dreamtime around the field and form, assisting Earth in anchoring such dreamtime into the denser regions that humans exist within. In so doing, the new projection Earth is holding for the next phase of human history shall more rapidly unfold. For each ascending initiate, the new dreamtime allows an easier access to the dreamtime realms. One may find oneself more easily consciously dreaming and perceiving into the parallel realities that surround oneself. Now is the time that clairvoyant gifts and talents can begin to unfold for those seeking such gifts.


We leave you with some thoughts from the Lemurian ancestors:


Om noti nati nato oh. Onhi onu ona own. Aki aku aka oh.


“Truth in action creates the dance of life. The dream for the dance is founded upon truth. Stand in your truth and the dance of life is most magnificent.”


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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