Image of a majestic scenery in nature with the mountains in the background, and there's a lavender light cast over everything. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System

4. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System


Much has been written of the emotional process of ascension. Little on the other hand has been written about the biological alterations that accompany the emotional changes. Why? Well for one, Asur’Ana does not relate so heavily to biological changes as much as the emotional responses to her world. She has no background as a doctor or in medical studies, and therefore transcribing detailed biological information is not her forte. There is another reason however, and this involves the desire of Mother Earth to protect the ascension knowledge so that it is not misused by science at this time in history.


Science has misused ascension knowledge before, and this is how a manufactured slave race came to be. Earth hopes rather that humanity will ascend beyond the need to manipulate her or any species upon Earth, and move back to the state of full consciousness that was once the ancestral inheritance of the original red seeded race.


Therefore, the focus upon the biological alterations will always be minimal in our books. However, as one tunes into one’s own form, and the body angels that govern the process of genetic encoding, one may receive a detailed account of the current process of ascension down to the physicality of the form. As humans awaken to their own ability to tune inward to the inner planes of reality, there is no need for another to explain anything. All knowledge will flow, as one needs to know it from within.


Gradual and Generational Alterations to the Original Biochemical System


Now, we would like to explain the changes to the cells that are within the human form known as viruses, and several emerging hormonal systems and transport systems that support a regenerative crystalline structure. This will be an overview, and understand that all ascending forms will develop each system to the degree that there is room inside of the physical structure. Room? Is there not enough room in the inn, one may wonder? In reality, one’s ancient ancestors not only had a 10-foot height in structure, but an enlarged cranial cavity roughly 8 times larger than the present day human skull. To fit all glands, some of which were the size of a banana, into the space of a peanut is not possible.


At best ascension can bring forth a semblance of the original biochemical system, and grow the glands to the degree that there is space. Some glands have had to be forfeited altogether until the alterations coming forth through newborn children allow for a larger head. Into the future, delivering a child via the current process of birth may become increasingly difficult with such large heads. What then? There will be alterations to the pelvic cavity and cervix to accommodate the increased requirement to “stretch” to give birth.


There are new glands that accompany almost every organ within an ascending system. We will define these new systems and initiates can cross check their own biology for a complete formation of each to assure that one is not having a physical problem with one’s ascent. The lack of formation of one gland or organ can lead to disease in such a region, or the malfunction of a particular set of hormones that throws the entire system of regeneration out of balance leading to cancer or other complications.


Self-Monitoring of One’s Ascent


We bring this to consciousness now so that ascending map makers will avoid this pitfall through self-monitoring of one’s own ascent. A blockage in any given area is related to a particular thoughtform that one is wishing to avoid, or in other terms, has schismed over in one’s ascent. As one understands that a portion of the biology is not ascending, one can redirect one’s attention to searching out the underlying cause.


In intending the cause of a problem in ascension to surface, so it shall surface, and one will quite naturally rectify such a problem through bringing the related karma to the surface and clearing it. Sometimes there can be layer upon layer of cause in a particular problem area, and so such searching out and clearing may take months or even years of one’s ascent. Difficult areas and blockages can be deep, and will not necessarily rectify themselves overnight. However, with persistent intent and release work, one will bring such areas into a high enough vibration to not compromise the whole of one’s evolution through disease.


When any part of the form becomes too low in vibration and is surrounded by cells of a much higher frequency that are crystalline, the variance in vibration will escalate the pace of decay for the non-crystalline structure. Over time and if one fails to address such discordance, the decaying structure will also become cancerous. If the problem is large enough, it could destroy the whole of the form.


It is for this reason that ascension is a delicate issue, and one must bring along all parts of the form along in the journey. No part can be left behind in vibration for too long without creating an even greater problem known as disease. Initiates may therefore become more cognizant of their problem regions, addressing them from time to time with conscious focus during meditation to assure that each part of the form resurrects enough to support the continued ascent of the whole.


Mastering ascension may be confusing to most humans in the old paradigm. For such humans are looking for a pill to rectify disease, or something outside of themselves to direct the creation known as their embodiment, such as science. No pill and nothing discovered through science shall cause ascension. Ascension is an internal function that comes through the intent to modify one’s own genetics by modifying the thoughtform at cause of the creation of the form.


Each segment of DNA has a particular thought. The thought in particular of destruction is so prevalent that the DNA holding such a thought have created agents of destruction internal to the form, known primarily as viruses and death hormone. Such agents of destruction and their blueprint will be modified in the modification of the thoughtform of destruction behind it. This is what ascension is all about, and those in human form that are still seeking outside of self will most likely be cleansed upon the physical plane in death, as they do not have the understanding to ascend with Earth at this time.


Some light workers are still working on appliances or medicinals that shall ascend the form from the outside in. Beloved, the entire purpose of ascension is to learn to create what one requires within. Sometimes one requires outside ingredients or herbs in the map making process for a short time. However, the body should learn to create what it needs, and this is what a regenerative and self-sustaining form is all about. Asur’Ana has learned that she can modify any part of the form to serve her personal ascension journey. If one is God Goddess in form, then one can modify the form as needed, and this does not require anything outside of oneself to accomplish.


The Bones and Muscles


Humans with 2 strands of DNA are used to very rigid or brittle bones. Bones that are crystalline are not so rigid, and will actually bend or mold to what is required without breaking. We have had initiates with crystalline bones bend the ankle sideways in a manner that should have broken a bone, but the bone did not break.


Crystalline bones are more like stiff cartilage, and will bend upon impact. Causing a crystalline bone to break is therefore far more difficult than the present-day bone structure of the humanoid form. Some initiates have found that if they lay upon the form in a certain way, applying pressure to say the shin, that the shin will indent a good half inch. The indentation is the result of the fact that crystalline bones are not coated in a hard rigid substance, but rather a buttery smooth substance more resembling to the cartilage of the nose or ears.


Muscles too can stretch further in crystalline form. Some initiates are Yoga enthusiasts, and have found that they can stretch to a greater degree than a previously non-crystalline form.


New Form of Fat


There has recently been a new blueprint added for body fat that causes the density of fat to become less “heavy” in weight and yet provide the same function. What is the function of body fat? Body fat allows one to modulate one’s biological vibration higher than the body has yet learned to hold. The new blueprint has caused the body fat to become far less dense, reducing some initiates overall weight by 20%. However, the size has not changed, but they are lighter on their feet and enjoy long walks as a result more than they were able to previously.


For other nature kingdoms, they rejoice in this, particularly those with heavy energetic responsibility to Mother Earth such as elephant, rhinoceros, camel and buffalo. Each of these species will be “lighter” in weight if not in size, and find it easier therefore to navigate upon the physical plane. For the whale and dolphin kingdoms, the water provides buoyancy that simply does not require the new fat that the land animals require. Each lifestyle defines the requirement of form, and ascension shall allow for the requirements to differ between species and between those who live upon the land or under the water.


The Thymus


The thymus grows extensively in ascension and beginning at initiation 1800, growing in size up the sternum and bridging around the neck connecting into the lymph and blood system just under the jaw along with the brain stem. As this occurs, some initiates may feel a choking sensation that comes and goes over many months. The growth of the thymus up the sternum and around the neck causes the neck to increase in size, and the skin underneath the jaw and occipital area to “pooch”. This is due to the thymus gland itself, which increases in size from a small node to an extensive system designed to modulate the biochemistry of the form.


The thymus is a master gland that balances all hormones produced by other glands inside of the body. The pituitary in the brain directs the thymus, which directs all other glands and hormones in the form through the brain stem. The thymus lost its structure long ago shrinking to the size of a pea and ceased to function. The brain stem took over the functions of the thymus, but failed to do an adequate job of modulating a very sensitive system of biochemistry, leading to a greater deterioration of human consciousness. Consciousness is biological, and as the biology faltered, so did the human level of awareness decline.


As the thymus grows again, it resumes the function it once held in one’s ancient ancestors, which is to modulate the heart rate, lymph and a complex hormonal system to retain regeneration of all cells within a crystalline form. The brain stem on the other hand is modified to handle its original function, which is to act as a bridge of communication between the pituitary gland in the brain and the thymus.


Hormones can be distributed both through the blood and through the lymph, as the thymus connects into both systems. This allows for all cells to receive the hormones requires to regenerate, even those closer to the lymph than to the circulatory system. The fluid in the lymph modifies itself to have multiple components not unlike blood that act as carriers of certain substances or nutrients, along with toxins. The lymph can carry oxygen and sugar much like red blood cells, along with hormones and toxins. Such cells within the lymph are not unlike white blood cells in color and nature, however they act as both carriers and immune system forces. One could say that white blood cells were a leftover component once in the lymph system utilized to clear toxins and carry certain substances therein.


The Thyroid


One of the hormones that alter in ascension is related to the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is associated with metabolism producing a hormone that increases or decreases the metabolism of the cellular structure. Viruses related to mumps and small pox along with chicken pox and tuberculosis are transmuted into new hormones produced by the thyroid and disseminated through the system under the command of the thymus. Such hormones regulate a more complex system of metabolism inherent in a crystalline structure.


If the thyroid has been over active or under active, it can be repaired by initiation 3,000 requiring not the consumption of additional thyroid thereafter. If the thyroid has been removed, it will re-grow in ascension provided one has released the emotional issues underlying why it was removed in the first place. Often thyroid problems are related to parasites that disturb the structure and function of the gland. Going on to a mild de-parasite formula is another manner therefore to support one’s ascent.


The many levels of thyroid allow the metabolism to go up and down in smaller increments than previously possible. Metabolism while one is asleep requires one level of action; metabolism while one is awake and not active requires yet another level of action; metabolism when one is active yet another; metabolism in the act of ascension or in the act of holding space and events or in providing an ascension healing yet another. In essence, the variance in the thyroid system regulates metabolism to finer increments than previously possible in a non-crystalline form.


The Crystalline Diaphragm


The development of the diaphragm in ascension is paramount to the entire ascent. It is for this reason that we take a moment to address this particular organ and its purpose. If one does not have a budding diaphragm over the rib cage emerging, then one may wish to look at one’s fear of life, fear of the breath of life, which is creativity in action, or the fear of death or ascension. Underlying the lack of development of the diaphragm will be such thoughtforms.


The diaphragm grows outside of the rib cage creating up to 36 pockets that inflate with blood. This gives one a “Buddha Belly” the further that one’s ascent comes into the physical. The Buddha Belly is not to be confused with a beer belly. It begins just under the breast bone and protrudes up to 6 inches outwards making both the male and female form appear pregnant. The diaphragm can go up and down in size depending upon how many pockets are inflated with blood at any given time. The more pockets that inflate, the larger the belly, and the pockets inflate based upon the metabolism requirements of the form.


The pockets are used to collect oxygen from the blood and convert it into 8 types of blood sugar and two forms of gasses in addition to oxygen required in the regeneration of crystalline cells. Such gases include a form of hydrogen peroxide and methane. Hydrogen peroxide is used in the crystalline blood and lymph as a purifier and source of oxygen, much as one would use such a substance to purify and oxygenate one’s pool or water system. Methane is utilized to aerate cells for greater osmosis or movement of nutrients in and toxins out of the crystalline cells.


The oxygen and 8 forms of sugar produced by the diaphragm are carried to the cells to sustain their metabolism and vibration. Crystalline cells have a much higher metabolism than a non-crystalline structure. There is a grand truth that once the body has become 50% crystalline, one could not eat enough to supply the calories necessary to support a crystalline form, and therefore diets will not work. This occurs by initiation 1,024.


Several initiates went on a 2-week fruit fast as they became heavily toxic. They not only failed to lose weight, but found that the body and form remained exactly the same in tone and texture during the entire cleanse. Not possible, one would think at 2 strands of DNA. However, this is standard for a crystalline form and is why one’s ancestors never concerned themselves about body weight. Therefore, eat what you want when you want it guilt free, and enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth through food. Eating can be another manner of communing with Earth and all her kingdoms, as one allows the blessings to be received therein.


The Kidneys


The kidneys are modified to allow larger substances to pass through in the detoxification process of ascension. It is not unusual for urine to bubble, and often your current medical practitioners consider this a kidney problem, as protein appears to be passing through in the urine. In ascension, the ducts are widened and allow for the passing through of many substances including heavy metals and proteins no longer required by the ascending form. Therefore, bubbly urine is common amongst ascending humans.


The kidneys often experience what are known as “kidney stones”. Stones are excessive uric acid that builds inside of the ducts. As the ducts are enlarged, stones cannot collect as easily and kidney stones become a thing of the past. Sometimes in the process of the evolution of the kidneys, one will experience pain like the passing of a kidney stone. This occurs in particular as the ducts are under repair. During such times drinking coconut milk, particularly fresh coconut milk if you can obtain it, will help to dissolve the excessive uric acid that has hardened throughout the form. Sometimes it is such uric acid along with cholesterol that also collects in the blood vessels creating plaque. Again, coconut milk along with lemon water will assist in the dissolution of such “hardening of the arteries”. Arteries like all systems are restructured in ascension, as are all other systems.


There were once glands in the kidneys that could break water into components and store it for future use. Such components then can be used to reconstruct water if necessary during times of dehydration. Such glands begin to grow around initiation 1024, and one may find the need to drink fluid to be less of a concern thereafter during exercise. Initiates have found that their bodies can modulate fluid with enough ease to not require the ingestion of fluid over a 24-hour period.


During long plane flights, initiates have learned to have their kidneys store up the components of water manufacturing more than usual given the dehydrating nature of aircraft ventilation. Aircraft ventilation is designed to dehydrate those aboard to lighten the load increasing the efficiency of the gas mileage. Unfortunately, it is also very hard upon humans, especially ascending humans.


Additionally, two initiates have developed glands in the kidneys that can manufacture oxygen. Long plane travel barely provides enough oxygen for humans at 2 strands let alone an ascending crystalline form. Therefore, initiates who have attained full consciousness can compensate for this with a blueprint for a self-sustaining ability to create enough oxygen to support the form over a 10-hour flight. In the past, such flights would kill enough of the brain cells and nervous system that it would take days following to repair the form. And so, a couple of fully conscious initiates have found a means of developing special glands with special function only required in travel. Until such a time, one may wish to ingest liquid oxygen available through health food stores to support the form in travel.


For many ascending humans living in polluted regions, there is not enough oxygen to support the ascending form. An ongoing lack of oxygen will cause one’s ascent to slow down. Initiates may wish to muscle test or pendulum if they are receiving enough oxygen to fuel their ascension forward each day. If not, liquid oxygen available through health food stores or upon the web can be consumed to assist. However, one can also allow the blueprint for the glands that produce oxygen to become a part of one’s ascent, after such a time the liquid oxygen will not be necessary. Such glands can begin to grow at 1,800 segments if one intends it.


At this time, the ocean is evolving to produce oxygen for ascending land species. All land species including ascending humans require more oxygen than is available through other sources at this time. Such oxygen has already begun to be released in all oceans global wide, and is a part of the conscious evolution of water. Water and all elements are conscious, and are evolving through the release of karma by which they lost consciousness over time and through the Pleiadian dominion over Earth.


It is the purpose of the elements to hold form, or in other terms, hold space and time in such a manner that form appears in the third dimension. As the elements change, such changes shall transfer immediately to all form. It is through the elements that the mass ascent of humankind has begun, and now through the elements that the requirements of ascension shall be provided for.


The Liver


The liver expands its ability to cleanse blood through the development of special filters for such things as heavy metals, pesticides, air pollutants and so on that find their way into the blood stream, through the release of stored toxins from the fat and ascending tissues, or in one’s day to day eating habits and living environment. Such ducts expand the size of the liver by two thirds, which contributes to the expansion of the mid-drift in ascending humans. Additionally, there is a direct set of ducts to deposit oversized toxins into the intestinal tract with far greater ease and fluidity. This allows certain toxins that were very difficult to clear from a system to be able to be cleared with ease.


There are glands that had atrophied over time in the Liver that are related to the virus known as Hepatitis. The Hepatitis Virus was once a substance used to transmute certain toxins in crystalline cells into another useable material required for cell life. The Hepatitis Virus is converted in the crystalline blueprint back to its original function. The main cellular waste that this particular substance transmutes is anaerobic waste, or in other terms, a waste produced in the ingestion of sugar by the cell. The waste is transmuted into a form of salt required for the regeneration of the cell, and then is utilized for this purpose.


The liver also has the capacity to convert body fat to sugar if one’s overall vibration requires such to be sustained. For the average human, one sustains one’s vibration more through the breath, in which oxygen is collected by the lungs and given over to the crystalline diaphragm to be converted into blood sugar. However, in high times of stress, or if one is holding a higher vibration than usual say in going to the density of the city, the liver may begin to convert fat to provide enough sugar to sustain one’s vibration.


How is vibration sustained? The cells holding a particular level of energy sustain the energy level of the form by altering the metabolism of the cell accordingly. In other terms, the higher the vibration, the more sugar that is required to sustain the energy of the crystalline cell, and the higher the metabolism of the form runs. As more sugar is required, the diaphragm inflates to collect more oxygen, and the liver will convert fat to sugar to provide for the needs of an increasing metabolism and vibration.


The Spinal Fluid


There is an alternative metabolic system to the one sustained by blood sugar, and one that begins to develop in a crystalline form at initiation 1,800. This new metabolic system is the result of the collection of photon energy. Photon energy replaces sugar metabolism by providing another level of energy that is all pervasive. Photon energy can be collected, in particular by special fluid that contains fat particles in the spinal column. Such fluid acts as a magnet that traps photonic energy. Over time and later in the ascension, another form of blood and lymph carrier is produced that carries the photon energy from the spinal column to the cells direct. This reduces the amount of sugar required by the cell to sustain its vibration.


A self-sustaining biology will thrive out of photonic energy and not sugar. This is where Earth and all species are headed into the future, and in particular after entry into the photon energy of the Great Central Sun itself. As this occurs, there will be ample photon energy, and all species can shift in nature to become self-sustaining. A self-sustaining vibration shall be fueled by photon particles in the future, which act much as a battery in your current technology. Photon particles can be gathered and retained particularly in modified forms of body fat and then administered to the system as necessary to sustain the vibration and energy level of the whole of the form.


It is not until the ascent from 1,800 to 3,000 that one begins to rely partially upon photon energy to sustain the vibration of the form. As this occurs, new cells are produced in the blood and lymph that act as carriers of photon particles. Such cells are made of fat as fat is the only substance that can trap photon energy, and much like a battery, hold it for later use to supply energy where and when it is needed. Such blood and lymph carrier cells then transport the photon particles to those cells in need of additional chi throughout the form.


What cells in particular require additional chi in the form of photon particles? Primarily the brain and nervous system require additional chi to embrace the Language of Light thoughtform. In order to hold the Language of Light magnetic thoughtform within the brain, photon energy is required and acts as a recipient of such thoughtform. It is the presence of photon energy in the brain cells that allow ascending humans to begin to remember the principles of unity that once prevailed in one’s ancient ancestry.


The Spleen and Bone Marrow


It is the spleen and bone marrow that manufactures 18 additional carrier cells of certain substances throughout the blood and lymph. Such substances include the fat cells that act as a carrier of photon energy to the brain.


Other substances carried by specialized cells produced in the spleen include cells that carry 3 additional types of fat required to construct the crystalline form; cells that carry 2 types of fats that must be sent to the intestinal tract or kidneys for disposal as they are no longer required by the crystalline form; cells that carry 4 types of salt required to resurrect cells from non-crystalline to crystalline; cells to carry 2 forms of potassium not required by crystalline cells that must be removed and carried to the intestinal tract or kidneys for disposal; cells to carry 8 types of sugar required to sustain the crystalline cells; and cells to carry 14 types of amino acids that are the building blocks of the crystalline form.


There are two versions of cells produced by the spleen and bone marrow in the crystalline structure. One version travels primarily in the blood, and another modified version travels primarily in the lymph. We say primarily as there is a cross over with some carrier cells between both the blood and the lymph.


The Immune System


The immune system is really a function of the bone marrow and spleen that produces 8 types of white blood cells that can ingest most forms of toxins, viruses and bacteria released in the act of ascension. Those toxins that cannot be transmuted by white blood cells are transported to the intestinal tract or kidneys for disposal. The white blood cells work both in the lymph and circulatory systems. 2 forms of white blood cells can also enter a cell clearing the toxic problem therein and then exit.


One may wish to know how this occurs? One can imagine what might occur if one tried to enter one’s hand through the body of another. The molecules would move aside one another in a synchronistic manner to allow what appears to be solid to pass through another solid mass. In a parallel manner, the molecules of these two white blood cells overlay the infected cell by a form of merger or blending, remove the toxic substance, and then exit and transmute the toxin moving on to another infected cell.


Many are concerned about viruses such as aids. Aids and other immune dysfunctions appear to be the result of the immunization process that has created a new set of viruses that attack the immune system. As the crystalline blueprint is anchored, white blood cells and other immune functions are modified in a manner that causes aids and many other autoimmune viruses to cease to be able to destroy such cells. The immune system then is capable of doing its job, which is to consume and transmute the aids or other autoimmune viruses. One can ascend out of aids or other related diseases by 3,000 segments provided the body is strong enough to tolerate the detoxification inherent in ascension.


The immune system of a crystalline form is efficient enough to make disease, even the common cold or flu an experience of the past. Ascending humans therefore can use flu like symptoms or a cold to understand that one is overly toxic and require increasing one’s detoxification practices to transcend.


Flu and cold symptoms are also a sign of energetic harm towards oneself from another that is occurring in the unconscious. More or less one’s field is being “beaten up”. Such experiences are karmic, and as the karma is transcended the patterning will pass. Furthermore, initiates can assess if they have lost records or are collapsing or rolling back in one’s ascent due to the harm. An extreme drop in vibration will create a cold or flu, and generally speaking such an experience is the result of a karmic encounter in which one has given many to most of one’s ascension records to another. Complete the karma and retrieve the records, and one can rebuild the system pulling oneself out of this type of decline.


Disease, if it manifests is a sign of an extreme imbalance in one’s ascent. Address the imbalance and the karmic cause behind it, and the disease can be lifted through. This year we are examining the karma behind disease along with machinery that pulls grid work outside of the form and into devices utilized by the Annanuki long ago to collect chi. This appears to be the main source of most disease. As the karma is released, the machinery dismantled, and the grid work rewoven inside of the etheric body instead of outside, then most disease can be healed through ascension. This is always of course provided that the form is strong enough to handle the detoxification inherent in ascension.


The Pancreas


The pancreas is modified to produce 2 types of insulin related to 8 types of sugar required to feed the crystalline cell. What is the difference between sugars? Primarily the difference is related to the size of molecular structure. There are more complex sugars and less complex sugars required by the crystalline structure at different times of the day when the body is focused upon different activities. At night, less complex sugars overall are required as the body rests. During the day, more complex sugars which provide more chi in the ingestion are required, particularly if one is partaking in a physical activity, or moves up in vibration in the act of ascension. Movement up in vibration requires an increasing metabolism, which requires more complex sugars to sustain the form.


The diaphragm with the oxygen collected by the lungs produces 8 types of sugar. Carrier cells in the blood and lymph take the sugar and distribute it to the cells. It is the insulin that causes the cells to digest the sugar. Some sugar can be stored in the fat surrounding the cells for later use. Crystalline cells are coated in fat rather than protein, which not only holds a higher vibration, but also is used to store sugar for future use. It is the insulin that causes the sugar stored in the fat surrounding the cell to enter the cell for consumption. Different forms of insulin cause different forms of sugar to be released. During the day, one form of insulin causes more complex sugars to be released. During the rest period of night and sleep, another form of insulin causes less complex sugars to be released.


Insulin production and release is modulated by the thymus. The thymus generates another hormone that causes the production of insulin to increase or decrease, and certain types of insulin to be produced, as they are required to sustain the overall vibration of the form. For those with diabetic or hypoglycemic tendencies, one can ascend out of such imbalances by initiation 3,000 and as the pancreas is restructured. One will find that it is often parasites that have grown in the pancreas that cause the deficiency or overproduction of insulin. Therefore, those with such problems may be served by supplementing one’s ascent with a simple de-parasite herb program.


The Heart and Circulatory System


The heart expands to have a total of 8 ventricles that contract to pump the blood throughout the circulatory system by initiation 3,000. This is double the number of ventricles in a non-crystalline system, and the heart in the process also doubles in size. In order to make room for a larger heart, the chest and upper rib cage expand in size in ascension. This is why so many women increase in bra size in ascension, or men find themselves wearing larger and larger shirts.


The 8-ventricle system has a new rhythm that may cause a fluttering sensation in the heart for a time. Ascending humans need not panic under such circumstances, but simply breathe through it intending that the heart come to balance and find a pace of contraction that supports the circulation of the form in the moment.


Why is a larger heart required? There is more fluid flowing through the system due to the increased number of carrier cells required to support the regeneration and detoxification of a crystalline system. The amount of fluid in a crystalline circulatory system and lymph system is double the requirement of a non-crystalline structure. This too contributes to the overall expansion of the size of the form in ascension. Much as pregnant women double the amount of fluid to support the life of the fetus, ascending humans double the amount of fluid to support the crystalline form. Much like the pregnant woman’s organs and glands increase in size to support the fetus, so do the organs and glands of the ascending human increase in size to support the crystalline form.


Sometimes initiates find that they seemingly have “high blood pressure”. A crystalline structure has higher blood pressure as there are more ventricles pumping the blood and more fluid to be pumped, and therefore one need not be concerned about such things. If your medical professionals understood what was happening, perhaps they too would be less concerned. We recommend not drugs to thin the blood beloved, even aspirin, as such things can cause other complications that later interfere with one’s ascent. Rather simply muscle test or pendulum if the blood pressure that one has is suitable to one’s level of ascent, and then embrace it as a symptom of ascension.


Autonomic Nervous System and Nervous System


The autonomic nervous system, which is run by the brain stem, along with the nervous system and all nerves associated within the form at large makes a major biochemical shift around 3,000 DNA segments. In essence, a new biochemical structure comes forth that ceases to run primarily upon electrical impulse, and instead relies upon magnetic impulses to direct the movement of the heart, organs, glands, intestines and digestive tract along with the muscular structure. A magnetic system is far more relaxed than an electrical one, and those transiting this phase of ascension may find themselves far calmer, far less tense than prior times in one’s life expression.


There are many changes in the brain. Primarily the pituitary gland buds with over 1,000 different nodes that produce 1,000 different chemicals necessary to ascension, and necessary to the sustenance of a crystalline system. One of such chemicals is related to the measles virus, which is transmuted to a chemical that supports the form in the blueprint of ascension. As this occurs, the size of the brain cavity will increase and the head will grow. Sometimes one will feel a soft spot on the top of the head as the cranium expands. The shape of the face may also become increasingly round or heart shaped again to make room for the expansion of the pituitary gland.


It is beyond our translator to try and explain in detail what each of these 1,000 substances does. However, let us suffice to say that there are ducts that grow from the pituitary and down the back of the neck to allow the ascension chemicals to enter the blood stream and lymph system of the form. If such ducts fail to manifest, one’s ascension chemicals, which include the production of HGH or human growth hormone, will not adequately be available to cause biological ascension to occur.


If one’s biological ascent and growth is failing to come about, one area to check is the ascension ducts that run along the back of the neck. Sometimes in abduction experiences with the Greys or Reptilians, these ducts have been connected to one another rather than freely and openly traveling to the lymph or blood. As one releases such abduction karma, the blueprint for the ducts can be altered to allow them their proper structure and function.


Initiates can also muscle test or pendulum how much of the chemicals produced in the brain are transferred into the form. If less than 70% of such chemicals are entering the blood or lymph of the form, one may wish to increase the size of the ducts to allow more of the chemicals to freely flow into the system to cause a more rapid biological ascension. A slow biological ascension causes one to linger in the emotional process and pain longer than need be. Therefore, opening the ducts will also allow initiates to transit more rapidly through their dark moments of ascension.


Opening the ducts can occur through intent, and one can place their hands behind their neck before falling asleep at night requesting that the ducts be more fully opened or rectified in structure and function in the etheric. As the etheric body is corrected, the change will step into form within the following 8 days. This is also a good area to check for those who are healers and who are working with ascending initiates in any session.


Pineal Gland


For those ascending beyond 3000, the pineal gland is altered to attune to more frequencies emanating from the sun. Such frequencies are utilized to transmute etheric blockages and allow for greater freedom of rotation of an ascending chakra system and subtle body system. Such frequencies also energize the grid work to sustain the overall vibration of the form.


There are two modalities of energizing the form. One is through the breath and collection of oxygen, and the other is through the collection of light. Light is collecting through the eyes by the pineal gland and then distributed to the brain and grid work of the form. Light and photon energy are one and the same. However, for a long time, your sun failed to produce photon energy, and instead produced a form of radiation. This was the result of manipulations over your solar system that also originated through Pleiadian intervention that was 5th dimensional, and long before the Annanuki arrived upon Earth.


Now through solar ascension, the Sun is beginning to produce photon energy of its own and is detoxifying the radiation much as Earth is detoxifying electricity at this time. This is above and beyond the photon energy that is increasing due to the latest entry point in the aura of the Great Central Sun that your solar system is traversing.


Over time, the Sun and Earth are choosing to become self-sustaining. What this entails is the ongoing production of all photon energy necessary to sustain the increasing vibration of an ascending form and consensus reality. This is how the Earth and your solar system shall ascend back to the Tao; they shall increase and increase in vibration until form and soul become one, stepping out of the illusion of your creation in full. This is many thousands of years into the future, however it is the spiritual goal of your solar system and planet, beloved. Each form will become self-sustaining in biology, producing all of what is required in order to ascend including one’s own photonic energy.


The Sun produces at this time all tones within the Language of Light and the Language of One along with its own photon energy. Initiates may use sunbaths to collect such tones to assist with one’s continued ascent. A 10 to 20-minute sunbath will clear etheric blockages and increase the vibration of any ascending field. The increased vibration causes an increased pace of rotation of chakras and subtle bodies, which then spin off karma, pain, fear, entities, machines and so on that an ascending initiate is releasing each day.


We guide initiates to intend that one’s exposure to the sun be supportive of ascension, and to muscle test or pendulum how long of an exposure one needs in any given day. Some days may require a longer exposure than others. Excessive exposure is not recommended if not needed, as it may still burn the skin, or in other terms provide too much chi to the grid work than the grid work can handle. Sunburn is simply the result of an overcharged etheric grid work unprepared for the vibration it now holds due to excessive exposure to the sun.


What to do then if one wishes to spend the entire day at the beach? Is sun block recommended? No, such chemicals are often poisonous to an ascending form and will be absorbed through the skin. Instead, take an umbrella and hat along with a cover-up, minimize your exposure to what is needed in the moment, and utilize your time at the beach to enjoy the movement and sound of the waves all the same. Such pulsations of the waves assist in aligning one’s field to the divine timing of Earth, and therefore are very nurturing to ascending initiates.


Much of the light required upon a daily basis is collected in one’s day-to-day activities provided one is not indoors and is not wearing dark sunglasses. Initiates with dark brown or black eyes may be better off with light sunglasses to no sunglasses to assure that enough light is collected in any given day. Those with blue, hazel or green eyes may want to wear rose-colored glasses that still allow all of the Language of Light and Language of One to flow through. Initiates may wish to muscle-test which is the best color glasses given the need for all tones of creation emanating from the sun to be gathered in their daily use.


For those living greatly north or south in regions that have little sun in the winter, one can generate one’s own sun through intent. One can run the vibrations of the sun by intending to match the tones of creation currently available. In so doing, one can still benefit from the light that one requires in order to sustain one’s chi and vibration of the form.


The Skin


The skin is the largest organ of the form. The skin takes in certain substances from the air or water that one bathes in, and releases certain substances one is detoxifying through the pores. The skin also acts as a transducer of chi for the etheric body during a sunbath. The further one ascends, the more permeable the skin becomes. The more permeable, the more one will be careful about swimming in polluted lakes, rivers or oceans. However, the ocean is evolving, and finding its own means of transmuting the toxic waste that humanity has added to your waterways.


One can also be careful about bathing in water, particularly in the polluted cities of your world. Perhaps a water filter in the bath would be advised. Water filters for drinking water are also available, even for travel in the form of a water bottle, and Asur’Ana takes such with her or purchase bottled water when on the road. Bottled water in our experience of it is not always as pure as one might think, so muscle test or pendulum which is the best brand to rely upon based upon purity.


The skin becomes subtle and soft as it regenerates, and one appears younger and younger as the lines disappear on the face. The skin goes buttery in feel due to the fat that surrounds the crystalline cell and peachy in color due to the presence of soul grounded into the form. Such fat also retains moisture to a greater degree requiring less moisturizer to sustain the elasticity of the skin. Gray skin is a sign of a lack of grounding during which entities that are non-resonant may have entered the form and field. Taking the time to synthesize and ground to the Earth, cleansing out that which is non-resonant assists with such moments.


Cellulite is simply toxins one is releasing that have collected in the fat under the skin. Intend to transmute the toxins and the cellulite will disappear. One can run detoxification vibrations in the etheric grid work during the act of synthesis and meditation to assist with the detoxification process. One can draw such vibrations from the sun during a sunbath. If one is in a particularly toxic period, one sign is the ripples of cellulite, and this is a sign that one may need to increase their ingestion of water and number of baths, saunas, sunbaths or swims in a given period to better detoxify the form.


Waste Management Organs


There are so many toxins in the current human expression and the liver is hard pressed to cleanse the system adequately. As a result, two additional waste removal organs about the size of a liver develop beginning at initiation 1,800 on either side of the waist. This causes the waist to expand in circumference. One sincerely can look pregnant in the latter phases of embracing ascension 100% into the biology.


However, each form is different and has different requirements, and therefore the degree of such development will be larger or smaller depending upon preoccupation. Preoccupations that involve holding space for events or healing will cause a larger structure to develop. Why? One must be able to increase their metabolism in order to teach, heal or host events. This will require more pockets in the diaphragm and more overall body fat for the job leading to a larger form.


The two new organs cleanse both the blood and the lymph upon a recurring basis, shunting what cannot be transmuted into a usable and viable substance to support the crystalline form or one’s continued ascent into the intestinal tract or kidneys for disposal. Such organs also inflate during heightened periods of cleansing expanding the girth of the waist in such moments. Why? When one is holding a higher frequency for an event or healing session, the entire metabolism including waste management increases in pace. As this occurs, both the diaphragm and the waste management organs inflate more pockets with blood for the purposes of collecting more oxygen or removing more waste produced during a period of increased metabolism.


Photonic Glands


Adjacent to the waste management organs are two additional glands that develop beginning at initiation 1,800. Such glands disseminate photon energy into the blood via carrier cells that transport such photonic particles to the nervous system and brain. Such glands attach to the spinal cord through the sacral region of the form. The photonic energy collected in the spinal fluid is transferred into the glands, which then transports such energy via the carriers into the blood for distribution.


No photonic energy means no understanding of the Language of Light or for unity consciousness to come forth in one’s ascent. If one fails to ascend into increasing unity, one will be ascending into greater disunity, and then harmfulness can increase rather than decrease in ascension. Greater disunity within also leads to disease. Therefore, these glands are important to the embracing of a state of harmlessness and integration and understanding of the unity-based Language of Light thoughtform, along with one’s ascension out of the paradigm of aging, illness and disease.


Reproductive Glands


There are many new reproductive glands that grow in ascension. Such glands grow in the testicles of the male form, increasing the size of the balls to be upwards to two times larger than their pre-ascension state.


In the female form, new glands grow under the labia major and minor of the vaginal area. Such glands cause an increase in fluid that consistently flows in the vagina, causing the region to be moist much like the interior of one’s mouth. This supports such skin that is exposed to air in regenerating in ease, and also brings an end to the experience of a dry vagina during lovemaking. These glands also produce an anesthesia similar to morphine during childbirth that allows childbirth to be a glorious and joyful experience free of pain.


The ovaries, which primarily produce eggs in a non-crystalline structure, grow to include 8 new glands that produce 28 new hormones that balance reproduction and regenerate the form. Reproduction should not require menses. Menses is a loss of nutrients and fluids that is unnecessary to a crystalline structure. Reproduction was once caused through conscious intent. The new glands allow one to consciously shut off reproduction at will. In so doing, all eggs will be dissolved, as one is not interested in conception, causing one to not conceive or to have menses. If one intends conception, then eggs will be produced when needed. Crystalline women can also conceive without a mate or sperm as crystalline eggs contain all components necessary to create a child. Such conception again would occur only through conscious intent.


The reproductive glands produce 28 hormones in both the male and female form that regenerate crystalline cells. Regeneration ends the birth, death and rebirth cycles of cells, allowing cells to be rebuilt if they have lost their structure and/or function. Rebuilding cells requires far less energy, nutrients and time than growing whole new cells. Therefore, these regenerative hormones are important to an entirely regenerative system. Such hormones are directed by the thymus in relation to how much of each is created to sustain the regeneration of the entire physical system.




The crystalline structure allows one to grow new teeth as needed throughout the life. There is a gland that grows in the chin that was once present in childhood and before the baby teeth fell out and the adult teeth grew in. This gland allows new teeth to develop to replace teeth that are degenerating. This gland grows around initiation 1,800 at this time in the ascension blueprint.


The current dental practices and ingredients used in fillings, bridges and crowns interfere with the conversion of teeth to the crystalline structure. One product that assists with stimulating crystalline growth of the teeth and gums is a sonic toothbrush. The sonic waves allow more chi to be pushed through the grid work of the teeth and jaw triggering resurrection to a crystalline form of the cells therein. The sonic toothbrush often also eliminates the aches and pains in the teeth and jaw during ascension that is simply the result of stagnant energy flow collected in such non-resonant dental structures.


Crystalline teeth also will regenerate enamel as needed. Plaque builds up consistently, primarily because most food is not crystalline at this time due to non-conscious farming practices. The bacteria in non-crystalline food cause the plaque to grow. Rather than visiting a dentist for plaque removal, Asur’Ana has found that essential oils of lemon and orange will dissolve hardened plaque so that it can be removed during daily brushing instead, much like fruit acids dissolve dead skin lessening wrinkles. She utilizes such oils once to twice per week for maintenance. This has allowed her to avoid the visit to the dentist over the past decade of her ascent.


Gums also regenerate in ascension. The use of the sonic toothbrush also aids in the blood flow to and from the gums after brushing, allowing crystalline teeth to more readily regenerate rather than decay. Decay in the crystalline form becomes an experience of the past, even in teeth. Sometimes portions of the teeth will break off near fillings due to the non-resonance. If this occurs, an entire new tooth will generate underneath replacing the one that has broken. One must simply intend this so and so it will be.


Death Hormone


Recently, and in the release of disease and aging karma by ascending initiates in the new consensus, the origins of the death hormone came to be understood. The death hormone, which is produced in the pituitary of humanoid forms at 2 strands of DNA, kills healthy living tissue to bring about death in a sudden accident or at the end of a lengthy disease. The death hormone in the pituitary triggers like hormones of death to be released in each organ and gland throughout the form. Such hormones shut down each gland and organ throughout the body by instantly poisoning the cells into lifelessness. This is how death occurs in all circumstances at this time in history.


Due to the presence of the death hormone in all flesh, Asur’Ana had become a vegan years ago. As any animal or fish dies, the death hormone is ejaculated into every organ, muscle and system throughout the embodiment. Such hormone permeates the muscles and fat that one consumes as one eats flesh. One is simply adding death to their system in the consumption of the death hormone, and it is for this reason that our channel has chosen a strictly vegan diet.


Addiction to meat is better understood given the death hormone. The death hormone numbs the pain that most humans exist within at 2 strands of DNA. It is for this reason perhaps that it has been so difficult for the human species at large to give up its requirement to consume flesh even though all nutrients necessary to sustain the form are prevalent in vegetation at this time in history.


Given our deep and newfound understanding of the death hormone and how it kills living cells, we would recommend that all ascending initiates consider keeping the consumption of flesh to a bare minimum, and to those times in one’s ascent where one simply requires so many amino acids that a vegetarian diet does not serve. When such phases pass, we would recommend resuming a vegetarian diet to minimize the added death hormone into an ascending system, as the death hormone kills healthy tissue causing one to needlessly resurrect that which dies in the consumption of flesh.


The Joy Hormone


The death hormone system has proven to be the distortion on a hormonal system that once sustained joy and passion upon a cellular level within the human form. At this time, the blueprint for ascension shall allow for the gradual transmutation of the death hormone system to become a new hormonal system for joy. Such hormones interestingly enough turn the blood to a deep magenta color once released. Magenta is the color of passion and joy in an ascending field.


The joy hormone is similar to what occurs in the form as one eats chocolate or exercises. Eating chocolate or exercising creates endorphins that allow the form to feel grounded, relaxed and “happy”. The joy hormone is similar to such endorphins, except that there are 18 forms of chemicals related that work in a synchronistic manner to retain a happy body 24 hours per day. The joy hormone system involves the tonsils and appendix along with 18 other systems that are used to disseminate death hormone in the act of death in a non-crystalline form, including a special node in the pituitary. As one moves from biological death to biological joy, life changes in a manner that is indescribable and must be experienced to be understood.


The Stomach, Digestive System and Intestinal Tract


The stomach, digestion and intestines go through many phases of resurrection in ascension. In essence, the stomach wall and lining become crystalline and a thick coating of mucous develops that allows for stronger digestive enzymes to be produced to digest what one eats with greater ease. Such enzymes become increasingly good at breaking down nutrients that one consumes, particularly protein, soy and beans along with milk products. One may find therefore through ascension that one’s allergies simply disappear over time. All allergies to food are related to an inability to break down a particular substance in digestion.


The intestinal tract modifies itself through ascension, and is perhaps one of the more greatly deteriorated organs of the form. Why? It may be the simple fact that there is decay always flowing through the intestines, and decay leads to decay, or in other terms, deterioration of the intestinal system over time.


The ascension blueprint calls for the growing of an entire new intestinal tract over the old, and then the old is sloughed off much like a sock is pulled from inside of another sock. This sloughing of the old tract occurs several times in ascension, and may lead to a period where one does not desire to eat much, feels full all of the time, and has a week or longer period of diarrhea or larger than normal numbers of bowel movements. This occurs at 1800 segments, again at 3000, and again at 6000 segments.


As the new intestine takes place of the old after the turning of one’s tract, it is far more efficient at breaking down and absorbing nutrients from the waste, and embracing waste delivered from the blood to be added to the fecal matter. Later and in the ascent to 6,000 segments, the intestine begins to recycle more and more of the waste, drawing out nutrients that can be used over again in the form, minimizing the overall amount of waste emitted from the system each day along with the need to eat as much to sustain the form. Energy and heightened vibration are also used to turn some of the feces into gas dissolving it more or less with application of the Language of Light. One might think of this as biological transmutation of waste in action.


When travelling, Asur’Ana has learned to rely upon energetic transmutation more than bowel movements for her waste management. Sometimes she will even focus energy through the hands to allow for the dissolving of waste into gas or energy again. At another time and into the future, there will be no need for bowels at all, as all will be recycled within the system. The intestines may become a recycling factory, with all substances turned into another re-usable material for the sustenance of the form.




We invite initiates to muscle test or pendulum their weakest organs in their ascension to date. We also invite initiates to cross check if all organs and glands are developing, as they should given one’s level of evolution. In essence, at 1800 DNA segments, one should begin to embody most of the changes spoken of in this material. By 3,000 DNA segments that have stepped 30% down into the form, the glands and organs should be more or less developed 30% of size to sustain one’s vibration and continued ascent. If one is failing to develop any of such organs or glands, perhaps it is time to intend to get at the underlying cause of why one may have blocked such a part of one’s biological ascent.


Ascension comes along in a manner that is best suited to the health and well-being along with weaknesses of any given form. If a form has a particularly toxic organ or system, such an organ or system is addressed first in the ascent so that it can increase in strength to support the ascent of the rest of the form. Sometimes this leads to periods of “not feeling well” in one’s ascent, and such periods may last for months or longer beloved. The best manner of addressing such a time is to take gentle walks, intending the energy to move and take as many baths and sunbaths as one can to support the detoxification process.


For one initiate, her chest was a weakened area. In her early ascent, this led to bronchitis that recurred intermittently. She treated the bronchitis with immune herbs and colloidal silver as required during such periods. Additionally, as her bones first became crystalline and for a six-month period, she could barely walk and felt like a 90-year-old woman, hobbling down the stairs each morning. She would work with her grounding, kundalini movement and synthesis meditation to ease the pain. Then, she would take a gentle walk to again move the energy. As the energy moves, the pain lessened and she could go about her day in greater ease.


Many initiates may not understand that most of the pains in ascension are etheric. Move the energy and the pain will subside. All pain is simply the result of stuck energy in particular part of the grid work or chakras. Energy will move if one focuses upon it. Sometimes underlying the non-movement of energy will be painful past life recalls. As one goes into the recall, and processes the pain, the energy moves again and the pain subsides. This is how Asur’Ana ascended and continues to ascend to this day.


However, as one increases in vibration, one eventually transcends pain as a vibrational threshold, which is primarily electrical in nature. However, there are other discordant vibrations addressed thereafter which can be equally uncomfortable, and these are primarily radioactive in nature. And so, the process goes on to a state of full consciousness and beyond.


Gentle walks, gentle swims, getting into a hot bath, hot tub or sauna will cause any stuck energy to move. The heat also causes one to sweat which pushes toxins from the pores allowing one to detoxify that which puts the form in pain. Certain toxins hurt form. Why? Such toxins cause the energy in the etheric body to cease to move. Such toxins have an electrical charge or radioactive charge. Such toxins can be heavy metals, pesticides, or any one of the many additives that are found in your food source and environment. Move the toxins, and so the electrical or radioactive charge also leaves the form allowing the energy to more freely flow in the etheric body. As the energy freely flows, pain ceases.


It is for this reason that one will wish perhaps to feed the form organic foods, drink lots of water, and minimize those substances that are abusive, such as smoking, excessive drinking, excessive consumption of flesh, and if possible, living in a toxic environment. We recommend each ascending being to ultimately relocate to an environment that supports one’s ascent, whether it be the mountains, the countryside, an island or by the sea.


We hope that each has found this information useful upon your personal path of ascension. This is the year that a regenerative crystalline form, such as what we speak of in this chapter and which one is ascending into as a map carver, can become anchored for the entire human species. Such ascension shall be generational and come forth to greater degrees in the coming 15 generations. In so doing, the human species shall transcend aging, illness and death as a collective in the coming century. Let us make it so, HO!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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