Image of abundance of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Abundance Blessings From The Tao

13. Abundance Blessings From The Tao


Time has been traveling rapidly this year. This shall continue as time compresses and compresses until Earth and all upon her enter a state of no time in which past, present and future converge. As this occurs, all things become possible within one’s dream and abundance shall reign. How long until this is so? Ah, it shall take following entry into the photonic dream for all of Earth, however this is coming more rapidly than most realize, as you are about 27 years as humans count them from entry. For Earth, who counts years in solar rotations around the 12th dimensional Sun of four years at a time, you are less than 7 planetary years from entry, and there is much to do in preparation to assure a smooth transition of forces and governance.


Jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun


The transition of governance has to do with Great Central Sun counsels that shall oversee jurisdiction upon Earth in relatively short order. In due course, all souls that resonate not with the Sun’s counsels shall be removed and returned onto the next phases of their particular spiritual journey. This is what the turning of creation or times of cleansing is all about, to return those souls that did not originate inside this Great Central Sun to their Sun and region of domain of origin, and to gather those that did so that they may return Home. This is also so for genetic materials from foreign Suns and creations; all must be returned unto where it came, and all must be gathered up that was lost that originated upon Earth and your solar system.


At this time, the Aurora along with the Inner Earth, the volcanoes, mountaintops and the oceans 500 miles from shores inhabited by humankind have moved under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun and have entered a new dream, a photonic dream. These regions of domain in essence have passed through the Photon Belt already. Earth is so close at this time to the Photon Belt that parts of herself that resonate with a fourth dimensional dream are already crossing.


A photonic dream is primarily fourth dimensional. Some species are crossing that are ready which include all fourth dimensional humans, some third dimensional Inner Earth and surface Earth humans that are ascending into soul infusion at this time, and a few whales and dolphins at parallel levels of evolution, along with the Manatee and Panda Kingdoms that live in a wild state. All other species shall cross in the coming 27 years or perish in the coming times of cleansing. Perishing is not an end; it is a retraction of those genetics and consciousness that are non-resonant with a photonic dream for a return journey to one’s creation of origin.


Retracting from Physicality


Alas many non-ascending humans are going to retract from physicality in these coming times of cleansing as are certain strains within the nature kingdoms. Farm animals are becoming ill beginning to die off now that have no soul to ensoul them. Already thousands and thousands of chickens have been destroyed in many countries due to “bird flu”, a disease that can be passed onto humans. Mad cow disease has also spread worldwide. Bird Flu and Mad Cow Disease are two of 36 diseases already prevalent in farm fowl and animals that are lethal.


There are many diseases farm animals that are retracting from physicality are manifesting that can easily be passed on through the ingestion of meat. Therefore, the Tao advises ascending initiates to become vegetarian at this time, eating only selectively of wild fish if one’s evolution requires additional amino acids to construct a more rapid biological shift; for even farmed fish will become diseased in the times ahead as it is no longer ensouled by nature. Such diseases may pass on to those who consume them, and so this is a good precaution to ensure one’s continued evolution.


One may also see the animals in zoos begin to die off in the years ahead; the times for human souls to ensoul zoo animals is likewise coming to conclusion, and nature has already retracted out of such a dance. This may also be so for one’s pets beloved, as nature is concluding at this time with all physical form that are not ensouled by nature that exist upon Earth. Why is this retraction so important on the part of nature? Such forms drain nature of the chi required to ascend and therefore take away from Earth’s overall ability to master her global initiations. Nature is therefore doing what it must do to assure the ascent of the whole.


Many plant kingdoms shall also become diseased; it is for this reason that our channel has focused upon pushing soul onto organic farms so that there will be some food source for humanity to rely upon into the decades ahead. One may also wish to make this one’s personal intention with all organic food purchased, or each time one shops at a health food store. We also advise ascending initiates to move out of the cities and find a small piece of property one can begin to plant one’s own garden, and become increasing reliant upon one’s own self for sustenance. This will become increasingly necessary in the decades ahead, and the time to begin to plan for such a shift is now beloved.


What will humanity do as the number of humans dwindle? They will spread out easing the constriction that occurs due to too many humans living in one place and in your cities. Much like the pre-slaughter fattening farms of your cows in present time, there is a stench to human life in the city. The stench comes from too much human thoughtform constricted into a small region of domain. Perhaps one does not notice the stench; but if one goes into the country and smells the fresh clear air therein, one will see what we are speaking of. The stench has also been known as “air pollution”, and although one would like to blame this on fossil fuels, it is really the result of too many humans living in one region of domain.




What causes the air pollution? Well, humans sit in a particular thoughtform that consumes not only flesh, but resources; consumption thoughtform has a particular vibration that creates a haze that is yellow-green in tint along with a particular smell. Is not the yellow haze known as pollution surrounding most cities? This is 90% due to human thoughtform and only 10% due to fossil fuels in the Tao’s examination. As humans vacate the cities, the smog shall lift along with it. Therefore, air pollution is a non-problem in association with Earth’s global ascension from the Tao’s point of view. However, such pollution is problematic for ascending humans living in the cities; as consumption thoughtform consumes or in other terms, tears apart at one’s field to a point that it may become difficult to ascend, or one may become diseased.


Water pollution is of similar vein; yes, there are those toxins or in other terms too much waste coming from human embodiments into the waterways surrounding the cities. Perhaps it is a good thing that humans are learning to drink bottled water from purer sources or filtering it through reverse osmosis. We would advise that all humans be careful of the water that is consumed, and purchase a filter if living in the more densely populated regions of Earth.


There are also toxins from some of the toxic technology humans have created, that is really the remembrance of Pleiadian Annanuki thoughtform. Such toxins are also an energetic phenomenon and water much like the air carries thoughtform of those that live nearby. Therefore, much water pollution shall clear itself up as humans simply dissipate and leave the cities in the decade ahead.


The Anu relied upon radioactivity and electricity to power their technology. This was resonant with Anu biology that ran upon the same technology and so it supported their health and well-being. The same technology distorted red root race folk into disease. Those who are red in ancient ancestry and ascend will find that exposure to electricity or electrical devices will make one ill the further than one ascends as a result; such can occur simply by living too close or in the city beloved. For others, it may have to do with one’s preoccupation.


Many initiates discovered that electrical preoccupations limited their ascent and would have led to disease, and found new preoccupations that better supported their goal. Therefore, the Tao also guides ascending initiates to plan for oneself a new preoccupation that supports one’s ascension, taking one away from those activities or regions of livelihood that do not foster an increasing vibration and expansion of field.


Recommendations for Gentler Times of Cleansing


It is far better to plan for a shift than get caught in the panic that may occur in the cities if disease in the form of plagues sweeps through. Many in the cities may also be quarantined and unable to leave at such a time. Therefore, leaving now is a good preparation for such problems for those with awareness of the impending times ahead. Human disease has just begun to unfold in association with the cleansing ahead. Such diseases will come from a variety of sources that include primarily the consumption of flesh.


It’s best to be on a vegan diet, however, if one is not yet ready, then a vegetarian diet is recommended. The Tao perceives that roughly 38% of human disease will come from flesh and 28% from dairy products raised in non-ascending circumstances. Therefore, if one is a vegetarian, then purchasing organic dairy products and encouraging the production of more of such forms of products is a good focus. Also intending that the cows used for milk production and ensouled by the buffalo kingdom and chickens used for egg production are ensouled by the eagle kingdom is a good intention for ascending folk. Some initiates find the milk and eggs acceptable as long as they are purchased from “free range” farms; as although the land is ensouled, eagle will not ensoul those chickens held in captivity or cages for the purposes of laying eggs.


It has been our intention to make the times of cleansing easier upon humanity. Alas most of the dream extended into the human dream for this purpose was rerouted into other endeavors by dark forces and has had little effect. There are small pockets of ascending populations of humans; most live in relatively rural regions or under major global chakra centers. Alas the vast majority of real biological human ascension has not been launched, as the dream for such was dissipated into a non-dream, or worse yet, false ascension in which those of the wrong human lineage and holographic nature received the blueprint for ascension.


Even a false ascension coup emerged amongst ascending children with the wrong lineages that attempted to reinstall the war machine; this was uncovered and dismantled. False ascensions escalated into difficult problems for your solar system late this year past, and now the solar counsels and Great Central Sun counsels are taking a more active approach in association with managing Earth’s global ascension as a result.


From the Tao’s point of view, the cleansing shall go however it goes; and it may not be easy. In the times ahead, there may be more children than adults remaining. Some children may band together in households and look after one another. Adults may perish due to disease leaving their little ones unable to access food, water or help, who likewise also die. This we see particularly in the cities in which there is little communication between neighbors and a “live and let live – do not disturb” attitude.


This is another problem with high density living; one is surrounded with others but is not “friendly”, for one is in fear of intrusion, rape, murder, robbery and so on. Living in the country is different for everyone knows everyone over time, and there is greater friendliness and support therefore as a result. There is also the dance of everyone knowing everyone’s business and the busybody neighbor, however perhaps this is better in the times ahead, for such a neighbor is more likely rescue one’s children if they hear them crying for a long period of time.


Children may be so plentiful that there will be orphanages with hundreds if not thousands living upon the premises in the times ahead. Such children will range in age, and will learn to look after one another often in the end and if the adults managing them perish. It may be mostly children that make it through the Photon Belt and into the quarter century to follow, however they will be more resonant and willing to embrace change in greater ease than most adults. And so perhaps this is a good thing for your species. 35 years following entry (2085), there may be very few that recall the times prior remaining; and this too shall allow for a more rapid shift and birth of a new human civilization that is harmonious with Earth and nature alike.


The Collective Human Dream Stepping Down Physicality


Now, you may say “Why Tao, this is an awful dream! What are you intending this?” The Tao is not intending this beloved; we are relaying unto you the dream we see stepping down into physicality for the human species. It is humanity that calls unto itself the collective dream for the human species. This dream could be different, but it would require more to intentionalize a different future. Alas, there are not enough ascending that are conscious and making intentions for a shift in future dream for humanity at large; and so the dream is as the karma directs rather than the consciousness of those who are ascending direct, as it would require a greater force to change than awakened for the task.


What is the karma that directs so much death, trauma and drama into the future human dream? Well, humanity has caused nuclear annihilation of nature; and humanity consumes nature; and humanity pollutes nature. All of this causes nature to suffer and suffer and suffer. The collective and pent up karma for suffering pressed upon nature in other time periods has not been settled either; the collective karma adds up to a load of suffering that is equal to how humanity has caused each kingdom upon Earth and Earth herself to suffer. Therefore, suffering becomes the dream that humanity receives in return to settle the karma.


Karma is cause and effect. If one causes suffering, then one experiences suffering. If one collectively causes suffering as a species, then one experiences collective suffering as a species. The only dance that could offset this is for more in human form to ascend and clear the karma of your species through one’s conscious freewill choice. Alas there are not many awakened to do so at this time. And so, the dream shall be what it is.


The solar Sun and Earth alike have held off the times of cleansing as long as they could; the cleansing could have begun in 2003, however there were only a few humans on the surface of the Earth ascending, and so the cleansing was delayed to allow for an opportunity for humanity to awaken. Ascension finally took hold amongst those of you who are attuned unto our work along with many in indigenous form this decade past. However, the cycle of cleansing can be delayed no longer, and the fact that there is some human ascension assures the survival of your species through this next phase of global and solar evolution.


Clearing Warfare Karma


For a long time, it was feared that the human karma would lead to another nuclear annihilation. In reality, the karma for nuclear annihilation from ancient times played out already in the dance of Hitler, Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War II. This karma was equivalent to what occurred between Innana and Merduk long ago and lead to two nuclear bombs detonated upon Earth. Alas, these bombs detonated in 1944 were not devastating enough to leave Earth incapable of ascending; and so, the dark forces reinstated the dream for war and hoped to launch a parallel pattern at the end of the last century. This is what 9-11was all about; an attempt to reinstate a set of global circumstances that would lead to World War III and another nuclear annihilation.


Earth was aware of the dance along with a handful of ascending humans who chose to release the karma assuring another outcome. And indeed, the incident has led to the release of karma rather than the repeat of karma from the past. What karma has been released in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? The war of Merduk and Innana which is played out in karma now between the East and the West; the “West” has won this time, as it did in World War II with Japan losing in its battle against the US. In essence, the clearing of karma for this dance began with WWII, and now concludes in the dance presently occurring in the Middle East.


Many in Europe have spoken up upon the BBC News that those in Israel are as abusive and violent as Hitler. Indeed, this is so; however, this too is a reflection of the turning of karma; for did not the Jews suffer an annihilation at the hands of the Germans in WWII? And now are not the Palestinians suffering annihilation at the hand of the Jews or Israelis?


Now you could say, “But the Palestinian race is not German!” Well, perhaps in their current physical state they are not of Germanic inheritance, but if you go back to more ancient root races you will see that they are from one of the same set of tribes as bred by the Anu scientists in laboratories. Therefore, there is a karmic settlement underway, no matter how brutal one may perceive it to be in the physical. Remember you are one species beloved, and one’s ancient ancestry is just as valid as more recent ancestry as far as karmic settlement is concerned.


No human likes brutality. It is ugly, painful to witness, and difficult to understand. If more were ascending, perhaps this karma presently underway in the Middle East could be cleared in another manner not requiring the brutality that is occurring. A young man of Palestinian inheritance that Asur’Ana met years ago while living in Oahu told her that Palestinian children were being taken from the streets for organs and blood for the Israeli doctors!


This is a sign of extreme lawlessness that the Israelis have gone into, just as with the SS in Nazi Germany and their medical experiments conducted upon the Jews. One will notice however that no other country cares to intervene; this too shall occur only as long as the karma is to be settled. The dream calls for intervention as soon as the karma is complete, but may be many more years yet.


There are not enough humans awakened to make much difference with mass karmic settlement of this nature. It was originally the vision of those extending onto Earth from the Tao that a greater awakening could be launched, and if this had come to fruition, the karma for such atrocities could be cleared through ascension instead. The dream for this dissipated and did not come to fruition.


However, the manner in which the human dream dissipated has taught the solar system and Earth alike some significant lessons, for in parallel manner the dream for ascension was being dissipated upon an even higher order, and could have led to a failed ascent. This has been waylaid now, and there is a return of consciousness that was dissipated that shall lead now to the coming times of cleansing and entry into the photonic dream of the Great Central Sun instead.


Increasing Intensity of the Sun


The sun is going to brighten significantly this coming year and increasingly into the decades ahead. The sun is recovering lost consciousness from manipulations of dark forces in present time and long ago alike. Many of white Anu inheritance will burn rapidly in the sun, as it is not resonant with their genetic inheritance. For those who are white of ancient red nations origin that pulls forward genetic blueprints for the skin from the red seeded race through ascension, or who are indigenous, the sun will increase in warmth and resonance. One may feel so much better having spent time in the sun as a result that daily sunbaths become a sought after routine as an ascending human.


The increasing intensity of the sun ahead may also destroy human crops that are non-resonant with Earth’s choice to ascend. It is for this reason that it is important to intend that the crops organic farmers rely upon come into biological resonance with ascension and your solar system, for in so doing they will be less likely to perish in the times of cleansing ahead. For one’s own garden, one may intend to create an ascending garden, working with each kingdom to alter the biochemistry to feed the nutritional requirements of one’s ascending form. In so doing, the plant kingdoms will alter their physical and energetic properties to become increasingly resonant with the ascension of oneself and of the sun.


The sun relays through its field ascension information unto each planet within the solar system; such information is absorbed through the field, skin and eyes. For those ascending into photonic biology, it is through the eyes that one will receive information and nourishment from the sun instead of through the breath with the crystalline form. Those of photonic blueprint will learn to look into the sun and receive all chi necessary to charge the nervous system and kundalini alike so that one requires not to eat in the physical. This was so for the ancient Grand Master humans before they fell into distortion. This shall be so for all species upon Earth in the century ahead, and in so doing, the lion shall lay with the lamb and a return to gentleness shall become the prescribed way of being for all species upon Earth.


This the Tao perceives is what the human heart longs for; a day in which gentleness may prevail; a day in which hunger ceases; a day in which all may openly love and there is nothing to fear lurking around the corner, or within oneself or another. Such a shift shall only occur in a return evolutionary journey home out of dissonant disease-based biology. For it is the disease encoded in the DNA that leads to the emotional experiences of terror, fear, warfare, rape and abuse in all of its many expressions upon Earth in present time. As the biology evolves out of disease, then behavior shall likewise evolve out of war into a peaceful, loving and nurturing nature. As this is so for humanity, this is also for nature and all species therein.


Anchoring Abundance


For those who are ascending, one’s future need not be filled with the turmoil, suffering or difficulties that others are experiencing. Why is this so? As one chooses to release one’s karma consciously, one will learn the very spiritual lessons at the core of why an experience of suffering or great difficulty would be drawn into one’s life expression. Therefore, the Tao suggests that ascending initiates begin to pay attention now, and learn one’s spiritual lessons now so that this time of cleansing ahead has little affect over one’s own life; in so doing one can retract to a more peaceful existence that supports one’s continued evolution.


One can also plan to place oneself into a circumstance and in a region of living that will be less afflicted during the coming times of difficulty ahead. Where are such regions? Well in reality they exist upon each continent; but they are in the country and away from those places that thousands or hundreds of thousands of humans already live. One might find such country living boring in the beginning; however, it provides time; time to ponder, time to move inward, time to reflect, and ultimately time to process one’s karma and ascend.


Abundance will be found in the simple life in the country. What is abundance? Abundance is a state of being in which all of one’s needs are met. As a physical being, there is need for a roof over one’s head or a manner in which one is protected from the cold and the rain. There is also a need for enough nourishment to feed the form; and there is a need to feel loved by those surrounding oneself and the nature kingdoms. There is also a need for sunshine, as much like a growing plant, the ascending crystalline form requires enough light to likewise grow. It is for those reason that regions too far to the north or south that have excessive darkness during long periods each year are not necessarily the best regions to live as an ascending human.


Time for Inner Focus and Reflection


There is also a need to ponder; to ponder one’s spiritual evolutionary lessons in this lifetime, and within the current relations that one has. This is perhaps more important work than most give attention to; for if one fails to learn the spiritual lesson one is transcending in ascension, then one will manifest such lessons in a manner that one can comprehend in the physical. If one instead pays attention to the subtle “mirrors” that are provided in one’s day-to-day living and interpret the spiritual lessons from these instead, one may learn the lesson without the requirement to create the cosmic two by four to understand.


Most preoccupations that humans focus upon do not give enough time for spiritual pursuits or the inward focus ascension entails. Many ascending initiates have created circumstances in which they cannot work, are on social security or the dole or some other circumstance of parallel nature so that there is the inner time required for reflection. This is not an accident; it was created by your ancestry to settle karma with the country in which you live, and to allow the time required that inner searching, opening to the unconscious and focus upon the clearing of one’s field and ancestral karma that is required to ascend.


For those not so seemingly lucky, one strives to balance the outer requirement to work with the inner requirement to transcend. Sometimes certain preoccupations allow for inner focus, however most do not. Most of the current work patterns of Western based civilization are all Anu slave based; the slaves were never designed to require inner focus as they were created without the DNA necessary to evolve; therefore, a long work week is suitable. Alas humanity has never evolved out of such work patterns since the Anu ceased to exist, and most civilizations that have evolved since have fallen into the same patterning. So how does one work one’s way out of the requirement to work so hard to subsist?


Transcending Master-Slave Paradigm


If one is of Anu or Anu slave descent, and most of this nature will have white skin, then one is working one’s way out of slavery. As one clears all slave karma, one will cease to be enslaved, whether that which enslaves oneself is an employer, parent, spouse, child, sibling, guru, teacher, educational system, government or religion. As one transcends all slave karma, one will more or less call one’s own shots in association with employment or self-employment thereafter. Many will go on to create businesses of their own that provide, as it is easier than working within the current paradigm of employer-employee relations, as much of this is founded upon the master-slave paradigm.


One initiate working for a prestigious hotel offering massage was shocked when the wages of all therapists was reduced to rates paid to those just leaving massage school regardless of experience or quality of therapy offered; furthermore, all benefits were lost and they were required to work in some circumstances for tips only, donating their time for free more or less. This is an example of master-slave thoughtform; where the organization or group has all power and oneself as the employee none at all. This hotel will probably find their massage therapists banding together to form a union as a result.


What lies behind all of such treatment that is slave-based? Anu-slave karma. Anu-slave karma caused the slaves to be worked in excess within the gold mines and many other circumstances, sometimes until they became diseased or died. Indeed, circumstances in many mines including the coalmines of England and the Smoky Mountains in the US fared not much better in more recent times; many died young or became crippled with disease in adulthood from such preoccupations. All of such experiences were the result of karma from the times of the gold mines of the Anu so long ago, and the master-slave paradigm.


Special Slaves


The Anu created a civilization for their “special slaves” to entertain themselves with. Such special slaves lived in cities not unlike your present-day human habitat. Such slaves were educated, became actors, dancers, musicians, worked in the laboratories and factories of the Anu producing goods exported to the Pleiades, or became artisans of many kinds creating sculptures, paintings, clothing, or beautifying buildings and temples dedicated unto their “Gods”. All was done to the taste of the Anu, which is held in the ruins of Greece and Rome that emulated such building styles in present time.


The special slaves were kept away from the others who were chattel and lived in primitive conditions near the gold mines or other endeavors that were equally distasteful. Overall, less than 20% of the Anu slaves lived well; 80% had difficult lives that often ended in disease or starvation, or worse yet in extermination camps as the populations became too great. We see that humanity follows these statistics today global wide; with 20% living better than average and 80% just getting by or living below average lives if not starving to death upon the streets.


The Anu also sacrificed the slaves to extend their own lives. Special slaves were bred to take on karma for disease, poverty, death, aging, or other Anu family problems, raised and then sacrificed in an annual ritual. Such rituals did indeed transfer the karma for problems onto the slaves, and the problems would then act out in slave relations. However, over time so much karma had been pressed upon the slaves that the karma rolled back in upon the Anu themselves. As this occurred, all the problems that the Anu had avoided in their lengthy life extension practices suddenly came home to roost, and the result was a war between two family members and the nuclear annihilation of Earth.


The point of all of this is that the leaders of the slaves had no checks and balances to assist in determining the fate of the whole for the good of the whole, as the leaders or “Gods” retained all power. As a result of this karma, leadership in the human species even in present time has tended to follow in the Anu footsteps; making decisions that had little to do with the health and well-being of humanity at large let alone the rest of Earth. Such human decision-making policies not only included the right to war until desecration, but also the right to pollute or harm Earth as one’s living environment. For the Anu polluted Earth far worse than current human technology; all told it took Earth 10,000 Earth years (40,000 human years) to recover from the devastation of the Anu following their nuclear annihilation.


In present time and due to the ascent of Earth, human leadership is losing its power unto Earth. Earth is retrieving her power from humanity to determine her own fate as a global being. Therefore, humans will no longer be able to make unilateral decisions that affect the whole of Earth in a negative manner that might disable her ability to ascend. Such changes are the result of Earth clearing her karma from the era of the Anu in present time, and in so doing, choosing to take charge over the human dream and direct it in a new manner leading to evolution instead.


Abundance is an ongoing exchange of energy with one’s soul, oversoul and source and with Mother Earth. Those of Anu or Anu-Slave inheritance generally do not exchange energy with Earth, but rather with the Pleiades. Now what good does this do? The Pleiades is not where one is residing, and so one is giving chi to someplace far away that one will never live upon and receiving nothing in return. As one strives to break the agreements to provide another creation in some other time-space quadrant chi, and instead begin to give such chi to Earth in an ongoing exchange, then one will begin to have enough in one’s current life dance.


Foreign DNA Leads to Aging and Death


Those of Eastern red inheritance likewise tend to give chi to the Reptilian nation or Alpha Centauri rather than the Pleiades. The Reptilians came to Earth about 15,000 Earth years ago (60,000 human years) and mated with red nations people incarnate in the region known as Tibet, China and Japan in present time. The Reptilians interbred with human form upon Earth to see if the variant offspring would survive better in Alpha Centauri; or if the Reptilians could move to Earth making it their home as their own planet was dying. Alas neither proved useful; Reptilian-humans ended up with a shortened lifespan upon both Earth and within Alpha Centauri. The Reptilians thereby ended the entire project and left Earth about 11,000 Earth years ago (44,000 human years).


What the Pleiadians and Reptilians came to understand in all of this interbreeding and genetic experimentation is that DNA must originate from one’s own Great Central Sun of origin, and if blended with anything from another Sun tends to age and die as it is in the wrong creation. Reptilian DNA is as foreign to Earth and your Great Central Sun as Anu DNA.


Those of red nations DNA with heavy reptilian encoding will perish in the coming times of cleansing just as those of largely Anu or Anu-Slave inheritance. However, there are those in the East with ancient red and Grand Master inheritance that are ascending, and shall carry on through entry into the Photon Belt and beyond. These ascending humans are as unknown in the East as Asur’Ana and Per to the masses in the West. However, they are doing their part to assure the ascent of the entire human species.


Exchange Energy with Earth Leads to Abundance in One’s Life


The point that the Tao wishes to make is that it is time for those who are ascending to cease to give their chi to foreign creations. Giving chi to foreign creations only depletes one of the necessary chi to ascend; but more greatly it creates the experience of lack upon Earth. 90% of all lack upon Earth, whether it is in the experience of deserts in which there is not enough rain, or in human form where there is great starvation, poverty, homelessness and deprivation, is due to the masses of humans incarnate today giving their chi to Alpha Centauri and the Pleiades instead of Earth. As those who are ascending divert their energy to Earth instead, one not only fosters the ascent of Earth, but also abundance in one’s life expression.


Why is this so? Chi that moves between parties expands and becomes more greatly enhanced. Exchanging chi with Earth in an ongoing movement of flow enhances the energy one has to manifest one’s dreams, ascend one’s embodiment, live one’s life, and likewise enhances Earth’s ability to do the same. However, a state of communion must be mastered in order for this to be so and one must be inside a dream that allows for interplay of energy between Earth and oneself.


Most humans are in a dream that has nothing to do with Earth, but continues to exist as an extension of life in the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri. We have called these dreams from the Pleiades and Alpha Centauri “fantasy realities” as they are electrical in nature, and the energy flow is horizontal and vertical which disconnects oneself from the rotational energy movement of Earth along with one’s soul, oversoul and source.


Now how does one disengage from a dream from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri? One releases their ancestral karmic contracts and separates and chooses to enter a dream for ascension known as the New Consensus upon Earth, which holds agreements for an exchange of energy between one’s field and Earth’s field. However, before one can exit the old dream and enter the new, one will have to separate from the machinery that may have become a part of one’s field if one has Anu, Anu-slave or Reptilian inheritance. How does one separate from such machinery? One intends it so; little by little one pulls the cords of attachment that extend out from one’s etheric body into a mechanized dream and reweaves such grid work into the etheric body, separating oneself enough to enter a new magnetic rotational dream with Earth.


Attuning to the Great Central Sun Dream


Such inner work requires focus. Intention is part of the dance, but also the ongoing focus to move the energy in a manner that allows the next layer of cords to be released from such machinery and the next layer of grid work to be rewoven within is also pertinent. It also requires relinquishing preoccupations that interfere with one’s ascension focus, for an electrical preoccupation may create more cords of attachment to yet other machines and pull one further out of the ascending dream and into a dream of extinction; as the Reptilian and Pleiadian dreams will now lead to extinction of all associated lineages upon Earth in the coming times of cleansing.


If one therefore continues to attune to such a dream, then extinction will become one’s personal life outcome. Therefore, one wishes to attune to an ascending dream by disengaging from the mechanized dreams from these two other creations and engaging with a magnetic dream from Earth that is also sustained by the solar sun and Great Central Sun at this time in history.


Attuning to a solar or Great Central Sun dream requires genetics for the task. One must have genetics that originated in this creation. Therefore, many are not suited to this work of ascension, and it is useless to try and pull them down one’s path or share of this information, as it is not their truth. Those who are capable of ascension will most greatly serve your species and future ancestors in retracting into a preoccupation and living region that allows for ascension, and creating for oneself the time, space and focus that ascension entails.


Ascending preoccupations may be simple but provide. Perhaps in the country, there is less need to focus upon work as upon one’s garden; or perhaps one’s garden can become one’s work as one learns to create a living from one’s own provisions. We can see many a dream here from a small country store stocked from one’s own garden; or selling one’s provisions from one’s garden in the farmers market; or a restaurant that is cooked fresh from one’s own pickings each day. In time, more of humanity shall live in such a manner.


About the Meditation for Abundance


Abundance translates into enough; enough chi to ascend, enough nutrients to support the biological changes, and enough to allow one to feel emotionally fulfilled from within. Abundance requires a connection to one’s soul; for it is one’s soul that fills the chakras and form with enough chi to move the energy flow and kundalini of an ascending field, which in turn creates a feeling of love and fulfillment. Abundance also requires a connection and interplay of energy between Earth’s form and field and one’s own form and field. Therefore, communion is the foundation of abundance, and communion occurs as soul, Earth and human form unite into a beautiful dance of energy founded upon love.


Many may think that they know what communion is, and perhaps one does, or perhaps one really does not. Communion is an experiential expression; each will experience it differently. For Asur’Ana, her heart opens during the act of communion to allow for the exchange of blessings that often leave her teary eyed, as they are so poignant. Please do not criticize Asur’Ana for her emotional nature, as this is out of great arrogance because the heart is the key to communion and without an ability to feel, then one will also fail to connect to Earth or one’s soul.


Therefore, communion requires the intention to open one’s heart, to engage the emotional body and learn to feel again. Often humans are polarized to be creative and mental, or emotional and intuitive, and little in between. This leaves those who feel incapable often of manifesting their needs in ease; it leaves also those that can manifest their dreams to be of an unfeeling nature which leads to abusive manifestations collectively such as warfare and starvation. Those in charge of the dream in a deep sense do not feel enough to care otherwise to alter the dream; or send their billions of excessive wealth into the lives of those who do not have enough to allow such a dance to come to an end.


Collectively, humanity must return to a state of feeling again. This occurs as one ascends and reweaves all four subtle bodies, mental, emotional, intuitive and creative. The photonic dream of the Great Central Sun requires emotion as the conduit through which the dream is woven and then drawn into the life expression. No ability to feel will translate into no dream, which translates into extinction or death; for all life is held in motion suspended by the projection of dream upon the living movie screen known as Earth. (Please refer to Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” for more information.)


Therefore, feeling is a prerequisite to conscious dream weaving. It is in the act of conscious dream weaving that the manifestation of one’s dreams can come to fruition, which translates into physical abundance in which one’s needs for housing, nourishment and a preoccupation that brings one joy can be made manifest.


Therefore, this meditation is offered to focus upon opening the heart, dissolving the armoring that retains one in a numbed-out state that is incapable of feeling, and allowing for the experience of communion of body, soul and Earth. It is through a state of communion that one will be able to hear one’s own soul more clearly for guidance, along with the Tao and Mother Earth and all kingdoms therein. So many complain that they cannot hear anything; here the heart is key as in the opening, the communication may also begin to flow from the nonphysical to the physical.


Group Souls Have Little Interest in Ascension


There are many souls that dance with the human species. Some group souls dance with the personality and identity entities that pertain to identity machinery that is associated with the old red and Anu-based astrology. Group souls have little interest in ascension per se, but they will be interested in the information one may be acquiring through ascension. Sometimes such souls will overrun one’s field and remove so much information that one not only ceases to ascend, but becomes ill. Flu-like symptoms or a bad cold can often be a sign of a group soul take-over in ascension. Release the karma for dancing with the group soul and intend to commune with one’s ascending soul, and one will be able to repair the field enough to recover and continue to ascend.


Where do group souls come from? They are a set of fractured souls also known as the false gods that united into a dance that directs the human species from above or outside of the form; such souls do not embody form but rather puppet the form from above. Group souls tend to tether into the form through an electrical cord that runs from their dreamtime plane through one’s crown and into one’s tailbone. Ascending initiates tend to remove group soul tethers as each layer of karma for dancing with such souls in one’s ancestry is released the further that one ascends.


The false gods have become disconnected from their own group souls that direct the human dance. This occurred in the last nuclear annihilation during the era of Atlantis about 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years). Since this time and up until the incarnation of Christ, Buddha and a few other spiritual masters of other religions such as Muhammad and Ramah, there has been no interest on the part of the false gods in the human expression in the third dimension.


Therefore, group souls are all that physical expression has known in human form, and such souls direct identity founded upon old scripts present from the era of the Anu slaves and the Eastern astrology, which is the astrological understanding that Buddha brought forth in his own ascension. Such astrology directs human life in cycles of war and peace, plagues and health, and abundance and lack primarily.


In order to rise above such polarity and enter a state of abundance, one must separate from both the old Eastern and Western based astrological polarity, and enter a new dance of magnetic and photonic gold and silver polarity known as the new astrology for ascension. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) The new astrology is founded upon red nation Grand Master identity that is further being modified to allow for a greater dance of unity and wholeness amongst ascending humans.


Embracing the New Astrology Allows for a Return Cycle Home


How does one embrace the new astrology? Well, the new astrology is not really new; it is one that one’s ancient red ancestors knew before Buddha ascended the Reptilian or Eastern astrology into dominion, and the Anu pressed the Western astrology into dominion. The astrological pulls of the ancient red ones were founded upon photonic pulsations instead of solar cycles. Although Earth and your solar system and universe exist outside of the Great Central Sun, there are still pulsations of photonic energy that have been relayed to allow for a return cycle Home. Therefore, the Ancient Grand Master astrology was attuned to a cycle that would allow for ascension home to the Great Central Sun.


In essence, the Great Central Sun beams its message regularly “Is anyone out there and is anything alive that left our boundaries?” Sometimes something responds; but generally speaking, nothing has responded leading the Great Central Sun to believe over time that all that had left had perished and gone extinct already. It has taken some real focus upon the part of the Solar Sun and the Tao to allow for a reunion through communication; modifications in thoughtform were anchored, and then modified until one could understand the other. This thoughtform is known as the Language of Light and Language of ONE, which allows for ongoing communication between the Solar System, Earth and the Great Central Sun and each sentient species therein.


Through such communication, boundaries and vibrations are being modified and altered to allow for the cleansing necessary for most of the solar system to re-enter the dream of the Great Central Sun in relatively short order. From a creational perspective, we have already entered, however there is still the experience to be experienced of the entry, and this is what ascension allows for in human form.


Ascension Souls


There are also ascending souls that descend into the human and global dream from the photonic dream to foster human and global ascension. These are one’s soul, oversoul and source as an ascending human. One must learn to discern between group souls and group soul information, which is associated with identity and personality, and one’s real ascending soul and ascending soul information. By and large, group soul information may be interesting, but will never lead one Home or ascend the field and form as generally these souls have not the knowledge to do so.


Ascending soul information will direct one inward towards one’s own state of being and have one focus upon transcendence of thoughtform and ancestral karma. Therefore, one can discern the difference between such souls by the communications and focus that they offer, and choose to cease to listen to or disengage from group souls and engage with ascension-based souls to foster one’s evolutionary path.


In order to accomplish this task of entering the dream of the Great Central Sun, one must modify the biology to hold the Language of Light as a bare minimum to resonate enough to communicate with the new dream. The ascension-based souls enter the field in association with the Language of Light. This requires the formation of the 18 fats associated with crystalline thoughtform along with the 18 salts upon a biological biochemical level.


By and large, this occurs by 9,000 segments at this time in the map for ascension, which has become the new resting point for Bodhisattva level evolution. The Bodhisattva shall embrace all single, dual and tri tones of the Language of Light as a working energy flow held in place by new salts and lipids in the form. In so doing, they will host Language of Light based souls and separate in full from group souls from the old paradigm or consensus.


We have a handful of test cases taking their ascent to 9,000 at this time worldwide. It is the hope of the Tao that many more follow and provide the necessary foundation of adult humans to survive the coming times of change ahead, and provide support for the many ascending children that may be orphaned. This is the dream that the Tao set in motion several years ago in its descent; it is still a possibility to bring forth however it will most likely be in small numbers and pockets global wide rather than a widespread phenomenon.


And so, it goes with experiments such as this one; Earth and all ascension upon her is an experiment to see if consciousness gone into such extreme distortion can be recovered. And what human, dolphin and whale ascension along with global ascension proves is that consciousness can be recovered, regardless of how limited it may have become throughout its experience in time, space and form.


Therefore, the experiment continues, but with the renewed hope that those who are attuned to our information and within shall intend to ascend, and focus inward as acquired to accomplish the task, and listen inward as to where to relocate unto, and whom to gather with to create ascending communities. Such communities can birth a new day and a new way; the road may be narrow, rocky and filled with potholes and potential places where one might slip and fall off a cliff, but ascension is possible.


Only those attuned inward that follow their heart based guidance may find their way; but in the end it is not the numbers as much as the truth that some do make it; as the human species is one species regardless and shall survive. After all, your ancestors survived far worse in many respects in the nuclear fallout of the Anu. If they could survive this, they can therefore survive a period of ascension in which all that was lost is regained and beyond . . . and the beyond is to ascend not only to the fourth dimension or fifth, but Home to the Tao.


Meditation for Abundance


  1. Sit quietly with feet flat upon the floor and in a comfortable chair. Play some soft music and light some incense or burn a scented candle that brings one pleasure to the senses.


  1. Take a deep breath now, inhaling and exhaling slowly. The breath is so important to the act of communion. Breathe in again and exhale again slowly. Through the breath, one begins to syncopate oneself and one’s energy flow to the heartbeat of Earth. Breathe in again and exhale slowly. Intend now to syncopate the rhythm of one’s energy flow unto Earth, and her rotation of chakras large and small that surround oneself and one’s home.


  1. Breathe in again and exhale slowly. Communion requires intention to commune. Let us intend to commune. Let us intend also to open to dreamtime. Dreamtime is a state of being in which one is awake but in an alternate state of being in which the unconscious is open; and one can then access the “void” from which one’s life’s dream and script is cast. Opening to the void is a part of the act of conscious dream weaving. This too requires an open heart. So, let us intend to open to the unconscious and the void from which our dream is cast. Understand that if you cannot accomplish this today, the intention shall bring forth the necessary karma to release to make the intention a possibility in one’s future life experience.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us intend now to create a connection to Mother Earth’s Aurora, and let us do so by drawing the Aurora around ourselves like a bubble. Make this bubble large enough to fill one’s home or apartment. This creates the necessary space to anchor the healing temples for ascension; so, let us intend now to invoke the healing temples to surround oneself to whatever degree that one can receive at one’s current level of ascent. Let us also press down to the Aurora and out of our field and form along with our home those energies and entities that are non-conducive to our evolution or belong unto another.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us also intend to create a connection with our ascending soul, oversoul and source. Let us intend a connection between the healing temples that surround our home, field and form and one’s soul, oversoul and source. Let us intend to clear all karma with identity or personality-based group souls that one can release at one’s current level of ascent. Let us release the karma and push any nonphysical presence of all related to one’s identity and personality unto the Aurora of Earth. Let us now reach up and connect to our ascending soul, oversoul and source.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. What is a soul, oversoul or source? A soul is a single I AM that extends of itself with a host of others into physicality. There are creator I AM’s and angel I AM’s and serpents that weave the grid work, chakras, subtle bodies, light body and greater auric field. Let us intend a creator soul and source to manage our ascending field, and angel souls and sources to anchor our ascension blueprint weaving our etheric changes, and serpent souls to provide the positive and negative energy movement required to create form in the third dimension.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us honor the creator and angel souls that choose to descend and work with us for the purposes of ascension. This is a difficult task for such souls as often they become shattered in karmic exchanges and may fail to return home; sometimes they are lost as others strip one’s souls for other purposes; sometimes they are combusted in the energetic warfare of the false gods. Let us honor our creator souls, and intend to resurrect and collect any of such souls lost in time, space and form through our ascension or our ancestor’s ascension. Let us return all recovering souls to the Aurora for recasting so that they too may ascend out of this dance.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Nine prominent creator I AM’s create a creator oversoul that manages one’s ascension and relays information to and from Earth’s ascension counsels along with solar ascension counsels. It is one’s creator I AM’s that assist one in passing ascension initiations and tests at each level of mastery. It is these creator I AM’s that work hand in hand with the nature kingdoms overseeing ascension and the new consensus upon Earth to assure the ascent of the whole, and the release of all karma associated with one’s ancestry. Let us honor our creator oversoul for what it does to support our ascension and ask that it descend more fully to embody our form and communicate its guidance unto us directly.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. 144 Creator Oversouls create a Creator Source. Each Creator Source embodies 144 or more ascending humans at varying levels of evolution. Some creator oversouls have a cross section of ascension that they are responsible for at given levels of evolution. These souls are orchestrated into the New Consensus by Earth, the Sun and Great Central Sun.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us honor each creator oversouls overseeing our ascension, as there may be more than one. Let us ask our creator oversouls to take a more active role in our physical existence, and offer us guidance and support upon a recurring and daily basis. Let us intend to open the heart enough to hear our creator oversouls direct through holographic communication. Our creator oversouls, Earth and the nature kingdoms along with the solar counsels and Great Central Sun rely upon holographic communication, which occurs through the opening of the heart chakra and the human hologram that sits therein.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us intend now to infuse more of our ascending creator soul into our heart and pelvic cavity. Soul is seated in two cavities in the ascending form, one behind the heart and one in the pelvis in conjunction with the uterus in the female, and the prostate in the male. Let us intend to release the density that surrounds such cavities making a little more room for the presence of more soul in our embodiment. Let us reach up and pull down more of our ascending creator soul pressing it inside of the form and into these two regions of domain.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us also honor the angel I AM’s. The angels have their own oversoul that is angelic in nature. Nine angel’s souls create an angelic oversoul that is known as a master angel. Master angels can be considered equivalent to one’s ascension angel or one’s akashic record keeper, biological record keeper and genetic record keeper. It is the job of the master angel to oversee all other angels from the largest to the smallest handling one’s field in the choice to ascend. Let us honor the master angel overseeing our ascent, and request of it to communicate with us regularly about physical or health problems that might be problematic in our ascension. Angels manage the physical aspect of ascension.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. 144 angels create an angelic source that has the responsibility of recasting of all humans that they are overseeing the ascension of. It is one’s angelic source that one works with in all recasting in ascension. Recasting is a process where karma is released through cancellation of opposites, and the field and form then rewoven with new grid work and genetic information to support one’s continued ascent. Let us honor our angelic source that oversees our recasting most nights.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Angels have many jobs in our fields. Some angels spin the larger chakras and light body that are global in size; yet others spin the smaller chakras and subtle bodies. Yet others reweave grid work much like grandmothers in rocking chairs with their knitting needles. These are related to the angelic source responsible for recasting, for reweaving is an act of recasting the field. Yet others weave the DNA in the ascension grid work or genetic grid work, and yet others weave the light body or etheric body into an ever-vibrant ever-increasing size and energy flow through ascension. Let us honor the angels for all of the tasks that they perform day in and day out in our ascension.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Understand that it is often the angels that become impaired in a group soul takeover. As one reconnects and communes and re-anchors one’s ascending angels, one then comes to balance again and ceases to feel so ill. Ascending fields require the presence of creator souls and angel souls in ever increasing daily time periods in order to retain the vibration and continued upward momentum of ascension. Missing angels equates unto chakras that cease to spin, and then one is in for a downward slide in vibration, leading to feeling ill. Therefore, checking that all of one’s angels are in place daily or many times a day is a good focus for ascending initiates.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. The smallest of angels are known as devas and allow the genetic materials to translate into a physical blueprint of etheric cells, when then require yet smaller angels to translate the blueprint into third dimensional form. Sometimes devas become mechanized leading to the recurring pattern within the associated cellular structure rather than a new blueprint for crystalline cells. This perpetuates disease, decay and scarring. Let us intend therefore to remove all mechanized devas that can be perceived at this time in one’s ascent and replace them with conscious and magnetic devas to transcribe all crystalline DNA into form. Because ascension is an ongoing process, this is a good intention to make each day.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. This can also be for the larger angels; they too can be mechanized from prior falls in consciousness in our ancestry. Mechanized angels repeat the same dance day in and day out and do not allow for ascension; so, let us replace our mechanized angels with real angels in conjunction with our angelic oversoul. Let us intend to release our karma for mechanized angels or mechanized field.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. The ascending field is comprised of serpent souls that weave our etheric bodies, subtle bodies, chakras and light body. Serpents come in magnetic and electrical along with radioactive and photonic varieties. By and large, initiates will begin by replacing electrical serpents with magnetic serpents, reweaving the field accordingly to hold greater and greater amounts of the Language of Light. Magnetic serpents hold Language of Light tones of creation. So, let us intend in this moment to release as many electrical serpents that one can at one’s current level of ascent and replace them with magnetic serpents recast by one’s angelic oversoul throughout the field and form. Let us call in our granny angels to reweave our etheric body, chakras and subtle bodies with their knitting needles to integrate the magnetic serpents.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Electrical serpents are associated with electrical thoughtform. Electrical thoughtform is founded upon I hate, I consume, I subjugate, I slaughter, I undermine, I dispute and I own. Let us intend to release and transmute the electrical thoughtform associated with the electrical serpents we are releasing and embrace the Language of Light in their place as a new foundation of thoughtform to operate from. Magnetic serpents hold the Language of Light in one’s field.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us invite our ancestors with karma present in this moment to join us for the purpose of karmic release. Let us invite our ancestors to surround us now that have karma for the mismanagement of field in which angel souls ended up with the job of a creator soul and failed at their job leading to a fall in consciousness; or in which creator souls ended up with the job of serpents and left to go on to a new dance out of boredom; or in which serpent souls ended up in the positions of creator or angel souls and really made a mess of it leading yet again to another fall in consciousness. All such mix-up in soul casting occurred during periods of nuclear annihilation upon Earth, and so let us also release now our karma for such time periods and the mix-up of soul that resulted.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us also intend to release all karma at this time for group souls that are related to the mix up between creators, serpents and angels. Let us command all group souls that have been prevalent in our lives to date or ancestry for recasting in the Aurora of Earth; it is through recasting that group souls can be separated into their original creator, serpent or angel counterparts and then be restored to their rightful role and purpose in the nonphysical. In so doing, they shall cease to interfere with real ascension.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us focus upon our agreements with the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri to give of our chi to creations that we do not reside upon. Let us invite those ancestors that hold the karma for such agreements to join us now. Let us intend to release together all such agreements, calling upon one’s future ascended self to assist. Let us release all such karma and the cords of attachment associated with the planes of reality that continue to give chi to such creations.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us request that our angels begin to heat up the kundalini and sexual energy flow. Let us utilize this flow now to burn off the cords of attachment to mechanized realities that do not serve our ascension. Let us separate from such realities and enter more fully the magnetic consensus for ascension. Let us reweave the attachment that is released internal to the etheric body to support our continued ascension.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us intend to participate in the new consensus by allowing our field to rest in a tier associated with all others of parallel vibration and evolution as oneself. Let us ask our angels to support this goal each day of our continued ascent, and during our dreamtime recasting. Let us invite our angels to assist us in synthesizing the field now and many times per day to support our choice to exist in the new consensus.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us intend to more fully open the heart chakra while asking the angels and souls surrounding us to balance and synthesize the field into a rainbow of Language of Light. The heart is often sealed shut at an early age when one first felt rejected or hurt in a large way. Allow the early hurts of this lifetime or any other ancestral lifetime to surface now. Allow the frightened or sad inner child or children of varying ages to crawl into one’s arms so that they may be consoled. Intend to cease to reject oneself from this point forward, for a sealing shut of the heart is an expression of self rejection in which one ceases to feel, and ceases therefore to love or be loved.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Understand that the heart continues to open throughout ascension, and therefore there are many levels of opening required to construct the 1,000-petal lotus of energy flow of the Bodhisattva in full. Therefore, one will continue to peel away armoring and open the heart as an ongoing experience in ascension. The further that the heart opens, the more petals can open and move the 1,000-petal lotus; to the degree that the lotus opens, the greater the level of holographic awareness one may bring to one’s physical awareness. So, let us intend to continue to open the heart as needed in ascension and open to holographic knowing as well.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us invite our rejected ancestors who experienced unrequited love and rejection in the myriad of ways that it has been expressed within the human dance to stand before us now. Let us embrace our rejected ancestors, whether they were rejected because they were deformed, ill, incompetent, autistic, mentally ill, maimed in an accident or upon the battlefield, not beautiful enough, not large enough, not thin enough, or not enough as measured by certain standards at any time in human history. Let us embrace our ancestors as they were; let us allow them to heal their hearts and forgive. Let us heal our hearts along with them and forgive. Let us also allow the form that they knew in their lifetime now to heal into a perfect beautiful magnificent representation of the human species.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us also forgive now all who have rejected us in this lifetime, whether they be our parents, or our siblings, or our spouse or beloved, or our children or friends, acquaintances, bosses, managers, teachers, gurus, ministers, or anyone else. Let us recognize that all rejection is a reflection of inner rejection. Now intend to forgive those who rejected you in this lifetime.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let us also forgive ourselves now for rejecting those we have cast out of our lives for whatever reason. Let us forgive ourselves, as this too is a result of self-rejection, as those that we rejected were only mirroring lost parts of self that exist in the unconscious.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now, let us gather up our lost parts of self. Let us retrieve the lost parts of self in the form of parallel lives, lost ancestors and soul that fractured in our descent in consciousness as a member of the human species. Let us send such returning parts of self and soul to our angelic source for recasting, along with newly returning ancestors that were previously unknown unto us.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us embrace all lost parts of self and love them and forgive them for leaving. Often our ancestors have felt abandoned by soul; abandonment of soul is the result of the fracturing that occurred due to the falls in consciousness that resulted due to nuclear warfare primarily. And so, let us also forgive our soul for abandoning us in the greater understanding of why it occurred; and let us forgive our ancestors for participating in the dance of nuclear annihilation that is the underlying cause of the fracturing and loss of spirit upon Earth.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us allow the armoring of pain, anger or fear that surrounds the heart chakra to dissolve now so that the space can be created for a greater opening of the heart. Let us intend that this armoring dissolve into the Language of Light, and drain off what we cannot dissipate otherwise down the grounding into the Aurora of Earth.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us call upon our ancient ancestors to assist us in the healing of our heart and the management of our ascension. Let us request that our ancestors speak to us now about our path, journey and soul purpose. Take a moment to listen.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us call upon our creator source to assist in the healing and opening of our heart. Let us listen to what our creator source has to say about our path, journey and soul purpose. Take a moment to listen.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us call upon our angel source to assist in the healing and opening of our heart. Let us listen to what our angel source has to say about our state of physical health, diet and energy flow. If there are problematic places within the form that require one’s attention, let it be pointed out now. Take a moment to listen.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. One connects unto one’s oversoul and source via the crown chakra, which opens into a 1,000-petal lotus the further that one ascends towards Bodhisattva level evolution. There are also 144 sets of chakras above the head; sometimes these become shattered or twisted and one can no longer access one’s source. During such times, one may disconnect from one’s ascending soul; if this occurs, intend to go to the Aurora and via the healing temples request a soul, oversoul and source review. During such sessions, the karma at cause is generally released and any manipulation removed. Often it will be the ancestors that will act as one’s guide to and from the temples if one has lost one’s source and soul connection.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Ancestors too can become corrupt; if one is not feeling well and the field fails to become repaired repeatedly causing one to sink and sink in vibration and into flu-like symptoms, we guide one to go into nature, away from home, and be with the trees, water, mountains, rivers, lakes or streams; in the connection with nature one will recover in such moments, and then be able to find one’s way through to the healing temples. Such temples are also anchored in nature, and nature is holding a gateway for humans to find their way out of the dance with the false gods and group soul dance; and so, nature will assist you if you call upon her in such moments.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now intend to commune. Allow the love of soul, oversoul and source, ancestors, creators and angels to pour down into oneself, filling one’s chakras, grid work, field and life with love. Open the heart even more fully; take the time now to sit in the state of communion you have worked to achieve in your own ascension to date.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now take the love that you are receiving and fill your dream with your heart’s desire; intend to have enough to fulfill one’s needs and one’s physical plane requirements this year ahead. Intend that a time of abundance shall unfold ahead. Intend to release those patterns, thoughtforms, entities or machines that hold on to lack, suffering or misery so that a real state of abundance may be embraced.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us ask our ancestors that experienced deprivation of any kind to join us now. Let us embrace our ancestors that starved or felt deprived of love and nourishment of any kind. Let us see our starving ancestors with a table of abundant provisions and surrounded by those that they love. Let us heal all remembrance of malnutrition or starvation right down to the scar tissue and decay of our form. It is such remembrance that creates deprivation again and again in the human experience, for such is the nature of unreleased karma, it repeats itself endlessly until finally transcended.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us extend our healing to all others that share of our ancestry. If there are those who are hungry or starving or deprived that are your relations in present time, fill them now with your love. Invite the creator, angel and serpent souls to assist, filling you again and again until each of your relations is filled upon the physical plane. Let us intend to end the dance of hunger, poverty, homelessness, starvation and deprivation. Let us intend abundance for all.


  1. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Now let us sit in the communion we have created for ourselves. Let us understand that one can embrace a state of communion as the foundation of one’s life. Let us intend that communion become an ongoing state of being from which one’s life may become soul driven rather than personality or identity based. A soul driven life leads to fulfillment; fulfillment of dreams, and fulfillment of love from within. A soul driven life leads to abundance, as it is soul that supports one in the choice to become the dreamer and the dream.




We hope you have found our meditation useful upon your personal path of ascension. Understand that meditation time in ascension is an active internal process. One is actively choosing to release karma, actively choosing to retrieve and reweave grid work, actively choosing to retrieve lost information and parts of self or ancestors, actively intending to synthesize the field, and actively intentionalizing one’s future. Therefore, our meditations will always have focus that supports ascension through conscious intention.


This is not to say that there is not time for “being” in which there are no verbal communications. Sometimes in the communion, there is only non-verbal communication. These are moments of deep peace and an internal state of fulfillment in the Tao’s experience. Generally, such a state of peace overcomes one while out in nature. In nature, one may commune with the kingdoms surrounding oneself; these are nonverbal kingdoms where one can then simply be in peace in the joy of the shared moment.


Through the communion with nature, nature too can assist in the guidance one may receive to support one’s life path and choice to ascend. Sometimes if in a state of distortion, a day or more in nature has become the only means by which Asur’Ana could repair the field enough to recover. This also may be so for many reading our books.


In the Tao’s observation, there is great interference of the purpose of ascension in the current human dream. Such interference comes through human civilization. Cities and places busy with outer human activities often pull one out of the new consensus and back into the dance of identity and personality along with group souls when engaged with. One can choose to return home to the balance that the new consensus dream offers those who are ascending, but this requires conscious focus to accomplish, especially if one is working at a full-time job. Therefore, we hope our meditation is of assistance for this purpose.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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