Image of the new global sacred geometry in beautiful pastel rainbow colors of the Language of Light. Mastering The Living Dream

10. Mastering The Living Dream


All life upon Earth is a living dream. Most life upon Earth however is in a non-conscious dream. What Earth means by this is that such species have not biological awareness. Humans, dolphins, whales and selected nature kingdoms such as the Panda Bear have biological awareness of their existence. Such awareness creates a different experience of life, as one perceives oneself as alive in the physical, whereas most of nature only perceives the nonphysical dance of energies that surround physical form. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 36 “The Black and White Panda Bear” for more information on fully conscious animals.)


Understanding the living dream equates to being a part of a greater script or play that one has a role within, and learning to manage it through conscious intention. There is a script for all of life upon Earth projected by the solar sun through the holographic planes and onto physicality. The physical field is woven in multiple layers of etheric energy that compresses down the dimensions to create the physical cellular structure. The field of every living plant, animal, mineral, human, whale or dolphin captures the script or movie broadcast upon oneself which determines one’s life experiences, creations, manifestations, difficulties, tragedies, disease, as well as the expression of joy, laughter and love in the dance of life.


It is the spiraling DNA that captures the script or movie for one’s life. DNA has mutated over time to become increasingly limited. The fully conscious Grand Masters had 36,000 segments of DNA at the time of their original seeding. The red nations people also seeded by Sirius had 15,000 segments of DNA. 15,000 segments capture far more dream than 2 segments can ever capture. Why is this so? One can liken the number of segments available to be comparable to the strength of the screen available to capture the dream broadcast. In essence, a screen derived from 2 segments has so many holes that much of the dream of what could be possible for one’s life experience and expression falls through the holes and is manifest in one’s unconscious instead.


The Human Unconscious


The unconscious is made up of many fractured off pieces of self that are the result of many falls in consciousness throughout human history. As the genetic materials were depleted due to nuclear warfare and stripping of information by the false intervention, there were missing records. In essence, wherever there is a missing record, one has one or multiple holes in one’s grid work which translates into holes in one’s screen that captures the movie script for one’s life. Asur’Ana has discovered that there were 36 parallel lives occurring for humans at 2 segments of DNA. Due to modifications in Earth’s global field, this has been reduced to 24 planes. Each plane has a separate “you” dancing upon it, capturing a portion of the dream for one’s life.


Life is extremely limited and mechanized at 2 segments of DNA. The reason for this is simply the vast amount of the dream that is lived in the unconscious. At 2 segments, over 80% of one’s dream is captured by the unconscious. This leaves one with only 20% of the dream to be expressed in physicality. It is perhaps for this reason that it is difficult for humans to embrace change, as change requires fluidity, and there cannot be much fluidity of dream when it is so limited. In essence, one’s dream is as fractured as the DNA, and fracturing creates either non-change or radical shifts, and little in-between.


One can see in this why recent human history has been so turbulent. To foster any major change, a massive uprising became necessary, as the fluidity to create a gradual change had been fractured into the unconscious. This has led over time to uprising after uprising in order to overthrow leadership of an oppressive nature. The West perhaps has gone through its drama and trauma at an earlier time period; now in other places of the world, similar drama and trauma are underway due to how difficult it is for humans to change.


This is also the same upon a personal level. What does it take one to change one’s life dance? Before ascension, some people change with ease as they have a script that causes radical shifts throughout the life. One initiate moving on to Mahavishnu level awareness has been married four times, lived in 9 states, has changed their name 6 times, and has had many preoccupations along with raising two children. They are currently the grandparent to a Bodhisattva grandchild, and are revitalizing their form and field through ascension. Although they are in their late 50’s, this initiate has a biological age of 36 due to the resurrection and reconstitution of the form through ascension. This is an example of one who has change as a part of the life script captured in the physical.


Yet others cannot change at all, even when the change becomes a prerequisite for future ascension. They cannot move beyond a certain level of initiation because they are unable to foster the changes required for continued ascension. Such humans have received a dream in which non-change is a part of the script broadcast upon the physical.


Etheric Grid Work, DNA and One’s Movie Screen


Through biological ascension, more and more dream becomes possible to be captured in the physical leading to a richer life experience and expression, and greater joy, freedom and non-limitation. How and why is this so? Through biological ascension, one begins to repair and reweave the DNA into a larger genealogical state of being; the more genes one recovers from one’s ancestry that held a higher level of awareness, the greater the instructions for the weaving of the etheric grid work. As there is more etheric grid work, the holes in one’s waking movie screen fill in, and less of one’s dream is broadcast onto the unconscious leading to greater possibility of expression in one’s current physical life.


As the etheric grid work is rewoven, the cellular structure of the form will begin to regenerate. Regeneration beyond the first 12 segments of DNA requires a new biochemistry that is known as the “Crystalline” form. Crystalline cells hold larger numbers of salts, which allow the cells to regenerate and be repaired rather than dying off every 7 years and requiring to be replaced. The crystalline cellular structure is the original form that one’s ancient red ancestors held that knew a 2000-year lifespan; ascending into this cellular structure regenerates that which has become decayed in one’s life, and one literally rolls the clock backwards in time, de-aging and de-compressing the form. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on the Crystalline form.)


The de-compression of the form through ascension causes the etheric body and form to expand. The growth is due to the return of the health of the form due to an earlier cellular structure that is larger in size. Once one’s ancient ancestors stood over 10 to 12 feet in height; the crystalline cellular structure supported this height, as the gravity of Earth was much softer and magnetic at the time. In present time, the gravity does not allow for as much a growth in height as in an expansion in the width of the form. This is the result of the ongoing pull upon physicality upon the surface of the Earth due to the heaviness of the gravity at this time in history. In due course, gravity shall subside allowing human form to be restored to its original size and stature in future ascending generations.


As the etheric body and form expands, there is more chi or energy running through the body. The more chi that moves through the form, the larger a “screen” one can construct to receive one’s living dream. As this occurs, what once was broadcast upon the unconscious now becomes a physical possibility to experience in one’s life dance. It is for this reason that ascending initiates may discover entirely new preoccupations that give them joy, or may choose to make many changes in one’s life dance, as now the possibility of weaving and living such a dream becomes possible to capture into one’s life script and then make manifest in physicality. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 10 “Changes in the Ascending Energy Field in the Ascent to Bodhisattva” for more information on the etheric changes in ascension.)


The Seven Manifestation Planes


How does one capture the dream that one wishes to experience? Dreams step down seven planes of reality before becoming physical. Dreams are holographic movies that first must be imagined, then relayed to the sun, and then the sun returns the dream desired upon the first of the seven manifestation planes. Upon the first plane, one can review the projection, and make changes or edits as one chooses. As one continues to intend the dream, it will step down to the next plane towards physicality. Again, one may review the dream, make changes, intend it so, and then it will step down the next plane of manifestation. As the dream occurs on the final plane before physicality, one will have the last opportunity to make alterations and then the dream becomes physical, and one lives to experience it in the now.


At 2 segments of DNA, it takes 8 years to attract any particular dream down each of the seven manifestation planes until it occurs in the physical. It is for this reason that humans often experience life changes in 6 to 8 year cycles, as it was 6 to 8 years ago that one relayed the intention to the sun. One initiate recalls desiring to have a child at the age of 27 and after the breakup of a long-term relationship. She conceived at age 33, 6 years later.


Those attaining 1,024 in vibration will attract any dream through the 7 manifestation planes in a 3-year period instead of 6-8. The reason for this is that the more chi one has available, the faster the process of manifestation can occur; and one has far more chi at 1,024 available than at 2 segments of DNA. For those attaining 3,000 segments in vibration, any dream will be attracted in 12 months or less down all 7-manifestation planes. For those at 6,000 segments and attaining Bodhisattva level vibration, the dream will manifest in less than 6 months, and for those who proceed further in initiatory level, the dream manifests even more rapidly. It is for this reason that paying attention to one’s dream becomes increasingly paramount the further that one ascends, lest one manifest a karmic travesty.


Preventing Travesty from Manifesting in One’s Dream


One need not experience travesty; one can intend to clear the karma by burning off the agreements and forgiving the prior ancestral experiences, canceling the manifestation of any karmic circumstance in the physical. Asur’Ana has learned to pay attention to the dream stepping down into physicality in the year ahead. Any potential travesty is avoided by choosing to release or return the karma and transmute the thoughtform instead. This is what causes her particular ascension to have a particular focus in any given year, as she perceives potential problems stepping down into physicality and chooses to transcend them instead of manifest them.


This is also the same for Earth as a consensus reality; Earth chooses to transcend any potential travesty that might lead to a failed possibility of future ascension. It is for this reason that Earth focused upon warfare karma in 2019, as a potential war was looming that could have led to world war and a nuclear annihilation.


In 2020, Earth and all sentient species therein focused upon disease karma. This is because Earth could see that unless disease was the focus, we would all become diseased instead of ascend into greater rejuvenation, regeneration and health. In releasing the karma, Earth and many initiates are regenerating.


In 2021, Earth focused upon balancing male and female energy flow. This was also to offset potential disease or decay that would occur otherwise in the continued global ascension of Earth; and also, to prepare for the ignition of the flame of divine union in the global heart chakra. The flame of divine union was ignited again upon Earth last month as ascending initiates held space in dreamtime for the release of human karma that had extinguished the global flame of divine union through false ascensions long ago. As the karma was released, the flame could be ignited again, and this provides not only new fire and kundalini energy flow that interconnects Earth to the Great Central Sun, but provides enough chi for Earth’s continued ascent and mastery of global level Bodhisattva mastery in the years ahead.


Before incarnating on Earth, Asur’Ana has agreed to help clear nemesis karma between twin flames and divine counterparts so that the flame of divine union can be anchored upon Earth again without distortion. Please see the Light Wave series published on our website for more information on twin flames and divine counterparts. For Asur’Ana, her ascent could not go further without reuniting with her beloved twin flame, Per, on the physical level.


Additionally, their ascent could go no further without the ignition of their own flame of divine union between them; they are two of 18 other pairs most of which are in the Inner Earth that have mastered the flame of divine union through ascension in this year. It is Earth’s greatest hope that more human beloveds shall master such in the decades ahead leading to entry into the Great Central Sun; as each couple contributes their flame to Earth’s global flame, there will be an increase in the fire of divine union required for global ascension.


Over the course of 2021, imbalance of energy flow was the focus. This provided insights into the underlying cause of decay, disease, deformity, insanity along with slavery as thoughtform that is expressed in the human dance as well as in nature. Much has come to be understood that has allowed for energetic changes to be modulated in order to provide for the continued ascension of the whole. The dissertations that Asur’Ana provides assist in bringing to consciousness the lessons “learned” by all species upon Earth for other humans to bear witness to.


Earth pays attention to her dream daily. Earth’s dream is complex for it includes the human dream upon each continent and within the Inner Earth in addition to each species and kingdom. The karma focused upon in any given day, week, month or year is karma that would prevent the ascent of the whole, or create a travesty of some sort that would prevent further global ascension. Earth’s dream steps down 18 manifestation planes from the solar sun; and is far more complex than a single human dream. However, how Earth modulates her dream holds useful tips for ascending humans to do the same.


Tips and Intentions for Conscious Dream Weaving


I Intend to Ascend


This command modifies the dream that shall step into physicality in any given day, week or month of one’s life to assure that the dream manifest supports ascension. As one modifies one’s dream towards ascension, it avoids many potential travesties or pitfalls that could lead to a non-ascension experience otherwise. Accidents and other problems are deferred into parallel nonphysical planes in the intent to ascend, for the intent to ascend translates into the intent to live and evolve.


I Intend Balanced Giving and Receiving


This command allows enough chi to be present to foster one’s continued ascension. It also bars or blocks those that tend to vampire one’s field from doing so unless there is unreleased karma to be processed that allows for the experience.


I Intend Bounty


Bounty translates into enough to do what one has agreed to do. If one has agreements to attend an event such as a spiritual retreat or meditation retreat, the intent for bounty shall alter the dream to provide for the funds required to accomplish the travel. This is so for any other world service agreement one may have with Earth, or agreements with one’s ancestors to travel to gather ascension records.


When one desires to manifest any object or experience in one’s life, Earth guides initiates not focus upon the money that is needed for the manifestation, as the sun does not understand the concept of money, and therefore the focus will lead to a failed dream. Instead, envision oneself in the circumstance one wishes to manifest; if one desires a new car, envision oneself driving the new car; if one wishes to manifest a trip here or there, envision oneself traveling to the destination and enjoying the journey. If one wishes to manifest a new relationship, envision oneself enjoying the new relationship. If one wishes to manifest a new job, envision oneself working at a new job that one enjoys under the preferred circumstance.


I Intend World Service


World service allows one’s dream to align with Earth’s dream for oneself as an ascending initiate. Human initiates move increasingly into world service the further that one ascends. World service translates into participating in Earth’s global ascension by allowing one’s field to be worked through for the purposes of gathering records, releasing karma or clearing patterning that is held upon the land due to human trauma, and blessings the land and sea so that it may return to a state of health. Through world service, one is provided for in exchange, as Earth will assure that one has the funds required to be wherever Earth requires oneself in service to global ascension.


World service also aligns all manifestations to only those that serve the ascension of the whole, or the ascension of the human species. One need not be poor to ascend; nor relocate to some mountaintop to become a monk. Ascension requires the active living of one’s life and interaction with others to release karma between ancestries. One can also be provided for adequately to allow for a comfortable life that brings one joy.


I Intend My Truth in Action


Truth in action can be considered one’s new archetypal patterning in association with one’s level of ascension. Asur’Ana has mapped out the new archetypal patterns in the new Astrology for Ascension. Each ascending initiate is embracing an archetypal pattern that is both from one’s ancient red inheritance, and due to modifications of the holographic planes, associated with a new dream broadcast onto ascending humans by Earth for the purposes of causing greater awakening and awareness within the human race.


Each initiate is unique in the truth that they carry; each truth has specific preoccupations that shall foster a sense of fulfillment when made manifest in physicality. Intending one’s Truth in Action allows the dream stepping down into physicality to attune to one’s new archetypal encoding such that what manifests leads to a greater sense of internal fulfillment. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.)


What brings one joy may not bring another joy. What brings the greatest sense of joy in Earth’s estimation is the expression of one’s truth. For Asur’Ana, her truth is expressed in her channeling or translation and teaching, and this brings her great joy and an inner sense of fulfillment. For other initiates, they find fulfillment in teaching, counseling, creating clothing that suits the ascending form, painting, jewelry making or art of all kinds, growing vegetables and herbs, making music CDs, drums and rattles, and so on. Each truth is unique; what gives one inner fulfillment will not give another such. Therefore, this intent shall lead to the creation of experiences that provide a unique opportunity for inner fulfillment for each truth to be expressed in ascension.


I Intend A Preoccupation That Gives Me Joy


This intent will begin to mold one’s dream and future towards a new preoccupation that brings one joy. The mechanized nature of the human dream and how such dreams carry from generation to generation often leads one to living a dream that fulfills one not; for one is fulfilling one’s parents or grandparents dream in the dance of life, and not one’s own.


With the reincarnation cycles as short as they are, and how fractured the dreams at 2 segments are, often dreams desired in one life are postponed into future generations. This occurs as the dream one desires is so variant from one’s genetic programming that it fails to reach physicality and instead manifests in a parallel life in the unconscious. There are only a small number of dreams that can be captured by a field produced at 2 segments; therefore, most dreams one would like to create cannot be fulfilled upon at this vibration. This leads to a host of unhappy and dissatisfied humans, as your current civilization is a reflection of.


As Asur’Ana first opened to the nonphysical, she became aware of how each of the dreams she desired in childhood, teenage years and early adulthood had manifest in one or more parallel lives. In one plane, she lived in the countryside surrounded by breathtaking nature scenery and a big garden; a dream she always wished for as a child.


Upon another plane, she found herself married to a loving spouse that provided a good income so that she was not required to work and could focus upon creative projects instead. She and her spouse lived in a beautiful home by a stunning Norwegian fjord. Upon yet another plane, Asur’Ana found herself a known writer and teacher of ascension. Each of these dreams had no place to manifest upon her then field and “fell through the cracks” manifesting in the unconscious instead.


As Asur’Ana ascended, the dream for living in spectacular Norway manifest, but not with the loving spouse. She became a writer and teacher of ascension, bringing through much needed information about this physical and emotional evolutionary experience of ascension. The loving “spouse” is her twin, Per, who finally showed up when she least expected and eventually the two moved to a lovely house by the magnificent fjord that she had envisioned so many times in her dreams.


One day she will live in community with others with a large garden in the countryside surrounded by breathtaking nature scenery. One can see that as Asur’Ana continues to ascend, she has created enough chi to weave a larger screen to capture more and more of the dream for her life as it has always been broadcast from the sun. So, this is true for each ascending initiate.


The ascent to 3,000 will allow for 50% of one’s entire dream as broadcast from the sun to become physical. The ascent to 6,000 allows for 75% of one’s entire dream to become physical. The ascent beyond this allows for up to 100% of one’s entire dream to become physical; the fuller the dream, the greater the sense of internal fulfillment within.


It is out of the boredom and lack of a limited dream that humans compete with one another, harm one another and nations war upon one another. As humans return to manifesting a dream that fulfills through ascension, the love can flow again between parties, and the need to compete, harm or war will fade into a distant memory of a civilization long left behind. For the amount of dream captured by an ascending field translates into the amount of love captured as sent by soul into the physical plane. It is the love of soul that fulfills one from within, and such fulfillment can then be expressed in physical preoccupations that give the life joy. In joy and fulfillment, one will relate to others in joy and fulfillment, and no longer compete or harm.


Competition is the result of seeing one’s desired dream manifest in the life of another, leading to a sense of non-fulfillment and deprivation along with jealousy. A state of jealousy is the result of perceiving the grass as greener in someone else’s backyard. As one can manifest the green grass in one’s own yard, then the jealousy fades into a dream come true circumstance. As this is so for the individual, this is also for human civilization. As all humans are capable of weaving the dream that they desire and begin to feel fulfilled within as a result, the requirement to excessively hoard resources shall also cease.


In so doing, the needs of all peoples shall be met, and hunger, homelessness and starvation shall become human experiences of the past. This is the next focus of Earth and ascending initiates in the year ahead of 2022; to release all karma for hunger, poverty, homelessness, deprivation and starvation. As this occurs, the energy shall be rebalanced global wide to allow for a redistribution of resources; for Earth this shall translate into an end of the deprivation of chi that has plagued her for over 6 million Earth years (24 million human years) thereby creating enough chi for continued global ascension.


I Intend to Foster A Complete Ascension in This Lifetime


A complete ascension translates into building a complete composite of genetic material that allows all 3,000 segments to be present; or all 6,000 segments to be present, or all 9000, 15,000 or 36,000 segments to be present depending upon how far one has genealogy to ascend in this lifetime.


Why the limitations to ascension and restrictions by solar counsels? At this time, the genealogical planes have just been opened and are being sorted through; now an understanding of how many humans received what genes upon birth will be more greatly known. Only those with genealogy to the Grand Masters have the information necessary to reconstruct 36,000 segments into twelve complete tubes of DNA encoding.


Some ancestry is held at 3,000 segments. As one constructs a complete tube of the first 3,000 segments of genetic information, one has repaired one’s ancestry from the last fall of Atlantis to a pre-Atlantean state of being. At 3000 segments, one will capture much more dream and have much more possibility therefore opened unto oneself in terms of what one may wish to experience for the remainder of this life. 3,000 segments also roll back the clock and de-ages the form enough that one may live well into the entry of the final Star Gate or Photon Belt and beyond.


Why would one be restricted to 3,000 segments in adult form? If one has not the genealogical information to transmute scar tissue, then one can go no further, as further ascension requires the biological capacity to dissolve scar tissue. Scar tissue is hardened or calcified cells that are tightly compressed together. Dissolution of scar tissue requires the biological ability to construct carrier cells with heavy enzymes that are capable of dissolving the hardened tissue throughout the form. If one has not inherited the genes with information on how to do this, one will be restrained at 3,000 segments.


However, life at 3000 segments will be much fuller and richer in nature compared with those remaining beneath this vibrational bandwidth due to the amount of dream that one can capture and then live to experience as broadcast from the sun. One can also learn to consciously monitor one’s dream, intending what one desires, and then living to experience the desired outcome in the physical.


Earth and solar ascension counsels has lifted the restriction on 6,000 segments to 9,000 segments of DNA and is choosing to make this the resting point for Bodhisattva level mastery. Those who have mastered 6,000 will now go on to master another tube of genetic information allowing 9,000 segments of DNA to be present in the field and form, or 3 complete tubes of genetic information. This will allow the ascent mastered to take one back in time to the era of the Anu in terms of the level of consciousness that one’s red nation ancestry held at this time in history.


The ascent to 9,000 allows for the scar tissue and hormone system known as the death hormone to be dissolved in full and replaced with a new hormone system that leads to biological joy and fulfillment. At 9,000 segments, one will also capture 86% of one’s dream, allowing for even less limitation in the life expression. One also manifests more rapidly, experiencing the intention and manifestation upon the physical plane in less than a 3-6-month period.


Those restrained at 9,000 segments have not the genealogical information surrounding the construction of a nervous system that holds photonic pockets and cells along with photonic fluid. It is the photonic fluid that allows one to rise above the perceptions of the Language of Light unity based thoughtform into the thoughtform of the Language of ONE, which is gold and silver in vibration.


The Language of ONE is a bridge language constructed by the Great Central Sun for communication with Earth and each sentient species therein. Those pressing on beyond 9,000 develop a working relationship with the Great Central Sun in association with one’s world service in preparation for the times ahead, and releasing global and solar karma associated with the human species. In order to accomplish this task, one must have been born with the genealogy of the Grand Masters who were the only living humans upon Earth to ever embody a photonic nervous system that attunes to gold and silver thoughtform.


Ascension is biological. Therefore, there are biological restrictions as to how far one may ascend in a given life due to the ancestry that one has embodied from birth. All genetic information comes from 25 lineages that one chose at birth in constructing the body in one’s mother’s womb. One is therefore restricted to whatever was made available from one’s parents’ ancestry at the time of birth. However, one’s own children and future human ancestors yet unborn will be able to choose from a more extended tapestry, anchoring lineages in the physical with the proper genealogical inheritance to take the ascension to the next level. This is how and why a generational ascension is required to restore full consciousness in the human species.


The more complete the ascension with all 3000, 9000, 15,000 or 36,000 segments of DNA represented, the fewer holes or gaps one will have in one’s field; this translates into a screen capable of capturing more of one’s intended dream allowing such a dream to become one’s physical life experience. This is why the intent to have a complete ascension is so important, as it allows for greater fulfillment and joy at a lower initiatory level.


I Intend to Complete All Karma in My Ancestral Inheritance


Completion of karma leads to greater freedom in one’s dream weaving. Karma has the effect of skewing one’s dream in a particular direction. If one holds karma for difficult relationships with physically abusive partners, then the intention for a loving partner will be skewed in this direction, and one will manifest an abusive partner instead. As one releases the karma, then one will have an opportunity to attract a loving partner as one intends.


If one holds karma for poverty, then the intention to manifestation will be skewed to be barely what one requires in order to pay the rent and the bills each month. This is so much the complaint of so many spiritual aspirants upon the path of ascension that Earth would like to address this dream weaving issue directly. Poverty karma comes from lifetime after lifetime of wealth and abundance. If one has ancestors that knew wealth, then one will have a pent-up need to experience impoverishment in this lifetime to balance the scales. As one chooses to complete with all poverty karma, one will forgive one’s ancestors for hoarding, and be able to manifest more than the bare minimum to survive upon.


Perhaps one’s ancestors had an abundance of food and allowed others in the community or region to starve outside of their front door. Perhaps one’s ancestors created economic circumstances for their own gain that lead to the deprivation and starvation in other regions or nations. Perhaps one’s ancestry was related to monarchy or land barons that retained all others in servitude and limitation for their own enjoyment; whatever the karma, until it is released and forgiven, one will be restrained in poverty and lack.


As one strives to bring to consciousness the karma of one’s ancestors and understand it, learning the spiritual lessons behind such experiences, and then forgive their ancestors and oneself in full, one will be released of the requirement to experience lack. This is so for any desired manifestation one may wish to bring forth. If one has karma that prevents such a manifestation, in the releasing of the karma, there is an opportunity to experience a dream-come-true experience in one’s future life expression.


We must also warn initiates that karmic manipulations are also problematic in the human dance. It is not unusual for others who are wealthy or abundant to push poverty karma onto others; it is not unusual for those who have seemingly loving relationships to press their karma for non-relationship, or in other terms, being an old bachelor or an “old maid” onto others. It is also not unusual for disease and accident karma to be pressed upon others by those who are healthy and strong in the physical. Therefore, make sure that the karma you are processing is your own, and return any that belongs unto another back to its source of origin.


How does one know if karma is one’s own? One may muscle test or pendulum and the body will tell one the truth. If one is clairvoyant, one may look at the energy signature behind the karma and see if it matches one’s own. All karma, entities, machines, curses, hexes, spells and other nonphysical manifestations have an energy signature upon them from where they originated. There is nothing in this creation or any other that does not have a casting that originated someplace; and this casting can be read to determine the origins of such things, including the elements of air, water, fire and earth along with the inverse elements of ether, vapor, lava and smoke or ash.


Electrical elements came from electrical creations; radioactive elements came from radioactive creations. Karma from other creations will have electrical or radioactive signatures. Karma from Earth will have a magnetic earth-bound signature. Karma from humans will have a distinct signature, as each energetic signature is as individual as a snowflake or fingerprint. Therefore, there is no real hiding where anything in the etheric came from.


Much of ascension is really about sorting out what is “yours, mine or another’s”, and if it is from Earth or another creation. Humans have become holographically and genetically intertwined with many other humans from other creations, and karma displaced over time. This pattern then translated to human relations between parties in which humans began to exchange karma. How did this occur? If one has ancestry from the Pleiades, and your Pleiadian ancestors through the shared DNA sent karma to Earth, now every time a human of Pleiadian origins crosses the path of another human of red Sirian, karma is transferred in the same direction. Clear the karmic contract to receive the karma, and the karma will flow back to its person or creation of origin.


There is a distinct possibility at 3,000 segments of clearing all karma for one’s entire tapestry of ancestry in this lifetime. As this occurs, one’s future ancestors move off the wheel of reincarnation, and are better prepared for the future times of ascension to the fourth dimension ahead upon Earth. This is no small feat to accomplish, and those ascending beyond this have the capability of releasing all ancestral karma within a decade or so, allowing the life to be entirely free of karmic contracts thereafter. This shall lead to a deep sense of freedom as more master such a state; for freedom from karmic bonds translates into dream weaving and manifesting anything that one can imagine, without limitation.


I Intend to Live in A Region That Fosters My Ascension and Brings Me Joy


The physical form finds it hard to be in joy in a region that does not give one sensual pleasure. Therefore, this intent will bring to fruition relocating to a region that brings the body sensual joy. For each form, where this might be and the weather and terrain may vary; for some it will be in the mountains; for others in the valleys; for yet others the desert and yet others by the sea.


Biological joy is a prerequisite to an internal sense of fulfillment. Therefore, relocating to a place that pleasures the senses of the body will lead to a greater experience of life fulfillment. It is not enough to visit such places; one must live there all of the time. The regions that bring one joy will be directly related to places one’s ancestors lived joyful lives. Therefore, one’s ascension will be augmented by the gathering of records from lifetimes of harmony, unity and joy within the tribes of humans that once lived upon such land.


Before calling wonderful Norway her home, Asur’Ana found great joy living upon Oahu. Her Polynesian ancestors had known greater fulfillment in recent history and a greater sense of love and unity of family than her other ancestral relations. This allowed her to feel more greatly fulfilled living upon the land of Oahu. After living on Oahu for a couple of years, Asur’Ana relocated to the Big Island where upon the Hilo side primarily are the most joyful records of human civilization from the early days of the seeding of the Grand Masters. These records have likewise led to greater joy and fulfillment in her life experience to date.


Ascension brings about the emotional experiences of each set of ancestors that lived at a particular bandwidth of frequency at another time in history. As one clears the traumatic experiences and emotional residue at any particular bandwidth, peace remains thereafter. Living upon the land where peaceful relations once occurred will augment peaceful and unity-based relations individually and collectively. Through the ups and downs of ascension, retaining unity would be difficult; except for perhaps as each attunes to the peace emanating from the land and focuses upon this through intention. In so doing, the land will lift the individual and the collective through the difficult moments that individual and group ascension can and will manifest.


Earth anticipates that ascending communities should be formed upon land that holds lots of records of peaceful and unity based human tribes; then the land can re-educate humanity in how to live together in honor and in peace again. As many humans gather living in honor and peace in ascending communities, then the blueprint for other humans to ascend into peaceful unity-based relations shall also be anchored.


The body requires the nourishment that includes adequate food and water, a beautiful place to live and dwell, and the interconnection to nature. The interconnection to nature is best fostered through communion with the land or sea. Places to walk through the woods or swim in the sea or a lake or stream are vital to retaining communion with nature.


Therefore, Earth perceives that ascending humans will ultimately require leaving the cities and suburbs behind and choose a more rural life with land to roam upon to foster communion with nature, and land enough to foster the construction of one’s garden to provide the sustenance through the times of cleansing ahead. Therefore, making this intent shall set in motion a future in which one will relocate to a place that provides space and room enough to thrive into the entry of the Great Central Sun and beyond.


Managing One’s Dream


Managing one’s dream consciously requires paying conscious attention to the dream playing out upon the dreamtime planes stepping into physicality. The human brain is far less equipped to manage such a thing as it once was within the Grand Master human ancestors. The Grand Masters had a large head and biological awareness that superseded the greatest scientist, musician, artist or mathematician incarnate in human form ever since. However, the Grand Master focus was not secular, it was spiritual; and so, most of the attention was paid upon maintaining and sustaining thoughtform so that the dream stepping into physicality retained unity and joy as the outcome of the dance of life.


Alas, something went wrong, and all Grand Masters died in a short timeframe. Their rapid death has now been determined to be a nonphysical cause hosted by the false red gods who desired the Grand Master language so that they could command the nonphysical realms surrounding Earth. These souls had come from other creations in which other languages prevailed; alas these languages did not command creational law upon Earth. These souls utilized brutal tactics to destroy the Grand Masters in a few months, and took for themselves the language that they desired. Alas this set in motion the first fall in consciousness of the human species, and later the brutality transferred into global thoughtform leading to a fall in consciousness for all of Earth.


Calling upon the Grand Master ancestors to assist one in learning how to consciously dream weave is one way to master the goal of dream weaving. Asur’Ana has been working with her Grand Master ancestors for over two years; she has learned much about dream weaving, and has learned how to prevent the manipulations that lead to the Grand Master deaths in ancient times. This has allowed Asur’Ana and Per to finally transcend all karma for death upon Earth; leaving them free to ascend to the next dimension and beyond.


The ascent to full consciousness brings about this goal; transcending all karma for death. How does one transcend death karma without killing oneself in the process? Ah, this is the difficulty; and why Asur’Ana and Per had so many near-death experiences due to the karma that they were transcending. However, they have transcended, and stand as an example of the possibility of many more ascending to full consciousness in this lifetime. Failing to manifest one’s death requires a full time focus upon ascension along with one’s dream; and a restricted or limited life due to the destructive dance in the current human unconscious. This path is not for many, but will be most likely fulfilled upon through one’s future ancestry.


The requirement therefore for initiates at lower levels to pay attention so intently upon one’s daily dream is less necessary; it is not a matter of life and death as with those mastering the upper initiations in this lifetime. Simple intents made daily surrounding what one would like to see come to fruition in one’s future, along with the intent to release the karma that might block the manifestation of one’s goal is sufficient for most ascending to 3000, 6000 or 9000 segments. For those pushing beyond this, conscious management of the dream daily to assure a non-fatal outcome is most important; those proceeding to this level of work generally also have the clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts and talents required for the job, or there would be no purpose in allowing them to move to the next level of ascent in the first place.


Dream Manipulations


For those however who are naturally clairvoyant, one can review the dream stepping down for any intention made. Let us say that one has intended for a new job and taken the time to write down a list of items describing the nature of the new employment opportunity. One can watch the different job opportunities step down the manifestation planes, playing out on each level until it manifests in the physical. One can also watch for others who might try and divert one’s dream into their own life leaving one empty, having failed to manifest the dream into the physical.


Understand that dream manipulation abounds in the current human dance. Humans gifted at dream manipulation watch the dreams of others stepping down the planes of reality, and swipe the dreams that they desire for themselves. Now understand that this is an unconscious predisposition; those who do this are not aware that they steal the dreams of others. However, those who tend to manifest easily are generally good dream manipulators in the unconscious. Those who manifest with great difficulty generally lose their dreams to the dream manipulators over time, and it is why a dream come true experience is often rare with those of this nature.


What to do about the dream manipulators? One can intend to observe if each dream one is intending goes missing as one attunes to the dreamtime planes during one’s meditation time. If the dream one intended yesterday or last week is no longer playing upon one’s manifestation planes, then one will need to figure out who stole one’s dream, and then release the karma for having given dreams of parallel nature to one or more of this individual’s ancestry. As the karma is released, then the dream can be redirected back into one’s own field, and then will be more likely to be made manifest in the physical.


If one cannot perceive that the dream has been stolen, one can simply muscle test or pendulum to the question “Are all the dreams I intended yesterday or last week stepping down the dreamtime planes towards manifestation today?” If the answer is no, then one must begin to muscle test or pendulum to the question of “Who took my dream?” Once one has pinpointed the individual, one can intend to release the karma for the manipulation in all ancestors involved. Then once again the dream can be redirected back into one’s own field. As one settles karma through dream management it not only serves one’s ascension, but makes possible more dream come true circumstances manifesting in one’s continued life expression.


Sometimes the dream manipulators are so good at this dance that they collect karma and add it to one’s field to foster the exchange. If a dream ends up in the manifestation planes of another, and there appears to be no karma associated in one’s ancestry or between their ancestors and yours, then one may require returning the karma added to one’s field instead of releasing it, as one can never release the karma of another. As the karma is returned, then the dream can once again be directed back into one’s own dreamtime planes.


The Seven Manifestation Planes


The seven planes of manifestation are held in one’s own field through one’s larger chakras that create a global sized field. Each human has their own planes of manifestation within one’s own field after initiation 3,000 has been mastered in full. One can also crosscheck if the planes within the field are constructed properly; or if they have been damaged in any manner. Sometimes manifestation planes are shattered in karmic blows between parties; often when a dream is transferred from one’s own manifestation planes onto others, one’s own planes have cracked. The intent to reweave the planes as the karma is released suffices to repair the manifestation planes so that they can properly hold the dream one is attempting to manifest enough to direct it into the physical.


The angels associated with one’s ascension manage the reweaving of one’s field. The dragon soul directs the angels to manage the field and reweave the grid work, etheric body, subtle bodies, chakras and light body as directed by the ascending genetic blueprint. Human consciousness can direct the dragon souls to direct the angels through conscious intention. Sometimes one may have actually lost their dragon soul or angels in a karmic encounter. Again, one can either look for this clairvoyantly or muscle test or pendulum if this is so. If so, one can release the karma with the individual at cause, and then retrieve one’s soul and angels. If one’s field or manifestation planes fail to be rewoven day after day, even if one has intended it so, this is a good sign that one has lost one’s dragon souls and/or angels overseeing the ascent.


If one loses the dragon souls and angels for an extended period of time, then one will begin to roll backwards in one’s ascension, as there is no conscious nonphysical force overseeing one’s field any longer. Therefore, checking for the presence of one’s dragon soul and angels daily is a good ascension practice. It also teaches initiates to begin to consciously manage their ascent from the physical plane.


Monitoring the Progress of One’s Ascent


One may also monitor the progress of one’s ascension by muscle testing or utilizing a pendulum to determine how many segments of DNA one has embodied in the physical in one’s ascent to date. Many initiates have problems with this, as they do not know how to muscle test properly. Many get answers of initiatory levels beyond what is even open for initiates to take at this time in history. How and why is it so hard to get an accurate read upon one’s level of ascent? One of the largest problems is the amount of electricity most humans run in their field and surround themselves with day and night in living in the suburbs or working in the cities of your human civilization. The electricity creates veils of illusion; as one muscles tests or pendulums, then one receives back what one wishes to be so as an answer rather than the truth of the matter.


The solution? Intend to ground and synthesize the field and push out all electrical tones of creation, and retrieve one’s Language of Light tones of creation, which shall give one greater clarity of field in the moment.


We recommend that one uses the “Synthesis Meditation” that can be found in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for synthesizing and moving the kundalini energy system; and also the “Elements Meditation” in Chapter 13 of Ascension Insights, Volume 4 for connecting to the magnetic elements of air, water, fire and earth and the inverse magnetic elements of ether, vapor, lava and ash or smoke. As one pushes one’s field towards becoming increasingly magnetic, greater clarity of field becomes so more recurrently, and then clearer answers to one’s questions along with a greater ability to hear one’s guidance also becomes possible.


Try muscles testing after synthesis the questions that one has. Then one is more likely to receive an accurate answer. The body knows; it is just often that the consciousness of the form does not desire to hear the truth. There is little use in going into a fantasy about one’s level of ascent; this only becomes the playing ground through which the dark may manipulate one into death rather than ascension. Therefore, retaining clarity and honesty with oneself is important, especially in the initiations beyond 3,000.




Earth hopes that each has found this useful upon your personal path of ascension. It is our desire to speak to information that has been found useful to those dedicated to map carving ascension for the purposes of conscious dream weaving. There are many more mastering the initiations leading to 3,000 segments this year than any prior year of global ascension. Therefore, it is perceived that this information is of import, as each mastering this level is moving increasingly towards the goal of becoming the dreamer and the dream through ascension.


Becoming the dreamer and the dream is perhaps the greatest gift of ascension in adult form. For in conscious dream management, one no longer is the victim to circumstances one cannot change. Instead, one comes to understand that one is empowered to intend the dream that one desires, and release the karma that would prevent the dream from coming to fruition as envisioned. Becoming the dreamer and the dream again equates to the transcendence of dogmatic victim-based thoughtform in the human species. As more of the human species masters such a state in the decade to follow, civilization will leave dogmatic practices behind and enter a new era of peace, collaboration and unity. This is the hope and dream that Earth has for the human species.


From the ancient Grand Masters in Lemurian:


Oh ono oko oh. Honi hanu honu hon. Evi vulu voku vom.


“You are the dreamer and the dream. Dream a dream of delightful adventures. Live to experience the delightful adventures you have dreamt.”


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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