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Light Wave Archive #17


The Tao Within


The Tao is an undercurrent of archetypal foray that causes existence. It is Tao that triggers life along with self-development, realization and further courses of action leading to evolutionary fulfillment. Without Tao there is not cause to exist. Tao is a distinguished consciousness that deliberates itself into the life prior to birth to draw the DNA to format the attributes of self to realize itself in the life. Tao is an intrinsic component of existence.


Tao is also involved in death. Death is a foray of extinguishment of the life for the purposes of reincarnation. Reincarnation is an adroit equation of lifetimes to realize within. Tao is deeply involved with each life that realizes. Tao is a beloved of the beloved within that augments a cascade of love that fosters the journey into oneness within. Tao is the beautiful within that fosters the expression of the divine of self. Tao is the love of the love within expressed without.


Many archetypes upon Earth are devoid of Tao. The loss of Tao leads to unending reincarnation. Unending reincarnation is an action devoid of the experience of realization. Realization carries the consciousness post death or through transfusion into another apothecary of existence in which further realization may occur. The apothecary of existence is to realize and fulfill upon continued mastery through time. Those of archetypes without Tao sustain themselves in equilibrium of non-fulfillment. Non-fulfillment leads to detriment of others into non-sustainable actions of self. Non-fulfillment also leads to deep afflictions of non-care within and all that this pertains unto in life.


Non-sustainable actions of self debilitate others in hypotheses of deliberate action such as extermination of self. Extermination of self is an oscillation of the non-divine that destroys awareness to a point of non-sustainability. Those without Tao render spirit and exterminate self to have self to sustain existence. Those without Tao are afraid of truth and fear death due to a lack of support of the divine.


Those of non-sustainable biology cause a physical structure that ages and becomes ill over time. Biology is sustained in health through transfusion in which the physical becomes nonphysical over time. Tao inaugurates transfusion as self-realization begins. Death was not a part of the hypothesis of existence in transfusion lore of self. Transfusion is not death, although the body may appear to die as transfusion is fulfilled upon.


Transfusion and Death


Today, transfusion into the apothecary of a nonphysical vessel that is one hundred percent derived from the physical is not feasible. Those transfusing fall into a coma state and continue to draw consciousness into the nonphysical to the degree that they can. As the body cools, it ceases to breathe and the heart ceases to beat; and another type of death occurs. Transfusion death is sustainable and the consciousness of the form passes into the nonphysical foray in peace.


Death today for others is a difficult happenstance at best. The body must be relinquished and released, not through forgiveness but through mutilation. The field is cut up to a point that the consciousness ceases to remain through gauntlet actions of self. The estuaries of self are depleted and infused with death forays of self that cool the existence down until it freezes and then the sustainable actions of the biology cease. Death by freezing is not equated to transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self sustains the temperature even after the heart may cease to beat and possibly for up to a year or more. Transfusion lore allows a gentle retraction of the biological consciousness and self as the life passes into the nonphysical.


Conscious Death and Bardo


Conscious death can occur through transfusion lore of self or death by freezing. In the conscious choice to pass, the karmic habitat of self is forgiven and the consciousness moves beyond twelve sets of gates into another level of spiritual focus known as bardo. All consciousness goes through bardo which is an estuary of life review of many planes associated with the physical existence. In transfusion, bardo is a recurrent state of being in which life is reviewed for self-development. Ascension modalities of mastery also host life reviews but not as extensive as those choosing to realize self.


Bardo is an internal dreaming in which the postulations of existence enter into the stream of consciousness for the purposes of understanding. The Tao within directs all dreaming associated with realization. Dreams are presented by the Tao to foster the spiritual lessons within to be forgiven and compassionate action to take flight. Each who dreams with Tao will recognize the voice that suppositories the lessons to unfold. Lessons unfold in series of stations of self associated with nautilus dreamtime. Nautilus dreaming fosters realization through equations of the sublime to master the divine.


Transfusion lore is the primary fable of realization. Transfusion lore sustains the existence through Tao sublimation of self. Tao sublimation of self is an adroit equation to foster egolessness within. Egolessness within is a sustainable state of being that masters self within itself. Transfusion lore is a sustainable premise of existence. Sustainable premise is an ongoing resource of life force that sustains the existence and allows for transfusion of consciousness into nonphysical formats of self.


Sustainable Existence


Transfusion is a lore of self that allows the consciousness of the physical to adjoin and return to the nonphysical from which it is cast. The physical is a presupposition of existence that is formatted into molecules that form a physical apparition. Physical apparitions consist of mental, emotional, intuitive and creative subtle bodies that cascade the awareness of the dream of life through time. Dream time is sustained through the intuitive body primarily. The Tao accesses the intuitive awareness to foster the dreaming within to allow realization to unfold.


The supposition of each Tao is to formulate an equation of self that subsists and develops the self of the self within through time. Tao is a developer of the formation of equations that cause life to flourish and evolve. Life is not meant to stagnate but either flourishes or goes extinct. If life fails to evolve, the hypothesis of life turns extinctive. Those without Tao naturally go extinct over time. Sometimes those without Tao forest the extinction drive upon another. As extinctive nature unfolds, humans turn destructive within and without. Those realizing are guided to separate and learn to sustain transfusion lore of self in harmless quotients of existence.


Harmless quotients of existence is a premise of self in transfusion lore. In transfusion lore, all is deemed available from within. Destruction is a premise in which something outside of self is necessary to exist. Those without Tao turn destructive to take what is unavailable and unprovided for from within to carry on in the life. Those losing life force to those without Tao rendition the hypothesis for life through transfusion lore. Those who destroy are evicted from transfusion lore gates as they are not harmless quotients of self. Those remaining in transfusion lore are embraced into nautilus dreaming to sustain the realization.


The delusion of destruction without is so grand that most believe it to be true. In the belief that destruction is so, humans succumb to allowing others to destroy oneself. As the underlying theory is transformed into sustainable actions, the destructive belief that others hold over self ceases. Self destruction is a paradigm of negative ego. Destruction is a paradigm of ego. As ego and negative ego are transformed into a state of equality, transfusion lore begins. In equality, destruction ceases.


Transfusion Lore Theory


Transfusion lore is a series of fundamental principles that begins with equality. In equality, one does not destroy and ceases to destroy. Equality is a principle of renunciation of loss of self. All destruction is the result of the loss of self. As striations of self are diminished, the field inverts causing the flavor of deflation. The flavor of deflation is an action of loss of the striations that sustain the field. As self of the self within is lost, destruction in all apothecaries begins. Striations form in many hypotheses over time. Striations can be lost for a hypothesis that one is unaware of leading to a diminishment of field which causes the sensation of being destroyed.


Destruction is an internal fabric all of its own. Destructive theory has manifest as striations that cause a collapse of field. Remove the striations that destroy and the field can re-expand and recover. Destructive striations of self are founded upon destructive theory that is also a hypothesis of non-evolution. Non-evolution is not a cause or effect. Non-evolution is a state of being that triggers deflation through the rendering of self. As self striations are rendered, the field collapses and inverts leading to the manifestation of the hypothesis and theory of destruction.


The hypothesis and theory of destruction is an equation that renders the field. Equations are suppositions of formations of the Tao that sustain existence. As equations invert or are manipulated, they cease to sustain life leading to destructive suppositories of self. Destructive equations are not a Tao formation but something that Tao caused but was distorted through time. Tao can sometimes correct destructive equations. Sometimes the Tao at cause of the original equation has departed the archetype, and nothing knows how to correct the numerical sequences. Those equations deemed destructive can be postulated to vaporize as gas and cease to harm. There are chambers in association with nautilus dreaming to trigger purification of equations and other formations of destructive self striations.


Destructive Theory


The destructive theory is so prevalent upon Earth that little other theory exists in the human foray outside of transfusion theory of self. Destructive theory permeates all existences upon Earth. Nature fails to thrive upon destructive theory of self. Humans destroy self and one another founded upon destructive theory of self. All is a delusion that permeates to a point that each believes in destructive theory of self. The pathway home is through a forensic motion in which destructive theory of self ceases within. Destructive theory of self is a forensic motion of dis-synergy in the nervous system along with many other equations that fail to sustain life.


The nervous system is a formation of DNA that triggers awareness that is biological. Biological awareness is an adroit equation of self that is physical that formulates as sustenance of self. If equations are manipulated through time, the physical becomes ill. Equations that are sustainable are few and far between at this time. The Tao within will rendition physical equations to become sustainable as transfusion lore of self is fostered within. Transfusion lore is not suitable to those who are either ill or becoming ill. The body must modulate in health for equations that are sustainable to be fostered for the body.


Physical self reposes itself through the nerves of the biology. If the nerves are damaged, the biology cannot presupposition sustainable motions within. Equations can be fostered, but the nerves must repose properly in order to synthesize the equations. If equations fail to synthesize, the life may be shortened substantially rather than healed, if ill. It is best if ill to recover first and then attempt sustainable repose of self with the help of the Tao within. The Tao will also attempt to aid those who are ill in self-healing if possible. Taking the right nutrients and attending to the physical is of the utmost import if the body is becoming ill in its mastery leading up to the postulation of realization.


Forensic motion is a movement of energy and synapse formation that triggers awareness within. Not all today host awareness within. Many nerve damaging agents have caused humans to cease to be aware in the nervous repose of self. The loss of awareness is so great that for most a recovery is not possible. Consciousness is an adroit equation of self-realization. Self is only developed by Tao to realize. Today many exist not to realize and detriment the possibility of those who might. The equations for destruction are at an all-time high and sometimes render the possibility in some lives.


Extinction Theory


Extinction theory of self is an inversion of theory of sustainable systems of self. As sustainability is lost, extinction theory grows leading to the loss of the wholeness within. The loss of the wholeness within is a system of self that only forensics motions to extend life rather than develop self. Life extension is not self-realization nor ascension. Life extension is an adroit equation to diminish the life of another to extend the life of a biological habitat devoid of spiritual awareness. Extinction theory of self leads not to evolutionary fulfillment. Cause and effect of life extension leads only to extinction within and for others who befall a sad fate of extending the existence of another.


Extinction within is a hypothesis of aging and death rather than renewal and growth. Renewal and growth require a forensic motion devoid of extinction theory of self. Those realizing must rise above diminishment of life as a principle of existence. Rising above extinction theory is an ascension-based level of mastery. As all extinction paradigm is relinquished, transfusion lore takes flight and sustainable reality can blossom. Sustainable reality is a system of renewal of self and the biology to the extent that health can be sustained and transfusion can occur.


Transcending Judgment


Extinction theory of self is a hypothesis of judgment within. The judgment within debilitates the existence through subordination of self. Subordination allows for rendering of spirit and self leading to life extension of one and detriment of life of another. All destruction theory of self is fostered due to judgmental striations of self. Judgmental striations of self can be renditioned and removed to allow for egolessness to flourish. Judgment is not a hypothesis or theory of use in transfusion lore of self.


Judgment is a foray of dream that is so strong today that more than not flourish in the subservience generated. Subservience is a state of non-worth that forays for a dream of being judged. In the judgment, the non-worth takes flight and the human delinquents itself. If the delinquency is great enough, the life ceases. If the judgment is not accepted and the human transcends, life rebounds and the body renews allowing another cycle of evolutionary fulfillment to be fostered.


Judgment is the single most restrictive force upon Earth. Judgment causes one to diminish and the other to expand awareness without evolution of consciousness. Those expanding awareness without evolution deem themselves pure without purification. Those diminishing awareness may attempt evolution and befall the sad state of worship of the guru or loss of self to condrian lore humans. The guru or condrian lore human does not evolve. The guru or condrian lore human is a hypothesis of expansion without realization. In ancient times, all hypothesis and theories of self led to realization of self.


Expansion without realization is a hypothesis and incantation prior to birth. Those who foster the role of the guru or one of condrian lore do not self develop. Some may attempt ascension but fail in the end. The awareness expands due to detriment of others who lose self striations of self to the guru or condrian lore human. The guru or condrian lore human expands appearing as though realization occurs. The guru or condrian lore human fails to realize anything but what others realized but were detrimented in the action of loss of self. The guru or condrian lore human appears aware without any realization whatsoever.


The above statements are generalizations only. There are always exceptions to the rule.


Transcending Worship


Self causes awareness. If self expands, awareness also expands. If self expands due to development, the human learns something creating new striations of realization that is legitimately fostered. If self expands due to detriment of one or many others, the striations of awareness developed by one move into the other causing the other to be aware. The awareness may appear brilliant, but the realization fails for those who lose themselves in the journey of worship, or in the notions of subordination to the teacher or another who appears more aware.


Worship is a level of judgment that is precarious for many to transcend. Worship puts one on top and the other on the bottom through which loss of self is procured. Worship unfolds in many synapse in-junctures of self. Synapse in-junctures cause self to striate from the guru or one of condrian lore into the self of the self within. As self masters, the striations of awareness are moved through the intrinsic devaluation of the self-realization.


Devaluation of self is an action of negative ego. The guru and one of condrian lore fosters ego related over value of themselves. The over value of themselves is not an action of love. Those who fail to love as they master ascension are an example of those who intrinsically befall the delusion of a lore of the condrian nature of life. Condrian nature cannot love as it is devoid of Tao as an archetypal presupposition of existence. Condrian humans may appear to master but the ultimate test of truth of the truth within is if they sustain an oscillation of divine love. Those who fail to demonstrate love in the spiritual tests of ascension mastery are removed from transfusion lore of life as realization cannot be fostered.




Egolessness exists in a recurrent state of equality and surrender. Surrender is an equation in which spirit defines one’s existence. Self surrenders to Spirit to foster the dream for transfusion and self-realization. Self is not Tao. Spirit and Tao ignite a flame of union as surrender unfolds. Tao works self into a state of surrender to foster the union divine of body, mind and Spirit. Body, mind and Spirit union foster unique dreams of unity, love, compassion, sincerity of heart.


Spirit is a forensic motion of the divine that descends into the striations of self through surrender to augment self-development and realization. Spirit is not interested in ego. Ego removes Spirit in order to appear grand without the presence of the Tao to define the life dream. Tao cannot work through those who detriment Spirit within. Those who detriment Spirit are unable to realize in the life. Those mastering a state of egolessness understand to surrender to the will of Spirit day to day. Tao relies upon the surrender to Spirit to foster the life dreams and the direction for realization to unfold within.




Surrender is a forensic motion that triggers self to align with Spirit within. Surrender is a conscious choice and act of will to allow Spirit and Tao to lead the life in all aspirations within and without. One is never alone, and Spirit and Tao define each motion and each segment of journey from the divine to the sublime to the difficult in order to forgive and realize within. Surrender is a motion of the self to allow a state of non-ego to flourish. Non-ego is a forensic motion of self that is Tao guided from within.


Spirit descends and self expands in light synthesis and the two unite into an ignition of flame. The flame burns bright and the self understands the will of Spirit and Tao and allows for a redirection of dream in the life. The redirection of dream associated with Spirit and Tao is a recurrent theme of the realizing vestibule of self. One continuously surrenders the life pursuits to the goals of Spirit and Tao. The realizing vestibule is a foundation of the self of the self within. As the self of the self within inaugurates itself in a direction of the divine, the sublime notion of self may emerge.


Sometimes those who fail realization tests massacre others. Those in massacre theory are a testimony to the destructive nature of condrian lore humans. Condrian lore humans will detriment another until they eclipse and perish if they can. For those realizing, it is best to separate from one who detriments you to an extreme to assure realization can take flight.


Love and Care


Realization today is a difficult foray of dream due to power and life extension leading to massacre theory of self. Many sincerely capable of realizing today are befalling difficult dreams and detrimented self to an extreme. The Tao of the Tao within is attempting to rendition the fate of many through equations to foster a renunciation of those who detriment self to an extreme. In the renunciation, the dream shifts and the one realizing can separate to foster their continued mastery.


Mastery that is sincere is proven as a foundation of love that is fostered as a budding of the heart accolade of self within. The sublime notion of self is a cessation of ego in a flavor of love. Love is the replacement of ego. Care is the motion of self in order to foster a state of egolessness. Egolessness is not to be confused with non-judgment. Non-judgment is a precursory state to sincere egolessness. Non-judgment is a lack of diminishment that leads to a loss of ego and negative ego within. Negative ego and ego thrive upon judgment and diminishment theory of self. The loss of diminishment theory of self leads to an egoless state expressed as a sincere motion of care of the heart.




A state of ego and negative ego are sustained through fantasy realities. Fantasy realities are adroit equations that mimic care of the heart. The heart does not flourish in a fantasy reality. Those who love will feel uncared for in the fantasy of love of another. Those who love together bless one another allowing a forensic high of light synthesis to unfold. The high allows the dreams to shift into the divine expression of care of the two or the group. Care is incapable of reproduction in light synthesis above octaves 400. Those who fail to care are removed from the motions of realization beyond octave 400.


The heart renditions the ego and negative ego into a sublime oscillation of not. In a state of not, the ego and negative ego flourishes not in life. Ego and negative ego that flourish not is a sincere statement to the aptitude of the heart. The heart motions its divine oscillations in a non-fantasy reality of self. Self oscillates in a succinct motion that ceases to attune to the fantasies of life. Fantasies offset human incarcerations of self through forensics of denial and memorabilia of life. The memoirs of life are all ego and negative ego based. Denial is a state of being that requires memoirs to be succinct.


Denial denies spirit and self as an oscillation of hope, sincerity, love, care, motions of the divine and succinct mind waves that strive to honor all others. Denial is a recurrent state of ego and negative ego-based thoughts. Ego and negative ego thoughts do not stream with Tao waves of mindset. Tao waves of mindset require succinct motions of sincere care to begin with; and motions and notions of the divine to develop into self-awareness. Self-awareness is non-denial based. Denial is a series of programs that are released in ascension development giving birth to oscillations of an egoless state within.


All fantasies are a series of programs that are sustained in the past. In the past is the memoirs of the journey of ascension and pre-ascension experiences. Memories are released in full as self-realization begins. Memoirs are succinct systems of ego and negative ego systems of self that are transfused through in octaves 180 through 400. The past is erased as transfusion lore of self gives birth leading to a renewal of the purpose of existence within. The purpose of existence is to realize self augmented by Spirit and Tao. The past is a journey of the grime of ego and negative ego to be forgiven in order to augment compassionate states within.


All karma can be forgiven. There is not debt except for the memoirs and the programs of ego and negative ego states of being. Transfusion lore presupposes the estuaries of forgiveness to erase the karma of the past so that dharma may take flight in the life. Dharma is a gift of life of self, Tao and Spirit. The gifts of life foster renewal for continued realization through transfusion lore. Transfusion lore is not necessarily an easy level to begin to master. The tests are succinct to weed out those who fail to love or desire to incarcerate others for the dreams of a future of realization. Transfusion can be damaged by those of condrian lore who attempt to realize.


The Life of Spiritual Pursuit of Self         


The life of spiritual foray of dream is in pursuit of self-realization of itself. Self is an alignment of field that oscillates in superlative frequencies of mindset. Superlative frequencies foster another state of being within in which the love of the love of the heart chalice opens. Superlative frequencies are coats of field that oscillate in the sincerity of the heart. Sincerity of the heart is not an oscillation of the divine unless superlative thoughts are mastered as mind waves. Mind waves in superlative thoughts generate a light above the cranium that sometimes can be perceived in its oscillation of self.


The life of spiritual pursuit at this time is to develop superlative thoughts and mind waves that oscillate in self of the self within derivation of care. Self cares for the life. Tao oscillates derivations of equations to support the life dreams as long as care and the heart motions associated have been developed. Mimicking care is not possible with Tao systems of self. Tao observes from underneath the development where manipulations and transference of life force, agreements or other motions are perceived through. The Tao cannot be deceived.


The Tao supports life dreams when sincere care has been motioned as a development of the heart. The mind waves may or may not resonate in superlative frequencies but the Tao will foster those with a sincere heart nonetheless. Superlative mind waves require a full cranium of cherry configuration of synapse development. Synapse development of full cherry configurations takes time and it is best to supplement the diet with the necessary nutrients. Nutrients vary in food resources from continent to continent. Some regions will require other nutrients in herbs or other substances to foster one’s development. It is best to search for oneself what is required for a full cherry development of synapses for your particular biology. Nautilus dream healing teams do assess and attempt to communicate what is required to foster realization.


Life force is best adapted unto in superlative frequencies. Superlative frequencies develop the field in succinct motions of waves that foster transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self rises above karmic happenstance and into new formations of Tao law. Tao law is not to be confused with order dreaming and the oscillations of cause and effect of the masses. Tao law is a direct application of equations to rendition the life towards further mastery of self.


Mastery of self is an oscillation of the divine. All life dreams are modified by Tao to foster divine understanding. Life dramas and traumas are sustained at a minimum to foster introspection into the meaning of the divine under Tao jurisdiction of self. Tao jurisdiction of self is a notion that the Tao drives the dreams of introspection along with the life happenstance in full. Tao jurisdiction is mastered in octaves of 500 and above. A deep level of surrender to the Tao of the Tao within is a necessary attribute of transfusion development above octave 600.


Transfusion lore of self balances the scales of life dream detriment as it cascades. Transfusion lore allows a state of dharma to unfold. Often dreams are detrimented many times outside of karmic cause and effect in the life. The loss of dream is an ongoing strife for most who attempt ascension levels of mastery. As transfusion lore begins, karma subsides and dharma influences begin and dreams are renditioned into the wholeness of the promise of the life. In dharma, dreams are a gift of the Tao to foster the development of self-realization within.


The Dream of Sustenance


The life is assessed continuously by Tao of the Tao within once development begins. Development is peculiar to each archetype. Some Tao development may foster many patterns to surface at once to be cleared and cleansed in order to augment development of self. Development of self occurs as transfusion through octaves 180 and 270 occur. Patterns are renditioned through forgiveness leading to compassionate action over the life. Compassionate action is a necessary level of development before transfusion lore of self begins.


Compassionate action is not to be confused with a mesmerizing concept of loving everyone and every life dream. Loving everyone is far from compassionate action. Compassionate action realizes the meaning of existence from which life is re-interpreted to have another motion that causes what was non-sustainable to depart. Forgiveness renditions equations that are detrimental to the life into sustainable notions of self. Sustainable notions of self cause compassion over any obstacle in the life fate.


Sustainable action is about yourself. Judgment and grievances detriment you through attachment in which life force and self of the self within is lost. Compassion allows another viewpoint of the life experiences in grievance over to unfold such that attachment can be relinquished. Attachment is an energetic formation associated with all judgment. Judgment can be inward or outward bound. Judgment and all programs of fantasy require renditioning in order to free the self to develop into sustainable actions. Sustainable actions do not detriment life force or will to thrive.


Sustainability is about you. Judgment and regrets detriment you. Life force diminishes each time the thoughts of judgment or regret occurs. As life force diminishes, one ages and becomes ill over time. Forgiveness thwarts the loss of life force by renditioning the perception to embrace the occurrence as compassionate action defines. Compassionate action gives birth to sustainable function of self. In sustainable function, no life force is wasted and each paradigm is enabled to cause superlative function of self.


In superlative function, life is a recurrent and ongoing life force for the living. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Unions are to be fostered that are superlative together. Superlative unions thrive on oscillations of the divine that rendition the life of union into a beautiful dream through sustainable action of self. Sustainable action of self monitors the union to be sublime giving credence to the life lessons learned in the partnership, family or group.


Life force is sustained through synergy of field. Synergy is an equation that is devoid of ego and negative ego. Synergy requires a recurrent state of surrender to master as a recurrent motion of self. Synergy allows a fate of renewal of resources to unfold that causes another life to emerge in which realization may occur. Synergy is mastered as octaves 600 are transfused through. Synergy causes a succinct motion of the divine to unfold as sublime notions of self dream the existence in the life.


Those choosing for a life of realization must be cautious of whom one associates with in close proximity to self. Most unions in friendship or family that fail to foster synergy are a detriment unto self. Self is lost in the equation and superlative motions may never materialize even if realization of self begins. Unions must be sublime to divine to foster realization of the two. Those choosing for partnership in realization happenstance must choose carefully lest the union cause failed realization. Failed realization is not an oscillation of the divine but a difficult moment of strife that can be hellacious in motion.


Living in Truth    


Truth of the truth within is an estuary of self offered by the Tao. The estuary of truth fosters the emergence of synergy in the field. Truth is a motion that denotes existence from the core of the self. The core of the self is an oscillation of the divine that triggers awareness to arise to rendition the life into synergized states of being. Synergy leads to divine ordination of self. Divine ordination is not to be confused with forgiveness or compassion. Forgiveness is a precursory state in which the divine oscillates a sustenance of self to foster development. Development of self leads to realization if divine motions of synergy are sustained.


Synergy requires a non-karmic habitat of self. All karma is internal fabric of the archetypal relay of the life. Karmic habitats must be renditioned into dharmic habitats in order to sustain synergy of self. Karmic habitats can become confused or intermixed causing the attempt to surmount karma that is not sincere to the life. Karmic habitats can be renditioned through nautilus dreaming for those fostering self-development in preparation for mastering a state of synergy within. Karmic habitat allows the sincere karma of the fabric of self to emerge so that conflicts can be forgiven through time leading to the birth of dharma in the life.


Superlative mind waves are sincere to the motion of truth of the Tao within. Two in truth of the Tao within will motion waves together and find their center if disturbed. The gift of mind wave alliances in friendship or partnership is helpful at this time of development amongst a few devoted to realizing self. Develop your friendships in kindness as there are many attempting to realize that may not know of this work.


Truth of the Tao Within


I am the oscillation

Of a truth divine

In the sincerity of heart

In a motion of care

In the love of the love within

To foster self

To realize itself

As an attribute

Of Tao

Of the Tao



Infinite Tao


I am the infinite

Of the Tao

In the care of the heart

That caresses my spirit

And fosters my life

In the awareness

Of who I am

In all that I comprehend

In all that I foresee

In all that I foster

In the self of the self


Masters itself

Through time


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