Image of golden waves with red highlights leading to the core of the source. Light Wave Archive #17

Light Wave Archive #17


The Tao Within


The Tao is an undercurrent of archetypal foray that causes existence. It is Tao that triggers life along with self-development, realization and further courses of action leading to evolutionary fulfillment. Without Tao there is not cause to exist. Tao is a distinguished consciousness that deliberates itself into the life prior to birth to draw the DNA to format the attributes of self to realize itself in the life. Tao is an intrinsic component of existence.


Tao is also involved in death. Death is a foray of extinguishment of the life for the purposes of reincarnation. Reincarnation is an adroit equation of lifetimes to realize within. Tao is deeply involved with each life that realizes. Tao is a beloved of the beloved within that augments a cascade of love that fosters the journey into oneness within. Tao is the beautiful within that fosters the expression of the divine of self. Tao is the love of the love within expressed without.


Many archetypes upon Earth are devoid of Tao. The loss of Tao leads to unending reincarnation. Unending reincarnation is an action devoid of the experience of realization. Realization carries the consciousness post death or through transfusion into another apothecary of existence in which further realization may occur. The apothecary of existence is to realize and fulfill upon continued mastery through time. Those of archetypes without Tao sustain themselves in equilibrium of non-fulfillment. Non-fulfillment leads to detriment of others into non-sustainable actions of self. Non-fulfillment also leads to deep afflictions of non-care within and all that this pertains unto in life.


Non-sustainable actions of self debilitate others in hypotheses of deliberate action such as extermination of self. Extermination of self is an oscillation of the non-divine that destroys awareness to a point of non-sustainability. Those without Tao render spirit and exterminate self to have self to sustain existence. Those without Tao are afraid of truth and fear death due to a lack of support of the divine.


Those of non-sustainable biology cause a physical structure that ages and becomes ill over time. Biology is sustained in health through transfusion in which the physical becomes nonphysical over time. Tao inaugurates transfusion as self-realization begins. Death was not a part of the hypothesis of existence in transfusion lore of self. Transfusion is not death, although the body may appear to die as transfusion is fulfilled upon. Read more