Image of gorgeous multicolored nautilus in the cosmos. Light Wave Archive #15

Light Wave Archive #15


Nautilus Systems of Self


Nautilus dreaming is a system of forensic motions that accompany pole reversals in times of realization of self. Mastery of ascension was sustained in a succinct dream by the Earth Lore self. The Earth Lore self was shattered several months ago leaving those mastering without systems of support in the precinct of self. The precinct of self causes boundaries founded upon karmic completion. When karma fails to be acknowledged, those mastering may become overrun by systems of others who do not sustain the law of the Tao.


The law of the Tao is a sustainable action that was sustained by Earth. Some time ago, the law failed to be re-infused for those mastering as the Earth Lore self was not present. The fostering of the law sustains boundaries and other functions of mastery leading to realization. The function of the Earth Lore systems is to be reinstated now through the natural world Nautilus Dreaming. Nautilus Dreaming is a succinct measure of self to sustain boundaries and true spiritual law along with Tao law. In attuning unto Nautilus Dreaming, the boundaries will hold and life dreams will cease to be detrimented along with self of the self within amongst those mastering.


The associations in life may have flowed into detriment of self amongst those mastering some months past. If this is so, you will know detriment of self as symptoms of tiredness or weakness of forensics of field. Sometimes patterns crash through the field leading to pain. Those who are mastering are gentle spirited humans that do not fight or forensics motions of detriment towards others. Each mastering was tested to a level mastered to assure non-detriment of self. As those who are non-detrimental to self fail to be held succinct in Tao law, much damage unto the field can occur with others of condrian lore existence.


For those suffering from detriment of self, the recourse at this time is to move into Nautilus Dreaming and foster a renunciation of self that may be present in the detriment of field. Detriment of field occurs in striations that are lost or very dense and non-palatable in nature. As the self that detrimented is forgiven and released, another self can be inaugurated such that detriment of the systems sustaining the field can be repaired. Nautilus Dreaming hosts many chambers to repair and sustain the field that has been detrimented of self.


Nautilus Dreaming


The upper levels of the Nautilus estuaries are present to provide sustainable repair of field and systems of self. The lower level is to examine destructive patterning of self or others that damage the field. Each may perceive oneself as the center point within the Nautilus Dreaming and forensics all others in the life happenstance now or into the past into the other compartments of estuaries where they need to be placed to rendition one’s field or systems of self. The Nautilus Dream provides the forensic motions to rendition patterns that are not of oneself back to others and to retrieve what is of one’s own design lost to others.


Patterns are inspected in six sequences each with three on the lower half in destructive formations and three on the upper half that repair the field in association with the patterns examined. Order-dite guides are present with measures of understanding to aid each dream time understanding of those present in the Nautilus Dreaming. Nautilus Dreaming is unfolding as a syncopation of measure for each realizing self in this time period of life.


Global Nautilus Dreaming is also being launched at this time for natural world foray of healing detriment of self. The natural world was targeted at the time that the Earth Lore self was damaged and now the repairs will begin. Those responsible and at cause are to be examined and the karma to be forgiven or the mastery of possible futures ceases. There are many who damaged Earth and others who are mastering and gentle in nature. Those mastering will be renditioned into new sequences to support continued realization of self ahead. Many who have been detrimented may yet be unknown and may be lost in sad life happenstances of ill fate.


Each may forensics a motion into Global Nautilus Dreaming to aid the land where one resides or travels unto in its repair. Many regions have been damaged and transfusion gates have been lost. Without transfusion gates, it is difficult to realize above certain octaves of life force. Those who have lost gates have also lost estuaries of self-sustaining the mantle of the chalice of the divine. The mantle of the self is the seat of the self of the self within. When the mantle is detrimented, life is a very difficult happenstance often leading to tiredness or inability to function succinctly in the dream. The mantle of self is generally detrimented by those of close proximity of condrian lore.


Condrian lore of self fosters non-law patterning with others. Non-law patterning leads to detriment of self, loss of dream, loss of life force, loss of kundalini, loss of light synthesis, loss of transfusion gates and many other patterns including loss of the systems of self that foster realization. Condrian lore humans abound in all lives of those mastering and the detriment experienced may be small to severe in this time period. Those experiencing severe detriment are best to reverse at this time into a new life that shall blossom as the reversal concludes.


Reversals are not generally taken at all times in lore cycles. Intend to reverse if the detriment of self is severely impacted in life and the ability to dream or create your life shall be transfused through. The Nautilus Dreaming will assess and provide the keys to foster the reversal if deemed appropriate in a life of great detriment and between lore cycles of completion.


There are four archetypes of realization quality of self that were detrimented to an extreme several months ago. The four archetypes impact many who are realizing self or mastering ascension in this time period. Those that detrimented the archetypes utilized a forensics motion of erasure to erase sequences within each damaged archetype. The damage is permanent as it is recorded in the forever of the Tao. Those experiencing extreme detriment of self at this time may discover that the archetype you are associated with has been damaged. It is best in this case to reverse into another archetype at this time.


In the reversal, the mantle of self and each system that has been detrimented can be rebuilt. The failure of an archetype causes the sustenance of self to be lost. The reversal shall augment special gates, mirrors and other resources to allow a completion in the life for the time that the archetype was present to foster a shift in a new direction in which the dreams can be restored.


Apartheid Dream


Nautilus Dreaming is an apartheid dream. Apartheid is a forensic motion of separation of condrian and non-condrian transfusion lore of self. Condrian transfusion lore detriments self to an extreme preventing a cycle of realization ahead. Those of sincere transfusion lore are guided to separate from those of condrian lore in the life dream. Life changes are to be a reflection of the non-condrian systems of self prevailing amongst those transfusing ahead.


Many groups are destined to transfuse together. Many young people along with Indigos born in the past 30 years are destined to find one another and transfuse. Many life changes will unfold as the young people propagate and find one another to begin transfusion lore together. Some families will be drawn to regions of larger number of transfusion children and teenagers that reflect the union possible in the shared dreaming of the region. The regions hosting transfusion lore will foster large transfusion gates that will call those who are to transfuse to come and those who are not to vacate the region.


The dreams of transfusion are more powerful than any other dream upon Earth. Nautilus Dreaming is a transfusion lore system that will support those who are to master and realize and defuse those who are not or who interfere with the system. Transfusion lore will unfold in the decade ahead in many regions, but not most. Those transfusing are guided to relocate to regions in which the gates and happenstance of transfusion lore serves the goals of evolutionary fulfillment within.


Nautilus System of Rendition


The Nautilus Dreaming system offers many measures of rendition for the sustenance of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self begins as equality is embraced as a foundation of measure of self. Equality equates unto the understanding that all is equal regardless of stature, size, position, demeanor or self-association of self. Those who perceive themselves or others as greater or lesser then self fail to begin to dream the fables of transfusion lore. Transfusion lore has eighteen systems of fables that sustain the lore of the group in life. The eighteen positions of transfusion lore will be spoken of later on. There are four main focuses for healing within Nautilus Dreaming.


Sublimation of Self


Self sublimation is an issue of lore of transfusion that causes striations to intermix with others. Intermixing of striations also cause an intermixing of dream of both life and physical sustenance of self. Intermixing of self hosts thousands of patterns associated that are renditioned through as self sublimation is transfused through at each octave or decibel achieved. Each octave and decibel has completion gates that rendition the sublimation of the field as transfused through. In order for the sublimation of any pattern to cease, karmic sequences must be settled through forgiveness and compassionate action in life. If karma fails to be transfused through, the gates close until forgiveness flowers within. Forgiveness is a flower system of self mastered within.


Life Sustenance of Self


Life sustenance of self is a postulation that the lore fable of the self of the self within shall continue for another cycle until a half cycle is measured as complete. Reversals occur in three and a half year cycles as transfusion begins. Each three and a half-year cycle concludes as the transfusion is assessed to complete and rebirth within. Rebirth is an inward focus in which the life is reviewed from birth until present time and until a reversal unfolds. Reversals rendition all patterns off the field that could not release prior.


Self Measures of Self


Self-measures of self is a striation count of field. Self is striated in order to retain the motion of field in chakra and subtle body rotation along with light synthesis of self. Striations that delinquent too greatly lead to a collapse of light synthesis which leads to a downsizing of field. Fields that slide downward in a lore cycle of self cause the infusion of self to fail to occur. Self-infusion occurs each three and a half year lore completion cycle.


Self-infusion that ceases leads to depression and motions towards suicide or death within. As self is re-infused as anticipated in the next lore cycle, the patterns rendition and life dreams unfold again towards sustenance of self. For those who have experienced a detriment of archetype, the loss of self is a part of the experience. As the archetype is reversed out of into a new system of self striated, the sensations of depression and death systems cease.


Self Delinquent Relays of Self


Self-delinquent relays of self are the motions that ignite the knowledge of the archetype into the life dream and consciousness of field. Relays that fail to integrate or are lost due to karmic happenstance cause a cessation of spiritual knowledge of the archetype to flow to consciousness. Consciousness is sustained both as a dream time and life phenomenon. Loss of direction is a part of the experience of a loss of relays between self and the archetypal foray of dream. The rendition of the relays causes the direction within to reemerge from the Dao and Tao and other archetypal resources of self.




Nautilus Dreaming renditions each of the above problems in early transfusion lore systems of self. Early transfusion lore leads to an understanding of self-anthology of self. Self-anthology is an occurrence of understanding in which one recognizes that all lies within. Each lore fable is an internal affliction or benefit. As the internal afflictions occur in karmic happenstance of self and are renditioned through forgiveness, transfusion lore allows the self to blossom more fully within.


Nautilus System Estuaries    


The Nautilus Dream has forty-five estuaries of light synthesis of self. Each light synthesis estuary is a forensic motion to cause striations of self to depart or infuse within. Those striations that are not of oneself depart and those that are infuse. Self is an intermixed and blended bag of striations that calls dreams that are not of one’s own to be dreamt due to false striations of field. As false striations of field are renditioned through transfusion, the sincere dream to one’s thoughtform can manifest within and without.


There are sixty-five dark estuaries of Nautilus Dreaming rendition formations. The sixty-five chambers cause patterns of dark happenstance of self to be renditioned and transfused through. Dark patterns mimic motions that cause consciousness to debilitate or forensics motions of death or disease upon life. Condrian lore humans tend to cause striations of field to be renditioned onto others that lead to dreams of disease and death. As the striations are returned to where they habituated within, new striations can be called forth to allow the dark dreams to move to where they are achieved.


Condrian lore achieves not in transfusion systems of self. Condrian lore experiences and expresses the need to destroy others to sustain self. Condrian lore is possibly the largest problem facing the human quagmire ahead. Condrian lore can inflate leading to nuclear extinction upon Earth. As condrian lore is forgiven by enough humans, the dreams of extinction can fade in the cycle ahead.


Each receives a special series of counsels and an order-dite to oversee the mastery through Nautilus Dreaming. Special self striations are to be provided at this time to each requiring Nautilus Dreaming in transfusion lore of self. Order-dites are experienced in transfusion at each level mastered and change as certain octaves are transfused through. Nautilus Dreaming is a physical relay of possibility for transfusion of biological sequences of self. There are many octaves of transfusion lore above physical levels that are not necessarily suited to realization in life. Those attuning to transfusion lore above the physical are often confused as to the needs of the biology in order to sustain health in realization.


Truth in Action


Truth in action is a forensics notion and motion of field. Truth is sustained through self-stratification of self. Self-striations light synthesizes the truth of the truth within. Self-striations that are lost diminish truth. Self-striations that are improperly infused cause a bending of light that bends the mindset into non-truth. Non-truth can be equated to depression and desires for death to the overheating of field due to over transfusion. Transfusion requires just the right temperature to foster health.


Transfusion that is too hot will cook the blood until it ceases to sustain life. Cooked blood will lead to sensations of deep forensics motions of distrust of self. Distrust of self leads the physical in a path in which self of the self within ceases to communicate or commune with spirit. As spirit ceases to be present, the guidance from without ceases. As communion with self ceases, the guidance from within also ceases. The spiritual path is lost when over transfusion occurs for longer periods than about six months.


Over transfusion is sometimes sought after to rendition life through difficult changes. Changes occur at the end of lore cycles of completion and sometimes delinquent self of the self within due to life shifts. In order to compensate for delinquent self-striations of field, the body may foray for a dream to transfuse heavily for one to three months to re-infuse self. If over transfusion occurs for longer than a few months, then the blood can become overly rancid and acidic leading to health conditions in life.


Under transfusion is another problem that cools the blood substantially and causes the form to dip in vibration. As molecules cease to spin, diseases also can form in ailing parts of the self of the biology. The biology is infused with self as realization is augmented beginning above octave 250. Self is striated into the space between and void of the body in order to cause realization of the physical life happenstance into forgiveness and compassionate action. The cooling from under transfusion causes the biological self to depart causing realization to cease. Under transfusion for long enough periods leads to serious delinquencies of mindset leading to the choice to commit suicide or the desire to perish as self.


Transfusion Systems


Transfusion systems are constructed as the one hundredth octave is transfused through. Transfusion systems include the small and large transfusion bodies and apexes of the systems of self. The chalice of the divine opens as the four hundredth octave is transfused through. The chalice of the divine constructs the mantle and house of self of the self within. As six hundred octaves is transfused through, the budding of self that flowers begins. Self-flowers form in many configurations in light synthesis of self leading to the birth of prose which is the language of dragon realm hypothesis of life. The flowering of self leads to further realization of the divine concepts of existence.


Self-Anthology of Self


Self-anthology of self is a particular series of courses that are renditioned through in dream time gatherings of special agents of instruction available in Nautilus Dreaming. Self-anthology of self is a precious series of information that augments realization in the physical and nonphysical happenstances of dream. Self-anthology of self leads to the understanding that all lies within and that the fullness of dream is only a forensic motion from the flowering of self. Intend to attend all dream time classes available and see.


Self-anthology of self will be spoken of in the archives to follow. Those flowering of self will better understand the written information ahead. The prose will provide insights to all even if the information is not of interest or of one’s personal focus for the current life dream of realization. Self-anthology of self is a complex subject with many topics to embrace in order to rendition through realization and further flowering within. Each flower is another key or language all of its own. Flowers number one hundred and fifty to master in the physical. As all one hundred and fifty flowers of self are mastered, the individual is considered transcendental in nature. Transcendental nature inspires through superlative languages of self.


Self-anthology of self is an augmentation of realization that will benefit each who understands in the physical the complex nature of consciousness in the human quagmire. Humans are a unique system of understanding the formations of thoughts that cause creation and destruction to occur. Creation theory is a Tao based series of concepts that lead to the possibility of realization of self. Realization of self occurs in waves and prose mastered and not through intentions to rendition the field of a blending with others. Waves and prose rendition the field to cease to blend self-striations of self.


Realization of Self


I am the self of the self

Choosing to realize


In the sustenance

Of a forensic motion

Of a beautification

Of the self of the self within

That cascades

Over the dream

In formations of truth

Sincere to my inheritance

And relays of spirit


Synthesis of Life


The synthesis of life

Is a dream of myself

In reaction to the expansion

Of the self of the self

Which striates new formations

In formulas divine

In precepts of the union

Of spirit self and soul

In integrity within


The dreams of myself

Formulate into a synthesis

Of Nautilus Dreaming

Of self


The Truth of Self


The self of the self within

Is a system of self

That develops itself

Through time

In a formation of truth

And a sincerity of action

In a beautification of life

In a dream that fosters

A reunion within

In the possibility of self-realization

Of a synthesis of self

And a fostering of soul

In a union divine

Of the Dao and the Tao

In the ignition

Of the divine flame

Through time


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