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Light Wave Archive #10


Heaven and Hell


Heaven and hell are not only concepts but realities that plague Earth. Heaven is a foray of only light accolades of self that rendition to striate all in encompassing empathy of life. Out of empathy, heaven forms in gates surrounding the field yielding a light accolade of dream. Light dreams draw together the field in unification over itself. Unification renditions the field to piece itself together following a shattering of self. Shattering of self is a demon lore experience that plagues most humans except those willing to live alone in the countryside or seaside.


Dark dreams striate in many formations of self. Some dark dreams lead to attrition of self that is non-renderous in notion. The dark dreams of this nature lead to loss of dream that is not extreme and is repaired as the path of realization unfolds through forgiveness. Forgiveness causes the field to repair after a demon interlude of shattering and reposes a renewal of self. Light striations of field call in the happenstance that forgiveness causes reposing a less difficult or traumatic dream to unfold.


Hell is a very dark happenstance that oscillates gates open and shut that cause darker striations of self to attract dreams. Heaven is a light happenstance that oscillates opposing gates open and shut that causes the lighter striations of self to catch the dream. Heaven and hell realities do not merge or intertwine and are separate and distinct as opposing forces generated for the purposes of realization of self.


Hell is a foray of forces that are Luciferian in nature drawing upon extremes of darkness against heavenly formations that are angelic and striate only in the light. Heaven and hell are postulations of self that cause one to experience heaven for a time while another experiences hell in the life dream. All lives swing from postulations of heaven into hell at some point in the dream causing light and darker variations of dream. For those who never experience extreme hell conditions of self in the life, it is reserved as a post life experience following death. Often those passing enter hell gates within a year or less of life assessment to experience the opposites that failed to be experienced in the life if lighter striations dominated the dreams.


Heavenly lives can be perceived and witnessed in any happenstance where deep darkness fails to manifest in most lives. The western foray of dreaming is more heaven happenstanced than other forays of dreams possible upon other continents. Other continental dreams experience more difficult and darker dreams of hellish nature overall. The interplay of light and dark between east and west needs to be renditioned for difficult happenstances of war to disperse in the human dream. Those realizing through hellacious expressions of self will aid in the rendition of the human dream over time.


As enough realize through all counterpart and twin theory of lore of extreme opposites, the planet could be propelled into a middle path dream of wholeness. Although this is a possibility that lies ahead, it is undetermined if the dreams of realization will be fortified enough to cause a rendition of Earth overall.


Light and Dark Striations of Self and Dreams


Those realizing sometimes manifest experiences of demonic foray leading to the reality of hell to understand and forgive the darker and sad happenstances of self. Entering a time of nomenclature is a rendition of self that occurs amongst those realizing to allow hell to be experienced to be understood and forgiven as a dreamtime foray. Each is at choice as to whether to experience hellacious experiences in the life in the realization, or await death to understand and forgive finding the compassion for the darker accolades of self post life.


When entered, hell realities can shatter awareness and render spirit and self. Those realizing learn to piece self back together following a hell gate encounter through intention in the forgiveness of the foray and the compassionate action that develops to follow. As compassionate action unfolds, a heavenly gate opens to aid in the restoration of self following a nomenclature (inner destructive) experience of realization. Generally, nomenclature experiences last approximately four weeks following a respite to understand and forgive for those realizing compassionate action of self. If nomenclature opens again in the same arena of strife, it is because compassionate action fails to unfold.


Compassionate action is a demonstrable and special understanding of self. Self seeks to understand and forgive building towards a hiatus of realization in compassionate action. Those realizing a state of divinity cease to adventure into formations of hell as the lessons of compassionate action has been learned within. Spiritual life lessons within are personal and accolade into the dreamtime and not the dream. Sometimes dreams turn hellacious if gates open into the physical. Hell gates should not affect the physical life dream. If very difficult happenstances of strife occur in the physical during realization of self, hell gates can be syncopated to turn off or return to dreamtime where they foray in sleep or times of quiet introspection.


Dreams of hell offer opportunities to witness the darker side of self. Self has a dark side to the light side held within the stratifications in the seven layers of conscious awareness of field. As hell realities are forgiven, the denser stratifications are transfused into lighter octaves of awareness that abridge formations of compassionate awareness. Compassionate awareness is accoladed unto in heavenly formations of self. Heavenly formations of self striate into octaves of gold and silver vibrations in formations of archetypal sequences of Tao and Dao knowledge banks. As Dao and Tao knowledge banks open, divinity is realized out of compassionate action stance in life.


Tao Dreaming


Dao and Tao knowledge banks are not available until compassionate action has begun to be mastered. Dao and Tao knowledge banks begin to form as the mantle of self is opened in the heart accolade. The mantle of self opens gates to the Dao and Tao within the archetypal self. The Tao and Dao gates provide internal wisdom, support, guidance and Tao accolades of self. Tao dreaming causes dreams to align with self absolute out of compassionate action stance of self in life. Dao spins the dreams in special languages and the Tao manifests the dreams in compassion of all.


Dao is a feminine aspect of the archetypal presence of self. Tao is a masculine formation that takes action. The Dao precedes the Tao in wisdom and archives. The Tao draws upon the archives to rendition self and dream the life dreams in a foray of possibility for realization of compassionate action stance. Realization is a Tao driven attribute of self. Tao realization is the only realization that exists.


There is a misnomer that realization can occur without. Sometimes those realizing reach outward for wisdom. Outward wisdom can never guide the dreams of self as self is only renditioned from the Dao and Tao within. Dragons, angels and counterpart or twin lore are a form of external guidance that aids in finding the way to Tao realization. External guidance is supportive until a full foray of Tao dreaming is fostered within in compassionate action that is mastered.


Compassionate action has four renditions to be caused in each self realizing. Each rendition opens the mantle of self into larger formations of Tao heart accolades. The first opening is a widening of the mantle that involves the purification of self. Self has dark striations and as the purification process transfuses, the self of the self within is forgiven for the dense thoughts associated with struggle, strife, fear and density.


Each of the four thoughtforms of self are renditioned in the experience of a dream time hell gate formation. The hell gate draws the consciousness through in dream time or introspection into happenstance of darkness of opposing forces of self. As the opposing forces of self of heaven and hell are realized and forgiven, compassion is born and gates of heaven and hell transfused through and beyond into a divine state within.


Each self has striations that cause dreams of beauty and struggle, honor and strife, love and fear and clarity and density. Purification unifies the two poles into the middle path of wholeness of self of Dao and Tao consciousness in union. Wholeness of self allows the dreams of heaven and hell to unify into another gate that opens that is sanctimonious in nature. Sanctimonious translates into purified and renditioned within. Rendition is a system of self that opens and closes gates of heaven and hell until a happenstance of sanctimonious nature forms in compassionate action leading to divinity within.


Twins, Counterparts, Cross Twins and Cross Counterparts


Heaven and hell are an externalized formation of self that once reposed itself in twin and counterpart life formations following death. Within the archetypal wheel are all the polarities of twins and counterparts and cross twins and cross counterparts natures. Twins are a direction occurring of seventeen other lives of self. Counterparts are a wheel of lives that are associated within the archetypal nature of self of seventy-four incarnations each cycle.


Cross twins are opposite gender formations of eighteen others associated with direct twins. Cross counterparts are opposite gender lives of seventy-four incarnations in opposite gender formations. Lore of counterparts and twins is a wheel of possible scripts lived in each series of incarnations associated with all polarities expressed. Lore polarizes between light and dark scripts within each incarnating counterpart and twin group associated with a given archetype.


To Repose or Not to Repose


In post life repose, each life is reviewed following death and the polarities of heaven and hell arise in formations of lore experienced by each twin or counterpart of common archetypal nature. Some time ago, the act of repose as a post life expression externalized into the dreams of gates of heaven and hell instead of an internalized system of self. The repose function can be restored and is a resolution to the accolades of dreams in extreme formations of heaven and hell. Realization should occur within and not in formations outside of self such as heaven and hell dreams. Restoring the act of internal repose of self is a direction of Tao realization of self.


Repose can also be a life function to understand polarities associated with twins and counterparts currently incarnate whether dead or alive. We are beginning to orchestrate the act of repose as a resolution to heaven and hell gates ahead. The archetypes are badly rendered and require repair in order to enact the rendition of repose. Each must take responsibility to restore repose as an archetypal function of self. Intention will begin to accomplish this as a dreamtime foray of expression amongst those realizing at this time.


Repose function is not necessarily any less hellacious of an experience within as a dream time formation of hell. Asur’Ana reposed a twin who died in a prison system of Israel as a Palestinian spiritual teacher. Her twin was abused and drugged with insane substances and later mauled, whipped and died of internal wounds in the experience. It has taken deep introspection upon her part to understand, forgive and find compassion in the experience of this twin’s life. The twin is so overcome with hatred that he cannot repose. His consciousness dissipated into a formation that blends with Asur’Ana to carry on in the choice to realize as an archetypal association of repose. This is how repose occurs post life in most cases.


Each will have twins of various types of polarity unto self that is extreme in the opposites of lore lived. Repose is an act of reliving the life as an expression of dream. In reliving the life, the polarities associated with self and self of the twin are cancelled a little at a time. Sometimes the pain of the strife can override the consciousness of the physical foray of dream.


Each must be respectful of oneself and the life happenstance when choosing to surmount a conscious repose as a personal choice to realize through twin or counterpart lore. Not all may be ready for the difficulties to be understood and forgiven as the dreams of the life can go into despair or strife as a result of repose of a difficult twin or counterpart experience.


Difficult twin or counterpart lore lives can include devastation in the physical or through natural world happenstance such as a hurricane or earthquake. Homelessness, starvation, imprisonment, torture, warfare, torturous abuse and alcohol or drug abuse are also a part of twin and counterpart formations of extremely dark polarity of lore. Review of difficult lore happenstance often exacerbates the consciousness of self when alive in dreams that can accolade into darker sequences of formation calling in a juxtaposition of dreams that are non-divine. It may or may not be wise to repose except in select happenstance of polarity when alive.


Repose is generally limited to a post life accolade of review. It can remain in this position by personal choice of each self-realizing. The choice to repose is a solution to continued gates of heaven and hell that are from the outside of oneself. Repose is a spawned experience of dream that comes from within the hologram. The hologram reviews the occurrences of the life and draws upon a recommended twin and or counterpart life to review. The review brings forth the lore and the life dream as lived from beginning to end as a postulation of self.


Life Script Lore


Each life is a postulation of self that involves twenty-five ckantor prose. The ckanton prose formulate a script and repose a dream into the birth script and genetics that form in the biology. The genetics call the life scripts into experiences of lore lasting seven to eight years each cycle. Each cycle of lore causes a particular dream to occur in the life unless renditioned through realization of forgiveness of karmic happenstance. As karma is forgiven, the lore alters into a more heavenly formation of lore.


Life lore of each twin or counterpart is an internal formation of self at birth of each. Twin and counterpart lives can therefore be reviewed upon choice for realization of self into compassionate action in one’s life. It is recommended that only mild polarity of lore is reviewed while alive due to the difficulties that can spill over into physical plane happenstance.


Some regions host more heaven and hell gates than other regions. War torn regions reside in the midst of large inter-creation hell gates that have formed in experiences of karmic happenstance of humans over time. Nature is not devised to enter hell ever, but sometimes rendering and other patterns involve natural world consciousness due to difficult happenstance of the shattering of war or nuclear attrition. The natural world is not designed to realize except as a collective happenstance. The natural world desires to draw itself out of its own experience of consensus hell within. Each realizing may choose to draw self out of the experiences of hell or heaven in the choice to repose upon death or in the life.


The choice to repose extreme life polarities while alive should be taken with caution. The possibility of reposing mild life polarities may be a better place to begin with the postulation of realization through archetypal review. This could rendition hell and heaven gates from opening and closing but remains to be witnessed. Nature is accolading to recovering self in all attributes of information necessary to evolve in each archetypal sequence that is capable within. It is for this reason that we present the concept of heaven and hell and the act of archetypal twin and counterpart lore repose as a resolution within.


Karma of Hell Happenstance upon Earth


There are three lives that appear to have anchored heaven and hell gates upon Earth in ancient times. Relationship lore intertwining and twin and counterpart intermixing in archetypal sequences appear to be the underlying cause. Condrian lore humans arrived upon Earth in many time periods in cycles long forgotten upon Earth. There are condrian genetics associated with Reptilian and Pleiadian structures. Condrian genetics formulate hypothesis in specific languages of self. Red nation lore formulates in other languages of self. As self of one and the other forayed for dreams of happenstance of tantric delight, the two reposed together in syncopated rhythms of extreme polarity of self.


Those in mixed lore that interbred with children happenstanced a difficult circumstance in which the two languages of selves united and blended within. The blended languages cause a foray of self that reposes in extremes. Following generations fell into more extreme polarity causing lives of lighter and darker striations of self to form in twin and counterpart sequences of dreams. The earlier happenstances of polarity were not as extreme and those passing physicality could continue to repose through the archetypal sequences to complete and move on to other creation happenstance of reincarnation.


Over time and in continued interbreeding, the repose went into extremes of heaven and hell like formations of lore. Lore corrupted into dark happenstance. Those reposing from lighter happenstance following death transfused into such darkness that they faded into the archetypal foray of consciousness. As polarity went extreme, reincarnation occurred primarily upon Earth and not in other creation of possibilities of continued realization.


Realization ceased as the repose became so extreme that those renditioning through the repose system beyond death faded long before enough awareness could be attained to depart the foray of Earth to reincarnate elsewhere. Over time repose inverted outside of archetypal happenstance of life review and humans began to enter heaven and hell gates instead of reposing twin and counterpart lore relations.


The three lives anchoring heaven and hell gates upon Earth involve scripts of the Anu primarily. Innana developed a line of tantric lore clothing that was manufactured with natural world delights upon Earth. She took the clothing to other creation experiences of tantric expression. Innana was a tantric teacher herself and vastly interested in relationship and union lore of Pleiadian derivation of nature. She had many affairs with both men and women through time of many variant ancestries. Her lore clothing sold and provided a nice income to justify the expenses of her travel. Her lore wear was molded by three red nation females that were special to Innana. All three were unrelated to other red nation archetypes and more greatly involved with the Anu family systems of self.


The three models of Innana’s tantric foray of delight strove to understand relationship and partnership lore. The three each intermarried with other creation derivation of males that held condrian systems of self. The offspring united the two systems of self and caused hell between the two systems of repose upon Earth. The children remained upon Earth and anchored foreign hell gates where the repose of twins and counterpart lore had inverted inside out in other creations archetypal post life review. The gates drifted into the archetypal sequences of self upon Earth leading to the current expression of heaven and hell in realization and post life experiences of self.


Forgiving the Condrian and Red Nation Lore of Self


There is a need to forgive the karmic happenstance of the derivations of condrian and red nation lore of self upon Earth. Each realizing may introspect over the nature of condrian vs. red nation relationship lore of self. Lore of self is case specific and shall be discussed in the Shakti Relationship Lore section in a future book more greatly than in the archives. Self of the self within between condrian and red nation lore go into mother and father scripts of the beloved. The cause of the altered scripts is a loss of the concept of the beloved of the beloved within is an extreme pole within. The beloved becomes the mother or father instead of a union divine within each.


The concept of the mother as the beloved is an extreme pole that controls and or distorts her partnership in false concepts of nurturing and love. The nurturing and love between the two fails to ignite the flame of union and causes intertwining and codependency of self. The concept of father as the beloved is an extreme pole that controls and or distorts in the concept of protection and safety. The two also fail to ignite the divine flame causing rendering and non-safety of self.


The mother and father principles of relationship and partnership are more common today than twin and counterpart lore that can ignite the divine flame within in present time scripts in the human foray. Most realizing self has had or will have one or more experiences of mother or father lore scripts in partnership as an attempt to rendition condrian union out of the life happenstance through forgiveness of self.


Very dark or hellacious union scripts of condrian lore also do happenstance in some relationships amongst those realizing at this time. Sometimes the scripts turn violent for a time causing either external abuse or internal dreams or warfare leading to disease. All condrian lore relations are best departed from over time to offset the damage that might prevent further realization within. Realization is a phenomenon of male and female concepts of self best exemplified in life lore or partnership or parenting. Parenting lore parallels relationship lore in its happenstance of delight or strife and can also be realized through into deeper accolades of forgiveness within leading to expression of compassionate action.


Heaven and hell is not a concept to share of as most may not understand the dance of introspection that occurs amongst those realizing. All realization is an internal expression that is highly personal in nature. The personal nature of realization is to realize and recognize the divinity in all of life and each human happenstance including those suspended in great darkness within. Divine expression stands beyond the experience of heaven and hell and accolades its achievement in the realizing of the union of superlative striations of self. For those realizing, we bless you and accolade you through your experiences of hell and into the heaven that is possible leading to the unification of the two into wholeness within.


In the infinite love and forgiveness of the Dao and Tao.


Heaven and Hell


Heaven and hell

Are polarities of opposites

Suspended through time

That separate the divine

Into accolades of lore

Of scripts of the non-divine

In which nothing is realized

And nothing recalled

In which extinction unfolds


The reunion of the Dao and Tao

Allows for a flame of rendition

In which each

may find the way home

To the love of the love within

Healing the life and the strife

Into new formations

Of wholeness within


Wholeness Within


The foundation of self

Is the expression of the Dao

In formulations of wholeness

Tempered by the Tao

In accolades of the divine

That expresses in a repose

In which self is expanded

And the flame of the heart

Is ignited in a hypothesis

Of the sanctimonious within

In a formation of self

That can realize itself

And witness a new dream

Unfold within

And through time


The Reunion


The reunion within

Occurs in a sequence

In which self accolades itself

Into a repose

Of the Dao and Tao

That ignites a key

In which a new supposition

Can be fostered

In which the love of the love

And the beloved within

Can surrender

Unto the infinite

Of all that is

And all that will ever be


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