Image of a majestic Harris Hawk's face. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk

10. Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Hawk


Blessings for Grounding and Communing with Earth


The Hawk Kingdom


Hawk has long been associated with long-range vision by the medicine men and women of indigenous peoples. Indeed, hawk can spot a small ground mammal miles high in the sky with ease, descending so rapidly and then taking of the prey necessary to survive and feed our young. Our eyes have the capacity to magnify to perceive close up or pan back to see the distance at will, much like your cameras in human form. However, our gift of vision was developed long before the requirement to hunt.


Problems Associated with the Collapse of the Ice Shields


Hawk is one of the few species that survived the great floods, and prior to this time in history, we were vegetarian subsisting from berries and fruit. Our eyesight would allow us to spot the red, yellow or purple fruit in the valleys and hills of a tropical garden that Earth was at that time in history. Alas, the tropical garden was lost upon all but those regions close enough to the equator as the poles rapidly froze due to the loss of temperature sustained by the ice shields as they collapsed. It was the ice shields that much like a terrarium that retained Earth’s warmth, and also protected Earth from radiation so prevalent in your universe.


With the ice shields collapse, not only were the valleys flooded killing all that existed previously therein, but nonphysical entities of small to large in nature that were highly radioactive flooded into the grid work of Mother Earth along with all remaining species, including humankind. Such entities had been collected by the ice shields, which had prevented their presence upon Earth. Such entities are related to death, as they shut down the movement of energy to such an extent that form rapidly declines of life. It was such entities that caused all species to move rapidly from regeneration to a shortened lifespan that included aging, illness and disease thereafter.


At this time, all species are ascending out of the requirement to hold such death entities within the form or upon Earth. Such entities will be left behind in the second dimension of your universe from which they originated in Earth’s experience. As the last human or member of any species dies that is non-regenerative, such beings will leave Earth in full and forevermore. This will be a grand thing for Hawk to witness, as it was with great grief that Hawk witnessed the dance following the collapse of the ice shields.


We too fell into the requirement to eat of flesh to survive. However, this did not occur until the nuclear winter of Earth set in motion by the Annanuki in their warfare. This was even more devastating than the collapse of the ice shields, and the journey from this point forward is the darkest period our species ever recalls. What can go one way can go another, and the dream for a new tomorrow is rapidly being woven by all ascending sentient species. It is time to ascend out of this dance, and Hawk takes a stand for such a tomorrow to emerge.


The Dance of Magnificence


What does hawk wish to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters today? You are a magnificent species. The magnificence of your species has been lost in the self-centered dance related to a small group of non-resonant humans known as the Annanuki that seized dominion over Earth long ago. It is time to find the magnificence again in oneself and one’s path, beloved. How does one find magnificence? One moves towards communion and community with all other species upon Earth. In so doing, one finds that they are a part of the whole, and as a part of the whole, one knows that one belongs.


In a state of belonging, one feels safe and loved. It is in the lack of safety and lack of love that your species harms and maims; whether such harmfulness is upon the battlefield or an unconscious and energetic phenomenon is of little difference in our opinion; it is only in finding one’s safety and internal sense of being loved that one will exit such a dance and ascend beyond harmfulness. It is as one ascends beyond harm that one enters the dance of magnificence again.


Grounding and Safety


How does one find safety in an unsafe world? One grounds and connects deep into the Aurora of Mother Earth. In an ongoing connection to Earth, the body and all cells in the form know that they are safe. Why is this so? This is something many ascending humans had experienced. They learned that in grounding, they could not have an accident in their automobile, nor could they fall when they were skiing, regardless of how fast they would let themselves go. They found that they would not be hit in crossing the street, and folk would move out of their way as they walked down a crowded sidewalk. Grounding creates a sort of energetic bubble that connects one to the greater part of the consensus that one is a part, which is Mother Earth.


One particular initiate had gotten into a car accident in a rough part of Oakland. Just as the car was hit, she thought “GROUND!” Not only did her car fail to dent in any manner, but there was not even a scratch, while the other car appeared severely damaged. As the other driver came out in anger towards her, neighbors suddenly appeared out of the nearby homes and told him to get back in his car and leave, as the accident was his fault! This initiate got back in her car and safely arrived at home 20 minutes later.


This is one of hundreds of stories that circulated amongst those working at connecting with Earth through grounding. One is safe as one is connected to Earth, and Earth does not harm. Therefore, in the interconnection, no harm can come to one’s physical self, as Earth has never partaken in harmfulness as a consensus. This is why grounding allows the body to feel safe and be safe from accidents of any kind upon the physical plane.


Changes in Grounding for Different Initiatory Levels


How does one ground? Grounding is changing beloved. For those in the old consensus, grounding is still an electrical connection that ties one’s tailbone to the center of the Earth. As one pushes out of the old consensus and rises into primary tones of vibration in one’s ascent beyond 1024, one begins to connect more fully through one’s field. Grounding not only occurs through the core of the spine, but also through the feet and each chakra within the form. This occurs as an electrical cord connecting the kundalini along with major and minor chakras to the center of the Earth and the Aurora therein.


After 3,000 segments has been embodied 30% into the form, grounding shifts to a moving energy flow that connects oneself continuously to the Aurora through the sexual energy movement. Sexual energy movement flows in a series of interconnected figure eights that move through the pelvis, to the center of the Earth under the feet, then back through the pelvis again, up through the heart, over the head to one’s source and ensouling factor, back down through the heart and connects to the pelvis again. Such sexual energy movement is ongoing not only for humans at 3,000 segments, but all species upon Earth, and flows in a parallel manner.


At this time, grounding also is an energy flow that is global and solar in nature that can supplement one’s sexual energy movement. There is a rotational energy flow that is flower of life in nature rotating around Earth and extending into the solar system and all planets therein. Some of this rotational energy also pours to the Aurora of Earth upon a recurring basis from all points upon the surface of the Earth.


Initiates beyond 3,000 build up to 18 chakras above the head and below the feet strictly to partake in the movement of grounding energies pouring down due to Earth’s solar grounding to the Sun. One can pull a synthesized rainbow of tones down through the chakras and to the Aurora allowing soul to sit more effortlessly in the form. This type of grounding is magnetic instead of electrical, and all electrical grounding cords are pulled from the etheric body and field as one transcends to this new modality in ascension.


Transitioning to Earth’s New Magnetism


The magnetic pull of Earth is changing beloved. Once and long ago, the human species had a 10-foot high structure. The magnetism or gravity of Earth was not so strong at this time; it was soft and magnetic in nature allowing less pull on a heavy frame. In present time and in human form, if one were to build a 10-foot sized body and live upon the surface of the Earth, one would weigh over 800 pounds due to the current pull of gravity, and be too heavy to move!


Long ago, 10-foot human forms upon the surface of the Earth were the norm, and gravity far less of a pull allowing the form to weigh less and move in ease. Gravity was manipulated as the Annanuki set electrical sacred geometry in motion about 38,000 Earth years ago (152,000 human years). The electrical sacred geometry caused 10-foot sized humans to suddenly weigh far more, and the body began to develop aches and pains never prevalent before. Over subsequent generations, humans lost their height and stature to adjust to the greater pull of gravity thereafter.


Gravity is being adjusted due to Earth’s ascent, and in due course, it will become again fully magnetic in nature. This grounding we speak of above is a transitional form of new magnetism. Those attuning to such magnetism in full will find that they weigh less and can maneuver more easily upon the physical plane. This is helpful as one may build a rather large form to ascend in order to rise above the density of the third dimension at this time in history.


Those attaining 6,000 segments in their ascent begin to attune to this magnetism more fully. Each will find that building a larger form to ascend is paramount to rise out of the density of human thoughtform. As one builds a larger form rising into 6,000 segments in full, one embodies the new magnetism. Such magnetism shall allow a larger and heavier form to weigh less and be equally mobile to the smaller pre-ascension weight and size.


Larger Size in Ascension


Many species are massing out beloved. Each species is becoming rounder and larger than prior generations in preparation of the ascent out of the density. To a certain degree, this is due to the development of the crystalline diaphragm, which converts oxygen to blood sugar to feed the higher metabolism of the crystalline cellular structure. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.)


The crystalline diaphragm gives each species a rounder look than prior generations. In human form, one develops a “Buddha Belly”. Indeed, Buddha was large and round at the time of his ascent, and this also is what it took for him to launch himself beyond third dimensional thoughtform and ascend about 8,000 Earth years ago (32,000 human years). This was long ago, and Earth has actually declined even further then.


Some of this massing-out in ascension is also due to added layers of body fat under the skin and between the organs. The additional body fat allows form to hold a higher vibration prior to the alterations in the biochemistry necessary to sustain such a vibration without the fat. Body fat allows for a modulation of chi to sustain the push “upwards” necessary to ascend. Recently, a modified form of body fat that is less dense (less heavy) has been map carved, allowing those ascending to embrace a form of fat that does not weigh as much but be equally gifted at generating chi. For elephant and other larger species, this is a great gift, as they too are increasing in size in order to ascend and fulfill upon their energetic work in relation to world service as a species.


What use is the body fat? As one ascends, one has agreements to assist the regions that one lives to ascend out of the density along with oneself. Sometimes this requires that one travel short distances surrounding one’s current home to clear the pockets of stuck energy that require moving in order for the region to ascend. Much of such work is done through body fat, and therefore the weight gain comes hand in hand with one’s world service agreements with Earth, and what it takes to fulfill upon such agreements. One cannot ascend without Earth ascending. Humans assist ascending regions with great density due to other humans who are non-ascending living therein. Therefore, some humans are gaining more weight as a result of being required to move the energy in the greater density of the cities and suburbs that your fellow humans live.


Separating from the Old Consensus


At this time, Earth is separating from the old consensus of non-ascending humans more fully. The old consensus sits in tones that are black, gray, brown, mucous yellow and green in color or vibration. Such tones are second dimensional colors beloved, and Earth is beginning to separate from 2D at this time. Humans at 2 segments sit in such tones of creation until they have ascended above the threshold of 1,024 segments of DNA in the physical. Over time and in the coming four years of continued global ascension, there will be such a large gap between 2D and 3D that it may be hard to ascend.


Therefore, hawk just as all species will grow to allow the separation and to hold our vibration in ease against the pull of 2D until Earth separates in full. It is anticipated that a full separation from 2D will not occur until around 2030, and much of the cleansing of those remaining in the old consensus will have come to fruition by such a time in history. This shall allow that remaining in 2D to be pushed from Earth back into your universe where it originated much like having a bowel movement in human form.


Many humans are afraid to mass out or grow in ascension. Sometimes the desire to remain “thin” blocks the ascent or massing out necessary to move up in vibration. Those who are unable to ascend will find themselves pulled downward the further Earth moves towards separation from 2D. Therefore, Hawk suggests that initiates intend to allow whatever growth is necessary to sustain and increase one’s vibration lest one wish to end this lifetime in death or disease instead. There is little time to ascend beloved, and all species will be best served if humans do whatever is required to ascend.


Many ascending humans grow by 5-10% overall to attain 1024, and then another 5-10% to attain 3000, and then another 5-10% again to attain 6,000. However, the new magnetism does not cause them to be so heavy upon their feet that they cannot enjoy a rigorous hike through the woods. Some are large by current human standards, but not obese. Current human standards will adjust when the only humans left are large, and so this will come to be in the coming 25 years.


The current human species equates weight gain with lack of health. And yet if you were to look at the skin and into the eyes of ascending humans gaining such weight, one would see only vibrant energy and a peachy to blushed skin tone. This is a sign of life returning to that which has decayed. Those so thin and deemed so beautiful are sallow to gray without makeup. Why? This is the colors of 2D beloved; black, gray, brown, along with mucous yellow and green. Such are also the colors of the auras of those sitting in such tones of creation, and as the light goes on due to global ascension, such underlying vibrations shall be seen upon the face of those sitting in such tones. This is not beauty from Hawk’s perspective.


Inner Love and Beauty


Beauty is an inner state of being. Beauty comes from inner love. As the cells in any form regenerate receiving enough nutrients, such cells feel loved. This causes the entire form to begin to feel loved from within and upon a cellular level, and such internal love adds a glow and beauty to the face and form that cannot be attained in any other manner. Ascending initiates notice that their skin is soft and subtle like a young child; that the wrinkles have gone away; that there is a firm texture to the tone of the muscles that is not from lifting weights, but from enough chi running through the grid work. Their eyes sparkle with the presence of soul, which can also be felt by those of open heart that come near them. This is the new definition of human beauty that all humans shall embrace either in this lifetime or in one’s future ascending ancestry.


As there is enough for each cell to subsist within one’s form, this also translates in one manifesting enough to support one’s life expression, bringing an end to poverty or difficulties in the manifestation of one’s dream. There is no other way to alter lack other than ending the lack that exists upon a biological level. The inner is mirrored by the outer; as the inner lack is transmuted to a state of love internal to self, so shall all outer circumstances that mirror such a state change.


Many a human initiate complains about lack; lack of enough, lack of a beloved; lack of a preoccupation that one loves; lack of a beautiful place to call home; lack of ascending friends; lack of understanding upon the part of family members and friends that one does have; lack of enough income to travel; lack of enough to pay all of the bills; lack of enough food to ascend the form; lack lack lack. One has created the lack in several areas of one’s life dance to demonstrate one’s internal state of lack in the biology of the form. Ascend the biology, and the cellular lack shall subside, and this shall translate into greater ease of manifesting one’s dreams. In so doing, one will be able to see lack in all areas of the life dance subside into a dream-come-true circumstance.


One might say, “Well, there are those who seem to have all their dreams come true! Look at the current leaders in the metaphysical movement!” Yes, they have their dreams come true, but from the point of view of Hawk, their dreams have manifested at the expense of their own following. It is the pattern of the guru to take the dream for himself or herself and transfer those dreams unwanted onto those who are the guru’s “favored”, leaving the following with lack lack lack. This is the same with all gurus, whether they be financial, religious, governmental, educational, or of the media. As each who lacks retrieves one’s dreams from those that one has given them unto out of the belief that one is not worthy of such, one’s dreams will then be present to be drawn into physicality. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” for more information on dream manifestation.)


We invite our human brothers and sisters to begin to see the human dance through our eyes. We see not physicality as much as energy. Those in human form who are ascending may be larger in the physical than is currently deemed popular or beautiful. However, the energy that surrounds such a human glows in vibrations that are primary in color to pastel in color; such vibrations are clear or translucent the greater that the human has mastered their own thoughtform of destruction and anchored the thoughtform of unity in its place.


The translucence allows for a finely woven field to emerge that appears much as gossamer wings; many human artists have depicted such in the form of angels, light beings and cities of light. Such artists are remembering a time when all humans and all species appeared as such in the nonphysical, for this is how one’s ancient ancestors appeared energetically and before the first fall of humankind. Humans are beginning to return to such a state in the nonphysical through ascension, and this is the most beautiful of all to Hawk.


Sovereignty and Freedom


Hawk has a special gift for all who read this chapter; it is the gift of sovereignty and freedom to be whoever one is in the moment. Sovereignty and freedom come as one transcends the need to “be like” or “match” any others in one’s life dance, and become the master that one is within.


Humans like to be “like one another”. Humans wear the same clothes that are manufactured in factories; humans behave like one another with a rather rigid law around what is “acceptable” and what is not; humans wear the same hairstyles as others or famous people; humans live in houses that look like all other houses; humans furnish their houses in manners that mimic what is projected by your media. All of such behavior comes out of the desire to be “normal” and live a “normal” life. Yet is there any joy or happiness in a “normal” life? Many will answer this question no. The desire to be “normal” comes out of an inherent lack of biological safety.


Over time, humans lost the genetic predisposition to grounding. Without grounding, one becomes increasing unsafe and in fear. The loss of grounding occurred in multiple time periods upon Earth, but the greatest of all was the nuclear warfare during the last fall of Atlantis. It was this nuclear annihilation that spiraled all species including humankind from 5,000 segments to 2 segments of DNA, and at 2 segments there is not enough knowledge to retain an inherent understanding of groundedness thereby causing humans to generally feel “unsafe” and exist in fear.


As one grounds, one no longer needs to mimic one another to feel safe. One can become sovereign in their truth, and free to dress, act, live and be anyway that one so desires. One may also mass out the form as necessary to ascend without feeling shame or guilt. Shame is the result of the electrical tones of creation pressing upon the emotional body. Ascend beyond the electricity and one not only ground to Mother Earth thereby feeling safe, but ceases to feel shame or guilt. Guilt is the result of shame that has become self-perpetuating with thoughts that blame and shame one into lifelessness.


Biological Joy


Guilt and shame was not a thoughtform prevalent in the human dance until after the last fall in consciousness, and it is indeed a fall that moved the human expression out of the “Garden of Eden”. For what joy can there be in guilt and shame? None, and humans fell into great joylessness thereafter, with only artificial joy remaining in entertainment or humor. We say artificial, as humor and laughter are all that remains of joy at 2 segments of DNA; joy is not humor or laughter although humor or laughter can come out of joy. Joy is an ongoing vibration that sustains oneself in a state of self-love that is biological. Joy begins to enter the dance as one ascends more fully to 3,000 segments of DNA.


Ascension restores biological joy. Biological joy translates into the creation of joyful and playful experiences in one’s life dance that shall mirror one’s inner state of being. Many a scientist has photographed the joyful and playful nature of nature. We never lost our joy, as we went not into self-consciousness. It is self-consciousness that underlies guilt and shame, as one examines, compares and judges oneself and others. Move back into other-consciousness, and one moves out of comparing oneself to another, or judging one thing as superior or inferior to another. As one ceases to compare and judge, guilt and shame exit one’s life dance and one embraces whatever is in the moment. In other terms, other-consciousness is parallel to unconditional acceptance of all of life.


Unconditional Acceptance of Life


One can only arrive at “other-consciousness” or unconditional acceptance through ascension. Unconditional acceptance is a state of being in which one embraces all as it is without question or analysis. Such a state of being was the manner that the Grand Masters with large heads originally seeded upon Earth from the Sirian race operated. As one’s future ancestry embodies full consciousness, such a state of being will prevail throughout the human dance. In so doing, humans at large will move beyond guilt, shame and self-consciousness to a new state of being that allows and communes. In the allowance and communion, humanity will find their place alongside all other species upon Earth again.


One can move to unconditional acceptance through intent prior to achieving a state of full consciousness. The first thing that Hawk perceives as required to attain a state unconditional acceptance is to shut down the voices and tapes that shame and blame inside of one’s head, whether they shame and blame oneself or others. Such voices are just entities lost and stuck in the planes of death, pain, fear, suffering, greed, lust, and judgment upon Earth that surround oneself.


Send such entities along with their programming to the Aurora or to the Sun for disposal and set boundaries in which only soul can speak through one’s telepathic channels. One may also intend to build filters that filter out all but soul-based communications. This is how Asur’Ana transcended guilt, shame and fear early in her ascent; by blocking such voices and their related entities from communicating unto her. If you call upon Hawk, we will assist so that our human brothers and sisters can move out of shame, blame, guilt and fear at an earlier vibration of ascension. In so doing, one will be free to become whoever one wishes to be in the moment.


We hope that our sharing assists your personal journey of ascension. Do call upon our kingdom as you wish to shed greater light upon your internal landscape. Perhaps our vision will allow you to better see your own magnificence unfolding through ascension.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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