Partial image of the kundalini and sexual energy movement. Changes In The Ascending Energy Field

10. Changes In The Ascending Energy Field In The Ascent To Bodhisattva


Mother Earth finds many humans in great confusion over their level of evolution. A part of this reason is simply the many veils of illusion that plague the human energy field in particular below 3,000 DNA segments. Perhaps some initiates have these thoughts, “I have attained Bodhisattva level evolution”, or worse yet “I have attained Full Consciousness!”. The reality is that only a handful of 36 humans global wide have attained full consciousness or beyond at this time, and most are indigenous and lead very reclusive lives.


Furthermore, there are about 1,000 global wide who are white with ancient red ancestries that have attained Bodhisattva level evolution at this time. Most of the 19,000 or so in the new consensus who have attained this level of evolution are indigenous in their present life circumstance, and over half are children under the age of five. Why then is there all of the confusion for so many? This has to do with the many forces of the dark that pervade the energy flow in particular of those below 3,000 segments that wish to trip one up. For if one believes that one has attained this or that or “arrived”, one will simply cease ascending, and this will allow such dark souls that is misguiding oneself to have a “home” for a time in one’s field and form.


Therefore, we guide initiates who are hearing from guidance that they have attained Bodhisattva or Full Consciousness, to kick such entities and souls out of one’s field and anchor new souls from Earth and from the nature kingdoms that better serve one’s ascent. For such souls will not work in one’s best interest in relation to the release of karma or the construction of an ascending field, for they simply have another agenda, which is to control and own oneself.


Discernment in Guidance


A part of the path to Bodhisattva requires discernment in one’s guidance. If one’s guidance is lying to oneself, then one will require learning to command one’s boundaries and kick such guidance out of the field. If one is overrun with personality entities, one must learn to move such entities out and listen only to soul. Then one must discern which souls to listen to, and only listen to those who are going to guide one to ascend. There are tests in the initiations surrounding discernment, as it is often through faulty discernment that initiates with large fields have been misused creating global harm. As a result, the tests are stiff as anything less could prevent Earth’s global ascent.


We wish to take the time to expose the nature of an ascending field so that those who are clairvoyant or healers may better understand the nature of the changes in the ascent to Bodhisattva. In better understanding, one will know what they are looking at both within oneself, and within others that one may be working with as a healer. In better understanding, one will be able to gauge one’s progress with greater ease.


One may also muscle test or pendulum if one is not clairvoyant to discern one’s own level of ascent. However, be aware that there are beings and dark forces that know how to override kinesthetic knowing which can cause such manners of discernment to be faulty. It is far better therefore to synthesize one’s field in meditation, moving all other energy out along with all souls that are non-resonant to one’s ascent, before muscle testing or using the pendulum to answer your questions. One may also wish to intend to “lift all veils of illusion” and check again the first answer that one received. Then, a more accurate progress report of one’s ascent may be obtained.


The Ascent to 1,800 DNA Segments


The ascent to 1,800 causes each chakra to grow in size and shape from a spinning cone energy system to a multi-petaled lotus shape. As the lotus spins, the chakra appears as a single sphere. There are three layers of spheres that develop by 1,024 as viewed from the side; a top layer that is related to the conscious daily physical life, a middle layer related to the subconscious or that which is coming to conscious understanding; and a bottom layer that represents the unconscious. By 1800, all three layers will appear as a multi-petaled lotus when not moving; or three spheres when moving.


A global sized field of 24 larger chakras also develops by 1024, and by 1800 there is also a conscious, subconscious and unconscious layer of the global sized chakras. The light body becomes a multifaceted mer-ka-ba with 1,024 panels on top and 1,024 panels on the bottom. This light body energizes the entire form and field to stabilize the vibration at 1,800 segments of DNA.


Those at 1,800 will tend to have two subtle bodies that are engorged, and two that are barely present if not non-existent. This is so as the repair of all four subtle bodies requires the ascent to 3,000 to accomplish. This creates an initiate that is still polarized, but not as greatly as existence at 2 strands of DNA. Such initiates will tend to be either mental and creative or emotional and intuitive in nature. Such initiates will experience a greater level of joy in life and their life expression as a result of moving beyond dogmatic vibrations and thoughtform inherent in the field at 2 strands of DNA.


Many initiates will stop at this level of 1,800 segments. At this time, those with Annanuki Hologram from birth or inheritance to the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) can ascend no further than 1,800. Why is this so? This is simply so because such inheritance creates a radioactive and electrical biology which has no pathway to ascend into a magnetic biology required to ascend with Earth, as this is not what the biology was constructed from in the womb. Earth estimates that about half of all adult human ascensions shall rest at 1,800 allowing future generations to take the ascent to the next level.


The etheric grid work of those either resting at 1,800 or transiting 1,800 will have a load of cords of attachment and machinery in place. There is no way to remove such machinery or attachment without the ability to ascend beyond 1,800. Such machinery connects into what is known as “Matrixes”. Long ago, Innana and Merduk created electrical matrixes all around Earth to support their life extension practices. Such Matrixes are being removed by Earth at this time as they interfere with her global ascension. Humanity along with the slave race in particular was utilized to construct the matrixes along with nature. Grid work was pulled outside of all form of all slaves and some red humans along with Earth and used to create electrical ley lines. Such a dance caused a fall in consciousness not only for humankind and the Annanuki slaves, but also for all of Earth.


Earth is releasing her karma at this time for this dance with the matrixes, and all of nature is pulling back the grid work that belongs inside of the form rather than outside to augment the ascent of each species along with the whole of Earth. Those resting at 1,800 may not be able to separate from the matrixes, as they are inherently related to the Annanuki who created them. However, those ascending to 3,000 and beyond will begin to separate, allowing the grid work to be rewoven inside of the form where it belongs, which will allow for an ascent upward in vibration and into magnetic biology.


Reiki is useful to those who are ascending to 1,800 or resting at 1,800. Reiki triggers certain key codes that will cause ascension amongst those who utilize it. It is therefore a useful tool for the ascent to 1800, and useful for those who rest at 1800 to remain in balance. After 1800, Reiki becomes less useful as one is bridging into a magnetic thoughtform known as the Language of Light.


One may utilize the same modality of moving energy with Reiki substituting the symbols of the Language of Light in their place in working with those pushing beyond 1,800 segments. However, Reiki is not a requirement to ascend; energy moves with one’s thoughts, and therefore one may simply call the Language of Light symbols into the field allowing them to dissipate the density one is releasing without the use of such treatments. The point of ascension is to become sovereign in one’s own ability to move the energy in one’s own field, as energy that stagnates leads to disease. One therefore must become more and more talented at moving the energy through one’s field over time in order to build an ascending field and form.


Those resting at 1,800 may continue to be comforted and resonate with the channeling and materials of the Ascended Masters. There is no right or wrong; all truths are valid. Those who resonate with a particular truth do so because there is a magnetic attraction within the field. Those who do not resonate with the Ascended Masters teachings are generally destined to ascend beyond 1800 to 3000 or 6000 segments, and will leave such things behind as they no longer serve or no longer feel good or supportive. Therefore, do not judge beloved; allow all others their life choices and allow yourself yours.


The ascent to 1,800 creates a global sized field. This field creates an expansive level of thinking that is far less polarity based and dogmatic than those who remain at 2 strands of DNA and ascend not at all. The gift of the ascent to 1,800 is not to be underestimated. Such humans will potentially take up causes of all kinds in support of Earth’s global field pushing humanity to rectify the toxic mess that has been created. This is what Earth perceives ahead for those who ascend to 1,800 and remain there; they will become advocates for the changes necessary to foster the birth of unity for all of humankind.


The point here is that all humans have a dance and a role to play in the coming times of cleansing and birth of the new age ahead. All are needed in their role; each contributes a unique destiny to the path of evolution of the whole. Each is to be embraced for the contribution to be made. It is human nature to reject, compare and judge. Those ascending beyond 1,800 and in particular those mastering Bodhisattva must move beyond judgment entirely. For this is how compassion in action is born; compassion is born as one perceives life from a foundation of unity rather than disunity or polarity. As the nervous system is modified in the ascent to Bodhisattva, one perceives life from a new vantage point that is unity-based, which allows for compassion to become one’s life foundation.


Consciousness is biological. One cannot expect those ascending to 1,800 to move beyond judgment; they will move out of dogma, yes it is true, but the judgment is a biological reality that requires another level of ascension to transcend, and this may not be possible for many adults. Therefore, do not judge the judgment of others; as they are only subject to the biological and holographic inheritance that they were born with. Earth also asks initiates to remember that all are a part of the whole; as each does their part, the whole of humankind will ascend into a new day and a new way of being.


The Ascent to 3,000 DNA Segments


The ascent to 3,000 allows for the movement beyond electrical thoughtform. Electrical thoughtform within a magnetic creation causes extremes in polarity in which life appears black and white in nature, or in other terms, right or wrong. In the ascent to 3000, one begins to move beyond right and wrong and judgmental thoughtform as one embodies the Language of Light. The Language of Light causes the cellular structure to become increasingly unity-based in which all cells are fed and nourished, all cells detoxified, and all considered equal in import to the whole. In parallel manner, those ascending to 3,000 will begin to embrace unity-based thoughtform, and begin relate in terms of equality and service to the whole rather than self-service.


The chakras that were formerly a multi-petaled lotus in the ascent to 1,800 become triple phere in the ascent to 3,000. From the side, there are three layers of triple spheres when 3,000 has been mastered; one that is conscious and associated with the physical plane life dance; one that is subconscious and associated with what one is bringing to consciousness from dreamtime; and one that is unconscious and related to that which is yet unknown or parallel lives that one has yet to integrate.


The light body also changes shape from a multi-faceted Mer-Ka-Ba to a Triple Sphere shape as initiation 2,000 is mastered. One will clearly see all spheres of the triple sphere chakras as they rotate. Asur’Ana has enjoyed watching such changes in the Hawaiians living in Hawaii-Nei years ago.


The subtle bodies are repaired in the ascent to 3,000 such that all shall have an energetic presence around the field. This allows for the presence of all four: the mental, emotional, intuitive and creative bodies. This translates into an ability to experience all four capabilities concurrently; or in other terms be mental and language, be emotional and feel, be intuitive and hear or discern one’s guidance from Earth and one’s soul, and be creative and express one’s creativity upon the physical plane. More or less this allows those who attain 3,000 to come to a deeper level of balance and master the ability to dream weave, becoming the dreamer and the dream. This allows initiates mastering 3,000 to intend their dreams into physicality, and living to experience a dream come true circumstance.


Many more adult initiates will rest at 3,000 segments than will ever push forward to 6,000 segments or Bodhisattva level evolution. At this time, Earth has determined that those born with half and half holograms (half Annanuki and half Red Race) or Red Slave Race (Red Holograms #1 – #7) cannot ascend beyond 3,000 at this time as all attempts to do so have created global harm. The reasons for this are complex, but let us suffice to say that the map makers attempting such a transition became confused about which lineages to draw their ascension templates from. Some chose radioactive DNA ascending into greater dissonance instead of harmony by embodying red magnetic DNA, and this created an abusive field rather than a gentle and rotational field above 3,000 segments.


3,000 is an expansive state of being, and is not to be underestimated. Those ascending to this level will move beyond polarity enough that one will be able to create a loving partnership if this is what one desires, along with preoccupations that one loves, and living in a region that brings one joy. One will also be able to manifest with greater ease to meet one’s physical plane requirements. Initiates at 3,000 will perceive the world from greater unity allowing for unity-based friendships to become the foundation of one’s life experience. One may leave behind those who cannot ascend, as it is no longer comfortable to spend time in their presence, particularly if one feels energetically battered in the dance.


There are life changes associated with ascension. In the ascent to 3000, one will make two major life changes; one may leave the spouse, or move to a new region, or leave the spiritual teacher or guru behind; one may leave the children behind, or change jobs, or move forth into a new role or capacity in relation to one’s career choices. In order for 3,000 to be mastered in full, two major life changes are required for the ascent to come fully into the physical.


Schisms and Energy Field


Initiates and healers alike who are working upon ascending initiates will need to be on the lookout for schisms. It is schisms, which involve the skipping over of a particular segment of prior initiation and the associated genetic materials that can lead to disease if not rectified. Often initiates skip over the difficult emotional issues associated with their biological nature, and if this is done over enough of the ascent, it may cause a split in light and dark. The darkness left unintegrated in the unconscious will cause disease in the related parts of the form, as there is a gap in the genetic materials.


Often initiates will schism over the same area of the form again and again in the ascent. Generally, this is the result of a particularly traumatic incident recorded within this area of the form that the initiate would rather not deal with or face. This causes a particular part of the form to not be altered to crystalline as the genetic information necessary to allow for this has gone missing in the schism. That which is not crystalline and surrounded by cells that are will decay faster than before ascension and this will lead to cancer or other ailments over time if not rectified.


All schisms will have ties or cords that extend from the etheric body, out of the field to another person, place or object that the initiate has failed to release the attachment to. At the end of the cord will be a fractured piece of soul, a part of the unconscious, some lost ancestors and information that requires integration for the schism to be healed. Healers and initiates alike can search for such cords and fractured pieces of soul, lost ancestors and lost unconscious, and intend to integrate it all while facing the emotional trauma associated, as anything less will lead to an early death otherwise. Intention is everything. When one intends to integrate a schism, so it will be.


Matrixes and Ascension


One may also find that one has attached to the electrical matrixes that Earth is releasing at this time rather than a person, place or object in the attachment associated with schisms. Long ago in the ascension temples, certain groups tried to ascend up the matrixes, as they were confused. The matrixes appear as a hall of mirrors that creates seemingly endless corridors that lead somewhere or appear to lead up the dimensions. Alas, they lead nowhere and initiates in times past attempted to ascend through such matrixes pushing themselves up and up through such corridors. All that occurred in the end was an extremely incomplete ascension in which the form combust and the soul shattered, with nothing going to the next dimension. The most incomplete ascensions were created through the matrixes.


Initiates ascending to 3,000 will have to become aware of the tendency to wish to plug into the matrixes rather than reweaving the grid work inside of the form. It is tempting to plug into the matrixes as they provide electrical chi that may energize the field. Matrix ascension may work for a time until all such energy flow is dismantled by Earth within the region that one lives. In a matrix-based ascension, one is relying upon electrical based energy that comes from somewhere outside of oneself or the matrixes themselves to hold one’s vibration. Biological ascension requires that one not plug into an outside energy source, but rather reweave the grid work and alter the physical structure to hold a higher vibration of one’s own volition.


Those with ancestry to those who ascended utilizing the matrixes are the most likely initiates to make this mistake again in the ascent to 3,000. The end result will be an electrically charged field rather than a magnetic one that will fry all biological systems leading to an early death rather than an ability to live to witness the coming times of change. If one finds oneself ascending through the matrixes, intend to disengage and reweave the associated grid work back inside of the form. In so doing, all of the biological changes can come forth, and one will embody the magnetic tones of creation leaving electrical thoughtform, judgment and polarity behind in the ascent to 3,000.


Those ascending through the matrixes would become increasingly judgmental and moody. Therefore, an extreme of any kind in the persona of the ascending initiate moving to 3,000 DNA segments is a sign or symptom of electrical matrix ascension rather than a magnetic ascension.


Arrogances and Ascension


The ascent to 3,000 allows the arrogances, seductions and illusions associated with electrical thoughtform to begin to be transcended in such an initiate. The ascent to Bodhisattva requires addressing group arrogances, group seductions and group illusions. It is wise for initiates to become gifted at self-examination and begin to understand one’s own biological and emotional patterning. All initiates have arrogances that require transcending; generally, the arrogances can cause the most difficulties in ascension, as there will be a tendency to schism over and go blind to that which one is arrogant about within oneself. One will further find that each schism shall have a Language of Light tone or a series of tones that are missing from the field in the examination.


One can examine not only one’s own nature, but also search for missing tones of creation in the Language of Light, and then intend to integrate them to assure a complete ascension. Chapter 16 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2 “Balancing Opposing Forces of Persona in Ascension” describes the polarity based thoughtform transcended as each note within the Language of Light is embraced. One may wish to utilize the polarity chart in one’s own self-examination to assure a complete ascension.


Incomplete ascension will lead to disease and early death. Complete ascension will create a balanced field at 3,000 segments that will live to witness the coming times and birth of the golden age ahead. Therefore, it is important for initiates to become gifted at examining one’s own field, patterning, thoughtform and issues, as well as intending transcendence.


Monitoring One’s Ascension


Those resting at 3,000 will more likely than not have only embodied 30% of the biological blueprint to date at this time in history. The reason for this is simply a lack of photonic energy to cause the genetic material to grow within the field and form. Therefore, although one may anchor 3,000 DNA segments, it will be many years and into the decade ahead before one embodies such a blueprint 100% into the physical. Those resting at 3,000 at this time will continue to ascend as more and more photonic energy becomes available surrounding Earth with each new Star Gate entered. Moving to the country or to an island where there is more photonic energy already present can augment one’s pace of ascension. Many may choose such a life change for this reason.


Understand that anchoring the blueprint to 3,000 is only one part of the ascent; embodying 100% into the physical is the next phase of ascension, and one will continue to ascend for up to a decade into the future as a result. Therefore, one will continually be searching for gaps in the field or schisms, releasing more attachment from the etheric body, burning off more karma with the kundalini, repairing and expanding the ascending energy field, releasing unnecessary machinery, and building an ever increasingly crystalline biology in the form.


Genetic and Ascension Grid Work


It is easy to lose information before it has been integrated into the physical. Therefore, one may wish to monitor both the genetic grid work and the ascension grid work for gaps of missing information upon a daily basis. The genetic grid work sits against the skin of the etheric body, and it is through this grid work that the genetic changes to an ascending form are downloaded and then transferred along the ley lines to the organ, gland, system or structure of the form associated. Missing genetic grid work translates into a gap within the associated part of the form, which can lead to disease. If one assesses such a gap, the intent to rectify the gap while releasing the karma associated will allow the gap to be healed, and all of the genetic information then made available for the associated part of the form in one’s ascension.


Ascension grid work sits outside of the genetic grid work and is the template that one constructs a crystalline genetic blueprint within. Each ascending initiate is continuously retrieving genetic information from ancient ancestors that once held a crystalline biological structure. Such information is first placed into the ascension grid work, which then is downloaded to the genetic grid work by the angels and devas involved with the weaving of form.


Ascension grid work is more vulnerable than genetic grid work as it is more greatly exposed as one has interactions with others in one’s day-to-day existence. Therefore, crosschecking the ascension grid work and retrieving anything lost each day in meditation is a wise ascension practice that will assure a more greatly complete ascension and a less likely chance of ascending into disease.


Grounding and Ascension


New information that one is integrating in ascension continually pours from one’s oversoul and source down the chakras above one’s head and through the chakra system to one’s akashic records, biological records, ancestral records and lineages. Through the grounding to the Aurora of Earth, that which is no longer required as the new information is integrated is released. Ascension requires that energy move down the field causing the information necessary to continually pour in and that which is not required to be released down one’s grounding cord. Therefore, a grounded state of being is most imperative in the ascent to 3,000 and beyond.


Grounding requires that one embrace the gender-based tones associated with one’s biology. In the West in particular, men and women have reverse polarized gender-based tones. Western women tend to run male energy and men tend to run female energy. Male energy in a female form creates competent women who can handle the stress of the work world. Female energy in a male form creates a sensitive new age guy that may or may not be able to provide, but makes a good parent. Many reading our books may have experienced such types of relationships, in which the woman becomes like the mother to the man, and the sexuality dies thereafter because who wishes to make love to their mother?


The problem with reversing gender-based tones in ascension is that the energy moves up the field rather than down leaving one ungrounded. In an ungrounded state, it is impossible to integrate new information from one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source. Therefore, initiates in the journey to 1,800 and again in the journey to 3,000 who have reversed polarized in their current life expression will have to face their own hatred of their own biological gender, as it is such hatred that is the underlying cause of why one would run the opposing gender signature. As the self-hatred is processed and released along with the underlying karma, one will quite naturally embrace one’s own tones of creation based upon gender.


Within the Language of Light, female energy is an octave higher than male energy. The Language of Light spins faster and has a higher sound or orchestra playing in a female ascending field than in a male ascending field. Together, a man running male energy and a woman running female energy create a new form of divine union or a symphony of sound that is complementary as each masters 3,000 segments together. This allows for a new type of relationship to be born amongst initiates that chose the path of ascension together.


Men and women from South America, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Egypt, and India, or who are indigenous generally run the frequencies associated with the biological gender. At 2 strands of DNA, this creates a machismo man and a subordinate woman. At 1,800 DNA segments, the extremes are modified enough that men and women can begin to treat one another more greatly as equals. By 3,000 segments, the transcendence beyond the belief that one gender is better than another is risen above enough to create a loving partnership that is founded upon unity and equality, provided that all of the karma associated with another type of relationship has been addressed and released in full.


Sexual Energy at 3,000 DNA Segments


The kundalini and sexual energy system develop extensively between the ascent from 1,800 to 3,000 segments. There are three main channels of energy that moves from the tailbone, up the spine and out the top of the head. There are also kundalini side channels that run through the feet chakras up the legs, up either side of the torso, down the arms and out the hands, and up through the shoulders and past the ears. Sexual energy is gathered from the Aurora through one’s grounding and pulled up throughout the field and form many hours per day.


The kundalini energizes all grid work of the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body and auric field. The upper half of the field is energized with the kundalini of the solar sun. It is for this reason that a 10-minute sunbath per day is recommended for ascending initiates so that one may draw upon the solar kundalini to energize one’s larger auric field.


There is also an external kundalini, which is equivalent to fire jumping off of the skin of the etheric body. This develops around 2200 segments, and more fully in the ascent to Bodhisattva, with flames leaping upwards of 20 feet from one who has mastered 6,000 segments in their ascent. The external kundalini is a good form of fire to run when out and about in the world, as the fire will cause the energy of others to remain outside of one’s field and boundaries.


For those at 3,000 segments, the kundalini runs between 5-10 hours per day. Often times, it is easier for the kundalini to run unobstructed at night leading to the experience of night sweats. One may also find oneself hot and sticky on and off during the day, and this is a sign that the kundalini is working properly. For the ascent to 6,000 or Bodhisattva, the kundalini runs between 9-18 hours per day, with an increased width within the internal channels such that they touch upon one another, becoming one large channel that touches all grid work and all meridians of the form.


Initiates who are prone to reject the element of fire may have difficulty in the development of the kundalini, as fire is the main element that is utilized to carve the kundalini channels in ascension. Some initiates fear the element of fire due to traumatic ancestral karma, or have been born with other elements prevalent in their natal chart and without the element of fire. As initiates who tend to reject fire intend to release the karma associated, fire will be embraced enough to allow for the kundalini channels to be carved, and the form and field charged enough to allow for the mastery of 3,000 segments and beyond.


It is out of the fear of fire that initiates may be tempted to plug into the matrixes rather than develop a proper kundalini required for ascension. Therefore, those who find themselves attached to the matrixes may wish to examine if the kundalini has developed as much as it should have given one’s level of ascent, and intend to release one’s fear of fire if this is the underlying cause.


Sexual energy is also associated with the kundalini, and if one has had problems with sex or sexual abuse issues, such trauma will have to be cleared in order to develop the channels enough to allow for ascension beyond a certain level. Once the kundalini flows enough, sustaining one’s own vibration in ease can be mastered, for it is the sexual energy that allows one’s field to be energized each day, week, month and year of one’s continued ascent.


The sexual energy buds into a triple lotus that crosses in the pelvis and heart by initiation 3,000. This triple lotus of the sexual energy can be energized and pushed outward as much as 800 feet from the form at 3,000 segments, and over a mile at 6,000 segments, contributing to the ability to hold one’s boundaries. In partnership, it is the sexual energy triple lotus patterning that dances around one another, which has the effect of increasing one’s vibration exponentially. This form of divine union requires two who have come together in an ascending partnership.


Ascending Partnership


Those choosing to ascend who enjoy sexual encounters must be very careful if you sincerely wish to ascend in this lifetime. Some initiates lose all of their ascension records and roll back significantly after casual sexual encounters. Sexual energy that is shared creates a bond that one can be stripped through if the other party is not also upon the path of ascension. Therefore, casual sex or jumping into a relationship without thorough examination is not recommended for ascending initiates.


Two upon the path of ascension together can choose to ascend together, and all kingdoms will honor such a choice. However, with any new relationship, it takes time to download all of the changes necessary to sustain a dance of divine union and create a “couples’ ascension”.  Therefore, one must be careful, and assess any new encounter as to whether such a relationship is really in one’s best interest as an ascending human.


Ascending couples have a united field in which the masculine and feminine vibrations dance in divine union together through the sexual energy flow. This type of united field can often ascend far faster than one who is single; however, it also requires the greatest of compatibility between the two, as any great discord only shatters the ascent of the whole. Ascending partners therefore require a particular make up that is non-polarized or polarized in a manner that is supportive for one another.


In supportive polarity, one party’s strength is the other party’s weakness, and vice versa. This requires a special type of relationship to create, and is worth waiting for. Therefore, it is recommended that those wishing ascending partnerships intend it so, and then allow such a relationship to manifest, and take it slow allowing all of the energetic changes associated to be brought forth a little at a time.


Some partnerships in the form of long-term marriages may have bonds not suited to a “couple’s ascension”. Perhaps one party can only ascend to 1,800 and the other can move on to 3,000. With such vibrational differences, there is no possibility of creating a divine union dance between the two in the form of shared sexual energy. Instead, each carves a sovereign journey, and often sexual-exchanges are minimal to none under such a circumstance. As one masters 3,000 and completes with such a partner, one is free to leave and create a new ascending partnership of greater compatibility if one so chooses.


Chi Energy Flow and Conscious Breath


Magnetic chi is gathered from the ley lines of the Earth and drawn up into the grid work of the ascending form in a continuous energy movement. This movement begins in the ascent around 800 segments, and becomes more and more present each phase of ascension thereafter. The chi moves up the right side of the etheric body through all meridians therein, up over the top of the head, and down the left side of the body through all meridians therein in a continuous flow. Such flow follows the in-breath and out-breath of the form and is connected to “conscious breathing”.


Most humans lost the ability to consciously breathe or the ability to direct chi through the meridians of the form about 17,000 years ago. The cause? It appears that the knowledge had been bartered away to the dark forces in some of the last known incomplete ascensions.


As one breathes in deeply, the breath should call the chi up the right side of the form energizing the meridians therein. As one exhales, the chi is pushed down the left side of the form energizing the meridians therein. Often symptoms of tiredness in ascension are transcended as one simply retrains the body to consciously breathe again. This can be done by taking a 15-30 minutes-walk for seven straight days in which one breathes in every two steps and out every two steps. One will reprogram one’s own field to collect chi in synchronization with the in-breath and out-breath in so doing. This reprogramming is required in order to transcend 800 segments of DNA and master 1,024. Many ascending humans who suffer from deep bouts of tiredness so great that they slept most of the day and were unable to work have transcended such patterning through this simple reprogramming technique.


At 3,000 segments, one will require breathing in deeply and exhaling every so many minutes to maintain one’s vibration over the course of the day. The autonomic nervous system should cause the deep breath without one’s awareness. However, humans are used to shallow breathing; also, if one goes into fear, one generally leaves the body (un-grounds) and shallow breathes. In so doing, one also then fails to collect the chi that one requires to hold one’s vibration, and one begins to sink or fracture. In such moments, breathe in deeply and exhale many times in a row. One will rapidly pull oneself out of whatever one has hit in so doing. The act of breathing aligns one in present time and anchors soul in the form. It is soul that then proceeds to release the karma and direct the field to transcend whatever patterning one has hit in the act of ascension.


One will see the chi energy movement in one’s auric photo. If the chi energy is moving properly, there will be a band of clear energy that runs up the right and down the left side allowing one’s face to be visible through the colors of one’s auric field. One can have periodic aura pictures taken to allow one to gage one’s ascent. If there is a great amount of white energy, this is a sign of electrical chi and potentially one may be creating a matrix-based ascension. If the field is filled with the Language of Light pastel tones, this is a sign of a magnetic ascension.


Generally, the chi will continue to move as one sleeps. One will have a rhythmic in-breath and out-breath that will occur every so many minutes to sustain one’s vibration and the flow of chi throughout the etheric vessel. Most ascending initiates snore loudly. The snoring is a sign of the return of conscious breath during one’s dreamtime non-waking hours, and is necessary to sustaining one’s vibration. Therefore, techniques and products to reduce snoring are not recommended for ascending initiates.


The 12-Chakra System of the Bodhisattva


The 12 Chakra System was written about earlier in Chapter 3. For the sake of review, we are going to repeat this information with a few additions in this chapter. Up through the ascent to 3000, initiates retain a 7 Chakra System. Beginning at 4,200 DNA segments, the 12-chakra system begins to be born with the budding of the diaphragm chakra between the third or solar plexus and fourth or heart chakra.


Around 5,000 segments, the occipital chakra buds along with 24 petals in the heart, pelvic and crown lotuses. The lotus pattern in the heart passes around the human hologram, and it is at this point that one begins to access holographic knowledge in one’s ascension. The occipital chakra provides a chakra to govern one’s dream, which sits behind the neck after 3,000 segments is mastered in one’s ascent. The occipital chakra directs the dream and dream weaving for one’s life dance and ascension thereafter.


By initiation 6000, the pituitary, pineal and male and female chakras open. These new chakras in particular govern the energetic movement of the field to a far more refined state allowing most mechanized moving energy systems to be dismantled. Mechanization is the result of electrical and radioactive tones of creation in a magnetic system, which creates straight-line movement. Straight-line movement is similar to the circuit boards humans are familiar with in computer systems. Magnetic energy in contrast is rotational in nature and requires soul to spin. Mechanized energy movement requires not soul and will continue to move endlessly at whatever pace the circuitry has been programmed to function at. Mechanized energy can be equated with non-consciousness as a result.


The field of the Bodhisattva is too delicate to be run with machines and sustain a state of balance. Furthermore, the very language that is electrical must be transcended and transmuted in full by 6,000 segments in order to master Bodhisattva level of evolution. This requires over 90% of the straight-line movement remaining at 3,000 segments to be dismantled in the initiations that follow. As initiates release the machines and electrical thoughtform associated, the new chakras open in their place allowing for soul to spin the field instead of machines.


12 Chakra System


1st Chakra – Grounding Chakra


This chakra begins under the feet and is for purposes of grounding soul into form. This chakra has multiple energy components and moves around the field in a complex system of rotation to keep soul anchored in the center of the form and field or subtle bodies. This chakra includes the feet, knees and hips along with root chakra and seven sets of chakras that extend from the feet to the Aurora in the center of Earth.


2nd Chakra – Pelvic or Sexual Energy Chakra


This chakra begins in the pelvis but includes a complex energy flow known as sexual energy and kundalini. The kundalini runs up the spine through the nervous system, and the sexual energy is a set of triple lotuses that rotate through the hips and under the feet, between the hips and heart region, and from the heart over the head. While anchoring, the sexual energy may expand to include a region of a mile or more as needed for world service purposes, or while teaching and healing. This chakra also continues to allow the emotional body to relay emotions to the form and then transfers the emotions to the heart via the sexual energy flow.


The pelvic chakra region also expands to contain a center for soul and the information related to one’s tapestry of ancestry. Such information is now held by soul rather than inside of the form to deter against manipulations therein. Soul holds the ancestral information and sits inside of a new cavity about the size of a quarter in the pelvis, and transmits the necessary lineage information as needed for karmic release purposes, along with gathering new ancestral information as it is released inside of the scar tissue or decay of the form during the act of resurrection to the healing temples for ascension.


Pelvic Lotus


There is a lotus that opens in the second chakra region. This lotus extends outwards up to 100 feet around an initiate. The lotus energizes the lower half of the grid work to sustain the grounding to the center of the Earth. The lotus opens to a total 250 petals that work together in groups of 12, as the blueprint to 6,000 is embodied 100% in the physical.


3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus or Power Chakra


This chakra governs power and includes a complex energy flow that sustains the boundaries around the etheric body of the form, the chakras, the subtle bodies, along with the light body and global chakras. It is from the power center that one’s group agreements for interactions with all others along with the new consensus for ascension are stored, and one commands what can and cannot dance with one’s field.


4th Chakra – Diaphragm or Breath of Life Chakra


This chakra governs the diaphragm and conscious breath. Conscious breath is not only a developed diaphragm that can convert oxygen to sugar upon a biological level, but is also an energy flow through the field in which the chi and fire are distributed as originating from the heart and soul region through the grid work, chakras and subtle body of the form.


5th Chakra – Heart Chakra


The heart center governs the ongoing communication of soul and body through the communication centers of the form. Such communication centers gather information from all four subtle bodies along with soul and guidance along with angels and then communicate such to the consciousness or subconscious of the form. The subconscious is one’s dreamtime reality while asleep.


At this time and due to changes in the map for ascension as 6,000 DNA segments is embodied roughly 30% in the physical, the akashic records and biological records are moved inside of the heart chakra to the soul cavity. The soul sits in a cavity, which encompasses portions of both the right and left side of the heart. Soul retains such records passing them to the form and devas as necessary in the act of ascension. This too assists in bypassing the manipulations inherent in having such records outside of the form and in the neck region.


Heart Lotus


The complex energy flow of a multi-petal lotus buds in the initiations to 6,000 that continues to grow in size as one reaches full consciousness to contain 1,000 petals. At 6,000 segments, one has 1/4 of the petals fully formed or roughly 250 petals flowing in sets of 12 that are interrelated much like a flower. This complex set of flower-like patterns allows soul to bless Earth and all with whom one comes into contact as one has agreed upon. Such petals and their energy movement will extend as far as 1,000 feet from the form.


6th Chakra – Throat Chakra


This chakra governs the communication that causes exchanges of energy between humans or between the communication planes of Earth and one’s form. This too is a complex flow of energy that involves ongoing and constant communication of intent for the purposes of one’s continued ascension or manifestation of one’s soul’s purpose in the physical.


7th Chakra – Occipital Region of Head


This chakra governs the dream that initiates weave in the initiations to 3,000. By 6,000 segments, the dream is large enough to suspend a 10-foot egg shaped energy flow in the back of the neck. It is the occipital chakra that governs and directs the energy flow of the dream of the Bodhisattva.


The occipital chakra also sustains the chi of the entire field in balance. The requirement of chi in a crystalline form and crystalline grid work is far greater than prior times in one’s life dance, and therefore an entire chakra now is dedicated to monitoring such energy movement so that all parts of the form are equally energized to sustain the life and well-being of the cells.


In the physical, the occipital region contains the brain stem which governs the autonomic nervous system that keeps the blood moving, the heart beating, the intestinal tract moving, the digestive system moving, the lymph moving and so on. Such biological systems are related to the movement of chi in the grid work of the form as governed by this new chakra.


8th Chakra – Pineal Gland


This chakra collects chi from the sun and light and transcribes it into the necessary vibrations to sustain one’s form and energize the grid work adequately to sustain one’s level of evolution. Taking the time each day with eyes closed and facing the sun while intending to absorb the energy into the grid work will consciously activate the 8th chakra to gather chi and transfer it to the 4th chakra region to be distributed throughout the field and form. If one feels excessively tired, going into the sun is a good practice and shall help to re-energize the entire field and etheric body. It only requires generally 20 minutes of direct exposure of sunlight to fulfill upon the chi requirements of a form at 6,000 segments of DNA.


In ancient times, eating was less necessary. Humans gathered their chi from the sun through such practices. In ascension temples, such temples were often in places of ongoing sunlight for such purposes of adding more chi to fuel one’s expansion. One may find it less necessary to eat as much or as often through this practice, however, one’s cravings for certain food substances will still follow the biological needs for transmutative purposes of ascension.


9th Chakra – Pituitary Gland


This chakra governs the small chakras that exist throughout the grid work of the etheric body. One is forever opening new meridians and chakras as yet other parts of the grid work are opened and re-energized as one ascends. After initiation 6,000 is embodied to 30% in the physical, a chakra to manage the small sub-chakras and meridian system throughout the grid work becomes necessary, and this is the purpose of the 9th chakra.


In the physical, the pituitary gland is the master gland that manufactures and monitors all ascension substances throughout the form. It is in constant contact with the brain stem and thymus to assure that the form has the right amount of each chemical necessary to continue to transmute the body in ascension.


10th Chakra – Crown Chakra


This chakra is one’s master library of spiritual knowledge. Often times, the brain is so debilitated in the current limitation of form that more knowledge is stored in the nonphysical brain than in the physicality of the form. Yet through channeling one may access such nonphysical knowledge and speak it as needed in one’s life role.


In essence, Asur’Ana understood years ago that the ascension would take too long to bring totally into the physical structure. However, as a gifted channel, one can express the wisdom without the large heads of one’s ancient ancestors and the brain that was contained therein; this allows the wisdom of the Bodhisattva to be expressed for the purposes of teaching, healing or leading. This has worked so successfully for her that this has become a part of the map to Bodhisattva for all others to follow.


The 10th chakra is a complex energy flow that includes up to 1,000 chakras that connect the Bodhisattva to one’s source and sustains the connection through ongoing movement of energy. Often initiates feel disconnected and it is not unusual to have the chakras above the head shattered in a karmic exchange. One rebuilds their system nightly during recasting due to karmic encounters to allow one to continue to ascend.


Crown Lotus


Much like the heart and pelvic region, a multi-petal lotus opens in the crown as 6,000 is embodied to 30% in the physical. These petals grow to be 250 petals in number as one embodies 6,000 100% to blueprint and allows for greater ongoing communication between one’s source and soul and one’s physical form and consciousness.


11th Chakra – Right Telepathic Channel – Male Side


This chakra governs information received through telepathic communication with the non-physical realms. Sometimes such communication will come through in direct channeling rather than be “heard” in one’s mind or ear. However, an entire chakra to govern nonphysical communication is created by initiation 6000, as it is embodied 30% in the physical to allow greater conscious dreamtime awareness. This chakra shall allow each to become more attuned to the nonphysical planes surrounding Earth, along with Mother Earth and all kingdoms therein, for the purposes of sharing, communion, and guidance.


This chakra along with the 12th chakra also governs the masculine and feminine side of the vibrations one holds along with energy movement in the form. There is an ongoing exchange of energies between the right and left side or masculine and feminine side of the etheric body, subtle bodies along with each chakra region. This chakra along with the 12th chakra retains the balance on the right and left side of the form in all energy flow therein.


12th Chakra – Left Telepathic Channel – Female Side


This chakra governs the transference of all records and information of one’s personal ascension to Earth’s archives and the temple of human ancestry in an ongoing basis. This chakra also is anchored by initiation 6,000 as it is embodied 30% into the physical. This increased pace of ascension has one releasing records day and night and this chakra governs this purpose to allow the relay to be 24 hours per day rather than strictly during recasting in dreamtime. One can liken this to the fact that one begins to be continuously recast after initiation 6,000 by one’s soul and source.


Chakras 11 and 12 work together to retain balance between the masculine and feminine sides of the form along with one’s life dance, or movement between times of beingness and outward moving activity. In meditation time, these chakras expand allowing a greater connection to one’s source.


The Etheric Body


The etheric body releases all electrical based ties in the ascent from 3,000 to 6,000 segments. This requires all ownership signatures to be released in full. Ownership signatures originated in the incomplete ascensions of the false gods or ascended masters. Each of such incomplete ascensions utilized the matrixes to attempt to move to the next dimension; the matrixes were blended with the grid work of such ascending masters through a particular tone and energy movement. As the ascending master grew in size, the tone and energy movement associated with the matrixes grew and grew, connecting their following into the matrixes. The chi of the following was stripped to foster the ascent of the guru. It is for this reason that upon the ascent of such humans, most of the closest following died. This is how ownership signatures came to be.


As enough humans ascended in this manner, the associated signatures that allowed for a relationship to the matrixes became global thoughtform. Because electrical tones were inherent in the matrixes, electrical thoughtform became prevalent. It is electrical thoughtform that causes extremes in polarity such as good and evil, right and wrong, and so on. It was through such ascensions that humanity fell into dogma as a way of relating. The matrixes and dogma or anti-matter are all related, as the electrical thoughtform that humanity relies upon today is founded upon the vibration of antimatter. Antimatter bores holes in matter and causes aging, illness, disease and death.


Long ago, Dara from the Order of Dari brought through 27 signatures associated with incomplete ascensions and related to electrical thoughtform. Please see the “Ownership Signatures” chart at the end of this chapter. Most initiates will find that they are related from one to eight of these signatures. All attachment into the etheric body will have one to eight of these signatures sustaining the attachment in place. One may utilize the Language of Light to dissolve the ownership signatures bored into the etheric body which will have the effect of releasing the associated attachment.


Attachment is also related to disease machinery. Disease machinery is a lower octave of the matrixes for all intents and purposes. In essence, ascending initiates long ago who created the most incomplete ascensions created a link between the matrixes and their following by enhancing the disease machinery of Innana and Merduk had created in their warfare upon one another. It was through the connection to their following’s grid work through the disease machinery that the incomplete ascension of such gurus was launched; it was also through such a connection that the following became disease and ultimately died, sacrificing themselves for their guru.


The ascent to Bodhisattva requires the disengagement from all disease machinery and matrixes along with electrical attachment to people, places or objects. Such grid work is then rewoven inside of the etheric body to allow the related portions of the form that have decayed or scarred to become crystalline. Bodhisattva level initiates transcend all electrical thoughtform as the last ownership signature is released within the etheric body and the related grid work rewoven within.


As electrical thoughtform is transcended, extreme polarity is also transcended as a part of the life dance. This makes possible a joyful life expression that is devoid of the pain, anger, and fear associated with electricity. One will also confront one’s desire to die, for the ascent to Bodhisattva requires the transcendence of death and the emergence of a regenerative biology that does not age. Therefore, initiates will also confront their fear of death, and in the transcendence, master compassion in action along with a regenerative biological blueprint.


The Subtle Bodies


The subtle bodies of the Bodhisattva level initiate become larger in size and more greatly refined and balanced than in the ascent to 3,000. By and large, initiates mastering Bodhisattva must learn to have equal sized subtle bodies in order to sustain enough balance in any given day. It is often as one or more subtle bodies deflate in energy that the field of the initiate begins to wobble. Therefore, it is good practice to balance the subtle bodies during meditation and synthesis time, intending each to have equal proportions of chi.


As the Bodhisattva learns to hold all four subtle bodies in equal size, weight and chi, compassion is mastered. Compassion is a state of being in which one feels, perceives, and intuits, languages and expresses or creates concurrently. Judgment is the result of a split between mental and emotional, along with intuitive and creative energies. As mental, emotional, intuitive and creative are equally weighted and balanced, one learns to function out of compassion with all others and all other life forms.


The Light Body


The light body of the Bodhisattva expands around initiation 5,500 to become an integrity symbol, or in other terms a second triple sphere is added above the first one, and the two sets of triple spheres rotate around one another creating a yet larger energy flow. The light body is a body double, and holds a larger version of the etheric body and all chakras. It is the light body that one can travel within during dreamtime for meetings or the purposes of researching information surrounding one’s ascent. Due to the misuse of light body travel amongst ascending initiates, light body movement has been restricted in recent months to the bare minimum required to ascend, and special escorts are required to disengage from the etheric vessel.


It is the light body that gathers photonic energy emanating from the Great Central Sun and utilizes such energy to rotate the larger chakras that sustain one’s global auric field. The auric field of the Bodhisattva expands to be outside of the moon’s orbit, boarding upon becoming solar in nature. It is also the light body that acts as a bridge for information from one’s soul, oversoul and source to the physical vessel and consciousness of the form.




Earth hopes that this information gives each initiate an adequate idea of the energetic changes leading to Bodhisattva level evolution. Understand that the path to Bodhisattva is only partially carved. The map to 3,000 in comparison is complete enough to release to the map followers as of this month. Therefore, there will be additional changes to the field and form as the map carvers continue to carve the map to Bodhisattva for all of humanity to follow.


The field of those attaining full consciousness or beyond is 18 times more complex than the field of the Bodhisattva, and 18 additional energy systems to support a universal sized energy flow. It is for this reason that it is unrealistic to believe that one has attained such a state of being to date. Perhaps one will be able to discern more effortlessly now where one is within one’s own path of ascension based upon the information shared.


New Chakra System 1 (Initiation 1800) in PDF


New Chakra System 2 (Initiation 1800) in PDF


Global Chakra System (Initiation 1800) in PDF


New Chakra System 1 (Initiation 3000) in PDF


New Chakra System 2 (Initiation 3000) in PDF


Global Chakra System (Initiation 3000) in PDF


Digestive System in PDF


Kundalini and Sexual Energy Movement in PDF


Chi Energy Movement in PDF


Energy Field of Bodhisattva in PDF


Ownership Signatures in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE

Chakras 1 (Initiation 1800)

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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



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