Image of exquisite yellow and pink roses. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1


Section 3: Baba Lore Introduction


Self Realization Mastery Fables


Baba fables are mastery tales associated with eastern tradition of self realizing itself through time. Baba is a force of transfiguration and transfusion of light synthesis motion of eastern stature of self. Many in the west foster eastern stature of self in a context of spiritual mastery in the life. Eastern lore depicts the magic of the journey of the two, three or many through time. Eastern lore is superlative in the quality of light motions synthesized through time. Superlative light motions trigger beautiful dreams to be fostered in life and with others.


The Baba lore of fate

Is a superlative dream

Of a life of mastery

Of spirit into matter

In a sojourn of truth

In a synthesis of self

Realizing itself through time

In a story of magical

Influences and affluences

Fostered in the one

Or the many


In the love of the love within,

Asur’Ana and Per



The Fable of the Rose


The Unfolding of a Sublime Mastery Life


The Roses of You


The roses of you

Unfolds as the petals of self

Blossoming within

In the care of my soul

In a rapturous moment

That dreams of the love of the two

As an effervescent stance of spirit

In a crescendo of the divine

In an accolade of notions

Of the preciousness of each

Fostered through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Fate


The Baba mastery tales of truth are a formation of dream for those in spiritual mastery life lore fables of fate. Lore fables oscillate a notion of the divine so that the focus of spirit unfolds into matter. All life dreams are lore fables of fate. Most lore fables today are habitually associated with dating, mating, procreation and fostering life at home, at work or in the community. Humans in demonic fanfare are primarily interested in primal focuses of life and death matters of dream. Life and death issues of lore fables fade as mastery takes flight within. Life and death are forces of internal strife to be transfused through in self realizing itself through time. Mastery fables direct dreams of those self-realizing alone or in partnerships of the divine.


The fables of Yogananda and Baba lore catch upon each who is mastering ascension or above levels of development. Mastery fables are present only in about ten thousand incarnations at this time. Mastery fables of self-realizing itself are due to increase into thresholds of two hundred thousand incarnates in the coming fifteen years. Those realizing self-mastering itself are to postulate a healing of the planet to avoid a nuclear travesty of humankind. Humans that master foster a global level of hypothesis that redirects the human dream into peace, fortitude, renewal, care of the heart and community endeavors in which each is supported through time along with the whole.


Mastery fables can accolade into self-development and realization of self-hypothesis of the divine in development of a Yogi. Yogi consciousness is a mastery level of fate of its own amongst those who can develop visspa and vesspa mindset in the physical. Yogi consciousness does foster a separation from physical systems of third dimensional thoughtform and into transcendental states of being. Yogi consciousness is to expand in the coming cycle to aid the planet in anchoring a light synthesis motion global wide. The development of a Yogi is a very difficult and personal path within.


The Path of the Yogi


Many die attempting to foster the path of a yogi realized within him or herself. The requirement to confront death and dying and difficult fear-based systems of plight in the human consensus dreams is one of the difficulties for any Yogi to face within. Yogi consciousness transcends all third dimensional systems of plight or laws of existence through time. Out of yogi consciousness, a new fostering is born for the whole in which the strife of the current human accolade of dream may be transcended for the planet. The Yogi is present in pure global service unto the Dao and Tao of the planet and each human incarnate, including the whole of the world.


The path of the yogi is only one of six paths of self-realization. The other paths are less transcendental in stature of development. There is the path of the saint that fosters compassionate awareness through time. There is the path of service unto the divine that fosters divine awareness. There is the path of fostering the divine that causes creative aspirations that serve others realizing self. There is the path of nomenclature that fosters expression of artistic qualities in divine orchestrations of self. There is the path of truth that fosters sustenance of medicine practices of divine ordering of self.


The Coming Age of Enlightenment


At this time seven hundred Yogis are planned to be fostered by the global Tao and Dao to offset world war and a nuclear cycle of extinction ahead. The yogis developed will act in unison to alter the human dreams for the whole through time. There may be as many as one thousand attempts fostering seven hundred successes of Yogi level development in the coming eighteen-year cycle. There are also seven hundred each of the other paths of self-realization planned to be fostered ahead. The path of realization is to expand the awareness of the human kingdom into an age of enlightenment. The enlightenment will trigger a restructuring of human civilization into a spiritual focus of deep compassion for each and the whole.


The coming age of enlightenment shall foster an international peace dream that will offset the journey into nuclear extinction in the dreams of humanity ahead. The lore fables of Yogananda and Baba are presented to heighten the motion of mastery dreams to offset a potentially difficult future. We bless each self-development in the making along with each level of mastery required in the wheel of possibility for the journey towards divine enlightenment within and upon the planet. Enlightenment is personal and collective. Self realizing itself has many levels of development that each fostering mastery contributes unto the whole of a template of worldwide realization.


Physical Realization and Development       


There are many realizations that develop in the nonphysical but not into the physical foray of human dreams. Physical realization requires mindset development and a flux of the flowers of self in the cortex of the brain. Physical realizations are needed to aid in the redemption of the human dreams of plight facing the physical world at this time. Nonphysical developments cannot offset physical problems in any era. Physical development begins with ascension levels of mastery. Ascension levels of mastery cannot offset global cause and effect. Ascension into mindset development and self-realizing itself is required to offset global cause and effect to offset collective dreams of human strife.


Physical development of self-realizing itself is a fostering of nerve and cortex growth into new DNA that forms synapse functions that think in divine concepts of self. Divine concepts heighten awareness of the nonphysical into a sublime motion of field that ignites a galaxy of stars around the physical. Mastery quotients of ascension or self-development do not ignite a galaxy of stars surrounding the field.


It is only developments into realization levels of divine postulation that cause the self of the self to ignite into a formation of the equinox through which realization is fostered into light motions of self. Light motions of self have the capacity to divert world fate into new dreams that are peaceful and nurturing unto the whole. The physical development of many realizations is a much needed stanza of hope for the human kingdom at this time.


Babaji also known as Baba is a transfusion lore being that has fostered transcendental or realization of self states of mastery in ninety lifetimes in incarnate form beginning over eight thousand years ago. Babaji is an anonym for divine fostering of self realizing itself through time. The many incarnations of Babaji lore of fate ignite a divine key to foster realization levels fosterings through time. Babaji is not a single human but a composite of many humans of male and female compositions of many cultures through time. Not all of Babaji transfusion lifetimes hosted the name Babaji or Baba in the physical. Baba or Babaji is a nonphysical stature of name that is adapted to foster realization of self into the lore keeping of humanity.


The Lore of the Rose     


The lore of the rose is an unfolding of spirit into matter that fosters creative expression in the life. The rose is one who syncopates a rhythm of spirit to express in many possibilities through time. The expression of the rose may occur through fostering musical compositions as a singer, songwriter or composer. The life of a rose can foster stage or drama presentations that intrigue others through time. The life of a rose fosters artistic expressions in any venue of medium that is superlative in stature of light motion. The light motions of the rose foster interest and abundant status of financial dreams as the artistic expression unfolds. The rose is a fostering of an artisan of self. The art caused refracts light, blessing the spirit unto each who enjoys the expression of the rose of self through time.


The lore of the rose often fosters partnership experiences of the divine expression of a twin flame union or counterpart lore union in life. The love of the two fosters the artistic expression of each in the care of one another through time. Sometimes the lore of the rose fosters twin or triad systems of self in the birth of a child, but not always. The following stories exemplify the fostering of the lore of the rose in a life happenstance of fate. Story telling is an age-old means of describing lore fables fostered in a life of mastery and it is for this cause that the Yogananda Arcana and Baba articles of truth are expressed in this manner through Asur’Ana. Asur’Ana is a gifted story teller of the sublime realizing itself through time.


The Superlative Voice   


Oriana is a gorgeous and buxom stewardess of herself. She fosters her life in the caretaking of divine children. In her care are three babies of divine interests of sacred life form as fostered in the region. She cherishes the little ones with adept syncopation of light motion that delight them into gurgles and smiles most of the day. The parents are delighted as they pick up their child until the home becomes a disaster at night due to a restless notion of non-sleep and non-rest tiring each through time. Some parents choose for another nanny and a few new parental offspring find their way into Oriana’s care of the sublime nuances of the young self. Her spiritual teacher Denholm is mesmerized by Oriana’s capacity to foster children through time. He feels that her preoccupation does not serve her or the mindset of the children in the long haul.


Denholm is interested in Oriana as a concubine of himself without marital keys. He knows what he desires and is realizing self of the self within. Oriana is not attracted although she discovers Denholm’s wit a helpful and humorous exploration of her life dramas. She attracts many men who foster her for a time and then depart at her own whim. Oriana has a stage presence all of her own. Over time, a night club owner fosters a short-term union with Oriana and discovers her aptitude of voice. He encourages her to practice with a local music group in need of a singer. Oriana loves the drama of her life as she shifts gears from nanny by day into mistress of the song at night.


Oriana’s wardrobe costs her a bundle but the owner of the night club, Royston, pays for it due to her need for a superlative presence on stage and some tantric motions he enjoys at night. He is repeatedly seduced into purchase new ensembles that he enjoys both on stage and in the boudoir of herself. Soon Oriana has fostered eight gowns and wishes to have Royston purchase the ninth. She procures the beaded gown from a local boudoir of the rich and famous and models it for Royston much to his delight of himself and not his pocketbook. He chooses not to foster a ninth gown for her as eight is enough for all the performances in his opinion.


Oriana fosters another boyfriend of the moment to purchase the gown nonetheless after an encounter in her boudoir. Soon she departs this union as he is not quite wealthy enough to provide for her so that she can pursue her singing career full time. She carries on in an intermittent union with Royston who fosters her career and beauty within. Her stage presence grows in increasing superlative light formations attracting many more into her life.


A wealthy gentleman Ignacious arises to court Oriana that pays her ample attention with roses, champagne and moonlit nights that cascade into the dawn of his delight. The two romance and swoon while Oriana endlessly entertains and delights Ignacious in himself. She is the spotlight of his attention apart from a wife and three children along with four other concubines he visits from time to time in his travels. The night club keeps Oriana busy enough in between Ignacious’ frequent visits. Oriana is far enough away from the homestead of the spouse for Ignacious to financially support. Oriana relishes in a life of not a nanny and with the bounty of a fine quarters of apartment in one of his chalets in the region. She is treated to a weekend renderous every few months with Ignacious who increasingly delights in her presence.


Ignacious is not the best of lovers but is a delightful consort always presenting himself in a space of the care of the feminine. He fosters Oriana more than any other concubine as he adores her appearance, aplomb of music and also her humor and wit. Oriana appreciates Ignacious very much but also longs for a twin flame romance that delights her senses. She fosters this in between his somewhat frequent visits and without his awareness. One twin flame falls in love with Oriana and she finds Sholom very caring but unable to afford her upkeep. She chooses to move him into her quarters in between Ignacious’ visits. As the time rolls around for a visit, she moves Sholom in with a friend until he departs.


Sholom returns a little early one time only to discover Ignacious awaiting him. Ignacious has now heard of Sholom’s presence in Oriana’s life due to the maids and butlers that serve him. He claims he is not unhappy about the exchange as long as Sholom is honorable about Oriana. Ignacious has witnessed many concubines into other relationships or marriage or into the birth of a child with himself or others of the heart. He wishes Oriana to succeed at her aplomb of music and not conceive or be burdened with marriage or children at this time.


Ignacious fosters him to depart the union into another liaison of his choice that is more beneficial unto Sholom through time. Oriana is upset by the sudden departure of Sholom as she had so enjoyed his arms in the boudoir of the night following her lavish productions. Ignacious counsels Oriana to be careful about conception and make sure that the man in her life is sincere unto her heart and life purpose and he will foster him too. Oriana is surprised and delighted by Iganacious as the experienced older man in a flair of wisdom in her life.


Ignacious is not un-aplombed at handling his concubines. He showers Oriana with more gifts than he has ever given following Sholom’s departure including a lavish mink coat and ostrich jacket for the stage. He chooses to spend more time in his castle of fate to observe and witness Oriana’s aplomb in her music career.


Ignacious is not an ignorant business man and senses a famous singer on his hands that will also foster more income in the long haul. He chooses to hire voice trainers and new musicians and equipment that fosters the sound and reproduction of Oriana’s voice in the glory of the syncopations of light she fosters as a rose of his heart. The lessons take up so much of Oriana’s time that she is unable to date much. Ignacious departs secure in himself knowing that she may be too busy to foster another lover for a time.


Ignacious makes sure to make love to Oriana every other night while in town to foster a child in the care of his own heart. She does conceive but aborts with the aid of an adroit medicine woman. Ignacious learns of the abortion through the maid and butlers of his castle. He is upset as the child could be a beautiful offspring of mellifluous notions of self.


He confronts Oriana who claims she is too busy to foster a child and all the dance and voice lessons and new music productions fostered locally. The group is performing six nights per week and soon to take flight in a journey of performances in another neighboring region. Ignacious desires to foster her music by himself and not with the help of other agents for his own flavor of abundance. He fosters a series of productions that sells out time and time again. Oriana is luscious on the stage and in his boudoir after each performance.


As the performances subside, Ignacious makes love to Oriana every other night yet again. This time she aplombs at non-conception due to a formula of herbs from the medicine woman. Ignacious desires her to conceive as he is growing older and is in need of the sustenance of yet another child. His wife has three children near grown. His three other concubines each produced one child for him of varying years of age. Ignacious longs for another little one with Oriana. Her buxom beauty is just too much not to desire a child of his heart with her. She does again conceive and Ignacious convinces her to bear the child. She agrees as long as there are three full time nannies, and that she will not bear another, and then will foster her music career to its fullest to follow.


The pregnancy renews Oriana into a more beautiful femme fatale than before. Blossom is born a beautiful baby girl of dark hair and beautiful eyes with eyelashes not unlike Oriana. Ignacious is delighted. He hires two nannies to keep Oriana from fostering temper tantrums due to the confines of breast feeding and the cries of a young child needing to be fed in the night. She tries to foster the theory of the gifted nanny that she was but to no success. She finally is referred to one nanny, Maeve, who can cause Blossom to smile and gurgle all the time.


Oriana chooses to retain her more than the others paying her double just for her success at soothing the baby. Maeve is not beautiful and appreciates the added income for a time. Ignacious is less present now that he has achieved his goal of a child of his heart. Oriana is left with the responsibilities of parenthood in addition to her budding music career. She fosters as much staff as she needs at Ignacious’ expense until he baulks at the monthly costs. This is just too much he concludes.


Oriana is not sublime in her needs. She purchases many lavish ensembles due to weight gain to foster her career. She is now appearing in one of the most prestigious night clubs and begins to foster some income of her own. Oriana puts none of her income into the household budget and spends her earnings upon her hair, make up, clothes and jewelry. She grows to be the most gorgeous buxom long-haired presence on stage ever.


The rose unfolds and soon she produces an award-winning stage presence that fosters Oriana into fame. A photo shoot is fostered and Oriana is outrageous as always. Ignacious is a bit upset with a centerspread photo of her in lingerie of his choice depicting her beautiful cleavage with a diamond broach given unto her from his mother. Oriana is just as ostentatious as always, he thinks, but he is not pleased. He confiscates the broach as it is a family heirloom and Oriana is not surprised.


Ignacious begins to object to all the roses, champagne, and other gifts of the night that are offered unto Oriana following performances. He knows she will have many affairs soon and does not desire this experience of motherhood for his beautiful daughter of the heart. Perhaps Ignacious has received what he really desires through time in the birth of his lovely daughter if not his affair with Oriana. He chooses to motion Oriana into an apartment of her own and offers her a moderate income to sustain herself for three years. Oriana is upset at first but fosters many men of wealth into her boudoir that can sustain her in the style of herself. Igancious moves aside. Oriana visits her daughter weekly at first, and then motions into another castle of another man of wealth, diminishing her presence significantly through time as a mother of non-fate.


Oriana fosters many lovers and chooses never to conceive and fosters surgery in support of her goal. Men come and go and her stage presence escalates into a big production that also wins awards as the best play and lead singer, songwriter and actress of the year. Oriana is fostered again into the limelight of the night of her life.


An international tour is arranged by an adroit production company. Oriana chooses to foster the journey but desires her accommodations to be more lavish than the production can afford. One of her wealthier partners, Enrico, gifts a large sum so that she can stay at other hotels in her sojourn of fame. Enrico visits her frequently in between performances and witnesses her aplomb on stage and with much appreciation for her adept capacity to act and sing. He lavishes her with gifts and she returns the bounty in the boudoir of herself.


Oriana returns home as the tour completes only to meet her twin flame. Øyvind is gorgeous and young but of a wealthy family of the region. The family is not happy with Øyvind’s choice of women through time. Oriana is yet another one of a glamorous nature to seduce a very loving spirit such as Øyvind. Dracalan is the family spiritual teacher and fosters Øyvind greatly. He corners Oriana following a performance and asks her not to break his heart. Øyvind is young and inexperienced with life and the journey of someone like her is not in his best interest. Dracalan feels that Øyvind is meant for someone closer to his age and stature in life ahead and needs to be fostered in this direction.


Oriana listens but feels a deep and sincere care of the heart like no other with Øyvind. She desires to witness him to expand into his life capabilities not as a wife but as a courtesan of fame. Dracalan is not sure that this is the best future for Øyvind. Oriana feels broken hearted when Øyvind makes his own choice to study at a university far away. Dracalan feels that this is best to offset other problems in his heart and life ahead otherwise. Øyvind meets his twin flame at school and the two marry rapidly conceiving a child of their own. Oriana hears of the marriage ceremony and feels even more broken hearted than before. Her aplomb upon the stage no longer fulfills her heart as it once had earlier in her career. She longs for a twin flame of her own and possibly more mature and in her own age range that could be a lifetime mate.


Wilmer does arise into her life as a gorgeous counterpart unto Oriana. He is handsome and equally gifted on stage and in his voice of melodious fruition of self. The two choose to foster duets. The fame of Oriana catches upon Wilmer and the two cause a tour with a superlative orchestra in fourteen regions the year to follow. Oriana is in love with Wilmer and his beauty catches upon her as the light of delight that caresses the senses of the audience. The two grow into popularity greater than Oriana knew alone. Wilmer is somewhat younger and has not had children. He desires a child greatly. Oriana at first does not confess her incapacity to conceive. She woos Wilmer into the moonlit night and through sunrise many times. Her daughter Blossom visits and Wilmer finds himself smitten with her more than Oriana.


The two falls in love as twin flames of the heart and quickly marry. Oriana is heartbroken at the turn of the events. The two foster a rapid conception of the three as twin flames of care. Oriana continues to foster productions with Wilmer nonetheless to sustain her lifestyle. The beauty of herself is less lively than before and sometimes noticeably sad upon stage. She begins to sing very melancholy music through time. Oriana ceases to foster many affairs of the heart. Wilmer and Blossom retreat with their little family to another region and Oriana falls into deep depression within.


Oriana meets a suitor more her age that appreciates her stature in life and the fostering of her stage presence. Nomoo is a handsome count from another region that desires a mate of poise in his later years and following the death of his wife. He proposes to Oriana who must depart the stage to blossom as a countess in his region. She chooses for the marriage out of the desire of care of the heart more than the choice to become the countess. She does however aplomb at the role with the stage presence of a star of her heart. The two fosters one another through time, and Oriana discovers the care of the heart she has longed for her entire life as a destiny of the two.


The Dancer of Fate        


Jalessy is a gifted dancer and artisan of self. She decorates her slender silhouette in a fashionable yoga genre of style. Jalessy is gorgeous as she motions across the dance floor to superlative acoustic music. She floats and caresses the stage and audience in divine grace. Jalessy attracts many men but mostly introspects in herself due to a highly spiritual nature of mastery focus of self realizing itself. Few men appeal as she prefers the softness of the feminine and chooses for a superlative gay partnership through time. Men abound and the feminine is unaware of her desire for a female partnership. In time she reveals her perspective upon life, and the men continue to admire her beauty, but abate an attempted partnership script.


Jalessy meets Pia one starry night upon a moonlit walk around a lake near her home. Pia is sincere in her interest in Jalessy for a potential partnership. She had heard from others of Jalessy’s nature and chose to foster a connection by the lake instead of common first date occurrences. Jalessy is enchanted with Pia. The two romance and sway together upon the dance floor in the privacy of Pia’s inspiriting and artistic home.


Pia is a gifted store keeper of sacred merchandise for the spiritually fostered. The store is popular and Pia gives classes and consultations in astute clairvoyant and psychological awareness of self. Some students are sincere and others appear to use Pia to depress their darkness upon her. Jalessy points this out but Pia is codependent upon her clientele due to financial need. Jalessy finds herself out of sync and in difficult dreams of strife as a result of her affair with Pia and her practice.


Jalessy manifests an accident in a dance rehearsal twisting her ankle. She is upset but seeks out Pia for support and to witness why she dreamed such a difficult dream given that the performance is only a month away. The two work upon the spiritual cause and effect. An astute healer fosters a rapid recovery of the injury in light wave healing. Jalessy is back on her toes in a week and takes on the leading dance role due to her superlative motions on stage. The audience is larger than usual upon opening night. Jalessy is embraced with the cheers of the crowd at the conclusion.


A celebration party is to follow and Pia is invited. The two wine and dine on beautiful hors d’oeuvres and mingle with others that begin to know of the pair as a new partnership of delight. Pia adorns herself with Jalessy prior in a lavish costume of fate. The costume matches Jalessy’s and is an assemble of hand painted silk with the wings of an egret upon each. The wings align from the front and back between the two as they stand side by side fostering the flavor of light taking flight within the two.


The producer is mesmerized with Pia having had many consultations with her. He fosters another consultation to suggest that maybe she aid those performing in the issues preventing the troupe from expanding their horizons of interest into other regions. Pia takes on the project whole heartedly. Soon she caters to the troupe day and night who desires her advice about most life issues in addition. The attention of so many others that she dances with upon Pia is too much for Jalessy’s highly sensitive nature. She chooses to depart the union for now.


Pia is upset as she feels Jalessy is her twin flame. Jalessy feels this may be so but she cannot afford to become ill. Pia does not back off and attempts to foster Jalessy deeper into her issues of the troupe vs. the union. She feels that the troupe is damaging the union and not herself. Jalessy witnesses the truth in the patterns within and fosters forgiveness into compassion to release what is troubling her. The two court heavily thereafter leading to a commitment and exchange of engagement rings.


The union continues to wear upon Jalessy in spite of the commitment. She chooses to separate with a finale of her own in choosing to motion into another dance troupe in a neighboring region. The move is good for Jalessy and the troupe adores her in many ways. Pia is heartbroken but in time fosters another union ahead. The producer of Jalessy’s new troupe is female and attracted to her too in gay habitat of fate.


Karinne is beautiful and gifted in her productions. The two adore one another and suddenly ignite a twin flame melody within. They caress one another and Jalessy rises to stardom along with the dance troupe. The dance troupe known as Liay’aya (translates into superlative light motion) is melodic and elegant in their presentations. A gifted composer creates new music for each performance. The performances are much like a modern ballet with creative theatrical stage adornments that caress, seduce and enliven the audience. The following grows into syncopated rhythms of the divine that attracts a television presentation of three performances.


The world adores Liay’aya and soon there are requests to create a performance upon many other continents. Karinne is gifted at orchestrating the schedule and hires a travel agent to foster the needs of the troupe in the journey. A year route is planned for the troupe to witness nineteen performances in six regions. Large houses are rented to accommodate the troupe in lieu of expensive hotel happenstance. The troupe forms a bond that is strong and sincere in light motion due to the tight quarters of a live-in circumstance. The stage performances are even more brilliant due to the close care of the heart of the group. Light motions in gold and pink rays of hues bathing the audience in deep and sincere care of the whole.


Jalessy has a very difficult time with the close living quarters with Karinne in a group setting. She desires more private circumstances and only to be with her some days. Karinne feels that separating from the group is also useful. The two choose for other accommodations some of the time. The troupe appreciates the time alone from the director too and her new bond of partnership. For the year, the journey is a success for each. Karinne proposes to Jalessy in the final celebration and in the glory of the high light motions of the last production. The production is filmed and the light is captured surrounding the stage in flowers that are mesmerizing to witness. The effect triggers more interest in the group than prior as the finale is televised unto the world.


Jalessy accepts but chooses to foster retirement from her stage presence to give birth to a child of the heart. Karinne desires to postpone conception for over a year due to another motion to travel with the troupe to yet another continent of interest and in the east. She wishes Jalessy to accompany her and express herself on stage as the lead dancer once again. Jalessy chooses to foster the second year of travel and performances but with the agreement that she will conceive the year to follow. The two decide they must find the right tantric partner of male gender that unites with the two in a delightful light motion of conception the year to follow.


Jalessy has one in mind in the troupe as a possibility. Hendrix is handsome but somewhat feminine in stature and attractive to both herself and Karinne. The year on the road is useful for the pair to foster Hendrix aside from the troupe for their sincere wish to conceive a child. Hendrix is not really interested but will stand up to the task he thinks. Which is to conceive? This he ponders as he desires Karinne more than Jalessy for some cause of her appearance that appeals to his flavor of self.


Karinne makes it clear that it is Jalessy that is to conceive. The Liay’aya troupe concludes its year in an upbeat performance of new music composed by Hendrix who is also a gifted musician. The music motions off the charts in appeal separate from the performance. Hendrix is suddenly ignited into fame with many recording studios and agents of interest appearing upon the scene. He walks off into the sunrise of himself and claims he is no longer interested in conceiving a child with Jalessy or Karinne. The two understand and allow another accord to form to foster just the right triad of motion to conceive a beautiful twin child of their hearts.


Justino is young and a gay male himself and is attracted to Jalessy. He is delicate and delightful in his merriment of self. Jalessy laughs and plays with Justino like no other. Karinne is also inspired by Justino’s beautiful capabilities upon the dance floor. She chooses to make him lead dancer the year to follow so that Jalessy can conceive. The three romance into the evening, igniting a cherished dream of conception of the three, giving birth unto the four.


The three decide to all participate in the raising of the little one of their hearts. The three foster deep care of the heart one night into the twilight of a beautiful sunrise and indeed Jalessy conceives. She is delighted and desires a home of her own to nest now. Karinne is not capable of purchasing a house and fostering the costs of travel of the troupe at the same time. Jalessy chooses to teach local yoga and dance along with stretches for pregnant women in the region, renting a cottage she can mostly afford upon her own.


The cottage is sweet and the baby is near due. Karinne and Justino make sure that the delivery date is one that the troupe is not performing. They return to share in the journey of birth of a beautiful little girl that Jalessy chooses to name Ranha that means “the light of my life” in a sacred language that they know of. All agree that this is the true name of the child as the delivery causes an ecstatic reunion of the three and flows into pain free experience for Jalessy.


Justino is so inspired with little Ranha that he chooses to live in the cottage with Jalessy following the birth. He motions back to the cottage along with Karinne between each performance. Jalessy is appreciative of the support of the needs of a young child. Justino chooses to depart the troupe following his last amazing performance taking over her yoga and stretch classes in the region. The yoga school grows into an inspiriting notion of yoga dance. There is just enough to make it through the first four years in income.


Karinne and the troupe Liay’aya procure a lead performance in a mesmerizing city of deep aplomb of the stage. Repeat performances shall continue for an entire year earning her more than ever. The added funds allow a unique home to be purchased large enough for the four nearby due to a famous producer that aids in the down payment and understands the needs of Karinne and her family.


The little family moves to a region in the highlight of fame and good times which fosters abundant dreams that each strives for through time. Jalessy chooses to create a children’s production of dance known as Blessi’essi (translates into honor of the whole) that is fostered with many parents who desire to witness their child on stage in the region. Justino enjoys working with the children to cause superlative motions on stage and together in unison with Ranha.


The performances of Blessi’essi ignites a level of response not anticipated by either Jalessy or Justino. The finale is televised and the little troupe gains the attention of the media. Young Ranha age eight is the lead dancer and is most superlative with talents not unlike Jalessy demonstrated through time. Jalessy and Ranha choose for a mother daughter duet on stage as the finale of the performance. The two float and caress the stage in such eloquence that many feel blessed through the actions of light synthesis fostered.


The young troupe chooses not to travel but foster many local events that others travel to witness through time due to its popularity. Ranha grows up to become a beautiful light wave dancer fostering another generation of motion fostering her own stature of beauty. She marries her twin flame Narray who is a femme fatale of great wit. The two romance, fostering a life-long partnership in theater performances in the region.


Analysis: The Bloom of the Rose       


The bloom of the rose is a spectacular display of mastery in its syncopated motions of light. The rose is generally an artisan of some sort that translates the light into motion on stage or in performances of the voice. The music resounds and reposes the beauty of life upon the audience. The beauty of life reposes back upon the rose to foster beautiful moments in time in partnerships and family dynamics that cascade in a caress of the divine. The rose is a fostering of spirit into matter to display and witness the beauty of the one, the two, the three and the family and the whole through time.


The rose often displays their gifts and talents in other artisan formations of art, theater, sculptures, design of clothes or interiors in another sacred context of expression. Sacredness is the foundation of the lore of the rose. The sacredness of the incantation behind the art, music or voice triggers spirit to descend into the production or expression fostering the care of soul into each who attunes unto the rose. The blessings flow through unto the audience or those who wear or consign the art produced allowing the love of the divine to be felt by others. Some may enter rapturous states of being in the presence of the rose or in witnessing their performances, music or art.


The rose is a delicate dream to foster due to the nature of light motions in this era. Harsh light debilitates the rose in the flux of synthesis necessary for spirit or soul to bless. As light motions move again more succinctly upon the planet and through humanity, the rose lore will trigger those of greater fame than possible today who can foster divine blessings upon the masses. There are some musicians that accord to the light motions of the land fostering superlative compositions that sustain the lore of the rose in fame. Music of the rose is always superlative in light synthesis motion and notions of self. Superlative notions foster divinity to arise within the heart accolade of self triggering blessings to flow in the body, mind, spirit system of self.


In the care of the Baba,

Master Babaji


The Roses of You


The roses of you

Unfolds as the petals of self

Blossoming within

In the care of my soul

In a rapturous moment

That dreams of the love of the two

As an effervescent stance of spirit

In a crescendo of the divine

In an accolade of notions

Of the preciousness of each

Fostered through time


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To all Beings in discovering the Love of the Love within themselves. May you walk in Love and Beauty on Earth.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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