Image of the mesmerizing aurora borealis in amazing Iceland. Assertions for Light Boundaries

2. Assertions for Light Boundaries


Light Boundaries


Are a succinct motion of light

In which you are you that is you

And they are they that are they

In all aspects of life

In the dreams of you

Lie yourself

In the dreams of each

Lie their own dream of themselves

To foster one another

As soul family group clusters

In a reservoir of truth

Of the abundance of the whole

In the sway of the two

And the many

In the love of the mother

Of the planet

Who fosters each


Assertions for Boundaries


Boundaries are a fostering of self. The self of you is a boundary all of its own. The largest problem most aspirants face is the intermixing and intermingling of self. In the intermixing and intermingling of self, dreams are offset upon others or upon you in light motion of field. Life unfolds in confusion as the guidance of you is no longer accurate as you are hearing the truth of another. Human in mastery quotients above 84% light infusion levels suffer the most from self-infractions and the confusion it fosters in the dreams of life. Self-infractions stem from former mastery levels that were group oriented self-striations and not of the individual or the self of you defined from another.


Former mastery levels were intermixed self that annotated parallel thought-stream of forgiveness and compassion primarily in the lives of each. As you mastered forgiveness and compassion adequately, your self-development began. Self-development is stanzas of leaving behind intermixed and comingled self concepts and striations. A new thought stream emerges fostering divine concepts of love.


Divine love is beyond forgiveness and compassion. If non-divine, love is a concept of non-hate and nothing more. Non-hate is not divine love although for those in former mastery levels, it was a form of love of the whole. In former mastery levels, the love of the whole was motioned as blessings unto nature and others upon the path or others you were forgiving and finding compassion for. This type of love as blessings is not divine love which is a much larger concept of care than previously understood in your life. Read more

Image of a herd of elk grazing in a serene open field. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk

32. The Grazing Herd of Wapiti or Elk


Blessings for World Peace


The Elk Kingdom


The Elk kingdom graciously thanks Asur’Ana for giving us an opportunity to speak to our human brothers and sisters. Elk has long observed humans upon the continents that we reside. Often, we have been a resource for food and skins or fur to assist in keeping humans warm. We have agreed to share of ourselves in this manner in times past with those who hunted us in honor, much like the Buffalo and Deer species.


The Anu Experimentations


In more recent times, our species has been farmed or domesticated much like sheep or cows. This is the first time period of human civilization that our species has been domesticated in this manner. Many have heard recently about “Mad Elk Disease”, which is occurring amongst those of our species domesticated as food source at this time. This is simply the result of our species soul pulling out of any form that is domesticated or slaughtered for food. The reasons for this are that we have transcended our karma with humanity and are no longer required to participate in such a dance. Slaughter is a sad dance, and one we choose to withdraw from; as a result, our domesticated forms are beginning to become ill and die off, much like the cows who are also soulless.


Why would any animal wish to be “domesticated?” Why would any animal not prefer the wild state of being in which one is sovereign to take care of one’s own life dance? This may be hard to understand, as humans themselves have been “pets” or “slaves” to another group of humans known as the family of Anu. The Anu portrayed themselves as wiser and more aware or “all knowing”, but in reality, given their dance, they were not aware at all. For any aware being of great wisdom would never seek to create a pared down slave race incubated in a laboratory to serve them. Furthermore, and worse yet, no being of great wisdom would choose to experiment heavily upon the nature kingdoms and humanity alike.


Many have heard of creatures that are half human and half animal, such as the centaur, or half fish and half human, such as the mermaid. These creatures were created in laboratories during the lengthy 18,000-year incarnation of Merduk, one of the Anu family members. Such species were created primarily as a source of entertainment. Do you know the pain that this “entertainment” put every species into upon Earth? The genetics intermixed and blended for this purpose were so disharmonious that all species upon Earth went into great pain.


Such creatures were further treated as “freaks” that the Anu and human slaves alike paid time to go “see” much like deformed humans or animals in present time circuses. All species upon Earth carry the remembrance of such experiences in the grid work of our form, as do humans themselves, as human DNA was blended with nature for such crazy experiments and forms of entertainment. Often where human and animal grid work was once joined, deformity occurs in present time in the creation of new life in the associated species. Earth has determined that most “birth defects” are really the result of the Anu experimentations of blending animal and human DNA. As the karma for such is released in full in one’s ancestry, then future generations need not be born deformed. As this is so for Elk, this is also for human form. Read more

Image of exquisite yellow and pink roses. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #1


Section 3: Baba Lore Introduction


Self Realization Mastery Fables


Baba fables are mastery tales associated with eastern tradition of self realizing itself through time. Baba is a force of transfiguration and transfusion of light synthesis motion of eastern stature of self. Many in the west foster eastern stature of self in a context of spiritual mastery in the life. Eastern lore depicts the magic of the journey of the two, three or many through time. Eastern lore is superlative in the quality of light motions synthesized through time. Superlative light motions trigger beautiful dreams to be fostered in life and with others.


The Baba lore of fate

Is a superlative dream

Of a life of mastery

Of spirit into matter

In a sojourn of truth

In a synthesis of self

Realizing itself through time

In a story of magical

Influences and affluences

Fostered in the one

Or the many


In the love of the love within,

Asur’Ana and Per



The Fable of the Rose


The Unfolding of a Sublime Mastery Life


The Roses of You


The roses of you

Unfolds as the petals of self

Blossoming within

In the care of my soul

In a rapturous moment

That dreams of the love of the two

As an effervescent stance of spirit

In a crescendo of the divine

In an accolade of notions

Of the preciousness of each

Fostered through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Fate


The Baba mastery tales of truth are a formation of dream for those in spiritual mastery life lore fables of fate. Lore fables oscillate a notion of the divine so that the focus of spirit unfolds into matter. All life dreams are lore fables of fate. Most lore fables today are habitually associated with dating, mating, procreation and fostering life at home, at work or in the community. Humans in demonic fanfare are primarily interested in primal focuses of life and death matters of dream. Life and death issues of lore fables fade as mastery takes flight within. Life and death are forces of internal strife to be transfused through in self realizing itself through time. Mastery fables direct dreams of those self-realizing alone or in partnerships of the divine. Read more

Image of organic vegetables harvested from a garden. Blessings for Self Sustainability-Creating an Ascending Garden

21. Blessings for Self Sustainability: Creating an Ascending Garden


From the Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Kingdoms


It is the Vegetable, Fruit, Nut Kingdoms that wish to speak today. We wish to share a little more about what is called self sustainability from a garden’s point of view. Humans today are fond of fertilizing their gardens as this indeed causes the plants to grow and also produce more fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains. Organic fertilizers cause growth by providing certain nutrients necessary to the health and well-being of the plant along with the production of the fruit, nut, grain or vegetable harvested. Organic fertilizers offer a variety of nutrients not found in inorganic fertilizers.




Inorganic fertilizers host a high amount of nitrogen which does indeed cause the plant to grow and provide more flowers that later result in fruits or vegetables, nuts or grains. However, nitrogen is only one of ten nutrients necessary to sustain life. All 10 nutrients are found in organic fertilizers which are why a return to organic farming provides greater nutrition in the food harvested. As your farmers continue to use non-organic fertilizers, humans are robbed of the very nutrients and trace minerals that they require to sustain their own health and well-being as well as ascend.


Why are trace minerals so important? Trace minerals are required by each cell for proper cell growth as well as to magnetize nutrients into the cell or wastes out of the cell. Furthermore, it is trace metals that act as attractants within red and white blood cells to latch on to oxygen, sugar, waste or free radicals in the blood. Without enough trace minerals, the blood becomes poor at feeding the cells or transporting toxins to the waste management systems, and this adds to an already deteriorating biology and will therefore lead to more rapid aging or the development of disease over time.


About De-Parasite Programs and Ascension


Interestingly enough in Asur’Ana’s early ascension, she went on a program to detoxify the body of parasites and it included a liquid trace mineral supplement. Each day she would take a small amount of this supplement and her body would go “Ahhhh, this feels so good!” The reason? Over the years and in spite of ingesting a load of vitamins and minerals in pill form and eating a healthy diet, the substances along with food had not been absorbed through the intestines, but the liquid minerals were. After 10 weeks upon the de-parasite program, Asur’Ana’s body said “enough”. She quit the program but had detoxified her biology of parasites, and the liquid minerals had re-mineralized her body for better transport of nutrients throughout her cellular structure.


The point here is that supplements are useful as long as they are not overdone; and if done in just the right proportions can assist in making up of years of lack of a particular substance or set of substances. This is where muscle testing is very useful; as you can muscle test what you need and for how long and then only take the herb or dietary supplement for the length required; and as a result, you will not cause a toxic overload in the other direction. This may be particularly useful for those with weak digestive systems. Read more

Image of captivating lavender and white flowers. Mindset Development #2

Mindset Development #2


The 11-11 Gateway


Ascension into Forgiveness Theory of Self


11-11 Opening


The 11-11 gateway

Is a series of motions

That opens the heart

In the chalice of the divine

Giving birth to self

Flowering in itself

Fostering a truth divine within

And the expression of love

As a fostering of forgiveness

That is born within

And renditions the life

Into a hypothesis of ascension


Systems of the 11-11: Mastery of Forgiveness


Mindset development begins in mastery of the 11-11 octave of light infused ascension. Ascension is a foray of dream to foster a level of forgiveness theory of self. Self is the consciousness of field that is woven in between the chakras that causes awareness in life. The motions of the mind in the cortex in certain formations trigger awareness of self. The mind must develop in order for awareness of ascension level hypothesis of forgiveness to begin.


Mindset development begins as an 11-11 octave of development. 11-11 development triggers new synapses to grow on the cortex leading to unity-based awareness. 11-11 development also fosters a re-numeration of the binary encoding of the molecular structure of the biology. The re-numeration allows the consciousness to expand within to embrace concepts of forgiveness of each upon one’s path. The re-numeration also triggers new DNA to grow that fosters another level of health within. Organs that are weak or diseased can ascend and recover in the 11-11 apothecary of self.


Forgiveness theory of self is a development of many. There are many who have ascended into the 11-11 octave over this past century. Those mastering forgiveness develop synapses in the cortex relay a spiral mind wave. Spiraling mind waves are associated with evolutionary fulfillment concepts of self. Evolution is fulfilled upon through forgiveness theory of self as 11-11 development occurs. The spiraling mind wave triggers a release of emotional strife as forgiveness unfolds. Balance and harmony follow as the strife is forgiven within. Read more

Image of a green gecko with red spots lying on a green leaf. The Chirp of the Gecko

10. The Chirp of the Gecko


Blessings of Regeneration and Ascension into the Crystalline Form


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms


The Gecko and Lizard Kingdoms greet you today. For those who are unfamiliar with Gecko’s, we are a small lizard like creature that can alter the skin color depending upon typography. We can vary from a bright green color with red triangles upon our back to match the leaves and flowers of most flora and fauna in the tropics, to the dark brown of a lava rock, to the white of a sand beach. We much like a chameleon have not lost our ability to alter the pigment of our skin to blend with the environment. However, if the environment is not of natural sources, then our color remains green generally speaking.


Altering Our Skin’s Pigment to Match Our Environment


What do we attune to in order to understand what our environment is? While residing in Kaua’i Hawaii, Asur’Ana has had many geckos make their living home her home, and has enjoyed our company. Rarely have we matched the color of the white walls of her small cottage. Why is this so? Inanimate objects give off no Language of Light tones. We attune to the Language of Light in the flora and fauna and in so doing, match the green color therein. Why do we become green in her presence? Asur’Ana runs the Language of Light herself and as we attune to this, it is like being in the garden.


More recently in the soul infusion of her ascent, Asur’Ana has begun to run gold and silver tones of creation instead; now we turn white in her presence as a result, as this is as close as we can come to the gold and silver tones she runs. One day we will have gold and silver skin, and this shall occur as gold and silver is mastered by the natural world. Our kingdom views Asur’Ana’s home as a beautiful garden. Few humans run such tones at this time in history, but those that do will be blessed with the presence of birds, bees, geckos, lizards and frogs coming into or near one’s home as such kingdoms may view one’s presence as a beautiful field to dance within.


Geckos and lizards, much like frogs, ants and bees assists with sustaining the element of fire in Earth’s grid work. We are also involved in an interconnecting web of energy flow that links continent to continent associated with our species and all small reptilian land species. In so doing, we support the overall movement of energy upon Earth by running such movement through our tiny bodies.


Although we may seem small, in our ascension in many places around the world, we are expanding, just as human fields expand to global sized and beyond in the act of becoming crystalline. Asur’Ana has been surprised as a single member of our species held a field larger than her former Hawaiian apartment complex. This is how we interlink with one another to create global energy flow upon the continents. Our global energetic interconnection also includes many aquatic species including crab, lobster and shrimp in particular. Read more

Image of a gorgeous pink plumeria flower. Shakti Studies #4

Shakti Studies #4


Mastery Partnership Systems


The Six Tests of Divine Partnership


Mastery Partnership Systems


The two arrive

Into the union

In an apartheid of Self

To foster one

And not two

The two unite

Into a Divine equation

To foster the two

In a superlative partnership

In the Divine ordering

Of the Yin and Yang within

In motions of mirrors

That reflect one another

To be transfused through in care


Partnership Scripts


Partnership scripts are a series of fate keys destined in the lifetime between certain pairs that may form due to circumference of affluence in life. Fate keys foster three potential partnerships with each motion. Motions to move or relocate anywhere are taken into consideration to foster three potential partnership scripts per destiny key. If all three partners fail to find one another, another three are inaugurated in each fate key to assure a relationship if the life fate is to foster union in a particular lore cycle.


Fate Keys


Fate keys are lore cycle oriented. Lore cycles are seven years of fostering of a particular life script. Lore cycles of partnership include fate keys for union. Fate keys for union include the dating lore and the marital lore if the fable for life includes a commitment as the outcome of the partnership. Fate keys are case specific to archetype and karmic habitat of fate. All fate keys foster particular scripts to foster mastery of spiritual ascension or realization of self if the life is destined for divine purposes through time.


Not all lives are destined for divine purposes in this era. Only one out of four hundred incarnate in this era foster divine purpose. Only one out of six hundred couples foster divine partnerships also in this cycle. Divine partnership is therefore a rare fate key of the two when it is fostered, but also a beautiful script and life to witness. Read more

Image of the Beehive crop circle. The Language of ONE #33-65

3. The Language of ONE #33-65


The Language of ONE is brought forth as crop circle definitions that are made available unto ascending initiates by the Great Central Sun for the purposes of transcendence. Each symbol will invoke a holographic energy movement in the field, just as the Language of Light symbols cause movement that dissipates density and allows for ascension. Please see Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 6 for definitions of the Language of ONE #1-32


Crop Circle Interpretations


Caution: If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light symbols and master these tones first in one’s personal ascension.


When Finish: Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are finish with your focus. We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones. These tones are “macro” commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once. Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one’s current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth’s angels. Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of ONE for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


33. Holographic Record Keeping









Holographic records are kept in a tightly organized manner in which there is 900 times more memory than spiral based storage. Holographic records allow for much more information stored in a more organized manner, not unlike current human data keeping on CD Rom that emulates Earth’s field. The increasing record keeping capabilities allow Earth to retrieve lost holographic records and store them for reference or use in the continued ascent of each kingdom or the whole of Earth.


34. Holographic Consensus Based Knowledge









Holographic knowing allows one to access all information ever understood at a particular bandwidth of frequency within one’s species or the consensus at large. No information is withheld and nothing is missing. All that is required to access the knowing is the right vibrations and keys and as long as one does not misuse the information in any manner, then one will have access to whatever one requires to understand in order to ascend. This is the same for each species as well as Earth as a whole.  Read more

Image of a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and valleys somewhere in nature. Assertions for Being Here Now

1. Assertions for Being Here Now


Be Here Now


Be here now

In this moment in time

To love your Tao and Dao

In the care of the heart accolade

Of the self of you

In gratitude and compassion

For all that is

And all that has ever been

In love and light in your life

In light wave motion

In the love of the planetary Tao in himself

And the fostering of the planetary Dao in herself

For all of your dreams to be actualized

In the care of you

And the soul family

In truth and honor

Of the fate of each


Assertions for Transfusion into the Now


Being here now is not a new concept but is an age-old support of the journey of finding joy within. Being here now is a group of assertions that foster presence of the self of you within you. Many foster non-presence of the self of you through time. Sometimes the non-presence of you is due to the presence of a resource of the nonphysical to foster your path within or dreams of life through time. The non-presence of you can be the self of a spirit guide or of an important transfusion being such as Babaji or Baba or Ananda suspended in a group of striations within yourself. The non-presence of you can also be other resources that are supportive of your fate. Some of the non-presence of you can be those resources gifted at fostering your dreams and futures through time and ahead.


Knowing you is pivotal to fostering the presence of yourself into the now. Knowing you is often a complex journey within. Knowing you as a child, teenager, young adult and adult or knowing you through time is essential to knowing you. Knowing yourself in partnership or with children or with friends, enemies or other acquaintances through time is also a part of knowing who you are unto you through time. Knowing yourself as a single or devoid of partnership is also important for whenever this unfolded in your life too in order to know you.


Being in the now requires that you know you within enough striations of self to foster an understanding of comprehensible knowledge of the spiritual journey of your lifetime. There is a minimum of thirty-six striations formulated as tinctures of self striated within the self of you required to know you through time.    Read more

Our Photo #1

Image of Asur'Ana and Per with the tranquil Alta River in Norway as the background. Asur'Ana is wearing a yellow hibiscus flower as a hair ornament and with gold-green shirt-pants suit. Per is wearing a light blue shirt underneath a navy blue jacket.


Blessings of Ascension and Enlightenment


August 8, 2023


This photo of us was taken in October 2008. Shortly thereafter and due to karmic manipulation from dark forces, we were separated for 11 years before we could be reunited again in December 2019. Looking back now, even though it was a manipulation, it also served as a spiritual testing for our relationship.


Many of the twins and divine counterparts’ stories from Shakti and Shaktar were written during the time period from 2009-2012. The partnership prose and stories helped Asur’Ana to acknowledge the complex issues that couples face and many things that happen between people who care a lot about each other; but maybe unintentionally hurt each other due to manipulation from outside forces. They assisted her to heal over the loss of Per and to prepare for our reunion a decade later.


Twins are notorious for doing everything together, and not realizing separate from one another. Asur’Ana has chosen to relinquish her twin in their enforced separation and carry on in her realization of herself alone. Per also carried on in his own realization by himself. After a long period of fostering the beloved of the beloved within herself, she was eventually reunited with her beloved Per to fulfill upon their shared ascension and spiritual missions together.



Aloha Pumehana,

Asur’Ana and Per


From the Light Wave Series, and especially, Light Wave 9: Psychology of Tao Realization


Our Photo #2