Image of a lofty flying eagle. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #5


The Fable of the Eagle


The Power of the Love of Whole


The Eagle Lore of Self


The love of the love of the self of you

Is an eagle lore of self

Of the care of nature

In the love of the caress

Of spirits of the land and the creator of all

That nurture you and me

In a repose of truth

In the sincerity of the heart

To love the natives of the land

In dreams of sustainable realities

Of each and the whole

Nuanced through time


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The love of the land and the people of the land is an age old truth. The fostering of truth is a spiritual aspiration for those in leadership capabilities through time in spiritual haciendas of self. Those with spiritual capabilities are often haciendas of self in which the self of themselves is fostered to cause a shift towards sustainable realities of one and the many of the land. The sustainable realities of humans flux also towards nature cause a trilogy of systems of self to descend to protect and foster both human interests and natural world ordering of interests through time. The love of the land and the people is not a common theme of spiritual wherewithal in this time period. Greed has overlaid humanity to such an extent that the love of the land and the people is all but lost.


The Eagle arcana of fate is a Baba Lore Tale of the love of the whole. Loving the whole is not just of the people; or the projects you think are palatable or worthy of fostering; or the young; or the old; or the family; or the tribe. Loving the whole embraces each human along with nature as a worthwhile cause and a conscious fabric of the planet to be witnessed, understood, forgiven, worked with and fostered as a part of the dreams of life. Tales of life without natural world scripts are not as insightful as those that foster the witnessing of nature’s communications towards you about your own state of being and the realization that is fostered within. The Eagle reflects on willing to listen unto and apply the wisdom of nature unto their own journey of realization in a fate of leadership of the clan.


The wisdom of nature is not only adroit in its contemplation of you and each; but also takes into effect the needs of the whole that may not be understood or witnessed by human awareness through time. In choosing for the greater good of the whole, the difficulties of strife may be overcome by the leader and the following and the clan at the same time. Nature is not unaware although humans would like to think that it is. In the subconscious and in spirit behind the natural world is infinite wisdom that can be attuned unto and fostered in the life of you. May each witnessing this essay learn to attune unto the natural world spirits of the land and sea and foster something else other than the hypocrisy of the human wherewithal not. Read more

Image of a lovely and sacred Holographic Medicine Wheel

2. Holographic Medicine Wheel


Blessings for Remembering Holographic Wisdom


January 17, 2021


Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


We wish to speak to you about the nature of the medicine wheel that we worked with at the time that we were alive. What is a medicine wheel? A medicine wheel is a circle of holographic knowledge that you draw upon to weave the dream for your life. The medicine wheel is this wheel of knowledge that you call upon in times of struggle, whether it be struggle with family or relationship, your contributions to community (work), or an ailment that you are suffering from in the body. The medicine wheel will assist in opening you unto the knowledge that you have within to find direction, forgive, alter the dream for your future and to self-heal.


It is our observation that so much information has been lost that often medicine wheels are missing key ingredients that will allow those awakening to attune to the entire breadth of knowledge that is holographic and carried within the human species. In our time, the medicine wheel had 18 positions upon it, each of which is an entire holographic wheel of knowledge of their own. Asur’Ana has created a beautiful diagram of the medicine wheel that we understood at the time that we were alive. You are the dream weaver that sits in the middle of the medicine wheel and weaves the dream for your life experience.


Some may like to create a physical altar or circle of the physical representatives of each holographic archive; one may sit within their own medicine wheel if one chooses. In reality, this is not really necessary however, as all holographic knowledge is stored in the heart region of the field, which is the seat of the human hologram. Therefore, as one attunes inward and into one’s heart, one will access holographic knowledge of the human species or any other species upon Earth, or Mother Earth at large, or Solar Father. All really lies within, although having symbolic representations of each kingdom or part of your medicine wheel, may also be nice to have within one’s living environment.


We wish now to speak about each of the holographic wheels and how they may be useful to one’s spiritual unfolding as well as healing of life experiences of trauma, wounds of the heart or disease. Each wheel of holographic information will provide keys for self healing and forgiveness. The nature of each wheel is unique therefore in what it can contribute unto you, the dreamer of your dream. There has been much written about conscious dream weaving through the Ascension Insights series. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” and Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream”  for more information.) Read more

Image of a beautiful white lotus with yellow center.

Light Wave Webinar #1: Navigating Realities


The realities of you

Are a loving space

To honor yourself

And all of life

In a rhythm of truth

In a sway divine

In grace with spirit

In a caress of your soul

To foster peace

Within you


Light Wave Webinar #1 Introduction


The reality of you is the one reality that thrives with your Dao. In the single reality of you, you know you, you know your path, and you foster your life journey easily. In the single reality of you, you know the dreams you are to weave with your Dao for your life ahead.


Many transfusing struggle with multiple realities flowing through others not transfusing who exist in a “themselves” configuration. Themselves is the self striations of the human systems of Shaktar and Shakti or Vishnu and Brahma dreaming lore fables. Those emerging into Baba dreaming foster a single reality of the self of you instead of participating in the themselves configurations of Shaktar or Vishnu systems.


Dreaming in themselves is very confusing at this time for those beginning to self realize. The self of others merges with the self of you in a multi-gate configuration that can often include 40 or more parallel systems of dreams that are not you. The confusion can cause strife over the direction of your life until it is separated from. Demonic interactions can harm the self of you or the physical also until the gates of themselves are departed from.


This pre-recorded webinar will aid you in separating from the strife of themselves that may invade you through work dreams or family dreaming or other associations you dance with in this time period. The single reality of you will be drawn unto you and syncopated by the Dao of Earth during the webinar.


Each Webinar shall be 1.5 hours or more in length. Those listening to the recording shall receive 6 hours of healing. Read more

Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars

Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars


In the love of myself

I am that I Am

Light emulsifying

And trying to understand how to motion

In light wave synergy

In grace and peace


Light Wave Webinars


The Light Wave Webinars are a series of recordings presented for those who have studied the Light Wave series through time. Each session fosters by Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha as a divine channel of the Dao of Earth. Per, Asur’Ana’s twin flame, sits in the background as the Tao of Earth to hold space and anchor for each session. Per is a gifted anchor for groups and was one of the reasons Asur’Ana really appreciated him joining her and co-managing the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) with her. The anchor provides stability for the dream of the group.


The pre-recorded webinars are presented in support of understanding how to work with light wave motions. Light waves are succinct streams of light in particular rays that cause and affect dreams to align or misalign in the life. Learning to motion light in beautiful colors transfigures you and your dreams into beauty and grace. The information is presented as a gift of the Planetary Dao and Tao.


The Dao and Tao of Earth are present in each session to instruct humans who are light transfusing and infusing how to work with light rays through focus. Focus is the primary manner in which light waves move or reconfigure its design in support of you and your health and the dream stream of your life mission. This is an advanced series of webinars that is designed for those who are upon the spiritual path and have studied the Aligning With Earth website through time.

Read more

Image of an adorable panda bear. The Black and White Panda Bear

36. The Black and White Panda Bear


Blessings for Full Consciousness


The Panda Bear Kingdom


We of the Panda Bear Kingdom have much to say to our fellow ascending human brothers and sisters. We are one of only three kingdoms remaining upon Earth that retain 36,000 segments of DNA in form. One kingdom is the Manatee, an underwater creature similar to a whale; the second is humanoid and known as the Abominable Snowman; and we are the third that retains such a state in present time. One could say in this that our species along with these other two retains a fully conscious biology. (Please see Chapter 22 “The Love of a Seal”  for more information about the Abominable Snowman.)


Loss of Non-Verbal Communication


What is full consciousness? Full consciousness is the biological ability to understand or have consciousness upon the physical plane. Our species, much like the dolphins and whales, retains a biological level of understanding that is nonverbal. This is why in most cases of captivity, we choose not to procreate, as we can consciously command the body not to do so. Why do we wish not to procreate in captivity? Captivity or what humans call zoos is a terrible environment to exist within; we would not wish to subject our young to such a circumstance. Therefore, we refrain from procreation.


As of late, we have withdrawn our soul out of the zoos for the Panda Bear species. Human souls now embody us to learn the lesson of this experience. We have released our karma from ancient times and being used as a source of human scientific experimentation; this occurred long ago and upon another dimension of Earth. Earth has always been a tropical terrarium with many unique species; this has caused human scientists to visit in spacecraft and capture wild animals for their experimentation. Our species has fallen prey to such human manipulations eight times in our recorded history. Generally, this occurs as the dream of another creation or human is pressed upon us without our awareness, and as such we live the dream that we did not choose, which has put our species over time in great pain.


In the loss of non-verbal communication, humans do not understand the pain that they have caused for nature. Non-verbal communication has been lost within the human species in all of the falls in consciousness that you have created throughout time, space and form.


Long ago, a fully conscious humanoid form was seeded upon Earth known as the Grand Masters. These humble and gentle humans retained an ability to speak to both the physical through verbal language and the nonphysical through non-verbal language. Alas, the language upon Earth was different from what they had known upon Sirius where they were from, and so there was no response from Earth’s kingdoms. Had we understood one another, perhaps the travesty of their death and the manipulative manner in which nonphysical forces overran the human species would have been avoided leading to a different history upon Earth. Read more

Image of lovely white flowers with yellow center. Mindset Development #5

Mindset Development #5


The 18-18 Gateway


Mastering Light Wave Biology


18-18 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 18-18 sequencing

Is a gift of biological systems

That sustain light wave synergy

In each cell

In a motion that gives birth

To divine right to renew

And restore my youth

And my vitality

Through time

To augment the journey

Into realization of self


Light Wave Biology: Mastery of the 18-18 Gateways of Self Realization       


Light wave biology is a succinct rhythm of light that fosters renewal and sustenance of the body upon the physical plane. The light infuses into each cell with a photon particle of light in which the structure can fade from sugar metabolism into sustenance through light. The journey into light wave biology is a long and arduous journey. The ascension journey into the 11-11 and 12-12 pathways generates a thirty to forty percent light infused system of cells. Mastery into the 18-18 requires an eighty percent light infused cellular structure. Light biology begins to develop as the 11-11 gate is mastered. Light biology sequences into the forty to fifty percent range as the 12-12 gate is fostered. Light biology grows more succinctly as the 14-14 gate is fostered into light infusion systems of self.


Light infused cells do not consume sugar. Light infused biology hosts a different metabolism altogether. When the body is part light and part sugar-based metabolism, a diet of lacto-ovo vegetarianism that is half raw and half cooked is recommended. When the body sequences into a full light biological system from sixty to eighty percent infused, a vegan diet of primarily raw vegetables is recommended. Going carbohydrate free is important as the biology reaches a seventy percent infused state to offset diabetic flux that can lead to disease, blindness or death otherwise. Light infused biology causes many changes in the physical structure. The changes in the structure will be written of more fully in an article to follow.


The planet is about to take flight into the Mother Sun Dream. The Mother Sun Dream is a fostering of light and nothing else. Ascension has allowed the dreams beneath the Mother Sun quotients of life to be motioned beyond through light infusion of self. Those ready to master into the 16-16 to 18-18 pathways of development are to enter the Mother Sun Dream soon. Light quotients of forty percent or above must be integrated in the physical for the Mother Sun dream to take flight in life. The Mother Sun dream is not one of apartheid theory of separation of light and dark. The Mother Sun dream is of wholeness in which light and dark are integrated or amalgamated within. Amalgamation of light and dark is a fostering of wholeness theory. Read more

Image of a small sweet looking rat. The Young Rat with the Long Tail

14. The Young Rat with the Long Tail


Blessings for a Return to Balance Within


The Rat Kingdom


It is the Rat Kingdom that addresses ascending humans today. For a long time, Rats have received a bad reputation by humanity. We experience rejection and death through poisons amongst those humans living in the cities or suburbs, as well as being used in laboratories for sometimes horrific experiments. Nature has said little about how animals have been used by scientists in present time, and we will speak to this in this chapter.


We Pinpoint Problematic Energy Flow


What is it that is less beautiful about one creature over another? Why are rats perceived as ugly and a pest while birds and other creatures are perceived as beautiful and therefore worthy of trying to “save” if they go extinct? This is a very odd phenomenon from the perspective of Nature that perceives each as necessary to the dance of the whole and therefore equal in value and service.


What does the Rat Kingdom do for Earth? We pinpoint problematic energy flow so that it can be transmuted and brought into alignment with the rest of Earth’s flow. This is our job. Often, we are found in excess in human cities as there is a load of difficult energy that humans create through their thoughtform and electrical devices, and our forms are used to attempt to transmute such discord to the degree we can so that the energy in the cities is less caustic than it already is. This requires many of our bodies and is why we reproduce to an extreme in the cities as a result.


Rats have been accused of being carriers of disease; and yet the poorest of humans in third world nations often eat of our flesh out of necessity and do not die. We carry no more or less diseases than human form or any other species in the reality of it. All form carries viruses and bacteria of all kinds as one is living in a biosphere that has bacteria and viruses as well as parasites as a part of the structure. It is only as the bacteria or viruses become “out of control” in their reproduction that a health problem is created. As long as all in the body is in balance, the bacteria and viruses remain dormant in the system and non-problematic. Asur’Ana has discovered that viruses in particular retract into the nervous system of the physical form; so, this is for all animal kingdoms including the whales and dolphins.


Imbalance Is the Cause of Any Disease


As the body goes out of balance, the right environment might be created for one or more viruses to reproduce excessively leading to disease; or if this occurs in lots of humans in a single region, it leads to what is known as a plague. Rats or any other animal kingdom is not the cause of disease or plagues; nor is it caused by anything other than humans in their own dance. Out of balance energy flow in any region of domain will cause humans to become out of balance within their own respective fields; and this can lead to disease. If the imbalance affects many in a given region, often this will create a plague; the reality is, however, that the cause of any disease is imbalance. Remain in balance, and the body will live out the life to an old age at 2 segments of DNA. Read more

Image of a magnificent waterfall in the midst of a luscious green forest. Psychology of You Introduction

Psychology of You Introduction


The Nature of You


The Love of You for Yourself


I am the love of me

And the love of you

In the dreams of ourselves

In a beautiful mansion

Of the self of myself

In the care of the one or the two

Or the three

In the sway of one another

In a love of me

And in the love of you

I sway that I am

I am that I am


The Love of You and Me         


Psychology of You is a series of articles to aid those choosing to realize themselves through an odyssey of notions that prevent the love of you for yourself and the love of you for all others. Love is the cornerstone of self that fosters spirit into matter. Love requires you to love you first and foremost. Loving you is a journey all of its own given the shame and blame of the current social stanzas of existence. Shame and blame are at an all-time high possibly due to the electrical gadgets humans surround themselves with. Shame and blame are enhanced by electrical notions that do not align within. Electricity causes contraction of light motions of field rather than expansion. Contraction of light leads to non-light which is darkness in all the manners that it is expressed and witnessed through time.


The journey of light motion of field is to foster light that is on all the time in the field of yourself. Light that motions on and off triggers intermittent shame or debilitation of feeling well within in the dreams of life. Shame is a difficult emotion to work through as light motions on for the first time. Light enhances all the emotions of the self of you.


The self of you is a complex subject all of its own. You are the consciousness of all that you have known or been through time in this lifetime of yours. You are the beauty and the ugliness of what you have witnessed or participated within. The beauty fosters love and care for you and others as it is enhanced in light. The ugliness in all of its shame or blame enhances the opposite. Those learning to motion light need to purify what is dark or difficult in emotional stanzas of yourself from your past in order to foster a recurrent state of beauty and care of you within. As beauty and care of you is mastered within the self of you, the difficult emotions shall subside in the act of transfusion. Read more

Image of a strong looking hippopotamus. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus

35. From the Heart of the Hippopotamus


Blessings for Sovereignty


The Hippopotamus Kingdom


We of the Hippopotamus Kingdom have much to say to ascending initiates. Why does sovereignty of truth lead to inner peace? In knowing who one is and why one is incarnate, and in forging ahead with what one knows how to do, there is inner peace. In knowing what one’s truth is and standing in it in sovereignty, one comes to a state of inner peace.


No Cycle for Evolution Home Due to Limited Dreams from the Space Between


Recent revelations from the Tao have perceived your creation as a mixed-up bag of unwanted dreams pushed into the space between by the Great Central Sun. Such dreams leave those dancing therein with a heart-felt feeling of not knowing the purpose of their existence, or why they are incarnate, or what they are supposed to do with one’s life that has meaning or truth unto it. Such confusion perplexes the human species more perhaps than nature or the whale and dolphin realms, which in their ongoing communication with the nonphysical and soul, understand their spiritual purpose even if the physical reality is very limited or painful to experience.


Hippopotamus sees that in the lack of communication from the nonphysical realms, humans find only purpose outside of self; this has led to a world devoid of spiritual foundation or meaning and focused upon the creation and consumption of goods for the purposes of the accumulation of wealth. Wealth may indeed buy one the time to pursue spirituality; as the day to day dance causes so much focus required upon work to sustain one’s “expense of living” that there is barely the time to focus upon ascension.


However, those of great wealth rarely have interest in spiritual focus; and so, spirituality becomes a non-important role in the human life and focus of your civilization, which is the exact opposite of what it should be. For spirituality or the focus upon spiritual lessons is really and truly the only reason to exist from Hippopotamus’ point of reference.


How and why did this occur? This is interesting, and something that our species wishes to speak to. The Tao is filled with creators, who much like an artist, have many choices of dream to intermingle and create the exact experience that the creator and soul of creator desires for the purposes of evolution and ascension. Much like a large palette of possibility, the creator chooses those expressions most suited to the spiritual lessons in this evolutionary cycle ahead; all others are pushed into the background where they are unused. Such background dreams lie dormant or unanimated until the creator chooses to include or add them to the template of their dream for a particular cycle. Read more

Image of a pretty gold orange flower. Shakti Studies #8

Shakti Studies #8


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The Nature of the Exchange of Kisses of Honor


The Bliss Kiss of Self


The bliss kiss of Self

Is inaugurated

As a kiss is exchanged

In deep honor of each

In care of the heart

In a synergy of truth

Fostering a celebration of the occasion

Amongst the pair

Of greater joy and merriment

In a humorous and enlivened exchange

In a reunion of kinship

In a kinesthetic repose

Of Divine Union

Of the body mind spirit accolade of Self


Honorable and Passionate Kisses


The exchange of a kiss between beloveds or friends of the heart in a deep state of honor of one another fosters the sweetest of caresses between the body, mind and spirit of the pair. An honorable kiss exchanged in front of a group can trigger a beautiful dream of enchantment of the many to unfold thereafter. There must be a deep flavor of synergy of the pair in order for honor to be retained in a kiss that fosters bliss instead of lust. There are many types of kisses that foster certain kinds of self or consciousness to direct the life dream of the moment in a particular direction. The direction is always into a kiss of bliss of spirit descending upon matter to foster each and the group. As spirit descends, unity and unison of the two and the many occurs due to the kinesthetic exchange of kisses of the pair focused upon.


Passionate kisses foster very beautiful dreams for the interim of the exchange and for the day to follow for the beloveds of fate. Those who “make out” on the couch with only sensual pleasure often foster the sweetest of dreams for the eve and into the day to follow. Rapturous self descends to foster the pair together and apart into a state of ecstatic reunion for an interim of time. The rapturous self descends due to physical and kinesthetic reposes of the pair fostering a bliss kiss of forensic delight of the two. If the pair continues to “make out” and foster something else sensual to sexual, spirit further descends triggering another type of dream to occur that is even more rapturous to experience and express.


Friendly Kisses Upon the Cheek


In ancient times, friends of the heart in deep kinship of soul family relations would kiss, but not in a romantic sense. Kisses of this stature were often not unlike the Italian family fostering of a peck upon one another’s cheeks. Exchanging kisses upon the cheek fosters wellness of self in each associated. Wellness of self allows the dreams to align to flourish for each following the exchange. Sometimes a peck upon the lips can also be fostered between two friends. A peck upon the lips fosters kinship of self. Kinship of self fosters a pair that relates well together as friends. The pair feel better together and aligns the mind following leading to a bliss kiss of self that better understand one another. Read more