Image of a huge and bright golden Sun. Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension

15. Solar Counsels Take Charge Of Human Ascension


It is with great joy that the source of Earth and her ensouling factor have finally cleared enough distortion to create a more direct communication system and support system for human ascension with our solar sun. For over 32,000 years, Earth has existed in a separated off state of being in which the communication between solar counsels and Earth’s governance ceased. This occurred with the last known human biological ascension of Buddha, and one that was more incomplete than any other leaving Earth in the greatest distortion thereafter.


Due to continued global ascension and entry into the last photonic Star Gate, distortion has cleared enough to allow for more direct Earth and solar communication. Such communication is allowing a series of rectifications to be brought forth within the solar system that shall more greatly support global ascension and human ascension in the years ahead.


Entry into the last photonic Star Gate occurred in early December rather than early January as originally anticipated. Earth was losing vibration and falling faster into distortion than she could resurrect herself. Earth could not perceive the cause of the increasing distortion, and chose to enter the Star Gate early in hopes that the new vibrations and energy would lift the veils upon the cause. The cause of the distortion was indeed coming through human ascension, and in particular, ascension of the Inner Earth humans.


Distortion of Inner Earth Humans’ Ascension


Inner Earth humans have been attempting to ascend in rather large numbers to Mahavishnu (15,000 segments of DNA embodied) along with Full Consciousness (36,000 segments of DNA embodied) vibration. False Intervention souls had entered the dance en masse and were causing the entire ascending human populace to go into distortion and distort Earth. Alas, in a recent coup, the dark used many upper level initiates energy flow and killed two Inner Earth ascension leaders. The blows targeted at the destruction of these two Inner Earth ascension leaders also shattered the heart center of our solar sun. The blows were great enough also to rip giant holes into Earth’s heart center.


This has led to a deep investigation of what was going wrong in human ascension on the part of our solar sun. The solar sun has determined that if human evolution can destroy the sun itself, it must come under supervision and boundaries that lead to harmlessness rather than solar harm. Therefore, many changes have been instigated and the solar sun is taking an active role at this juncture to oversee ascending human initiates, particularly those venturing into the initiations leading to Mahavishnu level awareness and solar level power of thoughtform.


The solar sun has determined that no map to 15,000 shall be carved for ascending humans. The reason for this is that the trial run of group ascension to 15,000 has only concluded in the death of two upper level ascension leaders in the Inner Earth and the shattering of our solar system. The solar counsels have determined that humans are too unconsciously violent to ascend to solar level power of thoughtform except upon a limited basis and to ensure the ascension of the human species as a whole.


Earth also concluded that the solar counsels’ decision to limit human ascension is not only wise, but also necessary, as human violence would only sabotage the ascension of the whole.


Unconscious Human Violence


Why are humans so unconsciously violent? The violence appears to be an original part of the human hologram, which was manipulated by the false intervention long ago. There are agreements within the human hologram for humans from different creations to connect and then in the intermixing, shatter the whole of the creation that such humans reside within. Through the shattering, the false intervention obtains the records, chi, grid work and so on to sustain their continued existence.


Such holographic agreements were present even in the human species as it was seeded upon Earth by Sirius, and ultimately called the Pleiadian humans to the dance. It was not until the too variant human holograms from this creation and the creation next door related to the Pleiades merged that violence became a part of the human unconscious dance. Indeed, human energy fields were used to strip Earth of libraries, grid work, genetic materials, information, chi, records, soul, and ultimately shatter Earth’s dream as a consensus reality shortly after the arrival of the Annanuki upon Earth.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


To expect to ascend humans without essentially repeating the same violent dance again is not only probably impossible, it has proved itself impossible in the recent course of events. Therefore, human ascension shall be limited and generational until all lineages and holographic agreements to tear apart the creation that humans live within have been transcended in full by the human species at large.


38 Human Holograms


38 human holograms have been uncovered as the holographic planes surrounding Earth have been recast as of late. Such planes revealed that human holograms originate from Sirius (18 in total), along with the Pleiades (12 in total), plus there are 8 half Sirian and half Pleiadian holograms which occurred as the Annanuki mated and produced offspring with members of the red seeded race. For better understanding, we have defined these 38 holograms and the “Greek and Roman Gods” related to the Annanuki and half-Annanuki/half-Red holograms below.


Original 18 Red Seeded Human Holograms


1. God Goddess of Mother Earth Connection (related to 1st chakra)
2. God Goddess of Sexual Energy Movement (related to 2nd chakra)
3. God Goddess of Authentic Power (related to 3rd chakra)
4. God Goddess of Unconditional Love (related to 4th chakra)
5. God Goddess of Co-Creation (related to 5th chakra)
6. God Goddess of Vision (related to 6th chakra)
7. God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge (related to 7th chakra)
8. God Goddess of the Sun (solar bridge, related to Earth’s 8th chakra)
9. God Goddess of Time (related to Earth’s 9th chakra)
10. God Goddess of Ancestral Knowledge (related to Earth’s 10th chakra)
11. God Goddess of Evolution (related to Earth’s 11th chakra)
12. God Goddess of the Human Species or High Priest & Priestess, (related to Earth’s 12th chakra – spawns all human holograms – related to Persephone who mated with Hades or Merduk)
13. God Goddess of Fire and Ash
14. God Goddess of Air and Ether
15. God Goddess of Water and Vapor
16. God Goddess of Earth and Lava
17. God Goddess of Solar Cycles
18. God Goddess of Ascension to the 5th Dimension (evolves all human holograms)


12 Annanuki Holograms

1. Aphrodite (Innana or Venus, Goddess of Love)
2. Hades (Pluto or Merduk, God of the Underworld)
3. Artemis (Diana, Goddess of the Hunt)
4. Athena (Goddess of Intelligence or Wisdom)
5. Apollo (Mercury or God of Communication)
6. Ares (Mars, God of War)
7. Hera (Juno or Goddess of Marriage)
8. Demeter (Goddess of Harvest and Fertility ­ Mother of the Slaves ­ all Annanuki slave lineages originate from this hologram)
9. Hermes (Guides Dead Souls to the Underworld)
10. Hestia (Nurse Nancy – Goddess of the Hearth or Home)
11. Zeus (Jupiter, Supreme God, Ashtar)
12. Dionysus (God of Wine or Addiction or Illusion)


Additional 8 Half Annanuki Half Red Holograms


1. Thanatos (God of Death and one of Persephone’s children, resulted in blending of High Priest Priestess and Hades/Merduk Holograms)
2. Oracle at Delphi (Goddess of Vision, resulted in the blending of God Goddess of Vision and Innana holograms)
3. Eros (God of Seduction and resulted in blending of God Goddess of Unconditional Love and Aphrodite/Innana holograms)
4. Hephaestus (God of Armor, resulted in the blending of High Priestess Priest and Zeus Holograms)
5. Hercules (Hero, resulted in the blending of High Priest Priestess and Athena holograms)
6. Pan (God of Nature, resulted in the blending of God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge and Hermes holograms)
7. Helios (God of the Sun, resulted in the blending of God Goddess of Fire and Ares holograms)
8. Poseidon (God of the Sea, Blending of God Goddess of Authentic Power and Hermes holograms)


What Are Human Holograms?


The holographic planes contain the human blueprint in its original inception from Sirius due to the seeding of humankind upon Earth; or the Pleiades due to the presence and reproduction of the Annanuki; or those constructed by the blending of the two. All humans will be related to one of the above 38 human holograms. Prior to birth, soul accesses the planes of hologram inheriting the hologram from one’s mother or father. It is the hologram that determines what lineages can and cannot be chosen by the incoming soul to construct the form in the womb. It is also the hologram that gives an overall archetypal patterning to the related human life and embodiment.


Many are familiar with solar-based astrology. Holograms are related to astrology birth charts as those in the West know and are familiar with. Holograms determine the archetypal nature of the human dance founded upon birth time. Any birth time is related to a particular hologram. Certain holograms reign certain months out of the year, and all incoming children not only inherit such holograms from their birth parents, but also conceive and are born only at the times that such holographic births are prevalent in the human dance. Such birth time gives the related holograms and causes one human to be of this nature, and another of that nature as a holographic predisposition.


Because most humans have interbred over time, most lineages are related to each hologram. Therefore, humans are not necessarily limited to the lineages that they may choose at birth in relation to human holograms. However, solar counsels and in the review of human ascension to date see that those humans related to the Annanuki holograms have ascended again and again into dominion and power rather than unity, harmony and unconditional love. Such dominion and power has lead time and time again to global and now solar harm.


Therefore, solar counsels have determined that those humans with Annanuki holograms shall be blocked from ascending as their ascension would destroy the whole long before Earth could ever manage to cleanse herself. Therefore, humans with such holographic predispositions are blocked at this time from any ascension at all.


Half and half holograms are less problematic. There is some remembrance of unity from the Sirian half of the hologram, and most test cases of initiates have been able to retain harmlessness in ascension up to a certain point rather than become destructive. However, those half and half holograms ascending to Mahavishnu entered a harmful dance in the upper initiations as demonstrated in recent weeks by the Inner Earth people. Therefore, half and half holograms and all humans that are related will be allowed to ascend but not to Mahavishnu level awareness.


We remind each reading this chapter that all humans are related to one another regardless of hologram, and those who cannot ascend will die in the upcoming times of cleansing and then go on to bear witness to ascension of those humans who can ascend as living ancestors. Nothing is lost beloved, and the counsels are only working to ensure ascension of the whole and setting boundaries that are necessary to the success of such a goal.


Map Making to Mahavishnu Stopped


Solar counsels have caused a cease-ascension for the mapmaking of Mahavishnu level evolution. Human ascending initiates will be able to ascend no further than 3000, 4200 or 5000 DNA segments depending upon the birth hologram and lineages that one was born with. This is due to the simple fact that those attempting to map carve Mahavishnu fell into such deep distortion and patterns of harm that solar damage was incurred. However, this is not an end, and we would like to explain to all ascending humans what this translates into, so that each may better understand.


Most who are ascending at this time are embodying only a portion of the entire blueprint for 3000, 4200 or 5000 DNA segments. Why? This is the time to anchor the blueprint for ascension in preparation for future entry into Star Gates that will provide more and more photonic energy to fuel ascension forth to a biological level. Therefore, as any human ascends to 3000, 4200 or 5000 DNA segments at this time in history, by and large less than 20% of the actual biological blueprint is embodied, but the blueprint is anchored enough that the remaining 80% of the changes can come forth as there is enough chi present to allow for the biology to evolve.


Why is there so little chi? Earth has been in a deficit of chi for more than 200,000 years of her recent history. There is not only not much chi to fuel human ascension forth, but also not much available to fuel the ascension of any other species upon Earth either. What is available has to be divvied up in a way that serves the ascension of the whole, and much of the creative flow changes in the new consensus in recent months are to provide balance so that all species may receive the chi necessary to ascend. However, there is not enough for a rapid-fire ascension yet, and indeed this shall change with each Star Gate entered by Earth as a whole in the coming 30-year cycle.


Earth has 36 Star Gates to enter into before entering the skin of the Photon Belt itself. With each Star Gate entered and the further she goes, the more photonic chi will be available to allow ascension to take hold in the biology of all species upon Earth. Those initiates anchoring blueprints to 3000, 4200, or 5000 DNA segments will continue to ascend the biology for the coming 30-year cycle in preparation of riding the wave into the Photon Belt itself. Therefore, capping at these initiatory levels does not prevent one from continuing to ascend, nor does it prevent one from entering the Photon Belt itself. However, it will prevent the potential inability of Earth and our solar system from not ascending due to collective unconscious human harm.


For a long time, many human initiates thought the goal was for humans to ascend to full consciousness and the next dimension in a single lifetime. No other species, not even the dolphins and whales, are choosing to ascend in this manner. Why? The distortion is too great, and not only could the form become ill before it ascends, but the distortion can create other problems for Earth and our solar system that could then prevent ascension of the whole.


It is for this reason now that except for a few select cases necessary to ensure ascension of the human species, human ascension shall be blocked from further genetic materials beyond these genetic markers of 3000, 4200 or 5000 DNA segments. Half and half hologram related humans shall ascend no further than 3000 DNA segments, and red hologram related humans no further than 4200 or 5000 depending upon lineages for ascension. These are the new rulings of solar counsels now overseeing human ascension upon Earth.


The gift of the presence of solar counsels is support. For so long, Earth has tried to manage human ascension single handedly and without much support. Due to the lack of support, often misdemeanors would occur in human ascension along with cheating that has led sometimes to global problems, and more recently a solar catastrophe. With the support of solar counsels, there will be more eyes and ears overseeing the dance to ensure that ascension is occurring as it should.


Cheating through ascension is of little use. If one cheats, one comes not to biological harmony within. If there is not enough harmony within, one will combust at entry point of the Photonic Belt in 2048. It is for this reason that ascending into one’s own genetic material or truth and passing one’s own tests of ascension is important, for anything less means death at point of entry anyway.


The Blueprint at 3,000 DNA Segments


As humans with half and half holograms in particular ascend to 3,000 and embody this blueprint, they shall cease to receive any new genetic material. However, the blueprint cannot be embodied in full until there is enough chi available to allow it to take hold 100% down to a biological level. It may take the full 30-year cycle ahead and entry into all 36 Star Gates to provide enough chi for any human to embody the blueprint 100%, however age does play a factor. The younger one is, the less decay there is inherently in the form, and the faster the blueprint can download into the biology. Therefore, younger adults may embody the full blueprint of 3,000 DNA segments in 9 years instead of 18 that may be required for an older form.


The blueprint to 3,000 calls for many things, which we now explain. For all intents and purposes, 3000 today is what once called Bodhisattva in the earlier chapters of the book in relation to level of transcendence. 3,000 DNA segments level humans will resurrect 100% of the biological decay and transcend the vibration and thoughtform of pain, anger and fear in full.


Some humans who are diseased but have a strong enough form can ascend to 3,000 and continue to ascend as each Star Gate is entered resurrecting their form in full and transcending their disease in full. Therefore 3,000 is the bottom line ascension necessary for transcendence of disease.


3,000 DNA segments unify polarity enough that at some point those wishing a unity-based significant relationship or beloved can manifest this if they so choose to. What does a unity-based relationship look like? Unity-based relations are with another that is similar enough to oneself that there is ongoing harmony. Where the two are diverse, each makes up for where the other is weak on some level in their life dance.


What does this mean? Well, let us say that one has a difficult time with manifestation. This means that one’s partner finds manifestation easy. Coming together then resolves a major life issue as the one who manifests easily can now provide for the one who does not.


Ascent to 3,000 allows one to become the dreamer and the dream. One may intend to manifest this or that, and consciously monitor the dream stepping down the dimensions to live to experience the outcome. For many this resolves many major life issues and causes one to begin to be filled, filled from within with those manifestations that bring one’s heart joy. It is only karma that limits one from manifesting their vision. Release the karma, and a clearer version of what one wishes to experience will step down into form.


Ascent to 3,000 gives a human regional power of thoughtform. What this translates into is that 3,000 DNA segments human preferences will affect the region that one lives. One will find others preferring the food, clothing and lifestyle that one so chooses to manifest for oneself. This is the result of ascending thoughtform, which has a regional affect.


The Blueprint to 4,200 DNA Segments


For those taking their ascent a little higher in genetic material and to 4,200 segments, all of the above to 3,000 segments applies. The only exception is that one has national level affluence in relation to their thoughtform. This equates to one’s preferences for food, clothing and lifestyle will be reflected back throughout the nation that one lives.


Initiates ascending to 4,200 shall begin to address scar tissue held latent within the form along with the decay. Scar tissue is related to warfare. Those that transcend biological warfare karma will come to a deeper state of internal peace. Thoughtform that is related to internal peace will translate into peace within nations as enough humans master this level of biological vibration.


The Blueprint to 5,000 DNA Segments


For those taking their ascent a little higher in genetic material and to 5,000 segments, all of the above to 3,000 and 4,200 applies. The only exception is that one has international influence in relation to their thought form. More scar tissue is transcended. This too leads to an even deeper level of inner peace than those transcending only to 4,200 segments. As enough humans master 5,000 segments and an internal state of peace, this shall lead to peace between nations as the thoughtform has international effect.


7,500 and Beyond


The ascent to 7,500 and beyond is reserved for those humans seeded to ascend to Mahavishnu from birth. Such humans have a specific set of lineages and holograms that are suited to such an ascent, and suited to unconscious harmlessness. Ascent to 7,500 begins to modify the nervous system in a manner that would create imbalance within the form as a resting point for any given length of time. It is for this reason that the initiations from 5,000 to 7,500 shall be reserved only for those who will carry on and master Mahavishnu level awareness or 15,000 DNA segments.


As an initiate masters 7,500 segments, one has global powered thoughtform. What this translates into is that one’s preferences for food, clothing and lifestyle shall have a global effect upon all humans. Additionally, if one surrenders and sustains a greater internal level of peace, such thoughtform can translate into world peace and unity as enough humans master such a biological state of being.


15,000 or Mahavishnu Level Awareness


The ascent to 15,000 gives one solar powered thoughtform. One’s thoughtform therefore affects the entire solar system that one lives within. It is for this reason that those humans entering this state of power and falling into such great distortion could create so much solar level damage along with planetary level damage and kill two Inner Earth human ascending masters as of late. Such a level of awareness is not to be taken lightly, and solar counsels are reserving such ascension for those with the purest of hearts.


Purity of Heart


Purity of heart has to do with the intent behind why one wishes to ascend. Some humans wish to ascend in order to better their lives, make the big business deal, manifest the beloved, heal the form, or any of thousands of possible desires that a given human may have; any other reason to ascend other than the pure wish for evolution involves a lack of purity of heart from the perspective of the solar counsels now reviewing human ascension.


Failed ascensions are related to an impure heart, or one that desired ascension for some other reason other than to evolve. When there is a desire for something else then there is also the propensity to bargain unconsciously with the forces of the dark. As one bargains to receive their desired dream, the dark then use the ascending field in a harmful manner and create either global or solar harm, as in the recent experience mentioned above.


Solar counsels will be reviewing all ascensions in human form of those with holograms and seeded for the ride to Mahavishnu. They will examine such humans for purity of heart, or the underlying reason that they so choose to ascend to another level of power through self-mastery. Solar counsels shall also oversee all ascensions beyond 7,500 segments from this point forward as one’s ascent to this level of evolution affects the entire solar system.


Mastery and Ascension


Ascension has always been about mastery, mastery of thoughtform leading to another dimension of thoughtform so that one may exit one realm of existence and enter another. Few humans understand what mastery means, or how mastery leads to greater and greater levels of energetic power in the dynamics of one’s auric field, chakra system, subtle bodies and thoughts. Ascending the body to a particular genetic level is only one part of the dance. Such a level of biological evolution equates to increasingly large auric fields that have presence upon dimensions related to the sun or universe as one nears full consciousness in vibration. Such auric fields expanded to universal in size have amassed great power and one must prove that one will not use such power to harm any other, or such power will be stripped imminently.


Most humans are extremely arrogant. In the arrogance, there is a tendency to misuse power for personal gain. In the misuse, it is not just that one gains what one had hoped to manifest, but that other species or Earth is harmed in a manner that will prevent further ascension. Solar counsels are saddened by the current state of the human species, and shall assist humanity in ascending out of such a state and into humility, honor and non-conditional love again through generational ascension.


Generational Ascension Ahead


No other species upon Earth is anticipating ascending from this dimension to the next in the current form. Each shall utilize the birth, death and rebirth cycles to anchor increasing genetic material and increasing vibration to augment the ascension of the whole of Earth. This shall now be for all humans, except in a few cases and in those who have been seeded to clear the pathway for the generational ascent of the remainder of the human species.


It is anticipated that the first Bodhisattva births shall occur in the coming 8-year cycle. Such children will either come in fully at 3000, 4200 or 5000 DNA segments, and shall ascend in early teenage years to 15,000 segments in selective cases and as the Kundalini begins to run in puberty. In 2028, the first Mahavishnu births shall enter the dance and ascend to full consciousness in puberty in selective cases. By 2033, some fully conscious births shall enter the dance to assist the human species and Earth in stabilizing into enough peace and unity to enter the photonic skin of the Great Central Sun without combusting.


Humans that ascend to 3,000 minimum and 100% down to a biological level should be harmonious enough to pass through the skin of the Photon Belt without combusting. However, it is up to each initiate to master their own thoughtform and enter an internal state of peace great enough to ensure passing through the Star Gate in ease. Those at 4,200 and 5,000 likewise will face the same internal processing, and each human along with each community of humans will require striving for peace and unity in order to pass through this major filter without combusting.


The Filter of the Great Central Sun


The filter of the Great Central Sun is a special device designed to push away anything that passes through it that does not resonate. Resonance is founded upon harmony, and harmony can be measured as molecular peace. Molecular peace requires the transcendence of enough electrical and radioactive discord in the energy field surrounding the human form.


The filters of the Great Central Sun are designed to cast out anything that exists within a certain threshold of disharmony. To a certain extent, the filters can be adjusted, but not so much that the Great Central Sun itself ends up compromised. Therefore, Earth and each species upon her must do their part to detoxify those vibrations and energy signatures that are non-resonant with the magnetic creation that you reside within. Many may not realize that the Mer-ka-ba and other straight lined energy movement are electrical and radioactive in nature. No being running such signatures to any great amount will pass through the Great Central Sun filters alive.


The blueprint to 3,000 requires an 80% detoxification of electrical thoughtform and energy signatures. By and large, the molecular system shifts to triple sphere as 3,000 segments is embodied 100%, as do all chakras major and minor along with the light body itself. Straight lined energy movement remains in only small amounts known as “ownership signatures” which are buried in the etheric body and cause attachment between humans and/or their possessions. It is perceived that the filters of the Great Central Sun will allow for some attachment, but not excessive attachment, nor electrical sacred geometry. Those attempting to pass through with excessive attachment or electrical sacred geometry will combust upon entry, with the entire body and soul burning up in death. It is for this reason that the map must be embodied 100% if one is going to pass through this barrier alive.


The point of human ascension is to assure that there are enough adult humans remaining after entry to watch over the large number of ascending children to be born in the coming 30-year cycle. It is for this reason that adult human ascension has been map made and now made available to those capable of ascending. Many perceive ascension as an escape. Ascension is not an escape, it is about anchoring heaven upon Earth in one’s own life dance NOW.


The Conscious Choice to Die


Most humans are not going to ascend to the next dimension with Earth. This is a 1,000-year process beloved. It is a great truth that those ascending only to 3000, 4200 or 5000 will one day die as the vibrational threshold exceeds their body’s vibratory rate causing the form to get ill. However, this may be 100 years or more into the future.


Humans at 3000, 4200 or 5000 can consciously choose to die when they are complete. All that is required is that one intend to die and that they complete all remaining karma and one will peacefully exit in their sleep. For the ability to die at choice is a part of the map of ascension. There is no need to become ill and suffer. Furthermore, each time one falls asleep now and leaves the form to go to the ascension temples for healing during dreamtime, it is like one has died. So, what’s the big deal anyway?


The evolution to 3000, 4200 or 5000 will see one through entry into the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun in which the sun never sets. It will allow such humans to live up to 100 years beyond this and witness the restructuring of the human civilization. Is this not what you want more than anything?


What to Do Between Now and Entry in 2048?


The reality is that ascension communities must come forth. Times ahead will become increasingly difficult with an economic collapse potentially seen now coming down the dimensions in 2025. Diseases due to non-conscious farming will make food increasingly difficult to manifest and distribute. Humans who are completing may exit in epidemic after epidemic. One will wish to plan to be someplace safe with enough land to meet one’s own needs, and preferably pull together with others of like mind for the purposes of conscious farming and child rearing, along with other community activities.


This is what Earth and her source see for ascending adult humans. The communities shall ensure that there are enough adults present to care take and oversee the ascending children entering the community, even if mom and dad die in the cleansing. Therefore, each ascending now may wish to add the dream for an ascension community to their vision for their future, and then take action in due course to bring such a dance forth into one’s life expression.


Ascension is not about escaping anything. If anything the attempt to create community may cause humans to face their worst fears and difficulties together, potentially transcending them in a safe environment that is supportive and nurturing for each. Or so one may also wish to envision. If one is going to participate in community, then what can one offer to contribute to such a community? It shall be as many come together offering a wide variety of abilities, gifts and talents that such communities can be built.


Perhaps for now one will build their skills so that they have something to contribute to such a community. Perhaps one will go off and learn about conscious farming, or ecological construction, or healing and herbs, or massage and acupuncture or acupressure, or working with animals or children, or music and dance. For community also must have entertainment. Humans would be bored otherwise. Television will surely be a thing of the past in about a decade, and so one can contribute in many ways. One simply must go within and ask one’s heart “What would bring me joy to contribute?” Then one may go about learning such skills so that when the time comes, one has something worthwhile to add to the dance of the new ascending communities ahead.


Becoming the dreamer and the dream means that each may dream the community and then live to experience the community coming to fruition for the benefit of the whole. Make the community a part of your dream, and then you will one day live to experience such a dance. In so doing, you will survive the coming years of difficulty and cleansing Earth has planned and is necessary for her evolution.


Humans that pull together in crisis are magnificent to behold! As it is so for crisis, so it can also be for community. Those gathering shall create a new type of human relations and governance founded upon a new level of evolutionary status in which unity becomes the foundation for the dance of life. Such communities shall provide the necessary blueprint for an entire new human civilization to emerge in the coming century. This is no small contribution for our species.


How Will Communities Form?


Communicate and build friendships with fellow like-minded travelers of the path of ascension. Out of such many a community will be born global wide. Karma and soul agreements will call those who are destined to be together to the dance. Those providing the land will settle karma in so doing. Those working the land will contribute in this manner. Request of Earth a blueprint for community to participate in, and she will assist by weaving the dream so that all may come together in ease, and work through their difficult moments through group transcendence.


Many who join hands at 3000, 4200 or 5000 will be very different in relation to one another than humans at 2 strands of DNA who have not embodied the ascension blueprint. There will be greater acceptance, greater love, and greater support of one another through the tough times ahead. This is what adult ascension affords, the space where unity relations may become the foundation for the group, from which community can be born. Is this an easy journey ahead? Perhaps, and then again, perhaps not. So what else is new in human relations? In non-conditional acceptance, life between humans changes radically, as there is a new foundation of love and joy that can permeate the dance.

Anchoring Heaven Upon Earth


Heaven upon Earth comes from the communion between body, soul and Earth. What better way to commune with Earth than to work the land and to harvest the food that is then relished in celebration and honor? Simpler times are ahead, as the economics that currently plague the human species shall collapse. This is necessary as they are so out of balance that they cannot easily be brought into balance in any other manner other than cessation. However, after such a cessation manifests, humans will find a new manner of giving and receiving, and no longer rely upon banks or credit for sustenance.


One can look at the current economic crisis in Argentina as a mirror. If only their authorities quit worrying about the banks and sent the populace into the dance of farming and providing for the masses, all would resolve itself in balanced giving and receiving. Perhaps they will map a journey to such an outcome yet. Who is the cause of the economic hardship? The international banks that loaned much at high interest rates long ago and has bled the nation dry of wealth. Is this not how the international banks work? Is any of it in interest of what the people of Argentina need? No, of course not. However, if the government focuses in the new direction of taking care of the people instead, a whole new era may emerge for this country. They are on the forefront of economic transition.


Over the coming four years, there will be many other countries on the forefront of transition. Such countries will pave the way to greater unity-based solutions that those entering ascension communities can draw upon in principle in the years ahead. Such countries are upon the forefront of change. Is such change easy? Definitely not! Yet they are mirrors for those who are in seemingly sleepy pockets of non-change in the West. The change you witness outside of your own country will hit your own country due to the polarity change and in the coming 8-year cycle. Be prepared, and then there is less to fear. Find your truth, weave your dream, pull together with like-minded others, and found a new way of being. Then you will not be so hard hit with all of the rest as the changes come forth.


This is what ascension is for. Becoming the dreamer and the dream, and not being subject to the seeming chaos or drama and trauma that surrounds oneself in the dance of life. Listen to your heart. Listen to the soul that sits within the cavity behind the heart within your form. What does your soul have to say? Where does it lead you to plant yourself in the coming 8-year cycle? Are you to move? Then plan upon it and act upon it. It is not enough to dream it; one must follow through and make the dream one’s living reality.


Change and Human Relations


Change is perhaps the most difficult thing for adult human ascending masters. It is so very much more comfortable to live as you live now without change. However, in the times of crisis ahead, change will be forced and not necessarily in a manner that supports oneself. Take charge of the change now and plan for it, allowing it to serve one’s dream instead. One can either be the sailboat upon the ocean with the wind blowing oneself every which way, or the captain guiding the sailboat to the destination of one’s choice. It is all in the intention, and the willingness to bring forth the changes necessary now to fulfill upon one’s dream that the difference lies.


Many humans are lazy and mechanized per the review of the Great Central Sun. In the mechanization, one is more comfortable repeating the same dance day in and day out without change than in changing the dance, and moving to a new rhythm. Mechanization is a large part of the human genetics, and the human energy field, even at 3000, 4200 or 5000 segments of DNA. How does one then deal with the mechanized parts of self that would prefer not to change? Reprogram them. Intend to reprogram that which fears change into that which loves change and the adventure that it presents. You are the captain of your own ship!


What about the mortgage, the spouse, the job, the family, the children, the Jones, the garden or the cats? LET GO! Sell the house, downsize the debt, and free yourself up for CHANGE. What good is all of this going to do when the economics collapse anyway? Are you not going to lose it all anyway? Why lose it when you can sell it and be off and running in a new life dance living in a place that you have always wanted to live? Take charge of your destiny, live your life, and dream your dream as you have always wanted it to be.


Don’t sit there wallowing in self-pity whining about what should have been, what you always wanted, how everyone else wins lotto, and life is simply a bowl of cherry pits! Perhaps this is true for humans at 2 DNA strands who have not embodied the ascension blueprint, but it need not be through ascension. One can pull oneself out of the depression and into a new life dance through intent.


This is not to say that moments of despair or the emotional difficulties of ascension are going to go away. They are a part of the dance. You will be releasing patterns, some of which are quite traumatic, through 2048! There will be days from hell in the dance, as one transits a particularly difficult emotional memory. But these pass and fade into times of joy again. So, ride the roller coaster, embrace the change, and intend what you have always wanted for yourself into reality. This is what ascension affords you. This is what adult ascension makes possible for each ascending human.


Not all are up for the journey. There are those related to the Annanuki either in lineage or in hologram that are not going down the ascension path. Often these are the same humans that have destroyed one’s ancestry again and again, and gotten off scot free, and always won lotto too! Such humans shall exit the human dance allowing for unity, sovereignty, joy and honor to prevail amongst those who remain. Perhaps the journey to collective honor cannot be accomplished in any other means. Let us allow those who are not up for this journey to learn their lessons and complete. In so doing, a new type of community may emerge in the future, and one devoid of such selfish and self-serving types of humans.


Lessons Learned


Solar counsels have indeed set boundaries surrounding human ascension. From Earth’s perspective, this is a good thing as it ensures the ascent of the whole. Any human is but a part of the larger ship known as Earth. One cannot ascend, even in generations, if one’s species destroys Earth and our solar system in the attempt to ascend.


Unity relations involve the greater good of the whole in all life dances. It is from the greater good of the whole that the new boundaries for human ascension have been added to the new consensus upon Earth. This changes the focus for adult ascension greatly, however not necessarily in a negative way. It is our hope that in being honest about what we see for human adult ascending future, each may better plan for the times ahead.


The next Star Gate to be entered is anticipated between early May and mid June of this year. Earth is on track to take her entry and is building in vibration to do so. The distortion of the months past is rapidly being rectified as collective human power, and in particular that which is related to the Inner Earth people, has been confined in a manner that no longer has the capacity to alter Earth’s field in a negative manner.


For eons, the Inner Earth people have viewed themselves as superior to surface Earth peoples. In reality, all humans are of one collective blueprint of 38 holograms. There is not one hologram that is not also present in the Inner Earth. Many humans from the surface of the Earth migrated to the Inner Earth shortly before the fall of Atlantis. As such, all holograms are represented, along with those that are destructive in nature and related to the Annanuki.


The Inner Earth people have proven to themselves that they are no different in nature than surface Earth people. For a long time, Inner Earth people had polarized their destruction on to outer Earth people and have lived a life of relative peace. Through ascension, surface Earth humans have refused to take responsibility for Inner Earth peoples’ karma or darkness, and have returned such darkness and karma unto them en masse. Such karma and darkness acted itself out now in the death of two Inner Earth ascending masters through the fields of their own following.


The first step to mastering destructive thoughtform is to honestly assess its presence. Denial of destruction only causes the destruction to act out in a large unconscious manner for all to see.


Humans are inherently violent. The violence is reflected all around oneself, whether it is in the simple act of a parent slapping a child, or a child spitting upon another child, or the deformity and disease prevalent in the human dance. Deformity and disease is an internalized form of violence. If humans are going to exit the dance of destruction, then they must not veil it any longer with fantasies of illusion that state that such violence does not exist. Perhaps the events upon September 11th assisted by removing the veils upon violence for all to bear witness to, for as a collective and amongst those who are ascending, most wish to turn a blind eye to violence. It is in trying to sweep the truth under the carpet that leads to the violence acting out in a big way, whether it be a terrorist act upon the surface of the Earth or the energetic shattering of an ascension leader in the Inner Earth.


Each ascending is therefore responsible for looking within and seeking out the destroyer within, and choosing to transcend such thoughtform. It is only as the destroyer within is mastered that one will ascend rather than die in the years ahead. As more master the destroyer within, world peace and the cessation of violence shall one day be the reality in which all humans live, whether such humans be upon the surface of the Earth or in the Inner Earth. Humans must ascend out of their violence, and the path to this goal is coming, and is generational. It shall be the nonviolent children that lead humanity home.


At 3,000 segments, decay is transcended. Decay is related to disease. One can say that a certain threshold of human violence is transcended in embodying the bare minimum of 3,000 segments. Scar tissue that is transcended in the ascent to 4,200 and 5,000 adds another level of violence transcended in such mastery. It is anticipated by the counsels overseeing ascension that such transcendence is great enough to lead to peace within and between nations as enough humans embody such blueprints, along with peace within and between communities of ascending humans. All that is required is for each to ascend and do their part to embody all of the genetic materials 100% to a biological level in order for this to become so.


Healing Temples for Ascension


Healing Temples for Ascension MP3


Years ago, Asur’Ana looked around and said “This dance must end. It is too painful, too horrific, too sad.” Who was it that looked through Asur’Ana and said this? The Source of One had its first glimpse at the dance through the eyes of Asur’Ana only a few years ago. We have intervened to make possible a new tomorrow. However, we will not do it for humanity; each in human form must ascend themselves out of their own violence. We make possible the map, and healing temples to support human evolution. Such temples are available during dreamtime or meditation if you are having a tough ascension moment.


We take a moment now to define the 18 healing temples for ascension. These are temples that hold blueprints of records that one may assess holographically and compare their own biological records to. If one has lost records, such temples will assist each in recovering all that has been lost so that one may proceed forward in their ascension. Such temples will also assist in the revealing and clearing of karma necessary to ascend. These temples are now overseen and administered by solar counsels along with the One Source.


The following temples are available unto each mastering 1,800 to 3,000 segments in this lifetime. These temples sit within one’s own Aurora, which is created through the larger chakras that sit in the core of Earth. One follows one’s own grounding chakras under the feet to gain access to one’s temples; or one can pull one’s temples around oneself during meditation or at night by pulling them up the chakras into one’s home or hotel room. There are angels and guardians associated with Earth’s dream for ascending initiates that administer all healing in collaboration with one’s oversoul and source.


1. Temple of Interconnection


This temple assists one in connecting with their source if they have lost their connection. The temple with support of Earth and all species therein holds all connections for all Source Groups related to Earth. As one visits the temple, a more effortless connection to source shall be provided.


2. The Temple of Ascension Tests and Assessment


This temple is where each goes to take their tests for ascension or to be assessed for the next phase of work. Sometimes when one is unsure of what is wrong, a visit to this temple shall suffice at putting one back on track. It is also from this temple that one’s soul can assess one’s karmic issues.


3. The Temple of Grounding


This temple holds all records of grounding and the changes therein in each phase of ascension. Grounding changes from phase to phase, however, wherever one is, one can crosscheck their information and intend to retrieve anything that has been lost.


4. The Temple of Sexual Energy Flow


This temple holds all records of sexual energy movement and the movement of the kundalini through the grid work of the form and subtle bodies. Sexual energy movement also changes from phase to phase in ascension. However, one can crosscheck one’s own information against the knowledge provided therein and intend to retrieve anything that has been lost over time or in a karmic encounter.


5. Temple of Subtle Bodies


This temple holds all records of subtle body changes and repairs in each phase of ascension. One can compare one’s own records to the records contained herein for one’s given evolutionary status to determine what has been manipulated or lost, and then strive to retrieve it.


6. Temple of Physical Grid Work


This temple holds all records of grid work changes and repairs for each phase of ascension. One can cross check their grid work against a template of what should be present at any given phase of evolution. In so doing, one may discover foreign grid work that has become mixed in causing the energy flow in certain pockets of the form to wane.


7. Temple of Ascension Grid Work


This temple holds all records for constructing ascension grid work in each phase of ascension. In essence, this temple holds information for transcribing the genetic blueprint for ascension and anchoring it around the physical form. Ascension grid work changes from level to level in initiation, and therefore one’s own level can be compared to what should be in place given the knowledge held in the temple.


8. Temple of Ancestral Knowledge


This temple holds all human lineages sorted out thus far in human ascensions upon Earth. At this time, all 144,000 lineages are present, but some are not complete back in time. One assists in building the records for this temple in one’s own ascension. One may ask for the original 144 lineages that were their birth inheritance at this temple, or any updates that have come in from other ascending initiates.


9. The Temple of Light Body


This temple holds records of light body development at each phase of ascension. The light body is sometimes susceptible to manipulation during one’s dreamtime travels. One can compare their light body to the records in this temple for the purposes of repair.


Understand that there are two types of light bodies; one of which is a modified “astral” body that one’s consciousness travels during dreamtime, and this is the light body that we speak of. There is a second light body that is actually a physical vessel upon another plane of reality exactly one octave above oneself. It is the real light body forms into a fourth dimensional vessel that the physical body ascends into as consciousness in the act of ascension from one dimension unto the next.


10. The Temple of Recasting


Each recasting that occurs within one’s source during dreamtime is recorded within this temple. Recasting reweaves the fractured pieces of soul into a single and “whole” unit as enough pieces are gathered in each phase of ascension. By and large for those at 3000, 4200 or 5000, recasting occurs a minimum of once per week. For those mastering 6,000 and above, recasting may occur two to three times per week.


11. The Temple of Time


This temple holds the records for how time is altered within the field of an ascending human in each phase of ascension. One builds towards moving outside of time such that the body no longer ages. One is therefore invited to visit this temple for an assessment if they are having difficult sustaining an expanded state out of time periodically in their process of ascension. The assessment will give clues as to what may be out of order or missed within your current phase or past phases of ascension, which can then be acted upon and corrected.


12. The Temple of Schisms


Schisms are portions of ascension skipped over leaving behind fractured pieces of soul that were never woven in during one’s more recent recasting. This temple holds all knowledge attained thus far about schisms, and the tones necessary to integrate missing portions of soul and to release the related karma.


13. The Temple of the Language of Light


This temple holds the Language of Light which are all of the tones of creation necessary to sustain the ascension to date of the form and for the form to continue to ascend into the future. One may visit this temple and view what tones should be integrated in full given their current level of evolution. Any missing tones can then be pulled from this temple into the field to trigger the related karma in need of releasing in order to embody all tones in full.


14. The Temple of Genetic Information


This temple holds all genetic information on the human dance revealed thus far in the human ascensions global wide. This temple is linked to the Temple of Ancestry as genetic records are held by one’s ancestral inheritance. One may visit this temple and compare their current records to those held in the temple to assure that all genetic knowledge necessary to ascend through one’s current initiation is present.


15. Temple of Visionary Knowledge


This temple holds all information about vision retrieved and compiled thus far in human ascensions global wide. One may visit this temple and compare their current visionary records to see what is missing at your current phase of evolution. Such information includes clairvoyance, telepathy, and modalities of channeling soul through form.


16. Temple of Ascension


This temple holds records of all human ascensions that have occurred within the new consensus thus far. This includes successful and non-successful ascensions. One may review such records for the purposes of their own evolution.


17. Temple of Karma


This temple contains a karmic board held by the solar counsels. It is from this temple that all human karmic disputes are assessed and rectified in relation to the new consensus.


18. The Temple of Honor


This temple is the only temple held by the Source of One. This temple oversees the karmic board to assure that all decisions occur in honor, and supports Earth’s continued choice to ascend. Disputes not rectified in the temple of karma are carried to this temple for assessment.


New Solar Temples


The following temples are new solar level services that oversee the 18 planetary ascension healing temples above. These temples assure that all 18 planetary temples are held and run in order with the new keys for ascension coming from the One Source in support of the resurrection and reconstitution of All That Is. One may not access these temples direct, however if there is a karmic infraction or problem in one’s personal ascension dance, one may be taken to these temples for assistance, guidance and rectification. Therefore, one is taken to these temples through the Temple of Honor if there is a need for it.


1. The Temple of True Law


This temple holds true law in action. True law states that only karma that one has actually incurred in one’s ancestry is the karma that must be released in order to ascend. Karma has been heavily manipulated by forces of the dark in your creation to a point that Earth and the human species have too much karma to ascend. This is the result of karmic displacement from other planets and stars or humanoid civilizations. All karma that is not of Earth or human origin is being returned through the Temple of True Law at this time in history. If one runs into a karmic infraction that appears not to be one’s own, one may be brought to this temple for an assessment and rectification.

2. The Temple of True Function


This temple holds true function in action. Each soul that was cast from the Tao where all souls originate is embedded with a function that is related to their original casting. Within your creation, the casting amongst souls has become confused. There are creator souls, serpent souls and angel souls. Creator souls hold the master blueprint for the creation, or in human terms, for one’s form and life expression. Angel souls transcribe the blueprint down to genetic materials that create the form. Serpents are woven together in positive and negative energy flow to create the grid work and subtle bodies or chakra systems that form is created through.


In your creation, creator, angel and serpents souls became intermixed. This has led to fall after fall in consciousness. True function calls for souls cast from the Tao to return to their particular function that is an inherent ability of the soul from its original blueprint at birth. In so doing, all parts of the field are managed by souls that are capable and gifted of doing the job that they are assigned.


Human ascension has also been subject to the changes of true function, and within recent months there has been a reassignment of all souls holding all ascending fields upon Earth including humankind. If there is any problem uncovered with a particular soul in one’s field, then one is brought to this temple for an assessment of the soul’s original casting and a rectification of the problem.


3. The Temple of True Orchestration


Orchestration of a field calls for all serpents, angels and creator/dragon souls to work together in a particular manner that serves the whole of the field and form that is ascending. The Temple of True Orchestration holds a blueprint for each ascending species in relation to how creator/dragon, angel and serpent souls must dance together for continued ascension. If there is a problem with the orchestration of one’s souls in one’s ascension, one will be brought to this temple for an assessment and rectification.


4. The Temple of True Symphony


True symphony is recognition that each creator, angel and serpent soul creates a particular sound in the energy movement of an ascending field. The sound is much like an orchestra playing a symphony day in and day out. Each angel, serpent or creator in any field is given a score of music that they should be playing in the rotation of the energy field. This temple holds the music that should be playing in any initiate’s field at any given level of evolution. If there is a problem with the sound coming from one’s field (i.e., too many sour notes) one may be brought to this field for an assessment and attunement.


5. The Temple of True Timing


The symphony of sound has a particular rhythm unto it. Each angel, creator and serpent must play their music in time with one another syncopating rhythms. It is this temple that holds the templates of rhythm for each phase of ascension of each species. If there is a problem with the timing of one’s score, one will be brought to this temple for an assessment and attunement.




We hope you can see from the above information the gift of the presence of solar counsels upon Earth. They are allowing us to bring to consciousness now the temples for ascension for each to draw upon, as there are enough souls to assist in managing both conscious and dreamtime participation in the use of the temples by human initiates. Up until the recent changes and choice of solar participation, there was not enough souls and energy upon Earth to allow for conscious human participation in the healing temples for ascension.


It is the goal of the solar counsels to make the space for human ascension to take hold and bring forth changes within the human dance that lead to world peace and ascension of the whole of Earth. Any dance that creates a regional, national or global problem therefore shall be outlawed, and the cause of the problem rectified in a manner such that all such patterns not occur again in human ascension. It is the power of the solar thoughtform that creates such boundaries upon Earth and in the human dance.


Human ascending initiates must look beyond the tiny perspective of their own limited dance. There is a greater dance that is being orchestrated of global ascension that involves all species upon Earth, along with solar, universal, cosmic and creational ascension that is occurring concurrently. One is not alone, nor is Earth alone in the choice to ascend. The collective multidimensional choice to ascend supports the whole of Earth by providing keys and support against infractions by large forces of the dark still vying to prevent Earth’s ascension.


We cannot as a planet or as a species harm that which is supporting the whole of Earth’s ascension. Perhaps this is what the most recent lessons in human ascension allow for, an understanding that we must honor our multidimensional connections to all other species upon all other dimensions. Humanity is learning multidimensional honor. This is a grand shift indeed.


Please click on the links below to download the charts in PDF:


38 Human Holograms in PDF


18 Healing Temples for Ascension in PDF


Kundalini & Sexual Chart in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



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