Image of Dream Weaving and the 8 planes of reality. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream

17. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream


The purpose of the human species is to master conscious dreaming. This is the purpose of mastering one’s initiations; one becomes the dreamer and the dream. One envisions any dream, and then lives to experience it exactly as one envisions such a dream.


If the dream is for a beloved, then the beloved is made manifest and the beloved comes into one’s life dance. If the dream is for a new place to live, a preoccupation that brings one joy, a child, a healthy form, living in a beautiful region, or one’s ascension, one has the capacity to dream the dream, and then live to experience the dream. This is the original purpose that the human species was designed for; to be a living dream weaver that experiences one’s own dream.


We have spoken in previous books about how intents or dreams are made manifest. We now summarize this process with some major new additions and changes due to global changes in the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. Let us suffice to say that Earth has entirely restructured four planes surrounding manifestation; the Planes of Dreamtime, the Planes of Magic, the Planes of Thoughtform and the Planes of Unity (formerly the Planes of Karma). This restructuring allows ascending initiates to become the dreamer and the dream. It is the purpose of this chapter to discuss the path of becoming the conscious dreamer in human form.




How does one transcend? One transcends through forgiveness. How does one forgive? How does one forgive others who have harmed oneself or damaged one’s form, or brought misery to one’s life? Forgiveness comes through understanding. In understanding how one’s ancestors have destroyed or harmed others, one will come to understand why one harms another. In so understanding the underlying emotional cause, one can most readily forgive.


For all that have experienced the trauma over New York, there are millions and millions of other humans that have experienced equal trauma in a less publicized manner. Such humans have been seemingly victims to incest or sexual abuse of a parent over their form. Abusive parents, teachers or schoolmates have emotionally traumatized many humans. Many humans have abused others including their own children out of fear, confusion, or frustration. Many humans have struggled to make ends meet and pay the bills, or find a loving partner, or transcend a disease killing the form.


Forgiveness is forgiveness whether it is over a publicized incident or not. Such humans may go within and examine their own ancestry. Has not the ancestry of one who is victimized sexually also molested one’s own children in lives past? Has not the child that has been abused turned around and abused their own children or parents later in life? Is not the frustration of being the adult who is responsible for making ends meet difficult, and hard for children to understand? One comes to forgiveness through the experience of like circumstances, which teach one understanding.


Such understanding requires not the physical experience of such circumstances. One may gain the benefit of examining one’s own ancestral records to understand. Within each human is a bevy of ancestors that date back over 200,000 years in history. There are more lives than one can imagine, and one has in their own ancestry done it all, so to speak.


One has been the prostitute and the pimp; one has been gay and one has been straight; one has persecuted the gay community and been persecuted for sexual preferences oneself; one has been all nationalities; one has also persecuted certain nationalities of powerlessness multiple times and been persecuted as well; one has been wealthy and one has been poor; one has been homeless upon the street begging to survive; one has also walked by such beggars in disgust; one has been upon the battlefields and both won and lost; one has been the general or commander, and one has been the soldier holding the line; one has been injured upon the battlefield or in an accident and lived a life of deformity thereafter; one has experienced every disease known to humankind; one has also been annihilated in nuclear holocaust along with Earth.


One has been all things, beloved. In bringing forward and into present time one’s ancestral records, one may come to understand that which one perceives as unforgivable in another and choose to forgive, forgive through understanding. Forgiveness is a conscious choice. Forgiveness is also an active stance. Forgiveness will never occur of its own volition; one must choose to forgive.


If one chooses to forgive and is not capable, one will create a circumstance in which one can then understand, and then in the understanding one can then forgive. So, Asur’Ana has found time and time again in her dance of ascension. Those who she perceived as having betrayed and harmed her in the dance with the dark were ultimately forgiven as she saw the larger picture, and in the larger picture she saw how they too were only puppets for a high level dark in control or dominion over all things. In the manipulation, they really and truly had no choice. In seeing this, Asur’Ana could forgive.


The Four Subtle Bodies and Manifestation of Dreams


For any initiate, the act of creation or intending one’s dream occurs as one intends a particular vision with one’s thoughts. Intent is an act of will. Any intent of a particular thought or vision is relayed through all four subtle bodies, and indeed all four are required to be functional for any intent to be heard by the solar sun and then relayed back into physicality. This is accomplished simply with the thought “I intend such and such into my reality”.


It is roughly around 3,000 DNA segments that enough of all four subtle bodies have been reconstructed to allow for conscious intentions to be heard. Prior to such a time, it is advised that one makes their intents while they are “between the worlds”, or the time just before one falls asleep or awakens in the morning. In so doing, one’s thoughts bypass the requirement of fully functional subtle bodies and can be heard nonetheless by the sun and then relayed back into physicality so that one may so experience one’s intention.


After 3,000 segments, the four subtle bodies are present enough to allow intentions to flow through. How does this work? First the vision or dream for one’s path presents itself through the intuitive body. Generally, the dream is from one’s soul or Earth surrounding one’s next step upon one’s journey, or what is required in order for one to serve Earth in her global ascension.


The dream is put into words through the mental body and Language of Light tones infused into the dream through the emotional body. The Language of Light allows all intents to be unity-based, containing no destructive thoughtform, and this allows all conscious intents to lead to a non-destructive outcome. Through the creative body and in the act of intending the dream, i.e., “I intend thus and thus”, the dream is then relayed to the sun, and begins the step-down process into physicality.


There are seven planes that lead to physicality. Upon each plane the dream that one has chosen to make manifest begins to play out much like a movie, gathering those that are to participate in a co-creative manner. Little by little and over time, the vision steps down until it is made manifest in the physical. For those prior to ascension and at 2 strands of DNA, this process can take 8 to 10 years to come to fruition, from intent to manifestation. For those above 3,000 segments, an intent may step down in under a year in time. This is an example of how altering thoughtform via ascension alters the human ability to intend a dream, and then manifest the dream in the physical.


Although one may intentionalizes many things, such visions may or may not manifest exactly as one intends or hopes. Why? There is much karma in the human dance surrounding dream manipulations. We would like to take the time to delve into the history of dream manipulations and how they came to be in the human dance.


History of Dream Manipulations


Long ago, the Annanuki arrived upon Earth. They too had a dream, but their dream aligned not with Earth’s dream. Due to the nature of the radioactive energy that emanated from the Annanuki cellular structure, the radioactivity overrode Earth’s dream with another dream that was not of Earth’s desire to make manifest, which included the strip mining of her resources. For Earth as a consensus, she too is designed to be a consensus of dreamers that collaborates to experience all that is co-envisioned to experience together. The ability to dream was interfered with so extensively through Annanuki manipulations that Earth all but lost the capacity to be the dreamer and the dream. In a parallel manner, the human species has so declined in consciousness that humanity at large has lost the ability to be the dreamer and the dream.


Why is this so? The Annanuki manipulated the sacred geometry of Earth. Electrical and radioactive sacred geometry altered Earth’s dream. Such frequencies caused the dream to move from creative only, unity-based cycles to an extremely polarized cycle of creation followed by destruction, and enough destruction to create major downward cycles of Earth’s overall vibration. Such downward cycles were brought forth not only through the ongoing strip mining of Earth’s vital mineral and gold resources by the Annanuki, but also through human warfare.


The Annanuki also altered the dream for the human species. The Annanuki wished to have a subordinate slave race to serve them, and wished to subordinate the seeded red race into non-interference of their strip mining. Indeed, the Annanuki succeeded at their goal.


The Annanuki incubated a slave race in their laboratories. The slave race was given a pre-set series of dreams, which held not the possibility of ascension. The slave life dance included the ability to construct things, build houses, farm to feed one another, to breed and raise children, create handicrafts of all kinds, and perform, dance, act, create music and so on to entertain the “Gods” or the Annanuki.


Is not this the dream that humanity en masse is living to this day? The dream precluded evolution, for evolution would have the slaves evolve from slavery, and this the Annanuki prevented by removing the dream for evolution from Earth’s dream altogether. This had the effect of removing the dream for evolution from the red seeded race, and indeed over time ascension ceased in their experience.


Without the possibility for evolution, the only other possibility is “de-evolution”. This is precisely what followed, de-evolution followed by de-evolution followed by de-evolution, until the human species along with all species upon Earth sank in genetic material and consciousness to 2 strands of DNA. Furthermore, humanity has gone from ensouled to soulless, and in particular this has been true for the red seeded race over time. More and more soul has been removed along with a stripping of genetic material and grid work, with energetic machinery left in its place. We would say that humans at 2 strands are soulless living machines, whether they are red, black, yellow or white.


How did the soulless state come to be? The slave race incubated by the Annanuki was for all intents and purposes a living machine that was soulless from the inception. The Annanuki did not allow the slaves to be ensouled. Why? Ensouling the slaves would trigger evolution, and then the slaves would evolve out of their subordinate role. Therefore, the Annanuki prevented soul from being present and created a form of “group soul” also known as the false gods that held all the slaves concurrently, but outside of the form. Much like a puppet, the soul never engaged with the form.


As the slave populace over time exceeded the red race in number, and in particular after the great floods, which killed the red race by the billions, the group souls running the slave race overran the red race. Such group souls began to shatter the red race soul subordinating it to the false gods. Over time, and due to a lack of presence of soul, the slave forms aged and died. Why is this? It is soul that infuses the grid work with chi to sustain the life span. Without soul, eventually form will die.


As it was for the Annanuki slaves, so it also became for the red race as the red race lost its soul. The red race experienced its first loss of soul as the Annanuki launched the global electrical sacred geometry through a scientific manipulation over Earth. The electricity cut through the soul of the red race, shattering it and causing the first overall and major decline of their civilization. As this was for the red race, so it was for all species upon Earth.


Later, so many of the red race drowned in the great flood as the ice shield collapsed that the unity of red nations and dance of souls therein was also lost. This also occurred for many land species of Earth. Last, and as the Annanuki slave populations increased, the red race along with Earth was by and large overrun by the false gods.


It is because the red race lost its soul that those related to the Annanuki have forced their dominion over the red race time and time again, and won. Why? It is soul that directs the dream. Without soul, the red race lost the capacity to direct a dream that would retain the power, voice and the land of their people. As the red race lost the power to dream, they were overrun by the dream of the Annanuki and lost their land, and ultimately their culture.


As Earth lost her soul and was likewise run over by the false gods, she also lost her ability to direct a global dream. As a result, Earth was overrun by the dream of the Annanuki and false intervention and set into a dance that lead to her ongoing and repeated destruction over the past 152,000 years of history. This will change for the red race along with all humans global wide through ascension, as ascension brings forth a return of soul, and also the return of the capacity to command one’s own dream and destiny without interference. As it is for the red race along with all ascending humans, so it will be the same for Earth.


Taking Back One’s Ability to Dream Their Own Dream


Each reviewing this information may wish to explore their personal ancestral experiences in relation to the loss of the ability to be the dreamer and the dream. If one has Annanuki slave lineages in their ancestry, there is a natural predisposition to accept whatever dream is doled out without question. It is for this reason that it is so easy for initiates sometimes to forget to intend the dream that they desire into manifestation, as it is so habitual simply to accept whatever comes one’s way. This is so much so that most humans do not believe that they are responsible for anything that manifests in their life expression. Hence the thoughtform of victim and victimizer, which is perhaps the greatest lie of all, for it leaves one powerless to change the dance to a more desirable outcome.


As one releases the karma for accepting whatever dream one is given by a supposed superior race of beings that were considered God, one can take command again of their own dream upon Earth. The first step is to begin to create intents for oneself in relation to what one would like to manifest in their life dance. This too perhaps requires inner assessment and ascertaining what would bring one joy and fulfillment along with one’s ascension.


Due to the acceptance of whatever comes one’s way, one often does not know what would or would not bring one joy. Therefore, prior to becoming the dreamer of one’s dream, one has to know what it is that one desires. Sometimes, and in many cases, one is so inundated with another’s dream that one only knows what another desires. In the following examples, we will show how the lack of intending one’s destiny has the effect of living the dream of another rather than dreaming one’s own dream and living a life that brings one joy.


The Path to Conscious Dreamer for Cindy


Cindy tended to subordinate herself to her mother, and later to all others in her life dance. Cindy learned piano when she really would rather have had a horse. Ten years of piano lessons later, and Cindy was rather gifted, left her unfulfilled. Whose dream was it to learn piano? Why her mother’s dream, and Cindy took it on and experienced the dream of another. When one experiences the dream of another, there is no joy in the experience. Why? It is simply because the dream of another can never fulfill oneself.


If Cindy had been given the opportunity to have the horse, there would have been great joy and fulfillment. But her mother who lived in great fear, and could only imagine her daughter having an accident upon the horse blocked this dream from coming to fruition. As a result, when Cindy left home at age 19, she never touched the piano again, nor does she miss it. She has recently taken horse riding lessons, and now have her long-desired relationship with horse.


Later in her life, Cindy manifested a job that included travel in customer service and sales. This brought her some pleasure for a time, as she had freedom to come and go and see other parts of the world. Her mother shattered the dream, and over time Cindy became increasingly bored with the travel and quit.


Why do others shatter that which brings one pleasure? Often in families or amongst friends, there is great unconscious jealousy. This jealousy is the result of manifesting the dream that another desires. Cindy’s mother longed for the freedom of travel and felt confined. As her daughter manifested her dream, she unconsciously became quite jealous and shattered the dream. Again, there was no real fulfillment in this dream for Cindy, as it was never Cindy’s dream in the first place, only the displaced dream of her mother, and perhaps this is why it was so easy for her to quit.


Later, Cindy found herself drawn to real estate, and indeed got her sales license. She succeeded for a good decade to make her livelihood through real estate sales. There was also boredom in this preoccupation. Why? Again, it was never Cindy’s dream to sell real estate; it was her mother’s dream. Again, her mother, out of a fit of rage shattered the dream of successful real estate sales causing manifestation to be very difficult. The shattering of dream again was the result of seeing another manifest the dream that her mother sincerely wished for her own life experience.


Why did Cindy live her mother’s dream? Often times, the desires of one generation come to fruition in the next. This is the result of delayed cause and effect. Cindy’s mother was from a generation that held a lot of issues that prevented her from fulfilling upon her own dreams from belief that it was not possible as a female. Instead the dreams were passed on to her daughter, who lived to experience them in her life dance.


Cindy pulled entirely out of the dance of living another’s dream this past decade. She saw a dream that brought her great joy upon a parallel plane, and chose to bring the dream into physicality. The dream included walking the ascension path and working as a counselor for teenagers. This dream remained intact as becoming a counselor was not a desire that Cindy’s mother unconsciously wished for or was jealous of.


The Path to Conscious Dreamer for Greg


Greg fulfilled upon the dream of many others. His dream for marriage along with his two children was actually his brother’s dream displaced upon him in his early 20’s. Twenty years and much ascension later, Greg recognized that this was never the dream he wished in the first place. What did Greg wish to do more than anything else? Mountain climbing. Indeed, his brother became a teacher of mountain climbing for several years. One could say that they swapped dreams. But did either dream bring Greg or the brother joy? No, and later not only did Greg leave his marriage, but his brother created a circumstance where he was barred from teaching mountain climbing again. If the dream manifested does not bring one’s joy, then one can easily leave it behind or will create a circumstance that causes one to quit.


Greg has had many careers, from the baker, to the teacher, and many things in between. None of such careers gave him joy. Why? They were not his dream. Whose dream were they? They were the dream of his wife displaced on to Greg so that Greg would adequately support the family. What was Greg’s dream? Greg’s dream was to become a musician. He’s currently a successful musician in the ascension movement.


Being gifted at doing this or that is a far cry from fulfillment. Fulfillment comes from drawing unto oneself those preoccupations that one desires, and in the manifestation of what one desires, one is filled from within with joy. Is this not the entire purpose of the spiritual path? To find one’s way from non-joy to joy, to become the dreamer of one’s own destiny, and then to live to fulfill upon it?


It is time for humans to follow their own God Goddess within, and not that which exists outside of self. The dream of Earth allows humans to gradually awaken, follow their inner truth, and become the master of their own destiny again through ascension. Such mastery allows the human species to again become the dreamer and the dream, both individually and collectively.


Assessing One’s Own Dream


Each may assess in their own life dance based upon the sharing of Cindy and Greg’s experience where one has lived the dream of another, or exchanged dreams with another. Whose dream have you been living? Has it brought you an internal state of fulfillment? If not, perhaps it is time to see what other potential opportunities that there might be for one’s life dance and intend them so, HO!


One can assess such opportunities by looking around oneself. Who do you know that holds a particular preoccupation that you would perceive yourself as enjoying? Who do you know that appears to have something that you desire? Intend such a dream for yourself, beloved. One can also assess such opportunities in the examination of one’s parallel lives. What preoccupation does your parallel life self have that you desire? Where do you live in a parallel life that would bring you joy? Intend it so, and then takes the steps necessary to make it so, HO!


There is an underlying belief in limitation, that one cannot have this or that, or this or that manifestation is impossible. Where does the thoughtform of limitation come from? It comes from millions of ancestors that have lived an unfulfilled and bored lifetime until death. Allow such patterns and karma to be released, and allow the thoughtform of lack and non-fulfillment to be transcended. To manifest one’s dream, one will require transcending that which blocks the dream from coming into the physical, and this includes releasing the past dance of one’s ancestry.


One may even find that they desire this or that, that many an unfulfilled ancestor never could quite manifest. Nothing is outside of one’s ability to manifest. Nothing is impossible beloved, and one must intend all that they and their ancestors have longed for into one’s dream. It will be as such experiences manifest in the physical that the greatest fulfillment internal to self will occur.


Why is fulfillment so important? It is from a lack of fulfillment that the great atrocities have occurred in human history. Why did Innana and Merduk war to the point of annihilation of Earth? Ultimately, they were bored and had nothing better to do. Why were they unfulfilled? They existed in a creation that was not suited to their biological structure, and the disharmony internal to self blocked the fulfillment, as discord and fulfillment are opposing vibrations.


As humans turn their attention to preoccupations that are fulfilling through ascension, life will change for humankind. Humankind will be at peace within, and find the joy in the simple dance of life with all others, and all species. This is the future ahead. The map maker is carving the road to such a future, and therefore you as map carver are to demonstrate this state of being in this lifetime and in the near future. So, it shall be as long as each intends it so and pushes forth in their ascension, becoming the dreamer and the dream.


New Planes of Dreamtime


Each ascending initiate has a role to play in the dance of life and Earth’s new dream. Now is the time to anchor a personal dream that can dance with the entire dream of the mass awakening of the human species. The map makers dream is different from those awakening en masse. Generally, those seeded to map carve have an ability to sense, intuit or see the dreamtime planes that surround oneself. Such heightened skills are necessary in order to wade through the density to be transmuted at each level of initiation mastered. One must be able to “find their way” through the dark to the next foundation of increased energetic and biological vibration.


For the sake of the map makers, we are going to describe the purpose of the new planes surrounding Earth, and how to work with them consciously to create and sustain one’s dream. In essence, it is these planes that allow one in human form to again become the dreamer and the dream. One must attain a minimum of 3,000 segments however to participate in conscious dream weaving. Why? It takes 3,000 segments to reconstruct the subtle bodies enough to allow the conscious act of intention to be heard by the dreamtime planes, and it requires 3,000 segments to reweave enough of the dream in order for it to be available to manifest.


The Dream Itself


By 3,000 DNA segments, a dream begins to form in the field. The dream is held behind the neck and appears much like an egg-shaped hologram. The hologram contains many holograms, which are mini-movie scripts of what one would like to make manifest in their life experience. If one has attained 3000 segments, one may begin to review the current movies present in one’s dream much like one sits in front of any film at the cinema. Close your eyes and imagine a screen in front of you. Now request that the dreams that you have inside of your dream present themselves, one at a time.


One may edit the dream through conscious intent if it does not appeal. This is the gift of being both the dreamer and the dream. If the dream has an aspect of occurrence that does not appeal, one may cancel it entirely, or edit it to end in the manner one so wishes. However, understand that dreams can be manipulated by others, and they can also be twisted, shattered, drained. Furthermore, one’s own unconscious thoughtforms and karma can cause a dream to manifest differently from how one so envisions the experience.


Where does the dream come from? One first intends what it is they wish to make manifest. The intention is received by the Sun and relayed back to the dreamtime planes surrounding Earth, which include the seven planes that step dreams down into form. This step-down process is also known as projection. The projection also creates the dream behind one’s neck. The moment one intends this or that, there should be a change in both the dream in the dreamtime planes, and the dream that sits behind the neck, with a new or edited hologram therein.


The dream behind the neck magnetizes the matching dream down each of the seven planes until it becomes physical. By and large at 3,000 segments, it takes roughly eight months to take a dream from intention, down each of the seven planes and into physicality. The further that one ascends, the more greatly this process is sped up.


It is important to realize that whatever one intends can be made manifest after 3,000 segments have been embodied. However, it will be subject to potential manipulations along with thoughtform and karma that can interfere with the outcome. Therefore, initiates can learn to pay attention to the dream as it steps down the planes, and allow the thoughtform and karma that would distort the dream in some manner to be released before the dream becomes physical. In so doing, the dream that one lives to experience may be a closer representation of one’s original intention.


Dream Manipulations


One manner in which dreams can be manipulated is through the projection. Portions of the projection that would take a dream from one plane to the next lower plane towards physicality may be twisted off so that others reap the benefit of one’s own dream rather than oneself. Furthermore, other’s dreams may be twisted into one’s own projection such that one manifests the dream of another. If one examines the projection coming down all seven planes, one will clearly see where portions of the dream have been twisted to another, or inclusions from others have been added.


Generally, this type of manipulation is karmic, and one has bartered their dream for this or that away before in one’s ancestry. As one encounters another related to the other ancestors, the dream bartering goes into effect until the karma is released. Often times, the very thing one wants the most is given away as it was given away long ago in one’s ancestry. This is why one’s ancestry has been forever unfulfilled.


Why is dream brokering so prevalent? Long ago, forces of the dark and representatives of the false gods seized control of the dreamtime planes. Entities that broker dreams sat between the planes, and began to twist one dream to this party and another to that. In exchange they would receive chi, or sometimes an indentured servant of the soul involved that would be a gopher to the dark following death. In essence, humans had to bargain to achieve their dream, and to the degree one would give up chi or sell their soul to the dark, one could then live to experience the dream that one desired.


Beginning in January of 2018, a plan was drawn to restructure the dreamtime planes in full, removing all brokers, and allowing each human to manifest their own dream without any cost or penalty. This has been accomplished at last, and took the majority of 2018 to bring forth along with two major global initiations upon the part of Earth. Now the dreamtime planes stand free and clear of brokers, and one may manifest their dream without penalty at will.


Although this is so for the dreamtime planes themselves, one still has record in the ancestry of all dreams brokered over time. Therefore, as one ascends, one is subject to karmic encounters in which the old bartering patterns of the past can reenact themselves in present time. Such is the nature of karma that plays out over and over like a broken record until one forgives. In the act of forgiveness, one releases the record and a new dance may emerge; one that allows oneself to manifest one’s dream free of manipulation and free of the need to barter one’s soul in exchange.


The purpose of ascension is to live one’s own dream and truth. One’s truth emanates from Mother Earth along with one’s Source. Each initiate is unique in one’s truth, and therefore unique in the life expression that shall come forth as a result of ascension. One therefore wishes a straight projection from source and I Am presence into one’s dream, and to ensure that only the dream that is true unto one’s purpose is present to become made manifest in one’s life dance. This is how one’s “truth in action” may come forth as an initiate, by living the dream that Earth and one’s Soul have constructed for one’s dance.


Does this mean one has no say in the dream? Why no, one has all say, and the goal is to collaborate, bringing the dream for one’s life into a joyful co-creation that serves one’s personal ascension and the global ascension of Earth simultaneously. This is what co-creation with God Goddess/All That Is is all about beloved.


The Dreamtime Planes


There are eighteen planes designated as Dreamtime, which includes seven planes through which all dreams for all species upon Earth step down into form. Dreamtime for humankind emanates from Hawaii and the heart chakra of Earth. It was recently moved from Australia, which had been heretofore the center of Dreamtime for all of Earth since eight years following the nuclear blasts of the Annanuki about 120,000 years ago.


At this time the land of Australia continues to hold dreamtime of all species upon Earth except for humankind. Why? Earth has determined that humankind must learn compassion, and that such lessons shall more naturally be brought forth through her global heart chakra than any other region upon Earth. For this reason, human dreamtime has been moved to Hawaii-Nei.


Therefore, one will have a dream for one’s life created by one’s soul along with Earth upon the dreamtime planes over Hawaii. One may visit one’s own vision for one’s life therein, and review it again like a movie. One can make suggestions to Earth and one’s soul via intent of what one would like to experience in the physical. One’s dream is to be a collaboration and co-creation that serves the greater good of the whole. This is what unity-based relations are all about, and the unity is as much in relation to one’s dance with their own soul and Earth as it is in relationship to one’s dance with other humans.


Monitoring One’s Dream


How does one monitor or alter the dream upon the dreamtime planes? One intends it so. For example, if one finds one’s dream shattered or manipulated in any manner, one will intend it repaired and so it will be. One will also intend to release karma and complete with all involved with the shattering or manipulation. Furthermore, if one wishes for something, such as a beloved to enter one’s life dance, one may intend an ascending beloved to manifest. In the act of intentionalizing, a hologram with the vision for the beloved will appear both in the dreamtime plane over Hawaii along within one’s dream behind the neck. If one intends to ascend, the dream for one’s ascension also appears in both places. If one intends to travel, or teach, or write, or fulfill upon any of a million possible soul purposes, each intention also appears as a holographic movie upon both the dreamtime planes and inside of one’s dream behind the neck.


It is the dream behind the neck that magnetizes the dream upon the dreamtime planes to step down the seven planes of manifestation into physicality; the more chi that one has to give, the more rapidly the manifestation will move down the planes. Sometimes others will tap into one’s creative flow siphoning it off for their own dream manifestation. If one finds this occurring, one can intend to release the karma and complete with the individuals at cause, and recall all chi owed in excess to any karmic debt between you. Such forms of siphons will then dissolve within one’s field.


One can then monitor the dream as it steps down in form again for manipulations. How exactly does this work? The hologram is a movie or script that plays out seven times before becoming physical.


If one has intended the beloved, one will see the meeting of the beloved occur on each of the seven planes. Perhaps the first time you meet on plane #7, there is no closure or exchange of phones for future communication. This would lead to a non-relationship. One can then look inward and see what karma is at play that causes the meeting to go noncommittal. In releasing the karma, now you can monitor the meeting again on plane #6. If the meeting goes well and all that should be accomplished is, then one would let it play out on planes #5 through #1 and manifest in the physical. If still something does not go so well, one would then seek inward again for the karmic cause and choose to release it.


One will also monitor the dream for shattering. If the dream plays out fine on plane #6 but fails to appear upon plane #5, then there is a problem with the dream. As one repairs the dream, it will continue to step down into physicality. Therefore, it is important to monitor the dreams upon all planes as they step down into the physical to assure that they have not been manipulated or cancelled in some manner.


Other Types of Dream Manipulations


Sometimes the dream can be sent to the field of another allowing the other to meet the beloved in lieu of oneself. If this is so, there will be a twist in the projection between two of the planes leading the outcome to another’s life dance. As one releases the karma between the ancestors, then the manipulation will cease ensuring that the dream travels all the way into one’s own physical reality as it should.


Dreams can also be attached to. Sometimes others will attach a hologram to the back of one’s dream or the dream upon the dreamtime planes. If this is done, then one is using their chi to manifest a dream for another. Sometimes others will attach their dream and then twist it to their own form to receive the benefit of an ascending initiate’s time of manifestation for their own life dance. As one again releases karma between the ancestors returning the hologram to the individual at cause, such manipulations will cease altogether.


Dreams can also be chipped away at, or hollowed out and drained from the inside out. In any case, any manipulation to the dream itself will lead either to a non-manifestation of the dream, or a distorted outcome. Again, as one seeks to rectify the karma between the ancestors, the distortion or manipulation will cease. Such manipulations can occur both in the dream behind the neck or upon the dreamtime planes surrounding Earth.


Sometimes one will not be aware of the distortion until it manifests in the physical. Having distortion manifest in the physical in relation to one’s dream is not wrong, nor is it an end. One can use the manifestation to see what needs clearing for the next attempt to fulfill upon one’s dream. This too is what being the dreamer and the dream is all about.


Each initiate will learn to pay attention to their dream in due course, and become the dreamer and the dream. We recognize that some initiates are more aware of their guidance and dreamtime realities than others. Even if one has no awareness of their guidance, one can muscle test if their dream is intact, and if it is playing out as it should upon the planes stepping into physicality, or if there is a manipulation of one sort or another occurring.


One sign of a manipulation will be pain in the back of the neck, as this is where the dream is stored. Another sign is dizziness, as if a portion of a projection is twisted towards another, one’s crown chakra will also twist leading to an experience of dizziness. If one is unsure, one may simply intend to rectify the circumstance before falling asleep and it should be taken care of by one’s dreamtime self and handled before awakening. One may also call upon Earth and the nature species therein for support or guidance.


The Planes of Magic


The planes of magic sit above the eighteen planes of dreamtime. In essence, the planes of magic hold the vibrations necessary to weave one’s dream. One does not have direct access to the planes of magic in human form until one has transcended 15,000 DNA segments or Mahavishnu level awareness. In the meantime, it is one’s soul in collaboration of Earth that accesses the planes of magic, drawing the necessary vibrations to weave one’s dream for the life as a human in the physical.


The planes of magic take the thoughtform from the planes of thoughtform that sit above the planes of magic and translate thoughtform into vibrational threads or tones of creation. Such threads may be drawn upon if it is one’s truth in action to create one’s dream. All dreams and the only dreams allowed at this time must be constructed with the Language of Light, and indeed these are the only tones available due to the reconstruction of the planes of magic.


Although this has been written of before, we are guided to give an overview of the main tones that all dreams are woven from for ascending humans, and the purpose behind each truth in action. What is one’s “Truth in Action”? One’s truth in action is made up of three of the ten tones or notes of the scale of the Language of Light. Such notes are determined by one’s genetic predisposition as the body becomes crystalline in form.


All crystalline forms vibrate in a certain bandwidth of vibration related to the Language of Light. As one masters 3,000 segments in their evolution, one will begin to vibrate in one of the first ten notes of the Language of Light. Such colors can generally be clearly seen in an aura photo of any initiate that has mastered 3,000 segments or higher.


As one masters 5,000 segments, a second tone will be added to the first, and again the crystalline cellular structure will vibrate in two of the first ten tones of the Language of Light. At such a time, two colors will be clearly seen in the aura photo. By 7500 segments, the crystalline form vibrates in three tones, which again can be clearly seen in an aura photo.


It is as three tones are mastered that one has mastered their “truth in action” as a Bodhisattva level initiate. One can see that the further one ascends that each initiate has a greater scope of possibility in relation to the potential dream woven for their life dance as there are more tones of creation to draw upon and therefore more preoccupations that could be chosen as an outcome for one’s life dance.


Because the only tones now available are unity-based, one’s dream as an ascending being will be founded upon the principles of unity. Therefore, the dream must serve ascension; ascension of self, ascension of others, and the ascension of Earth as a whole. All other vibrations are no longer allowed, as the destructive paradigm has been phased out of the vibrations from which one may now weave their dream.


The Ten Vibrations One’s Truth in Action Is Founded Upon


(NOTE: Initiates will have one main note embodied by 3000, one sub note embodied by 5000 segments, and a third sub note embodied by 7500 or mastering Bodhisattva level evolution. One may muscle test what one’s truth in action is, and/or have an aura photo taken for verification.)







Forgiveness is the tone required for releasing karma and moving beyond karma to a new state of being that is founded upon resonance of purpose. Those with a main or sub tone of forgiveness are gifted at causing ascension in others, or in other terms triggering ascension of those seeded for such a purpose. One may find that a preoccupation as a teacher or healer of ascension would be the natural outcome of such a truth.


2. STRUCTURE (lavender)





Structure is the tone required to restructure or reorder one’s life from a foundation of separation to a foundation of unity and unity-based relations. Those with a main or sub tone of structure shall be gifted at reordering their life or the lives of others. Such a truth will find that one affects the foundation of all others that one touches. Such folk will be instrumental in causing the old foundation to crumble for humankind bringing forth a new foundation of unity and unconditional love for all.


3. POWER (peach)





Power is a tone that allows true law to reign again. True law is law founded upon the truth behind cause and effect or karma along with soul agreements. Those holding power as a main or sub tone will trigger the veils to be lifted upon all others that wish to manipulate a circumstance into being other than what it is, or put on pretenses of any kind. Such folk will force others to become their authentic self, and be gifted at becoming and being their authentic self. In the greater dance of humanity, those carrying the power tone shall allow the truth to be seen and again empowered over all that exists in non-truth.


4. COMPASSION (turquoise)





Compassion is a tone that allows oneself and others to synthesize into a state of balance. Those with compassion as a main or sub tone are natural healers, as they know how to run tones that cause others to come to balance. Such folk are also gifted at walking in balance in all that they do. Those with compassion as a main tone will assist in balancing all of human civilization so that humanity at large may ascend out of the paradigm of separation and into the unity again. Compassion in action is one that walks in balance and balances all others that one touches.


5. BREATH OF LIFE (golden yellow)

Breath of Life




Breath of Life is a tone that allows for creative self-expression in all manners that it may be made manifest in the human dance. Those with a main tone or sub tone of the Breath of Life will be drawn to all forms of creative endeavors, from art, music, dance, singing, painting, sculpture, acting, teaching, or public speaking. This tone frees the truth so that it may be fully expressed in either an artistic or spoken manner. In the larger human dance, this equates to all secrets held over time becoming known. In ascension, this tone allows the hidden karma and patterns to surface for cleansing.



Non-Conditional Love




Non-conditional love is a tone that allows one to embrace all others and allow all others their dance of life. Non-conditional love is also the tone that lifts the veils upon codependent thoughtform allowing for the transcendence of codependence in ascension. Those gifted at such a tone may find that they are natural counselors aiding others in releasing the codependent relations and emerging into a newfound foundation of unity in its place. Upon a larger scale, those holding this tone will bring forth the transmutation of codependent relations in all areas of the human dance over time.


7. FREEDOM (pale yellow)





Freedom is a tone that releases attachment, freeing oneself and others from all ties that bind. Freedom has the effect not unlike forgiveness of triggering ascension, but carrying ascension to the next step. First one must forgive and release the karma, and then one must release the attachments and free oneself in the physical from the circumstance that enslaves. The freedom tone allows the ascension to be anchored in the physical. Therefore, those with freedom as a main or sub tone will have the effect of causing ascension to become a physical reality, both for oneself, others, and in a larger scale, for humanity at large.


8. DIVINE UNION (pale lavender)

Divine Union




Divine Union is the tone that causes soul to dance with form and Earth in an ongoing exchange of energy that allows ascension to come forth. Divine Union is also the tone that causes harmony between the two or a group as soul dances in harmony with other souls. Those with a main or sub note of Divine Union shall be instrumental in bringing forth a new form of relationship based upon unity in significant partnerships as well as group relations. Upon a larger scale, those anchoring the Divine Union within human civilization shall cause a new form of human relations to emerge, one that is founded upon unity, equality, non-conditional love and joy.


9. UNITY (pale pink)

Unity Consciousness




Unity is the tone that brings forth unity relations. Unity relations are founded upon the principles of the greater good of the whole taking precedence over the individual needs of each part of the whole. For humanity or Earth, this translates to only acting in a manner that serves the whole, the whole of Earth as a living consciousness, the whole of humankind, and the whole of all other species upon Earth. In ascension, unity translates into only acting in a manner that allows ascension to come forth for oneself, humanity, all other species, and Earth as a whole. Those with a main or sub note of unity will anchor such awareness, first in their life expression and then in relation to all others. In a larger scale, such folk shall anchor the new paradigm of unity for all of humankind to emerge into.



Non-Conditional Governance




Non-Conditional Governance is the tone that allows all other tones expressed thus far to be orchestrated into group relations. Those who hold Non-Conditional Governance as a main or sub note will find themselves gifted at leadership capacities and directing others in a manner that fuels the concepts of unity in action within a group. Such folk will also be gifted at orchestrating gatherings or productions of a unity-based nature, from theater, to music, to dance, to events. Upon a larger scale, those holding this tone shall allow for a new form of governance that is unity-based to emerge to lead humankind.



Perhaps in defining one’s truth in action, it will give one a clue as to what one might be gifted and talented at in the ascension to 3,000 and beyond. From such an understanding, one may begin to reweave their dream to reflect their aspirations founded upon joy and fulfillment. If one still has no clue, intend to bring a dream that will bring joy to one’s consciousness. Intend it so, and so it shall be.


The Planes of Thoughtform


The planes of thoughtform sit above the planes of magic. All vibrations surrounding the dream of the consensus known as Earth are drawn from particular thoughts or beliefs that Earth as a consensus holds. Earth is transiting all destructive thoughtform. Indeed, upon the planes of thoughtform, one will find only two languages, one is known as the Language of Light and the other is known as the Language of ONE. The Language of the ONE originates outside of time and space with the One Source.


In essence, all species upon Earth have collaboratively and collectively chosen to alter the thoughtform of Earth. This limits the possibility of what can be dreamt and therefore experienced in the life dance of all species upon Earth. In the unity paradigm, violence ceases to occur. Therefore, in due course all violence, whether it is between humans or between one species and another shall cease altogether. Through evolution and biological ascension, all species upon Earth are embarking upon embracing the regenerative unity-based paradigm, which requires not the need to consume flesh to subsist. This shall bring an end to the violence of consumption along with aging, disease and death over time, and violent behavior in the human dance. It is also a regenerative form that shall be healthy enough to ascend to the next dimension with Earth and beyond.


At this time, all dreams for all life forms upon Earth including humankind are drawn from the unity-based thoughtform, the Language of Light. Any dream that is non-unity based shall perish in the coming 8-year cycle, as there is no language to sustain the dream in physicality. Why shall such humans or other species perish? They have no dream to continue their existence. All humans and all species upon Earth have a dream that is a part of the consensus reality known as Earth. Earth has altered the dream to become one of unity. All species and all humans must therefore ascend into the unity to partake in the new dream of Earth, or they shall simply exit via death.


We would like our readers to remember that death is not an end. In death, all humans become living ancestors to those who remain and ascend. All humans shall therefore experience the ascension of their future ancestors. There is no loss in death, although in the illusion of the third dimensional thoughtform, it appears as a loss indeed.


There are some species so violent that they too shall become extinct. Examples of such include the locust, mosquito, fly, termite, roach, and a host of other parasitic insects including worms. Worms indeed infest all healthy flesh causing it to age and become diseased. Worms shall become extinct, as all form is crystalline, as there will be nothing to host them. This includes the form of Mother Earth or the land that will one day not decay but regenerate as crystalline Earth. All other species shall evolve out of their violence. Parasitic insects such as those above are non-conscious and therefore incapable of evolution.


To anchor a unity-based dream, one must be embracing unity-based biology. Unity-based biology will call a unity-based dream that resonates with one’s truth and purpose in any form. Without unity biology, there is nothing to call a unity-based dream unto oneself. Unity-based biology begins to be built in the initiations to 1,024. Therefore, those attaining a bare minimum of 1,024 will continue to have a dream for their existence beyond this initial 8-year cycle of cleansing. At this time 7 billion humans are embarking upon the initiations to 1024, and so the numbers of humans to become extinct are far less than originally anticipated.


The Planes of Unity (formerly the Planes of Karma)


The planes of unity sit above the planes of thoughtform. These planes are dedicated to bringing forth a phasing out of the dance of karma, and the phasing in of the dance of unity. In unity there is ongoing balanced giving and receiving through which no karma is incurred. Instead, karma is balanced each day, week, month or year that one lives with all who one so chooses to dance with. How is this accomplished? Through the intention to complete with everyone that one meets or spends time with in one’s physical plane existence.


In the third dimension, there is a delay. The delay can cause one to do something for another or give of one’s chi and receive nothing in exchange today. Perhaps one will receive tomorrow, or next week, or next month and balance the scales. However, forces of the dark were crafty indeed and learned to receive and receive and receive, and never fulfill upon the debt. Why? They never had intention of balancing the scales or ending the dance until all was extinct, as this is the pattern that the false intervention has fallen into.


How does one move from a pattern that is endless and self-perpetuating in its very nature to completion? By intending completion. At each current level of vibration, one will complete with the dark and balance all scales of karma between oneself and the dark, when one intends completion. This causes the dark to be unable to dance with oneself again until the next leap up in vibration, activating the next layer of karma. As one moves up, and intends completion once again, one will rise to the next initiation and again be complete with the dark at that level of evolution. All that is required is the ongoing intent to complete all karma with all those that one has contact with in any given day, week or month, and so it will be.


Why is completion so important? If one settles not the debt, the dark can continue to manipulate one’s field. Manipulation is the single biggest stumbling block for the path of ascension. Therefore, that which prevents the manipulation allows ascension to come forth with greater ease. In settling with the dark, they cease to be able to manipulate, and one is free to continue to ascend in greater ease.


The following are some intents to complete with the dark. These will involve those that one has known. Why? The dark uses all others that one has known to sustain the dance so that one cannot ascend.


Intents for Completion


  1. I intend to complete with my family. I intend to release all machines, entities, thoughtforms and patterning related therein and balance the scales in full.
  2. I intend to complete with my spouse, ex-spouse, or current partner(s), or ex-partner(s). I intend to release all machines, entities, thoughtforms and patterning related therein and balance the scales in full.
  3. I intend to complete with all friends, past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  4. I intend to complete with all employers and employees past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  5. I intend to complete with all landlords past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  6. I intend to complete with all banking systems utilized past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  7. I intend to complete with all merchants utilized past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  8. I intend to complete with the nation in which I was born, and the nation in which I currently reside. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  9. I intend to complete with all teachers, past and present. I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales between us.
  10. I intend to complete with (whoever or whatever). I intend to release all machines, thoughtforms and patterning associated and balance the scales in full between us. Create your own list, as each will have many to complete with not associated with the above choices.


Intentions for completion will bring about the end of the manipulations of the dark to the current level of vibration that one has manifested, and the balancing of all scales for all that one has known in this lifetime. This has also now become a part of the map to 3,000 segments, that one must complete with all that they have had karma with to this level of vibration. It will be in the completion that the manipulations to one’s dream will not be so great that one cannot live to experience the dream that one so chooses to make manifest.




It is anticipated that there shall be a certain level of distortion that cannot be prevented as those at lower initiatory levels first attempt to manifest their dreams. In essence, at 3000, one’s dream will manifest with roughly 60% clarity or with 40% distortion. The distortion is a reflection of thoughtform that has yet to be cleared at this level of initiation. By 7,500 or as Bodhisattva, one will manifest one’s dreams with 80% clarity or with 20% distortion. One can see that mastering Bodhisattva will have the added bonus of bringing forth more of an ability to consciously dream a particular dream and live to experience it.


By 15,000 or Mahavishnu level vibration, it is anticipated that there should be 100% clarity of dream, and all dreams should manifest with ease and without distortion at such a vibration. One can see perhaps in this the gift of the hard work of mastery, that one can become the dreamer and the dream in human form again. This, beloved, is a grand accomplishment and shall fulfill upon many a mission long deterred in any human ancestry that so chooses to master this level of evolution.


(NOTE: We have included the Dream Weaving diagram and Tips to Monitor One’s Dream below.)


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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