Image of dots of bright light against a blue background. Earth Transits Zero Point

8. Earth Transits Zero Point


We are guided to write today as Earth has made a large leap that may impact the map makers of ascension in particular. Earth has transited what some have called “Zero Point” along with entered the third major Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun. As many who have been following our material are aware, Earth entered her first Star Gate in late January 2018, and has been averaging entrance into new Star Gates every year of her continued global ascension. Earth is now rapidly moving towards Bodhisattva level evolution (an average of 6,000 segments of DNA in vibration global wide) anticipated to be accomplished at the end of 2022.


Attainment of Global Bodhisattva is 3 years earlier than originally anticipated, however Earth has chosen a more heightened speed of ascension to allow greater time and preparedness for her final entry into the Great Central Sun Photon Belt. Photonic entry is anticipated sometime between 2047 and 2048. It may be that the quickened pace alters the entry point by many years, and may even occur as early as 2046. However, Earth will require the greatest of stability to assure that she does not combust into millions of bits and pieces upon entry, and it is why she is moving forward so rapidly in her global ascension, to assure all is more than in order and in great balance within her global field and form to allow for an effortless return to the Great Central Sun.


What is “Zero Point”? Zero point is a realignment of time to synchronize with solar, universal, cosmic, and creational time. Zero point also realigns time to synchronize with the Source of One and the Tao that holds all creations inside and outside of time and space along with the mirror. Earth resides in a creation that is in a mirror of the Tao. The mirror reflects back the exact dance of the Tao but in the inverse. The mirror also holds souls that are “non-conscious” in nature, or in other terms simply seek to experience and not necessarily understand the dance of life. The Tao will be writing a more detailed understanding of mirrors in an upcoming Tao Transmission.


The Thoughtform of Consumption


The part of the mirror that Earth exists within fell into the hands of lawless souls who cast creations for the purposes of consumption. What this equates to be is that such souls require devouring other souls and soul fabric in order to subsist as they have fallen into such great distortion. Your creation is divided into light and dark with the Great Central Sun holding the light portion of creation, and the unconscious darkness or space between holding the rest of creation. This is why there is such blackness in your nighttime sky, beloved, with stars so very far apart; Earth has been transiting the unconscious of the Great Central Sun for 26 million Earth years now (or 104 million human years) and as she exited the light of the Great Central Sun.


The portions of creation like Earth that exit the light and move into the unconscious are designated by the lawless ones as creations to be consumed. Such regions are pulled apart by forces known as the False Intervention. All of the known records of this dance of consumption have been detailed in earlier chapters, and we advise ascending initiates to make use of this information to better understand what Earth is learning in her ascension. These Great Central Sun transmissions explain Earth’s lessons as a global ascending master, along with the lessons that the human species are learning through the ascension of the map carvers.


The Thoughtform of Consumption and Combustion


Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 12th dimensional vessel. She now returns after 104 million years of consumption practices prevalent in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun as a 3rd dimensional vessel. The falls in consciousness and drops in frequency are all related to the pattern of consumption. This pattern Earth is choosing to transcend so that she may re-enter the Great Central Sun, for the Sun knows not such a thoughtform. If Earth failed to transcend consumption, she would combust upon entry as her own thoughtform of destruction would reverberate back upon her, for the Great Central Sun holds no resonance of such thoughtform, thereby causing Earth’s own demise.


Combustion upon attempted entry has occurred many a time in your creational history; along with other creations come and gone throughout time and space, most of which have gone extinct. Earth is learning from their ascensions gone wrong in the examination of the records of other planets that combust, and in so doing altering her thoughtform so that this not be the outcome in her ascent. It is the thoughtform of consumption in particular that also underlies warfare and disease, along with abuse, terrorism, barbarism, slaughter, and mutilation in all of its varying expressions, both internal and external. Internal war is known as disease where parts of the body turn against or attack other parts of the form, and these are called viruses. Underlying all such thoughtform is the thoughtform of consumption.


Consumption has become the prevailing thoughtform of the human species, more than any other species upon Earth. All other species also consume, however they only consume what they require to exist. Humans consume for other preoccupations, and are consuming Earth and her resources so rapidly that she cannot regenerate what is taken quickly enough. If this were to continue, Earth would fail to ascend, but humanity now enters a time in which the very patterning of consumption shall be inverted back upon humanity causing an end of the consumption of Earth.


Why is this so? Much like Earth entering the Star Gate without transcending consumption and having it combust her form causing extinction, the thoughtform of combustion will now revert back upon those species that have failed to transcend along with Earth, causing their extinction rather than Earth’s extinction. As humans who consume mindlessly and without consideration for others become extinct, the consumption of Earth shall cease, and those humans remaining shall experience the dawning of a new Golden Age.


Understand that consciousness carries on upon death and therefore nothing is really lost beloved. Earth can ascend in no other manner. She would have loved to carry all humans with her to the next evolutionary gate. Alas, about half of the world’s population are so low in consciousness, not only can they not awaken to the greater dance that is underway, but the very holographic nature of such humans is not prepared for ascension. Those humans that hold holographic relationships from the Pleiadian Annanuki are prepared to ascend in another creation that is electrical and radioactive based. They have not the proper information for ascension in this creation or entry into the magnetic Great Central Sun. Furthermore, those humans who are holographically related to the Annanuki slave race have no ascension information whatsoever available unto them, as such information was omitted from their hologram deliberately by the scientists to ensure a “slave” race that would not overthrow their “masters”. Such humans cannot ascend at this time, and this is sad indeed, and this does appear to affect approximately 50% of the current human population.


However, consciousness carries forward beloved, and upon death all humans shall go on to experience the ascent of those with hologram and lineage of such; for humans are a collective consciousness apart from form and in the nonphysical. Therefore, nothing is lost really and truly, although it may appear as a great travesty in the physical. Indeed, many new diseases and plagues may be the result of the times of cleansing ahead as the thoughtform of consumption is inverted back onto humanity in Earth’s global mastery. However, those who are ascending will not be affected, as each will alter the biology and immune system in a manner that the body will be strong enough to survive.


This may leave many ascending children without parents into the future. Many map followers may find that their preoccupation becomes watching over and taking care of ascending children that shall make it through the times ahead. Such children allow for the ascent of the human species not only to the next dimension with Earth, but home to the Source or the Tao, and each shall witness such an ascent through future generations yet unborn that will make this leap along with Earth. As one watches over the ascending children, one will assure one’s own continued journey of ascension, for all humans are ONE SPECIES beloved.


Vegetarian Intestinal Tract


For those who are ascending map makers, this is the year to focus upon consumption type patterning and the disease karma that is associated. Alterations in the map to Bodhisattva allow for a vegetarian intestinal tract to develop and grow allowing for the cessation of the requirement to consume flesh to obtain enough amino acids to ascend. This change as it is embraced will allow all who master Bodhisattva level evolution to become vegetarian and cease to require the slaughtering of your animal brothers and sisters. Such a shift brings a biological end to the paradigm of consumption.


Each species that consumes flesh is undergoing a parallel biological shift into vegetarianism in the coming 15 generations. For the masses of humans, newborn children will enter the world with this tract in place after 2028, and it is anticipated that the parents of such offspring or those attending to them will have enough awareness not to feed the child flesh. As this would only cause the child to enter the paradigm of destruction again, because the act of eating flesh causes the thoughtform of destruction to remain in any ascending field.


This applies to all humans, for it is in the act of eating flesh that humans fell into a thoughtform so destructive that warfare and disease was the outcome. For ultimately, if one slaughters another species, one also slaughters oneself and one’s own species, and the thoughtform will over time manifest such an outcome.


This occurred for the human Annanuki predecessors. They ate of the blood of their slaves and the flesh of certain crustaceans in the ocean to sustain their embodiments up to 18,000 years in life span and in so doing, fell into consumption thoughtform. Over time, the distortion of eating of the flesh of another cycled back upon the Annanuki, and Merduk (Hades) and Innana (Aphrodite) fell into disease and later warred upon one another. The war raged for 1000 years, and culminated in a nuclear holocaust, as Merduk would rather sacrifice all of Earth than lose to Innana.


Slaughter through consumption leads to war; it also leads to disease. Disease became prevalent as Merduk raged an energetic war upon Innana causing her grid work to move outside of her form, debilitating her embodiment. Innana could not detect who was shattering her grid work so, and pushed the harm onto the large population of slaves that had been incubated in their own scientific laboratories. In so doing, the grid work of the slaves moved outside of the etheric form and into “disease machinery”. (Please refer to Chapter 20 “The Thoughtform Behind Disease” of Ascension Insights, Volume 3 and Chapter 1 “The Karmic Cause of Disease” of this volume for more information.) The machinery caused disease and a shorter lifespan for all slaves to become the norm.


It was not until the nuclear annihilation of Earth by the Annanuki that humans remaining upon the surface of the Earth turned to slaughter and consumption of the animal kingdoms in order to survive. This has occurred twice in your human history. Over time and as the vegetation restored itself, the red race humans reverted to a vegetarian diet again ceasing to eat flesh. However, the white race related to the Annanuki and their slave populations continued to eat flesh from this point forward (120,000 years ago). Furthermore, after the fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago and the nuclear annihilation that occurred therein, all humans fell so low in consciousness and became so mechanical that all of humanity has retained the meat-eating and consumption based habits ever since.


At this time, consumption karma shall be released by Earth upon a global scale. Earth is due to complete with the thoughtform of consumption by the end of this year. As this occurs, the false intervention and souls that have used consumption-based tactics to pull apart Earth’s field, grid work, libraries and moving energy systems into many falls in consciousness will cease to have any affect.


One can understand in this that it is thoughtform that causes any experience; transcend the thoughtform and the experience changes. For it is thoughtform that calls the experience into one’s dance of life. In the transcendence of consumption-based thoughtform, Earth will cease to be consumed. In so doing, she shall exit the dance of unconscious harm that has plagued her particularly over the past 50,000 years of global history.


Entering the Garden of Eden


For ascending humans, the continued focus upon transcending such patterns and thoughtform internal to self will allow those willing and capable of pushing beyond consumption thoughtform to enter the Garden of Eden again. The Garden of Eden was a time in which humans danced in communion with all species, and all was provided to allow for the life existence through the nature kingdoms. The communion ceased the moment humans began to consume flesh. As one exits such a dance in one’s own life expression, then one can enter the garden and commune again with nature.


However, it is not enough just to choose a vegetarian diet; all machinery, thoughtform, entities and so on that dance in the thoughtform of consumption in one’s biology, energy field and ancestry must be transmuted in full. This requires now attaining 6,000 segments of DNA 60 to 70% in the biology of the form, and the addition of the vegetarian digestive system.


Re-Orchestration of Dolphin and Whale Ascension


The cause of consumption began in a coup through the dolphins and whales against the ancient Grand Masters who were seeded from Sirius upon Earth. In this coup, false intervention souls entered the whale and dolphin kingdom and used their collective and global fields as a weapon, destroying the grand masters, and then taking the information for themselves. Some of such information went into the dolphin and whale species. This was done without the awareness of the whale and dolphin kingdoms.


Destroying another without agreement is the foundation of consumption. In this act, the thoughtform of consumption was anchored upon Earth, allowing Earth from this point forward to be consumed. Earth had always assumed that humans were the original cause; however, now it is understood that the original cause involved a complex dance orchestrated by lawless souls through the human, dolphin and whale species upon Earth. In so understanding the original cause, the karma can be released by Earth, ascending humans and ascending whales and dolphins and alike.


The dolphin and whale species are re-orchestrating their ascension at this time. They are in a separate dream from the human species and Earth during this period of re-orchestration. We invite initiates to respect the whale and dolphin separation and not invade their new dream by going on whale watch tours or swim with the dolphin adventures. Such a dance only invades their field and dream in a manner that is not helpful to their species at this time. This will change in due course, as the dolphins and whales are learning boundaries with human-dolphin-whale interactions.


In the re-orchestration, those species of whales and dolphins that have Pleiadian holograms and the tendency to ascend into electrical sacred geometry will be blocked from further ascent beyond 3,000 segments. Those dolphins and whales seeded upon Earth from Sirius with magnetic only holograms shall carry forward with the map making and map following process of ascension.


Those carrying forward are separating into yet another dream that holds boundaries within the whale and dolphin kingdoms that parallel the new and old consensus in the human species. Such boundaries shall allow electrical dolphins and whales that hold no record of magnetic ascension to become extinct in the coming cycle of cleansing; and those that hold magnetic information to carry forward. Much like humanity, whales and dolphins are a collective species that experience a collective consciousness, and therefore all dolphins and whales that go extinct will experience the ascension of future ancestors yet unborn and into the future.


World Service for Whales and Dolphins


For the coming 25-year cycle, those whales and dolphins holding at 3,000 segments will continue to exist as they serve a supportive role in holding the collective vibration of Earth. Such dolphins and whales have agreed with Earth to assist with the cleansing of your waterways through the application of vibrational healing through sonar. Therefore, all initiates may honor those of their species who cannot ascend further than 3,000 but choose to contribute in this manner, much like many human map followers.


Those human map followers that cease at 3,000 segments shall also support Earth and the land in parallel manner, by utilizing vibration to heal the toxicity upon the land and awaken fellow humans to the possibility of ascension. Each can do their part to support the whole, and this is what world service is all about as an ascending species.


Those whales and dolphins that are carrying are sharing their dolphin and whale transmissions through Asur’Ana. They have much yet to say to ascending humans that will assist in building a bridge between the three species. Forgiveness is the key; Asur’Ana has taken a stand that whatever was perpetrated through whales and dolphins towards human grand masters long ago was a manipulation and a form of usury upon the part of the forces of the dark. Therefore, it is null and void and simply requires forgiveness to transcend. As forgiveness has become the focus between ascending humans, dolphins and whales, the usury of the dark has ceased, as the dark can only use a species if one species takes a stand against another.


As all species stand united, there is no room for the dark to manipulate. The dolphin-whale-human stand for unity has succeeded at pushing the dark out of the dance, and this has successfully allowed new boundaries to be constructed such that the manipulations of the dark have ceased through all whales and dolphins global wide. Congratulations to each that worked upon this either consciously or in dreamtime.


Human Dolphin-Whale Contact and Boundaries


As the False Intervention along with other forces of the dark had less and less room to work through humanity due to the orchestration of the new and old consensus realities, and as the boundaries were successfully holding therein, they crossed over into the dolphins and whales through human contact. Whales and dolphins are learning an important lesson here, and it is one of boundaries.


Dolphins and whales have been less targeted over time by forces of the dark in the past as they held not a life that the dark was interested in. The dark has focused upon human endeavors, as humans are more interesting from their viewpoint. Therefore, the whales and dolphins had little experience with how the dark manipulate in their history to draw upon to create boundaries with the dark that work through the human unconscious.


Dolphins and whales held karma that was associated with the forces of the dark that led the dark to enter whale and dolphin fields, and successfully launch many coups against Earth and ascending humans alike. It was the karma for the grand master extinction that allowed the dark to cross from humans into the dolphin and whale fields. Now that this karma has been released, the whales and dolphins will learn to hold adequate boundaries to assure a non-relationship between human dark forces and their species.


Collective Consciousness of Sananda Removed


The collective consciousness of Sananda has danced with humanity for a long time and has been embedded in the Seven Planes of the Kumaras. In preparation for Earth’s entry into the third Star Gate and mastering Zero Point, the planes of the Kumaras required removal from Earth. These are seven dense planes that hold the thoughtform of greed, lust, pain, suffering, death, fear and judgment. Sananda was embedded in these planes as a collective consciousness and relied upon such planes to retain his global dominion. Although Earth had clearly transited her karma with Sananda six months ago, attempt after attempt to remove Sananda had failed, as he would manage to return to Earth each time he was cast off, and connect again to these 7 planes that he is associated with.


In preparation for the realignment of time, these seven vibrations that surrounded Earth much like layers of an onion had to be transmuted. Over the past few months of Earth’s ascension, Earth has used heavier and heavier forms of ultra violet vibrations to bust up and remove these seven dense planes. The sun has augmented this shift with certain tones of creation sent Earth’s way through solar flares to assist in the busting up of the density necessary for Earth to enter the third Star Gate. In the process of this cleansing, seven additional planes were uncovered beneath the original seven that had been heretofore invisible to Earth and ascending human initiates alike.


These seven planes include the Plane of Pleasure (related to the Plane of Pain); the Plane of Boredom (related to the Plane of Fear); the Plane of Humor (related to the Plane of Suffering); the Plane of Blind Trust (related to the Plane of Judgment); the Plane of Birth (related to the Plane of Death); the Plane of Poverty (related to the Plane of Greed); and the Plane of Rejection (related to the Plane of Lust). Ascending initiates may wish to retrieve parts of soul and fractured bits of self trapped upon these additional seven planes of reality that were buried underneath the seven others. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 9 “Christ and Buddha Are ONE” for more information on the planes of the Kumaras.)


We have uncovered hundreds of thousands of soul schisms from ascending initiates due to the manner in which these planes were hidden under veils of illusion that the collective consciousness of Sananda ran. As each strives to call back those pieces of self trapped upon such planes, one will come to greater wholeness within and foster a complete ascension rather than an incomplete one.


Sananda is not from your creation and therefore cannot ascend into the Great Central Sun. If he remained, it could cause the combustion of all of Earth due to his non-resonance. Sananda is so lost and fractured that he has been unable to understand or value why he must be removed, and has remained upon Earth continuing to attempt to manipulate Earth into an era of extinction. Much like Merduk who was willing to sacrifice Earth to retain his dominion, Sananda would rather have Earth go extinct than ascend to retain his dominion. One could say that the entire dance of the Annanuki was a reflection of a non-physical battle between the souls ensouling Earth and forces of the dark that had overrun her field in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun.


Forces such as Sananda however had a specific purpose within your creation, which was to pull apart creation unto extinction. Therefore, one can acknowledge that Sananda along with the False Intervention is fulfilling upon the job that they were assigned to do by the creator of your creation. This is another major lesson for Earth at this time, to acknowledge that the creator of your creation consumes and deliberately pulls apart creation in order to subsist. As painful as this may be to understand, it also explains why all within the unconscious sector of your creation likewise consumes; as one only emulates ultimately the creator of one’s own creation.


Earth is choosing at this time to no longer emulate the creator of your creation; but to emulate the Tao. The Tao holds no destructive thoughtform, and as Earth continues to ascend into harmlessness and love, one day Earth will simply dissolve her physicality in full and return to the Tao in full. So will each species that so chooses to join Earth in her ascent return to the Tao upon a parallel path of awakening.


What Does Zero Point Mean?


Zero point and the third Star Gate acts as a filter that filters out of all that passes certain frequencies and thoughtform that no longer resonate. As Asur’Ana witnessed the passing through this filter as of last night, she was aware of a pulling or tearing at her field of that which was too dense to pass through. She simply surrendered to the experience and chose to allow the filter to do its job, removing that from her field that she was ready to release that no longer resonated with the frequencies inside the third Star Gate. We advise all ascending initiates make parallel intentions.


I Intend to Release All Patterns, Thoughtform, Machines and Entities That Do Not Resonate with the Present Star Gate That Earth is Transiting.


What is releasing at this time through this Star Gate and in the realignment that zero point means? The seven planes of the Kumaras and their opposite planes discussed above along with all machines, entities and patterns or thoughtform associated. Earth is pushing beyond the thoughtform of pain, fear, death, suffering, judgment, greed and lust in her global field. Each who is ascending may utilize this global transition to augment one’s ascent towards Bodhisattva which requires transcendence of the planes of the Kumaras and the integration of all parts of self trapped upon such planes to fulfill upon.


For those ceasing to ascend at 3000, or who are not ready to attend to this leg of work in one’s personal ascent, one can release the patterns in one’s future self. One simply can make the above intent to fulfill upon this. Making such intent speeds up the process by which Bodhisattva level births may begin to arrive in human form upon Earth. Bodhisattva children born at 6,000 segments may appear as early as 2022 if enough make this intent that are reading this material.  Such children will be special and choose special parents, one of which may be oneself if one is in the age range that chooses to have a child at this time in history.


There are many souls seeking lineages and parents that hold such lineages that can augment an ascending birth. Ascending births trigger ascension of the entire family and region that one lives, and therefore is a powerful modality to augment human evolution at this time in history. One gives greatly in such a choice, and will be given greatly by Mother Earth in return. Ascending children will weave a dream that will carry one forward in safety and joy in the coming times of cleansing, perhaps even into a community of others of like mind and intent to ascend.


Zero Point and the Human Dream


Zero point aligns the dream for human mass ascension over the coming 15 generations upon Earth. All other dreams that do not support this goal are now cancelled in transiting into the third Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun. What does this mean for ascending initiates? It means that one’s dream for ascension shall come to fruition with greater ease and support than ever before. Making intentions that support global ascension will be fulfilled upon in greater ease, as Earth will have a direct modality of providing for what one requires in so doing. This is so for all dreams that support ascension.


There is a dream for human awakening. This dream will turn the current human civilization in a new direction, and one that supports the focus of spiritual pursuits. Before this can be fulfilled upon in full however, the current phase of leadership must complete their karma and exit this role. Then another wave of leaders will emerge.


The current group of leaders are clearing the karma for dominion-based leadership through their life dance, as it is sincerely their biological inheritance. The new wave of enlightened leaders is emerging in progressive countries and will gradually become global wide within the next 15 years as other countries follow suit. Therefore, it may take the coming 15 years of human history to clear the karma for dominion-based leadership in full. However, after this has occurred, a new form of ascending leadership can and will emerge to guide humanity through the Photon Belt and beyond.


Humanity’s new dream therefore calls for many changes in leadership in the decade ahead. This shift begins now that Zero Point has been transited. Zero Point officially marks the reversal of all polarity upon Earth and in the human dance. Earth is now moving towards an in-breath cycle rather than sitting between the period of in-breath and out-breath. This transition shall cause the cancellation of all karma amongst all non-ascending humans global wide through life experience. Polarity reversal and what occurs in one’s life as a result has been explained in great detail in previous volumes. We invite those interested to explore all of these chapters in the order that they were written to gain a better understanding of global ascension. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 18 “Earth Attains First Major Pole Shift” for more information.)


What Does Zero Point Mean to You?


For each ascending human, understand that any dream that one holds that is not in alignment with the dream Earth holds for oneself as an ascending being is now cancelled in full due to zero point and entry into the third Star Gate. Only those dreams that support ascension shall be made manifest, and Earth is in command of the human dream at last.


For initiates, it is time to align one’s dream and preoccupations to the journey of ascension through the intention of completing karma with all others that one knows and all organizations that one affiliates with. Completing karma for 200,000 years of human history is a lengthy process and the choice to fulfill upon this will create a dream for one’s life that takes one from imprisonment in the current paradigm to freedom; freedom to create what one desires; freedom to create a sovereign form of livelihood; freedom to create community with others of like kind. Here are some suggested intents to allow one to come into alignment.


  1. I Intend to Complete All Karma with All That I Know and All Organizations That I Know.
  2. I Intend to Align My Dream with Earth’s Dream for My Ascension.
  3. I Intend to Complete All Karma with the Region That I Live.


For those dreams that one’s ancestors never fulfilled upon, and as a result one has a need to experience because they had been unfulfilled in many lifetimes, now is the time to manifest such dreams, and Earth’s dream will support such a goal. Fulfillment of dream is one of the main rewards of ascension at this time in history, and Earth wishes each who chooses to ascend to experience a fulfilled state.


However, such a dream must be of one’s true inheritance. We have seen initiates take the dream of another unconsciously because they preferred it; this does not allow for settlement of karma and therefore leads to non-ascension. Such dream fulfillment that is not of one’s true inheritance are blocked from this point forward, as anything less would cause a cease ascension global wide.


Why is this so? Why would the manifestation of one or multiple dreams that are not of one’s true inheritance block global ascension? Continued ascent from this time forward requires the completion of karma. Creating a dream that is not of one’s inheritance creates karma; and if enough do this in human form, one would perpetuate the current dance rather than complete in the times ahead leading to a failed global ascent.


Each initiate has a particular set of ancestries, and a particular set of ancestors that are related. Each ancestor lived and died. Some lived a successful life; others less so; others were diseased; others died upon the battlefield and so on. Each ancestry that desired something or dreamed of this or that which went unfulfilled in the given lifetime carries over to the next generation in line that is related. Often the dreams that one has are simply the unfulfilled dreams of one’s own ancestors; now is the time to fulfill upon them beloved, and Earth will support each that so chooses to become the dreamer and the dream by augmenting a dream come true circumstance.


Zero Point may be a good time to take inventory. What do you wish to make manifest? Is it a beloved to dance with your life, or birthing an ascending child? Is it to move to a new home and region that supports your ascent and allows for a greater connection to Earth? Is it to fulfill upon a creative project that brings one joy? Whatever one’s dreams are, now is the time to allow one’s dream to be intended, and then live to experience the dream fulfilled upon within one’s life dance. Earth recommends that each initiate tune inward and listen to Earth, listen to one’s own ancestors, and listen to the nature kingdoms.


There is a special dream for each ascending initiate that will bring about the experience of fulfillment and place oneself in the right place in the right time to avoid many of the global catastrophes that lie ahead. There shall be some natural disasters; these cannot be avoided beloved, as the tug of human density is too great for Earth to move without expending so much chi that global ascension would fail. Therefore, the corrections in energetic flow brought forth through changing weather patterns, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and so on, move the energy that will not move otherwise and are necessary to Earth’s continued ascent. As one tunes into Earth’s dream for oneself as an ascending being, one will simply avoid such an experience altogether. For Earth knows when such disasters are going to occur many years before they do.


The current dream upon Earth is stepping down in a 7-year cycle for non-ascending humans. This is the dream that is also tuned into in relation to regional and global changes. There are shifts coming for dense regions around the globe, and because human cities are often the cause of such density, the damage done to human civilization can often be great. Earth does not wish humans to suffer; but most are not attuned enough to understand what is due to transpire shortly. As each learns to turn inward and listen, one will be where they need to be and remain unharmed.


Earth also recommends that ascending initiates leave jobs in the cities, and move out to the country if at all possible, except in a small number of cases in which such cities are under major global chakras, such as Honolulu. This also does not mean that one should relocate to Honolulu, as each has karma in the region that one already resides that must be settled in order to ascend. One will also have karma in a specific region that will be chosen as the place one moves to as one completes the karma for the region that one now resides; and for most it will not necessarily be Hawaii.


Why is this so? If one has a large number of ancient Native American lineages, one will have more karma with the mainland US or Canada than Hawaii. For those in other parts of the world, this also applies. One may have karma with other regions as one ascends that are related to one’s more ancient inheritance, and strive to move to regions that serve in settling such karma. Most regions have areas of less density and “country living” within 50 to 100 miles from the center of the city. Earth recommends that each who is ascending make such a move and find a job that does not take one into the city each day; and then one is less likely to be caught in the difficulties of the upcoming global shifts.


Most countries also have mountainous regions or regions by the sea. Mountains and ocean allow one to gather records from other parts of the world due to the interconnection of waterways and energy flow between mountain ranges, which are now a global phenomenon due to the emergence of a global dream. (Please refer to Chapter 5 “New Global Dreamtime Launched” for more information). Therefore, moving to a mountainous or coastal region will be just as advantageous to settling karma from any part of the world as moving to a foreign country. One can attune to where one requires oneself to ascend given the restraints of citizenship and visas, and work within such restrictions in almost any case. Again, one may tune into Earth for guidance.


There are many companies of small to large in size that fall under a particular group soul that one may have karma to settle with. One may work for any of such related corporations, businesses or business opportunities and settle one’s karma. Therefore, one need not remain in one’s current job if it is in the city, even if one has karma. One can simply find another employer of the same group soul in another region, and pay off the debt in this manner.


Again, tune inward, connect to Earth, and a set of possibilities will be presented for one’s dream that support one’s continued ascension. These possibilities are now anchored in full due to the realignment of Zero Point and entry into the third Star Gate. One must then simply choose the dream presented, and then take the steps necessary in the physical to see it through to fruition.


Zero Point and Time


The largest shift and effect that transiting Zero Point has is in relation to how time is held and recorded upon Earth. Over time and in the distortions of the manipulations of the forces of the dark, time has become polarity based. Polarity based time swings from periods where time moves very rapidly to periods during which time moves so slow that it drags seemingly forever. The period from 1920 to 1980 was a slow-moving period for time upon Earth. The polarity shifted in 1988 and introduced a period of more rapid movement of time, and has increased even more so due to the vibrational shifts upwards in the global initiations mastered by Earth in recent times.


Speeding up of time has the effect of causing there to be less time in any given day. Many humans have found that it takes twice as long to accomplish the same task that once could be accomplished in half the time. This is the result of the speeding up of time. Ascending initiates however begin to command time; as this is mastered, one can lengthen or shrink time at will and through conscious intention. We invite initiates who are reading this book to intend to stretch time and see what happens. We have had initiates who were late for work stretch time and make it on time, with a 30-minute drive occurring in only 15 “stretched” minutes. Office mates further “complained” about how slow the morning had gone!


Asur’Ana mastered this early in her ascent and noticed that her watch kept stopping. One day as she was taking off her watch to go immerse in the ocean, she noticed that the watch which had stopped again upon her wrist began to move the moment she placed it down on the beach mat. She was about to change the battery for the third time as the watch continued to keep inaccurate time. Asur’Ana then came to understand that she could stop time, and wearing a watch was therefore useless as it was never accurate.


Many an initiate who may be finding that one’s watch is inaccurate may discover the same. Far better, Asur’Ana learned to simply rely upon her cell phone for the correct time. Our translator has also stopped time in relation to her work upon the computer; often lengthy articles written in a given day will cause the time therein to be 4 to 6 hours off, as she sits outside of time now given her level of ascent, and in the act of writing pulls the computer out of time along with her.


Mastery over time begins at initiation 1800, and is fulfilled upon more greatly in embodying 3,000 segments. As this occurs, one ceases to age as one spends more of the day outside of time than inside of time. We recommend for initiates to give up wearing the watch altogether as they transit initiation 3000, as otherwise one will be tempted to stay in time to retain the time accurately in one’s watch. In so doing, one will also continue to age as it is time that acts as a gage in aging. As one ceases to be in time, one not only ceases to age, but can roll the clock back by resurrecting cells that had previously died in one’s age to date. So many an initiate has proved, some of which are in their 50’s and 60’s, and are beginning to look like in their 30’s or 40’s instead. Such is the gift of ascension; one resurrects the form and then moves into a vibration that stands outside of time.


Timelessness is also the result of a particular rotation of the light body and subtle bodies around the form. As the subtle bodies can spin so many spins per minute, timelessness is sustained and one ceases to age. Generally, initiates master this in embodying 3,000 DNA segments 30% or more in the physical. In parallel manner, Earth is now spinning her light body so many rotations per hour that allow her the experience of timelessness as a global body. Earth shall therefore cease to age or decay upon a global scale from this point forward, which is what transiting Zero Point represents.


Shutting the Gate to the Past


Zero point also shuts a gate to the past, as time is now moving in a different energetic pattern than prior to this global transition mastered in Earth’s ascension. Because time moves in a new and different energy flow, it creates a separation between the manner in which time once ran upon Earth and the manner in which it runs today. This separation causes a separation through which patterns from the past and thoughtform that Earth has already transcended cannot be pushed into present time again. In essence, this shift seals the gate to the past for Earth upon a global scale.


Asur’Ana has learned to intend to remain in present time, and to bring all molecules, chakra rotation, subtle body rotation and light body rotation to a particular pace that aligns with Earth. As this occurs, one sits in present time, and ceases to be manipulated from the past or from the future by others who perhaps are not ascending and are a host’s entities that would like to manipulate ascending initiates. Those who are not ascending tend to sit in the past, and therefore the entities in their field will quite naturally manipulate from the past. As one intends to remain in present time, one extradites oneself from the old consensus more fully and creates a boundary between the past and the present such that the dark can no longer manipulate one’s field.


Map making ascension is not easy. Although we write of global transitions, each initiate must ascend out of the same patterns as Earth upon an individuated basis. Therefore, global mastery does not mean that one has mastered personally; however, one can utilize the global mastery Earth is attaining to augment one’s own mastery, as one will find oneself more greatly supported due to the new thoughtform of Earth.


Much as aligning in present time shuts the gate upon the past in our channel’s experience, this is also the same for Earth in mastering Zero Point. Zero Point translates into Earth sustaining herself upon a global level in present time, and that all dreamtime and all chakras spin at a particular rotation that sustains present time 24 hours per day all around Earth. In present time, manipulations from the past cannot stick as they have already been transcended; in present time, the future karma yet to be transcended has no affect, as it is not time yet for it to be addressed. There have been ongoing manipulations to Earth’s field in relation to time by false intervention forces since the inception of Earth’s ascension, and this now ceases due to the transiting of Zero Point.


Attaining Zero Point allows all regions sitting under major chakra centers to align into a single synchronistic energy flow. Up until the recent level of global ascension, Earth was fragmented between east and west, and in multiple regions around the globe. Such shattering was not only from nuclear bombs detonated in recent human history, but continued nuclear testing by current human scientists.


Such tests have ceased in recent years, mostly due to the complaints and threats of the Inner Earth people, who were fractured themselves as such testing was executed, causing problems with their ascension. Such Inner Earth humans threatened to emerge and overtake the current leaders of your paradigm; and in counterbalance, such leaders chose to cease to detonate nuclear tests. Earth had released her karma for warfare as of last year; this allows Earth the transcendence of nuclear harm upon her embodiment due to her own transcendence of the related karma. As this came to be so, the Inner Earth people asserted themselves over current human leadership.


Balancing the pH of Earth


The Inner Earth people are augmenting the balancing of the pH of all waterways and landmasses upon the surface of the Earth through the release of certain gasses into the air. They are doing so to support their own ascension as much as Earth’s ascension. Such gasses will collect in the clouds and then shower upon all oceans, lakes and river ways along with the land bringing an end to acid rain. Such substances will also enter the drinking water, and have a tonic effect upon the form for those who are ascending. This tonic effect balances the pH of the form.


All disease is related to an imbalance of pH of the form or a part of the form; and as this is corrected most diseases can go into remission. One also is less likely to ascend into disease if one retains the proper pH balance through dietary means. Often the pH in human form is thrown off due to the presence of parasites that excrete a very acidic substance in their waste known as ammonia, which causes the pH to go off and yeast to grow throughout the form.


As the yeast grows, it eats away at wherever it is rooted. If it is rooted in the brain and causes enough deterioration, Alzheimer’s results. As the yeast eats away at a particular organ or gland, the organ or gland is weakened and ceases to function properly, leading to disease. And if compromised enough and in an important enough part of the form necessary to sustain life, death is the end result.


De-parasiting the form is perhaps the first step any ascending initiate can take to begin to bring one’s personal pH back to balance. There is a simple de-parasite formula offered in Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease”. After one has de-parasited, one can focus upon diet to retain a proper pH to support the form in ascension. A more detailed article about balancing the pH through diet along with balancing the elements of air, water, fire and earth will soon be written for all ascending initiates to draw upon.


Earth’s pH Imbalances


In parallel manner, Earth is augmenting the choice to balance her own pH through conscious intent and will, and application of vibrations that will have the effect of eliminating overly acidic or basic regions upon her global body. Such regions that are the most toxic tend to be deserts or wastelands upon Earth. Most waterways near human cities are a toxic wasteland devoid of the fish and life that was once prevalent when the pH was balanced therein. Humans could easily choose to add substances that balance the pH of the water, but are more focused upon greed than the environment. In counterbalance, the Inner Earth people are more interested in the environment than greed, and are choosing to take action as anything less would mean a cease-ascension for all of Earth.


Earth is on target to balance her pH global wide by 2025. This will occur not only through the substances that the Inner Earth people are releasing, but also due to focus upon the part of Earth and your solar sun. The sun in parallel manner is planning a series of vibrations through solar flares that shall augment the burning off of those vibrations that cause pH to go overly acidic or basic. The vibrations shall successfully begin to detoxify Earth global wide, and this shall also cause a detoxification of all form residing therein as well, including humankind.


Asur’Ana learned early on in her ascent that any toxic substance could be transmuted through application of vibration through conscious intent. She detoxified her own form enough to ascend to a fully conscious vibration and beyond. Earth understands this truth and now shall actively begin to focus upon her own detoxification. This shall include the increased flow of volcanic activity global wide and an increased pace of global warming, along with shifts in global weather patterns.


Ultimately, Earth must turn her skin to detoxify enough to ascend into a fifth dimensional frequency. This will cause the birth of new continents through volcanic activity along with the sinking of the current continents that are toxic. It will take the coming 1,000 years of global ascension to see the turning through to fruition, after which point Earth will be able to move into fifth dimensional tones of creation in full, and enter the fifth dimension of life.


Detoxification and Ascension


Humans who are not ascending sit in toxic thoughtform. Such thoughtform is more comfortable sitting in its waste than it is in the purity of the Language of Light. As a result, non-ascending humans will go where they best resonate, perhaps moving closer to the city, until one day the city becomes unsafe as it has begun to crumble faster than it can be repaired due to the rising vibrations of the land. It is anticipated that by 2035 most cities will be uninhabitable for this reason.


As Earth begins her detoxification process, humans who are not detoxifying through the conscious choice to ascend may become ill. In essence, if a form detoxifies more rapidly than it is ready for due to vibrations applied through the land, or detoxifies more rapidly than one is mastering in one’s ascension, then the form will become ill. If one detoxifies so much more rapidly than the ascent can handle, the body will die. Many deaths will be avoided in the simple choice to ascend at this time in history. For in the choice to ascend to the bare minimum of 1024 to 1800 segments, and all humans can ascend to this level provided the form is strong enough, the form will detoxify itself of the extremes known as dogma. This will allow more humans to ride the wave of ascension with Earth minimizing the deaths of large numbers of humans through plagues.


Dogmatic thoughtform is radioactive in nature, and thick, black, and sticky as a vibration or as perceived clairvoyantly as energy. Such energy causes energy to cease to move in the ley lines of the grid work of the form leading to disease. As the vibrations around humans rise and rise, the stuck energy will exacerbate already weakened organs leading to disease and death.


One can think of dogma as toxic thoughtform. It pits humans against humans, and one can bear witness to this in the atrocities occurring in the Middle East in particular at this time in history. As humans rise above dogma, many changes will be born that augment a shift towards a unity-based civilization for the entire human species, and this will bring an end of the need to war upon one another, as all warfare is related to dogma. It will also allow for a transcendence of the internal war known as disease.


Earth is reaching a point in her ascension that the times of cleansing are ahead; one will either ascend with Earth or perish in the physical. The need to war will die with those who fail to ascend out of such a need. Disease shall cease in those who ascend out of great biological imbalance, or shall consume yet others unto the end. However, consciousness carries on, and therefore nothing is lost really, just the density and those that will not ascend out of it, and this requires transmuting if Earth is to ascend as a whole.


Current Human Mass Ascension


Human ascension has by and large not been going as well as Earth had hoped. Thus far, less than a quarter the humans that Earth hoped to begin their earliest rise in vibration have begun their ascent. It has taken the lifting of the Kumara based planes to see how the forces of the dark have prevented ascension through the manipulation of elements. Earth launched ascension through the elements of air, water, fire and earth at the end of 2019 to 8 billion humans global wide. The dark replaced the elements that were to deliver the ascension records with electricity causing what appears to be a cease-ascension for the multitudes.


Ascension takes time. This is difficult, for those reading these books can now come to understand that each month of non-ascension of the masses leads to that many more future deaths of humans that might have risen in vibration and prevented such an outcome otherwise. It is estimated today by Earth that about 25 million humans are rising in this moment to 1,024. It was originally Earth’s goal to have 8 billion humans rise to this baseline of 1,024 at this time in history. One could say that this goal is so much lower than hoped for that mass human ascension is more or less failing.


Perhaps this speaks of the hold that the dark forces have over the human species. Perhaps this also speaks of the need for humans to choose to ascend, and not rely upon Earth or any other to trigger the ascension. The conscious intent or choice to ascend appears to be the main focus that has brought about ascension amongst those map carvers and followers alike destined for such a path. In contrast, most indigenous humans and those with direct lineage to the ancient grand masters are ascending without awareness en masse. Most have risen as a collective between 2,200 to 2,800 segments. This is the result of agreements to rise in vibration with the land; and so, they are. Perhaps it will be the indigenous adult peoples of Earth that lead humanity Home.


There is little means for Earth to reach into the density of the cities and suburbs to trigger ascension; however, for those living in the country or by the ocean, ascension appears to be coming along quite nicely, or so the 25 million ascensions global wide attest to. This is also why Earth suggests that ascending initiates leave the cities. How does this affect the future? One can expect more natural disasters, unless perhaps more humans reach out to your fellow humans bringing to consciousness that the choice to ascend is an important one at this time in history, which could alter this future outcome.


Humans are often caught in the dogma of their particular spiritual persuasion, even those amongst the metaphysical community of thoughtform. Such persuasions are often founded upon dogma, and dogma being as it is, sticky and radioactive, has the effect of slowing the field rather than allowing it to rise in vibration. Many are also caught in a mechanized state of being in which survival, paying the bills, mortgage or rent is the main preoccupation. Such a preoccupation perpetuates a focus that cannot bring about ascension, as ascension requires a focus upon spiritual pursuits.


Therefore, the Tao has proposed that ascension be triggered through the birth of ascending human children, as this will cause those who are family members to ascend, along with neighbors who have lineage for ascension. The elements are to deliver the ascension records and this can be administered through the fields of the ascending newborn children. This plan goes into effect immediately, and Earth anticipates 100,000 ascending births by the middle of next year, and increasing numbers of ascending births thereafter.


By 2026, Earth hopes to have over 8 million children under the age of 5 that vibrate at 1,024 to 3,000 DNA segments, many of which will go on to master Bodhisattva level evolution at an early age. No region, no culture is to be left out, and it is the hope of Earth that such births will suffice to raise the vibration of the masses and their cities enough to ward off some of the larger natural disasters that would result otherwise due to her continued global ascent.


Toxicity and Thoughtform


All toxicity in biochemical form is related to thoughtform. We have spoken at length about dogmatic thoughtform in prior Great Central Sun Transmissions. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 17 “The End of the Era of Dogma for Earth and Humankind” for more information.) Earth transited the vibrations of dogma some time ago, and has just transcended the thoughtform Seven Kumaras that are related. Next, Earth shall tackle the transmutation of the thoughtform of the Annanuki.


The Annanuki anchored 18 thoughtforms that hold in place dominion-based experiences. Such thoughtform is also related to the extremes of greed and poverty. The Annanuki thoughtform was discussed in detail in prior Great Central Sun Transmissions. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 12 “A New Divine Plan for Humanity and Earth is Launched” for more information.) One can think of these 18 thoughtforms as the underlying vibration of all toxicity upon Earth at this time in history associated with pH imbalances in the physical. Such thoughtform in a nutshell encompasses the patterns of slavery, control, manipulation, secrecy, privacy, exclusivity, dominion, usury, dogma, arrogance, fantasy, blind trust, faith, hope, perfection, external god, pride and obedience.


Each of the above 18 thoughtforms are layered like the layers of an onion surrounding Earth and on top of the 7 planes of the Kumaras and their polar counterpart, which have already been transmuted more or less by Earth in her global ascent. We say more or less as the pockets of density that your cities sit within still hold these seven planes intact and will probably do so up until they disintegrate, are flooded, or are destroyed by earthquakes, fire, tornado, or other natural disasters. One can see in this why natural disasters are a part of Earth’s ascension ahead, unless more humans are able to ascend lifting the vibrations of such regions instead.


Each of the 18 thoughtforms of dogma, the Seven Kumaras and the 18 thoughtform of the Annanuki era can be equated to a biochemical substance related to decay and disease of the form and a part of the genetic fabric of all species upon Earth. Through ascension to Bodhisattva level evolution, little by little all biochemical components related to all fear-based and dominion-based thoughtform are transmuted in the physical, leading to resurrection of all remaining decay and some scar tissue of the form.


What biochemical substances are related to toxins? Heavy metals, addictive substances (nicotine, marijuana, alcohol addiction, cocaine) and pesticides are related to the vibration of dogma. One transcends such patterning as one ascends to 1800 segments. One will also transmute or remove such substances from the form in the act of ascension. Many are concerned about mercury used in fillings in your current dental practices. Asur’Ana has found that mercury ceased to have an effect as soon as she could master vibrations that altered the mercury to another metal that is no longer toxic to her form. This she accomplished in her ascent to 1,024.


Ascension is about alchemy; or in other terms the ability to transmute lead to gold, beloved. Your body is the temple through which the alchemy of ascension occurs; therefore, one can transmute heavy metals by either detoxifying them through the kidneys or intestinal tract; or by altering them in biochemical compound to another substance that no longer is toxic to the form. Such is accomplished through focus and intention.


In mastering the addictions in the ascent to 1800, one must be willing to cease drinking or smoking or utilizing the drugs associated with addiction. This may be difficult for many humans, and yet such substances continue to kill the form when used in an addictive manner. Smoking either nicotine or pot in particular causes the combustion of the lungs. The lungs must modify themselves through ascension to ingest greater and greater amounts of oxygen through the breath to be converted to blood sugar to support the crystalline form. We have seen initiates fail to master anything beyond 800 segments due to an unwillingness to give up smoking. Such a cease-ascension is simply due to the lack of development of lungs that is required to support an ascending form that this is so. Cease to smoke and the ascension will come forth.


Preservatives, hormones, additives, prescription drugs and vitamins are related to the thoughtform of the Seven Kumaras. Vitamins are terribly toxic as they provide way too much of a single substance. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana recommends the use of herbs for supplemental reasons during ascension. However, one can learn to master the vibrations behind the herbs, and then provide it to oneself upon an energetic level rather than consuming the substance. This ultimately is also what ascension is all about, learning to be self-sustaining and sovereign in frequency.


Additives are transmuted by vibration after the ascent to 3,000 is mastered or as they are removed through the waste management systems of the form. One can further avoid purchasing or consuming food with additives that are incompatible with ascension. One of such additives is the sulfur dioxide often used to retain color in dried fruit. Sulfur dioxide can be equated with the forces of the dark and karma transferred from Arcturus to Earth, and who would want to eat this? (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 13 “Earth Transits the Reign of the Dark” for more information on Arcturian karma deposited upon Earth.)


Another of such additives is EDTA, which causes cells to die on contact. EDTA is similar to the death hormone that is infused into the flesh any animal as it is slaughtered. Yes, EDTA preserves as whatever EDTA is in has died; unfortunately, it will also kill your intestinal tract as you also consume such a substance. MSG on the other hand has little affect upon those ascending beyond 3,000 segments. It may be so for many other additives, including BHT. An initiate recently found a lovely mayonnaise from Japan that had BHT in it. Most mayonnaise unless it is health food store oriented, has EDTA in it. Muscle testing proved that the Japanese mayonnaise, which tastes better than the health food version in this initiate’s opinion, was harmless to her form. As with all things, muscle test or pendulum beloved, and then follow your own biological knowing.


Some prescription drugs such as antibiotics have a nominal affect upon an ascending form. Yet others such as antidepressants have a huge effect as they cause a numbing of the field and the withdrawal of soul from the form. Ascension requires soul to be anchored and grounded into the form, and therefore antidepressants have a negative effect upon ascension. One initiate who had taken antidepressants for a decade found it impossible to learn to ground without ceasing to take the medication altogether, and had to really focus to learn to anchor soul into form. Furthermore, as soul entered form, they became depressed again. This initiate had to learn to move the pain of others out of the field, as most depression is the result of pain or anger of others one has collected energetically over time. Move the pain and anger returning it to whomever it belongs, and the depression will lift.


Biochemical substances that imbalance the pH of the form are related to the Annanuki based thoughtform of slavery and dominion-based patterning. Such substances are both innate in the DNA, and a part of the dietary patterns of humanity. Humans rarely are in touch with the form enough to know what they need to eat to bring forth balance of the pH of the form. Human habits and the machinery associated with group souls such as McDonalds often overrides what the body really and truly needs. We will be focusing more upon dietary assistance for ascending forms in another chapter.


One can see how thoughtform and biology are related along with biochemistry of form. Asur’Ana has not enough of a background in biochemistry to explain this transition of ascension in anything but laymen’s terms. However, we see that there will be those who ascend into the future that will have a greater understanding of the biochemistry of form, and will be able to explain ascension from such a vantage point. Ultimately, the density of substances of the form can be equated to the density of thoughts that are dogmatic, self-serving, and self-centered. As the density of thoughts rise to a new vibration of the Language of Light, the density of the form is transmuted to a new biochemical system that is lighter in weight, ceases to age, and ceases to become ill.


History of the Annanuki Thoughtform and the Red Race


As the Annanuki thoughtform was embraced by the red race, the red race became diseased and began to war upon one another. Up until such a time, the red race lived a peaceful and tribal existence. The disease of the red nations began roughly 120,000 years ago, and following the nuclear annihilation of Earth. Nuclear energy causes a blending of energy flow, and as such all humans, red and remaining white alike, blended as a single energy system that became collective. As this occurred, the thoughtform of the Annanuki and their slave race bred in a laboratory transferred over to the red nation. The red nation suddenly found themselves subject to the planes of reality that the Annanuki had constructed for their own use and in management of slave civilization, and fell in consciousness.


Red tribe began to war upon other red tribes for region or resources of food. One chief would strive to overthrow another. Discord and dissonance became the norm, and the red nation could not find their way back to the harmony that was remembered, but could not be regained. Members of the red nation attempted to ascend and alter the thoughtform enough to allow for a return to unity. Such ascensions instead opened the gates to forces of the dark who had worked with the Annanuki, who then simply manipulated such ascensions to bring forth further falls in consciousness and greater dissonance rather than peace, along with a fall in Earth’s global vibration.


Much like the dolphin and whale fields utilized by the dark to destroy the Grand Masters, the red race found their fields used to shatter Earth. This is the last thing that such races would ever have consciously wished, as they had been seeded with an understanding that they were the guardians of the land, and had come to Earth to assist with her time of ascension ahead. We will be exploring each layer of karma incurred through incomplete red ascensions in the two years ahead, as this is the focus of ascending humans along with Earth.


Earth is choosing to transcend all thoughtform related to slavery and dominion in the coming two years, which will bring conclusion to the reign of the Annanuki in full upon Earth. As this occurs, Earth’s ties will release to the Pleiades enough that she will be able to ascend high enough in vibration to enter the coming decades worth of Star Gates leading to the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun. It will further begin the detoxification process of Earth upon a biochemical level, for as thoughtform is released, vibration will transmute such toxins into non-toxic substances.


The Dance of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is in order at this time in history. Earth is forgiving the whales and dolphins for being now known as the cause of the fall of Earth into the destructive paradigm. After all, they were just used by forces seemingly larger than themselves and without their awareness. In parallel manner, Earth is forgiving humanity for how human ascensions caused a loss of her records; however, before this can be forgiven in full, each layer of cause must be mapped out. This is the job of the map carvers of ascension, to open karmic records and assemble them so that they can be understood, and then forgiven; forgiven not only by Earth, but by all species including humankind.


The next wave of karma to be explored will involve the Egyptian Gods, who gained their popularity due to red ascension between 96,000 and 112,000 years ago. It was also these gods that locked humanity in for another fall which ultimately created a replay of the era of the Annanuki rather than releasing the karma allowing for an era of awakening in its place. This too is not human fault; forces larger than self manipulated humans into the harm. However, it is time to forgive such karma so that it does not repeat, and so that the time of cleansing and the ascent of the whole of Earth can come forth in the decades ahead.




Zero Point has been successfully executed. The past has a barrier now available that forces the remaining dark into a specific domain upon Earth that prevents their continued manipulations. One will find that the forces of the dark have been pushed into the scar tissue and decay of the form of Earth and all species therein as Earth passed through the third Star Gate. In so doing, such forces will cease to be the prevailing force guiding humanity either upon an individual or collective basis.


Scar tissue and decay are second dimensional. Dark forces are likewise second dimensional in vibration. In pushing the dark into the vibrations that they resonate with, it breaks apart their presence enough that the dark cease to have affect over one’s field, or through the field of another. We invite initiates therefore reading this book to become aware of this truth, and to utilize the following intent if one finds oneself overrun by forces of the dark again and into the future.


I Intend to Push All Second Dimensional Forces of the Dark into the Scar Tissue of My Form or Those Forms That Such Forces Have Karmic Contracts with.


In so doing, the dark has a place, and it is within the weaving and the fabric of one’s field and the field of others, but not a place that is in relation to the direction of ascension or human consciousness. Human ascent and global ascension of Earth is to be directed by dragon and creator souls that have the ability and understanding required for such a function. Forces of the dark will remain until one or one’s future ancestors have cleared the karma in full. Forces of the dark therefore should have nothing to do with the ascent of one’s field and form. In pushing the dark into the scar tissue, so this comes to be.


Understand that forces of the dark have karmic contracts going back to the original death of the grand masters. Therefore, they have a right to be in one’s field; however as one gives such forces a non-interfering place to exist, such forces will cease to interfere with one’s choice to ascend. It is for this reason that Earth has worked with the Great Central Sun and her Star Gate to bring forth this particular transformation for all of Earth.


We hope that each finds this information useful in their personal path of ascension and the map carving to Bodhisattva. We recognize that the information presented is complex; however, those destined for this path will hold enough holographic knowledge to understand.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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