Image of a rainbow kite flying up in the air. Balancing The Elements To Retain One’s Health In Ascension

9. Balancing The Elements To Retain One’s Health In Ascension


This chapter summarizes the information come to be known and understood by ascending initiates, along with Mother Earth and all sentient species who are ascending at this time in history who have chosen to focus upon the issues of disease, aging and illness in the calendar year of 2020. Out of this focus, an understanding has been gained of the energetic, karmic and biological patterning associated with disease and decay, and what to do to support the form so that it does not ascend into disease, or can ascend out of disease if need be. In prior chapters, the karmic and energetic attributes of disease have already been discussed, along with the thoughtform associated.


In a physical sense, humans have declined into a biology that is far from regenerative or self-sustaining. Any form at 2 strands will have portions of the cellular structure well fed and detoxified upon a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Such portions of their form retain their health until the death of the overall organism. Those portions of the form that are most compromised and become diseased over time are generally not well fed or detoxified, often sitting in the waste matters of their own making, much like children sitting in dirty diapers and without a mother to come along and wash them up. Over time, the waste causes a shift in the cell’s perimeter or skin in which the mucous collected is so great that it cannot breathe. Nothing goes in and nothing goes out of the cell; your current medical establishments call this cancer.


Some cells can be born with such attributes, and this is where early childhood cancer comes from; children born with cells that already have membranes that fail to allow the cells to breathe and are coated in mucous. Such a dance is generally genetic karma from one or more prior ancestors’ lives and the child is born completing upon the karma often ending in an early death. Sometime the completion of the associated karma allows for a recovery after which the child may then live the rest of their life more or less disease free.


New Karma Revealed Surrounding Disease


What kind of karma causes disease? Primarily karma that causes inward bound violence towards the etheric body, and as the etheric body deteriorates, there is not enough chi provided to the cells in the related part of the form, which will over time become diseased if not rectified. There has been a load of energetically abusive patterns uncovered through ascension that occurs in the unconscious that most of humanity is unaware of. Freud and Jung began to unveil the unconscious last century, and many of the patterns associated are indeed so. The psychological movement has continued to perceive more greatly into the unconscious into present time, however many are not really willing to see how dark and destructive human nature really is.


This is so because humans have an innate fear of darkness or “doing something wrong”.  There is nothing right or wrong, there only is the dance. The only one who judges is oneself; therefore, we encourage initiates to take the blindfolds off and see down to the truth of the matter. It is only as the truths are perceived for what they are that one can choose to alter the dance and step out of the unconscious patterning that is harmful and causes disease, and then ascend into a new dance of regeneration and joy.


Jyreion Humans


Some of such patterning associated with disease occurred through the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) who fell into warring upon one another, and in so doing, set in motion patterning that pushed the grid work of the etheric body outside of the form into what are called “Disease Machinery”.  However, before this occurred, there were a host of red race ascensions that appear to have anchored energetically abusive entities so destructive that they could rip apart a form to death in a short time period. These entities arrived upon Earth from another dying creation.


Earth has recently uncovered records of 1,000 humans arriving from a dying star system she knows as Jyreion. Such humans came to Earth, settled, and over time mated with and blended with the red seeded Sirian race. This appears to have occurred approximately 188,000 years ago, and just 4,000 years prior to the arrival of the Annanuki. Jyreion exists not in your creation, nor in the time that your creation exists. A rift in time that remained from the destruction of another planet in your solar system known as Maldek allowed both Pleiadian humans and Jyreion humans to arrive upon Earth. This rift has now been sealed through the solar ascent of your sun.


Such humans arrived with a different biochemical make-up; Pleiadians being primarily electrical and radioactive; Jyreionians being magnetic but with a different energy signature. Both Pleiadians and Jyreionians arrived with a host of entities that were destructive and abusive in nature. However, the entities the Jyreionians hosted were the most abusive of all, with patterning that could shred the etheric body to death in less than a week in physical form. As such entities entered the human ascension temples, they shredded initiates and in particular, those holding keys to vision so that the very cause of what was harming initiates would not be perceived. Indeed, the underlying cause of the problems in red ascension went unperceived, and what ensued was a period of great darkness in which such entities became the secret governance over Earth.


The false gods or in other terms ascended masters, Melchiezedek Order and Sananda were but mere pawns to these entities, who controlled the dance upon Earth with knowledge of dream weaving and mirrors that came from another dying creation that they indeed had also destroyed. In essence, the same dance that occurred in Jyreion long before Earth ever existed has played out again upon Earth. In the discovery of these entities, they have since been removed from Earth and absorbed by the Tao in recent weeks of Earth’s ascent, as anything less would prevent the ascent of the whole.


The Tao has determined that the entities from Jyreion along with other false gods are non-souls. Soul that was originally cast by the Tao contains consciousness, and consciousness that wishes to evolve and return Home. These beings retrieved from Earth at this time hold no consciousness that desires to return home in the assessment of the Tao, but rather strives to retain dominion over that which is conscious; holding conscious souls prisoner to their own wishes and destructive tendencies. Therefore, the Tao considers them non-soul material.


Loss of Genetic Records and Combustion


Such non-souls strip creation after creation to inflate themselves up the dimensions, increasing the dominion or region held under their jurisdiction. As such beings entered the human dance, and through the ancient red ascensions, genetic materials from the human species began to be stripped. One could consider these entities agents of the False Intervention. As the genetics went missing, subsequent generations were born with scar tissue in places that held not the necessary information to construct healthy crystalline cells. Over time, such scar tissue caused the form to age.


Red humans went from a 2,000-year regenerative lifespan to 800 years of a form that aged and became diseased in less than 40,000 years due to such stripping of genetic information through red ascensions. This occurred between 148,000 and 188,000 years ago. The loss of genetic materials was generational and therefore went unperceived by the priests and priestesses overseeing ascension.


As those leading and participating in red ascensions attempted to ascend without 100% of the genetic materials required for the job, the parts of the form that were scarred due to missing information combust or burnt up in the ascension rather than making it to the next dimension with the rest of the form. Combustion can be likened to nuclear fission. As more and more of the ascending form combust, the thoughtform of nuclear fission became an increasingly potent global thoughtform. This ultimately caused a group of Pleiadian humans (the Annanuki) to come to Earth and enact a nuclear holocaust.


It was around 152,000 years ago that the red ascensions ceased through conscious choice. They ceased because the combustion was so great that entire legs, arms, heads and other body parts were left behind after group ascensions within the ascension temples. The red priests and priestesses then determined that something had gone severely wrong with ascension, and that it should not be attempted again until such an outcome could be understood and prevented. One could say that the nuclear winter caused by the Annanuki was parallel to the nuclear winter of an incomplete human ascension in which whole body parts were left behind amongst the ashes, and most of the soul was blown to bits in the attempt to ascend.


Unfortunately, the global thoughtform of nuclear fission had already been anchored by the time that the priests and priestesses chose to cease ascending, and it would only be a matter of time that nuclear war annihilation would occur as a result and due to the lack of releasing the karmic cause. Any karma seeks to become physical. The karma from incomplete ascension and the related combustion became physical in the nuclear annihilation of Earth. Had the red priests and priestesses really understood this, perhaps they would have attempted to release the karma and prevent this horrific outcome. However, such ancestors did not understand what had happened, or what had gone wrong, as they had lost much of their genetic holographic knowledge due to the continuous stripping of genetic materials over thousands of years by the forces of the dark through ascension.


The nuclear annihilation of Earth furthermore created a fall in consciousness so great that no red group attempted to ascend again upon the surface of the Earth thereafter. However, some red humans moved to the Inner Earth foreseeing the impending annihilation through nuclear war about to occur upon the surface of the Earth. Such humans set up ascension temples in the Inner Earth. Ascension then resumed roughly 96,000 years ago and created parallel problems instead of rectifying them.


Such ascensions in the Inner Earth were not complete either. Again, whole body parts and limbs were left behind. This experience has left the greatest scarring in the tissue of the generations that followed that are related. At this time and cycle of Earth’s global evolution, ascending initiates are accomplishing what their ancient ancestors could not, and perceiving what could not be perceived in ancient times.


Why is this so? Time has slowed drastically since the last ascension within the Inner Earth of a being known as Buddha. Buddha also emerged for a time upon the surface of the Earth gathering followers and attempting to educate the masses of another way of being. Buddha’s actual ascension occurred within the Inner Earth, and was more incomplete than prior ascensions, with his entire back side left behind.


The Gift of the Slowing of Time


With the slowing of time, there is more time to understand. Much like a movie that has been slowed to a frame-by-frame examination of each picture comprising a given scene, one can now examine ascension frame by frame. In so doing, one can understand and then ward off problems that would go unperceived if time were moving faster. This is the gift perhaps in how far Earth has fallen in vibration; for the slowing of time allows all to be perceived that had been hidden at a higher vibration.


The understanding gained assists other planets and stars who are ascending out of a parallel problem with keys that without their information would lead to a failed ascension as well. Earth therefore is pivotal to the ascent of the whole at this time in your creation. We invite initiates to understand that there is no right and wrong, and all things, all experiences serve the lessons of all souls within the Tao.


Combustion and the Elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth


Disease erupted in the red generations following the incomplete ascensions. Not only was genetic information missing due to dark forces which stripped the human genetic archives of humankind through ascension, leading to scar tissue which caused form to age and become diseased over time; but the scarring from the combustion of incomplete ascensions left the residue of excessive fire in the tissue associated in future generations. Excessive fire causes an ongoing combustion of chi in such regions. In Chinese medicine, one would say that there was too much fire in this organ or that; the karmic cause of too much fire in any given part of the form is incomplete ascension and the related combustion in one’s ancestry.


Combustion is the result of an imbalance of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth within the form. It is combustion that causes both disease and aging in an energetic sense. There are two forms of combustion prevalent upon Earth. One is related to fire, which causes an excessive heat in a given region. The excessive heat causes the cells to burn up or burn out failing to do their job, leading to disease over time.


There is also the combustion of water. The combustion of water causes too much water to be present which causes the cells to drown. In essence, too much water causes excessive mucous to collect in the related region which coats the cell membranes; as enough mucous is present, the ability of the cell to feed or detoxify becomes impaired. Sometimes such mucous leads to cancer; at other times it simply leads to cells that do not function 100% of capacity. If this occurs in more of the cells than not in a particular organ necessary to sustain the health and well-being of the whole, disease becomes the experience.


Combustion of water is related to the karma with the dolphin and whale kingdoms and the human species. Dark forces that had been displaced upon Earth by Arcturus six million years ago used whales and dolphins to send blows of electricity into human fields, which killed the ancient Grand Masters in a short time period. (Please see Chapter 6 “The Return of the Gold and Silver Planes to Earth” for more information.) As the Grand Masters were destroyed, large portions of human holographic genetic knowledge and ascension information was transferred to the dolphin and whale kingdoms.


As this occurred, the subsequent generations of those Grand Masters that produced offspring were left with scar tissue in lieu of the missing information. Because such scarring is the result of the loss of information to the aquatic realm, it often contains an internal connection to water. Such a connection to water in such regions of the form leads to excessive element of water, which drowns the cells associated over time, leading to disease.


Furthermore, the blows that came through the whales and dolphins caused water to combust within the Grand Master embodiments. It was as enough of the water within the Grand Master forms combust that they rapidly died. When enough electricity is applied to water, water will implode. As the water in the grand masters’ cells and fluid systems imploded, the form rapidly ceased to live. Those who carry the remembrance of the combustion of water and who hold Grand Master lineages will often develop cancer in present time, as this is the result of the record of such a trauma in the form repeating in present time.


Cellular Trauma and Disease


Any diseased cell holds a record of trauma from another time. It is as a human moves into the karma associated with the cellular trauma from a prior ancestral experience that the trauma recreates itself in present time. If the trauma included the combustion of fire from incomplete ascensions, then the associated cells begin to combust or burn up. If the trauma included the combustion of water, then the associated cells begin to drown. If such cells drown too greatly, they become cancerous. If the trauma included the manipulation of grid work through the Annanuki, then one’s etheric grid work moves outside of the body leaving not enough chi to sustain the life of the related cells, and the cells begin to die.


As the records are compiled and released through ascension of how the original cellular trauma occurred, a new genetic blueprint can be anchored that allows the cell to resurrect and recover. In ascension, one is forever uncovering cellular trauma records and releasing them, and then allowing the tissue that is associated to become crystalline in nature and regenerative. The crystalline blueprint is anchored by one’s own soul in the conscious intent to ascend.


To the degree that one can release enough cellular trauma to ascend into biology that is 60% crystalline overall, one attains 3,000 DNA segments in vibration. If one moves beyond this, ascending into a biology that is 86% crystalline, one attains 6,000 segments or Bodhisattva level evolution in the physical. An ascending initiate is therefore always exploring ancestral trauma, processing it upon a cellular level, which then allows the cells associated to be resurrected into a new regenerative structure. (Please see Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on a crystalline genetic structure.)


It is for this reason that ascension can be such a painful experience for most initiates. For the manner in which one’s ancestors were traumatized is not necessarily comfortable to re-experience; and sometimes one literally re-experiences one’s ancestral trauma for a time in the act of processing one’s ascension. From the point of view of the Tao however, this is how compassion is born.


As one relives all trauma associated with one’s ancestry, one comes to understand all sides of the human experience; the warrior and the general, the raped and the rapist; the murdered and the murderer, the master and the slave, the wealthy and the poor, and the overfed and the starving. It is through such processing that one comes to the middle path of compassion in action as the Bodhisattva in human form, understanding all dances of polarity in a very a personal way. And no, this is not an easy journey beloved; but for those choosing such at this time, it is often the only reason to exist.


Much of the scarring in all humans is so great and from such ancient times, that it requires the ascent beyond full consciousness (36,000 segments of DNA) to address all of such scarring in all parts of the form. Most humans will not ascend to full consciousness in this lifetime, allowing future generations instead to accomplish this task. Such younger and healthy bodies will have less difficulty perhaps than the older adult forms attempting such transmutation in present time, and succeed perhaps where one cannot. However, those attaining Bodhisattva in particular, and who maintain and sustain a balanced biology, will live to witness the coming times of cleansing and entry into the photonic belt of the Great Central Sun.


It is those devoted to the goal of attaining Bodhisattva in this lifetime that we offer up this information for; for one will have to be mindful to create as balanced a biology, and as harmonious a form as possible, to see such a task through to fruition. This can be assisted as one becomes mindful of balancing the elements in the form through conscious intent; through the addition of certain foods and herbs to one’s daily diet that support the form in ascension; and through one’s ongoing detoxification practices.


Lineages and Disease


Underlying any imbalance in the form and field, we can speak of discord created through two non-congruent energy flows. Most humans today have not only to contend with the blending of electrical, radioactive and magnetic energy that is the result of their Annanuki-Sirian ancestry, but now also another incongruent magnetic flow that came from the Jyreion humans only a few thousand years following the seeding of the Grand Masters. It is the blending of incongruent energy flow that ultimately causes discord in any part of the form; if the discord is great enough, disease and a shortened life span is the result.


Each human constructs the form in the womb from the genetic materials obtained from one’s tapestry of ancestry. Most in the West, in particular, inherited lineages from many different humanoid forms. If some of the lineages are Annanuki slave, and one creates say the thymus, heart and lungs from such lineages, one then has a propensity to have great electricity in such regions of the form. Electricity is non-compatible with the magnetic life upon Earth, and this creates a weakened region in such an initiate. On top of this, if one has lineages that are Andromedan, Grey or Reptilian form, and creates the reproductive organs and intestinal tract from such lineages, then one will have even a more greatly weakened part of the form over time and as one ages. This is because Andromedan, Grey and Reptilian DNA are even more pared down than human DNA at 2 strands.


One may wish to assess one’s own ancestries utilized to create the form in the womb so that one will understand what lineages require clearing the karma to prevent disease in ascension. Primarily those lineages of non-resonant human form such as the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) and Annanuki Slave Race, plus Andromedan, Grey or Reptilian ancestries will cause the greatest discord in ascension. Grey, Reptilian and Andromedan DNA is generally cast off and transmuted in the ascent to 1,024. Annanuki and Annanuki Slave Race DNA are generally released in the ascent to 3,000.


One can transmute the incompatible, foreign DNA to Sirian form through conscious intent. As the Annanuki, Andromedan, Grey or Reptilian DNA in such organs became Sirian or magnetic, the discord can be released, and the disease can be healed simultaneously.


Those ascending on to 6,000 will now need to become mindful of another discordant red race set of genetics from Jyreion that one may have lineages to in one’s ancient ancestry. As each segment of discord from discordant DNA is transmuted with all karma released, the portion of the form associated can resurrect and ascend into harmony and health again.


Our point here is that ascension is not easy; one will be forever attempting to retain enough balance in the form to assure that disease does not overrun one’s choice to ascend. Furthermore, one must be thorough, as any part of the form that has not been transmuted due to an incomplete ascension and the schisms associated will become diseased over time if left unattended to. If the disease is great enough to compromise the overall well-being of the form, one may end up dead instead of continuing to ascend.


Now beloved, death is not wrong; karma has been released in the ascension to date regardless. Therefore, one has contributed to one’s future ancestries’ ability to move forward through future generations, picking up where one could not carry forward any longer in the death. Consciousness also carries forward beyond death, and so nothing is really lost.


However, with some conscious application of detoxification practices, a deep focus upon the act of internal transmutation of thoughtform and the release of karma, plus balancing the form through the application of diet and herbs along with conscious focus, one can ascend and not ascend into disease. One will then live to bear witness to the impending times of cleansing and the birth of the new golden era ahead. And for those who intend this so, this is who this information is dedicated unto.


Balancing the Elements Through Conscious Intent


The practice of focusing upon balancing the elements in the form through conscious intent and healthy dietary habits will assist in creating a more greatly balanced form in the choice to ascend. In order to balance the elements through conscious intent, one must assess one’s entire body based upon systems. One will be looking to see if the presence of the element of air, water, fire and earth is present in each system, and in equal amounts. First let us define what the elements are in relation to form.


The Nature of Air


One may wonder what air, water, earth and fire have to do with form. Air holds the gases that prevail throughout the form. The presence of many gases increase in the ascent to Full Consciousness in particular causing the form to weigh less as there is more “air” or other gaseous substances that are the components of both the cellular structure along with the organs, glands, immune system, circulatory system and nervous systems. Such gases serve the function of “aerating the form”.


What is “aeration”? It is the ability of the gas to create space between the cells, whether such cells be holding the skin, muscles, bones, ligaments, or are white and red blood cells comprising the blood or lymph fluids. It is the element of air that creates space between all cells so that nourishment may pass through and waste detoxify out of each group of cells that comprise a particular gland, organ, or are holding the shape and constitution of the form.


The Nature of Water


The element of water is more greatly known by current human scientists in relation to the function it carries within form. Water lubricates so that nourishment and toxins may move from one part of the form to another to either be recycled or disposed of. Cells also require certain amounts of water to sustain the cycle of metabolism in the cell itself. In essence, water is required to break down all eight forms of sugar that are prevalent in the crystalline system and manufactured by the diaphragm in the collection of oxygen inhaled through the breath.


We spoke above about water that combusts. Water that combusts turns to mucous. In the human form at 2 strands, about 18% of a healthy form is mucous in nature by the age of 30. This is the result of the combustion of water that occurs simply due to a lack of aeration. Water that has not enough air to separate the molecules enough will spin itself into mucous. As one applies more air to a highly mucous-based system, the mucous dissolves. There are also herbs that will assist with this.


In ascension, there are many forms of mucous that are created in the conversion to the crystalline form. Much like the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly, first the caterpillar weaves itself into a cocoon, and then dissolves itself into primal goo, restructuring the form into a butterfly or moth. When complete, the moth or butterfly hatches from the cocoon and flies away. In parallel manner, the cells presently being converted to crystalline in the act of ascension create a cocoon that surrounds itself. The cell then dissolves into primal goo and then founded upon new genetic material, restructures itself. What is no longer needed to the crystalline form is expelled as mucous. Therefore, mucous is an ongoing issue to any ascending form.


Sometimes such mucous holds a form of potassium no longer required by the crystalline cell, which then causes water retention until it is detoxified, making one puffy. This is often the case in the ascent to 3000; one is puffy most of the time. An easy solution is to take lots of baths and swim once per day if possible so that the excessive potassium can exit through the pores of the skin. Sometimes such mucous also contains heavy metals or other poisons that require detoxification. Generally, it is easiest to detoxify most of such toxins through either the waste management systems or the skin.


There are 18 additional forms of mucous created through the ascension process to 6,000 segments. Each kind of mucous can collect coating the cells of the circulatory system, lymph system, organs or glands that are resurrecting, or the waste management systems themselves, causing problems for the form. If the mucous collects long enough and in great enough amounts, cancer may be the result. It is for this reason that detoxification is so important for those upon the path of ascension.


The Import of Bathing in Ascension


The skin is the largest organ of the body. The easiest manner to dispose of excess mucous is a daily bath or swim, sauna or jacuzzi of a minimum of 45 minutes. One can add essential oils or bath salts to assist, and use salt scrub daily in the shower to slough off any dead layers of skins making the pores more permeable. On a bad day, some initiates have spent hours in the mineral springs and had mud baths, or spent hours in the ocean and bathing in the sun to both clear etheric mucous and physical mucous. Those who skip out and fail to give themselves the daily bath may find oneself ill the further that one ascends otherwise.


The Nature of Fire


The element of fire has been a primary missing element in the human species, particularly since the last fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago. It is the element of fire that sustains the movement of chi through the meridians and ley lines of the etheric body. It is the loss of fire that has caused the human vessel to have such a shortened lifespan of only 100 years or less on average in present time. As chi in the form of fire moves through the meridians, it collects at special chakra centers where it is then relayed down the grid work to all parts of the form. The fire warms the cells much as one is warmed in taking a sunbath, providing the necessary chi to sustain the cells existence without the need to recreate itself.


In the current genetic structure of the human form at 2 strands of DNA, there is so little fire that few cells if any ever receive enough chi except in youth. In youth, the grid work has yet to deteriorate to such a point that fire cannot freely flow; and the energy and vitality of the little ones is the result of such ongoing surging of fire and chi from Earth’s body and ley lines flowing into all form upon Earth. Over time, as the form ages, it loses pockets of grid work in karmic exchanges and attachment that increases over any given lifetime. As the attachment increases, the ley lines of the grid work move outside of the form between parties instead of remaining inside of the form to support the life of the cells. Wherever there are holes and gaps in the grid work, fire and chi cannot flow and the related cells eventually decay and die.


Some of such grid work also moves out of the form in disease machinery, which is a complex set of devises created by Merduk (Hades) one of the Annanuki (Greek and Roman Gods) in a fit of spite against his sister Innana (Aphrodite). Merduk created machines that he could move Innana’s grid work outside of her form in an attempt to kill her; alas Innana caught the game, but knew not who was at cause, and passed the patterning on to the millions of slaves that the Annanuki had incubated in a laboratory. The slaves absorbed such machinery and disease manifest thereafter to a far greater degree than previously experienced. Those with direct lineage to the Annanuki slaves, which include most of white inheritance in the west, will therefore suffer from such patterning in present time.


Such diseases caused by Merduk include diabetes which is the result of the loss of grid work in the etheric pancreas; epilepsy which is the result of the loss of grid work in the spinal cord and nervous system; loss of eyesight which is the result of the loss of grid work in the eyes or optical nerve; parkinsonism which is the result of the loss of grid work in the brain; and heart disease which is the result of the loss of grid work of the heart, along with pancreas, liver or kidney cancer which is the result of the loss of grid work also in such regions.


Some diseases are indeed related to viruses that were created deliberately to control the slave populations upon the part of the Annanuki. Such viruses include hepatitis, herpes, measles, chicken pox, mumps, tuberculosis, rubella and diphtheria along with typhoid. These viruses were used to kill of the weakest of the slaves keeping the populations healthy and able to serve the Annanuki, and were each human-made in an Annanuki laboratory. Most ascending initiates in the west and with Annanuki lineages will find that such viruses retract into the nervous system where they lay dormant until one is weakened in some manner.


One manner of being weakened is to have a karmic encounter that creates a load of attachment between oneself and another in a particular region of the form. As the ley lines of the grid work move out of the etheric body into the attachment between parties, the region ceases to receive enough fire, and the associated cells begin to die. The region then becomes susceptible to being further attacked by a particular virus which then surfaces from the nervous system and further destroys the region. Often the dormant viruses also infect the discs between the vertebrae causing back pain, slipped disks and muscle spasms.


As such viruses are detoxified in ascension, they come out of the nervous system and are absorbed by the white blood cells that decompose them into a harmless substance. Sometimes initiates can experience such viruses flaring up into a full-blown infection, during which times Earth guides initiates to treat the symptoms with immune boost herbs. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for more information.)


AIDS and other autoimmune diseases such as lupus and MS are a new development that appears to have come through the immunization process. Such diseases attack the immune system in a manner that was not previously known to humankind; however, it reflects the shattering of the human heart yet one more time, which has been the result of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII, along with the continued nuclear testing that so many governments perceive as necessary. Such diseases are rapidly ascended out of in the release of the karma from WWII as long as the form is strong enough to detoxify.


The ongoing explosion or nuclear weapons in weapons testing, which pushes radiation into the atmosphere continues to shatter the heart region of all non-ascending humans; it shatters the related grid work that includes both the immune system and lungs. It is therefore advisable not to live in an area that was used heavily for nuclear testing, such as Nevada in the US; or near a nuclear plant if one wishes to ascend and remain disease free in this lifetime.


Nuclear radiation tears holes in the DNA. As the DNA weakens, yet another portion of the form related decays into scar tissue or becomes diseased. It is for this reason that perhaps it is a good thing that humans have not developed more sophisticated forms of nuclear technology. During the era of Atlantis along with the era of the Annanuki, and for the people of the Inner Earth to this day, technology that is not unlike the televisions and computers that humanity relies upon now were developed that were radioactive in nature.


For the Annanuki, the radiation in such devices did not deteriorate the form. However, for the red seeded race and the slave race that the Annanuki incubated, the radiation caused a deterioration of the genetics. Earth has determined that the red race declined once from 152,000 to 192,000 years ago due to their own incomplete ascensions, and again from 152,000 until the fall of the Annanuki and Earth’s nuclear annihilation 120,000 years ago due to the nuclear technology that became prevalent for those living near Mt. Olympus.


During the rise of another civilization that followed the fall of the Annanuki known as Atlantis, yet again nuclear technology was developed. Yet again humans declined in genetic materials. Yet again humans warred upon one another culminating in a nuclear holocaust of Earth. The cause? Additional incomplete ascensions occurring in the Inner Earth plus radioactive technology that caused a decline in the human genetic materials and consciousness was the cause.


Electricity by comparison and in present time is low-grade radiation, and less harmful to those who ascend to 3,000 and above than radiation. Therefore, worry not about utilizing the computer as needed, or having electricity in one’s home as an ascending being. As one moves beyond the lower level vibrations generated by such devices, one sits above them. However, this is not to say that working in a highly electrical environment or living in the heart of a city is supportive to ascension, as the electricity and radiation tends to collect therein. Electricity in small amounts does not harm the ascent; electricity or radiation in large amounts does, and may even prevent the ascent beyond a certain point (1,800 segments).


Magnetic vs. Electrical and Radioactive Fire


Fire that is radioactive or electrical is different from fire that is magnetic. Electrical and radioactive fire burns a magnetic cellular structure. In ascension, one may begin with an electrical based kundalini in the ascent to 1,024 or 1,800. Beyond this, the fire running in the kundalini becomes increasingly magnetic as electrical based thoughtform is detoxified and replaced with the Language of Light unity-based thoughtform, which is magnetic. By 6000, initiates run no electrical based fire, and this brings about a gentleness of field that cannot be accomplished in any other manner.


For electricity cuts holes through magnetic rotational fields; radiation on the other hand slows down the magnetic rotation until one sinks in vibration and goes unconscious. This is why the red race sunk in consciousness as they utilized radioactive technology; it slowed their field enough that they sank as a species downward in vibration, generation after generation over an 8,000-year period.


Therefore, initiates can be cognizant of the difference between electrical, radioactive and magnetic fire, and strive to detoxify the electricity in particular embracing a magnetic fire in its place. Magnetic fire will provide the exact amount of chi necessary to sustain a regenerative crystalline system in balance. If one embodies crystalline cells and retains electrical fire, one will burn the cells out leading to disease. In making sure to detoxify all electrical thoughtform and embracing the magnetic Language of Light in its place, one will be therefore less likely to ascend into disease and embody Bodhisattva in this lifetime.


The Nature of Earth


Earth is the element that comprises the density of form. One can think of the density of earth as minerals, rocks, sand and dirt. In human form, such density is expressed as the building blocks of life; lipids or fats, proteins or amino acids, sugars and starches, and minerals such as calcium. It is the element of earth that governs the structure of life, along with the DNA itself.


DNA spirals into a particular pattern that causes molecules to line up to create a particular type of building block for form, such as a fat, minerals, sugars, starches or protein. Each spin of the DNA causes the molecules to line up in just the right fashion to create just the right component necessary to create life, or the crystalline form in ascension. The angels monitor the spinning of the DNA and devas transcribe the details down to a molecular level. Angels receive the blueprint from soul and send the information down the grid work, which is composed of positive and negative energy lines made of energetic serpents.


Positive and negative energy serpents hold the meridians and grid work into an intricate patchwork quilt of light and dark that composes form in the etheric. The etheric form is an exact duplicate of the physical body, but a vibrational bandwidth higher. It is the etheric body that ascends first, and then the physical ascends following. It is the etheric that the angels and soul perceive; the physical reality is only perceived through the eyes of form.


When there is a genetic problem such as scar tissue or a genetic ailment, the DNA must be altered first. Karma and cellular trauma locks in the predisposition to distorted DNA until the karma is released. The karma sits holographically in those cells related to a particular trauma in one’s present life or ancestral life experience. Humans are holographic by nature, and record incidents in every cell of the form; but those cells related to a particular trauma generally carry the emotional experience or record of the related trauma.


As the related incident arises in a dreamtime state while asleep, one begins to release the trauma. As the trauma lifts that holds a particular set of DNA in place along the grid work of the form, it can then be edited and replaced by one’s soul to the crystalline format. Once this occurs in the etheric, it is generally only a matter of days to a week before it steps down into the form, and the form begins its decomposition and re-composition process.


The element of earth is the most actively involved with the process of biological ascension than any other element. Therefore, lacking the earth element may cause one to ascend the etheric but fail to bring the ascension fully into the physical. This will lead to diseases such as Epstein barr or chronic fatigue, as one has built too large of an etheric body and has not modified the form enough to provide the chi necessary to sustain it. Now what do we mean by this?


Chi moves two ways, beloved. One receives chi through the fire that runs through one’s kundalini that is provided through the Aurora by Mother Earth unto all living things, and the crystalline cells themselves produce fire in the act of digesting the sugar within the cycle of cellular metabolism. It is the fire that is produced upon a cellular level that causes the vibration of the form to increase. As more and more cells become crystalline, more fire is produced by the entire form, which causes the molecules of the form to rotate faster and faster. At first, the molecules continue to hold the rotational solar system type patterning; after about 1,800 DNA segments, molecules begin to convert to a triple sphere movement, which generates more chi yet, allowing for continued resurrection and ascension of the form.


Experiences of ongoing tiredness in ascension therefore may be a symptom of the ascent not coming completely into the physical; or the underlying and unconscious pattern to give too much chi to others in imbalanced giving and receiving. As one balances the in and out energy flow, and still remains tired, it is therefore good to check if all cells that were supposed to resurrect and ascend into the crystalline form have accomplished the task; and if not, intend to remove whatever is blocking them from ascending.


Sometimes in manipulations with dark forces, portions of the ascension grid work or DNA may be distorted or removed altogether. This can also occur in a karmic encounter that is harmful in nature. As one releases the karma and retrieves the missing portion of grid work and DNA, then the information is in place to ascend the related portion of the form. Sometimes devices are inserted that create a separation between the crystalline information and the cellular structure. If this occurs, then the related cells associated with such a region may fail to completely become crystalline. In such a case, release the karma, dismantle the machine through conscious intent, and intend that the DNA come fully into the physical.


One manner to combat tiredness is to walk and breathe. In the act of breathing, one moves the form and field into present time, and anchors soul. It is soul that moves the kundalini, commands the angels, dismantles discordant machinery that interferes with ascension, releases the karma, retrieves the missing information, and then feeds the grid work with enough chi to assure that there is enough to sustain consciousness along with the continued ascent. If there is no soul present, no one will ascend beloved, as it is soul that commands the ascension.


Therefore, grounding soul into form is important; Earth perceives that much of the problems with chronic fatigue are simply initiates that began to ascend, but failed to anchor enough soul through conscious intent to support the built-up grid work, chakra system and light body. Many of such initiates may ascend no further than 400 to 600 segments, and may continue to be tired, until they take conscious responsibility for the fact that they were seeded to ascend, and need to manage the energy flow, and anchor soul into form to support the embodiment.


Astrology, Subtle Bodies and Elements


Most in the West are familiar with Western based astrology. Such astrology was really devised by the Annanuki for the life dance of their slaves, and is solar in nature. As many are aware of, most are born with a predominance of particular elements, and are missing yet other elements as related to one’s natal chart in the current astrological system. Those who are primarily fire tend to be outgoing, adventurous if not aggressive; those who are primarily water tend to be emotional and introverted; those who are primarily earth tend to be grounded and stable in nature, and those who are primarily air tend to be mentally active and creative in nature.


In ascension, one begins to embrace all four elements into the field and form, and the persona alters accordingly. One can liken the presence of one or two elements to be related to extreme polarity in which one experiences an either-or dance; one is either emotional or mental; one is either creative or stable; one is either intuitive or insensitive, and so on. On an etheric level, the presence of only one or two elements also equates to missing subtle bodies.


The mental body is related to the element of air; the emotional body to water; the intuitive body to earth; and the creative body to fire. If one is missing an element in one’s original birth chart, chances are one is also missing the related subtle body prior to ascension. The act of ascension to 3,000 allows the subtle bodies to be retrieved and re-weaved in a manner that all four are present thereafter, leading to greater balance and wholeness within; for one can be mental and emotional, intuitive and creative simultaneously and thereafter. This equates to one’s energy field also having all four elements present of air, water, fire and earth, which also leads to a more greatly balanced field and form.


As one ascends to 3000, one begins to embody a new universal astrological system that is Language of Light based. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information). One will notice that each new sign has three Language of Light symbols associated of the 10 base notes or building blocks of the entire scale. Each of the ten Language of Light base notes is related also to a particular element. One will see depending upon which sign one is ascending into how one is rebalancing the elements through ascension, embracing those missing in one’s natal birth chart through the Language of Light.



Earth Element




Forgiveness, Unity and Power are related to the earth element.



Water Element




Compassion and Non-Conditional Love are related to the water element.



Fire Element




Freedom, Breath of Life and Non-Conditional Governance are related to the fire element.



Air Element




Divine Union and Structure are related to the air element.


In the ascent to 3000, one will embody one new astrology sign in full along with the associated Language of Light base notes, and have an overtone of a second supplemental sign that will provide more of the elements leading to greater balance of field. Much like there are overtones of sound or octaves of tones that reverberate above where one vibrates, one’s supplemental sign is a reflection of the octaves above one’s vibration at 3000, and also the sign that one will ascend into in the journey to 6,000 segments or Bodhisattva level evolution.


In the ascent to 6000, one will embody two of the 18 astrology signs and have a third and fourth that act as supplemental overtones. This is why the ascent to 6,000 leads to such a more greatly balanced form and field, as all four elements shall be present and in relatively equal amounts throughout the field and form thereafter, as one has embodied generally one tone related to each of the elements in one’s ascent. Below is a shortened list of the 18 new astrology signs. Please read the full-length chapter for a more detailed description.



Peace Bearer






Elements: Earth and Water



Truth Bearer






Elements: Water, Fire and Earth



Harmony Bearer






Elements: Air, Fire and Earth



Freedom Bearer






Elements: Air, Fire and Earth



Compassion Bearer






Elements: Water, Fire and Earth



Communion Bearer






Elements: Air, Earth and Water



Wisdom Bearer






Elements:  Fire, Earth and Air



Illumination Bearer






Elements: Earth, Water and Fire



Joy Bearer






Elements: Fire and Air



Unity Bearer






Element: Earth



True Law Bearer






Elements: Water, Earth and Air



True Purpose Bearer






Elements: Fire and Air



Communication Bearer






Elements: Fire and Earth



Union Bearer






Elements: Fire and Air



Ascension Bearer






Elements: Fire and Earth



Evolution Bearer






Elements: Water, Fire and Air



Evolutionary Truth Bearer






Elements: Water, Earth and Air



Fulfillment Bearer






Elements: Fire and Earth


Initiates may wish to muscle test or pendulum which signs that one is working towards embodying. Understand that the sign may change as one proceeds further into one’s continued ascent, as one’s soul comes to more deeply understand one’s biological truth. One is calling forward a biological truth from one’s ancient red ancestors in the ascent into the Language of Light and new astrology signs. This truth will resonate with two to four of the signs for most reading this material.


Understand that the related nature kingdom is also holding a gate for one’s ascension in relation to the sign or signs that one is ascending into. Therefore, one will have an intimate energetic relationship to two to four of the 18 land based and aquatic based species holding the gate for human ascension at this time in history. One may therefore wish to become more cognizant of such a relationship, and understand that one may call upon such kingdoms for support in one’s continued ascension, or for healing and support if one goes into crisis.


Assessing One’s Systems


In the ascent to 3,000 and to retain great enough balance to assure non-ascension into disease, the goal becomes to balance each chakra and system in the etheric body so that there is the presence of all four elements therein. First, one may intend to balance the elements of air, water, fire and earth by causing the subtle bodies to have equal chi and size as they spin around one’s etheric body. Then, one may wish to intend the four elements to be present within each major and minor chakra center along with the larger chakra system that comprises one’s global sized auric field. One may wish to make the balancing of elements a part of one’s synthesis meditation, and in so doing, one will create a more balanced field than without such an intention. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 11 “The Nature of Synthesis” for the synthesis meditation.)


One may first also wish to assess which elements tend to naturally run in each of the seven major chakras (or 12 chakra system for those who are pushing past 4,200 segments at this time). One may find that each chakra tends to polarize running only one element. Most initiates tend to run only one element in their major chakra centers.


In one case, one initiate ran earth in the first chakra, water in the second, fire in the third, water in the fourth, earth in the fifth, water in the sixth, and fire in the seventh, but were devoid of any air whatsoever. Furthermore, the interplay of water in the second and fire in the third created “steam”, that left them with ongoing indigestion. As the elements became more balanced, the indigestion also improved. The lack of air further caused this individual to be devoid of enough gas to aerate the cells properly, and they tend to produce more mucous as a result. The solution for this initiate was to add the element of air along with all missing elements into each chakra system through conscious intent during meditation time.


Over time and through ongoing intent, the presence of all four elements in all chakras became an ingrained pattern that can run all of the time. One is retraining or reprogramming their field to become more balanced through conscious intent in embracing this exercise of balancing the elements in one’s field. This is important beloved, as it will only be the most balanced of fields and forms that will pass through the photonic belt and enter the Great Central Sun, and live through the coming times of cleansing.


In addition to assessing one’s major chakra centers, one may also assess the systems in the etheric body for the presence of the elements. Again, one may find that one tends to run only one element in each system, leading to various imbalances and disturbances that are associated with the interplay of air, water, fire and earth throughout the form. One can assess each of the following systems for the elements presently running, and then intend to balance the systems to assure the presence of all four elements therein. Over time, one will retrain oneself to be more greatly in balanced in the etheric with all four elements present in equal amounts and running throughout all systems.


One may examine in their etheric body the elements that run in each particular system, and between systems. If there is too much of any one element, or a combination of particular elements, one can have associated problems in the cellular structure of the related portion of the form. As one strives to add all four elements to each system or combination of systems that work together or are complimentary, one will come to a greater state of balance within. This will translate into a biological level with enough air, water, fire and earth (the building blocks of life) present in all parts of the form.


The below systems are complementary in nature. For example, the reproductive system and the sensory system are complementary. The circulatory system and lymph system are complementary. The digestive system and the respiratory system are complementary. The nervous system and the musculoskeletal system are complementary. The endocrine system is complementary within its own system.


Each complementary system is best balanced in elements together for those at 3,000 segments and below. Why is this so? One will be hard pressed to push all four elements into any one system at this initiatory level, as one has yet to embody all of the elements as tones of creation. Therefore, it is best to intend that the systems work together to create balance within the complements.


Complementary Body Systems



Heart, arteries and veins, blood, bone marrow, spleen



Lymph nodes, lymphatic ducts



Lungs, diaphragm



Throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bladder



Muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage



Brain, brain stem, spinal cord, nerves, autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic)



Ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, breasts and testes



Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth (teeth and gums), Skin



Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, Thymus Gland, Thyroid Gland, Adrenal Glands


Let us give you an example here so that each reading this material may better understand. If one tends to run the element of fire in the reproductive system, and water in the sensory system, one could focus upon adding air to the reproductive system and earth to the sensory system. When both systems are united, the presence of air, water, fire and earth is available, leading to greater balance in the etheric body. Furthermore, if one tends to run the element of water in the circulatory system and fire in the lymph system, one can add air to the circulatory system and earth to the lymph system, again causing all four elements of air, water, earth and fire to be present as both systems are running.


Each complementary system may be worked with through intent to bring the entire system to greater balance within through examination, and intention to allow all four elements to be present therein. This exercise will produce a more greatly balanced field that is less likely to ascend into disease. It is for this reason that we present this exercise to those reading our information.


Extreme Imbalances


An imbalance of elements is so common, that it has become the accepted norm. Unfortunately, extreme imbalances between elements in particular lead to internal dissonance upon a cellular level that further leads to aging, illness, disease, deformity, decay and death. We would like to discuss the extreme imbalances so that each may become more conscious of one’s own patterning, and then choose to alter it coming to a deeper level of balance within.


Too Much Fire


Those who run fire in too many of the above systems will tend to burn the cellular structure out. In Vedic Medicine, they call such individuals Pita, or ones who are based upon fire. Those who run excessive fire tend to be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about life.


However, upon a cellular level, the regions with excessive fire tend to burn up, and the regions without fire in counterbalance tend to run too cold. In one initiate’s case, most of her body ran too hot with her digestion and intestines forever cold, which meant that she did not assimilate her food very well and suffered a load of indigestion. Furthermore, the excessive element of water running in the digestion and intestines when pushed up against the fire in the uterus and ovaries created steam, which caused the production of a load of mucous therein. As the initiate balanced the elements, she was able to come to great enough balance to continue to ascend.


Too Little Fire


Too little fire or no fire on the other hand, causes one to run cold or not have enough chi to function or provide for the life of the cells in the ascent. Sometimes those running too little fire will gain weight in the form of fat and utilize fat to hold one’s vibration in ascension instead of running enough fire to feed the structure with chi.


One manner to allow the weight to come to balance is simply to heal the imbalance by integrating more fire into the mix of tones running in one’s field and through one’s etheric body. As there is more fire, the fat one was relying upon to hold one’s vibration will no longer be needed, and can then be detoxified and removed in one’s continued ascent allowing the body to come to a better size and constitution. Excessive fat is difficult as there are that many more cells that require feeding and detoxifying, leading to an inefficient regenerative system.


Too Much Water


If one runs too much water, the form tends to be on the cool side. In so doing, one will tend to have not enough chi moving through the grid work of the form; furthermore, one will tend to produce more mucous than in a system that runs too much fire. The mucous will tend to coat the cells leading to disease over time. In general, those who become diseased in youth or by middle age tend to run too much water in certain systems, and the buildup of mucous simply cause the form to decay more rapidly into a diseased state.


The antidote to too much water is the addition of air. Air is more complementary than fire in a direct exchange, as fire and water tend to create steam, which again can lead to mucous. Therefore, one will add air as the additional element before fire, and fire only as there is enough earth to cause all four elements to be present to create better balance.


In Vedic medicine, there is not a name for those who run too much water, however we believe that those who run too much water tend to be lumped with those who run too much earth, and are considered Kapha in nature. Kapha nature tends to be slow and sure, well-tempered and easy to get along with. We believe that those who run too much water tend to be emotional, and this does not necessary lead to stability of temperament.


Therefore, we believe that there should be a fourth system of Vedic definition that is associated with those who run too much water. (Perhaps we need a new category here – “Wata”!) Wata’s tend to be highly emotional and drama and trauma kings and queens. As one balances the excessive water with other elements, the drama and trauma will ground out into a greater sense of internal peace.


Too Little Water


Too little water on the other hand tends to create a system that is not well lubricated. The blood becomes thick and tends therefore not to transport the nutrients or toxins to the appropriate systems in ease. This leads to a buildup of toxins and cells that are not fed the right amount or detoxified properly. Drinking a lot of water as an ascending initiate is one manner to handle a system that tends to run dry. Also adding the element of water so that it is more prevalent throughout all systems of the form will assist.


For most initiates, the daily requirement of drinking a half gallon or more of water per day, plus a 45-minute swim or bath is the foundation of retaining balance and detoxifying in ascension. To the degree one can simply make this one’s daily habit, the potential of ascending into disease will be less likely of a creation.


Too Much Air


Air equates to gas, and gaseous substances tend to allow for greater nourishment and detoxification if they are present throughout the system in the right amount. Too much gas can equate to poor digestion both in the intestinal track and throughout the system, much like too much air leads to flatulence and fermentation rather than digestion of one’s meal. Therefore, bringing air to balance will allow the gaseous substances to be present in just the right amount to allow for proper digestion of blood sugar and other cellular nutrients along with detoxification of waste within the entire system.


Too much air creates too much space between the cells, and aerates the form too much. Aerating the form too much causes non-communication between the cells; or in other terms, the nutrients cannot find their way to the cells, as there is air or gas in between the cell wall and the carrier cells in the blood. One would be best to assist such a circumstance by adding the element of fire. Fire and air are complementary; fire will burn off excessive gas leading to balance.


Over time and as the space between the cells is modified from what is something like glue or paste at 2 strands of DNA, to a living breathing system that is more gelatinous like Jello, air can permeate the space between the cells. This occurs by about 4,200 segments after which initiates can release excessive or unneeded gases through the skin. Asur’Ana has been surprised when excessive gases actually leave her form through the space between the cells, and has watched her body literally bubble up in her daily bath at such times. There are times in one’s ascent that a particular transmutative process will produce excessive gas that is not required by form; as long as the space between the cells has been transmuted to a more permeable substance, the gas is simply released through the skin.


Those with too much air have been considered “Vata” in Vedic Medicine. Vata’s tend to be thin. The thin constitution comes from too much air, which leads to a less dense or more aerated form. Less dense forms in present time fare better and tend not to manifest disease as easily, and it has led to the misbelief that thin is healthier. Why do Vata’s fare better over time and not manifest disease at 2 strands of DNA? Because they are less likely to feel, as those who are overly air in makeup tend to have a mental body and are devoid of an emotional body prior to ascension. Those who do not feel are less connected to the dance of life, and in remaining separate tend avoid karmic encounters.


Karmic encounters are emotional reactions from prior ancestral trauma between two ancestries. It is those that feel the hatred that occurs within a karmic interlude that go into the karma, and then live it; which can include the manifestation of disease due to the harm flowing between two parties. For those who feel not, there is less likely of a chance to be drawn into the emotional karmic dance in the first place, which causes the karma to fail to manifest in the physical. One could say that those who are overly air tend to avoid the dance of life by remaining in a mental only expression.


In ascension, one must process the emotions. It is only through the emotions that soul and form learn the spiritual lessons associated with the physical plane. Therefore, it is important for initiates who are overly mental to develop their emotional bodies and not avoid feeling. The avoidance of feeling has caused many an initiate to fail in the ascent to Bodhisattva, for without feeling, how can one possibly learn the lessons of compassion beloved? It is not possible. Many Vata’s may find oneself therefore ascending only to 3,000 in this lifetime, unless the emotions come to greater balance within.


Too Little Air


Too little air, on the other hand, creates a circumstance where there is not enough air to aerate the cellular structure. As cells stick together, they become inefficient at feeding or detoxifying to sustain their existence, leading to greater decay rather than resurrection in ascension.


One solution is to learn to breathe, perhaps while out walking or while swimming. It is human nature to shallow breathe. In so doing, one moves into the past or future and enters a fantasy reality. To exit the fantasy and commune with one’s soul and ground to Earth, take a deep breath, or several deep breaths in a row, or go for a walk breathing in every two steps and out every next two steps. This aligns one more greatly to Mother Earth by bringing one into present time and triggers the diaphragm to collect oxygen, convert it to blood sugar, and feed one’s cellular structure in ease to maintain one’s vibration.


The most important gas collected in the ascent to 6,000 is oxygen through the breath. Each crystalline cell within the form requires oxygen, along with sugar and water to subsist. The crystalline diaphragm collects oxygen converting it to sugar to feed the crystalline cells, which require 24 times the amount of sugar to thrive each day than a cell that is of a 2-strand design. For those living in regions that are polluted, one may also be oxygen deprived in ascension. In such a case, one may wish to supplement their diet with liquid oxygen until one can move to a location that better supports one’s intent to ascend. Also, when traveling in crowded buses or airplanes, one will tend to become oxygen deprived as an ascending being. Carrying a bottle of liquid oxygen is a useful tool in such experiences and will limit the number of cells that die due to oxygen deprivation in travel.


Too Much Earth


Too much earth causes one to become overly large or mass out to an extreme. Therefore, balancing earth will allow one to lose excess weight not required to ascend if this is one’s predisposition. Often those with too much earth tend to take on the pain, anger and fear of others, and store it in the excessive body fat. As those who are predisposed to this learn to return all the karma and pain that belongs to another unto them, one will learn to only process that which is sincerely of one’s own ancestry.


Those with too much earth have been called Kapha in Vedic medicine. Kapha’s tend to have a slower metabolism than Vita’s or Pita’s, and therefore are predisposed often to weight gain. So are Wata’s. Sometimes the weight gain is from an inactive thyroid gland. In ascension, the thyroid is reconstructed to include a much more refined modality of commanding metabolism. Therefore, there is the possibility of those who are excessively heavy in ascension to balance out by adding the missing elements, in particular of air and fire. Air will aerate the form causing it to lighten up; fire will provide the chi that the fat has been gathered to sustain the vibration of the form, allowing the excessive weight to be shed through ascension.


Too Little Earth


Earth equates to the amino acids, lipids, sugars and minerals utilized to build the body. Often those without much earth have a slight form. Adding earth to the mixture of elements running through the etheric body will therefore assist the form in massing out a little more to hold a higher vibration in ascension. Often those who are slight have a fear of grounding to Earth, and really being inside of the body feeling all of the emotions that living a physical existence entails. Sometimes those who were of deva or angel origin as soul upon birth have this difficulty.


Devas and angels do not like being in form, as they are more akin to formlessness, and the expansiveness therein. However, as an ascending initiate, one cannot ascend if soul is out of body; and therefore, those with this predisposition need to learn to ground into the form, and ground to Mother Earth. As initiates accomplish this task, one will find that the pain eases and leaves; and that one feels safe and loved, loved by Earth along with one’s soul. One will also then grow to the size required to sustain one’s vibration in ease.


Weight Gain and Ascension


Perhaps some reading this book may not understand weight gain and ascension. The weight gain in ascension is not body fat; it is from the growth of the bones, ligaments and muscles plus the addition of new glands and organs that serve a regenerative form. Overall, the crystalline form is between 5% – 20% larger, depending on one’s lineages and genetic package. The more of the cells that are converted to crystalline, the larger that one becomes. The growth has nothing with gaining fat. The growth has everything to do with ascending into a regenerative biology.


The regenerative biology has many glands and organs that deteriorated in the falls in consciousness of the human species. As these glands and organs grow as the karma is released, they add to the size and weight of the form. However, the density also lifts causing one to weigh less given the size than a person of parallel size that is not ascending.


There are organs that grow in the region of the belly in particular that cause one to look pregnant as the result of ascension; particularly this is true for those ascending to Bodhisattva level evolution or beyond. The belly is the result of the crystalline diaphragm in which multiple pockets grow out over the rib cage that allow the oxygen within blood that has been obtained in the lungs to be extracted and converted to eight types of blood sugar required to sustain the crystalline cellular structure. In addition to this protrusion, four new organs the size of a liver grow; two in the lower abdomen, and two along the waistline. These glands filter decay and collect photon energy assuring that the cellular structure regenerates in ease.


Many have seen pictures or statues of Buddha that are round or fat, and considered happy or lucky in nature. Such pictures were from a time nearing Buddha’s ascent to the next dimension, and he too ascended into the biology necessary that included a lot of growth in size and shape to accomplish the task. The growth in size was the continued resurrection of decay and scar tissues. Scar tissue and decay are compressed. It is why humans shrink in size as they age; the decay has compressed hundreds of cells into the space that once contained only a few cells as a teenager. This is what decay does beloved; it compresses the structure inward until one dies.


The current desire and focus upon the skinny form as healthy is quite the illusion. In actuality there is nothing beautiful about a dying form; and those that starve themselves to remain thin are dying, beloved. Those who are naturally thin generally have an intestinal tract that fails to digest much of anything allowing such humans to eat much and weigh little. This too is a starving form for all intents and purposes. And what are such humans starving for? They are starving for love, the love of soul. However, love of soul cannot be experienced until one communes; and communion requires ascension, and ascension will cause the form to expand between 5% to 20% in size.


The Tao views external beauty as a form of ego. All egos require relinquishment in ascension. Ego is simply the result of loss of consciousness in which persona competes with one another and itself for love; and in the competition and through unconscious harm, destroys self and others. Those ascending to Bodhisattva leave this state of being behind for an internal state of love, which allows compassion in action to be born as a life expression.


Herbs, Elements and Diet for Ascension


In addition to modifying the elements through conscious intent that run through the etheric body, chakras and subtle body of the field, one may choose to balance the elements through dietary habits and practices. Asur’Ana has written an article on herbs and the Language of Light glyphs along with how such herbs support the ascending body. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information. Each reading our materials may wish to assess their form and field for the missing Language of Light notes and connect with the associated herb kingdom to more greatly integrate one’s biological ascension.


The elements and herbs are highly intertwined and associated with taste. The element of water is experienced in the taste of salt; the element of fire is experienced in the taste of spicy-hot, such as in cayenne pepper or cumin. The element of air is expressed in the taste of sweet, such as in fruit or sugar. The element of earth is expressed in the taste of sour-bitter, such as in lemons or rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano. As each initiate discovers that they have missing elements, one may also discover that one finds repulsive the tastes associated.





Air Element




Taste: Sweet

Thoughtform: Sweetness of Life

Associated with “Vata’s



Fire Element




Taste: Spicy-Hot

Thoughtform: Zest for Life or Passion

Associated with “Pita’s



Water Element




Taste: Salt

Thoughtform: The Salt of Earth or Feeling one’s Emotions

Associated with “Wata’s



Earth Element




Taste: Bitter-Sour

Thoughtform: Grounded and Centered

Associated with “Kapha’s


We have discovered that those who are short of fire stay away from spicy-hot foods. And yet this is exactly what the form craves to come to balance beloved; for a cool system devoid of fire will begin to run hotter in the ingestion of spicy Mexican, Thai, Indian or Szechwan Chinese cooking. Those who avoid spicy-hot also avoid feeling passionate, or in other terms, avoid the zest of life.


Those who are short of water resist the taste of salt, and crave bland foods. Again, salt is exactly what the form craves to come to balance; for a dry system without water will begin to retain the water it needs in the ingestion of salty foods such as Japanese cooking. Those who avoid salt also avoid being the “salt of earth”, or in other terms, feeling one’s emotions.


Those who are short of earth resist the taste of sour and bitter. One initiate suffers from this, as he tended to be devoid of earth in his original astrological composite. He is discovering today that sour and bitter is a good thing to bring the form to balance. Those who avoid sour wish to escape the bitterness or pain; alas there is only one way out of the pain, and that is to go into it and process it.


Those who are short of air resist the taste of sweet. Another initiate was devoid of air until much later in her ascent. Then, she would feed herself bags of dark chocolate, which sufficed to feed her the sweet she needed to come to balance. From time to time, she still craves the bittersweet chocolate, as it also provides a particular fat needed to ascending nervous systems. Those who avoid sweet also avoid the “sweetness of life”, and perhaps view things from a diabolical or hopeless perspective.


Food Machines and Food Programming


Most initiates have no idea what their body really needs to come to balance. This is because of all of the food machines, programming and entities that have been installed over time within one’s field and form; and the programming one received in childhood about dietary preferences. Early in her ascent, Asur’Ana was told to go on a three-day fresh fruit juice fast, and juice the fruit at home. Therefore, she bought a juicer. The real purpose of this exercise was for her to perceive the machines and entities that caused her to eat a particular way.


Indeed, all of the machinery, programming, and entities came up very rapidly! Asur’Ana drove past McDonald’s and many entities came into the car tempting her to eat a hamburger. Being a vegetarian, she didn’t even like McDonald’s hamburgers! Every restaurant she went near, or grocery store she entered, caused her to realize how programmed humanity is around diet. In seeing the underlying programming, she chose to dismantle it, and then came to more greatly understand what her body really wanted at that particular time in her ascension.


Earth recommends that each initiate consider doing the same; to go on a two to three day fruit fast, and watch the programming around food come up so that one may deprogram oneself through conscious intention. In so doing, one will come to greater understanding of what one requires eating to support one’s ascent in any given day, week, or month of one’s ascension. It is only as the programming is removed that interferes with sensing the bodies true biological needs that one will more greatly feel the cravings that the body is in need of to fulfill upon ascension. In so doing, one will live to witness the new era about to unfold.


Balancing the pH of the Form


Foods also come in many forms that are acidic, basic or balanced in pH. Each form will also have an optimal pH that it retains its health within. Most forms become ill as either the entire form or portion of the form goes into a pH imbalance that is either overly acidic or overly basic. Therefore, each may wish to assess the optimum pH for one’s health at one’s given level of ascent. The current pH scales may or may not be suitable as a gage. One may discover in one’s own assessment that their form is better slightly acidic.


Why is acidic better? Acidic substances do not let the mold grow. Mold, disease and mucous are all related. One initiate found out that vinegar is perhaps the best household cleaning agent of anything else in the grocery store. She now scrubs the kitchen and bathroom with pure vinegar, and discovers that the mold rapidly disappears and without harmful agents that are toxic to her form. Why is this so? Nature also prefers a slightly acidic backdrop to stay in balance and health just like ascending initiates.


Acidic substances are craved when the body requires more acid to move back to the optimal pH for one’s health. For another initiate, he craves lemons and lemon rind almost daily, along with other sweet-sour fruits such as passion fruit, pineapples and guavas. At other times and if he has become too acidic, he craves a large salad with Italian dressing. Vinegar goes basic when the digestive enzymes in the stomach are applied, allowing his form to come back to balance again if overly acidic.


Yet another initiate craves a plain bowl of yogurt every 2-3 days eaten upon an empty stomach either upon retiring or awakening. This allows her intestinal tract to have all of the positive bacteria present to assure good digestion. From time to time, she craves large bowls of pasta or polenta. Pasta, polenta or oatmeal will sweep through the intestinal tract, clearing the debris and mucous that has collected along the edges, allowing all to exit during one’s daily bowel movements. This is a good dietary addition for ascending forms 2 to 3 times per week.


One ascending initiate craves hot-spicy foods frequently. His system tends to run a load of fire and water creating mucous. The spicy-hot herbs dissolve the mucous in his intestinal tract and blood stream, and it is for this reason you will often catch him putting hot sauce on everything. On the other hand, another initiate craves fine gin, and drinks a small glass with lime daily. The gin is a gentler manner of dissolving the mucous in her system, as the hot spicy herbs are too much and would burn a hole through her stomach otherwise. She tends to need more bitter-sour foods and this is provided through the gin, which also has a bitter-sour taste, especially when fresh lime is added. Each will find their own optimal solution to retaining balance in their form and dissolving the excessive mucous produced in ascension.


Balanced Giving and Receiving


Asur’Ana gives greatly of her time and energy to Earth. There is little to fill her in return other than her walks in nature, communing with the ocean, having a sunbath, or having a delicious meal. What is given always returns unto her, or she would burn out and her ascension fails. This is also true for each reading these materials; one must receive as well as give, and retain the giving and receiving in balance or one will simply fail at their choice to ascend.


Disease is a sign that one is giving too much. Earth suggests that each become mindful of their boundaries, and learn to give only as much as one receives. One may also wish to end any relationship with another or a group that takes too much, lest one become ill in the dance and fail to ascend.


Ascending Out of Disease


Any diseased portion of the form will have an extremely imbalanced elemental energy flow. As initiates choose to rebalance the etheric body through conscious intent, and then supply the necessary nutritional items and food sources or herbs to assist the body in resurrecting, there is a good chance that one may ascend out of disease. Anyone can ascend out of disease as long as one intends it so, and follows through with the necessary life changes, dietary and detoxification rituals that will assist.


Moving energy through the etheric body is primary to the resurrection of any diseased part of the form. Gentle walks or swims are therefore important to those ascending out of disease. Also, tuning inward to the underlying karma at cause of the manifestation so that one may learn the spiritual lesson behind the disease, and then ascend beyond it.


Earth and the nature kingdoms will assist all those who choose to ascend out of disease; after all, so are all species focused upon this shift into a regenerative biology at this time in history. One can experience this now beloved; and this is the gift of the release of all karma that would prevent a regenerative form from being made available unto the human species at this time in history.


Final Notes


The ancient red humans misused ascension knowledge causing a fall of Earth. This karma is great, great enough to prevent ascension causing the extinction of humankind. This Earth does not wish to create, as global ascension requires all species to ascend. This karma shall be released in the year ahead and as we turn our focus to slavery, dominion and imprisonment karma.


Humans have a special contribution to the whole, as humanity personifies characters in the dance of life. In the interactions between humans that flows this way or that, Earth can better discern her own karmic relationships to other planets, stars and galaxies that parallel in nature. As the karmic relationships are decoded, they then can change, allowing Earth her opportunity to resurrect and ascend.


Each species contributes a gift to global ascension. It is the hope of Earth that more humans will choose to ascend, and provide their gifts and talents too. There is a special place for each ascending initiate; each receives a special dream and purpose that supports the ascent of the whole. Each species that holds a gate for human ascension learns through the dance of life of the human initiates associated. It is through such lessons that such species release their own related karma, as humanity provides a valuable mirror to their own internal state of being. The point is that we can all learn from one another, and all ascend into a new day of harmony, hope, joy and unity together.


Therefore, Earth requests of those reading this book to intend to ascend; to take action to balance the field into a beautiful dance with all elements present – air, water, fire and earth. Earth invites each to assess one’s diet and dietary needs, providing the form the sustenance it needs to ascend and remain disease free. Earth also invites initiates to assess their own detoxification practices, and to incorporate those that will assure non-ascension into disease. As humans come to a greater state of balance through ascension, so does Earth, as all is interconnected and interrelated.


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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