Image of the brilliant Sun shining upon the blue ocean and a field of joyful sunflowers. The First Turning Of Creation

12. The First Turning Of Creation


It is with great joy that Earth announces that the first turning of creation is now underway. What exactly does this mean? The turning of creation has to do with souls that can ascend, and souls that cannot, and the sorting through of the two with that which cannot ascend being pulled from Earth. The Tao began its descent to assist with this process in December of 2017, and completed the descent by June of 2018. For the past year, the Tao has observed the souls upon Earth in their dance, and in the observation has created guidelines to determine who is succeeding at ascension and who is failing. Those who are failing are being removed at this time and pushed on to incarnate upon one of 24 other third dimensional planets within your creation.


At this time, over 75% of what has ensouled Earth is leaving. Many of these souls have been with Earth upwards of six million years. However, such souls have also orchestrated fall after fall in vibration since their arrival. They have proved incapable of reversing their plight to bring forth ascension. Perhaps that which knows how to destroy or shred is not capable of learning how to ascend; or so Earth has come to the conclusion; and so, the Tao is also coming to understand. The 25% of all souls that remain are receiving promotions. Many are moving from nature kingdoms to ensouling the land or sea, orchestrating the global energy movement. This is a grand gift to those souls who proved their ability to ascend, as they now can orchestrate global ascension more fully.


One will find that all species associated with the new ascending astrology that have given of themselves to assist in holding the gate for human ascension have received a promotion. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Understand that the species we speak of herein are more complex than were originally mapped out. For each species interlinks with many other species to create a global energy flow through many forms of embodiments. However, one species from each group chooses to be the spokesperson and form for their entire group associated in mapping out the New Astrology.


Therefore, the souls ensouling the land that have received their promotion from the mammals of the land and sea involve many kingdoms that interlinked to create global energy flow at this time of ascension. Now such souls leave the nature kingdoms and ensoul the land, mountains, volcanoes and ocean itself to utilize their proven skills to manage the energy of Earth for the purposes of her continued ascension.


Soul and Continent Now Embodies Plus Vibrations



Region of Domain: Pacific Rim Volcanoes, Pacific Islands and Great Barrier Reef

Vibration: Freedom



Region of Domain: Pacific Ocean

Vibration: Communion



Region of Domain: North American Continent

Vibration: Truth



Region of Domain: Rocky Mountains along with all other mountainous regions in North America

Vibration: Harmony


EAGLE AND PORPOISE (also associated with Kookaburra)

Region of Domain: Mexico and the South American Continent

Vibration: Wisdom



Region of Domain: Andes and all other South American mountains

Vibration: True Law


DEER AND SEAL (also associated with Giraffe)

Region of Domain: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Netherlands

Vibration: Unity


DRAGONFLY AND SEAHORSE (also associated with Lion)

Region of Domain: North Pole and Arctic Circle along with Arctic Oceans

Vibration: Peace



Region of Domain: Europe

Vibration: Evolution



Region of Domain: Atlantic Ocean and all Island Chains

Vibration: Fulfillment



Region of Domain: Greece, Turkey, Middle East, Thailand, India and Tibet

Vibration: Joy



Region of Domain: Indian Ocean

Vibration: True Purpose



Region of Domain: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia

Vibration: Evolutionary Truth



Region of Domain: Japan, Okinawa, Philippines and Korea

Vibration: Compassion



Region of Domain: North and South China Sea

Vibration: Divine Union



Region of Domain: Africa

Vibration: Ascension



Region of Domain: Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand

Vibration: Communication



Region of Domain: South Pole and South Artic Circle and Sea

Vibration: Illumination


One will also perhaps find a soul that one has known and worked with in association with one’s ascension now ensouling the land in which one resides. Although these souls have changed positions and are now embodying land and sea rather than mammals, they shall continue to oversee human ascension, holding the gateway for the passing of initiatory tests and levels, and making sure that each human has a complete ascension to the level that one can accomplish in this lifetime. One will also find that the dreamtime of the land that one lives upon will be associated with the particular vibrations that are held, emulate such tones of creation to create a balanced new system for all of Earth.


Souls in smaller nature kingdoms have moved up to ensoul the above mammals or aquatic realms. For example, the soul once associated with the Bee Kingdom now ensouls Horse. The soul once associated with Mynah Bird now ensouls Eagle. So, this goes for each species. New souls are entering the dance to ensoul only the lower nature kingdoms, which are small birds, insects and small mammals along with fish. This turning will not be complete for another 30 days, however as it is fulfilled upon in full, Earth will be on to a new dance in which all souls incarnate upon Earth shall support her ascension to a greater degree, as they have proved their ability to ascend form and soul alike.


New Souls Anchored for Humankind


For each ascending human, a new soul, oversoul and source now descends to take the human consensus to the next level of evolution. Such souls are coming from one of 24 other planets in your creation, and have been involved in human life therein. Most of such planets know not the drastic falls in genetic materials that Earth has known, as there has not been a nuclear annihilation or warfare upon such consensus realities. Therefore, such souls come into a circumstance that is far more devastated than where they have left; however, the possibility to ascend home now riding the wave into the Great Central Sun is such a great attraction that they are willing to leave the other dance behind and embrace this dance here upon Earth.


We invite those reading these materials to welcome the new souls that have descended to ascend your form. Human ascension is being assessed yet again, and this time with greater clarity. Many may find schisms that the ascent is far from complete. Now is the time to pick up the missing pieces and assure that one’s ascent is complete. For missing segments of soul skipped over also equates to missing segments of genetic information that leads to portions of the form failing to become crystalline in cellular structure. As this occurs, such regions may become diseased over time leading to an early death rather than continued ascension.


Those who were born with nature kingdom souls associated will find that the association with one’s personal ascension continues, although the position that such a soul upon Earth has now changed. Such souls have much to learn and karma to clear through human ascension, and it is for this reason that they extended into human form in the first place. However, an aspect of one’s source has changed, and each will find that the nature kingdom souls are simply a part of one’s soul group, and not an overseeing aspect of one’s personal ascent. This is simply because such kingdoms have enough responsibility given their promotions that this need be so. Let us take a moment to honor each soul that has proven its capacity to ascend, and found itself now in a new position of greater authority and contribution towards the global ascent of Earth.


The Return of the Feminine Tao


The feminine aspect of the Tao now begins its descent into physicality. This shall bring balance to the masculine and energy flow of Earth and all incarnate upon her to a more greatly refined degree by the end of 2021. Such refinement is required to enter the next Star Gates of energy flow in Earth’s future global ascent. The year of 2021 is devoted to the release of all karma associated with slavery, dominion and abusive power. In essence, it was in the inflation of the power of the masculine and the deflation of feminine power that slavery and abusive power became the norm upon Earth and within your creation. As such karma is released, equality in power between both energy flows may prevail. This will lead to a greater level of balance in all who are ascending at this time in history, along with Earth’s global ascent.


Dream and Non-Dream


The Tao, in its ongoing analysis of the records from global ascension, has defined your creation into two states of being. One exists within the Great Central Sun and is surrounded by light that is sustained by a core that emanates photonic energy out embracing all stars and planets that reside within it. The photonic energy sustains the life and dream of all creations associated within. Outside of the boundaries of the Great Central Sun, which is known as the photonic belt, is darkness that is suspended by billions of serpents united to hold the space between. This domain outside of the Great Central Sun was never designed to hold life; it was designed to hold only the space between creations, or in other terms the space between Great Central Suns.


That which is inside of the Great Central Sun can be defined as a dream. That which exists outside of the boundaries and in the space between can be defined as a non-dream, as it was never designed to sustain life. As the Great Central Sun fractured, portions of itself were sent out into the non-dream. Such portions include Earth, your solar sun, and all planets and stars up the dimensions that have likewise been pushed from the fold of the Great Central Sun. We have likened the non-dream to the unconscious, and indeed one could consider that which sits outside of the Great Central Sun to be associated with its unconscious. However, this was not the original design or plan; it is the result of the fact that portions of the sun were pushed outside of its boundaries.


What is the cause ultimately of that which caused the Great Central Sun its demise? This the Tao is investigating so that all may be understood, and in the understanding, rectified over time and through the active choice of each part of the Great Central Sun choosing to ascend home and back into her fold again. The cause appears to be a load of souls cast not by the Tao, but by another soul of the Tao that was lost. In the casting of soul by soul rather than by the Tao, soul lost its holographic knowledge, and in so doing, became lost. Such soul has been called “Non-Soul” by the Tao, as it was never really cast by the Tao, and therefore has no origin or connection to the Tao.


Non-soul gravitated to exist within the non-dream or that which sits outside or in between creations or in other terms, in-between dreams. Why would such non-soul choose to do so? The non-soul was so lost that it held not the resonance with any dream in the Tao, and so it gravitated to where it could exist, which was in the space between dreams. However, even non-soul requires chi to sustain itself; and so, the non-souls began to shred the edges of the dreams that they sat between in order to gather chi to subsist. As enough shredding occurred of any one dream, the dream fractured. As enough of the dream fractured, a portion of that which was originally held within the dream was pushed outside of it into the non-dream along with the non-souls.


This pleased the non-souls that now had a place to dance. And so, non-souls entered the dance of consensus realities such as Earth that had been pushed from the fold of the dream of the Great Central Sun. Over time, more and more of the soul ensouling Earth became of non-soul origin; or that which was not cast by the Tao. Such non-soul only understood how to shred; or in other terms how to separate creation into components of light and dark, and then ingest the light to subsist. In the ongoing ingestion of the light of the consensus realities that such souls reside upon, over time such consensus fell and fell in consciousness and dimension. This is why Earth first left the dream of the Great Central Sun as a 12th dimensional vessel and now returns in the 3rd dimension; so much of her light has been consumed that she has fallen into density or matter.


The non-soul sets up tubes of light to extract light up to upper dimensional non-soul forces that also require consuming something in order to subsist, as they cannot dance within the dream of the Tao. We have called these tubes of light the False Intervention, which much like a maggot, devours consensus reality after consensus reality until they go extinct, consuming the light and life and leaving behind the darkness or density, which has piled up in the dimensions in which Earth resides much like unattended dirty laundry. This has caused a bulge in the space between creations or non-dream of such large proportions that there is a large gap between Great Central Suns, and each Sun is being shredded to sustain life within that which was never designed to hold life in the first place.


Lawlessness and Non-Dream


Within the non-dream, lawlessness prevails. This is in reverse polarity to the dream itself in which only law prevails. Much like two ends of a pole retain balance and a particular order, the Tao cast the dream to hold law and the non-dream or space between dreams to hold lawlessness, as this would sustain the dream as it was designed and in a state of honor, integrity, unity and unconditional love. All form upon Earth has memory of such a state of being, in which honor, integrity, unity and unconditional love was the standard. However, such a state was lost the moment Earth left the dream of the Great Central Sun about 96 million years ago and entered the non-dream where lawlessness prevails. Over time, Earth lost her thoughtform of law, and entered the dance of lawlessness where everything is turned upside down and inside out.


Lawlessness leads to dominion-based power; power not suspended by evolutionary principles but rather by force and abusiveness. The most abusive wins, and sustains their power by retaining all else in fear. The human dance emulates a larger dance that has occurred between souls within the non-dream; as above so below. It is why the human dance is so useful to Earth at this time of ascension, as it allows her to perceive the patterning in terms of behavioral interactions and a cast of characters. For Earth does not experience reality as a human, but as a moving energy force or vessel. However, the patterns between humans help Earth ascertain patterning in association with the other planets and stars within the non-dream so that she may transcend and ascend Home.


In order for Earth to enter the Great Central Sun, she must return to a state of absolute law in which the laws of honor and divine union prevail. For anything less would cause the Photon Belt to reject Earth, causing combustion of her form instead. Therefore, all that cannot sustain law must be cleansed from Earth. At this time and this first turning of creation, all that is lawless and non-soul in origin is being removed. Such non-souls were not supporting Earth’s global ascension; furthermore, they had been plotting a coup in which Earth would have been shattered so far back in her ascent that she may have lost her opportunity altogether to ascend. This potential future was caught, and the turning of creation called to waylay this potential outcome.


Soul and Non-Soul


All souls entering the dance upon Earth have a record of their original casting within the Tao. Some of such souls have been so lost that their records go back up to 8 expansion and contraction cycles ago within the Tao. Such souls, much like the soul once ensouling Kookaburra, a large bird in Australia, have been cycling around the bottom most dimensions for all 8 cycles of the Tao; so long in time it cannot even be calculate; Kookaburra has never before had an opportunity to return to the Tao. Such souls were also a part of the Tao but somehow became lost in the non-dream or space between creations. Now is the opportunity for such souls originally cast by the Tao and wishing to return home to do so in association with Earth’s global ascension.


75% of Earth’s souls have been determined to be non-soul, or have no record of ever being cast by the Tao. Such souls also have proved themselves incapable of supporting the ascent of the whole of the consensus known as Earth. Such souls are being removed now, and the Tao is searching for the soul or souls that cast them so that they too can be collected up, and the entire dance that they have participated in be understood. Nothing will be left behind; however, soul can only return to where it was cast. The Tao cannot absorb souls that it did not cast; the original souls responsible for casting such non-souls must return now and take responsibility for what they created.


In the ascent of humans, records have been uncovered of humans incubating other humans in laboratories for the purposes of creating a pared down “slave” or “gofer” to do the bidding of the scientists, which considered themselves “Gods”. As the scientists bred other humans from portions of DNA that was Sirian in origin and portions of DNA that was Pleiadian in origin, the humans created had no connection to anything other than themselves. Such humans also only received portions of information from the two or more humanoid forms that the DNA was pulled from. This caused a loss in consciousness for those humans that gave of the DNA to create the slave, as a portion of the knowledge contained within their hologram left in association with the slave. Furthermore, the slaves themselves had little knowledge as they only received less than 1/18th of what the original human that the DNA was drawn from understood.


At this time, human ascension is about piecing together holographic knowledge, and enough holographic knowledge to be able to re-enter the Great Central Sun in physicality. It has been discovered that most human holograms along with the humans associated have not any knowledge of the dance of your creation; therefore, such humans have not the knowledge necessary to enter the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that Earth is orchestrating a generational ascent in which those with not the holographic knowledge to ascend will be phased out, but spawn children that have the proper holographic knowledge. In so doing, all humans will ascend through their future ancestors.


It is Earth’s concern that there will be more children than adults into the future as a result; therefore, adult ascension is being brought forth to a certain level that will assure that some adults make it into the final Star Gate or Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun to assist in looking after the children. Therefore, the goal of ascending humans is to map carve a direct enough map to 6,000 DNA segments for more adults to follow to ensure that there will be those who survive the coming 30-100 years of transition. However, such humans must have holographic inheritance that includes the information about your creation and law, as this is a requirement to pass the gate into the Great Central Sun.


In essence, the human dance mimics the dance of soul in the non-dream. Humans became increasingly lawless over time and upon Earth, to a point in which spiritual principles no longer govern nations, but rather the principles of greed and power-based dominion. In essence, humans went from lawful to lawless in nature over time, much as Earth has gone from lawful to lawless herself in the dance within the non-dream. In order for Earth and humans alike to re-enter the Great Central Sun, each must anchor a state of true law again in the field and in the biology, for anything lawless will simply be rejected by that which functions only in true law, leading to combustion rather than entry of the Photon Belt.


False Soul Casting in the Tao


In parallel manner to human scientists, souls within the Tao chose to cast souls that became their gofers. Such souls obtained information on casting that was not the original holographic knowledge, and should never have been obtained. However, for the Tao, there is never a “never” because the Tao wishes to explore all possibilities and possible dances to learn, grown and evolve. And therefore, there was a window of opportunity out of this learning pursuit that allowed information that should not have been accessed for such a purpose of “soul casting other souls” to be accessed, and the unthinkable thought made manifest.


When soul casts other souls, soul loses a part of itself and a part of its own holographic knowledge. All souls are cast in the Tao with all memory of all other creations and all other expansion and contraction cycles, along with information on the entire dream for the given expansion cycle that the soul is entering. This ensures that each soul has enough information to return to the Tao. Those souls that chose to cast other souls began to lose the very knowledge that they required to return Home at the end of the expansion-contraction cycle. Furthermore, the souls that were cast and if they were cast in great enough number had so little holographic knowledge that they did not know how to return, and the souls that cast them lost track or count and failed to retrieve them all up when returning home themselves.


Furthermore and worse yet, the souls cast by other souls obtained the information on casting themselves, and began to cast yet more souls, causing souls to be created in out of control numbers. This caused an ongoing loss of holographic knowledge for the original soul that cast all souls associated, along with each involved. As enough holographic knowledge was lost, such souls set up a dance that was lawless in nature to sustain themselves outside of the dance of the Tao, as they knew not enough to associate with any given dream that the Tao had dreamt.


This is what the soul known as Heniti along with her source were beloved; souls that had cast so many souls that they knew not enough to return to the Tao; and then set up a dance separate from the Tao to sustain themselves. However, such souls also had not enough chi to sustain their creation; and therefore, would draw chi from the Tao in each subsequent expansion cycle, pulling yet other souls not originally mutated in this manner into the dance. This is how Earth’s soul arrived originally into this mess; it was pulled in by other souls that had become lost in the dance due to the ongoing casting of new souls, and the loss of holographic knowledge associated.


Earth herself and her original souls have a connection to the Tao; they were cast by the Tao originally, and never cast other souls, and therefore retain the holographic knowledge necessary to return to the Tao. However, in the dance of souls like Earth with other souls that have lost most of their holographic knowledge, now a plan can be set in motion to gather up all that has been lost. This is what the Tao is descending into the non-dream and all lost therein to set in motion. Therefore, all is as it should be, and all ultimately will return Home, and all the wiser. For as all records of this experience of out of control soul birth and loss of knowledge has been retrieved and understood, no soul in the Tao will ever cast soul again.


The Dance of Arrogance


All lessons must be learnt, even those that are difficult. The dominion of the non-soul souls over Earth has been difficult. For when one loses enough holographic knowledge, one becomes arrogant and believes that one knows it all. When one believes that one knows it all in a big way, there comes a point where one fails to be able to learn anything new, and in so doing cannot evolve. 75% of Earth’s soul could not learn anything new; and furthermore, had gone into such great arrogance that they believed that they knew it all. Out of the belief that they knew it all, such souls could not believe that Earth really and truly could ascend. Therefore, they set up another alternative plan to assure a failed ascent so that they could retain their dance of dominion.


In parallel manner, humanity believes that they know it all; that your scientific community understands life and how it exists. This is primarily due to the fact that most humans have such little holographic knowledge that there is not enough knowledge present to perceive your creation as the Tao originally designed it. Most human holograms hold less than 1/118,000th of the original information dispensed into the human blueprint as your creation was cast long ago. With such little knowledge, one will perceive only a very small portion of truth, and blow it up to believe that it is all that there is. In believing that the tiny square of truth that one perceives is all that is, all the rest of the tapestry is lost.


For those who are ascending, one not only pieces together one’s lost holographic knowledge, but then the rest of the tapestry of your creation also is pieced together so that one may perceive a larger truth than before the ascension began. This reflects Asur’Ana, as her expression of truth is forever expanding to understand a larger “whole” than she could perceive before. She stands as an example of one who is piecing together one’s own holographic truth, and in so doing, coming to ever widening understanding of the dance of life, and one’s part therein. The larger truth today does not diminish yesterday’s truth, but puts it into a new perspective of a larger tapestry of truth that all is associated with. In so doing, truth expands.


Falls in consciousness diminish truth. Ascension expands truth into greater and greater levels of wholeness. As this is so for Asur’Ana, this is also for Earth. Earth is beginning to piece together a tapestry now in which she can recall the time within the boundaries of the Great Central Sun. Earth spent many more years inside of the Sun than outside; for the records are now showing that she entered the boundaries of the dream of the Great Central Sun about 156 million years ago; and only 24 million years have been spent outside and in the non-dream or space between Suns. This means that 132 million years of history associated with Earth has not been accessible since she left the boundaries of the Great Central Sun. Such information is beginning to pour in now as she moves further and further into the auric field approaching the boundary or photonic belt of the Great Central Sun itself.


This also applies for each species now upon Earth, including humankind. Humans and each species alike shall begin to awaken to a level of knowledge from a time inside of the Great Central Sun; and this shall birth the momentum towards unity as a species and between all species upon Earth. In so doing, arrogance shall be left behind, as arrogance is only a dance that occurs in forgetfulness of what one once understood as a species.


Because each species is awakening, souls dancing in arrogance no longer resonate. It is for this reason that all souls that were non-soul in origins, or cast by other souls and without information of the Tao are being removed, as the form itself is awakening to the dream of the Great Central Sun and all that it knew within such a dream before exiting. As a result, arrogance in the nonphysical surrounding Earth shall become a thing of the past now; and all souls can pull together towards the common goal of ascension and re-entering the Great Central Sun. Earth is going home, beloved.


Toxic Cleanup Ahead


What is required to retain enough balance and health in the form to ascend and live to witness the coming times of cleansing and entry into the Photon Belt? This has been the primary focus of Earth and all sentient ascending species, as health and balance are necessary to push through the heavy boundary that the Photon Belt represents. Earth in parallel manner is gearing up for a massive cleansing of her toxic regions. Such regions are toxic not only from pollutants that humankind has perpetrated, but also toxic from destructive records rifted in time upon her surface.


Most places that are desert like or lacking in life hold records of devastation. Some of such devastation is associated with nuclear warfare or nuclear testing of humankind. Such regions are on target to be cleansed of their toxic memory in the coming year, and in so doing, the weather in such regions will rebalance allowing the rain to fall again and life return to the land. Such regions will be ensouled again; for at this time any region fractured in pain upon Earth’s surface is soulless.


Humans living in such regions may assess if the land under one’s feet holds soul or not. If not, one can actively participate in releasing the land-based trauma that caused soul to fracture, and assist Earth in re-anchoring soul therein. One will find as an ascending human that soulless land feels oppressive or tiring to live upon, as there is no consciousness to interact with or foster an exchange of chi enhancing the vibration of both oneself and the land. It is in the dance of energies between ascending humans, ascending species, and the land that all can ascend together. If there is no soul upon the land, then there can be no dance of energy, and it is difficult therefore for the kingdoms or humans living upon such land to ascend. As soul returns, all can change, and all may ascend.


Many initiates are beginning to work with the land that they live upon or travel over and to, to assist Earth in re-ensouling the land. Over 30% of Earth’s global landmass is soulless. About 17% of this is underwater, and dolphins and whales are being asked at this time in particular to travel to such regions and assist Earth in releasing the trauma and ensouling the land. The remaining 13% is primarily desert regions upon all continents. As more humans join hands in the choice to re-anchor soul, this can be accomplished far more rapidly in such regions than without such support. We invite ascending humans reading this book to intend to interlink in dreamtime and through the new consensus of ascension to assist those regions that are soulless to become re-ensouled.


One such region is Los Angeles, which was used by the Annanuki as a playground for families with children from the Pleiades long ago. In so doing, the land has no soul as the Annanuki anchored fantasy realities to support their vacations. Prior to the cracking of the ice shields, the Annanuki set up vacations for bored Pleiadians in 3 regions. One is associated with Los Angeles, another is under water but near Hawaii, and the third is in New Mexico. These regions held electrical fantasy realities associated with family (Los Angeles), sex or sexual pleasure (New Mexico), and a tropical retreat (Hawaii). These regions at the time that the Annanuki were alive were near the crown or North Pole of Earth. It was as a result of the nuclear holocaust of the Annanuki that Earth rolled on her side with what was the North Pole ending up upon the Equator.


Such regions attract a dream from the Pleiades rather than a dream associated with Earth. It is for this reason perhaps that Hollywood along with Disneyland have thrived in this region, because the original broadcast from the Pleiades was for a place of entertainment for bored humans. However, such entertainment does not support Earth, and most machinery surrounding such entertainment strips humans who engage of their chi and information to ascend. The programming of the region further sends chi to the Pleiades upon a recurring basis causing it to be an energetic sinkhole.


As the programming of the region is cleared, soul can return and the land will more rapidly rise in vibration preventing many earthquakes that would occur otherwise into the future. The point is that ascending humans can do their part to clear patterning that is human based through intention and interlinking in dreamtime. In so doing, you can create together a more effortless time of transition.


Time Rifts


Another problematic region is in the Middle East along with the Gobi and Sahara deserts. These regions are the result of multiple nuclear holocausts that have been exploded again and again upon the same land. The land is rifted in time, in some cases 120,000 years ago, and in others 60,000 or 40,000 years ago. Such time rifts are the result of billions of humans dying suddenly due to a massive nuclear explosion. It is for this reason perhaps that civilizations living in such regions seem stuck in the past, or have failed to enter the technological dance of the 21st century. Now this is not wrong; however, time must move in a synchronistic manner all over Earth or Earth will be unable to ascend much further.


Time rifts appear to be primarily caused by human deaths. Any human that dies leaves a rift in time at the exact moment of death. When there are many deaths in one place, such as a hospital, there will be rift upon rift upon rift in time therein. When there are billions of deaths due to a massive nuclear explosion, the entire region will be rifted in the moment of impact in time. Perhaps this is why the Middle Eastern region has been an ongoing region of drama and trauma, as the entire region is continuously in such an “explosive” and “cataclysmic” experience due to the massive rifts in time from prior human history.


Ascending humans can assist the Middle East and deserts in coming into present time.  Perhaps those living in these regions can interlink in dreamtime to support this goal. As the region comes into present time, many changes can occur that will facilitate peace and unity to be born. Such a shift will support the emergence of peace between all human nations in the decade ahead, as humans remember how to negotiate to settle differences rather than war upon one another or terrorize one another. Such remembrance shall occur as the holographic knowledge of unity is pieced together into a working format that becomes global thoughtform through ascending adults who master Bodhisattva level evolution in this lifetime.


Those who attain Bodhisattva level evolution global wide will sustain the thoughtform of unity so that humanity at large may tune into another way of being, and in so doing, move out of the destructive paradigm and into the dance of unity. Such a dance will not be forced; it will simply come as a result of each human remembering another way of being as all information that was lost over time and in the falls in consciousness becomes available again.


Ascending humans can begin to intend to close time rifts in the region that one lives. In so doing, more and more of the land surrounding oneself will syncopate in present time with the rest of Earth. As this occurs, it will become easier for ascending humans also to remain in present time or in the moment upon a day-to-day basis.


It is difficult to be in present time if the land that one resides upon is fractured in time, or worse yet sitting completely in the past. When one is in the past, one will find oneself dealing with issues one has already transcended in one’s ascent in present time. This causes ascension to feel like a merry-go-round where one is forever releasing the same patterning. The act of bringing oneself into present time has the effect of allowing one to only deal with the issues that one has up to be cleared today. As the time rifts close, soul can then be anchored in the region that the time rift once existed, as soul can only relate to the land in present time.


There are additional massive time rifts in the center of Australia along with the Kalahari Desert in Africa. These time rifts are not of human cause, but due to the impact of the destruction of Maldek, another planet in your solar system, about 22 million years ago. As Maldek shattered, portions of each planet in your solar system rifted in time. Earth is on track to heal such rifts of time in the 2022-2023 timeframe. Ascending humans living in those regions can assist in the repair. In so doing, such land will be able to hold soul, and soul will call in the genetics and water necessary to sustain life. Earth is on track to balance all weather global wide no later than 2025 and entry into the 8th Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun.


The Next Star Gate


Earth is on target to enter the 4th Star Gate sometime in February to March 2021. This next entry shall increase the level of photonic energy such that more chi is available to foster genetic changes global wide. Much like the new astrology associated with human and global ascension, each Star Gate requires a certain level of mastery to enter, and then pushes the next level of mastery upon Earth after she enters. Each Star Gate is associated with a particular vibratory rate and energy movement that Earth must master as a global vessel.


In parallel manner, each species including humans must master the next level to a certain degree to augment and support the global mastery of the whole. In this understanding, we are all in this together beloved, and it takes each to do their part to the degree that one can; both to ascend to the level that one holds predisposition for, and to birth and foster ascending children, whether such children be human or animal makes no difference.


There are some ascending grandmothers in their 50’s to 80’s. If these grandmothers are capable of ascending beloved, so are you. Perhaps the largest gift for each is their grandbabies each of which is under 3 years old and mastering 3,000 segments due to Grandma who cleared the pathway for the grandchild. These children have large heads, larger than the form, in a rather square shape. This is the next level of biological change and brain cavity and size that is incoming for the next generation. Children of this nature will range in age from 0 to 6 years at this time. Many doctors may be concerned about the size of head; however, understand that there is no need to be concerned. Such children are a reflection of the next level of evolution for all of humankind. There are about a thousand that have already been born, and hundreds of thousands planned for the years ahead.


These ascending grandmothers also notice how different their grandbabies are. Such children are expressive, and know not fear; they are also non-attached. Any toy pleases them, and if another takes it away, they cry not and simply find another toy to entertain themselves with. Such children exude peace, as the magnetic flow of energy causes others to be at peace around them.


Many will carry wisdom and teach others long before they reach maturity. Soul will ensoul such forms all the way into physicality before they are born. Such children will not know the fear and separation or loneliness of a soulless state of being. In so doing, they will feel loved from within, and in so doing will not need to strike out or harm others. A new day is ahead beloved and our children shall pave the way. As adult ascending humans, let us welcome such children, whether they be in our own families or with another. Let us also remember that we are one species uniting to ascend as a whole and cease competing with one another.


Separation of Earth into Two Realities


After entering Zero Point and the re-orchestration of time, Earth split more fully into two realities. One reality is the physical plane Earth and all associated dimensions of life that exists within the new consensus for ascension. The alternative Earth is a nonphysical vessel that sits outside of the first Star Gate, and has manifested in polar opposite to the ascension underway in the physical. This alternative Earth is absorbing the patterning cast out of Earth that does not support her ascension, and creates a parallel reality of non-ascension to polar counterbalance the physical reality of ascension.


Most of this shift has been augmented by the Tao as it descended. In a place of such extremes, one must have a polar self that is separate from the physical planes that one resides within to keep the physical choice to ascend suspended in balance. Such balance in the non-dream is only retained if there is an equally weighted vessel that is experiencing the opposite dance. Therefore, the alternative nonphysical Earth outside of the Star Gate is experiencing World War III, and is failing to ascend. The physical Earth is ascending, and the current human conflict shall not escalate into proportions that will lead to a nuclear disaster. The two polar Earths will suspend this in balance until the coming times of cleansing are fulfilled upon, with humans who wish to perpetuate warfare simply dying off due to non-ascension.


In extreme polarity, both poles must be represented. It is a lack of the extreme pole separate from Earth that has caused such struggle in the choice to ascend thus far. For there is no opposite force to counterbalance the force to ascend. As this has been rectified, much like two humans on a teeter totter, the two Earths shall cause ascension of the physical, and non-ascension of the nonphysical, until upon entry into the Great Central Sun, the need for such extreme polarity is no longer required.


Within the Great Central Sun, there are no opposites. There is silver and gold, or masculine and feminine. Within this system, there is not ascension vs. non-ascension. Instead, there is ascension in one direction that reflects the masculine dance of energy, and ascension in another energetic direction that reflects the dance of feminine energy. The masculine and feminine play off one another to balance out the whole; but the entire whole goes home or ascends. This is the dance of ascension within the dream of the Tao.


In the current paradigm and in the non-dream, one ascends and the other goes extinct. Sirius ascended and pushed Earth into a cycle of extinction. If Earth ascended in this paradigm, another planet would go extinct. Instead, Earth has created her own polarity that will go extinct in the non-physical and will not force another planet to go extinct in the physical in her choice to ascend. This new dance brings an end to polarity that is outside of self.


From the analysis of the Tao, the old type of polarity where one ascends and another goes extinct is a grand manipulation of the non-souls and non-dream to ensure that such souls had something to feed out of in order to sustain their existence. Now their sustenance shall come to an end, and Earth shall exit the dance going Home. As Earth enters the Photon Belt, the alternative Earth will be restructured to support the gold and silver planes of Earth and the new form of polarity orchestrated thereafter.


Mastering Gold and Silver Thoughtform


Entering the Great Central Sun requires the mastery of gold and silver thoughtform. In essence, the Language of Light when learned in full with all single, dual, tri and quad-tones mastered in the physical unites into a single tone that is gold or silver. Gold is feminine; silver masculine. Asur’Ana has embodied the golden tone. Mastering these tones require pushing beyond full consciousness. As one enters the Great Central Sun, one must have mastered such tones or will be too dissonant over time to continue to live.


It is estimated by Earth that within the first 35 years following entry of the Photon Belt in 2048 that each species shall master full consciousness and the gold and silver tones of creation. In so doing, all that fails to master such tones will be cleansed with all remaining in such octaves of vibration after 2080. Ascension never ceases. One may master today, but there is always more. However, taking a form from 2 DNA segments to 36,000 DNA segments has proved to be too difficult. More would die in the attempt than would ever succeed, and this does not support Earth or your fellow humans. It is for this reason that the restraints upon ascension hold at this time, as it is far better for humans to ascend as far as they can and hold their vibration in support of one another and Earth than die off.


Why is it so difficult? Most humans have one to two very weak regions of the form. Sometimes such regions are so pivotal to the life of the form that when they are compromised in ascension, they would lead to death instead of birthing a higher vibration. Asur’Ana has learned that retaining physical and emotional balance is of the utmost import to assure that she survives and continues to ascend; alas this leads to a reclusive lifestyle.


Such restrictions would not make most humans happy either. Therefore, understand why the restrictions are in place, and that they serve the greater good of the whole of the ascent of your species along with Earth. The restrictions are in place so that more humans will ascend to a certain threshold and hold the gate open for the next generation along with global ascension of Earth; and to assure that the unconscious harm that often manifests through humans of certain holographic predisposition does not prevent the ascent of the whole.


The Origins of the 18 “Ascended Masters”


During the past few months of global ascension, the origins of the 18 ascended masters and the ownership signatures that are used to shred creation was uncovered. Please see Chapter 10 for more information on the ownership signatures. Long ago, another race of beings in Jyreion from a neighboring universe gathered up and confined those non-souls that were the most problematic to their existence. They pushed such souls in a cage into the future. The future creation that such non-souls ended up was your solar system. Later and as sulfur dioxide was added to Earth through Arcturian humans, such non-souls from Jyreion were attracted to Earth as she now held a “like” vibration.


Such non-souls watched and watched the dance of life upon Earth. However, they existed in a parallel dream “inclusion”. Therefore, Earth could not perceive them as such non-souls were not a part of her dream. Over time, such non-souls learned to split themselves into 18 pieces, and in so doing, held a different vibration, and then they could exit their own cage. This is how the 18 “ascended masters” that never really ascended were born upon Earth.


Such souls desired a form that they could dance with. They perceived a future possibility in which some red humans would come from Sirius. They reached into the future anchoring the dream that they saw. This is why Sirian humans were drawn to Earth, first to create the ice shields about 1.2 million years ago; and later to see if Earth could sustain human life by depositing upon Earth a set of pared down humanoid forms incubated in a spacecraft laboratory about 300,000 years ago. Such humans due to their pared down state held not the holographic knowledge necessary for these 18 non-souls to dance with. Therefore, the 18 non-souls chose to anchor yet another future dream in which the Grand Masters of Sirius would be seeded upon Earth.


Indeed, this came to be so, and the Grand Masters children arrived about 200,000 years ago. These 18 non-souls chose to destroy the Grand Masters so that they could acquire the information therein to foster their own take-over of Earth. This is why the Grand Master shattering was orchestrated. Furthermore, and in subsequent generations, these 18 non-souls entered the dance with the ascending Grand Master offspring, and overran the human dance. The original souls remaining from the Grand Master seeding that understood ascension and understood the magnetic flow of the human species ended up caged in the ascended masters’ cage and in a void of non-knowing.


The 18 non-souls then overtook the human species, and much like giving a car to a child to drive and having it crash, the human species was run down into its first fall in consciousness upon Earth. This occurred, as the 18 non-souls had no knowledge of managing a magnetic human form. Furthermore, humans felt abandoned by their own souls, not understanding what had occurred. This is how the ascended masters came to be in power over humanity and Earth.


As of late, the original souls ensouling the Grand Masters have been freed and recast. Each has taken time to review the ascent of the human species to date, and are deeply saddened. However, such souls have a lot of knowledge and are also offering their assistance for the next steps of the human ascension journey. This indeed is a great gift. Let us welcome back the original Grand Master souls that came from Sirius, and may we all work together for the common goal of human and global ascension.


New Governance of Earth


There is new governance now being orchestrated for Earth in dreamtime and in the nonphysical. This governance shall involve all species, including human representatives from the new consensus of ascension. In this new governance, all have equal vote; however, initiatory status defines purpose and direction, along with who is designated in a leadership role. Evolutionary level shall now define position instead of seniority, length of time in position, or popularity. In so doing, those who hold positions of responsibility will have mastered the greatest in their ascent, leading to a new day in which mastery is the overriding foundation from which all positions are defined and filled.


This form of governance is a blueprint offered by the Tao that parallels how the Tao fills positions within its own dream. Such a blueprint may even hold aspects not currently in affect or forgotten by the Great Central Sun. It is anticipated that Earth will become a teacher once entering the Great Central Sun, as she will have had experiences that those within such an energy flow have never had; furthermore, Earth has found unique solutions to overcome problems that the Great Central Sun may not even know that it has. Earth’s teaching and sharing will allow for a re-orchestration of the Great Central Sun in preparation for its own ascent home to the Tao.


Each reading these materials may embrace the new governance and all of the support that it offers to ascending humans and Earth alike. We hope that you have found this information of use upon your personal path of ascension.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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