Image of the 12 Chakra System. Changes In Ascension And Transcending Group Arrogance

3. Changes In Ascension And Transcending Group Arrogance


We write to you today about new solar and universal rulings on human ascension and the changes that this incurs for all map makers global wide. Such changes are now making possible an ascent to more genetic material than previously considered possible by the counsels in governance over human ascension. This change shifts the emotional focus underlying the process of ascension for those embarking upon this next phase of work.


Primarily the emotional issues behind ascension have been the main focus for many initiates. Why? Emotions must be processed in order for the biological changes to come down into physicality. If one does not release the painful and traumatic events in a particular part of the form, the new glands or organs will not grow in a particular part of the form, nor will the cells become crystalline. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all ascending humans to focus upon their process and assure that all emotions and patterning is released first in the etheric. Then as the etheric blueprint is modified, the genetic changes will step down into the form.


Problems with Schisms


Sometimes initiates wish to skip over portions of their ascent, particularly if there is a deep trauma recorded in a particular part of the form and within one’s ancestral memories. If one continues to schism over such portions of ascension, disease will form instead. One initiate was going blind due to cataracts. This initiate was given an opportunity to focus through the materials upon the underlying cause of why they had schismed repeatedly over the changes necessary in the brain and eye region. They failed over time and in their studies to focus upon such patterning.


Why? They had such deep arrogance around perceiving themselves as seeing and knowing it all that they were not open to the learning offered, and in so doing, did not avail themselves of the opportunity to ascend out of the impending blindness in their studies. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 12 “Soul Schisms and Recasting in Ascension” for more information.)


Arrogance is a deep issue for all humans. All humans are arrogant to a great degree, and generally around a particular thoughtform. Most humans have two main arrogances. These are addressed primarily in the ascent to 3,000 and have to do with personal relations. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 5 “The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path” for more information.)


It is worthy of examination on an internal level by all initiates as to what one’s main arrogances are. One may even as the above initiate, be prone to fail to examine emotional patterning related and recorded in the related major chakra region. This could lead to disease, beloved. Each arrogance is related to a major chakra center, and therefore those prone to such arrogances would also be potentially prone to ascending into disease in such regions, particularly if one schismed enough in one’s ascent recurrently therein.


Although ascension is monitored, it is a self-monitoring process. Counsels oversee the administration of collective ascension knowledge that is offered holographically through healing temples that now surround all in the new consensus. They also administer tests to see how an initiate is embracing the unity paradigm. Such tests after being passed in dreamtime then step down into the physical. Physical tests are about one’s life relations. When offered an opportunity to walk in unity with others, how does one fare? When one must flow with this change or that to fuel one’s ascension forth, does one follow through? This is what is observed by soul in relation to one’s physical tests. If one fails to make the changes necessary in the physical, one’s ascent is then reviewed for schisms. If one has schismed sufficiently in a given region, then one must go back and address what had been skipped over.


Ascension is often a back and forth dance, as schisming over segments of karma is normal given the lack of an entire record of all ancestors related to all tapestries of ancestry. Often the map carvers gather the records themselves in the act of processing the deep emotional trauma embedded in the etheric body. As the records are released, they are added to the holographic memory of all ancestral experiences of all humans. This is the job of the map carvers, and it is through this job that a holographic temple has been constructed known as the Temple of Ancestry. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for descriptions of all holographic temples.)


Ascent to 6,000 DNA Segments Approved


There are a number of map carving initiates now moving beyond 3,000 to 6,000 DNA segments at this time. The ascent to 4,200 and 5,000 has been modified and initiates will either cease at a blueprint of 3,000 or 6,000 segments at this time, and not in between. Such initiates proceeding beyond 3,000 have been hand-picked by solar and universal counsels due to their harmless predisposition and holographic nature.


Why 6,000 segments? 3,000 segments is one full tube of genetic material in relation to the original 12 main tubes of DNA required for the ascent to full consciousness or 36,000 segments. The Universal Counsels perceived that ascending into two complete tubes would be a more stable foundation than 4200 or 5000 segments, which are less than 2 full tubes. Therefore, the attainment of Bodhisattva will now be equated with embodying 6,000 segments of DNA and two full tubes of the 12 tubes of genetic material of a fully conscious humanoid form.


What does moving to 6,000 segments entail? One attains regional level affluence at 6,000 segments, and therefore one has a greater leadership role in relation to the new consensus. Those ascending and stopping at 3,000 segments will have personal level influence over others in one’s life dance. Those ascending beyond this will affect the region or nation that one lives. If the nation is small, it will affect the nations that surround where one lives. For example, if one is in Europe, the power of one’s thoughtform will affect humans in all European nations at 6,000 segments. Because thoughtform and language along with culture are related, it is those ascending to this level that will create the greatest level of change in those surrounding where one lives. It is for this reason that the map makers are indeed from around the globe and there is not one nation that does not have a number of those ascending to 6,000 segments at this time.


Ascending to 3,000 DNA segments and ceasing causes one to address personal level issues in relation to non-unity-based thoughtform. More or less, one is addressing those patterns that cause one’s personal relationships with family, spouse, employers or fellow employees along with friends or teachers to be disharmonious. As one ascends into greater harmony internal to self, the relationships change accordingly. Those who cannot harmonize greatly enough in relation to oneself as an ascending being are often cast from one’s life dance if the relationship is discordant enough.


Ascending to 6,000 DNA segments will cause one to address non-unity-based thoughtform in group relations. This is different than personal relations, as one will have the effect of causing all groups that one associates with to change. Why is this so? As one embraces regional level power of thoughtform, one will affect all groups one is related to, including the company that one works for, the city that one lives within or near, and the state and country that one is related to. One is infusing the Language of Light into such regions and causing change and an awakening in your fellow humans, beloved.


Sometimes such change is not easy. One initiate has caused the hospital they are working for to close. Doctors are up and quitting due to poor treatment, disorganization and long hours with little pay. There are no doctors left to run the hospital, and no other doctors wish to work there, and so the hospital is closing.


Yet another initiate working for a cruise line caused the cruise line to go bankrupt. Why? The Language of Light forces balanced giving and receiving. The infusion of such thoughtform into any industry will highlight the imbalance, causing folk to perceive the imbalance and then make changes to rectify the circumstance. For the hospital that is closing, the doctors are quitting due to the inequality of pay. For the cruise line, they had taken excessively of its employees over time, and as the chi came to balance and over a year period, the cruise line did not have enough chi to manifest its clientele and went bankrupt.


One hotel that Asur’Ana anchored the Language of Light into had massive strikes by their employees for 8 months thereafter. Why? The Language of Light had caused the employees to become increasingly aware of the poor management and lack of pay, and they subsequently organized and created a strike in counterbalance. The Language of Light lifts the veils of illusions that humans live within.


Humans are so mechanized that they go day in and day out in the same dance, and rarely challenge authority. It is because the authority is veiled as all powerful that humans remain in their “good behavior” failing to take action under great levels of misuse, abuse, poor pay, slave working conditions, and so on. This only lasts as long as humans buy into the veils and fantasy that surrounds the game. As the fantasy lifts, humans awaken and become aware of the circumstance and then strive to alter the circumstance to one of greater balance.


Over the course of your history, each country has gone through a lifting of veils over the past 200-year cycle. Each veil that was lifted caused social changes. People stood together against that which oppressed the masses and forced changes. This was a period leading up to this time in history where the greatest level of mass change is anticipated in the shortest period of time of any conscious and sentient civilization in any creation ever. To say that you are in for some changes is an understatement beloved.


As humans see beyond the veils that surround them, they will begin to question the current authorities of your planet in the human dance. That which has been hidden will come to be known and understood. If there has been great misuse of power or harm that has deliberately been administered to others or a group of others, such humans will be prosecuted. You are entering the time in which all veils shall lift, and all shall see the TRUTH for what it is. Current human truth is not pretty. It will cause the masses to become quite angry, and take action to ensure that such misuse of power never occur again. This shall come to be so through those who ascend to 6,000 segments and infuse the Language of Light into the country that one lives within.


Those ascending to this level of evolution number 4,000 around the globe at this time. There will also be a map carved to 6,000. Map followers are rapidly rising to 1,024 at this time and are anticipated to reach 1,800 by July of this year en masse. Out of the 7 billion to fulfill upon this vibration, 25% or roughly 1.75 billion humans are anticipated to take the next phase of initiations to 3,000. Out of these 1.75 billion people, roughly another 25% or 450 million are anticipated to rise to 6,000 segments in the coming four-year cycle.


As enough rise to 6000 segments and embody it roughly 30% into the physical, the thoughtform of the Language of Light will become the dominant thoughtform for the human species. This is anticipated now to occur by the end of 2022. Change will be paramount thereafter as humanity suddenly awakens to the principles of unity. One can see the beginning signs of this already occurring beloved.


The Nature of the Ascent to 6,000 DNA Segments


For those embodying 6,000 now and making this map, we wish to go a little more in depth about the arrogances confronted internal to self in transcending disunity-based group thoughtform. Group based arrogances differ from personal based arrogances. One rises through another set of fear-based planes in attaining Bodhisattva. We documented the seven fear-based planes of the Seven Kumaras. These are now compressed into the ascent to 3,000 segments as one embodies the blueprint to 100% in the physical. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 9 “Christ and Buddha Are ONE” for more information on the Seven Kumaras.) Those who ascend to 6,000 segments shall address another 7 planes of reality related to group-based fear relations, and shall address arrogant predispositions related to group relations internal to self.


One can consider such planes as related to the 7 Kumaras. The 7 Kumaras are related to the thoughtform of fear, pain, suffering, death, greed, lust, and judgment. There are 7 additional planes related to group fear, group pain, group suffering, group death, group greed, group lust and group judgment. Each plane has a particular bandwidth of vibration that one ascends through in embracing 6,000 segments. Each plane will also host fractured pieces of self and soul lost in the decline of the human species and one’s ancestry over time. One will retrieve such lost pieces of self as each ascends through the related bandwidth of vibration that holds in place such group principles founded upon disunity and fear.


Global Ascension Changes


Earth is in the process of removing the two lowest planes of the Kumaras at this time in her global ascent. In essence, the planes of death and fear in personal relations are being cleansed from Earth at this time in full. Earth has entered the next Star Gate, and this is why this is so beloved. In October, Earth is anticipated to enter through yet another Star Gate, after which the next two planes related to the Kumaras shall be cleansed upon a global level. This shall include the planes of suffering and pain. By the end of 2021, it is anticipated that the 7 planes of the Kumaras shall be removed from Earth in full, even in the densest of cities. Then from 2022 on, the planes of fear-based group relations shall be removed layer by layer in Earth’s continued global ascent.


What does this mean for humanity? At this time, entities hooked into the planes of death and fear have nowhere to exist. Some of such entities may cling to humans as the planes themselves are removed. We invite each in the new consensus to intend that one’s ancestors assist in removing such beings from the human dance during these coming years of cleansing. In so doing, the beings will not enter the human dance causing needless chaos and terrorist type actions.


Some regions have already ascended out of the 7 planes of the Kumaras due to their vibrational threshold. Those regions such as Hawaii bridging upon 12,000 segments no longer have the 7 fear-based planes for personal relations, and are now beginning to cleanse the planes of fear-based group relations. This includes also regions high in the mountains such as the Rocky Mountains, Swiss Alps, Himalayas, and all other mountain ranges global wide, which are on the verge of moving beyond the vibrations that can sustain these 7 planes of fear in personal relations.


Asur’Ana was aware of the time that these 7 planes were cleansed from Hawaii. During the cleansing, many entities from such planes entered the human dance causing great chaos. Mindless murders of homeless people followed, along with other bizarre behavior such as folk holding others hostage, or shooting one’s employer, and so on occurred during this time in Hawaii. To minimize such patterns, Asur’Ana requested the Hawaiian ancestors to remove the beings that would enter the human dance otherwise causing such behavior. This effectively allowed for this period of cleansing to occur in Hawaii with a minimum of related problems. Honolulu, Hawaii is still considered a major city with the lowest crime rate of any city in the US.


Each in understanding that this period of cleansing is now beginning in all cities global wide may likewise wish to request one’s ancestors to assist by pulling those beings from the human dance that are stuck in the vibrations of fear and death at this time. One may simply send them to the Aurora of Earth and the Creator therein during one’s meditation and synthesis. As one strives to support this shift now and into the coming 8-year cycle of cleansing, chaos shall be minimized for the entire human race. There are enough in the new consensus to hold space for this cleansing in every city global wide beloved, and it simply requires one’s intent to fulfill upon. We thank you and honor you for so doing so.


Chakra Changes in the Ascent to 6,000 DNA Segments


We now give a brief overview of the arrogances transcended within group relations in those who are embarking upon this next phase of ascension to 6,000 segments. Such arrogances are also related to a new chakra system that emerges as 30% of the ascent is embodied into the physical for 6000 segments. As enough of the ascent becomes physical, there is enough biological chi to hold a different chakra system than previously possible in human form. This chakra system expands the main chakras from 7 to 12 in number. The five additional chakras hold information required for the ascent to Bodhisattva.


What is the difference between the ascent to 3,000 and 6,000 segments? Upon a biological level, only decayed cells are addressed and resurrected in the ascent to 3,000. In the ascent to 6000, roughly 38% of the scar tissue is also resurrected into healthy and crystalline tissue. It is the new 12 chakra system that will hold enough chi to resurrect scar tissue in the form. What is held in scar tissue? Scar tissue holds group trauma in all of its forms in human history, which is why this segment of work requires one to release group pain, fear, death, suffering, lust, judgment and greed in all of the many forms that such a dance occurs within the human species.


What is group trauma like? One can think back in recent history to the experience of the Holocaust as one possible example. Group trauma is any historical event that causes one group to harm another. Often such trauma is related to warfare, but can also be related to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or tornados in the experiences of one’s ancestry. Such experiences are recorded in the scar tissue of the form.


What is scar tissue? Scar tissue is a cell that no longer has a membrane border. Cells then unite into one large mass that does not allow fluid to enter or exit the region. This causes such scarred structures to become hardened over time and fail to function properly in the overall structure and function of the form. In ascension, the body creates a form of enzyme that first dissolves the scar tissues into liquid and then creates new and multiple crystalline cells in their place wherever such pockets are located throughout the form.


Scars are not just from trauma in one’s current life dance from accidents or surgery, but permeate the entire human structure. Generally, approximately 45% of all cells are scarred, even in newborn children at 2 strands of DNA. Your current medical equipment is not capable of measuring scarred cells, and it is for this reason perhaps that the high level of scarring is not perceived even in seeming healthy human forms.


One can equate scars also with missing genetic information. Where there is missing information, a healthy and normal cell cannot form, as the very encoding required is not present. The scarred cell therefore grows instead. There are 18 types of scar tissue, and each requires a slightly different enzyme to break down in the act of ascension. All scar tissue however lacks an ability to communicate, or in other terms, allow fluids in or out of the cell. Upon an etheric level, regions surrounding scarred cells are locked in time and space in the original trauma that occurred within one’s ancestry. First the trauma must be released upon an emotional level, and then the scar tissue can resurrect that is related within the given region of the form.


12 Chakra System


This 12-chakra system first appears as one embodies 6000 DNA segments roughly to 30% in the physical. One may wish to synthesize the new chakras after this point in one’s daily meditation and as one becomes aware that they have opened. Generally, the chakras open a little at a time over a four-month period, beginning with the new fourth charka and ending with the new 12th chakra.


1st Chakra – Grounding Chakra

This chakra begins under the feet and is for purposes of grounding soul into form. This chakra has multiple energy components and moves around the field in a complex system of rotation to keep soul anchored in the center of the form and field or subtle bodies. This chakra includes the feet, knees and hips along with root chakra and seven sets of chakras that extend from the feet to the Aurora in the center of Earth and beyond.


2nd Chakra – Pelvic or Sexual Energy Chakra

This chakra begins in the pelvis but includes a complex energy flow known as sexual energy and kundalini. The kundalini runs up the spine through the nervous system, and the sexual energy is a set of triple circles that rotate through the hips and under the feet, between the hips and heart region, and from the heart over the head. While anchoring, the sexual energy may expand to include a region as large as 250 miles as needed for world service purposes, or while teaching and healing. This chakra also continues to allow the emotional body to relay emotions to the form and then transfers the emotions to the heart via the sexual energy flow.


This chakra region also expands to contain a center for soul and the information related to one’s tapestry of ancestry. Such information is now held by soul rather than inside of the form to deter against manipulations therein. Soul holds the ancestral information and sits inside of a new cavity about the size of a quarter in the pelvis, and transmits the necessary lineage information as needed for karmic release purposes, along with gathering new ancestral information as it is released inside of the scar tissue or decay of the form during the act of resurrection.


There is a lotus that opens in the second chakra region. This lotus extends outwards up to 1,000 feet around an initiate. The lotus energizes the lower half of the grid work to sustain the grounding to the center of the Earth. The lotus opens to a maximum of 250 petals that work together in groups of 12, as the blueprint to 6,000 is embodied 100% in the physical.


3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus or Power Chakra

This chakra governs power and includes a complex energy flow that sustains the boundaries around the etheric body of the form, the chakras, the subtle bodies, and surrounding the extended global chakras. It is from the power center that one’s group agreements for interactions with all others along with the new consensus for ascension are stored.


4th Chakra – Diaphragm or Breath of Life Chakra

This chakra governs the diaphragm and conscious breath. Conscious breath is not only a developed diaphragm that can convert oxygen to sugar upon a biological level, but is also an energy flow through the field in which the chi and fire are distributed as originating from the heart and soul region through the grid work, chakras and subtle body of the form. We will give a simple exercise in which one connects to the sun via the pituitary to transfer energy into the grid work and activates the 4th chakra region to do its job through the conscious will of the initiate at the end of these descriptions. As one brings the sun’s energy into the head and allows it to travel down the spine, the fourth chakra kicks in energizing the remaining grid work and field with the chi collected therein.


5th Chakra – Heart Chakra

This chakra governs the heart, which includes the complex energy flow of a multi-petal lotus that continues to grow in size as one reaches full consciousness to contain 1,000 petals. At 6000 segments, one has 1/4 of the petals fully formed or roughly 250 petals flowing in sets of 12 that are interrelated much like a flower. This complex set of flower-like patterns allows soul to bless Earth and all with whom one comes into contact as one has agreed upon. Such petals and their energy movement will extend as far as 1,000 feet from the form.


The heart center also governs the ongoing communication of soul and body through the communication centers of the form. Such communication centers gather information from all four subtle bodies along with soul and guidance along with angels and then communicate such to the consciousness or subconscious of the form. The subconscious is one’s dreamtime reality while asleep.


At this time and due to changes in the map for ascension as 6,000 segments is embodied roughly 30% in the physical, the Akashic records and biological records are moved inside of the heart chakra to the soul cavity. The soul sits in a cavity, which encompasses portions of both the right and left side of the heart. Soul retains such records passing them to the form and devas as necessary in the act of ascension. This too assists in bypassing the manipulations inherent in having such records outside of the form and in the neck region.


6th Chakra – Throat Chakra

This chakra governs the communication that causes exchanges of energy between humans or between the communication planes of Earth and one’s form. This too is a complex flow of energy that involves ongoing and constant communication of intent for the purposes of one’s continued ascension or manifestation of one’s soul’s purpose in the physical. One will see that there are holograms for one’s dream that sits within this chakra region and have matching holograms that now sit upon the communication and dreamtime planes of Earth. The communication planes now only contain the Language of Light tones. One must utilize such tones to intend anything upon Earth at this time.


7th Chakra – Occipital Region of Head

This chakra governs the complex energy movement throughout all meridians of the etheric grid work. The requirement of chi in a crystalline form and crystalline grid work is far greater than prior times in one’s life dance, and therefore an entire chakra is now dedicated to monitoring such energy movement so that all parts of the form are equally energized to sustain the life and well-being of the cells. In the physical, this area also contains the brain stem which governs the autonomic nervous system that keeps the blood moving, the heart beating, the intestinal tract moving, the digestive system moving, the lymph moving and so on. Such biological systems are related to the movement of chi in the grid work of the form and governed by this new chakra.


8th Chakra – Pineal Gland

This chakra collects chi from the sun and light and transcribes it into the necessary vibrations to sustain one’s form and energize the grid work adequately. Taking the time each day with eyes closed and facing the sun while intending to absorb the energy into the grid work will consciously activate the 8th chakra to gather chi and transfer it to the 4th chakra region to be distributed throughout the form. If one feels excessively tired, going into the sun is a good practice and shall help to re-energize the entire field and etheric body. It only requires generally 20 minutes of direct exposure of sunlight to fulfill upon the chi requirements of a form at 6,000 segments of DNA.


In ancient times, eating was less necessary. Humans gathered their chi from the sun through such practices. In ascension temples, such temples were often in places of ongoing sunlight for such purposes of adding more chi to fuel one’s expansion. One may find it less necessary to eat as much or as often through this practice, however one’s cravings for certain food substances will still follow the biological needs for transmutative purposes of ascension.


9th Chakra – Pituitary Gland

This chakra governs the small chakras that exist throughout the grid work of the etheric body. One is forever opening new chakras as yet other parts of the grid work are opened and re-energized as one ascends. After initiation 6,000 is embodied to 30% in the physical, a chakra to manage the small sub-chakras throughout the grid work becomes necessary, and this is the purpose of the 9th chakra. In the physical, the Pituitary gland is the master gland that manufactures and monitors all ascension substances throughout the form. It is in constant contact with the brain stem and thymus to assure that the form has the right amount of each chemical necessary to continue to transmute the body in ascension.


10th Chakra – Crown Chakra

This chakra is one’s master library of spiritual knowledge. Often times the brain is so debilitated in the current limitation of form that more knowledge is stored in the nonphysical brain than in the physical brain. Yet through channeling or translating, one may access such nonphysical knowledge and speak it as needed in one’s life role. In essence, Asur’Ana understood years ago that the ascension would take too long to bring totally into the physical structure. However, as a channel or translator, one can express the wisdom without the biology for the purposes of teaching, healing or leading. This has worked so successfully for her that this has become a part of the map to Bodhisattva for all others to follow.


The 10th chakra is a complex energy flow that includes up to 1,000 chakras that connect the Bodhisattva to one’s source and sustains the connection through ongoing movement of energy. Often initiates feel disconnected and it is not unusual to have the chakras above the head shattered in a karmic exchange. One rebuilds their system nightly during recasting due to karmic encounters to allow one to continue to ascend.


Much like the heart and pelvic region, a multi-petal lotus opens in the crown as 6,000 is embodied to 30% in the physical. These petals grow to be 250 in number as one embodies 6,000 100% to blueprint and allows for greater ongoing communication between one’s source and soul and one’s physical form and consciousness.


11th Chakra – Right Telepathic Channel – Male Side

This chakra governs information received through telepathic communication with the non-physical realms. Sometimes such communication will come through in direct channeling rather than be “heard” in one’s mind or ear. However, an entire chakra to govern nonphysical communication is created by initiation 6000, as it is embodied 30% in the physical to allow greater conscious dreamtime awareness. This chakra shall allow each to become more attuned to the nonphysical planes surrounding Earth, along with Mother Earth and all kingdoms therein, for the purposes of sharing, communion, and guidance.


This chakra along with the 12th chakra also governs the masculine and feminine side of the vibrations one holds along with energy movement in the form. There is an ongoing exchange of energies between the right and left side or masculine and feminine side of the etheric body, subtle bodies and each chakra region. This chakra along with the 12th chakra retains the balance on the right and left side of the form in all energy flow therein.


12th Chakra – Left Telepathic Channel – Female Side

This chakra governs the transference of all records and information of one’s personal ascension to Earth’s archives and the Temple of Human Ancestry in an ongoing basis. This chakra also is anchored by initiation 6,000 as it is embodied 30% into the physical. This increased pace of ascension has one releasing records day and night; and this chakra governs this purpose to allow the relay to be 24 hours per day rather than strictly during recasting in dreamtime. One can liken this to the fact that one begins to be continuously recast after initiation 6,000 by one’s soul and source. Chakras 11 and 12 work together to retain balance between the masculine and feminine sides of the form along with one’s life dance, or movement between times of beingness and outward moving activity.


Meditation with the Sun to Energize One’s Grid Work


This simple exercise will assist initiates in sustaining the chi necessary to fuel one’s ascent to 6,000 segments 100% into the physical in due course. Those ceasing one’s ascent at 3,000 can also use this gentle sun meditation if tired. For those with the new 12-chakra system, this meditation will have the effect of triggering the increased movement of the Pineal and Diaphragm chakras thereby filling the entire field with chi and the vibrations of the sun.


One may wish to also do this exercise if one is having a particularly difficult day of ascension, or has an etheric blockage that is causing physical pain. The sun’s vibrations may be enough to move the blockage allowing one the internal transcendence over the underlying thoughtform at cause.


  1. Sit outside and facing the sun. With the eyes closed to prevent sun damage, look directly into the sun while shielding the sun with one’s eyelids. Do not wear sunglasses.
  2. Allow the sun to enter the pineal gland in the center of one’s head. Imagine the warmth of the sun filling first one’s head, and then spreading down the core of one’s spine.
  3. Then imagine the core radiating out to fill one’s entire grid work from head to toe with the vibrations of the sun. Breathe slowly in and out as this is occurring.
  4. Move the fire of the sun through each meridian in the form, opening and cleansing each to the best of one’s ability.
  5. Blow the fire of the sun out each major chakra center, beginning with the chakras under the feet leading to the Aurora in the center of Earth, then moving fire through the feet, knees, and hip chakras.
  6. Then move fire through each major chakra center beginning with the first, one at a time, ending at the seventh or twelfth chakra, depending upon one’s level of evolution. Then push fire through the chakras above the head leading to one’s source. Make sure to breathe slowly in an out as each chakra is addressed.


Many ascending to 6,000 DNA segments with dark eyes may be better served in not wearing sunglasses, or wearing very light-colored sunglasses only. Asur’Ana has found that in order to assure that she gets her daily dose of light that she cannot wear sunglasses darker than a pale pink in color.


On the other hand, initiates who have blue eyes may need to wear darker shades of sunglasses. One initiate has blue eyes that are being transmuted to hazel. He wears darker shades and a hat to protect his eyes from sunburn until they are fully transmuted to the hazel color. Therefore, the lighter shades or no sunglasses at all are only recommended for dark brown or black eyes. Each can go within and muscle test or pendulum what is best given their current level of evolution in relation to exposure of the sun, and then follow one’s truth from within.


The Seven Group Arrogances Transcended in the Ascent to 6,000 Segments


Whereas the arrogances transcended to initiation 3,000 surround personal relations, initiations from 3,000 to 6,000 have to do with anchoring unity in group relations. Therefore, the arrogance addressed within is also related to group relations or in other terms, group arrogance. Group arrogance can be seen as the “better than” or “less than” that one believes to be associated with this group or that group that one is associated with. For those of poor backgrounds, being born “on the wrong side of the tracks” caused one to be perceived as associated with the poor side of town, and one might feel “less than” as such. For those born into great wealth, fame or royalty, one is born with associations that cause one to perceive themselves as “better than” other humans.


All such thoughtform of better than or less than must be transcended in order to honor, and therefore the initiations to 6,000 are designed to break down all thoughtform that dishonors in group. As honor is embraced, one also embraces equality. Equality is the understanding that regardless of genetic package, all humans are equal, all have difficulties, and all have triumphs and tribulations upon the evolutionary journey.


No one journey is more joyous or disastrous than another, and each journey teaches the related soul and human the lessons necessary to embrace unity. As one allows this understanding, one’s relations to others along with the group alters dramatically. For no one in the group or outside of the group is better than or less than; therefore, all humans are equal.


Each group in human form has something to come to learn at this time in evolutionary history. Each group shall create the result of the thoughtform that the group holds. Some groups may experience great travesty, and yet this is the result of their thoughtform and karma. Yet other groups may work their way out of travesty and into the joy, and this too is the result of the evolution of thoughtform rather than the perpetuation of the same. Due to the selective ascension of the masses of humans, there will be groups that form that are ascending, and such groups shall persevere and move beyond the difficulties related to group relations.


Before one can form a group based upon unity, one must move beyond disunity-based group relations. The initiations from 3,000 to 6,000 are designed to break down disunity in how one relates to two or more in one’s life dance. Disunity pits one human against another. Disunity also places one human on a pedestal over all others. The competition and worship of and between humans is transcended more or less during this segment of work.


We share the arrogances with each of you now. Each group arrogance is a combination of the first seven arrogances. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 5 “The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path” for more information.) Each will find two or so that are dominant to group relations relative to one’s genetic packaging, but all will have aspects of all arrogances internal to self. We invite you to choose to transcend those arrogances related to oneself in the ascent to 6,000 segments.


1. The Arrogance of Group Illusion


The Arrogance of Illusion combines the first chakra Arrogance of Ambition with the seventh chakra Arrogance of Knowing it All together to create the Arrogance of Illusion.


The Arrogance of Illusion is related to the use of fantasy realities in group relations. Often the guru or teacher is gifted at creating a fantasy reality that the group “buys into”. Sometimes such fantasy realities can cause the group to “feel good” while together, and yet if one were to examine their field thereafter, they would discover that they had been heavily mutilated during the gathering.


Perhaps in the past this may have led to the experience of the flu or a cold after a gathering, and one would not think anything of it. However, for those who are ascending, the loss of records translates into a roll back in initiation, which is not particularly useful. For in a roll back due to loss of records, one will either have to retrieve the records, or rework their way through karma and initiations already mastered yet again.


Those gifted at creating the largest group fantasies are well known in your human dance. These are the masters of Hollywood and Disneyland or any other type of media or recreational creation that is similar. Such humans create fantasies that the masses buy into and often pay somewhat large sums of money to partake in.


This makes the creators of such fantasies wealthy. Such fantasies also cross over into the work-a-day world in the form of computer games and paraphernalia that allows one’s day to be “more efficient”. Car manufacturers are gifted at such and this is why humans buy this brand or that. There is no industry humans know that is popular that is not related to this particular type of arrogance, as there would be no underlying success of such businesses otherwise.


There are many kinds of gurus gifted at creating group illusion, and only a small number incarnate upon Earth today are spiritual gurus of one sort or another. Most are business, financial or media gurus, and the power of their fantasies is so great that they dictate the norms of life in human form and human civilization at this time in history. At another time in history, such was not the case. There were those remote from the metropolitan cities that held a very rural and perhaps nomadic or tribal life that was separate from any such manipulation. There are indeed a few remaining humans in pockets all over the globe that have not been touched by technology and remain separate from such illusions to this day.


For those who are ascending, breaking away from such illusion is paramount. Why? It sucks of your chi to enough of an extent that if one fails to break away, one shall fail to continue to ascend. However, the deeper the communion internal to self of soul and connection to Earth, such entertainment is a very poor substitute, and so the letting go of such forms of entertainment is a natural extension of the unfolding evolutionary journey of the Bodhisattva. For how can that which sucks your chi and makes you feel ill afterwards compare with that which fills one with joy? It cannot, and so one will leave such forms of group illusion behind the further one ascends. One shall also cease to worship those gifted at creating such illusion, for such humans are no more or less than anyone else.


2. The Arrogance of Group Standards


The Arrogance of Group Standards is the result of the second Arrogance of Inflexibility and the fifth Arrogance of Creative Self Expression united.


The concept of standards as being that which one measures up to as compared with another or an artificial set of characteristics is what we are speaking about in relation to group standards. There are standards in each culture that any human may measure himself or herself against.


Is one beautiful as beauty is considered in one’s culture? Beauty is an internal state of being in which soul descends into form and radiates its love to all that a particular form engages with. Beauty is not something to be measured, for it is immeasurable. Is beauty of the form? Forms can be compared based upon size, skin color and texture, hair color, facial structure, silhouette or profile, and body measurements. But is this a measurement for soul? Why no.


Soul chooses form not based upon standards, but for one’s ability to hold energy. For an ascending master, one’s form must be structured in a way that allows the inner beauty of soul to shine through. This may mean a form that is larger in structure. Facial appearance matters not to soul as soul knows that the face shall glow with the love of soul and this shall cause the face to appear beautiful regardless of structure.


One begins to move beyond artificial measurements of all kinds created by groups and founded upon dogma in the human dance. The artificial measurements were originally devised by the Annanuki to keep their slave populations in line. Without soul, one becomes focused upon the mundane. How many women and men in your culture are worried about such things as “facial hair, make-up, cellulite, clothing size, whiteness of teeth, freshness of breath, body odor, hair color, or the clothing that one is wearing?” What about the inner state of being? How beautiful is any form that stinks due to the decay of the vibrations that it sits within? Such humans should begin to focus inward on their internal state of being rather than outward, and then real beauty may come forth.


Standards are not just personal; they are regional as well as economic. Those of a certain level of income are expected to have a particular lifestyle, furnished home, estate, investment properties, yachts, activities, style of clothing, fur coats, luxurious vacations and the lot. Those of a middle income have another lifestyle, but long for the lifestyle of those who are of the greatest wealth. Why? Why would any human long for the lifestyle of the “rich and famous”?


The Annanuki created such a goal for it was the only goal available unto the slaves. Those who were preferred due to excellence were given a standard of living that was luxurious compared to the state of chattel that the remaining human slaves lived within. Therefore, the desire to be rich and famous has become ingrained due to ancient memories.


As one ascends, one comes to understand that one’s intrinsic worth is not founded upon anything outside of oneself. One is God Goddess in form. As such, one is no more or less than the stars or the trees or All That Is. One’s value therefore is not determined by an artificial standard but by one’s choice to attune to one’s own inner reality and commune. In the communion, one is wealthy, wealthier than those with the greatest of fame or fortune, for one is filled from within by the love of one’s soul!


Long ago, humans traded communion for fame. The slaves that existed like chattel also lived in communion with Earth. Those that received the blessings of the Annanuki lost the communion. Why? The Annanuki used those receiving their blessing to suck of the chi and life force to such an extent that communion was lost. Here the thoughtform of sacrificing communion for external objects or praise was anchored in the slave race.


The Red Race was never interested in fame or fortune. To this day, many of red origin remain pure to this, particularly those tribes that are indigenous and have not intermixed heavily with other cultures. Such is their truth, and the Red Race never measured value through accomplishment. The Red race was inherently more unity-based and therefore perceived value in harmony, the dance of the whole and not the sum of the parts.


As one transcends this arrogance, one shall cease to measure not only oneself, but also others. In so doing, one may see the brilliance of others in their current life challenges and dance without judgment. One transcends judgment to a greater degree as one attains Bodhisattva. Judgment is founded more or less upon the skill of measurement. As one ceases to measure anything or anyone, one ceases to judge. As one transcends this arrogance, therefore one ceases also to measure or judge.


3. The Arrogance of Group Power


The Arrogance of Group Power is the result of the union of the third Arrogance of Power and the first Arrogance of Ambition.


Groups wield power. Some groups are larger, bigger, better, wealthier and so on than others. Those that belong to the larger, bigger, better, wealthier organization are likewise better than others who belong to organizations that are smaller and with less finances. One initiate left her hometown of Los Altos, a prestigious suburb in California, and moved to Hercules, a racially intermixed neighborhood of lower middle-class folk. Lo and behold, she found people in her new community less arrogant, more open, more willing to share, more willing to come together and unite for common purpose. Why is this so? Prestige separates, and commonality unites.


Those slaves of the Annanuki who received prestigious honors separated from the rest living in “common” with one another. Those living in “common” shared a specific dance that was supportive of one another. The dance of those of prestige or awards was not supportive, but rather highly competitive.


One can see that this thoughtform remains to this day depending upon income level between regions. The poorest classes in India known as the “Untouchables” have become a united force over time that look after one another. Hardship unites sometimes in a stronger manner than non-hardship, and this too is the result of the remembrance of the hardship of the slaves who were worked to death in the Annanuki gold mines, and treated as “untouchable”. No human is untouchable, beloved.


The group dance that humans have been so familiar with has caused humans to rely upon the group they associate with to define who they are, and to provide for them a foundation to live by. The new unity-based paradigm also provides a foundation, however the foundation is not dependent upon the group, but is an internal foundation that one constructs through communion between body, soul, and Earth. One’s strength therefore no longer comes from the group but from one’s own truth in relation to body, soul and Earth united. As one becomes powerful in their own truth, one needs not the group. This is not to say that group has no use, simply that one’s power is not derived from the group.


As one transcends the initiations leading to Bodhisattva, the requirement to align with anything other than oneself and one’s own truth is left behind. If one’s truth continues to resonate with the associated group, then one will continue to dance therein. If not, one shall peel away to create that which resonates with one’s unique dream. One shall continue to process and clear, polishing the gem of truth that they are, and shall ultimately allow that gem to shine bright for all to see. As one transcends this arrogance, one shall no longer feel empowered by the group that they associate with, and shall begin to stand in their own power as an ascending master.


4. The Arrogance of Group Love


The Arrogance of Group Love is the result of the union between the second Arrogance of Inflexibility and the fourth Arrogance of Love.


Group love is founded upon acceptance. The group either accepts or rejects humans founded upon their measurements for entry. For some groups, entry is founded upon preoccupation; for yet others, income level; and yet others, social status. Many a poor human in England with ancestral status is still permitted into the most exclusive of clubs! This is sincerely a reflection of group love.


In family relations, one is either the good little boy or girl, or the bad little boy or girl, or worse yet the black sheep. If one is good, one is loved. If one is bad, one is punished. If one is the black sheep, one may be rejected. In unity, no one is rejected. However, certain folk that no longer have karma with the ascending initiate will peel away from one’s life. This may appear like rejection, but in reality, it is simply that such folk are no longer a part of one’s dream.


One’s dream in ascension evolves to only include those with which one has karma or soul agreements. When one’s dream no longer contains someone, such a person will fall out of one’s life. Sometimes this occurs through death, but generally for ascending humans this occurs by choice.


One chooses to separate oneself from that which no longer resonates as it hurts too much not to separate. The discord of non-resonant interactions tears at one’s aura, chakras, subtle bodies and grid work. Over time and if the tearing is great enough and repeated, one will most likely choose to separate, as the pain that the form is in is great. As it is with individuals in one’s life dance, so it is with groups, one will leave behind all groups that do not resonate as one ascends. As one transcends this arrogance, one shall allow oneself to peel away from all groups that do not support one’s ascension, including one’s family.


In the current paradigm, there are those countries with great power, and these are the “in-group” to partake of upon a national scale. There are also those countries that are more greatly impoverished, have less national power, and are the “out-group” upon a national scale.


Those who are from the powerful nations have more clout in their travels abroad. Also, such powerful nations hoard often to excess the resources of your world, leaving others to starve. Sad, but the times to come will see the rectification of this dance to one of greater equality and sharing. The bottom line of transcending group love is to understand that all humans and all species are a part of the same group; all are ONE and God Goddess expressed in form. All therefore are equal and perceived as a part of the whole in the unity-based paradigm, and therefore worthy of “enough” to sustain the health and well-being of the life.


As unity is embraced, the imbalances within your civilization shall surface more greatly and become addressed in all nations global wide. Already, there is a focus within the UN to bring about a greater equity of sharing amongst all nations, particularly those countries with great wealth are being asked to share more with nations of extreme poverty.


Much of the current inequality is manipulated by banks and those who are behind the scenes or otherwise known as your secret government. Such humans profit from the inequality between nations in large ways. As how this has come to be is understood, nations may unify into one monetary system; one dollar that is equal in all lands. In so doing, the economic inequality shall cease. Earth sees this coming down the dimensions.


Upon a personal level, one will cease to perceive oneself as having clout above and beyond another because of the nation that one has been born in, or because of the groups one associates with. One will also not view another as less than due to their country of origin or culture. One will simply embrace all others as the God Goddess in human form that they represent.


5. The Arrogance of Power Inside of Group Relations


This arrogance is the result of the combination of the first Arrogance of Ambition combined with the sixth Arrogance of Seeing it All.


All groups have players that are powerful to powerless in position. Most corporations function in a hierarchical manner in which there are those with the greatest power such as the CEO, those with less power such as the president of this department or that, those with even less power such as the manager, and those with the least power such as the employee or worker bee. The Arrogance of Power in Group Relations stratifies humans into different positions based upon title or function.


The natural swing of any collective is to stratify based upon import. In unity, each is as important to the whole as the next. There are no preferences, nothing more or less special, and no contribution of greater or lesser worth or value. As one moves beyond this particular arrogance, one will begin to perceive one’s worth and contribution to Earth and any group that one partakes within, including the new consensus for ascension, to be of as great an import as anyone else. In so doing, one shall cease to take someone else’s power or give anyone else power, and in so doing, one retains the power necessary to ascend. Power is often associated with “titles”. There are no titles in the new consensus. As titles are left behind, one honors another for the God Goddess in form that they are, and not their social position or position within the group.


Names upon your plane of reality are nice and a seeming necessity for identification purposes. One may wish to create a name in the Language of Light that resonates, but such is no more or less than any other name. In so doing, titles can be left behind and names that reflect one’s inner state of being and purpose may be embraced instead. It may be interesting to note that there are titles such as “Right Hand of God” and “Left Hand of God”. How can one be whole if one is a hand of God? Beloved, you are God Goddess in form; God Goddess is not a part of the whole, it is whole unto itself. In the wholeness, there is not stratification, only wholeness dancing with wholeness.


Transcending this arrogance causes initiates to cease to give their power to others who are the leaders of groups or nations, and furthermore if one is the leader, one ceases to take the power away from others in one’s own group. In so doing, one stands tall in one’s own power as an ascending being and allows all others to do the same; one embraces all others who are ascending as equal and a part of the whole.


Such is the new structure of unity, which is a circle within circles within circles contained by one large circle or the Tao. All are a part of the whole. All are equal. As one transcends this arrogance, one begins to embrace equality and dance as a part of the whole of any group that one belongs to, or the greater group that all belong to, which is Earth, your Creation, and ultimately the Tao itself.


6. The Arrogance of Group Vision


This arrogance combines the sixth Arrogance of Vision with the fourth Arrogance of Love.


All groups are the result of a vision. Often the vision came through one or more humans that perceived the need for the group. The vision then was constructed as a dreamtime plane of reality long before it became physical, and was test run multiple times before the group originated in form. It is generally the founders of a particular group that see the vision in dreamtime and then claim it as their own, and fuel the group into physicality therein. Often the one who creates the group in dreamtime is not the one who actualizes the dream and brings it into physicality, and such is the result of the twisting and manipulations between dreamtime and physicality.


The one that holds the vision for a group is often the leader, founder, director, CEO, and so on. Often this individual is revered or worshipped. Worship is the result of the perception that the creator of a particular dream is gifted, talented, or blessed in some manner. In reality, such humans rarely created anything, they simply tuned into a particular dream and claimed it as their own. Why is this so? The Annanuki slave race was not designed to be a creator, only to dance in the dream created by the creators, which were the Annanuki. Those dancing with the Annanuki dream of “brilliance”, were told that they were brilliant, gifted, talented, and so on. But such humans only claimed a dream already pre-made and pre-set into their life dance, and therefore created nothing.


This dance of claiming dream has continued since the era of the Annanuki ceased. It is perhaps why so few humans have found a way to dream anything other than the limited dream set in motion by the Annanuki. Indeed, even the Red Race has failed at such. Why? Merduk and Innana stripped the Red Race of their creator abilities claiming them for themselves and then creating the dance of the slaves along with their fame, fortune and dominion over Earth. Such information was taken as the High Priest and Priestess were destroyed and consumed for their knowledge.


Therefore, there is nothing particularly gifted or talented or special about any human that has become famous or wealthy, or even come to understand scientific thought! Such thought has been here all along, and such humans simply tune into the dream and bring it through to the physical much like a channel.


Humans became soulless after the fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago, which culminated in the same dance as the Annanuki with a nuclear annihilation and subsequent nuclear winter. All again was lost, and this time soul was not present in human form enough amongst humans upon the surface of the Earth to direct. It has taken 40,000 years for humans to just begin to understand what their predecessors in Atlantis understood due to soul dancing with form. It is soul that knows how to transfer knowledge into the physical.


Over the past few centuries, humans have become increasingly capable of accessing the dreams left over from the Annanuki again. This has occurred as Earth has risen in vibration out of the last ice age, allowing more soul to again be present. However, such soul is lost and at best will create a repeat of the last three periods in human history ending in disaster. It is for this reason that Earth is so adamant about removing all such souls from Earth and not allowing them to continue their dance of dominion over the whole, as such souls would only lead to Earth’s extinction and not evolution.


As one understands that as soul is anchored, one is capable of manifesting that which is outside of the dream left behind by the Annanuki; one will become the creator of one’s own reality or become one’s Truth in Action. Becoming the creator allows one to ascend rather than become extinct. Transcendence of this arrogance allows for one to release dancing with the human slave dream enough to begin to embrace the new dream for Earth and her ascension along with human mass ascension.


In the new dream, one is not as limited in scripts as in the prior dream, which is so limited that one barely can move outside of the genetic predisposition one was born with. The new dream has greater flexibility in which one as an ascending being may explore many gifts and talents that are soul related, and yet also present in the physical through one’s ancient ancestry. The new dream allows humans to once again become the creator and master of their own destiny.


Each will find that their ancient ancestors were gifted at specific things in relation to the unity of the whole of the group and the unity of human relations with all other species therein. As this arrogance is transcended, one may begin to anchor their ancient gifts and talents and express them both in the nonphysical dreamtime realms along with physicality. As such, one becomes a creator of a new dream of ascension rather than simply accessing someone else’s worn out played out dream that has manifested thousands of times before without change.


What is a creator? A creator takes command of his or her own journey as an ascending being. A creator understands that it is their own thoughtform that commands their reality. If something seemingly disastrous occurs, the creator knows that they created it for a reason and embraces it for the lessons offered up to teach about distorted thoughtform. Conversely, if one creates a dream that they have longed for, the creator understands that he or she has modified their thoughtform enough to allow such a dream to occur in the physical. Such an occurrence is therefore not a coincidence, nor dumb “luck”, nor due to anyone or anything outside of oneself.


A creator stands in his or her power and truth. In transcending the arrogance of group vision, one learns to stand in his or her truth as a creator. One ceases to give one’s dream away to others who are seemingly more capable or gifted in doing this or that. One understands that the dream for oneself would not exist if soul and Earth did not deem one qualified to become the dream. This is what becoming one’s “Truth in Action” is all about, becoming one’s dream as the Bodhisattva, living the life and dancing the truth that one’s ancestry was born to fulfill upon as the creator and master of one’s own destiny.


Is there any greater joy than the fulfillment that comes from living one’s truth? Can millions of dollars fulfill one as dancing one’s truth? Of course not. And so, one leaves behind the dreams leading to fame and fortune in lieu of becoming one’s truth as an ascending being because the fulfillment and joy in such an expression is far greater than the alternative could possibly offer. This is accomplished as this particular group arrogance is transcended.


7. The Arrogance of Group Truth


This arrogance combines the third Arrogance of Power with the seventh Arrogance of Knowing it All.


Groups believe that they know it all. Science perceives itself as the end all of Truth. Doctors and surgeons believe that they have understood the Truth of the human genetic structure. Spiritual and religious organizations believe that they hold the end all be all of spiritual Truth. Who is right? None of the above, for all truths are founded upon a limited set of thoughtforms set in motion by the Annanuki, and there is nothing that has been “discovered” that did not already exist at one time or another in the dance of the Annanuki slaves, or the Red race.


Group truth is founded upon the thoughtform that the creator gods or Annanuki had “The Truth”. Once the Annanuki perished, those with more direct Annanuki lineage came forth creating groups that mimicked “The Truth” that the Annanuki once held. The Truth is that one group holds all truth and all other groups hold portions of truths that are allowed by the group holding “The Truth”. This translates into monarchies that hold “The Truth” and are the descendants of the Annanuki, and the masses, which hold only those truths or expressions allowed by the monarchy.


In more recent times, the monarchy has given way to elected officials, however the dance has not changed much. The power of the monarchy is simply transferred to whatever group of elected officials is “in” in any given year.


On a more personal level, one experiences the arrogance of group truth in one’s own family. How many remember that their family was “right” and other families of other preferences, financial means, religious affiliations or educational statuses were “wrong”? Such is the dance of the arrogance of group truth. Today one may be defined as right for affiliating with this group or another, this church or another, or this corporation or another. Is this not how corporations or big businesses have been able to defile Earth’s atmosphere and waterways? Such big businesses became “The Truth” and no one challenges the choices of those holding “The Truth”, just as no one challenged the Annanuki, not even the Red seeded race.


In times past thousands were annihilated for holding the wrong religious preference, including your recent historical experience of Hitler and his annihilation of the Jews. Again, the one in power holds “The Truth” and no one questions their authority, until perhaps after the fact when all humans are examining such an atrocity from the outside in. Then the courts created to try those who held “The Truth” now hold “The Truth” themselves, and the ball of power moves from one to the other. Now the courts can condemn those holding “The Truth” for wrongdoing.


Perhaps if the Annanuki had been tried in this manner the nuclear annihilation of their dance would have been avoided. The end of World War II and the court rulings against some grand manipulators within the German Third Reich is a sign that a new dance is underfoot, for your prior history reveals that the perpetrators or the Annanuki were never tried and got off more or less “scot-free”.


Why is this so? Earth has been moving towards rectifying this dance for a long time. The recent human history is a reflection of Earth’s choice to make known the unknown, and balance all karma. The emergence of a circumstance that included mass annihilation plus the dropping of two nuclear bombs was a sign that the karma from ancient times had been folded into present time to come to be understood. Fortunately, human technology is not powerful enough to do as much damage as ancient times and Earth can continue to ascend. Now that the unknown has become known, those with karmic responsibility for this dance may be tried, convicted and removed from Earth. So, it is occurring at this time already, which assures more or less Earth’s choice to ascend.


As one ascends beyond this arrogance, one sees no group as holding “The Truth”. All truth is valid, and one honors and embraces all truth as a result. As one embraces all truth in action, however seeming distorted, one thereby also embraces and becomes their own Truth in Action. Truth in Action holds not “The Truth”, but holds a part of the truth of the dance of Earth as a consensus reality.


As a part of the whole, one chooses to align all actions that fulfill upon the greater good of the whole. In such a manner, each truth in action dovetails with all others whether they be in human, dolphin, whale, plant, animal or mineral form. As all truths in actions dovetail, one begins to enter the dance of unity with all species upon Earth. This indeed is what becoming the Bodhisattva is all about, entering the dance of unity inside and outside of oneself.




We hope that each initiate reading this material utilizes such information to trigger one’s own personal emotional issues and programming that is related to group issues. For those embarking upon the journey to 6,000 DNA segments, or who are already well on your way, we hope that this information gives a broader perspective to the work at hand in the year and years ahead.


For the map carvers, we thank you for your contribution. Know that you may call upon us as necessary to support your continued awakening. Earth’s ascent is coming along with greater support than ever. It is the global support of Earth that enables Earth to better support her human initiates. Such support comes direct from the Tao to all species herein.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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