Image of Christ and Buddha with the globe of Earth in the middle of them. Christ And Buddha Are ONE

9. Christ And Buddha Are ONE


Many have equated Sananda and Matreiya with the incarnation of Jesus Christ. It may interest our readership to know that this is a distortion that was added to the Cosmic Unconscious plane of reality. Sananda has held the position of Cosmic Christ and Matreiya the position of Planetary Christ. They have been affiliated with the Christ vibrations. The distortion of these vibrations is currently under repair by the Order of Dari.


The man Jesus Christ, along with Buddha, and the incarnation known as Rama were each direct extensions of the Godhead/Goddesshead of this Creation (RAMA) who did not travel through the distortion of your cosmos to take embodiments upon Earth. They had no relationship to either Sananda or Matreiya. The purpose of Lord/Lady Rama sending in extensions of him/herself to Earth was to see if (s)he could reverse the distortion within hiers own creation of hiers own accord.


Many may not understand that the lifetimes of such beings as Jesus, Buddha and Rama were created through a collaboration of many souls who came together to co-create these particular lifetimes. In each of these incarnations, more than 300 souls were involved in varying capacities to bring forth their respective biological ascensions. Each of the 300 souls involved were from outside of the distortion held within your creation. Some of the souls incarnated into the form from birth or held the embodiment for certain portions of the lifetime and some overshadowed the form until it ascended.


The Kumaras’ Manipulation


The Cosmic Unconscious revealed some interesting facts about these lifetimes that we now share. As Buddha biologically ascended about 34,000 years ago, the Kumaras fully infected the genetic patterning of the human form. This was not Buddha’s fault. The genetic material that he embodied (much like Rama’s incarnation and ascension) did not allow for the entire unification of the unconscious planes of reality. Through the unconscious plane of reality, the seven Kumaras altered the human DNA to further manipulate and control humanity.


As an initiate moves through their initiations in the ascension process, the archives of genetic material previously inaccessible becomes accessible. During this process, forces of the dark can manipulate or distort the genetic blueprint. This occurred during both Rama’s and Buddha’s biological ascensions during their respective incarnations. As a result, the Order of Dari have brought forth a corrected blueprint for the human form in the ascension process that is devoid of the distortions and manipulations of the Kumaras or any other force of the dark that has prevailed upon Earth. These new records are sealed and only accessible by the Order of Dari at this time. This is simply to prevent further distortion of the corrected blueprint, for there are still those present upon Earth who would like to prevent any form of ascension whatsoever. This information is given to initiates as needed after they have passed each segment of tests in their own initiation process.


In addition to manipulating the DNA during Buddha’s lifetime, the seven Kumaras sealed the pathway to the fifth dimension following Buddha’s ascension such that no one has been able to ascend since. An aspect of Rama returned in the form of Jesus because not one of Buddha’s disciples biologically ascended following Buddha’s ascension, and Rama knew that something must have gone wrong.


Both Jesus and his 11 disciples came together with the soul agreements to ascend as a group into the fifth dimension. The ascension of Jesus and his disciples would have required the same genetic alteration that many ascending initiates are currently proceeding through upon the Earth plane. These initiations would have, however, taken much longer due to the lack of photonic energy upon Earth at that particular time in history.


We believe that Jesus made contact with a priest in Egypt that would have allowed both he and his disciples to utilize the pyramids to bring forth their respective ascensions. The seven Kumaras, who by this time in history had such control of the Earth plane, prevented Jesus’ ascension by adding karma to his unconscious causing him to manifest his own crucifixion. The karma appears to be added to the unconscious planes of reality, and Jesus was unable to access these records to clear them fast enough to prevent his own annihilation.


Jeshua ben Joseph


The Essenes referred to Jesus by the name of Yeshua ben Joseph. For reasons of secrecy and security he was referred to either as ‘ben Joseph’ (literally, ‘the son of Joseph’) or as Yeshua, another form of this name being Jeshua. Jesus is the Greek form of this name. In our writings, we will refer to Jeshua ben Joseph as “Jesus Christ”.


The Golden Octave of the Buddha


In the ascension process, the biology and genetics are altered in such a way that the personality and soul come into a state of divine union. In the state of divine union, the personality and soul are one inseparable being. This can only be accomplished as all unconscious planes of reality that create a split or polarization between the biological personality and the soul are completely unified. By completion of Initiation 5024, all unconscious planes of reality are reunified and integrated into the form such that a state of divine union between the soul and personality becomes possible.


Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.


As the soul and personality attain a state of divine union, the vibration of love is infused throughout the form allowing the body to anchor the vibration of the Golden Octave of the Buddha. The vibration of the Buddha is a golden white color. Golden white is the vibration of unconditional governance or governance based upon Unconditional Love.


The Golden Octave of the Buddha was once held upon Earth within the Buddhic plane. The Buddhic plane became separated from Earth about 34,000 years ago. The karma surrounding the removal of the Buddhic Plane is held within Lord Rama’s soul records. Rama extended a part of him/herself on to Earth 34,000 years ago in the lifetime of Buddha in an attempt to reverse Earth’s further movement towards destruction and annihilation.


During his ascension, Buddha was used by the seven Kumaras to further distort the Earth plane without his awareness. Although Buddha embodied the crystalline genetic blueprint and made his physical ascension into the fifth dimension, the blueprint was distorted in such a fashion that the conscious and unconscious planes of reality were not completely unified within his being. It was upon the unconscious planes of reality that the Kumaras distorted the Buddhic plane during his ascension by twisting the planes in such a way that the Buddhic plane went from the conscious to unconscious energy field upon Earth. This was accomplished without Buddha’s awareness.


The Order of Dari is in the process of repairing and restructuring both the genetic material embodied during the ascension process and the Buddhic plane to meet the standards of a blueprint that was originally cast before the distortion of this creation. It will require one percent of the human population to embody Initiation 5,024 to re-anchor the corrected blueprint for the Golden Octave of the Buddha and restore the Buddhic Plane to the conscious planes of reality upon Earth.


As initiates complete Initiation 5024, they embody a state of harmlessness and Non-conditional Love. Non-conditional Love is real love that emanates through a fully opened heart chakra. The heart chakra of an initiate of this level is silver pink in color and appears much like a star that surrounds their entire form. The love that pours through their heart fills the room or region that they live in and can be felt by others with an open heart who are in their presence and seen by those who are clairvoyant.


Attaining the State of the Bodhisattva (Initiations 3,500–5,024)


In order to complete Initiation 5024, all karma that exists upon the Cosmic Unconscious planes of reality must be released. It is upon the Cosmic Unconscious planes that initiates will discover karma related to the seven Kumaras, which will be discussed below.


There are anti-Christ beings who had infected your Creation and took energy without giving anything in return. These beings were sent here by other Creator Gods/Goddesses within your Godhead/Goddesshead. The Kumaras are related to the destructive beings who have ruled your creation for eons of time. Much like your solar system (which became the prison camp for destructive souls within the Third and Fifth Dimensional Universes), your Creation (which contains Dimensions 1–144) has also been used as the prison camp for destructive souls by all of the other 143 Creations and Creator Gods/Goddesses within your Godhead/Goddesshead.


The level of destruction throughout your creation is a direct result of an overabundance of destructive souls within your creation. Upon the cosmic unconscious plane, the records of how the destructive souls were infused into your creation is recorded. Much of this information had been destroyed or hidden over time, and the Order of Dari is in the process of repairing your archives so that the distortion and destruction can be reversed within your creation. The records clearly show that Lord Sananda (who has held the position of Cosmic Christ), Lord Metatron (who has held the position of Cosmic Lord of the Angels), and Lord Averil (who has held the position of Cosmic Lord) were given the role of being the Cosmic Wardens to contain and control all of the destructive souls who have been added to your creation over time.


Our Creation is a Prison Camp for 143 Other Creations


At another time, three other Lords held these positions prior to the distortion and destruction now prevalent throughout your creation. These Lords have returned to repair and restore your creation to the pristine state that it once existed in many eons of time ago. These Lords are, namely, Lord and Lady Alkalai (who now hold the position of Cosmic Christ), Lord and Lady Sainai (who now hold the position of Cosmic Lord of the Angels), and Lord and Lady Sonala (who now hold the position of Cosmic Logos). The position of Cosmic Logos has the role of embodying all Universes within your Creation. The position of the Cosmic Lord of the Angels embodies the Great Central Sun and oversees the evolution of all of the angelic realm in all Universes. The position of Cosmic Christ oversees the evolution of all Universes along with the evolution of the Cosmic Logos and Cosmic Lord of the Angels.


These three Lords and Ladies were destroyed and run out of their own creation when your creation was turned into a prison camp many trillions of Earth years ago. They have returned to repair their creation to the state that it once existed in outside of the experience of distortion. They have returned because they, too, have karma that must be cleared in order to evolve, and the karma goes back to the time that this creation was singled out to contain all destructive souls within your Godhead/Goddesshead.


Although you have new governing bodies throughout your cosmos, Lord Sananda, Lord Metatron and Lord Averil are still present and working closely with these new Lords and Ladies in the repair of their creation. Much like Melchizedek and Earth, these predecessors are intertwined with their creation to such an extent that it will require the ascension of the entire Cosmos to fully release their consciousness from their creation.


The Seven Kumaras


Those who have governed your creation have wanted to prevent ascension because ascension would allow the “dark” souls imprisoned here to escape. From this perspective, the Kumaras were doing their job by lulling humanity to sleep into a mass conscious dream that would not permit them to evolve. If humanity and those who are awakening wish to change the future physical annihilation of Earth, it must be understood that every human being must wake up from the dream. Part of the reason that we, the Order of Dari, believe that this is so difficult is that the Kumaras actually did a very good job of putting humanity to sleep.


The Order of Dari is currently removing such holographic entries from the mass conscious beliefs that surround the Earth Plane to allow those who would like to ascend a greater opportunity to do so. Although we are supplying such help, the ascension process still requires that initiates take full responsibility for everything that they are creating and to intend to ascend of their own free will choice.


Now, we go into more detail about the seven Kumaras. The seven Kumaras have controlled seven planes of reality upon Earth. The planes are, respectively, the Plane of Lust, the Plane of Greed, the Plane of Judgment, the Plane of Pain, the Plane of Suffering, the Plane of Death, and the Plane of Fear. These planes are lower in vibration than the Astral planes and are equivalent to an ongoing “purgatory” or “hell” in nature.


About 34,000 years ago, as the seven Kumaras accessed the human genetic records, they took all of the information any soul incarnate in human form had accrued in prior incarnations, and all of the information inherent in the human genetic encoding. In having a hold on all information, the Kumaras took control of the human experience. Without information, humanity went deeper into fear, because they no longer remembered how to survive on their own. Information can be likened to software, and the body to hardware, in a computer comparison of the human form. The Kumaras seized all of the software, and this left the body in fear that it could no longer survive, because the body no longer remembered what to do in order to sustain itself.


Once the Kumaras had seized control of the genetic information, they then utilized this information to “bargain” or negotiate with the souls incarnate in human form. Such bargains look something like this. You, as a soul incarnate, need to remember how to physically survive, or how to make love in order to reproduce, or how to manifest your dream, so, we the Kumaras will help you survive, or reproduce, or manifest your dream in exchange for the ownership of your soul. In so doing, the Kumaras eventually owned or possessed every soul incarnate upon Earth. In their ownership, they have had free reign to direct the human experience in whatever drama that they wished to experience upon the Earth plane.


These seven planes are in the process of being removed from Earth in order to assist more of humanity in taking their ascension. The Kumaras themselves have been removed and returned to their dimension of origin by the Order of Dari. However, there are still fractured aspects of the Kumaras and their seven planes of reality embedded in Earth, and they will not be completely released until Mother Earth completes Initiation 5,024. Each initiate will have to release their own agreements and retrieve their own soul fragments trapped upon their many planes of reality to become fully free of their influence within their life and their life’s manifestations.


(NOTE: We do not recommend traveling to any of these seven planes during meditation or dreamtime. The energy from one’s Light Body will be vampirized because each of these planes are like quicksand and take chi very rapidly. Instead, allow the Order of Dari to assist you in retrieving whatever soul related fragments you have upon any of these planes of reality and reunite them with your form.)


The Kumara of Lust


The Kumara of Lust has owned all of the information on sexual energy flow and reproduction for not only humanity at large but Mother Earth as well. Upon the Plane of Lust, you will find ongoing sexual fantasies of all kinds, including very abusive forms such as sadomasochism and bondage. Upon this plane, initiates will also find any fractured parts of their own soul or personality related to the pain of sexual abuse or humiliation. During the ascension process, these fractured parts of the soul and personality are retrieved and reunited and reintegrated with the form.


The use of sexual energy to abuse, control, humiliate, or destroy is a distortion of the original purpose of this energy. Sexual energy is the creative force behind all of creation. Sexual energy (when shared with loving intent) amplifies the love between the beloveds which fuels whatever plane of reality they are upon. If they are upon the physical plane, shared sexual energy supports the creative flow of the planet that they are incarnate upon as well as their own personal life manifestations. If they were upon a non-physical plane, such as a Cosmic Lord and Lady, their sexual interplay would bathe the entire cosmos with love and fuel each of the creator Lords within their cosmos.


Upon the Plane of Lust, sexual excitation is not utilized to fuel love, creation and expansion but rather to leach energetic flow from all who make love. Many may wonder why the act of making love leaves them tired and in need of sleep. This is because the energy generated in the act of making love is often vampirized by the Kumara of Lust and the Plane of Lust, especially if one tunes into the Plane of Lust to act out their sexual fantasies.


There are many upon the Earth plane who rely upon the Kumara of Lust to manipulate others. One place that such experiences can be readily seen is within your pornographic industries. Sex industry workers rely upon the Kumara of Lust to perpetuate their income and business. The Kumara of Lust causes the sexual excitation between the sex worker and their audience but at the expense of leaching the chi or energy from everyone present.


As initiates release all agreements with the Kumara of Lust, they will be able to repair their Akashic record archives and bring forth all the information necessary to sustain their sexual energy flow of their own accord. Once accomplished, the expression of lovemaking will feel different for it will become based upon real love rather than lust, magic, glitter or illusion. During their lovemaking, ascending initiates’ heart chakras unite, bathing the entire region in which they live in a beautiful pink-white light that energizes everything around them along with their forms and physical plane manifestations.


We would like to speak about initiates who continue to be sexual with others who are of a lower vibration or initiatory level. When you make love in human form, you open your energy field and chakras to the energy field of another. If the other individual has not cleared their karma with such beings as the Kumara of Lust, the Kumara of Lust can enter your field and leach your chi to such an extent that such an initiate may be unable to move forward in their own ascension or may end up moving backwards in vibration. It is possible at this time in history to ascend. It is also possible to slide backwards in one’s ascension if an initiate is not careful in their interactions.


The Kumara of Pain and The Kumara of Suffering


We will speak of these two planes together because they are so closely related. The Kumara of Pain and the Kumara of Suffering have made possible the experience of pain and suffering in human form. The experience of pain and suffering have become both emotional and physical in nature upon Earth.


Upon the Plane of Pain, initiates will find ongoing painful sagas of all kinds from physical accidents to painful rejections. Upon the Plane of Suffering, initiates will find ongoing sagas of suffering from brutal torture to suffering in the grief of the loss of a loved one, or the physical suffering experienced in an illness. Upon the Plane of Pain or the Plane of Suffering, initiates will also find the parts of their own inner child and soul that have fractured in their painful experiences upon Earth. It is the Plane of Pain that locks the pain into the painful soul or life experiences. It is the Plane of Suffering that locks the experience of suffering into one’s life experience. When painful memories or memories of suffering go unreleased, they are destined to repeat again in one’s life experience.


In the ascension process, fractured parts of the personality, inner child, and soul are recovered from the Plane of Pain and the Plane of Suffering and are reunited and reintegrated into the form. It is for this reason that the ascension process can be so painful for those who feel deeply. Asur’Ana cried endlessly throughout her initiation process. She would carry tissues everywhere she went, because she was always crying. Following Initiation 1024, she discovered that enough of the pain had been released on both a biological and soul level that the later initiations have been easier.


It is often the Kumara of Pain or the Kumara of Suffering who threatens initiates not to proceed upon their spiritual journey. The Kumara of Pain or Kumara of Suffering often threaten initiates with visions of physical accidents or emotional rejections coming from loved ones. If initiates believe in the vision presented, they may actually go on to create it within their own life experience. As initiates take control of their energy field and order such beings as the Kumara of Pain or the Kumara of Suffering out of their presence, such visions will leave along with the perpetrator. As initiates transcend Initiation 5024, all agreements with the Kumara of Pain and the Kumara of Suffering are released and all beliefs in the experience of pain or suffering along with it. Once the belief in pain and suffering is released, initiates will no longer create painful experiences of either a physical or emotional nature.


The Kumara of Death


The Kumara of Death has created the experience of death upon the Earth plane. Upon the Plane of Death, initiates will discover all experiences of death recorded that have ever occurred within their genetic memories or soul memories upon the Earth plane. The Plane of Death contains ongoing dramas of death of all kinds, including brutal murders, suicide, painful accidents, death by torture, death by illness, or death in one’s sleep.


The Kumara of Death generally makes agreements with humans to cause the aging, decay and eventual death within their life experience. Such agreements bring forth whatever form of death that the soul wishes to experience. If the soul is in an aged body and is unable to die, the Kumara of Death will leach the chi of the aged form to such a degree that the death can be brought forth into physical manifestation.


It is also the Kumara of Death who perpetrates the fear of death upon Earth or within an initiate’s life experience. It is the Kumara of Death who often enters an initiate’s field bringing forth visions of death to put them in fear or cause them not to move forward upon their ascension path. As initiates learn to take charge of their aura and order such beings out of their field, the fearful vision leaves along with the perpetrator.


When the Kumara of Death is present, initiates may feel “icy cold”. The icy cold feeling is caused by “death pictures” that have come up into one’s field. Death pictures are black in color, and if one were to look at the pictures themselves, they would see experiences of dying frozen in time. Because they are “frozen”, so to speak, the energy no longer moves in the pictures themselves, which gives such energy the icy cold feeling.


Oftentimes, when initiates first learn to move the kundalini energy system in their field, many death pictures come up at once, and they begin to feel icy cold or fearful. The death pictures are the result of how the kundalini has been utilized for the past 34,000 years of human history during which the kundalini has rarely risen except upon death. It is the kundalini that rises as the experience of death is set in motion and collects all of the emotional memories of the lifetime as the soul leaves the form. If initiates experience fear or death pictures in learning to move the kundalini or in reading this material, it is recommended that they ground such pictures or energy into the center of the Earth and out of their auric field and order the Kumara of Death out of their presence. As this is accomplished, both the fear and the sensation of feeling icy cold will leave along with the death pictures and Kumara of Death itself.

As initiates transcend Initiation 5024, they will transcend their belief in decay and death. As all beliefs in death and contracts with the Kumara of Death are released, initiates will no longer create the experience of aging, death or decay within their life experience.


The Kumara of Fear


The Kumara of Fear has perpetuated the experience of fear upon the Earth plane. Upon the Plane of Fear, initiates will discover ongoing fearful experiences being acted out, such as being chased by that which wishes to destroy you, to standing frozen and unable to speak in front of a large audience, to being abducted by others, to waking up completely paralyzed from an accident. Initiates will also discover parts of their own soul, inner child or personality trapped upon this plane of reality which fractured during fearful experiences within their current or past life memories.


It is also the Kumara of Fear who often threatens initiates with fearful visions about potential future events. As initiates learn to control their boundaries and take charge of their field by ordering any being who does not support their highest good out of their presence, such visions will leave along with the perpetrator. By Initiation 5024, all aspects of one’s soul and personality which have been trapped upon the Plane of Fear are integrated, and all agreements with the Kumara of Fear are released. In so doing, initiates fully transcend their belief in fear and no longer create fearful experiences in their lives.


The Kumara of Judgment


The Kumara of Judgment has perpetuated judgment upon the Earth plane. Judgment and judgmental thoughts perpetuate competition. Competition is the result of the belief that one is better than another or less than another in worth or value. The Kumara of Judgment has perpetuated competition in all forms, competition between races, competition between men and women, competition between families, competition between friends or co-workers, and competition between countries. The competition perpetuated by the Kumara of Judgment has resulted in war, poverty, hunger, and mass annihilation within the human experience and mass conscious dream.


Upon the Plane of Judgment, initiates will find ongoing sagas of criticism and judgment of all kinds, from being fired from a job due to failing, to a parent belittling a child, to a loved one rejecting another because they are “not enough”. Upon the Plane of Judgment, initiates will also find that all wars ever experienced upon Earth are continuing to be fought.


Initiates will find that parts of their own personality, inner child or soul which have fractured in the experience of being judged or belittled have been trapped upon the Plane of Judgment. In the ascension process, these fractured parts of oneself are retrieved and reintegrated into one’s personality and form a little at a time.


It is often the Kumara of Judgment who enters one’s field with belittling thoughts of self or others. As initiates take control of their boundaries and order such beings and thoughts out of their presence, the thoughts that perpetrate judgment leave simultaneously. As initiates transcend Initiation 5024, they move beyond judgment altogether. Maintaining a state of harmlessness requires that no judgmental thought be entertained by an initiate, because it is through judgmental thoughts that one initiate “curses” another or perpetrates harmfulness energetically.


The Kumara of Greed


The Kumara of Greed controls every act of manifestation upon the Earth Plane. It is with the Kumara of Greed that any initiate must bargain to bring any desired vision to manifestation prior to completing Initiation 5,024. It may surprise our readership to understand that any great “leader,” whether they be an author, director of a corporation, president of a country, or a spiritual guru, has made agreements with the Kumara of Greed to manifest their fame and fortune. The reason for this is that all manifestation has been controlled by the Kumara of Greed for the past 34,000 years of human history.


It is the Kumara of Greed who often causes a big stumbling block for those upon the spiritual path. So often, difficulty with manifestation comes hand-in-hand with those who are committed to their spiritual journey. The reason for this (particularly in our channel’s case) is that initiates who are devoted to their own unfolding refuse to bargain with the Kumaras for anything, even monetary needs. In Asur’Ana’s case, her ongoing difficulties with manifestation, which have been more than a decade-long problem, began as she began her spiritual quest.


We will share with others what our translator discovered within her own journey. The Kumara of Greed can only affect one’s ability to manifest one’s vision when an initiate is in a state of fear. In fear, initiates go into a downward spiral in vibration. This allows the Kumaras to vampirize the initiate’s creative energy flow. Asur’Ana gradually learned to surrender all of her financial needs to her guidance and I AM Presence and stop worrying. The more she surrendered, the less she was in fear. Outside of fear, the Kumara of Greed had no power to prevent her from manifesting all of her needs easily.


We share this for many initiates who may not complete Initiation 5,024 for many years. As initiates surrender their financial woes to their I AM Presence, the I AM Presence will always make sure that they have enough to fulfill their soul’s purpose and meet their needs.


Upon the Plane of Greed, initiates will find ongoing dramas of both wealth, takeovers, and fame as well as poverty and homelessness. Initiates will also find that parts of their own inner child, personality or soul that have fractured in past life or present life experiences of poverty or hunger. These fractured parts of self are retrieved and reintegrated within the personality during the ascension process.


As initiates embody Initiation 5024, all agreements with the Kumara of Greed are released. In so doing, initiates move beyond the belief in greed altogether and thereby no longer create experiences of either hoarding or poverty within their life.


The Seven Laws of Harmlessness


In order to attain the state of the Bodhisattva, initiates must transcend their agreements and interactions with the seven Kumaras. In so doing, they begin to embody the “Seven Laws of Harmlessness”.


Maintaining a state of harmlessness requires initiates to completely embody seven new laws that replace the thoughtforms of the seven Kumaras. Embracing each of these new laws allows initiates to transcend all of their agreements with each of the Kumaras and transcend their need to perpetrate harmful acts upon one another on any plane of reality.


A state of harmlessness requires initiates to take full conscious responsibility for every thought that they have, every action that they take, and every other being that they interact with. This full conscious responsibility is not limited to physical plane interactions but also all soul-related interactions that occur on any conscious, subconscious or unconscious plane of reality.


Many may equate a state of harmlessness with powerlessness. A state of harmlessness is not powerless by any means. A state of harmlessness does not include the thoughtforms of martyrdom or victimization. Earth plane distortions about spiritual beings often include the thoughtforms of non-violence and non-anger. If initiates maintain a completely nonviolent, non-angry stance in their ascension process, they will most likely not survive physically due to the level of abuse and attack directed upon them from the forces of the dark that have prevailed upon Earth for so very long. The concept that non-violence and non-anger is required in order for one to be spiritual is a thoughtform that has been perpetuated by the Kumaras themselves.


We distinguish between violence that is a result of “cursing” another and violence that is a result of defending oneself in the ascension process. Violence that is a result of cursing another is considered a harmful act because it aims destructive energies at another out of the desire to “take” something that has not been earned (generally information and power) and, in the process, mutilates the energy field of another. Violence that is a result of defending oneself in the ascension process is considered a non-harmful act, because the initiate simply reverses the harmful intent and energy of another back upon the perpetrator. Sometimes, this form of reversing includes psychic warfare in which an initiate, in absolute rage of being attacked, picks up their sword and strikes back at the soul trying to destroy them.


Real power includes anger and violence that will be aimed in retaliation at those who would wish to destroy the spiritual initiate. As one retaliates in anger and reverses harmful energies upon others who wish to destroy them, the destructive entities eventually learn to respect the initiate’s power, authority and boundaries.


Within your creation, respect has been based upon violence and power. The more power and violence one has perpetrated, the more that one is respected. You can see this pattern in the very thoughtform of the human civilization. Only those countries that have the most dangerous weapons are respected by others. Peace is maintained by those who have the most powerful weaponry. This is not only true upon Earth but throughout the many solar systems and galaxies of your creation.


As long as initiates are a part of the distortion of this creation, they must play the game by the rules of the distortion until all beliefs that manifest such experiences are transcended. Initiates will each discover, in their own way, how to recover their power and their anger and how to defend themselves against those who would like to prevent them from ascending.


As initiates transcend all beliefs in violence, the reversing of harmful thoughtforms will become an unconscious automatic way of being, and initiates will no longer need to consciously reverse an attack that is sent their way.


The Law of Honor


In embracing the Law of Honor, the initiate transcends the Kumara of Lust. The Law of Honor requires initiates to honor themselves along with all other lifeforms. In embracing the Law of Honor, an initiate embodies “real love” and releases any remaining codependent patterns with others based upon illusory love, glitter, glamour or magic.


We now say something about magic. Magic, when utilized without love, creates glitter or illusory love that has no real substance or presence. Magic, when utilized with love and honor, creates the experience of divine union with another or a group of others. In a state of divine union, the presence of God Goddess/All That Is fills each of those participating in the union with love. In so doing, each individual walks away from such an experience feeling joyful, blessed, loved and filled from within.


Divine union does not require two or more people in order to occur. Our translator has often been filled with the experience of divine union while watching a sunset at the beach or taking a walk in a redwood forest. Divine union only requires the ability of the initiate to honor—honor themselves and honor whomever or whatever is around them. In a state of honor, magic is generated through the love of one’s own I AM Presence. As the love from one’s I AM pours through one’s embodiment, the experience of divine union is created. As the love of All That Is pours through one’s field, this love blesses all who are present and offers others an opportunity to begin to wake up from the third-dimensional mass conscious dream.


In a state of honor, the vibration of harmlessness is maintained within an initiate’s field. In embracing a state of honor, one chooses not to harm another either consciously or unconsciously on any plane of reality. A state of honor recognizes that all aspects of God Goddess/All That Is are equal and that even the unconscious anti-Christ souls are a part of the Creator and honors them as such.


In a state of honor, an initiate also honors him or herself. It is from the act of self-honor that an initiate does not allow another to harm the initiate. Through self-honor, an initiate will do whatever it takes to cause others to understand that abusive and violent patterns (whether they be physical, emotional or energetic in nature) are not acceptable in their presence.


The Law of Peace and the Law of Harmony


We will speak about these two laws together because they are so closely related. In embracing the Laws of Peace and Harmony, initiates transcend the Kumara of Pain and the Kumara of Suffering. To maintain a state of harmlessness, initiates must learn to live in a continuous state of inner peace and harmony in a co-creative dance with God Goddess/All That Is.


Every creation and every thought that any human being has is a mirror of what one thinks of themselves. When one has judgmental thoughts about another, one must understand that what one sees in another is what they judge or admire within themselves. In so understanding this, any thoughts from others that may be directed at an initiate about the initiate can be deflected back to the one who originated the thought. To accomplish this goal, initiates must stop taking any responsibility for any and all thoughtforms or creations of any other initiate upon Earth, even those who are close to the initiate.


Thoughts about others create cords of energy that extend from the source of the thought to the individual that one is thinking of. It is often the cords emanating from thoughts of others that disturbs the inner peace and harmony of an initiate. In maintaining a state of peace and harmony, all such cords sent to an initiate must be returned to their source of origin.


Additionally, all judgmental thoughts about others that would create cords from the initiate to another must also be cast out of the initiate’s thoughtform. Judgment is generally caused by the invasion of the Kumara of Judgment or one of its entities into an initiate’s telepathic channels. As an initiate learns to set boundaries that do not allow such beings to trespass upon their thoughtform, judgmental thoughts will cease to be a part of the initiate’s reality.


Cords are the result of attachment. As all cords are severed and returned to their source of origin on an ongoing basis and no judgmental thoughts of any kind entertained, the initiate begins to attain a true state of non-attachment. In a state of non-attachment, the initiate begins to live in the world but not of the world, and is able to maintain an inner state of peace, harmony and tranquility and a state of harmlessness in all that they do.


It is through the maintenance of an inner state of peace and harmony that initiates begin to allow all others their unique truth and their unique creation upon the Earth plane. Acceptance of All That Is means that one must embrace the dance of Earth as it currently is, unconditionally, even though it is full of pain, fear, judgment and lack. Unconditional acceptance does not mean that an initiate must partake in the dance of pain, fear, judgment or lack but that they must allow others to dance in such a way if they so choose.


The Law of Compassion


The Law of Compassion is embraced as the Kumara of Death is transcended. The fear of death, perhaps more than any other fear, causes humanity to be non-compassionate towards one another. The fear of death and dying underlies all other fears within the human form and gives fuel to fear itself.


The fear of death is a biological genetic belief. Unless one is faced with their potential death through the death of a loved one or an illness of some sort, this fear becomes buried into one’s unconscious. It is the fear of death and genetic or soul-related memories of starvation that cause individuals to hoard resources. It is the hoarding of resources which causes individuals to justify their actions through judgment or competition. The hoarding of resources or greed causes the fear, pain and suffering experienced by others in homelessness and starvation. The fear of death underlies all other fears.


As the fear of death is transcended, initiates begin to embody compassion. Compassion is unconditional love in action. Compassion is the vibration of love that flows through one’s heart to everyone and everything, regardless of who they are, regardless of what race or national background they embody, regardless of how much money that they have, and regardless of the nature of their thoughtform. Compassion is unconditional love in action.


As an initiate embodies compassion, the love generated in their field begins to have global impact. Such compassion, which is a golden pink color, fills the auric field of all initiates who have embodied a state of harmlessness. It is the vibration of compassion that allow the Masters from so many dimensions to penetrate third-dimensional consciousness and bring forth national and global healing to all of humanity and Mother Earth. As more and more initiates embrace a state of compassion, the level of healing offered to the rest of humanity will increase exponentially.


The Law of Divine Union


As initiates transcend the Kumara of Fear, they begin to embody a state of divine union. Fear can be equated to the emotion that is experienced and expressed in feeling separated off from God and one’s I AM Presence. Once the experience of separation from God Goddess and one’s I AM Presence is transcended, fear becomes an experience of the past and a state of divine union within the initiate can be sustained.


A state of divine union also requires that the masculine and feminine sides of an initiate come to a working balance within. It is the competition between the masculine and feminine (or between the masculine and God) that is at the root of the lack of balance required to sustain the state of divine union. For this reason, many initiates may create a partnership with a beloved or twin flame aspect at this juncture of their initiation process to better assist in correcting the imbalances between the masculine and feminine within. As two attempts to become one energy field, imbalances that could not be detected alone are revealed. As beloveds learn to surrender to one another, a deeper level of surrender to God Goddess/All That Is is simultaneously attained.


The genetic corrections that are offered to those who are willing to ascend in human form at this time corrects disharmony between the masculine and feminine to a level that has not been seen in this creation for 18 million years. Even those who currently embody masculine and feminine form, such as the Sirius star system, have imbalances between the masculine and feminine that are inherent in the distortion of your creation.


You, as human beings upon Earth, live at a unique time within the history of your creation, in which the potential for your evolution is at the utmost. All that is required is the dedication to the spiritual journey such that it is placed above all else within one’s life, and shifts in consciousness previously inaccessible are now being made available to all who are willing and committed.


The Law of Abundance


As initiates transcend the Kumara of Greed, giving and receiving within their life experience come to balance, and they move into a state of “abundance”. In a state of abundance, initiates experience having “enough” to fulfill their purpose upon Earth. The imbalance of giving and receiving causes the experience of lack or hoarding within one’s life. Lack is the result of giving without receiving. Hoarding is the result of receiving without giving. Abundance, which is the experience of having just enough, requires a complete balance of giving and receiving such that neither hoarding nor lack are experienced.


Upon the physical Earth plane, so much time and energy has become devoted to the purpose of sustaining one’s lifestyle that it has detracted from the actual purpose for which a soul incarnates into form. A soul incarnates into form to spiritually evolve. When so much of an initiate’s life is devoted to “making a living”, there is little energy or time available for spiritual evolution. Much of the time expended at such pursuits as monetary gain is often the result of inflated expectations of financial success or a lifestyle that is not really supportive of spiritual pursuits. It is for this reason that devotion to one’s spiritual evolution may need to preclude any desire for wealth or an exorbitant lifestyle whatsoever.


It is true that each soul incarnate may have differences in the lifestyle that they wish to experience that is inherent within their soul’s purpose. However, those who are devoted to their spiritual unfolding must bring their lifestyle into alignment with the wishes of their I AM Presence. An initiate is an incarnation of the I AM Presence of God Goddess/All That Is. As such, any money that is earned by any initiate truly belongs to their I AM Presence and the Creator to spend only according to the wishes of one’s soul and soul’s purpose. As one’s earnings and expenditures come to balance and into alignment with one’s I AM Presence, a state of abundance or “enough” is experienced.


It is expenditures or a lifestyle that are based upon ego that often causes a stumbling block for those upon the spiritual path. There are many justifications for wealth and hoarding. In reality, the spiritual path must preclude such thoughtforms. In hoarding wealth or material possessions, one is forever indebted to the Kumara of Greed. To ascend, one must be free of all agreements and attachments, even those related to material objects. Sometimes, the release of attachment to physical plane objects may require that initiates sell or give their possession away. Sometimes, once the attachment is released, the object or possession may be retained but no longer has a hold over the initiate. Every ascension is unique unto each initiate, their particular soul and genetic karma, and their unique life experiences. It is up to the initiate to discern when emotional attachment prevents further movement in their ascension process and then take the necessary action to release the respective attachment.


There are also those upon the spiritual path who believe that they must give everything away. In their belief system, such initiates continually create experiences of lack or not enough to pay the bills. To transcend the belief in lack, initiates must also learn to allow themselves to receive full compensation for all that they give.


Every physical form is different. The I AM Presence monitors what a particular body needs to fulfill their purpose and gives it whatever the form requires. The difficulty here is discerning between the false “needs” perpetuated by the ego and the real needs as seen by the soul.


The Law of Forgiveness


In embracing the Law of Forgiveness, initiates transcend the Kumara of Judgment. To maintain a state of forgiveness, initiates must learn to unconditionally accept all experiences of truth upon all planes of reality. Within the experience of judgment, one truth is pitted against another and compared. In comparison, one truth becomes overvalued and another undervalued. In the experience of co-creation, each human form experiences a unique expression of truth. All truths are a necessary part of the whole. As initiates learn to honor all truths as valid, important and necessary, they will simultaneously learn to unconditionally accept their own unique truth and soul’s purpose upon Earth.


The law of forgiveness also allows all karma to be released and transcended in the greater understanding of the soul lessons learned. Karma is a contract between two souls who have agreed to fulfill a specific lesson together. Two souls drawn together to fulfill a specific karmic contract will only remain together until the karma is fulfilled. All karma is destined to repeat itself again when a soul or personality refuses to learn the lesson involved in a particular karmic manifestation. Humans who continue to judge or blame others for their current life problems are good examples of those who refuse to take responsibility for the fact that they create all physical plane manifestations and that those manifestations are the result of karmic contracts and soul lessons.


In a state of forgiveness, karma can be transcended without the need to manifest the karmic experience in physical reality. Much of this form of karmic releasing occurs at night during the initiate’s dreamtime. For some initiates who are very clairvoyant, such soul lessons and release of karma can occur consciously during meditation.


As one transcends the need to manifest karma physically, the physical plane struggles that are often a part of the spiritual journey and ascension path cease to be created. As a result, initiates no longer need to create karmic relationships with a beloved or a friend to release the karma between the two souls. It is karmic encounters that usually create the struggle experienced in third-dimensional form. As the struggle in life ceases, initiates can begin to experience the joy, bounty, love and fulfillment that the physical experience of incarnation was originally designed to provide.


As the need to create karmic encounters ceases, initiates can begin to draw others to them based upon soul agreements rather than karma. Such relationships will be based not upon struggle but upon the common purpose that the two souls have co-agreed to fulfill.


We distinguish between karmic agreements and soul agreements. Karmic agreements are based upon bringing to balance some sort of deficit between souls. For example, one soul gives birth and raises another soul. Now the other soul owes the first soul, and a karmic contract is made. In the next incarnation, the other soul gives birth to the first soul. The karmic contract has now been fulfilled or the deficit repaid.


Soul agreements, in contrast, are not based upon balancing a deficit but rather upon coming together to fulfill upon a common purpose. Some initiates may discover that their “twin flame” aspect will also come forth to join them and fulfill parallel soul goals at this juncture of the initiation process. Such a relationship requires both parties to have embodied the law of forgiveness and have transcended all karma to bring forth a partnership based upon soul agreements and common purpose.


As initiates draw unto themselves others based upon soul agreements, the potential creation of “soul families” or many who come together to fulfill a common purpose also becomes possible. As many come together to fulfill a parallel purpose, a new form of community can be born upon Earth. This form of community will not be based upon karmic dramas but rather the harmony of many who are on a parallel path of spiritual evolution and ascension. Through such communities, the potential for anchoring the collective blueprint for collaboration upon Earth will become possible.


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