Image of the lake with the mountains in the background during a winter season. Soul Schisms And Recasting In Ascension

12. Soul Schisms And Recasting In Ascension


We wish to draw your attention to a phenomenon known as ‘Soul Schism’. Soul schisms occur in the ascension process when a portion of one’s soul is left behind in a particular segment of initiation. Fractured parts of soul are often left behind if the trauma recorded in the soul is too great or if the karma this piece of soul has goes unprocessed at a given point and time in the initiations. Fractured parts of soul are also left behind when there is not enough chi available to launch a complete ascension.


We wish first to share a little about the history of schisms in your creation along with the experience of All That Is. In a deep sense, an incomplete ascension is the result of many soul schisms that are left behind over the course of the biological act of ascension. (Please see Chapter 8, “Transcending the Pattern of Incomplete Ascension” for more information.)


Incomplete Ascensions Become Forces of the Dark


As any part of one’s soul is left behind in the act of ascension, the entire soul will have to return at some point in the future and collect whatever has been left behind. Therefore, an incomplete ascension is useless to the evolution of any creation for it requires that each soul ultimately begin again. The remaining fractured pieces of soul left behind in incomplete ascensions become the ‘forces of the dark’ that are so prevalent on the Earth plane and in your creation. Any aspect of soul that is fractured loses the understanding of the whole of what it knew itself to be prior to the fracturing. In a deeper sense, this aspect of soul moves into the darkness of ‘not knowing’. Darkness is not bad, nor wrong, but rather simply a form of forgetfulness where these fractured parts of souls often perpetrate harmful acts out of fear. These fractured souls have come to be known as ‘forces of the dark’ on your planes of reality because of their acts of harmfulness created out of fear.


As one ascends, one’s thoughtform becomes global in nature, and this thoughtform is holographically recorded on all human species residing on Earth. It took only the occurrence of the first incomplete ascension for the thoughtform of incomplete ascension to become a global thoughtform for the human species. As this thoughtform became global, it was transferred to every other human form on Earth and in your creation. Over time, all ascensions became incomplete as a result, leaving behind more and more fractured pieces of soul and resulting in a growing force of the dark. As these fractured pieces of soul became great enough in number, the connection between the human species and God Goddess/All That Is separated.


The Mist That Surrounds Earth


Fractured pieces of soul become much like a fog or mist that surrounds a planet. As the fog or mist becomes dense enough, the thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is must traverse in-between the mist to be heard. If the mist becomes thick enough, little to no thoughts of God Goddess/All That Is can enter. This is how the current third-dimensional thoughtform is in your current paradigm, thick with shattered souls which cause the disconnection of the human species from their own source, soul, oversoul and ultimately the communication of God Goddess/All That Is.


The mist that surrounds the Earth plane comes from many forms of shattered souls. Some of this mist is the result of the shattering of Maldek, as Earth took on a portion of the souls that fractured in that experience. (Please see Chapter 1 “Transcending the Personality, Ego and Negative Ego” for more information.) Some of the shattered pieces of soul are also the result of Earth shattering in half at the end of the era of Maldek and altering her orbit around the Sun. These shattered souls were once the devas, fairies and angelic beings who held Earth and Maldek in form. Please understand that form cannot be shattered without soul also becoming likewise shattered.


The most recent shattered souls that surround Earth like a mist occurred during the ice age following the extinction of the dinosaurs. A large asteroid hit Earth’s surface about twelve million years ago, causing enough dust to rise to block the heat of the sun. An ice age occurred which killed all dinosaurs who existed primarily in a tropical environment. All devas, fairies and angels who held the dinosaurs in form shattered as they died and have continued to exist as a mist surrounding Earth until the present time.


Now that Earth is ascending, the Nature Kingdoms are healing their own karma from the many falls in vibration that have occurred over time in Earth’s history. These kingdoms, in the process of ascension, retrieve lost portions of soul that shattered over time in their own evolutionary experience. As all species ascend, the mist of shattered souls from these experiences will be cleared, healed and made whole once again in due course. This healing of wholeness is the gift of ascension.


Cause of the First Incomplete Ascension


You may ask, what was the cause of the first incomplete ascension in human form? Well, the Order of Dari has been examining this cause as recent records have been released allowing such information to come forth. It appears that the first incomplete ascension was the result of the anti-Christ soul that incarnated into a Mahavishnu human form. This anti-Christ soul had little information on complete ascension and left a large portion of itself behind as it ascended from Earth. This individual was one of the first 300 humans who ascended following the seeding of humankind by the Sirian race about 200,000 years ago.


In earlier writings, the Order of Dari explored the origin of the anti-Christ in the history of All That Is only to find that the anti-Christ was itself leftover parts of soul from an earlier experiment in All That Is. As All That Is chose to separate itself in two (a masculine and feminine counterpart), parts of All That Is were left behind. All That Is was not physical in nature, as humanity understands physicality at this juncture of Earth’s experience, but a non-physical sea of energy. As the non-physical sea of energy separated itself in half, some portions of All That Is did not fit into the blueprint for masculine or feminine. These portions became fractured pieces of soul that were left behind in this experiment, much like the portions of souls left behind in an incomplete ascension or act of destruction. In a sense, the anti-Christ is nothing other than a soul schism of All That Is.


These fractured pieces of soul do not remember the wholeness nor do they remember the masculine or feminine of All That Is. These fractured pieces of soul or schisms, in their lack of remembrance, also did not remember to return when All That Is concluded its experiment of the separation of the masculine and feminine. As a result, the schisms of All That Is were never rewoven back into the very fabric of All That Is and have continued to exist as a schism of All That Is.


These anti-Christ souls or schisms have often traveled down the dimensions in their forgetfulness, looking for a home. Your creation is one of the places that these souls have often been drawn to, which is the result of your own creator’s choice to contain all darkness or forgetfulness in your creation. Forgetfulness attracts forgetfulness, and so these souls naturally gravitated to a similar resonance or vibration to their own experience of darkness or forgetfulness.


Souls are holographic. If a fractured piece of soul or schism of All That Is that has known separation and destruction incarnates in human form and attempts to ascend, this part of a soul will go into its own information and remembrance from prior experiences in All That Is. This schism does not remember the wholeness of All That Is, only the experience of fracturing. When this part of soul seeks to ascend a human form, it will repeat its own remembrance of fracturing and leave a part of itself behind in an incomplete ascension.


Problem of Anti-Christ Souls’ Ascensions


As one anti-Christ soul ascended from Earth, this blueprint was transferred holographically to the human species on Earth which attracted more and more anti-Christ souls who also ascended in human form from Earth, also leaving portions of fractured soul or schisms behind.


Additionally, as the numbers of anti-Christ souls increased, the records for ascension and human genetics (along with the vibrations of creation) began to disappear and become distorted. Anti-Christ souls, who have no remembrance of All That Is, also have no remembrance of love. In order for an anti-Christ to come to understand love, or anything for that matter, this soul must ‘take’ records of love from another, because they do not have these records inherent in their own experience of forgetfulness. As enough anti-Christ came to Earth and ascended, the records and genetic material became so incomplete over time that a spontaneous combustion rather than ascension resulted. Furthermore, as further records, information and genetic material disappeared, ascension ceased, and the dissension of humankind followed.


The anti-Christ is behind the experience of information brokering in the human species. All removal of records and transference of records from one place to another is the result of the holographic imprint of this occurrence first occurring during the very first act of anti-Christ ascension. As the anti-Christ took records in order to ascend, the thoughtform of taking or giving records was holographically transferred to the entire human species. It became a part of the genetic information of the human form on Earth as a result.


Cause of Humanity Forgetfulness


We wish to point out that the anti-Christ is not wrong, nor is it evil, but rather that it is simply soul that has gone into forgetfulness and in its own forgetfulness spreads forgetfulness everywhere it goes. With enough anti-Christ souls incarnate on Earth, humanity eventually also entered a parallel state of forgetfulness. Humanity went into forgetfulness as most of humanity’s records were stripped by the anti-Christ souls who ascended over time. In order to resurrect the human species out of forgetfulness, the karma surrounding how this experience has been created must be examined and released one piece at a time.


Many have wondered why our translator goes into karma to the degree she does in her books. Asur’Ana does not judge anything at this juncture of her evolution but shares her experience of ascension so that others may understand. In ascension, each karmic record must be revealed; all records obtained from these experiences must be reviewed, and then the karma must be released. If one segment of karma goes unreleased, an incomplete ascension results.


Unreleased Karma Due to Records Erased from Earth’s Libraries


So, how did the first anti-Christ create an incomplete ascension? Well, their karma went unreleased in their respective ascensions. One might wish to know what karma went unreleased. On the examination of the Order of Dari, the karma went unreleased for several reasons. The first of which surrounded the shattering of Earth at an earlier juncture in Earth’s evolution. This karma was transferred to all humans seeded on Earth as they came to Earth to live, for all karma is holographic in nature. These records had also been erased from Earth’s libraries, and so the humans who ascended had no knowledge that this karma existed.


All global karma or experiences are a part of the hologram of Earth. Any soul or species that comes to live on Earth assumes all global karma therein. A part of the role of a conscious species (such as the human species) is to assist Earth in understanding her own experience. This experience is always gathered and understood in the process of ascension during which all records are retrieved, reviewed, understood and then released. So, the human species itself came to Earth to assist Earth in ascending but, due to erased global karma, ended up causing a dissension in vibration instead.


Who erased the global karmic records? Well, it appears that the Pleiadian energy signature surrounds the erasure of the records, which were incurred in a raiding of your solar system following the decline of the era of Maldek. Many of you may think but there is such good information coming from Pleiadian channeled sources! How could they have done such a thing when they seem so helpful?


Just like the human species on Earth, there are those humans who are ethical and those who are not. In the Pleiadian civilization, there are also those who are ethical and those who are not. However, when one unethical human who is Pleiadian does something to another planet that causes harm, or other humans on another planet that causes harm, all Pleiadians inherit the karma for that creation. Does this mean that all Pleiadians are bad? Of course not. However, the karma between the Pleiades and Earth will have to be released in full in order for Earth and humanity to ascend.


Forgiveness of All Experiences


When one views the lack of ethics in another, they will see their own lack of ethics inherent in their own genetics and form. As one forgives the lack of ethics of another, they forgive themselves for also likewise being unethical. Ascension brings forth the forgiveness of all experiences, and such experiences are gathered through the accessing and understanding of all karmic records that have occurred over time. It is for this reason that our channel spends so much time reviewing karma in the pieces that we have asked her to write, so that others who are ascending may recall and access their own records of a parallel nature to likewise ascend.


So, the human who first created an incomplete ascension was anti-Christ and left the first large portion of its own soul behind or its own schism. Additionally, the other 299 ascensions were not entirely complete, for there was one record left unprocessed and unreleased because it was missing from Earth’s library and therefore unknown. Each of these 299 ascensions likewise left a very small part of their soul behind. Over time and more and more anti-Christ ascensions (along with all others), more and more fracturing occurred leading to a dissension or the fall of humankind.


Retrieving One’s Schisms


Because incomplete ascension appears to be the only form of human ascension known on Earth, it is natural even in one’s current ascension to begin to create an incomplete ascension in the initiation process. As a matter of fact, this is such a large problem that our own translator discovered hundreds and hundreds of parts of her own soul that had been left behind or schismed since she began her ascension process many years ago. As the fact that she was on her way to an incomplete ascension was revealed, she consciously chose to retrieve all schisms left behind thus far in her own biological ascension.


Retrieving such schisms revealed many causes that we would like to share for others who are likewise also ascending at this time in history. A schism in the act of ascension leaves a crack in the auric field. This crack can be traced to a particular cord attached to the etheric body of the form and will lead to the piece of soul that was left behind at an earlier juncture in one’s ascension. The crack in the auric field left behind in any schism creates a pathway to the embodiment that allows for initiates to leak chi and potentially experience energetic attack from others or provides the means to perpetrate or receive unconscious harmfulness.


Within the piece of soul that has schismed may be a record of a traumatic event, such as an abduction or rape that has gone unprocessed. As the traumatic event is processed, the schism is healed. As the schism is healed and all schisms closed entirely in one’s field, the auric field becomes less permeable to loss of chi or inward or outward forms of harmfulness.


Our channel has found that schisms tend to fall into categories. If a particular part of one’s ascension has been skipped at one stage, each time that the same portion of one’s field is addressed, one will schism yet again leaving yet another portion of one’s soul behind. Additionally, a portion of the biology is also skipped over, leaving a pocket of cellular structure that has not become crystalline or has not been resurrected out of a state of decay.


Often, these schisms will be directly related to a particular pattern that an initiate just may not wish to face in themselves. We will use the following as an example. Tim and Barbara are married. Barbara is afraid of ending her marriage and knows if she releases all karma with Tim that the marriage will quite naturally end. This ending of the marriage is the result of the fact that Tim is not ascending at this time, and therefore when the karma is complete, they will go their separate ways. Instead of completing all karma with her husband, Barbara in her fear of leaving Tim, schisms over every segment of initiation that would cause her to release her karma with him in full. In the end, Barbara cannot leave Tim and cannot ascend beyond a certain point until she leaves him. She has not released her karma and therefore cannot leave him and finds herself in a catch-22 situation.


Another example of the above problem can occur between an individual and an employer. Let us say that a chemical company has employed John for forty years. He is in fear of moving forth and finding an alternative form of income that is sovereign and self-sustaining. As a result, John schisms over each portion of ascension that would allow for the completion of the karma with his employer. He then finds himself unable to ascend any further without leaving the employer but has not released all of the karma in full and therefore cannot leave.


In all cases, if an individual discovers they have schismed over portions of their ascension, all that is required is the intent to pull back the missing parts of one’s soul and to intend to release all patterns previously unreleased in one’s field. Each schism will be directly related to a portion of the biology that has also likewise been skipped over in the ascension process and therefore either has not become crystalline or has not been resurrected out of a state of decay. As the schism is retrieved and restored and the related pattern released, the missing gridwork necessary to ascend the biology will come into place, allowing the form to be converted to crystalline in a few days or weeks’ time. All that is required is one’s intent to do so, and so it is.


As this is accomplished, the necessary life changes that will support one’s goal of ascension will also quite naturally come to fruition. We have seen many an initiate complete karma from twenty years of marriage or career and leave suddenly as all karma is finished. The ending brings forth a new beginning that is most joyous and filled with a sense of freedom. This freedom also often comes hand in hand with a move to a place where one has always desired to live or to a community of others who are on a parallel path of ascension as oneself.


Taking on Karma for Someone Is Another Cause of Schisms


Another cause of schisms in the process of ascension can be the taking on of another’s karma. The transference of karma from one human to another is a form of information brokering written about earlier in the book. (Please refer to Chapter 4 “Transcending Information Brokering” for more information.) When one takes on karma for another, it is often due to agreements made at another time in one’s ancestry of past lives or in one’s current life experience. Oftentimes, each family has a particular ‘karma burner’ who has agreed to take on all of the karma of the genetic history of the entire family. As these agreements are transcended, the karma that does not belong to oneself can be returned to their source of origin.


When one takes on karma for another, one may or may not be able to process it in one’s own ascension. If the karma is too great, one will schism over the piece of soul that this karma has been recorded into. If one discovers many schisms due to taking on karma for another, all that is required is for one to release the agreements to take on such karma, return the karma to the source of origin, and then to intend to integrate the schism into one’s own field.


The first act of transferring karma appears to have occurred in the very first ascensions on Earth. Again, it appears as though it was the anti-Christ soul that transferred its karma on to all others who were ascending along with them rather than processing their own karma. Why would an anti-Christ soul transfer karma on to another? Well, those souls are in forgetfulness where one has not the information necessary to remember how to process karma or release records. If one cannot release or transmute their own records, the only manner in which they could possibly ascend would be to transfer their records on to another and allow another to process their records and karma for them.


Over time, as more and more anti-Christ souls ascended from Earth, those ascending with these souls became so overloaded with karma that they themselves could also not ascend. This transference of karma is another cause of spontaneous combustion and incomplete ascension experienced in place of ascension over time on the Earth plane. As one soul transferred karma on to another in the act of ascension, the other would schism to such a degree that an incomplete ascension occurred. As more and more souls transferred karma on to others, the thoughtform of karma transference was holographically embraced by all. As a result, the transfer of karma between humans became a part of the genetics of the human species.


What Is Recasting?


Karma and spiritual lessons are one and the same. When a soul incarnates into form, it does so for the experience that the particular incarnation has to offer. At the end of an incarnation, each soul is ‘recast’ by their source, which in turn embraces all records and information gathered and then learns from the experiences in a particular incarnation what to do next time and what to change entirely and what to do different. It is through the process of recasting that all souls evolve. If a soul loses connection to its source (such as an anti-Christ soul), there is nothing to be recast by. Furthermore, if soul loses its connection to source, again there is no means to being recast between incarnations.


With the anti-Christ soul, if there is no source to be recast by, this soul cannot process its own karma for the very mechanism of recasting is not possible without a source to return to. These souls can only ascend via the displacement of karma on to another. Furthermore, over time and due to the fracturing of all souls incarnate on Earth, the recasting process ceased between incarnations. Per the genetic records, recasting ceased about 120,000 years ago both in the initiation process of ascension and between incarnations. In a deep sense, humanity has been on a treadmill of repetitive patterns without evolution, without assessment, without growth and without assistance ever since.


With the introduction of the initiation process in ascension, evolution can begin again for all souls on Earth. In ascension, each soul is continually recast every so many initiations in order to understand all the records and release all karma inherent in a particular sequence of initiations. Ascension involves a soul that chooses to complete incarnation in a given dimension. In order to accomplish this goal, each soul must release all karma accrued on that particular dimension in its own experience and all karma accrued in a given heritage in the embodiment incarnated into. This clearing of karma in the process of ascension occurs through periodic recasting in which the soul is taken back to source and the records reviewed, understood, embraced and then erased from the embodiment.


It is in the recasting process that polarity-based karma is canceled altogether along with the lessons learned from all experiences. The cancellation of karma goes something like this: the soul and form bring back records from a series of incarnations. In one experience, one is outwardly harmful in a particular pattern and harms others around them and causes their spouse to experience cancer. In yet another incarnation, the same soul in a different embodiment receives the same type of harmfulness from another, resulting in the direct experience of cancer in their own embodiment. The two polar experiences cancel each other out, the soul having gained the understanding of both sides of the given pattern and lesson, and then the pattern can be released. As the pattern is released in full, it ceases to be a part of the experience of the embodiment or soul and therefore ceases to be experienced in the initiate’s life.


Each segment of initiation triggers a different form of recasting which allows for polarity to be transcended a little at a time. As enough polarity is transcended, the initiate begins to embody unity consciousness, or in other terms, the Language of Light which is a unity-based thoughtform that initiates begin to embody between Initiations 1,024 and 15,024.


Global Recasting for Mother Earth


At this time, the Order of Dari has intervened in the ascension process of humanity, Earth, and all other vessels that are ascending at this time in history in your creation. Recasting on the Order of Dari has become a mandatory part of the initiations in ascension, both of a personal and global nature. Mother Earth has gone through her first global recasting in 250 million years following completion of Initiation 250 several years ago. Since then, Mother Earth has begun to process and release all karma from such a long time period in her global history.


Recasting in Human Ascension


For the human experience, the first recasting begins at Initiation 1,024. Initiations 1-1,024 are utilized to piece together an entire ‘I AM’ or Soul. An I AM cannot return to its Source or Oversoul until it is whole and complete. Therefore, the fracturing that has occurred on Earth in which soul has become too small to go back to source must be accomplished first. Spiritual Initiations 1-1,024 provide the blueprint and pathway for the piecing together of these fractured pieces of soul. Once the soul has become whole and a complete I AM, the I AM can be then ‘recast’ for the first time in up to 120,000 years of incarnations.


From 1,024 through 5,024, recasting occurs periodically, from once a month to once per week the closer one moves towards Bodhisattva. Sometimes, one’s guidance may attempt to interfere or prevent the recasting process, particularly if a certain guide knows that it will be removed as the recasting is complete because the karma between the initiate and itself is complete. It is not unusual for guides to become as attached to the humans they are guiding as it is for humans to become attached to loved ones on the physical plane. In ascension, one must flow with whatever guidance is needed for a particular sequence of initiations, and therefore guidance is continually changing the further one moves forth in their respective ascension.


A sure sign of an initiate in need of recasting is one who is becoming ill or moving extremely out of balance beyond Initiation 1,024. This can also signify an extreme loss of records. Once the records are retrieved, recasting is vital so that all the karma that caused the loss of records can be canceled and released. We guide initiates to intend to be recast in these circumstances, particularly just before retiring to sleep at night. Most initiates report feeling far more balanced, energized, and ‘good’ following a night of recasting. The imbalance if the recasting is skipped is the result of pent-up karma that has gone unprocessed and then continues to act itself out in one’s life experience, throwing one out of balance.


Which brings us to our last point, which is that all anti-Christ souls are to be gathered by the Order of Dari in your creation and returned to their source to be recast. In the recasting, these souls will be re-infused with love and the remembrance of who they are. This is perhaps the greatest gift of all for all that have fallen into forgetfulness over time.


As one ascends, one becomes the beacon through which the anti-Christ souls and forces of the dark can be gathered by the Order of Dari and returned to their source of origin. On a global level, Mother Earth has already removed all global-level forces of the dark after completing Initiation 3,000 last year. Personal level forces of the dark that interfere with humankind will have to be collected up and returned to the Order of Dari by those in human form who are ascending. As humanity ascends, the vibration that one holds allows for more and more of the personal forces of the dark to be collected in the densely populated regions of humankind. It is for this reason that this cleansing will not occur overnight and requires many humans to choose to ascend in order to accomplish.


Thoughtform is a magnet for like vibrational entities. If one exists in a thoughtform based on fear, separation, loneliness, terror and pain, entities that vibrate in like vibrations are attracted. As one begins to embody unity consciousness, only entities of the like vibrations of unity, divine union and unconditional love likewise are attracted. As one alters their thoughtform from fear to unity a little at a time in the process of ascension, one enters a new way of being that transcends the old paradigm of separation.


One must be willing to commit to such a journey and allow it to unfold with all of its ramifications and life changes in order to bring forth the Golden Era for humankind. No one can ascend humanity for humanity. Humanity must choose to ascend of its own free will choice. No one will clear the forces of the dark that run humanity. Humanity must choose to ascend, and then those forces of the dark will be returned to be recast and healed. The greatest gift any human could possibly give humanity or Earth or the souls lost in forgetfulness is to choose to ascend.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.


Cosmic © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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