Image of rainbow soap bubbles. The Seven Pitfalls Upon The Spiritual Path

5. The Seven Pitfalls Upon The Spiritual Path


We, the Order of Dari, have been involved with the mapmaking of biological ascension on Earth for the human species. We have observed thousands of initiates upon the spiritual path at this juncture of human evolution. So many of these individuals fail their spiritual tests which delays their ascension and momentum upward in vibration on a biological level. We wish to provide a psychological overview of the seven traps that initiates can find themselves in that will prevent them from ascending if the traps are not transcended within.


Self Examination


Many initiates have become gifted at self-examination. This is a requirement for anyone devoted to his or her own ascension at this time in history. It is only through the act of self-examination that one can begin to discern what patterns are necessary to transcend within to continue to move towards unconditional love and unity consciousness within their life experience. All outer manifestations that are disharmonious are a reflection of the disharmony that lies within. As internal disharmony is transcended, one creates not only peace within but also within their outer experiences of life.


It is human nature to blame the circumstance or predicament that one finds oneself in when life does not go in the direction one wishes. Life is holographic. Any outer creation is a reflection of an inner pattern. As the inner pattern is released, one’s related experience of life along with their creation changes. One cannot really change a negative circumstance by attempting to only change something outside of oneself. Changing only an outer circumstance without the releasing of related patterns only ensures that the same experience will manifest again in the future.


An example of this may be a woman caught in an abusive relationship. She may leave the relationship. However, if she does not transmute the patterns that created the relationship, she will simply create another abusive partner in the future. Furthermore, the abuse she experiences outside of herself is a reflection of her own abusiveness that is unconscious. Such unconscious abuse often is energetic in nature.


One’s experience of life is a ‘mirror’. One can either look in the mirror of what they have created and transcend one’s own like patterns, or blame and shame another for being something that is really a reflection of one’s own unconscious state of being. As one takes responsibility for what was created, looks fully in the mirror, and transcends the like patterns within that are being reflected in one’s outer creation, one gains mastery over the physical plane.


Such mastery leads to an inner state of power that can never occur from attempting to change one’s outer circumstances alone. Such power comes from the understanding that one can release a pattern that creates a difficult or uncomfortable circumstance and, in so doing, never need to create such an experience again.


The following seven pitfalls we have seen initiates become trapped in again and again are termed ‘Arrogances’. Arrogance means believing that one knows it all or knows better than spirit or soul what is to be made manifest within one’s life experience. Ascension requires that one surrender to one’s soul’s lead, in the greater understanding that soul will see more than the physical form can ever see simply because it exists in the non-physical realms. All traps are related to believing that one’s physical perceptions are superior to spirit and not allowing spirit to take the lead in the dance of life.


1. The Arrogance of Ambition


It is the nature of those who suffer from the arrogance of ambition to drive towards a goal so rapidly that the details are skipped or missed, causing problems at a later time. Additionally, because such individuals race forward, they often move out of sequence with ‘Divine Timing’ and the Divine Plan.


There is a dance to life. The dance has a timing to it that is related to the Divine Plan of God Goddess/All That Is. Such a Divine Plan is created through the inflow and outflow of energy that moves in and out of your creation, much like the tides of the ocean on Earth. Spirit dances within the timing of the Divine Plan. When it is time to move forward, spirit will wait until the influx of energy is present to move forward and do so only at such a time. When a human form chooses to set in motion a timing for a particular event that is out of sequence with the timing of the Divine Plan, one moves against the tides of energy that support one’s goal. As such, one shoots oneself in the foot, so to speak, and creates one’s own seeming failures.


Learning to listen to the messages of spirit is an important ability within ascension. Sometimes, such messages are hard to hear. However, all thoughts within one’s head are channeled. One must choose to listen to spirit over the other beings that wish to take charge of the form within the personality. (Please see Chapter 1 “Transcending the Personality, Ego and Negative Ego” for more information.)


Telepathic messages, or the voices that one hears within one’s head, are not unlike a radio station. One must tune up in vibration to the station of spirit in order to hear one’s soul communication. Given the density of the Earth plane, this is often difficult to do without a lot of static, which is simply the ‘hum’ of the rotation of the molecules of one’s form. One must focus, and in the act of focusing, one will begin to move up in vibration and hear their soul above and beyond the chatter that goes on within one’s head, which generally is of the personality.


As one clearly hears soul, then one must learn to follow the guidance of soul above all else. As this is accomplished, one can learn to flow in the divine timing of All That Is and the divine plan within all that one does on the physical plane. Flowing in such a manner guarantees success. Asur’Ana learned to follow soul in all that she does. She has always manifested enough to meet her physical plane needs. In listening to soul in all matters, she has experienced success on the physical plane and has successfully ascended her form in vibration at the same time.


The Kumara of Fear perpetuates the arrogance of ambition. The Kumara of Fear rules the first chakra and creates the continuous experience of not being safe or taken care of. It is from not feeling safe that one pushes ahead with a goal or manifestation before it may be time. It is also the Kumara of Fear that causes initiates to race forward in their initiations and potentially skip steps along the way. When one skips steps in their evolution, the result is that the lesson is not learned the first time through. This means that a bigger lesson will be manifested in the future to make up for what was not learned the first time. It is much better to learn each lesson thoroughly rather than needing to backtrack or create a big disaster to learn a simple lesson that was somehow missed the first time. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 9 “Christ and Buddha Are ONE” for more information about the 7 Kumaras.)


The fear that causes initiates to race ahead may involve a strong desire to leave Earth as rapidly as possible or the desire to compete and beat another in the process of ascension. Ascension is not a race, and each embodiment will have its own pace of evolution that is based upon the genetics of the form, the age of the form, and the level of decay present within the form.


Many feminine initiates are gifted at vision. They see where they are headed in the future. Often, they wish to make their manifestations occur now, in present time, when there are many other steps necessary for such a vision to occur in physicality. Asur’Ana suffered from this through much of her earlier initiation process. Over time, she has allowed her manifestations to be guided in full by spirit, while at the same time keeping in mind the vision of the overall manifestation that she is present on Earth to bring to fruition. She allows each day, month and year to unfold as it should and allows all of the lessons to bear fruit in her life experience.


As initiates release their agreements with the Kumara of Fear, the arrogance of ambition is also transcended. The vibration of divine union is utilized to release the Kumara of Fear. In a state of divine union, one retains a connection and dance of energy between the form and soul allowing one to feel safe. As one feels safe and taken care of, there is no need to race or push ahead. It is in a state of divine union that one learns to dance with the inflow and outflow of the energies of spirit. Each initiate then develops the awareness that all experiences made manifest serve the purpose of their ascension and continued evolution and therefore are perfect in the moment.


There is a gift as this arrogance is transcended. It is the ability to move forth under great odds and succeed. Ascension on Earth requires intent. Intent is an act of will in which the will of the human form and soul align in such a manner that one’s goal is made manifest in the physical. Those who transcend the arrogance of ambition will be gifted with the art of ‘intending’ their visions into manifestation in the physical, including one’s vision to ascend.


2. The Arrogance of Inflexibility


Those who suffer from the arrogance of inflexibility tend to resist growth or change. Ascension brings forth continual change both within oneself and outside of oneself within one’s life experiences. Change and ascension are almost synonymous, for ascension is evolution, and evolution is change.


Ascension requires that one move from a third-dimensional paradigm to a fifth-dimensional paradigm. Such a paradigm shift occurs gradually over time. However, such a shift also requires that initiates give up everything they have thought to be true at one time or another and embrace a new way of being and viewing oneself. This is simply a result of the difference between the third- and fifth-dimensional paradigms that this is so. There is literally no third-dimensional thoughtform that is like the related fifth-dimensional thoughtform. It is for this reason that the experience of change feels so extreme. However, such change is gradual, and one must embrace each segment of change before moving on to the next.


It is the nature of humanity to like to feel comfortable. Comfort and ascension are opposite one another. One often feels uncomfortable in the process of change. Ascension brings forth the cracking of the foundation of what one has thought oneself to be. Sometimes, certain segments of initiations will lead one to experiencing a ‘void’ within, in which one no longer knows who they are. As one surrenders to the void and allows the new foundation to be laid, one moves into who they are becoming during each segment of initiation.


The arrogance of inflexibility is related to the Kumara of Lust. The experience of lust glues an initiate to a particular addictive pattern or another individual. The vibration of lust causes one to believe that one cannot exist without something or someone. Sometimes, ascension requires that one leave behind others who are not on a parallel path of ascension. The vibration of lust underlies all addictions whether such addictions are to drugs, people or fear-based thoughtforms.


If the arrogance of inflexibility is a predominate characteristic, one will tend to hold on to outworn patterns that are better off left behind. A good example is someone who has an addiction to an abusive relationship. The abusive relationship shatters their auric field enough that they are unable to move up in vibration. Yet this individual is addicted to the sex within the relationship and continues to go back for more. The continued involvement in the abusive relationship creates a circumstance in which the individual is unable to move up in vibration, and therefore they cannot evolve or ascend.


As initiates focus on releasing any remaining contracts with the Kumara of Lust, the arrogance of inflexibility can also be transcended. The vibration of honor transmutes the Kumara of Lust. In a state of honor, one learns to honor all life forms, including oneself. In honoring oneself, one chooses only those experiences that allow one to evolve or ascend. If a relationship, drug or belief system does not allow for evolution, it also dishonors self. In learning to honor oneself and all others, the arrogance of inflexibility is transcended.


There is a gift as the Arrogance of Inflexibility is released. The gift is strength or stealth and a solidity of energy field and presence. This presence allows an initiate’s light and love to shine forth for all to see.


3. The Arrogance of Abusive Power


Those who suffer from the arrogance of abusive power tend to have manipulation and control patterns in which one is either domineering or controlling in nature. These are those individuals who either throw abuse at another to retain their power or control another energetically or unconsciously.


Power on the physical plane has been related to whoever is in control or in charge. Such control often goes hand-in-hand with a domineering personality. Dominion is often retained through the utilization of emotional abuse targeted at another or shame and blame also targeted at another. Such personality patterns inflate the individual in power by allowing them to be perceived as ‘greater than’ and deflates the individual who has been targeted into being perceived as ‘less than’. It is through the act of being perceived as ‘greater than’ that such individuals retain their power.


There is a form of abusive power that is not so demonstrative. Such patterns are unconscious and involve energetic abuse. This type of individual appears to relinquish control but seizes control ‘behind the scene’. They may be very quiet and pleasant to interact with, but unconsciously, they control everything and everyone around them and are energetically abusive in nature. An example of this is one who says pleasant words but dumps pain into the field of another to manipulate them into doing their bidding.


The Arrogance of Abusive Power is related to the Kumara of Pain. When one abuses another energetically, pain is thrown into the auric field of another, either unconsciously or through a verbal attack. In going into pain, the individual targeted then subjugates themselves to the perpetrator or allows themselves to be manipulated or controlled.


Another example of this form of arrogance can be seen in those who control the harmfulness of another. One initiate was most gifted at this form of power in his earlier life experience. He would control the dark to manipulate a circumstance in the direction he wished it to flow on the physical plane. He had a certain level of physical plane power in relation to his career in high-tech engineering management. Such power has gradually been transmuted to power that is based upon unconditional acceptance and love within his personal ascension.


It is common amongst healers in particular to be very gifted at controlling the harmfulness of another. They control the dark during a healing session so that the client may recover from the holes and tears within their auric field and subtle bodies perpetrated in energetic attacks. Controlling the harmfulness of others may seem sweet, but it does not allow an initiate to embody harmlessness. Harmlessness requires one to give up the need to control period. This includes controlling the harmfulness of others. Additionally, controlling the harmfulness of others takes chi to sustain. At some juncture, a healer may discover that such control patterns take up so much chi that they are prevented from further ascending. This is simply the result of the need to continually build in chi to ascend.


As initiates release any remaining agreements with the Kumara of Pain, the arrogance of abusive power will also be transcended. The vibration of Peace transmutes the Kumara of Pain. When one embodies peace and harmony, all others in the presence of the Bodhisattva also come to harmony, and control is relinquished in all matters.


In a state of harmony, harmful patterns (such as the need to control or manipulate another) within oneself or another cease. Harmfulness can only occur in the vibration of dissonance. When dissonance ceases, so does harmfulness. One may wonder, how can a state of inner peace cause harmlessness in others? This is simply the result of the command of the thoughtform of an ascending master. An ascending master’s thoughtform has more power than those who are not ascending do. This is simply the result of the amount of chi an ascending form holds, which is far greater than those who are not ascending. Such chi can be used to command one’s thoughtform, and as such, one’s thoughtform overrides the thoughtforms of others who are not ascending.


Asur’Ana learned to command ‘peace and harmony’ in all others within a 500-foot radius of her form wherever she goes. Such a command overrides the thoughtform of others who come near her in public, including at the mall, at the market, on an airplane or within a restaurant. This leads to a peaceful interaction with everyone she interacts with at all times, which leads to living in a state of peace and harmlessness. All humans are God/Goddess in form. As such, all human thoughts command their creations. As any human learns to command only thoughts of love, peace, unity and harmlessness, the state of harmlessness is sustained within their physical plane interactions.


The gift remaining as the arrogance of abusive power is transcended has to do with power based upon love. Power based upon love comes through the Bodhisattva from the soul and oversoul. Power based upon love surrounds the Bodhisattva and commands that all others honor the Bodhisattva. As others move into honor, they cease to control or perpetrate harmful acts within the presence of the Bodhisattva.


4. The Arrogance of Codependent Love


It is the nature of those who suffer from the Arrogance of Codependent Love to place relationships before spiritual evolution. Within the ascension path, unless the partner, friends or significant other can keep pace with one’s evolution, one’s evolution is compromised in some fashion. Sometimes, the level of compromise is so great, one’s evolution and ascension cease altogether.


As one builds in vibration in the process of ascension, one learns to hold one’s space and retain the chi necessary to sustain one’s new biological vibration. It is not uncommon for an ascending master to experience dips in chi as they interact with others. Such dips in chi are simply the result of the harmfulness of others who may ‘plug into’ the ascending masters and swipe their chi, records or gridwork. Sometimes, such dips are extreme enough to result in the experience of a case of the ‘flu’ or a cold. Generally speaking, the more body fat an initiate has, the easier it is for an initiate to maintain their vibration. This is not to say that one must be fat to ascend but that heavier people have an easier time at ascension and are less likely to get bouts of illness in the process.


On the path of ascension, one must learn to stay grounded and set boundaries that do not allow for harmful interactions with others, or one will not be able to ascend. Learning to ground is difficult as the current genetics of the form cause the soul to reside outside or above the form. One must therefore retrain themselves to retain grounding.


Remaining grounded and protecting oneself through boundaries is easier with strangers. It is human nature to open one’s field to those they know and love. If those one knows and loves are not ascending, such individuals will simply drain one’s chi to a point that one’s ascension is impaired or, if great enough, to the point where one cannot ascend. This draining of chi occurred continuously between an initiate and her son. Her son has chosen not to ascend at this time in his life experience. His soul wishes to live with his father and for the experiences in the third dimension before he chooses to ascend at a later time in his life. Beyond a certain vibrational range differential, continued engagement with her son prevented this initiate also from ascending. She has learned to honor the choice of her son’s soul and honor her choice to ascend by not partaking in his life. This example was not an easy choice for her but is an example that illustrates the difficulties of ascending in a civilization that is not all choosing to ascend simultaneously.


The Arrogance of Codependent Love is related to the Kumara of Judgment. In the judgment of others, one determines others are either superior or inferior. If another is perceived as superior, then naturally one looks up to such an individual and wishes to include them in their lives. In looking up to another, one can become dependent on another for their sense of well-being. In the above example, if the initiate perceived the love of her son as more important and fulfilling than her spiritual evolution, she would choose to continue to see her son, and her spiritual evolution or ascension would cease. In these circumstances, initiates will need to release such a relationship if it does not serve their path of ascension.


If someone is perceived as inferior, then naturally one looks down on such an individual. In the looking down on an individual, one may think that they need to be helped or assisted in some manner to grow. In the belief that they must be assisted, one may attempt to carry another through their ascension. In the above example, if this initiate attempted to carry her son down her path of ascension (even when her son’s soul did not wish to ascend), she would also be unable to ascend herself. It may become necessary for an initiate to release such a relationship if it does not serve their path of ascension.


Such difficulties are not just physical in nature but can extend to non-physical guidance as well. Guidance will shift along with each segment of initiations. It is common for those who are clairvoyant and telepathic to become attached to their guidance. Such attachment does not allow new guidance to come forth that specializes in the next segment of work. This attachment can make it difficult or even impossible for an initiate to move forth upon their ascension path.


As one transcends their agreements with the Kumara of Judgment, one will simultaneously release any attachment to a codependent type of relationship, whether it be physical or non-physical. The vibration of Forgiveness transmutes the Kumara of Judgment. Within a state of forgiveness, one releases all bonds of codependence. Codependence is based upon karmic debt, i.e., ‘I hurt you at another time, and now I owe you.’ The feeling of ‘owing another’ causes initiates to remain in relationships long after such relationships have ceased to serve their evolution. As one embodies forgiveness, one forgives themselves for ‘hurting’ others at another time or being ‘hurt’ oneself. In so doing, one can free oneself from the need to care take another in any manner and release those relationships that do not serve their evolution.


The gift remaining as the arrogance of codependent love is transcended is non-conditional love. This type of love flows through the heart chakra of the Bodhisattva and bathes everyone in its presence with the love of God Goddess/All That Is. Such love does not judge another in any manner but embraces whomever is in the Bodhisattva’s presence.


5. The Arrogance of Hoarding


Some who suffer from the arrogance of hoarding believe they deserve to ‘have more’ than others because they are worth more. The other side of this pattern are those who conversely believe they must ‘have less’ than their soul actually needs to fulfill their mission, because they believe that poverty is a part of the spiritual path.


The act of creation begins with a vision of what one wishes to manifest. Such a vision requires chi to make manifest in the physical. As one manifested the objects they have envisioned at times past within their life experience, the energy that created the manifestation in the first place caused a form of attachment. The greater the number or size of the manifestations, the larger the attachment. The attachment can be viewed as cords extending from the initiate’s etheric body to every object they own. When one ascends, at a certain juncture, such attachments will have to be released, or it will drain so much chi from one’s field that one will be unable to push up any further in vibration. The only solution may be to relinquish the object thereby relieving oneself from the attachment.


There have been those initiates who have believed that they could somehow alter the energy flow so that the attachment could be released without actually giving the object away. It is up to each initiate to follow one’s internal guidance in all such matters.


For many, such a release comes hand-in-hand with a life change or a new relationship or a move to another region of the world that better supports their continued evolution. For attachment can also include the region where one lives. Due to the density of certain highly populated regions of Earth, one can reach a certain point in their evolution where they must move to a less dense region to continue to ascend up in vibration. Such a move will quite naturally bring forth a relinquishing of possessions that have been accrued potentially for a lifetime. In such a release, there is a great sense of freedom that follows.


In one case, an initiate who has been a recognized developer of high rises in the Honolulu area discovered that her property became an extreme burden. The burden was felt as an energetic weight so great that at a recent juncture of her evolution, continued ownership of her home took away more chi than she could sustain in a given day, causing her great physical pain and tiredness. As a result, she sold her home and has given away much of her personal belongings that no longer serve her. The newfound sense of freedom in her experience outweighs the burden of the ownership of property inherent in energetic attachment.


It is the arrogance of hoarding that prevents initiates from relinquishing objects that do not serve soul or the process of ascension. In ascension, one learns to surrender all objects that no longer serve soul in the process of ascension. One also learns to surrender all manifestations to their soul along with God Goddess/All That Is. Co-creation is an act in which soul sends the vision of what it views as a necessary manifestation within the initiate’s life experience. The initiate receives the vision and then sets the act of manifestation in motion by energizing the vision. As the vision comes to fruition, one step at a time, the initiate gives feedback to soul surrounding the progress of their co-created manifestation. In the arrogance of hoarding, one fuels visions into manifestation that are ego-based rather than those visions that come from soul.


Receiving the impressions of soul is a necessary attribute for those desiring to ascend at this time in history. The visions of soul often come in the form of a future life experience that is run through one’s head like a movie. As one pays attention to the movie and then intends to make it manifest, one brings the manifestations of soul into their physical plane reality.


The difficulty for initiates will be in determining which visions come from soul and which come from the many other entities that may co-direct the personality, ego and negative ego. Much like the telepathic channels, which are like a radio, vision comes through many channels much like a television. One must learn to focus on those channels that soul communicates through to the exclusion of all others. Soul communicates at the highest of vibrations that one can reach. As one learns to reach for the highest visions that are coming from soul, one will also learn to distinguish between those that are ego-based and those that are an authentic vision from Spirit. Then one only chooses to make manifest those visions that come from Spirit.


The Arrogance of Hoarding is related to the Kumara of Greed who causes initiates to desire something outside of themselves to feel ‘greater than’ others. The Kumara of Greed often fills one with visions of fame, wealth or love thus causing one to desire to manifest such visions which do not come from one’s soul. Additionally, it is the Kumara of Greed who tempts initiates to choose activities such as gambling or high-risk investments, to attain wealth when such wealth may not be desired by the soul at all to fulfill its mission. As one bargains with the Kumara of Greed for any manifestation of wealth, fame, fortune or love, one creates contracts that are karmic in nature that will require a future third-dimensional life to fulfill. If one is to ascend, all third-dimensional karma must be balanced. Such agreements will also prevent one from ascending as a result. As one relinquishes all bargaining with the Kumara of Greed, one’s lifestyle will come into alignment with their ascension path.


Another example of the arrogance of hoarding can be seen in those who believe they deserve to have less than they truly need. It is such a belief within the human thoughtform that spirituality requires impoverishment. The spiritual path requires neither impoverishment nor wealth but an absolute balance between giving and receiving. If one deprives oneself enough of the nourishment required for ascension, then the ascension process can be limited or prevented altogether. Deprivation in any manner is a reflection of the arrogance of hoarding in action.


It is often the nature of those who believe they deserve less than others to deprive themselves of those things that will bring them fulfillment in some manner. Such deprivation may even be of those things that will assist the form in the process of ascension, such as mineral baths, mud baths, massage, time off from work or acupuncture treatments. Such deprivation may also include giving to oneself in the environment where they live or in the clothes they wear. As initiates transcend deprivation, they will learn to give to themselves all they need based upon what the soul determines as a requirement for their path of ascension.


It was Asur’Ana’s nature to deprive herself in her earlier life experience. Over time, she learned to give herself everything her soul felt she needed. Sometimes such requirements were greater than what she had ever allowed herself in the past. However, in giving to herself what soul determined she needed, she also began to feel ‘fulfilled’ from within. This has led to an ongoing sense of contentment that now fills her life experience on Earth.


Another form of deprivation that can be seen in the West is in the act of dieting, where initiates deprive themselves of the food they wish to consume. In ascension, one may put on body fat in preparation for a leap upward in vibration. Such an increase is directly related to the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is activated in ascension, causing one to ‘become hungry’. This hormone also brings about an overall growth in the size of the form. The preoccupation with remaining thin can be a stumbling block for initiates in the West. If an initiate desires to stay thin and starves oneself through dieting, one will not ingest the necessary calories or nutrients to bring forth the ascension of the form.


The opposite of those who desire to remain thin can be seen in those who eat in excess to fill unmet needs in their life experience and have become obese. For such individuals, the process of ascension will bring about an inner sense of fulfillment that will no longer require giving the form more sustenance than it needs. As a result, such individuals will drop their excess weight in the process of ascension.


The original blueprint for the human species was for a medium build. Such a build may be larger in size than your current paradigm believes is ‘normal’. Therefore, one must learn to trust Spirit that they are the size that they need to be to fulfill their ascension. If Spirit views the form as acceptable in the moment as it is, initiates will also learn to embrace themselves unconditionally.


As one releases any remaining contracts with the Kumara of Greed, one will transcend the arrogance of hoarding within their field. The vibration of Abundance transmutes the Kumara of Greed. Abundance is a state of being in which giving and receiving have come into alignment. This balance between giving and receiving is reflected in all areas of one’s life experiences, from the activity of eating just what the body needs on a daily basis, to the act of manifesting just what one needs monetarily. This translates into all energy expended returned in full.


There is a gift as the arrogance of hoarding is transcended which is magic. One must transcend hoarding or deprivation in order to bring forth magic. Magic is manifestation that is free to come to fruition without interference. Such magic will be eventually demonstrated as ‘instant manifestation’ in which one’s vision manifests before them with their thought. Such instant manifestation can only occur as one learns to bring giving and receiving to balance.


Balanced giving and receiving has a flow like the flow of the tides. Our translator has learned that if she receives something (like clothes, or minerals or objects of some sort), she must also give something away. As she gives something in exchange for receiving something, the act of giving and receiving is kept in balance. Instant manifestation requires that giving and receiving be in balance before such magic can become real within one’s life experience. The closer one comes to instant manifestation, the more rapidly one will give and receive. The more rapid the giving and receiving, the closer one moves towards instant manifestation. Such an action first requires the relinquishment of all attachment to all objects within one’s life experience so that one may freely give away what does not serve.


6. The Arrogance of Seeing It All


It is the arrogance of seeing it all that causes an initiate who suffers from this arrogance to believe there is nothing beyond their vision and that they see everything. In so believing they see everything, there is no room for a larger vision of themselves or anyone else, nor is there room to correct their vision with something they have yet to perceive.


Seeing is not to be confused with clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to translate the pictures of soul into language that can be understood by the mind. Clairvoyance is made of pictures that have been charged with emotion. Such pictures can be read by those who can tune in to them to determine what they say and translate them into language.


Seeing has to do with perceiving one’s truth. Much of one’s truth on the physical plane has been veiled by third-dimensional thoughtform which is a consensus reality. A consensus reality is one in which all who participate in such thoughtforms agree that this is truth. Such a consensus reality is what causes humans to believe the ocean is dark blue, and the sky is light blue, and the ground is red, and so on.


Other examples of thoughtforms that are a part of the human consensus reality are ones such as creation and destruction, peace and war, love and hate, and so on. Such consensus reality thoughtforms are transcended in the process of ascension. As one ascends, one no longer believes in such things as creation and destruction, or peace and war, or love and hate but rather believes in unconditional love and unity consciousness as a new thoughtform. The consensus reality beliefs humanity relies upon have become genetic. This is why ascension requires the altering of the genetics to bring forth a new thoughtform that is unity consciousness based. Without the genetic alterations, no alteration of consciousness would be possible.


Seeing has to do with viewing what is possible beyond the consensus reality of the human paradigm, beyond polarity-based thoughtform. Seeing also has to do with acknowledging the destructive patterns held within so that they can be transcended within the process of ascension. When one believes that they ‘see it all’, they cease to evolve. This is simply because evolution requires seeing one’s patterns within and then intending to transcend them. This form of ‘inner vision’ is a requirement for anyone on the path of ascension at this time in history.


Some may say, ‘Oh, I can’t see anything.’ And then they go to a psychic who tells them what their truth is. If one cannot ‘see’ what their truth is, the body knows if only one were to ask and then muscle test their own answer. The body ‘sees’ even if the initiate thinks otherwise.


The Arrogance of Seeing It All is related to the Kumara of Suffering who causes initiates to not wish to look at something out of the fear of seeing the pain of another or the pain within themselves. In so doing, initiates may limit their ability to see the truth of the matter or to see a particularly destructive pattern within. Ascension requires the willingness to look at all patterns within. One must also acknowledge that all harmful patterns inherent within the human experience are a part of one’s genetic encoding, and therefore there is no pattern one is entirely immune from participating in. It is only in being willing to look honestly at all patterns within that one can fully integrate their unconscious darkness.


As all agreements with the Kumara of Suffering are transcended, the arrogance of seeing it all is also transcended. The vibration of Harmony transmutes the Kumara of Suffering. Harmony within is a state of being that puts one in a state of ‘allowance’. In allowing all truths, one need not block oneself from seeing anything, including one’s own unconscious darkness.


As the Arrogance of Seeing It All is transcended, there is the gift of humility that occurs. Within humility, one acknowledges there is much they do not see and that each part of oneself sees a more expanded vision of truth. The I AM sees a more expanded truth than one’s Higher Self, and the Oversoul sees more than any of the many I AMs that comprise it. God Goddess/All That Is sees the most expanded vision of all. In so understanding, one is always humble in that they cannot see everything in human form.


7. The Arrogance of Knowing It All


Those who suffer from the arrogance of knowing it all express such an arrogance in one of two polarities: one of which is to believe one already knows everything and therefore there is no room for further growth or expansion. The other side of this pattern is to believe that another knows more than oneself and, in so believing, one subordinates oneself to another’s truth.


Much like the arrogance of seeing it all, which has to do with seeing one’s truth, the arrogance of knowing it all has to do with knowing one’s truth. Whereas the act of seeing has to do with perceiving patterns within oneself that must be transcended, the act of knowing has to do with living one’s truth. It is in the act of living one’s truth that one’s soul’s vision is made manifest within the third dimension.


Living one’s truth occurs as one ceases to live the truth of others, whether those others are friends, family members or one’s significant other. In the human paradigm, truth has been scrambled within the genetics between family members. One may believe they have become the doctor because it was their ‘truth’ only to discover that it was really their mother’s truth, but they inherited the genetic predisposition to healing and then fulfilled the truth of another.


As one begins to erase those patterns that have caused one to believe that this or that is their truth and begins to bring the truth of one’s soul into the form, then it becomes possible to begin to live the truth of soul on Earth. Soul truth has to do with vibration. Some vibrations are gifted at certain physical plane endeavors and other vibrations, other endeavors. Soul will always choose a form that resonates with the endeavor it wishes to make manifest in form. However, such a manifestation must bring the form joy, or soul will not be able to work through the form. This is simply because the soul only understands joy, and if the body is not in a state of joy, the soul cannot access the body.


In the above case of the doctor, if the act of healing brings the doctor joy, a soul who wishes to bring forth healing will choose the embodiment of the doctor. If, however, the doctor hates his profession, the process of ascension will allow the doctor to release his or her agreements to fulfill such a profession on behalf of their mother and move on to other preoccupations that bring the body joy. In the state of joy, the soul can then enter and make God’s will manifest on Earth.


Living one’s truth in the process of ascension is about clearing away the false truth of another so that the real truth can come forth. Sometimes, in clearing away false truths, one discovers they do not love their spouse after twenty years of marriage and then leave such an unfulfilling union to find more joyful pursuits. Or perhaps one will discover their occupation of twenty years is unfulfilling, and they will leave such an endeavor to create what brings them joy. Sometimes, all areas of one’s life changes simultaneously.


We have seen many initiates attain Bodhisattva and leave their twenty-year marriages and careers suddenly and physically relocate to a region that better supports their continued ascension. This is simply because their previous endeavors did not bring them joy, and their new endeavors and life do. Ascension is about releasing all patterns that leave one in pain and moving into an ongoing state of joy and abundance. Such is the truth of soul. Such has always been the truth of soul.


The Arrogance of Knowing It All is related to the Kumara of Death. The fear of death causes initiates to seek knowledge to transcend death, i.e., seek spiritual knowledge in order to evolve or ascend, or stated in another term, seek out TRUTH. Inherent in the pattern of spiritual seeking is the search for a teacher or guru.


The guru believes that he/she knows more than his/her disciples do. In so doing, the guru can fall into the trap of thinking they know everything and cease to evolve. Likewise, the disciple, in thinking the guru knows more, subordinates himself or herself to the guru’s truth and also ceases to evolve. Truth comes from within. Truth is unique to every initiate. Only the initiate will know what their unique truth is.


Ascension brings forth the understanding that one’s truth comes from within. As initiates learn to live their lives from their own knowing, without interference from others, the wishes of soul along with God Goddess/All That Is become made manifest on Earth. Initiates will then learn to stop seeking the teacher and become the master by mastering their own expression of truth on the Earth plane.


The vibration of compassion dissolves the Kumara of Death. As each initiate transcends their agreements with the Kumara of Death, the arrogance of knowing it all is also transcended. In a state of compassion, one ceases to believe they know everything, or conversely, know nothing. Compassion is a state of allowance of all creations on all planes of reality. Such a state is attained when an initiate understands that it is the soul that creates life through form. The soul will always know more than the form. In understanding the soul will always know more than the form, the form looks to the soul for guidance and spiritual knowledge and ceases to look outside of itself or towards a guru to ascend.


As the Arrogance of Knowing It All is released, the gift that is attained is unlimited knowledge and sovereignty. Unlimited knowledge comes from the understanding that anything one needs to know in order to evolve will be provided if one asks. One need not seek this information from others but through their own I AM and Oversoul. The I AM and Oversoul will seek out the necessary archives of information to further one’s evolution. Sovereignty has to do with self-sufficiency and the understanding that all information comes from within.




Each initiate will experience all states of arrogance to one degree or another. However, one or two will generally dominate. It is the dominant arrogance that can become the stumbling block for an initiate so that they cannot complete their desire to ascend.


We wish to bring such difficulties to the conscious attention of those who are ascending as, in so doing, there is a greater chance that initiates can transcend such difficulties. Only when a particular pattern remains unconscious can it continue to control the evolution of an initiate. As all patterns are revealed and as the initiate chooses to release it, all patterns can be transcended. All that is required is one’s ongoing intent to ascend.


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