Image of gold and silver autumn leaves. The Return Of The Gold And Silver Planes To Earth

6. The Return Of The Gold And Silver Planes To Earth


The gold and silver mirror planes have been re-anchored upon Earth. What does this mean? Once and long ago, gold and silver held the elements of air, water, fire and earth in a cohesive manner founded upon non-conditional love for the purposes of creating form in the third dimension and upon Earth. Over time, the gold and silver planes were removed leaving only shadow planes in exchange. The gold and silver planes have been recently restored around Earth’s global field due to Earth’s global ascension. The return of gold and silver to Earth is equivalent to the return of the love of the Tao to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


The karma for the loss of these planes is extensive and has been released in recent months augmenting the return of these beautiful vibrational bandwidths to Earth. Long ago, humans were seeded upon Earth. Such humans shared in the golden and silver planes through the ongoing exchange of such energies between the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies of the field and form. Alas, forces of the dark incarnate upon Sirius stripped the gold and silver planes from Earth, moving them to Sirius A and B through the very humans that they seeded.  This left only shadow planes for both humans and all species upon Earth to dance within. Each initiate may wish to take the time now to release the karma for human participation in the loss of love and the gold and silver planes upon Earth.


What does dancing in the shadow equate to? Without the gold and silver vibrations, vision becomes impaired, as there is less light available to perceive into the truth of the matter. It is in the loss of vision that one loses one’s way, makes the wrong decisions that lead to falls in consciousness rather than ascension, or is conned by forces of the dark into doing one thing, anticipating a particular result only to discover only too late that the opposite would occur and one made the wrong choice. It is the dance of the shadow planes that augmented the many falls in consciousness of the Earth over the past 200,000 years of human involvement.


Splitting of Light and Dark


Why would Sirius do such a thing as removing the golden and silver planes from Earth? Sirius took the gold and silver tones of creation from Earth to fuel their own ascent to the next dimension. Up until Earth’s ascent, which is really more of a resurrection at this time of that which has decayed into healthy enough living cells to begin the ascent to the next dimension, the only form of ascension available to your creation has resulted in a split in light and dark.


Splitting light and dark equates to all of the gold and silver vibrations along with grid work, chi, moving energy systems and information going to the star or planet destined to ascend, and all of the shadow and darkness along with karma from such a planet or star deferred to the planet or star destined not to ascend. This is ultimately the plight of Earth; Earth gave up her golden and silver planes to Sirius and absorbed Sirian darkness to augment Sirian ascension, and is one of 8 planets that did so in your creation.


Each of these 8 planets also have suffered a fall in consciousness not unlike Earth, however Earth’s fall is by far the worst as it includes the embracing of destructive thoughtform that has led to aging, illness, death, deformity, and a shortened lifespan for all species including humankind. None of the other 8 planets that absorbed a portion of Sirian darkness have suffered as greatly as Earth. For Earth sacrificed her love and light for Sirius much as human martyrs have sacrificed themselves for this individual or that cause.


Each reading this material may utilize the return of the gold and silver planes to examine one’s own thoughtform for being the martyr. Ultimately, the choice to be the martyr and sacrifice oneself is what underlies all experiences of disease, and this is the year to release all disease karma so that a new regenerative pattern can be anchored for humankind and all species upon Earth through the ascending map makers.


Through the map making of her global ascent, Earth has learned many things. The records from ascending species reveal many truths about the current state of affairs that shed light upon why so many other creations much like Earth have gone extinct over time. Such extinct creations also sacrificed themselves for the ascent of another and more or less played the role of a martyr. The Tao estimates that over 8 billion planets and stars not unlike Earth and your solar sun have gone extinct in this dance and over such a long time period that our current measures are inadequate to estimate how long this dance has occurred and recurred.


The Dara Soul Group examined eight “All That Is” that surround the All That Is that your creation is a part. Each of these entire creations of 180,000 dimensions of life has likewise gone extinct. At this time, the All That Is that Earth is related to is dying. Earth’s ascent will begin to reverse this so that it too may ultimately resurrect and ascend Home to the Tao. Dara compiled many records that the Tao has been reviewing since his/her descent upon Earth. The Tao validates Dara’s findings and will augment this information with a larger picture of understanding for all species upon Earth and within your creation to bring to consciousness.


Earth too would have only the possibility of global extinction if she were not to ascend. Through the choice to ascend, and in the intervention of God Goddess/All That is that we call now the Tao, it is understood that the requirement for any creation to become extinct to augment the ascension of another is a vast non-truth that has been perpetuated for the purposes of the retention of certain lawless souls in dominion over creation.


Such lawless souls trap other souls in the continued dance of lawlessness through extinction. Such souls furthermore tear apart creation, sending the moving energy systems of that which has gone extinct to other places that they prefer to dance within. This sustains a love and light only dance elsewhere while many souls and creations such as Earth suffer greatly in the pain that extinction inflicts upon all involved in such a dance.


The Dance of Lawlessness


The Tao has been educating Earth and all souls in particular caught in this dance of lawlessness in your cosmos of Dimensions 1 through 24. The Tao has extended into this place of lost love and light to better understand what has occurred here, and to bring restitution and a path of recourse that will allow all to go Home and ascend rather than become extinct. No soul should have the right to trap other souls in pain. No soul should have the right to prevent other souls from ascending home. No soul should have the right to perpetuate destruction endlessly. This the Tao extends into time and space and form to make known, and bring forth the resurrection and restitution of love and light to all souls trapped in this dance of pain.


It has now come to be understood that your creation was originally designed as a form of re-education for souls that have misused power over time and in the dance of the Tao. As such, time was slowed and very slow-moving planets and stars with many creatures to incarnate into was deliberately created so that souls who were more or less lawless could extend into such form and think about what they had done over lengthy periods of incarnation. One could therefore consider your creation a re-education program for delinquent souls that had misused power.


For such souls who were sent into such a program in the Tao’s experience, four incarnations of approximately 400,000 years each was the average length of stay inside very slow-moving species. Such species did not include fully conscious form such as humanity. Instead they were simple creatures of land or sea parallel to fish, animals, plants and insects currently prevalent upon Earth.


After a lengthy period of incarnation in such species, the delinquent souls would have an opportunity to demonstrate that they had learned the principles of unity, and would not misuse power again into the future. Such learning was demonstrated in the act of ascension, and as the planet or star that such souls were incarnate upon would ascend “home” or into non-physicality.  In so doing, all souls would have to demonstrate harmony, unity, non-conditional love and service to the whole, or they would be retained in another cycle upon other planets or stars that were not ascending for another lengthy period of incarnation in a very slow-moving creature.


The Dara Soul Group has also examined a parallel creation in the future that much like Earth holds only delinquent souls that are being re-educated into the dance of unity again. Dara concluded that the human form is too complex of a blueprint for the purpose for which such a creation exists. Adding humans to such a dance only allows the space through which information can again be used. The Tao validates this understanding as no fully conscious species or complex blueprint was ever ordained in such creations before. The fact that the human hologram and blueprint has come to be within such creations is a violation of the laws and agreements behind such creations. However, it is also an example of the breaking of law that the lawless ones have perpetrated over time and in their dance.


As souls ascend out of the lengthy incarnation, having learned all the vital lessons of honor and unity, and further refraining from any form of lawless conduct, such souls would next be placed into the governance over the creation for again a certain period of time. This period of being in the governance over other lawless souls was a test to assure that such souls would continue in their lawful and unity-based conduct outside of the system. The average length of stay for such a soul in governance position was 20,000 years. Then as such souls completed upon their service work in governance, they could return to the dance of the Tao and other explorations of creational dance and evolution.


Per the records reviewed by the Tao and in review of records that Dara had compiled: Long ago, a group of souls entering the period of governance over those learning their lessons of honor and love chose collectively to leave their positions early, placing others of less experience into their role as governor. These others knew not enough about the nature of lawlessness to remain in power, and soon the lawless souls incarnate in their lengthy sentences overthrew those in governance. This occurred, but was veiled from the upper authorities overseeing the dance from above. The lawless ones pushed the souls in governance into the incarnation of slow-moving species, and then went on to misuse power yet again instead of learning their lessons of honor and unity.


The misuse of power has gone on for so long that 8 billion creations have gone extinct in the hands and under the dominion of such lawless souls. Such lawless souls target the lower dimensions, which creations fall into for the purposes of the slowing of time. Generally, the most difficult of souls that have misused power the greatest are placed upon the lowest dimensions of any creation designated for the purposes of re-education. This ensures the most time of incarnation to contemplate the wrongdoing such souls have perpetrated within the Tao.  The lawless ones went about freeing the most harmful souls that had misused the power the greatest over time.


Such souls further devised a method of ascending up the dimensions, not through learning the lessons of honor, integrity and love, but by inflation of dominion based thoughtform and abusive tactics that would subordinate others unto their wishes through the act of shattering and stripping of information. Such souls shatter those in governance to such a point in any take-over that little information remains thereafter to remember enough of what existed before to rectify the dance by those that remain.


At this time, all 180,000 dimensions of the All That Is that Earth is related to have been overrun by lawless souls through such ascension practices. Such ascensions were conducted by and large through human, dolphin and whale species, none of which would normally be allowed to exist within a creation with this purpose.


Earth fell prey to such a lawless overthrow about 96 million years ago. Ninety-six million years ago, a group of souls invaded Earth shattering the angelic realm extensively along with the souls in governance over Earth. Such souls were shattered so extensively that little remained thereafter that remembered how Earth was governed or worked prior to the takeover.  This is how the Melchizedek Order and Counsel of 12 came to be in power over Earth. Such an Order and Counsel is from the past, but much like pirates, raid future creations to sustain their continued dance.


First and upon moving into dominion, the Melchizedek Order and Counsel of 12 freed the great lawless souls that had been suspended upon Earth to learn their lesson of honor, and placed such souls into power. This is how Sananda came to be a great power upon Earth. Over time, such lawless souls desired human form to dance and ascend through, and made agreements for the Sirian Seeding of humankind. This was without the permission or knowledge of Mother Earth as a consciousness.


As humankind came to be upon Earth, further agreements were made by such lawless souls to remove the gold and silver planes giving them to Sirius. Such souls further used human ascension to ascend to Sirius, leaving behind the shadow that remained, escaping themselves and leaving all others to the great pain caused in their wake.


Mechanized governance was left in their place to oversee the human dance as they retracted through human ascensions up through 32,000 years ago, and the last ascension by the being known as Buddha. Long ago, Asur’Ana in her early ascent came to the awareness that the spiritual hierarchy of Earth was a complex set of machines and not a conscious set of beings. Indeed, this has proved to be so, and Earth is in the process of dismantling such machinery at this time upon Earth. The purpose of the mechanized governance was to continue to restrain Earth in a shadow dance until she became extinct so that Sirius and all of the souls dancing therein could continue to experience a love and light dance forevermore.


This is how the lawless ones have continued to ascend up the dimensions, increasing their level of authority, splitting light and dark, and creating places of extinction and places of an ongoing love and light dance that they enjoy. This is how the False Intervention has come to be; it is comprised of millions of lawless souls who ascended through human, whale or dolphin form, leaving planets and stars to become extinct, carrying on their love and light dance for eons of time. This has gone on for so long now that it threatens to distort the Tao to a great enough of a degree that the Tao is choosing to extend in and understand how this all came to be, and set up a system of rectification and restoration that will one day allow the dance to be cleared and all souls that are lawless to be rounded up and re-educated.


A New Era of Law Ahead


Earth is choosing to rectify the lawless dance at this time of her ascent. Those souls that continue to perpetrate abusive dominion-based tactics are being removed and restrained by the Tao. This is where the Melchiezedek Order and all souls related to Sananda are sent to as they are removed from Earth. The Tao has determined that such souls would only go on to perpetrate the same dance elsewhere otherwise. They shall be restrained until a new school impervious to their tactics is developed far into the distant future.


Who is going to oversee such a school? You can choose this job if you want. We need volunteers from the pool of souls map making ascension of humankind along with all other species upon Earth. As a map carving soul, one will learn tactics that are impervious to the lawless souls, allowing for their era of dominion to come to an end and ascension and restitution, peace and joy to be born. In so doing, one will have all the vital skills to oversee yet another creation designed to re-educate such souls into the distant future.


Earth represents the hope and possibility of the completion with the dance of lawlessness in full. In so doing, the rightful purpose of what Earth and all Creations upon such a low dimension were created for can be rectified. Furthermore, this rectification includes all dimensions that your creation resides upon, as the souls that have ascended from Earth have been recalled now to face the karmic boards on accounts of lawless conduct and incomplete ascension that included abusive, shattering and dominion-based practices.


As all is recalled that ascended lawlessly from the lower dimensions, the upper dimensions will have an opportunity also to rectify the distortion that they too have fallen into. All such souls that are recalled are to be restrained by the Tao until a future school has been developed to re-educate them.


This the Tao is overseeing as anything less threatens the entire dance of the Tao. The Tao perceives this as a place in which lawlessness went wild; and a place that reflects perhaps all souls within the Tao’s desires to be lawless expressed in one tiny place and to a great extreme. All souls therefore within the Tao are being called to observe this dance and observe Earth and the stars in the multidimensional consensus for ascension ascend out of the lawless dance. In so doing, all souls can come to understand that which this creation reflects in its extreme lawless expression. As all souls within the Tao cease to desire lawlessness, such an expression as the creation Earth resides within can be restored to its rightful purpose.


Flipping of Light and Dark


One of the greater areas of difficulty for most humans is the understanding that light and dark were swapped out in the overthrow by the false intervention about 96 million years ago upon Earth. The overthrow occurred long before humans came to dance upon Earth. However, the souls humans have trusted since the inception of the seeding are ultimately forces of the dark that have used Earth as a place to launch their lawless dance up the dimensions of your creation. Therefore, such lawless forces appear light, but are really of the dark.


A lawless or dark soul is dark underneath the bright and seemingly “light filled” veils that they run. Running veils is a part of the lawless dance as then such souls can appear one way while really and truly are of another truth. Any lawless soul that descends or is slowed down to partake in the purpose that a creation such as Earth holds drops in frequency. This is necessary in order for time to be slowed, and the soul therefore to have enough time to contemplate their “wrong doing” and misuse of information and power upon the upper dimensions of the Tao. Therefore, they appear “dark” in tone and color, as the very fabric of the soul has been slowed for the purposes of learning the lessons of honor and unity upon an extremely low dimension.


As such a soul learns honor and unity, gradually the chi is returned to the fabric of the soul and the soul begins to be “light filled” again.  Generally speaking, such souls fill with light in the act of ascension and as the planet or star that they are incarnate upon chooses to go home. As long as the soul minds the law and dances in unity and honor of the whole, then the soul is infused with light over time until it simply steps out of the illusion and returns Home to the Tao again. This is why the souls that were originally to be held upon Earth for such lessons, but overthrew the governance therein, will be dark underneath their veils.


The Tao perceives beyond veils. Therefore, it is easy for the Tao to see which souls were originally destined to be held within this creation and requiring the lessons of unity and honor to be learned, and which souls were to be in governance. Those who were to be in governance are generally pushed into the incarnations that were to be held by the lawless ones. This has happened upon Earth, and most kingdoms are filled with souls that are not lawless, but filled with light and have already learned their lessons surrounding the misuse of power.


The Tao invites all initiates to lift all veils upon all beings dancing in one’s field upon a daily basis, and toss out those that are perceived as dark in contrast to one’s own emerging light. One can send such beings to the Aurora and the counsels of Earth overseeing ascension at this time. As all karma for any soul is released, such souls are then sent to the Tao and into the holding tank, awaiting a future soul re-education program.


The Turning of Creation


The Tao is overseeing a selective turning of all souls upon Earth and upon all dimensions up through Dimension 25 of your Cosmos at this time. During this period of turning, all souls are being assessed for their vibration and light within the very fabric of soul. Souls that hold light are being placed in positions of authority again. Souls that do not hold light are removed altogether and held for another time when another school will be constructed for such souls to learn their lessons within.


The ascended master souls and souls in governance over the human species had been removed by Earth in recent months of her own global ascension along with the global planes of reality that they once danced upon. Some of such souls however were recently discovered to be hiding within the tapestry of ancestry amongst non-ascending humans. More or less they were pretending to be ancestors when they were in fact ascended master souls. Such souls hiding in the tapestry of ancestry were further found to be a blending of human grid work and soul grid work in nature upon examination of the Cosmic Counsels.


Soul has become so distorted upon Earth that genetics have been uncovered embedded in the fabric of soul along with human grid work. This is why such ascended master souls are not unlike human kind in expression, including expression of judgment, fear, abuse and so on, as they are not really pure soul at all but a mixture of human energy and soul as a weaving. How this came to be involved the “Mahatma Planes” and “False Intervention” planes discussed in earlier volumes. Such planes have been dismantled in recent global ascension of Earth, and all that occurred upon such planes revealed in their recasting.


Recasting is a process in which soul is rewoven for the purposes of ascension. The form associated with the ascending soul is also rewoven to hold a larger field, chakra system, subtle body system, or repair the grid work of the etheric body or light body during recasting. Long ago, and as human ascension became distorted, the Mahatma planes and souls therein began to weave together soul and human grid work. This distorted soul to such a degree that soul “fell” into like patterns of judgment and pain as the human vessel.


Such souls that became intermixed with human grid work were then left behind as the False Intervention souls ascended on to Sirius. Such intermixed souls were left behind to see to fruition the extinction of humankind and Earth. Therefore, those in governance over the Mahatma planes deliberately intertwined soul and form so that they could not separate; furthermore, those in governance retracted themselves out of Earth in the final ascent of Buddha leaving a mechanized governance in their place.


Therefore, the incomplete ascensions of all humans have been used to separate light and dark and assure global extinction of Earth, along with intermix human and soul gridwork to distort soul. This is heavy karma, however ascending humans are releasing such karma so that a new day may be born in which such misuse of human ascension never occurs again.


We invite initiates to assess if they have ascended master souls along with dark souls veiled as something else, including one’s ancestry, within one’s field upon a daily basis. Such souls will distort one’s ascent otherwise potentially causing one to fail to ascend as far as one could otherwise in adult form. Furthermore, such souls will guide one down a path that will not lead to continued ascent, as increasing light would only lift their veils over time causing them to be pulled from Earth. We guide initiates to turn their souls daily and during meditation. What we mean is that one sends all souls to one’s Source following synthesis and allow only those that are truly designed to oversee one’s ascent to return. One can also call upon the nature kingdoms and in particular the Swan Kingdom for support.


What It Means to Turn A Creation


The turning of Creation has begun upon Earth and the Cosmos of Dimensions 1 through 25 that she is related. The turning of creation generally occurs as any creation holding lawless souls chooses to ascend Home. During the period of turning, all souls are assessed to determine if they are suited to ascension, or suited to remaining behind to learn the lessons that they have failed to learn during their lengthy time of incarnation. For Earth, such a turning shall cleanse all lawless souls in governance over Earth and your cosmos allowing those who are unity-based and inherently gentle in nature to oversee the future ascent. This period of turning is also known as a period of “cleansing”.


The period of cleansing has begun and will allow for all lineages of all species utilized by lawless souls to be removed from all future incarnating form. Furthermore, this period of cleansing will allow for a “turning of Earth’s skin” to clear the toxic mess that humanity has deposited upon her and in preparation for the ascent to 4D. The period of cleansing is anticipated to take 200 years to fulfill upon in full, after which there shall be no more lawless lineages or souls remaining upon Earth whatsoever.


In order for the human species to remain after this time of cleansing ahead, humans will have to cease to be used by lawless souls. Therefore, the ascension process of humankind allows for the clearing of all karma and patterning that cause a lawless dance within the human drama. Humans themselves have come to be lawless in their own expression and within the human civilization.


What exactly is lawlessness? The laws of creation are held by specific agreements that cause unity, harmony, joy, love and peace to be the foundation of all relations. Humans are by and large non-unity-based or competitive in nature; sit in great dissonance due to the electronic gadgetry that they surround themselves with; are in great pain, disease and discomfort, and war upon one another upon a small to large scale. More or less, humans are a physical representation of the lawless souls in dominion over your creation. Those in power in human form and in leadership capacity retain their power through unconsciously abusive tactics that subordinate others unto the leader.


In order for human form to be acceptable for soul to incarnate into for the purposes of ascension, humans will have to alter the very fabric of the form and nature of the behavior along with relations to one another and all other species. This is what ascension is for in adult form; to allow the human consciousness to evolve towards greater unity, peace, compassion and love in relation to all other species upon Earth. This period of turning will only allow those lineages that can move towards unity, love, compassion and peace to remain into the future. All other lineages shall be cleansed through death and selective extinction, bringing forth human children that are peaceful by nature and inherently lawful in their place by 2120.


This period of cleansing shall not be immediate, but rather a 100-year process in which all humans with lineages not predisposed to absolute harmony and peace shall be phased out in future human births as all karma is released. At this time there are 144,000 possible lineages for any human to choose from in relation to forming the body in the womb. Already 72,000 of such lineages have been phased out, as they are deemed too destructive and harmful in nature to continue to be utilized. Such lineages are directly related to the Annanuki and their slave race, and hold DNA derived in the Pleiades, which is radioactive and electrical in nature.


New Human History Revealed


Out of the 72,000 remaining lineages, over one half have been determined to come from yet another slave race that was red and seeded upon Earth by Sirius about 300,000 years ago. Recent records released from the Banff region show that Sirian scientists seeded an experimental human form with 15,000 segments of DNA 300,000 years ago. The scientists seeded this partially conscious and magnetic human at that time simply as an experiment to determine if Earth could hold a magnetic human form in ease in the event that Sirius A or B became uninhabitable. Such humanoid forms were bred in a laboratory and were never designed to ascend; nor were they even designed to hold records or information necessary for evolution.


200,000 years ago, and as Sirius A and B chose to ascend, and Sirian scientists chose to add the Grand Master lineages to the limited slave race that they had seeded upon Earth 100,000 years earlier. This was for the purposes of settling karma with the Pleiades. In essence, the Pleiades warred upon Sirius B because Sirian humans failed to deliver upon promised gold paid for. Such warfare shattered the ice shields of Sirius B causing her to become a blue planet much like Earth. This occurred about 600,000 years ago.


As a diversion, Sirian governance offered up the slaves that had been incubated for 100,000 years upon Earth to mine gold in your solar system to settle their debt. This was agreed upon without Earth’s permission or knowing, however the lawless souls in governance agreed to it as it was their desire for more conscious human form to come to Earth for them to ascend within.


The Pleiades agreed, but requested that Sirius provide a form of governance to assure that the gold would be mined and delivered as promised. Sirian governance then chose to create a governing class of humans to oversee such a project upon Earth. Sirian scientists took 6 females from this “slave race” with large hips, and inseminated them with sperm from the Grand Master lineages upon Sirius. Grand Master lineages have large heads and a level of awareness far above the average Sirian humanoid form. The mother and child, who is symbolic of the Egyptian Goddess Isis in human history, returned to Sirius where the child was delivered and raised by special instructors given the special nature of their genetics.


The six mothers or Isis never returned to Earth. They died a painful death due to the jealousy of their own tribe over their apparent “dominant position” given their role of giving birth to a more aware human form. The records clearly show that each of the six mothers were shattered by their own tribe’s unconscious abusiveness and died a few years following the delivery of each child. The slave race incubated by the Sirian scientists was not harmless. This is one of the reasons that such lineages will again be phased out from future human births into the future.


The first six grand masters delivered and raised in this manner returned to Earth after the age of 25, and took mates much like their mother. Each produced six more offspring per year for 8 years, leading to a total of 48 grand masters plus the original six raised upon Sirius. The purpose of this was to anchor the necessary ingredients for a governance over the human species upon Earth that would hold to certain spiritual principles, and provide a level of understanding and education unavailable to those with only 15,000 segments of DNA. Such leadership was also to oversee the mining of gold through the use of the less aware humanoid form. More or less such slave humans would have been forced to work in a horrific circumstance for the purposes of paying back a debt to the Pleiades. Alas this never unfolded.


The six grand masters that incubated the children raised such children until they were each 25 or older, and then chose to return to Sirius to complete their lives therein. The 48 grand master children likewise took wives or husbands of the slave populace, producing additional children. Some also mated with one another producing grand master of grand master line. Suddenly and for no apparent reason, all 48 grand masters died and at the approximate age of 800 years. Their offspring continued, but lost the original purpose for which they had been seeded.


The Pleiades failed to be delivered the gold that had been promised. 10,000 years passed, and Pleiadian governance finally chose to send a group to oversee the mining of gold upon Earth. This is how the Annanuki arrived upon Earth; the agreements for the gold however were between Sirius A and B and the Pleiades, and not Earth. However, the Pleiades chose to override such agreements and take of the gold nonetheless that had been promised unto them. The Annanuki found the red race too docile to force to work in the mines. They then went on to incubate an even less aware human for such a purpose. This history of the Annanuki has been explored more extensively in the earlier books.


Each may wish to explore one’s own karma in relation to this information. Many women in particular suffer from problems with the uterus or reproductive system that is related to the karma for the death of Isis. Furthermore, each of the 48 grand masters that died left offspring that later ascended and are known as the ancient Egyptian Gods. This is how the lawless souls ascended themselves to Sirius leaving in their wake the fall of Earth and humankind. We will be exploring the history of ancient Egypt in future transmissions and as the records are released in full.


Whale and Dolphin Karma, Usury and Current Problems


It was recently uncovered in the records revealed in Earth’s global ascension that dolphins and whales were used to kill the grand masters about 196,000 years ago. The lawless souls in governance over Earth entered the dance of the whales and dolphins 196,000 years ago and augmented severe energetic blows towards the 48 grand masters, killing them all within a 14-day period. Upon each death, the holographic information of the grand master lineages was transferred to the dolphin and whale species.


Suddenly, whales and dolphins became “fully conscious” in nature, with individuated souls incarnating therein due to the transference of such records. This was the result of the transference of humanoid holographic consciousness from the grand master lineages to dolphin and whale lineages. This was done by the lawless souls so that whales and dolphins could also ascend and allow their consciousness to leave Earth.


As of late, a replay of ancient karma has been recurring within the dolphin and whale species. Whale and dolphin map makers were recently caught re-anchoring the False Intervention again upon Earth after Earth had taken much care to remove all of such souls from her dance. The cause of this appears to be distorted ascensions that were becoming increasingly incomplete, splitting light and dark in a manner that the unconscious was growing rather than diminishing within their species. As the unconscious grew of the dolphin and whale species, the fertile ground for a false intervention invasion was born. This is currently being rectified at this time.


Cosmic Counsels have suspended any further whale and dolphin map carving of ascension until the distortion is rectified in full. It has been determined that the cause of the distorted ascension of the dolphin and whale species is the result of the attempt to use human information and human DNA to ascend. Genetics are very specific in relation to the consciousness that they bear in relation to ascension. Relying upon the genetics of another species will never work in ascension. The recent distortion in the whale and dolphin species have demonstrated this.


Dolphins and whales have been pushed into a separate consensus and dream from all other species upon Earth at this time and until the distortion has been rectified. Their incomplete and distorted ascension was threatening the whole of the ascent of earth, and it is for this reason that Cosmic Counsels chose to guide Earth in this manner. Over time, whale and dolphin ascensions will be re-orchestrated and brought back into alignment with Earth. Until such a time, we guide human map carvers to withdraw from all contact and communications with their species. Harmful blows have been found coming through the unconscious towards upper level human initiates; such blows were not consciously directed, but rather directed by false intervention souls dancing with their distorted fields.


Dolphin and Whale Harmfulness


8 Orcas were uncovered utilizing the power of their ascended thoughtform to intend the extinction of humankind. This is not the purpose of ascended thoughtform, beloved. Ascended thoughtform is utilized to intend peace, unity, love, harmlessness amongst all species, and the ascent of one’s own species and form. It is not used to intend the extinction of another. Such Orcas further utilized the collective fields of all other dolphins and whales to push such intents upon humankind. It has been determined that the recent movement towards greater warfare rather than world peace amongst humans is directly related to such intentions, which began about 20 months ago. This is a form of whale and dolphin harmfulness.


Harmfulness in the physical has also been uncovered as having occurred between certain species of whales. Humans have called the Orca species “killer whales”, and perhaps there is some unconscious association with the truth that this is so. In a special segment for a BBC production called “Blue Planet”, there’s a scene where a pod of Orcas was filmed hunting down a baby whale of another species. The mother tried to assist her baby in keeping pace with her, but over time the Orcas caught up. Much to the surprise of the film crew, the Orcas killed the baby whale and consumed the brain.


Investigation from the cosmic counsels uncovered the truth; the baby was carrying new frequencies that would have lifted the veils upon the distorted ascent of the Orcas. The Orcas prevented this from coming to light by hunting down and killing all babies of other whale species carrying such information from birth.


The forced recasting of all whales and dolphins followed this discovery in recent weeks and under the direction of the creator of Earth and the Tao. A secret order of whales, all Orca in origin, was uncovered in the recasting that has held dominion over all dolphins and whales within the inner planes. All records were reviewed by these Orcas before being sent to Earth, and certain segments edited or erased. All edited and erased information is in the process of being recovered and added to the libraries of Earth at this time.


The edited information showed that the whale kingdom had uncovered the origins of their ascension information through the death of the Grand Masters so very long ago. Such information was erased and prevented from coming to be known by Earth or ascending humans so that the dolphins and whales could continue to ascend without a re-orchestration. This information was further withheld from the human species, and led to the death of the 3 Inner Earth Masters as the karma acted out in present time.


Such deaths were simply a repeat of the karma from so very long ago, and without the records, the karma failed to be released. When karma goes unreleased, one ascends into the karma and acts it out beloved. Now that the karma is known, it can be released by all humans that are ascending at this time in history; we invite each reading this book to release this karma at this time.


The secret governance of the whale and dolphin kingdom has been dismantled due to the intervention of the source of Earth. All records will now flow direct from their species unto Earth’s libraries without interference. Furthermore, all species of dolphins and whales that participated in the secret governance are denied the ability to ascend any further in this lifetime.  If the ascent of those related to their individuated species is to come forth, harmless lineages that work in complete collaboration with Earth will have to be born in future generations. Whales and dolphins are now going to be subject to a form of generational ascension just as humankind.


Splitting of Consciousness Between Dolphins, Whales and Humans


The death of the grand masters and the transference of their holographic knowledge unto the whale and dolphin species created a split in consciousness. This split caused a portion of human consciousness to go into the dolphin and whale species. As such, human consciousness dropped, and this was the first fall of the human species upon Earth about 196,000 years ago.  This further appears to be the result of karma for abusive whales and dolphins bred for warfare that was displaced upon Earth as the Arcturian race infused frozen sulfur dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere about 24 million years ago. As the sulfur dioxide melted, it entered the waterways along with the karma. Over time, the karma was picked up and became a part of the DNA of the magnetic dolphins and whales living in the water.


The karma is for a race of whales and dolphins that were bred to destroy humans. This karma originated not in your creation but the creation that Arcturus is related to. Arcturus is related to a parallel magnetic universe related to your Cosmos. Over time, Arcturus has had its battles, and apparently dolphins and whales were used to harm Arcturians at another time and in a clash with another humanoid species. The details are not available as this is not karma recorded in your creation. However, the karma as it was displaced upon Earth and picked up by the dolphin and whale species acted out as humans of enough spiritual knowledge were seeded upon Earth.


Whale and Dolphin Cause of The Fall of Earth


Dolphins and whales therefore bear the responsibility of picking up karma and acting it out in ancient times and causing the death of the 48 Grand Masters, along with more recent times that the karma again recurred.  However, from the viewpoint of Earth, whales and dolphins, and in particular in their magnetic form, should have known better, and should have taken an alternative action other than destroying the Grand Masters. For the destruction caused the addition of destruction and death thoughtform to all of Earth, which ultimately has led to the carnivorous behavior of certain species towards another, along with a shortened lifespan, aging, illness and death to become the norm.


Therefore, dolphins and whales now bear the responsibility for the original fall of consciousness of Earth into the destructive paradigm. For so long, Earth has believed that humans were responsible for this original fall. However, in recent years, Earth has come to understand that the dream for the human species was separate from the dream for all other species within the consensus known as Earth, including whales and dolphins. As a result of such a separation, humans could not have caused the original fall of the consensus known as Earth, as they were not a part of the consensus. Therefore, it stands to reason that a species within the consensus should be at cause, and this is what the recent revelations about the death of the human Grand Masters have indeed revealed.


It was with a heavy heart that Earth learned of the whale and dolphin involvement in this dance. Earth has trusted dolphins and whales for as long as she can remember to work in harmony and unity with all other species. To discover that they failed to work in harmony and unity with human Grand Masters seeded about 200,000 years ago defies all that Earth has known about their species.


However, this speaks about how karma works and acts out when it is unknown leading to an unsuspected cause and effect. All records of their involvement with the Grand Masters’ deaths so long ago had been erased and deferred onto the remaining human species. Perhaps had the whales and dolphins been more aware of the karma that they had picked up in the waterways of Earth, all of this would have been avoided. Alas, they had no awareness, and now inherit great karma for the fall of Earth’s thoughtform into destructive patterning.


Humans upon the other hand are proving to be helpful and useful to global ascension, and more than Earth ever anticipated. In recent months and in the re-orchestration along with limitations upon human ascension, the harm that was flowing through the human unconscious has ceased. Over time and through a parallel re-orchestration of dolphin-whale ascensions, so this will also come to be for their species. Perhaps then, all species can forgive one another and choose to ascend into a new dance of harmony, unity and non-conditional love together.


Earth too has her beliefs about the “perfect species”. Whales and dolphins were indeed seemingly the “more perfect fully conscious species”, up until the recent discoveries proved otherwise. Many humans also look to the dolphins and whales to be of greater harmony and more in alignment with Earth. Perhaps this speaks of the dance of perfection; there is no such thing as perfection, only form and soul learning, growing and evolving together. No species is free from participating in the dance upon Earth or Earth’s history.


Any incarnate species upon Earth sets one up to participate in all experiences of the entire consensus. Furthermore, the experiences of Earth were created by all members of the species collective consciousness for whatever lessons that they provide for soul. To perceive one species as superior to another, or more “perfect” than another is simply illusion in action. However, such illusion causes Earth and ascending humans not to question dolphin and whale authority. This leads to a greater ability for the dark to manipulate through such fields without being noticed; and so, this recent setback teaches all that bear witness to this experience.


More Human-Dolphin-Whale History Revealed


In the transference of consciousness to the whale-dolphin species, humankind lost its unity, harmony and balance along with inner vision and understanding of dreamtime; for this was the portion of the holographic knowledge of the grand masters transferred unto their species. It is also the portion of the information that causes one to be “inner directed” or “internally aware”. Therefore, humans also lost their inner landscape and knowingness along with an ability to simply “be” in the death of the Grand Masters. As such knowledge was given to another species, humans en masse became increasingly outwardly oriented and directed by science rather than intuition, to a point in recent history that almost any knowledge of the inner world is perceived as a fantasy or without import in the current human dance.


There are two other time periods in which dolphin and whale and human consciousness split and merged in addition to the original experience with the Grand Masters, each of which again caused a fall in human consciousness and an increasing movement to an outer-only based scientific only awareness. The second merger occurred during the era of the Annanuki. In their early presence, there was no relationship between the Annanuki and the current magnetic whale and dolphin population upon Earth. The Annanuki were electrical in orientation, and therefore there was no holographic relationship.


Following the loss of the ice shields and the creation of your oceans, the Annanuki chose to seed dolphin and whale life from the Pleiades upon Earth. The Orcas have their origin from the Pleiades, and are an electrical variety of whale. There are two additional varieties of dolphin that are primarily electrical, one of which is the bottlenose dolphin. As the electrical whales and dolphins were seeded in the oceans, over time the karma from Arcturus was also transferred unto their DNA from the waterways. As this occurred, the karma again acted out, and the Annanuki found themselves energetically shattered.


Although the Annanuki did not die in the shattering which emanated through dolphin and whale pods, one half of the holographic knowledge of the Annanuki was moved to the electrical whale and dolphin species. This occurred about 8,000 years before the detonation of the nuclear armament in the warfare between Innana and Merduk. Indeed, the war between the two broke out less than 800 years after the Annanuki holographic knowledge was transferred to the dolphin and whale population, apparently without their understanding. It is perhaps this loss of information and the resultant fall in consciousness that ultimately caused the insanity of Merduk against Innana, and ultimately the nuclear annihilation of Earth. Whales and dolphins now bear a portion of this karma due to their participation in the loss of consciousness of human form.


During the era of Atlantis, again humans, dolphins and whales began to dance together for the purposes of ascension. Again, one half of the remaining human holographic knowledge was transferred to the whale and dolphin kingdoms during this time period. Again, humans in their loss of consciousness turned against one another in warfare, culminating in yet another global nuclear annihilation about 40,000 years ago. Dolphins and whales now likewise share in a portion of this karma having participated in the loss of human consciousness that led to such warfare.


This pattern repeated yet again with the death of the grand masters in the Inner Earth less than six months ago. However, ascending upper level initiates are rectifying whatever was transferred in such an experience now, and retrieving all knowledge lost. We invite all reading this material to retrieve one’s own holographic knowledge lost to whales and dolphins in these three time periods. As each ascending initiate does so, one will retrieve one’s own inner awareness holographic knowledge.


Many initiates complain that they are non-clairvoyant. Indeed, the underlying cause of such patterning is the loss of such knowledge to dolphin and whale form. For those that this is so, retrieving one’s knowledge will assist in the opening to one’s inner eye and senses. Furthermore, it will augment one’s opening to the dreamtime planes that surround oneself now that dreamtime has been re-orchestrated global wide in Earth’s ascension.


In essence, in the ascent to 1800 segments, one releases all karma for the period known as Atlantis. Therefore, all who have mastered this level of evolution should have released their karma retrieving the knowledge lost unto the whale and dolphin populace in one’s ancestry of this time period. Unfortunately, the records for such karma had been manipulated, and in the unknown, they went unreleased within all ascending initiates. Now is the time for each who has ascended to this level or beyond to release such karma and retrieve one’s own holographic records from the dolphin and whale kingdoms.


Furthermore, for those ascending to 3000 and beyond, the karma for the period known as the Annanuki is addressed. It has been unknown up until now that the fall in consciousness of the Annanuki and the warfare that resulted involved the whale and dolphin species. It is time to release one’s karma from this time period also with their species and retrieve all knowledge lost in human holographic form.


Last, the intent for human extinction has affected the entire consensus for ascending humans. Each may wish to examine if one has taken on the thoughtform and karma for extinction as emanating from dolphin and whale unconscious over the past 2 years. If one has, it is time to return such thoughtform for extinction unto their species and intend to ascend instead. Furthermore, if one has taken on death or disease karma from their species without conscious awareness, now is the time to return such karma in full. Whales and dolphins have been found collectively displacing their disease and death karma onto humanity and 8 other planets in your cosmos. As one uncovers such a dance, intend to return all karma to its source of origin, lest one ascend into such karma and become diseased or die instead of ascending.


Earth’s Plight and Analysis


In the discovery that dolphins and whales had been unconsciously deferring their disease karma not only onto humankind, but also onto 8 other planets in your cosmos, Earth became irate. For Earth chooses not to defer any karma but complete all karma so that she can ascend. If karma were deferred from any species, it would ensure that the consciousness and souls of Earth would have to return to this dimension to complete at a later time. Earth has no intention of returning to this creation after she has ascended Home.


Whales and dolphins have long known of Earth’s intent to have a complete ascension, and this pattern simply does not support a complete global ascension. All karma deferred elsewhere by dolphins and whales is in the process of being retrieved, and their species will have to burn off such karma by running it through their kundalini and through the cancellation process of recasting. There is no other way to create a complete ascension beloved. As this is so for whales and dolphins, this is also for humankind. Each must cease to defer karma and burn off all karma with one’s own kundalini to ascend with Earth.


Had the dolphins and whales shared of their involvement in the Grand Master deaths as it was revealed in their own ascent about 2 years ago, the deaths of these 3 Inner Earth Masters would have been avoided. It was the secret governance of Orcas that prevented the information from being shared. It is also through the Orca kingdom that the karma was deferred from their species onto humankind and 8 other planets in your cosmos. It is furthermore the conscious intent for human extinction emanating from ascending Orca thoughtform that has caused Earth and Cosmic Counsels to roll all Orca’s back to 2 strands of DNA, and prohibit their ascent altogether into the future. They are now destined for extinction at this time founded upon cosmic counsel decisions. The whales and dolphins now inherit the karma for these 3 human deaths.


Cosmic Counsel Assessment


Dolphins and whales suffer from “pod mentality” per the cosmic counsels, which is “one for all, all for one”. At this time of cleansing, electrical based DNA must be phased out. The whales and dolphins failed to adequately separate electrical from magnetic lineages for the purposes of a selective extinction of those varieties unsuited to supporting the global ascension of Earth. Therefore, this is what must come forth next, a separate consensus for ascending dolphins and whales with magnetic lineage inheritance. Much like the re-orchestration of human ascension, which has taken roughly six months, it is anticipated that it will be many months before the whale and dolphin ascensions will be re-orchestrated enough to proceed.


We again invite human ascending initiates to review their karma with the whale and dolphin species, and separate in full at this time. This will allow their species the time necessary to re-orchestrate. Not all dolphins and whales are harmful in nature. However, those whale and dolphin map makers who are pure of heart had been overrun by others with incomplete ascensions, and the collective unconscious used for harmful purposes.


As their species re-orchestrates, separating from those of harmful lineages in dolphin and whale form, their collective ascent will come again into alignment with Earth and the unconscious cease to be used to harm. At such a time, one can re-open to inter-species communication. Until such a time, we advise that one allow them their dance without interference. Each species must take full responsibility for one’s own species ascent. As it is for humankind, it is also for whale and dolphin form.


Mummification Rituals


In addition to the death of the Grand Masters augmented through dolphin and whale fields, the tribal red slave race that remained chose to mummify the embodiments rather than cremate them upon death. Such humans probably thought that they were doing the right thing, and had witnessed and participated in the mummification rituals of the Sirian scientists, who would mummify certain members of certain animal kingdoms, preserving them for the long journey back to Sirius.


The mummification trapped the souls of the Grand Masters in the body rather than releasing soul in full. As a result, such souls went into a void until they were recently released as the karma for mummification was released by upper level initiates in the Inner Earth and upon the surface of the Earth. Such souls had gone into a terrible void as a result and were unable to communicate what they knew with any other soul as a result. Such souls were aware that the whales and dolphins had been behind the death of their forms.


Mummification continued on the part of the Grand Master offspring, and it was utilized later as a ritual when ascension ceased. More of the mummification records have yet to be released, but it is anticipated that next year such records will be released from Egypt and other surrounding areas in which such practices were common in ancient times. For ascending initiates, one may wish to release the karma for all ancestors who were mummified or embalmed in any manner. As one does this, one can free the soul that may be attached to any remaining bones or gravesite upon Earth. In so doing, one can also pick up such schisms within one’s ascent.


As a result of such understanding of how mummification traps soul within form, we would guide those of you who are experiencing the death of a family member to utilize cremation rather than embalmment and burial of the body, which will release the soul of your relations in full upon death as a result. In so doing, one will augment a greater completion of soul for those completing in death in this lifetime.


Working with the Gold and Silver Planes


The gold and silver planes have returned to Earth. Such planes are mirrored down the dimensions at this time, and interact with vibrations above 3,200 segments of DNA. Therefore, anywhere within nature in which the land sits at 3,200 segments or higher, one will discover that the gold and silver planes create a beautiful refraction of light as one tunes into them. Furthermore, those who have ascended beyond 1,800 segments can call upon such planes and pull the tones of gold and silver into one’s field and form.


Understand that these tones are not like the golden and silver tones of the Language of Light, but rather are created as the entire Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad-tones are spun together into a new vibration and language known as the Language of ONE. The Language of One is created as all Language of Light tones and energy movement is united and spun in a particular direction and movement. One direction of movement creates gold and the other silver.


Gold is feminine and silver is masculine. Some initiates may draw upon gold more than silver, or silver more than gold, as each may find one more comfortable to sit within than the other.  This is directly related to the new astrology, each of which has a gold or silver overtone. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information on the new signs humanity is ascending into.) These overtones are as follows:


Peace Bearer (Year of the Dragon):  Silver

Truth Bearer (Year of the Buffalo):  Gold

Harmony Bearer (Year of the Bear):  Silver

Freedom Bearer (Year of the Horse):  Gold

Compassion Bearer (Year of the Elephant):  Silver

Communion Bearer (Year of the Turtle):  Gold

Wisdom Bearer (Year of the Eagle):  Silver

Illumination Bearer (Year of the Hawk):  Gold

Joy Bearer (Year of the Squirrel):  Silver

Unity Bearer (Year of the Deer):  Gold

True Law Bearer (Year of the Crow):  Silver

True Purpose Bearer (Year of the Owl):  Gold

Communication Bearer (Year of the Wolf):  Silver

Union Bearer (Year of the Swan):  Gold

Ascension Bearer (Year of the Tiger):  Silver

Evolution Bearer (Year of the Fox):  Gold

Evolutionary Truth Bearer (Year of the Antelope):  Silver

Fulfillment Bearer (Year of the Porcupine):  Gold


Initiates may discover that they are ascending into a particular sign, particularly those that have proceeded above 2,400 segments of DNA in the physical. Until such a time, one’s biological truth is not known enough to determine which sign or truth is more attuned to one’s biological vibration than another. Sometimes also as one proceeds beyond 3000 segments, the sign may change as one’s biological truth becomes yet more greatly clear. One may discover however that one prefers gold or silver founded upon one’s ascending astrological sign.


As one works with the gold and silver tones, one will augment one’s ascent. However, be aware that entering the gold and silver mirror that presents itself above 3,200 segments is only advisable for a short period. Furthermore, if one moves into the gold and silver mirror plane with a very incomplete ascension, all that one has schismed over will be returned to one’s field, and one may become ill for a time and until one has integrated all that one has skipped over. Therefore, working with the gold and silver planes in small amounts that are resonant with the field will cause a more complete ascension, as the schisms will be perceived with greater ease.


Exercise with Silver and Gold Tones of Creation


  1. Sit quietly and synthesize all chakras. (Please see “Meditation for Synthesis” from Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 11 for more information.) Crosscheck for missing Language of Light tones and retrieve them while releasing the karma with those who took them. Release the cords of attachment that one is ready to in the act of synthesis.
  2. Now fill each of your small chakras and grid work with a combination of gold and silver best suited to one’s new astrology sign. One may simply intend to allow one’s dragon soul and source to determine the best combination.
  3. Now fill the larger chakras with a combination of gold and silver, including the first through seventh or twelfth chakra (those who are ascending beyond 3,000 segments, five additional chakras gradually open).
  4. Now balance the left and right side of the form, filling the left or feminine side with gold and right or masculine side with silver. Balance the right and left sides of the field so that they hold the same amount of chi and are the same size.
  5. Now fill all of the four subtle bodies with the gold and silver tones. Add silver to the mental and creative bodies and gold to the intuitive and emotional bodies, balancing all four with even amounts of chi so that they are the same size.
  6. Now fill the larger chakras in one’s auric field with the gold and silver tones as one’s source determines appropriate.
  7. One will find that the gold and silver assists in more greatly unifying one’s field. However, one may also then become aware of schism that one previously skipped over in one’s ascent. As this occurs, simply intend to integrate the schisms during dreamtime.


Utilizing Cancellation to Clear Karma


The gold and silver planes are “mirrors” through which one may cancel karma, now that they are available again surrounding Earth. Cancellation of karma occurs generally in the act of recasting for most ascending initiates and while one is asleep. Now that the gold and silver planes are available in dreamtime, one can be recast while in meditation and conscious. In so doing, one can increase the pace of their ascent by doing what one was previously restricted to do at night and in dreamtime while asleep.


Up until now, one would travel holographically to a temple that would provide the mirrors. Now one can sit quietly in meditation, and call a gold and silver mirror in front of oneself. One can utilize such mirrors to allow ancestral karma to be cleared while awake. One can utilize the simple meditation suggested below to augment one’s ascension.


Meditation for Conscious Recasting


  1. Sit quietly with eyes closed. Synthesize and anchor the gold and silver tones of creation in the above meditation.
  2. Imagine in front of oneself a golden mirror, and behind oneself a silver mirror.
  3. Request all ancestors that one has a particular karma founded upon a particular thoughtform to stand in front of oneself in the golden mirror.
  4. Request all ancestors that have the opposite karma founded upon the same thoughtform to stand behind oneself in the silver mirror.
  5. Push the two mirrors together canceling the two set of ancestors out entirely. One will notice that the ancestors disappear in the process. In so doing, all karma is erased that is related to whatever thoughtform that one is working upon transcending in the moment.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 with the next layer of karma and thoughtforms one is transcending, until there are no further ancestors available.
  7. As all ancestors are cleared of their karma, invite them to merge with oneself, blending of their knowledge and experience with your continued life dance.
  8. Any ancestors that fail to disappear as the two mirrors are pushed together are not one’s own ancestors, or may be ascended master souls pretending to be ancestors. Send such fake ancestors to the Aurora and source of Earth for examination.


Ancestor Planes


All ancestors must merge with ascending initiates as karma is released from their particular lifetime. This ensures that all ancestors are contributing to the continued ascent of all initiates. For it is only as ancestors merge within that one can then benefit from the knowledge that they held in a particular lifetime or sequence of lifetimes. This augments one’s knowledge for continued ascension, and also manifestation of one’s dream.


Often manifestation difficulties will be related to ancestors who fractured in particular life experiences in which a dream did or did not come true. This causes a lack of such information causing initiates to experience difficulty with manifestation or financial lack. As each ancestor who holds dream-weaving knowledge is reunited through ascension, such knowledge then becomes available for the initiate to draw upon, bringing an end to the experience of lack.


Ancestors often have personality and judgment of their own. Sometimes they can sway an initiate in the wrong direction with their lamenting over this or that loss in their given lifetime. As the ancestors reunite within, such judgment is released in the process, and the ancestral persona dissolved and united with one’s own consciousness. As this occurs, the gifts and talents locked in the ancestor are transferred into one’s life expression.


Earth has removed all planes of reality that ancestors once danced upon free from ascending embodiments. Now all ancestors that are related to the karma that ascending initiates are releasing are the only ancestors allowed in the field around any initiate. As the karma is released, such ancestors must merge, and this is the new decree of Earth. Such merger allows for the rewards of ascension and the knowledge retrieved to benefit the initiate. All of the hard work of ascension should have some payoffs in Earth’s estimation, and it is why intending that one’s ancestors unite as all karma is released is a suggested part of one’s daily meditation.


Epilog: A Letter from Earth


It is Earth’s greatest wish that humanity joins Earth in the intent to ascend into unity, honor, joy and peace. This in and of itself is a grand homecoming that will augment the birth of the Golden Era ahead. Earth has entered several Star Gates towards the Great Central Sun in recent years. This journey home is one that brings Earth the greatest of joy.


Long ago, Earth exited the love and light of the Great Central Sun, and began a journey into great darkness. Now in this time of homecoming, all shall be illuminated; all shall come to be known; no secrets shall remain, and in so doing, all of the lessons that could be learned from this experience of darkness shall come to be learned. In so doing, there shall be no need to create a period of darkness ever again.


Many reading this material are map carvers or map followers. Map followers are those who have agreed to be the second wave of ascending humans whose newfound vibration supports Earth’s global ascension by creating a new baseline within the human civilization. Some have called such humans the code busters, the light bearers, the light workers, and so on. All of this is so, and those holding the role of map carver or map follower were seeded from birth for this special role. Know that you are not alone.


Unity is a state of being in which all support the whole; all actions must serve the greater good of the whole of one’s species and Mother Earth, and any actions outside of this are outlawed. Earth is returning to a state of true law in which the law shall support the ascent of the whole and each species therein.


Human ascension brings forth a return to true law, which is unity. In a state of unity, all members of a tribe or community support one another, and each contributes to the whole what it can in support of the whole. In a state of unity, there are no superior folk or inferior folk; each member is equal and of value to the whole.


This return to equality shall one day bridge all kingdoms; all kingdoms into the future shall relate together in unity and honor of one another. In so doing, the lion shall lay with the lamb. This shall come hand in hand with biological changes through ascension in which the consumption of food is no longer a requirement to support life, and all nutrients shall be gathered from the air and converted into the biochemical substances that support life within the crystalline diaphragm.


This state of being in which form thrived from the air is not foreign; it is a part of Earth’s ancient past; and it is coming into present time gradually. In the coming century, the consumption of food shall cease in all species global wide. This shall include the human species. Human ascension shall come forth in stages. Each future generation shall be born with greater awareness and more genetic material. The restoration to full consciousness and beyond shall occur in the coming 100-year cycle. As this is so for humankind, this is also for all species upon Earth.


This time ahead is of the great cleansing in which those who are not destined to ascend shall be cleansed from my global body. However, even such humans or species shall bear offspring that shall ascend. Most shall experience ascension to full consciousness in their future ancestors yet unborn. Therefore, this is a gradual process and not something to be feared.


We wish you a most joyous journey of ascension. Please do call upon Earth and my kingdoms for continued support and advice on one’s personal path.


The time of homecoming is upon you

Will you ascend home with Earth?

Or will you take another course extending your dance

in the third dimension?

The choice is yours

Intend to ascend and homecoming will be your future.



Mother Earth


Working with the Gold and Silver Tones of Creation MP3


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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