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7. Intentions To Support One’s Ascension And Earth’s Global Ascent


The Tao has been assessing the human condition and human ascension since the descent into physicality and into Earth was fulfilled upon many months ago now. The Tao has extended to fulfill upon a resurrection and ascension of Mother Earth and all sentient species therein. Fulfilling upon this resurrection and ascension is not impossible; changes are being brought forth to make it an easier journey for all. Some of such changes we wish to delve into today so that ascending map makers will understand what is occurring global wide, and in so doing can choose to support Earth in these changes, and in particular, in the density of human thoughtform where each resides.


Cleansing of Personality and Non-Essential Souls


At this time, there is a massive cleansing underway of the nonphysical realms. Earth has chosen to remove all souls and fractured pieces of soul, entities, beings and machines non-essential to the ascension of Earth, humanity, or the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin and whale kingdoms. Such forces have plagued Earth with ongoing interference that if left unattended to would simply cause Earth’s ascension to fail. At this time, and as the removal of such non-essential entities and souls is fulfilled upon, one may wish to act as a conduit for this cleansing into the denser regions of the human species, such as the major cities global wide.


Perhaps some of you will be guided to take a trip to New York or other large cities for a day or two and assist in augmenting a portion of this cleansing. Simply attune to Earth and listen to what she wishes you to do, and where to go, and so it will be. As non-essential beings are removed from Earth’s dreamtime planes, a more effortless orchestration of the ascent of the whole may be implemented. This shift shall greatly benefit Earth and humankind alike as many of such entities sit in a density of the old consensus thoughtform, which is black, brown, gray, mucous yellow and green in color if viewed clairvoyantly. As such beings are lifted out of the human dance, the remaining astral planes already cleared from those regions outside of the larger cities and suburbs can be cleansed as well.


Earth is lifting above the seven planes of the Kumaras, which govern the thoughtform of judgment, greed, pain, suffering, fear, death, and lust. Such planes were associated with the lower astral planes in which souls trapped therein are in a living “hell”. Furthermore, those who have nightmares or are addicted to drugs, or are suffering in a long-term illness, or involved with sexual prostitution, often tune into and live in such planes of reality in the physical. As such planes lift, there is an opportunity for the humans caught into such planes to ascend into a new dance, and one of greater joy, freedom, power and unity.


More Ascending Children Planned


Asur’Ana along with many ascending initiates have intended a new day to emerge, and one of greater gentleness for all of your human brothers and sisters. The Tao is augmenting the shifts necessary to bring forth a gentler time of cleansing ahead in which many of the foreseen problems can be circumvented. Much of such shifts shall come through the ascending children. Earth now plans to augment the birth of more ascending children beginning this year and in the coming ten-year cycle. And through such ascending children, reweave the dream for gentler times ahead for all of humankind.


At this time and in the coming six years, over 40 million ascending children are destined to be born between 1,024 and 2,200 segments of DNA or higher. Most will take their ascension to 3,000 or 6,000 segments of DNA within early childhood and before the age of 5. No part of the world shall be left out. All civilizations and cultures shall reap the benefit of such incoming births. Such children shall weave a dream for a new future that is less filled with strife, natural disasters, food shortages and economic catastrophe.


It has been determined that adult ascension is limited in what it can command in relation to the collective human consciousness. However, ascending children will weave a powerful united force that can shift the future from one of great travesty to one of greater joy and movement towards unity for all of the human species. Such children will trigger the ascension of the adult population within a 100-mile radius, allowing humans that can ascend to 1024 or 1800, or 3000 segments of DNA due to lineages and holographic birth nature to accomplish this task. In so doing, humanity will quite naturally move towards a gentler way of being and towards unity.


By 2024, there will be enough ascended adults to redistribute the power global wide. This shall augment a shift in all nations, and those nations underpowered and impoverished will begin to create the means to reconstruct to a foundation of greater balance in which the needs of the entire population for food, shelter and clothing can be met. The redistribution of power shall also augment other nations of greater means to share with those with less to a greater degree than ever before. This shall bring the end to deaths by hunger potentially by the year 2027, and the dismantling of all nuclear armament by 2032. A new era is ahead beloved, and now is the time to allow this to be so.


To a certain degree, the dream through 2026 is clear enough to perceive what will transpire and is heading down the dimensions to be experienced by humankind. In the choice to introduce more ascending children, the future for all of humanity alters significantly. For farmers who bear such children or their adult neighbors will assist in the re-anchoring of soul in the farmlands, allowing food shortages to be minimized. Ascending adults in the cities will hold space for peace, therefore allowing for fewer terrorist acts and insane behavior amongst those who might be fractured otherwise due to the rising vibration of the land. Furthermore, the removal of personality entities and other fractured souls non-essential to ascension shall allow for the return of playfulness and joy for many humans, even those who are not ascending.


The Nature of Biology


Human biology, even at 2 strands of DNA, is playful by nature. If one takes time to witness the dolphins or otters in the sea, one will find such creatures playful. Otters and dolphins have never had personality entities forced upon them in the dance of life. The Annanuki imported personality entities to Earth about 144,000 years ago in an unconscious bargain to absorb fractured souls from Orion and the Pleiades. Such souls fractured in nuclear disasters, and are oppressive and in great pain. The addition of such entities to the human slave population bred by the Annanuki in their laboratories caused the experience of suffering and depression in human form, and augmented the experience of the collective fall out of the “Garden of Eden” for the human species.


As the personality arrived, and concurrent with this, the patterning for disease was deferred from Innana onto the slave population. Merduk hated Innana, and created thousands of grid work manipulations to her form to cause her to die. Innana displaced each of such manipulations onto the slave population, causing the birth of the experience of disease and deformity in the human expression.


Merduk further imported thousands of painful entities and sprung them upon Innana. This is where personality entities originated in the human dance. Innana deferred such entities onto the slave populations, who went into great suffering and pain thereafter. Now that it is understood that such entities originated in a bargain with Merduk, and so the karma has been released by Earth. All such entities are being returned to their source of origin at this time beloved.


As this occurs, the oppression that sits over humanity will also lift. Already Asur’Ana and many ascending initiates are noticing how much more playful the humans are around them. Humans are smiling, enjoying their time together, less argumentative, and so on. As each augments this shift, assisting Earth in removing such fractured souls from the human dance, one may find that one’s world around oneself changes accordingly. All that is required is that one attunes to Earth and agrees to assist in this particular transition in the energy fields of those around oneself. In so doing, the oppression sitting over one’s own life may also lift, along within the lives of others around oneself.


The innate nature of all biology of all species is to exist in playfulness and joy. This was the purpose that form held; an opportunity for soul to experience and express itself in play and joy within the third dimension. Many creations such as the Pleiades and Sirius exist in this manner to this day. However, they have sustained such an existence by displacing the fractured souls that they created in their own nuclear warfare onto other creations, causing such creations to go into great suffering.


Fractured souls are reunited to their source through the act of ascension. In essence, if Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and the Pleiades chose to have a complete ascension, all fractured souls created in their own nuclear wars and later displaced upon other places causing great misery would be reabsorbed and reunited with the remainder of the souls that they are a part of. However, such civilizations chose not to have a complete ascension due to the misguidance of forces of the dark wishing to perpetuate extinction rather than ascension of the whole. The reasons of this are lengthy, and the Tao will discuss them in greater detail in articles or chapters that will be written later this year.


Earth chooses a complete ascension. Earth chooses to reunite all souls, gathering up all that has fractured in her history, so that it may return to wholeness again. As this is so for Earth, it is also for each ascending human. Each may intend to ascend, and in so doing, reunite with lost portions of soul that fractured as one’s ancestry fell in vibration over time and in Earth’s history. In so doing, humanity will move towards greater and greater wholeness, and greater and greater joy in the coming 1,000-year cycle.


Intentions to Keep on Track with One’s Ascension


It is the Tao’s wish today to share some intentions for our more advanced audience in particular that is ascending on to Bodhisattva level evolution. Intent is an act of will. When one intends, one’s thoughts are united through the will center of the form, and then relayed through the four subtle bodies to the sun, where they then can be relayed back into one’s life expression instantly. Therefore, the act of intention has an instant affect upon one’s life, causing the life dance and expression in relation to oneself and all others to alter according to the intent made.


Keep in mind that if the subtle bodies are impaired, intent may not work. Furthermore, if one’s will is missing, and in particular in the third chakra center, then one’s intent will have no power. One would then choose to intend to retrieve any portions of missing subtle bodies and the seven will centers, and make their intents for one’s boundaries yet again.


The Seven Will Centers


There are seven will centers. Up until now, there has been little written about the will centers, and we wish to explain this information in greater detail now. The will center is reconstructed more or less by initiation 3000, and sits inside of each chakra center. Each chakra center at 3,000 segments consists of three sets of triple spheres that rotate around one another; the top layer representing the conscious layer, the middle the subconscious layer, and the back layer represents the unconscious. (Please refer to the Chakra Diagrams in Chapter 8 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2 for more information.)


Inside of the middle or subconscious layer of each of the seven major chakra centers is another triple sphere pattern. It is roughly 1/3 the size of the other chakras, is a triple sphere pattern, and represents the Will Center. The will center is responsible for bringing forth any act of intention. If any will center is impaired, then one’s will to intend is also impaired. For those that have opened up five additional chakras in the ascent towards Bodhisattva, the new chakras do not have a will center of their own. The seven will centers are as follows:


1. The Will to Live (first chakra center at base of the spine)

This will center involves the will to remain grounded unto Mother Earth and for the physical form to continue to live. In other terms, this will center assists in preventing accidents or creating long-term diseases that would end the life.


2. The Will to Feel (second or pelvic chakra center)

This will center involves the will to feel one’s emotions, and also feel the energetic dynamics of the chakras, subtle bodies and grid work of the etheric body and light body. An underdeveloped will to feel means that one is less sensitive to the non-physical as sensitivity requires an ability to feel. The more sensitive one is, the more greatly one will perceive imbalances in the field, subtle bodies and chakra centers, allowing one to rectify the problem before it becomes a physical problem in ascension.


3. The Will to Hold Boundaries (third or solar plexus chakra center)

This will center involves the ability to create and carve boundaries for oneself to ascend within. There are many boundaries now in the new consensus for ascending humans that prevent the forces of the dark still dancing amongst those in the old consensus from overrunning one’s field and preventing one’s ascent. If this will center is not in-tact, then one’s boundaries will not hold.


4. The Will to Love (fourth or heart chakra center)

This will center involves the ability to love as an active expression of compassion in action. Compassion in action is a non-codependent form of energy flow in which one’s lotus center opens in the heart region beyond initiation 4,200. Such energy flow blesses all within a 300-foot radius of oneself with the love of one’s soul, source and I AM presence. If the will to love is impaired, one is unable to express compassion in action.


5. The Will to Manifest (fifth or throat chakra region)

The will to manifest assists in the modulation of sexual energy flow that allows one’s dream to step down the dimensions into one’s physical life dance. If the fifth will center is impaired or missing, one’s will to manifest, dream one’s dream and live to experience it is likewise impaired. The will to manifest is also associated with the physical steps necessary to see a dream to fruition. Those with an impaired will center will dream and dream and dream, but never take the necessary steps to actualize the dream.


6. The Will to See (sixth or head chakra region)

The will to see allows one to perceive clearly beyond the veils of illusion that surround oneself or desire to confuse the journey of continued ascension. If this will center is not in-tact, one will have difficulty seeing the truth. If one perceives not the truth, one may find oneself going down the path towards death rather than ascension.


7. The Will to Know and Ascend (seventh or crown chakra region)

This will center allows one to know what one requires understanding in order to ascend. If this will center is impaired, one’s ability to ascend is also impaired along with one’s ability to integrate one’s knowledge. One’s knowledge in ascension can be equated to biological information necessary to rise in vibration, along with a blueprint for energetic changes to create an ever-expansive field that more and more soul can sit within. If the knowledge is impaired, the biological changes will fail to come forth, along with the energetic changes necessary to hold more soul, and one may find oneself schism over segments of one’s ascension or creating an incomplete ascent.


Managing the Will Centers


The will centers should begin to be constructed after initiation 2,200 as the chakras become triple sphere in nature. One will see that one will have a triple sphere internal to the other three chakras that represents the will center. One can also see or muscle test or pendulum if one of such will centers is missing, and strive to retrieve it from whomever one has given it to in a karmic encounter. One can also see where one’s will centers have become intertwined and intermixed with others that one knows.


Much like the subtle bodies that have become intertwined with the energy of others, along with chakras, grid work, sexual energy, and the light body, one is forever separating oneself in ascension. So, this will also be so for the will center. A will center with a lot of energy from others will not function properly. Furthermore, an undersized or missing will center may not function at all. Generally, Asur’Ana has learned to give the following command in relation to undoing intertwining:


“I intend to dissolve all grid work in all energy flow in my auric field, chakra system, subtle bodies, grid work and light body that is not of my energy signature. I return such energy to whomever it belongs to. I retrieve my energy from all others that I have given grid work unto. I now reweave my own field with my own grid work founded upon my own energy signature.”


This command has sufficed to allow her to retrieve and reweave herself sufficiently to continue to ascend. Each reading this chapter may make use of this information as it resonates.


The Act of Intention


In the act of intention, the will centers related to each chakra unite sending the intent to the subtle bodies. If any of the will centers are missing, there is less power behind the intent. In particular however, if the third and fifth will are missing, one’s intentions will fail altogether. Therefore, this is another area to check into if one intends a command but fails to experience the result.


First the intent, as it is made, is received from the will center to the mental body. The mental body then transcribes the command into the Language of Light thoughtform. Many may not realize that the solar sun has made a shift about nine months ago in which the only language now received for the purposes of manifestation and dream weaving from Earth or any planet in the solar system is the Language of Light.


Therefore, if one is not embodying the Language of Light, one fails to have the necessary tools to manifest or dream weave into the future. For those in the old consensus and who are not ascending, such a change is anticipated to step down into physicality in 2024, and may augment a global economic collapse. However, Mother Earth and the Tao are working towards alterations to the collective dream of humankind to minimize such an effect, and this will be accomplished through the ascending children to be born in the coming five years.


After the mental body alters the communication to the Language of Light, it sends it on to the emotional body. Initiates with an impartial mental body or who prefer to be more emotionally or intuitively attuned may have difficulty with intentions until the mental body is repaired enough to do its job. Generally, by the time one’s ascent has come to 3,000 segments of DNA 30% into the physical, there is enough presence of all four subtle bodies to allow the act of intention to come forth with ease.


As the emotional body receives the intention from the mental body, the emotional body infuses the communication with feelings, which causes the Language of Light to begin to spin. The Language of Light is an emotionally based magnetic form of communication based on sound, tone, color and movement. It is the emotion that sets the energy moving in the proper manner that the communication can be understood by the sun. Therefore, initiates with difficulty feeling or who have yet to fully reweave the emotional body will have difficulty infusing their intentions with enough emotion for them to be understood by the sun.


After the energy begins to spin, the emotional body sends the communication to the intuitive body. It is through the intuitive body that one’s soul and Mother Earth edit the communication to be in alignment with one’s personal and global ascension, and also infuse one’s intent with the power necessary to see the intention into the physical. Those with impaired intuitive bodies often have difficulty hearing or feeling their guidance. Furthermore, one’s intentions may take one off track if soul is not involved in the act. Therefore, any intention that attempts to be pushed through without a functional intuitive body cease at this point until the intuitive body has been repaired enough to function.


The intention, after it has been edited by soul, then moves on to the creative body, which relays the communication to the sun, which instantly relays back the intent to the manifestation planes of Earth. If the intention is for a dream that one wishes to weave, the dream then begins to play out on the first of seven planes that are required in order for the dream to step down into the physical. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 17 “Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream” for more information on dream manifestation.) If the communication is a command or intention for boundaries, it is relayed immediately to the physical where it has instant affect over one’s current energy field and life experience.


If the creative body is impaired, then the communication will not be sent to the sun and the intention will fail to have any affect. Furthermore, we have also seen forces of the dark twist the creative body enough that one’s intentions end up relayed opposite to what one was desiring to make manifest. Therefore, if one discovers that the opposite to what one intended is occurring, one can check for such a manipulation, untwist the creative body, and intend again what one desires.


We have further seen forces of the dark take the Language of Light tones initiates have mastered and embodied from the field, leaving one with an incomplete scale of the tones of creation and incomplete thoughtform. This equates to impartial sentences or commands sent to the sun, which relays back equal confusion to one’s life dance. If one finds such manipulations perpetrated, one can intend to retrieve one’s lost Language of Light tones and release the karma with the perpetrator, and then re-intend one’s intentions with complete sentences.


Intention vs. Prayer


The act of intending can be equated with commanding the God Goddess and I AM, Oversoul and Source of one’s form and field to take a particular action in relation to one’s evolutionary journey as a human being. The act of intent is very different from the act of prayer; in prayer, one is requesting a soul outside of oneself to do this or that upon one’s behalf. Through intent, one is commanding one’s own soul to take action in a certain direction. No soul outside of one’s own can really take action upon one’s behalf; one can only command one’s own soul. Therefore, prayer has no use really in relation to biological ascension.


Forces of the dark to strip human chi and power originally designed the planes of prayer. Each time large groups of humans pray, more power and chi is given to such forces from such planes. However, Earth has dismantled such planes as of late and therefore prayer in and of itself will have little affect any longer. It had minimal affect when the planes were in existence, as sometimes the forces of the dark would fulfill upon the request of prayer in special cases. Generally, those prayers fulfilled upon were in less than one half of one percent of all prayers made to such planes of reality.


Through ascension, one understands that one does not require praying to another or an outside deity; one comes to understand that God Goddess resides within oneself and within all others including all kingdoms, and one is God Goddess in human form. In understanding this, one can learn to command one’s own God Goddess within to fulfill upon one’s choice to evolve and ascend, along with one’s choice to fulfill upon one’s soul’s mission in this lifetime.


Some groups have used the command “I AM” instead of “I INTEND”. The “I AM” command affects only the nonphysical. Ascension is a physical act and therefore requires a command that includes the physical. I INTEND command includes both physical and nonphysical planes of reality, and therefore is a better choice for ascending initiates. The following are a series of intentions useful for those ascending beyond 3,000 segments at this time in history.


1. I Intend to Ascend and Intend the Global Ascension of All of Earth and All Species Therein.


The intent to ascend focuses one’s life in such a manner that each interaction and each occurrence of any given day, week, month or year supports one’s continued ascension rather than hinders it. There are many possible futures for any human; as one intends to ascend, the futures drawn in cue for manifestation support ascension rather than death.


The intent to ascend also triggers the birth of ascending humans related to one’s inheritance to be born global wide. One is related to over 2 billion other humans through one’s living tapestry of ancestry; therefore, it is the intent to ascend that will augment the birth of ascending children upon Earth and in the coming 10-year cycle as more humans choose to make such an intent. Furthermore, the intention for global ascension of Earth and all species aligns one’s dream for ascension with the global dream for ascension, allowing the two to dovetail and support one another in this common goal.


The intent to ascend is fulfilled upon gradually and slowly in one’s continued living. Ascension is a lifelong path, and one that will extend into the coming 1,000 future years of ancestors related unto oneself and yet unborn. One may take their ascension so far in this given life, living to see the birth of the golden age ahead; and then continue to exist as consciousness beyond death, merging with one’s future ancestors, experiencing their future ascension and the times ahead as Earth moves into the next dimension of awareness and beyond.


Consciousness does not cease in death; it carries forward. One is a living representative of all ancestors related unto oneself going back to ancient times and the original seeding of humankind about 50,000 Earth years ago (or 200,000 human years). When we speak of Earth years, we speak of years as they are recorded by Mother Earth. Earth records time by solar revolutions or how long it takes your solar system to rotate around her twelfth-dimensional Sun. It takes approximately four revolutions of Earth around her Sun for your solar system to make one revolution around your twelfth-dimensional Sun. So, for reference, 50,000 Earth years is approximately 200,000 human years.


Each ancestor’s life is accounted for in the act of ascension, honored, and learned from. In so doing, each ancestor merges with oneself as the karma for the given life is released in full, carrying on to experience one’s own life through one’s own field. One is a living holographic library of all human occurrences related unto oneself, and the entire human species. This is what the biology of a fully conscious form was designed to be beloved; a living library of knowledge that soul could dance with, learn from, and ultimately ascend home through.


Soul cannot ascend home without form. In your creation, form and soul must exit together. Those that perceive ascension as being only a function of soul are misguided. The blueprint for all creations within the Tao is parallel; one has a creation, which in your experience is form; soul experiences the creation in dancing with form; soul ascends both the creation or form and soul “home”. The ascension of the creation or form gradually dissolves the creation back into the nonphysical energy from whence it originated. This is the purpose of ascension, beloved.


Soul has fractured greatly in the many falls of humankind and Earth. In each day, week, month and year of ascension, pieces of souls lost in the fracturing are reunited with the greater part of one’s I AM, Oversoul and Source. This is how soul returns to a greater state of wholeness and its original weaving before the original fall began. Soul cannot accomplish this goal without the ascent of form, as form holds the keys as to how and why soul fractured in the first place. Such keys are held within one’s biology, often in the form of recorded trauma. As the trauma is released, the biology ascends, the decay is resurrected, and soul reunites with lost parts of itself in its ancient history.


In the dance with great darkness, non-truth and forgetfulness upon Earth, dark forces have convinced humans that the form has no value; is of original sin; is bad, wrong, evil, worthy of annihilation, and worthy only of extinction. Such souls convince form of this to perpetuate the extinction here so that a beautiful existence can be perpetuated elsewhere without the requirement to transmute thoughtform. Such souls are lazy; and from the point of view of the Tao, have accumulated by and large so much karma that the clearing of such karma will take eons of time. Allow such souls their dance. They are being removed from Earth at this time as an interfering force. Allow only those souls willing to ascend and willing to do the biological and nonphysical work required to ascend to enter the dance, augmenting one’s journey Home.


2. I Intend Peace in All Relations in the Dance of Life, and Upon Earth Between Human Nations.


Peace is a state of being in which one simply accepts oneself and all others in the moment. In so doing, one ceases to judge and ceases to blame or shame another or oneself in any manner. Furthermore, peace allows for one to be in one’s authentic power, allowing oneself and all others their particular dance of life and expression. As all nations are allowed their unique cultures and unique expressions in equality, peace between nations will one day be the result.


Many may have heard that Asur’Ana and many ascending humans focused upon releasing human warfare karma last year. This was successfully accomplished upon a global scale to assure that no future nuclear annihilation of Earth would occur into the future. And yet, there is still unrest in the Middle East and many other places global wide. Why is there not peace between nations if Earth has released her warfare karma?


Earth’s release of warfare karma has caused the correcting of the scales of karma upon Earth so that all may now be settled in the times of cleansing ahead. For eons of time, Earth absorbed warfare karma from other places including Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri and Andromedas. In so doing, such karma acted out in the form of the nuclear annihilation caused by humans in extreme hatred of one another; so much hatred indeed that they would sacrifice all of Earth to win. As the deferred karma has been returned to its place of origin, this assures that no further nuclear annihilation of Earth shall recur.


Peace Upon Earth


In order for absolute peace between human nations to be born, human karma for warfare must be settled in full, and humans must ascend en masse, releasing the warfare karma through their ascensions to accomplish this goal. As this occurs, there will be world peace. Intending peace and world peace assists in assuring that this is the future; more human ascensions would assure world peace so that a new era may be born. Furthermore, it assists in assuring that no conflict escalates to such a point that nations choose to use nuclear armament against one another, as this would end the possibility for global ascension in full.


There is a karmic unraveling that is occurring in the Middle East and many other war-torn regions upon Earth at this time. Such karma must be allowed to unravel until there are enough humans at a high enough vibration that the karma can simply be burned off through the collective kundalini of the human species. The incoming children shall augment this shift by creating a new baseline of vibration within human civilization, and triggering more adult ascension. As this occurs and in due course, all karma for warfare will be burned off, and humans will then begin to relate together more peacefully upon a personal, national and international level.


No species can ascend another species. Earth cannot ascend the human species out of its own dance, nor burn off human karma. Humans must burn off human karma through collective ascension. Furthermore, each ascending human must burn off one’s own ancestral karma in order to ascend. Otherwise, one will simply ascend into a difficult dance that is karmic instead of transcending the karmic dance altogether.


Intending Peace into One’s Daily Life


Understand that as one intends peace in one’s morning meditation, one may find that one then goes about their day experiencing the opposite. The grocery clerk is angry and gives one the evil eye; one’s boss is in a rampage about deadlines not being met; and one’s mother in law is complaining about her son, your husband. What is going on, one might ask? Why is this happening? Didn’t I intend peace this morning in my meditation?


When one intends peace, it draws to the surface where one is not at peace within. The karma for warfare in one’s ancestry and between one’s ancestors and the ancestors for others surfaces as the intent for peace is made. Therefore, one may find oneself in greater conflict in the intention for peace than before. As this occurs, one is always at choice. One can feel a victim to one’s circumstance, or one can take charge choosing simply to release the karma and recast the ancestors who are at war with one another or another’s ancestors. In so doing, one will then come to enough unity and peace within that the peace within is experienced in one’s outer reality.


Last, one must recognize that some karma is not burned off in a single day, week or even month. Some of the more ancient karma that those ascending to 6,000 segments and Bodhisattva level evolution may take months and months to release in full. A part of the reason for this is missing records. Not all karmic records for all ancestries that are human are available for review, leaving one sometimes with gaping holes in one’s ancestral lives.


Earth is now utilizing her own ascension to release karmic records from the land that are human in origin. If one discovers missing records, one can commune with Earth to locate the records wherever one’s ancestry may have lived at the time of the given incarnation. Provided such a region is not under the density of a large city, such records can then be recovered augmenting one’s transcendence over a particular thoughtform and emotional charge embedded in such ancestry.


In order for any thoughtform or emotional charge to be released, all karma associated must be released down to a biological level. Emotional trauma is recorded in the decay and scar tissue of the form. Sometimes certain segments that are scarred or decayed take time to resurrect. Therefore, one can be patient with one’s own transcendence, understanding that ascension is a lifelong path and not necessarily a short-term goal.


3. I Intend True Spiritual Law in All Interactions and the Return of True Spiritual Law to All Species Upon Earth.


True Spiritual Law encompasses many commands at this point and time. We have written specifically of other commands in earlier volumes. True Spiritual Law now combines all of what were originally multiple commands into a series of agreements that hold the boundaries of the new consensus of ascending humans. Therefore, as one intends True Spiritual Law, one commands one’s boundaries so that they will be supported to augment one’s continued choice to ascend.


The intent for True Spiritual Law enforces hundreds of thousands of unspoken agreements in relation to the nonphysical realm. The nonphysical realm can no longer push karma from here to there; karma related to all ancestries must remain with the ancestry and human born of such ancestry until they either die, or the karma is burned off through the kundalini of the ascending form. Agreements and contracts cannot be added to a field without one’s awareness or agreement. Lineages cannot be twisted between parties, or swapped between parties. This prevents the many manipulations that the forces of the dark formerly in control over Earth perpetrated in their times of dominion.


Furthermore, the only soul that can be present in one’s field is the soul necessary to augment one’s ascension. This includes creator-dragon souls, which oversee the movement of the energy field and the releasing of karma, along with the building of the energy field to a larger form and format with each initiation mastered. This includes angel souls that transcribe the genetic material from the grid work to the form, and the positive and negative serpents that weave the ley lines of all grid work in an auric field. This also includes the elements of air, water fire and earth that hold form together creating life upon the third dimension. All of the nonphysical realm must work towards one’s ascension, and if it is not, it is removed from one’s field and returned to the source of Earth as the intent for True Spiritual Law is commanded.


Last, harmful souls working through unknowing humans can no longer conduct harmful patterns outside of karmic boundaries. As one commands True Spiritual Law, those humans and souls that are perpetrating harm are sent to the Source of Earth for mandatory recasting, during which such souls are expelled at this time from Earth. All in all, this command shall make the life of the ascending initiate far easier than it has been in previous times in the map carving of human ascension.


Much of this shift comes as a result of Earth’s global ascension, through which she now has the capacity to hold proper boundaries for all ascending species. Due to the density of the human species, it has been a difficult task to set up boundaries that would hold. The command of Earth’s thoughtform for ascension is more powerful any thoughtform now of any soul remaining in the human dance; and this allows a return of true boundaries to hold in support of human ascension.


Bending the Law


However, as one commands True Spiritual Law, one may become aware of where one bends true law oneself. As there are now guardians in support of True Spiritual Law that will come into one’s field to allow one not to unconsciously act in a lawless manner. Sometimes such guardians may sit in one’s crown giving one a headache. As one uses the headache as an opportunity to see where one is bending the law oneself, one will transcend the patterning at cause and release the karma, allowing the guardian to leave and the headache to leave with it.


Each ascending initiate may wish to examine where one bends the law as one begins to command True Spiritual Law. Where does one give another records so that they might ascend out of the belief that this is what one does if one loves another? Beloved, your records will do no other ascending initiate any good, as records are as personal as a fingerprint for the human associated. Therefore, cease giving your records away, and allow all others to ascend in their own timing or incarnation. Please intend to cease to give away one’s records and release or transcend all related thoughtform, patterning, machinery and karma. And so, it will be.


On the other side of the coin, where does one take on the records of another out of the belief that they are further ahead in their initiations than oneself, or more powerful, gifted or talented? Beloved, yet again another’s records will do you no good. Each has a unique truth to be expressed as records are gathered from one’s ancestors who lived at a higher vibration and crystalline cellular structure at another time. No two humans will have exactly the same ancestors and therefore the same records or truth. Embodying the records of another will only lead to distortion and death, as it will create a non-resonant and dissonant cellular structure that will decay rather than resurrect. Therefore, intend to cease to take records of another and release or transcend all related thoughtform, patterning, machinery and karma. And so, it will be.


Where does one take upon oneself karma of another, or defer one’s own karma upon another? Karma is ancestral, and holds within it essence lessons to be learned, and information to be gained as the emotional charge behind a particularly difficult ancestral experience is processed and released. Karma is as personal as one’s fingerprint. No two initiates, even if they share the same ancestry, will have exactly the same karma to be processed in the act of ascension. Therefore, giving karma to another, or taking upon oneself karma of another, serves no one in ascension.


Taking upon oneself the karma of another may have one end up with a difficult life manifestation such as disease or an accident that was not one’s karma to be experienced.  Furthermore, deferring karma onto another means that one fails to learn one’s own spiritual lessons in ascension, or retrieve the information lost at another time in one’s ancestry. Failing to learn one’s ascension lessons means a failed ascension.


Not retrieving the information lost at another time in one’s personal history means that one will continue to suffer being unable to manifest one’s dream as the information necessary to do so has been deferred to another through the deferment of karma. Intend to transcend all patterns, beliefs, thoughtforms, machinery and karma that cause one to defer karma onto another, or take karma upon oneself from another. And so, it will be.


Recognize that one ascends over time. One may cease to perpetrate lawless conduct today only to find that one ascends into such patterning tomorrow. Therefore, daily examination of one’s field will clue one into if one is participating in such patterning at any given time of one’s ascent. Has one lost records either out of any chakra, one’s akashic records or library, from one’s subtle bodies, grid work, genetic blueprint, ascension grid work, or light body?


Sometimes the loss of records will include the loss of grid work, and so one can search for a loss of grid work during their meditation, and strive to retrieve whatever has been lost, and release the karma. Has one further taken on records in any of the above areas? Sometimes this too will include taking on the grid work of another. Intend to return whatever belongs unto another to their field, and retrieve whatever one has given unto another and reweave it. One may call upon Mother Earth and the nature kingdoms for support in augmenting such a healing.


True Law and Complete Ascension


A return to True Spiritual Law upon Earth translates into the law of ascension becoming the dominant law in relation to each species, including humankind. As ascension is the dominant global law, a complete ascension shall be assured for each species. One day and as this law takes greater affect over humankind, humankind will focus primarily on evolutionary goals, leaving behind the preoccupations founded upon greed and lust. This shall occur as each future ascending generation moves more fully into embodying True Spiritual Law.


Embodying True Spiritual Law translates into a regenerative biology that shall occur in greater and greater numbers as each future generation of ascending children are born. For those ascending out of disease at this time in history, intending True Spiritual Law will allow one to ascend out of disease. For ultimately all disease is related to the bending of law, which over time caused the biology to become so distorted that disease, deformity and a shortened lifespan became the norm. As the law ceases to be bent upon a biological level, health may return. As law ceases to be bent upon a global scale, unity-based relations shall become the norm amongst all species, including humankind.


4. I Intend Compassion and Non-Judgment in All Relations and a Return to Compassion in All Humans Upon Earth.


Compassion is the foundation of unity relations and the return of the Bodhisattva level initiate. Compassion is love that is non-attached and extends outward from the field of the Bodhisattva for hundreds to thousands of feet due to the opening of the 1,000-petal lotus in the heart center of the field and form. This energy flow leads to compassion in action in the behavior of the Bodhisattva. Compassion in action is the outward moving expression of non-conditional love towards oneself and all others.


The return of compassion is mastered in the ascent to 6,000 segments. Many reading this book are working upon mastering this level of ascension in this lifetime. The intent for compassion and non-judgment will augment the continued opening of the heart chakra in the ascending initiate. There are many layers of opening the heart, each of which may be painful to transcend, particularly if one is highly sensitive. Asur’Ana cried and cried through most of her ascension, and still does from time to time to this day. However, the heart energy must move so that the 1,000-petaled lotus may open in the ascent to Bodhisattva.


As the heart opens, and one processes the pain of one’s ancestral lessons, one learns not to harm in any manner another, or allow oneself to be harmed in any manner. One also learns to allow all others their dance in the dance of life. It is the allowance that creates non-judgment. Through one’s own exploration of ancestries that were deformed, belittled, rejected, harmed, tortured, prostituted, along with others that perpetrated judgment and rejection towards another, or harmed another upon the battlefield or in the home, one sees all sides of one’s own self. For one is all things in human form, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. As one embraces oneself and all parts and ancestors therein in forgiveness, one quite naturally reaches outward embracing all others in compassion and non-judgment.


Some initiates are more aware of their ancestral experiences than others. It is necessary to develop a certain level of awareness of the nonphysical realms to birth compassion. Therefore, intend not only to open the heart in full, each layer and day-by-day, but also to open to a greater dreamtime awareness of the nonphysical realities that surround oneself. There, one will come into contact with one’s parallel lives, one’s soul, Mother Earth and nature kingdoms, along with one’s ancestors and the karma held in such lifetimes. In so doing, one can learn all the spiritual lessons behind one’s ancestral experiences in this lifetime, giving birth to compassion in action in one’s own life expression.


Through ascension and the ascent of the next generation to a minimum of 6,000 segments of DNA, the incoming children will mature into compassionate natured adults. Such a shift will augment the birth of a unity-based human civilization in which all humans are loved, supported, fed and learn to live in peace and unity with all other species. In so doing, the new golden era ahead may emerge, and one’s intents shall contribute to this unfolding. Last, as an ascending adult, one can make the foundation of compassion and non-judgment a part of one’s life now. In so doing, one will create a new world for oneself in the decade ahead, augmenting the birth of a new form of unity-based community.


5. I Intend Unity and Harmony with All Others in My Life Dance and Between All Species Upon Earth.


Harmony and unity create a different dance amongst humans. Harmony causes humans to dance together in unison without missing a beat or stepping on one another’s toes. Much like skilled ballroom dancers, humans in harmony will follow the one who leads or facilitates, dancing in perfect timing to the beat of the drum elicited through the facilitator’s field. As all humans in a group dance in time together, the dance of unity emerges. However, unity must be mastered within first, and this occurs upon a biological level. As the biology becomes increasingly unity-based, so does the behavior and relationships amongst the associated humans.


In the ascent to 3000, most of the cells within the form return to a unity-based biology. Unity-based biology equates to all cells having enough to subsist and regenerate, and an ability to detoxify that which the cell no longer needs. No cells are more important than any other; therefore, all are fed equal amounts; and cells that seek to destroy other cells (viruses) are cast from the system or transmuted to crystalline where they support the whole of the form. In a parallel manner, humans ascending into such biology begin to emulate such patterning in unity relations with one another, perceiving all others and all kingdoms as equals as God Goddess in form.


At 6,000 segments, an even greater level of unity is born as not only decay is resurrected, but also scar tissue begins to be transmuted. Scar tissue is associated with the deepest wounds in one’s ancestry that caused the greatest pain, and therefore locked into one’s thoughtform the beliefs in disunity, along with pain, anger and fear. It is generally out of pain or fear that humans treat one another poorly or harm one another. As the pain and fear lifts, and unity emerges, one learns to treat all others in a fair and considerate manner. One also learns to communicate authentically as to how one feels. As sincere communication occurs, there is the opportunity for one to better understand the other, and then out of such understanding, dance in harmony and honor again.


For those who are not ascending in one’s life, such humans may never be able to dance in unity or harmony, or even understand what one is mastering in one’s journey to Bodhisattva. This is difficult, however the future ancestors of such humans will ascend. Therefore, their future ancestors will come to understand what one has learned in one’s own respective ascension at a future point in time. As one allows all others destined to complete in death their dance with an understanding that all future humans will ascend and one day understand, one can embrace another as they are, without requiring to force change upon them or push one’s own truth upon another.


As one embraces another as they are, one may find that they in turn do the same unto oneself. Life is a mirror; as one alters the internal landscape, the mirror changes to reflect the internal changes within. Therefore, there is no need to control another; only embrace another as they are, and if one has an emotional charge of judgment; to go within and release the karma locking in the belief underlying the judgment. In so doing, one will come to peace, embracing another as they are, and embrace oneself as one is at the same time. It is only as one embraces oneself unconditionally that one can also embrace another in a parallel manner. It is as one embraces all others unconditionally that unity is born in one’s life dance.


Unity and Nature Kingdom Communion


The intent for unity amongst all species alters one’s relationships to the nature kingdoms. One will find that one’s intent for unity with the nature kingdom opens their field for communion with one’s own. In so doing, such kingdoms will share from the heart, healing, insights and the love that they hold for the human species. One will find in such a dance that one is less lonely, particularly if few that one knows are also upon the ascension path. In so doing, nature can fill one to the brim so that one will have enough chi and push to continue to ascend.


The global intent for unity and harmony will augment the birth of the regenerative biology for all species to ascend into within the coming 15 generations. This is the year that Earth clears her global karma for disease. What this translates into is the balancing of scales with disease karma; all disease karma that belongs to other creations such as the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus and Andromedas, are to be returned. For ascending initiates who are diseased, the simple intent to return foreign disease karma may be enough to lift out of disease at a most rapid pace through ascension.


For Earth, it has been the disease karma from other creations that has led to the experience of disease upon Earth. Humanity acted out the disease karma that had already been deposited upon Earth through Arcturus long before humanity arrived and was seeded upon Earth. Humans, therefore, are not the original cause of disease; karmic deferment is the original cause, and this shall be settled in this year ahead, allowing a new day and the regenerative paradigm to take hold upon Earth in the decades ahead.


6. I Intend to Dream My Own Dream, Live My Own Truth, and Allow All Others to Do the Same in the Dance of Life.


Each human has a particular dream to fulfill upon as an ascending being. Each dream has a particular truth to express in the dance of life. No two dreams, no two paths, even of the same inheritance or ancestry will be the same. As one intends to only live one’s own dream and one’s own truth, one will find sovereignty in the journey of ascension.


The human field has become increasingly intertwined or attached in the many falls in consciousness over time and upon Earth. The attachment to others along with possessions is gradually released the further that the field and form ascend. As attachment is released, one ceases to blend with the energy of others, and begins to discover what one’s own truth is in one’s life dance, or as it pertains to any matter. In the attachment, truth cannot be understood, for the blending of energy distorts the truth. As the blending ceases and becomes less and less a part of one’s auric field, one discovers who one is and what one wishes to do for the rest of this ascending life.


Sometimes, one cannot release the attachment without releasing the individual or possession to which one is attached. Sometimes this means the end of the relationship or ownership of this or that possession. In the release however, one comes to a greater understanding of whom one is separate from the other. This occurs as the field clears due to the release of attachment.


Attachment creates a haze in the field from which one’s thoughts and perceptions are altered, blurred, or reflected back in such a manner that one fails to get to the underlying truth. As the field clears in the release of attachment, one can see the truth. In perceiving the truth, one can take action that is founded upon truth rather than distortion.


As one begins to perceive the truth of the matter, one may begin to weave the dream that one desires making manifest in the physical. For some, the dream may be to move to an oasis or place that one loves that fuels one’s ascent forth; or develop a preoccupation that one loves and supports oneself simultaneously; or create the beloved; or have a child; or contribute to the ascent of humankind through artwork, music, theater or dance; or co-create an ascending self-sustaining community. As the inner truth comes to light, one will more clearly know how one wishes to dance in the dance of life and then can begin to weave one’s dream accordingly.


There are many alterations to the dreamtime planes that will allow ascending humans to envision a dream and then live to experience the dream, as one so desired it. However, before this can occur, one must clarify and purify the field enough to know what one’s truth is; and then dream weave the dream that is founded upon one’s truth in action.


How does one clarify the field?  One ascends, un-intertwining oneself from the attachment that causes the distortion or haze in the field, day by week by month by year. One also allows the change that the release of attachment brings forth; whether this be a move, divorce, separation, job change, leaving the region of one’s birth, leaving the family to their own sovereign journey, and so on. As one allows the change, the attachment releases, and the outcome is a greater understanding of what one’s truth is. It is then out of one’s own understanding of one’s truth that one may begin to weave the dream for a new tomorrow, requesting of Earth to fulfill upon one’s soul’s goals concurrent with blessing oneself with a dream-come-true life experience.




The Tao perceives that intention has great power to change one’s life experience. Often initiates forget that they have the power to alter one’s fate. If one doesn’t like this or that about what one has created, then one has the power to intend to release the karma at cause, and change the outcome in a manner that is more supportive of one’s continued evolution and life dance. This is the power of intention; it can alter one’s life. But first, one must accept total responsibility for one’s own life as one’s own creation as God Goddess in form:


One is not a victim; one gives one’s power to another to determine one’s fate. Intend to retrieve one’s power and one will be able to determine one’s own fate.


One is not poor; one has given one’s power and information to manifest to others. Intend to retrieve one’s own power and information, and one will manifest what one desires with ease.


One is not unloved without a spouse or significant other. One’s beloved lies within, and as one learns to commune with one’s soul and Mother Earth, the love one is searching for in another will be fulfilled upon within.


One further cannot become homeless; after all one’s home is the Earth, and she will always have a place for oneself; all that is required is that one ask, and Mother Earth shall show you the way.


One also cannot really starve as Earth will fill ascending initiates with her love and with the air; the crystalline diaphragm will convert the air to blood sugar from which one is nourished upon a biological level.


One also cannot die as long as one chooses to ascend because the act of ascension allows for the transcendence of the experience of death.


Therefore, one has nothing to fear, as most fear revolves around the fear of death and the fear of not having enough to subsist. Last, one does not need half of the objects one believes one requires in order to subsist. As one releases the attachment to the needless possessions one has accumulated, life will lighten up, until suddenly one finds oneself free; free to express who and what one is in the moment. This is the gift of ascension, beloved. And yes, it does alter the very foundation upon which one stands.


One may find that one’s new foundation does not work well with the old paradigm. In such a case, one may choose to leave the old paradigm behind, carving a unique journey towards a new destination; destination unity. As one traverses the path towards unity, one will find fellow comrades willing to join one in one’s ascent to the same destination. In so doing, the possibility of community founded upon unity becomes possible for the traveler of ascension. This the Tao happily supports in each ascending dream; for it is only as the map carvers unite into unity that the followers can follow to the same destination.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples and Red Race and Nations who have held the window of possibility open for the return of the dance of unity for all of humankind. May Humanity awaken unto the Truth and return to a state of Love, Unity, Joy and Honor of All Species.



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