Image of the tops of the majestic redwood trees. Tips For Ascending Out Of Pain, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Or Disease

2. Tips For Ascending Out Of Pain, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Or Disease


We are honored to be able to speak to others ascending in human form through our translator Asur’Ana. She is our present day relation, and this may also be the same for many reading our book. We are the ancient ones with the large craniums that came to Earth so very long ago to see to fruition the ascent of Earth and the entry into the photonic dream of the Great Central Sun.


It has been a long and sad journey into great distortion, pain, anger, fear and disease in human form upon the surface of the Earth. The Inner Earth’s Peoples have fared much better, but alas it has been at the expense of their relations upon the surface of the Earth who have been bombarded with so much radiation that the falls were exponentially larger each time that they occurred in human history. Humans in the Inner Earth begin their ascent with a bare minimum of 1024-3000 segments of DNA, whereas humans upon the surface of the Earth by and large must begin at 2 segments.


The Crystalline Form and Unity Biology


This is known as the ascent out of the Kumara of Pain, Suffering, Greed, Lust, Judgment, Fear and Death and requires embodying 3,000 segments or more to rise above. Such vibratory bandwidths equate to dogma in human thoughtform, which is constructed from antimatter in vibration. Antimatter tears holes in matter, which translates into disease, terror and warfare in the human dance. It is the antimatter tones of creation that are black, brown, reddish-brown, gray, puke yellow and pus green in color. Such tones are generally transmuted by initiation 3,000 (embodying 3,000 segments of DNA or one of twelve complete tubes of DNA associated with fully conscious biology) within the etheric body.


In so doing, the etheric body becomes filled with primary colors in the energy flow instead, which is comprised of red, green, blue, yellow, orange, fuchsia pink, purple and magenta; except of course for any remaining decay or scar tissue yet to be transmuted through ascension to full consciousness. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 4 “Creating a Complete Ascension” that describes this process quite nicely.)


The intent to ascend as a spiritual practice brings about the gradual conversion of both the etheric body into primary colors and the cellular structure to what is known as “crystalline” in form. The crystalline form is biology that one’s ancestry knew as a genetic structure before the last fall of Atlantis. Crystalline cells hold 18 fats and 18 salts not prevalent in the current human structure at 2 segments of DNA; these 18 fats and salts allow for unity biology. Unity biology is biology that does not self-destruct; in your current genetics there are viral and bacterial agents that destroy the form. Cells also die off every 7 years only to be replaced; furthermore, many groups or clusters of cells are not restored beyond a certain age leading to what is known as “aging”. Aging is really the result of the slow death of the overall cellular structure over time.


Aging, Attachment, Disease and Death


In our observation of surface Earth human life at 2 segments of DNA, some humans age more “evenly” than others, with small pockets of cells failing to regenerate over time. Such humans often live to an elderly age of 70 to 100 years and do not become ill until perhaps the end of life. Many humans age much less evenly with large pockets of cells failing to regenerate within a certain gland, organ or system. If the gland, organ or system becomes impaired enough, the function of the form declines into what is known as disease. If the gland, system or organ is vital to the survival of the overall form and becomes impaired more greatly, the form dies at an early age.


Lack of regeneration in any given part of the cellular structure is associated with attachment and loss of grid work in an energetic sense. Attachment is a phenomenon of dogmatic thoughtform that strives to “own” and “subordinate” others to feel safe. In the ownership, ley lines of the etheric body and meridian system move outside of the form attaching to other persons, places, objects, pets, plants, or land. As ley lines move outside of the etheric body, energy ceases to be given from the etheric to the physical cells, and then cells die off leading to aging.


At 2 segments of DNA, attachment increases the longer that one lives as one attaches to more possessions and people over time. If the attachment is pulled outside of the etheric body relatively evenly, then a long life occurs as only small pockets of cells die off that are related, never impairing a particular gland, organ or system enough to cause disease or an early death. If the attachment tends to occur in one or more regions of the etheric form more frequently, then the number of associated cells die off more rapidly leading to disease in the associated part of the body. If this occurs in the nervous system, it can lead to depression or what is sometimes known as chronic fatigue.


Understand that Asur’Ana is not a medical expert; she is an energetic expert in association with ascension as she has ascended her own form now to full consciousness and beyond. Therefore, she understands the dynamics of loss of grid work and molecular structure that leads to aging and disease and chronic orders of all kinds. Ascension Insights, Volumes 3 to 5, explored the energetic dynamics of disease in details. For those with such problems, we invite you to read all of these materials. It is our goal to address these patterns in simple and easy to understand terms today and offer up some techniques to support the body in ascending out of such patterns so that more may reap the benefit of health and vitality and an ageless form that the path of ascension offers.


Chronic Fatigue


Many initiates upon the path of ascension experience periods of fatigue. Generally speaking, this is an issue of soul failing to connect to the form long enough to spin the chakras and move the energy through the meridians of the etheric body so that there is ample chi to sustain consciousness. There are many humans with ancestral agreements to ascend at this time in history. Often those who ascend without conscious awareness end up with chronic fatigue, as they are not focused enough upon the spiritual path to know that they must meditate daily to anchor soul to spin their chakras to provide chi for their ascending field and form.


Ascension brings about an ever-increasing sized field that gradually becomes global in nature by 1,024 segments of DNA. Such a field must stay in balance and receive adequate chi upon the physical plane or one will end up exhausted. There are many meditations offered through our books and website to support anchoring soul and moving energy consciously. There is the “Synthesis Meditation” from Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 which is a good place to begin for those newly awakening unto the ascension movement.


Daily walks, swimming or some other form of movement are also helpful to the movement of the energy necessary to support the ascending field and form. The simple choice to take a 20-minute walk with focus upon the breath has sufficiently assisted many in Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) program in the recovery from chronic fatigue. The walk sufficed to anchor soul enough and connect unto Earth enough to re-energize the field so that such individuals no longer felt so tired, and could then go about their daily business. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Sometimes there can also be biological problems in the ascent where there is inadequate sugar or oxygen reaching the brain or other parts of the cellular structure, which also causes recurrent fatigue in ascension. Herbs are helpful in the repair of the form under such a circumstance. Per himself suffered from problem in the development of his blood system earlier in his ascent. Per’s problem led to fatigue to a point that he would fall asleep while sitting up if he was not focused upon something.


Per was put on eight western-based herbs for a six-month period, and the herbs supported the form in retrieving the lost biological records enough that he could ascend into a fully crystalline circulatory system. As this occurred, the experience of fatigue cleared up as his brain began to receive enough oxygen and sugar to retain consciousness all day long. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for a summary of how western based herbs support ascension.)


Crystalline Blood


Ascension brings about the gradual restoration of the blood system to the crystalline form. The crystalline blood has 18 types of white blood cells and 29 variations of red blood cells in the fully conscious state, each of which carry specific nutrients and wastes to wherever they are required next to allow for continued biological ascension. By 1024 segments, 3 types of white blood cells should have developed and 8 variations of red blood cells. By 3000 segments, one should develop 14 of the 18 white blood cells in the genetic blueprint, and 20 of the 29 red blood cells. By 6000 segments, one should have a completely crystalline circulatory system.


If there is inadequate development of certain aspects of the crystalline blood, fatigue will be the result, as the blood is failing to cleanse itself or provide adequate nutrition to all parts of the form. Therefore, we invite those having this problem in ascension to muscle test or pendulum if one has lost portions of the blueprint surrounding the development of crystalline blood. Most likely if this is the case, one has failed to recover all genetic information from one’s ancestry and “schismed” over a portion of one’s ascent to date associated with the circulatory system.


If there is great pain in the bones or bone marrow, this is also a sign of a problem with the development of the crystalline blood. One initiate whom we shall call Penelope developed a sudden limp in her left leg. This proved to be a problem in the ascent of her bone marrow. The cause of this was heavy metals and other toxins that had been stored in the region and was interfering with the development of the crystalline marrow.


She was finally guided to go have a mud bath in Calistoga, California. The mud sufficed to pull out enough toxins to allow Penelope to clear the pain and limp in a single treatment. She continues to have mud baths once per week as this is such a useful manner of supporting the ascent of the form. Our point here is that in moving the energy and detoxifying the form, it allowed for the recovery of the physical ailment through ascension.


Schisms and Having A Complete Ascension


Schisms are associated with skipping over portions of ascension. When one schisms in ascension, portions of the genealogical information necessary to construct the crystalline structure in all parts of the form and to one’s current level of evolution go missing. The result is that not all of the biological information is downloaded into the ascension grid work; and then portions of certain glands, organs or systems fail to ascend completely into the crystalline structure. This can and will lead to disease if left unattended to, and it is why a “complete ascension” in which one does not schism over any segment of initiation or DNA is so imperative to those that choose this path in this lifetime.


How does one prevent schisming over a segment of ascension? One must intend thoroughness in the process of ascension. Ascension is not a race, nor will it lead to a better day if one attempts to move through the initiations more rapidly than the body can handle. Therefore, intend a pace that serves a thorough embodying of all crystalline DNA in all glands, systems and organs of the form. Ascension occurs in a recurring cycle in which first the bones and bone marrow are addressed along with ligaments and tendons; then the muscles are addressed; then the circulatory system and lymph systems are addressed; then the organs and glands from weakest to the strongest are addressed; last in any cycle the nervous system, sensory organs and skin are addressed.


Each initiate will have their own pace of working through a complete cycle. For those ascending from 1,024 to 3,000 segments, it may take an entire year to work one’s way through the whole body in the crystalline conversion. The next densest layer of decay is always addressed to the degree that it can be resurrected and converted through ascension. If a particular region is heavily decayed, the body will spend a longer time resurrecting in this region of domain. By 6,000 segments, one may have two cycles per year through the entire form. The further that one ascends, the more cycles per year one can accomplish. Asur’Ana and Per now average four cycles per year through the body, and this is beyond full consciousness and into what is known as soul infusion in their personal ascensions.


Sometimes thoroughness however may require a life change to allow, and if one fails to make a life change, then the body becomes ill as the preoccupation, family relations or spouse is the underlying cause of why one is schisming over a segment of one’s ascent. We have seen three examples of this in the DAS program this year alone and will share these, as examples for one to better understand.


In one case, an initiate holds a career as a teacher of pre-school age children. This initiate manages the energy of the classroom through their pelvis. There is a great deal of machinery, thoughtform, patterning and density associated, as they are continuously embracing the discord of the children, and pulling it through the sexual energy of the pelvis. In failing to release this particular preoccupation, this initiate schismed over every segment of DNA that would have resurrected the uterus and ovaries along with a portion of the large intestine to the crystalline form; now at 3000 segments, they are pre-cancerous in this region of domain. They have been advised to leave their career so that the body may resurrect and pick up all the missing genetic information skipped over to date; this will avoid having this initiate ascend into disease.


In yet another case, an initiate who has worked for the medical system for 20 years discovered that the nervous system had failed to ascend; the medical system had recurrently stripped the information necessary to resurrect the nervous system to the crystalline form. This initiate too finds themselves at 3,000 segments with a nervous system at 2 segments; the result is the experience of swinging between fatigue and nervous tension along with sleepless nights. Fortunately, this initiate has retired and left their preoccupation behind, and relocated to a lovely mountainous region where they can now recover. As they pick up all of the missing information for the crystalline nervous system, they will avoid a potential disease and ascend the portion of the form so greatly lagging behind in their ascension to date.


In the last case, an initiate has had recurrent problems in the lower spine that was the result of a problematic delivery of their first child. This initiate failed to choose to focus upon the repair of the grid work in this region of domain over the course of their ascent, relying heavily upon narcotics to block the pain instead. They too found themselves at 3,000 segments and with the lower spine pre-cancerous due to all of the schisms. This initiate as the above two is taking the time now to focus upon the repair of their weakest part of the form through ascension.


It is important for initiates to understand that one cannot skip over the weakest region of the form in ascension; such a region will only become even more problematic in the years ahead if it fails to become crystalline, potentially leading to an earlier death than if one chose not to ascend at all. Therefore, we guide initiates to really focus upon their problematic and most painful regions to assure a complete ascension in this lifetime, and a non-ascension into disease.


How does one focus? One learns to muscle test and pendulum if one does not have the ability to clairvoyantly perceive their etheric body. Then one intends daily to recover the missing ascension information of the associated region, and crosscheck if it is remaining in the ascension grid work so that it may step into physicality. If the information continually goes missing from the ascension grid work, then one must also intend to release the karma with those that one is giving the information unto, remove the machinery involved, and retrieve what has gone out the door so to speak. If the information is failing to integrate into physicality, then one must replace the devas and grid work associated so that the new genetics are transcribed into physicality allowing for a resurrection of the region rather than further decay.


Ascension requires focus; focus upon one’s path, focus upon one’s synthesis and energy flow, focus upon one’s inner guidance so that one understands the spiritual lessons one is learning from the karma released in one’s ancestry; and focus upon the etheric body so that all parts of the form ascend into crystalline biology. Ascension cannot be taken as a light hearted pastime, as this will only lead to ascension into disease from the point of view of the ancient ones.


Diet in Ascension


Diet can also play a role in association with ascending into disease or recovery out of disease through ascension. The new salts and fats of the crystalline form require eating salt and fat of many kinds to allow for the necessary nutrients to be available to construct crystalline biology. Fats from butter, dairy products and eggs are vital to the choice to ascend, as there will not be enough cholesterol otherwise. Each cell in the crystalline form is coated in cholesterol, and cholesterol also goes rancid over time and is replaced recurrently even as the biology becomes more fully regenerative in nature; and so, one will need to make sure to consume enough of such nutrients in their diet to have all the necessary requirements for the maintenance and further ascension into the crystalline form.


If one is a vegan and doesn’t want to consume any dairy products or eggs, then one can intend that one’s body manufactures its own cholesterol! This was what Asur’Ana intended throughout her ascension and successfully ascended to full consciousness and beyond without consuming any dairy products or eggs. The power of human intent can move mountains. In alignment with the Divine, anything becomes possible!


Nut and nut butters along with avocados hold yet other oils necessary to the formation of the crystalline nervous system. In particular, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts hold more of these particular fats that are used in the creation of the crystalline nerves. The crystalline nervous system relies upon a gentler form of neurotransmitter. The neurotransmitters at 2 segments of DNA (epinephrine and nor-epinephrine) create an “on-off” type of system; either one is “on” and the body and mind is moving, or one is “off” and asleep and there is little in-between.  The body exists in an on-going tensed up or cramped up state of being as a result.


The crystalline nervous system on the other hand runs upon a different biochemistry that has varying degrees of movement; one can be awake and in meditation where the body moves not at all, but the mind is active and alert and the body relaxed. One can be awake with an active mind and moving, taking a gentle stroll. Or one may be actively moving the form in one’s daily exercise. The new system has not the nervous tension of the old system. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on the crystalline form.)


However, if the body has become crystalline and the nervous system retains the old structure, extreme tension, ongoing tiredness and sleepless nights can be the end result as in the above example. One therefore needs to check if one has the symptoms of chronic fatigue if one has schismed over the biological ascension of the nervous system in addition to the crystalline circulatory system. If so, one must intend to integrate this segment of genetic information and give oneself the proper nutrients necessary for the task.


The bottom line is that ascension is biological, and there can be biological problems in ascension if one is not thorough. As one chooses to pick up the missing segments of DNA and allow for the associated parts of the body to become crystalline, then the problem can be rectified into a state of health again. What is required is the intention to do so, and the daily monitoring of one’s progress through muscle testing and/or use of the pendulum, and providing the nutrition required for the associated biological biochemical changes. One also must intend to release the underlying karma held in any weakened part of the form, and move the associated stuck energy in the etheric body.


Karma and Schisms


Karma can and will cause schisms if one is not paying attention. Karma may cause genetic information to be given to another or group of others, or employer. As the karma is released, one will retrieve one’s ancestral genetic information, and have the crystalline information to add to the ascension grid work surrounding the form. Therefore, the ongoing intention to clear karma that is one’s own, return karma that is not one’s own and one has taken on, and retrieve all information lost over time in one’s ancestral dance are ongoing intentions that are important in ascension.


Sometimes it is necessary to understand the karma that one is releasing in order for it to be forgiven. Releasing karma is an act of forgiveness; one perceives that another’s ancestry has trespassed in some manner upon one’s ancestry, and that the dance has repeated in present time. One also perceives that one’s own ancestry has trespassed upon others in parallel manner; the choice to forgive states “I choose to wipe the slates clean between us so that there is no longer any debt. I intend to balance the scales. I intend to move out of the dance of this form of exchange now and into the future.” In so doing, one ceases to lose grid work, records, DNA or other energy flow to another that would lead to schisms or disease if the pattern did not cease in present time.


Sometimes agreements are so ancient between parties or groups that one cannot release the karma without separating. This is a problem often for so many who choose the path of ascension either consciously or unconsciously. If one fails to allow the change in preoccupation or relationship that locks in agreements that cause one to schism heavily in ascension, one will become ill in the associated part of the form. One therefore must also pay attention to necessary life changes to foster one’s ascension in this lifetime.


It is interesting to note that early in Asur’Ana’s ascent, she realized that she required leaving her family and later her spouse to foster her continued ascension. These were difficult choices, as third dimensional beliefs in present time do not support the choice to exit the dance of family members. However, if the agreements continue to press one into a place where one schisms enough to become diseased, then one must choose between their life and ascension or the family or group or job relationship that will lead to death. Asur’Ana chose to live and ascend and left the family and spouse behind.


Disease and Loss of Grid Work


Most disease is an inward form of harm where one believes that one must sacrifice of one’s grid work and genetic materials to save another. In so doing, one is not only losing grid work to attachment in one’s life, but also by giving it to others along with the crystalline DNA necessary to the ascent. Many doctors and healers in present time are gifted at collecting grid work and DNA from others who sacrifice of themselves in this manner and use it to heal and repair yet others that they treat.


This is an unconscious practice, but so prevalent that it occurs in hospitals of all kinds and practitioners of all kinds, including chiropractors, naturopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists, healers of all kinds and even in Chinese medicine. In order to recover from disease, one must therefore step out of the dance of self-sacrifice, and perhaps even pull away from one’s current practitioners enough to cease to lose grid work and DNA to recover.


The loss of grid work and DNA may occur in one part of the form with the gain of grid work and DNA in yet another part of the form for those who tend to participate in this pattern. As such, one must learn to cease to take on or give grid work or DNA away, period. Grid work and DNA from another will never be resonant with oneself, and will also lead to disease in one’s continued ascent as well.


The purpose of ascension is to gather up one’s own self; one’s own self has a particular signature upon it that is associated with one’s ancestry. Therefore, instead of taking the grid work and DNA of another, one can intend to retrieve and recast the grid work and DNA that one’s ancestry lost at the time of each fall in consciousness. As the lost consciousness is recast, it can be woven into the form allowing for a recovery and ascent into one’s own truth; in so doing, one moves out of the dance of the sacrifice as a life pattern.


One initiate, whom we shall name Briar, has ascended in and out of pre-cancer of her ovaries and uterus three times to date. Each time she released karma for another time when a group of ancestors died of cancer of this region of the form due to a loss of consciousness. Each fall in consciousness causes a loss of grid work that supported the life, health and well-being of the uterus at the time that the ancestors lived. As Briar retrieved the grid work and genetics, angels and soul that was shattered in each loss of consciousness, a portion of her ovaries and uterus could be repaired and become crystalline. With each repair, this region of the form became increasingly strong enough to support her continued ascent.


Getting to the original cause can be a lengthy process. One may release enough of the karma to resurrect a portion of the decay today, only to ascend into more karma tomorrow that afflicts the same region of domain. The point is not to give up; but to continue to release the karma, release the patterning, thoughtform, machines and entities underlying the karma, and recover one’s genetic information and grid work allowing yet more of the associated gland, organ or system to become crystalline. The more of the form that becomes crystalline, the stronger the form becomes.


Hormonal Problems


In the current human system, there are hormones that govern reproduction and metabolism primarily. Such hormones become increasingly complex the further that one ascends into the crystalline structure. The management of all hormones is moved from the pituitary gland to the thymus gland by 4,600 segments of DNA; as the thymus gland grows up the sternum connecting to the thyroid and brain stem, it begins to manage all of the hormones associated with the autonomic nervous system. The pituitary gland then buds more fully to produce those biochemical substances necessary to ascend to 6,000 and beyond.


There are so many hormones that are new in the crystalline structure. Let us suffice to say that each of the hormonal systems becomes modified to become increasingly full range in nature. Insulin no longer comes in one variety but fifteen varieties by 3,000 segments; this allows for metabolism to transcend an on-off system where cells consume sugar or do not consume sugar; but rather consume sugar in a range of quantities throughout the day given the activity of the form in the moment.


If one is moving or exercising, then more sugar is required to be consumed. If one is sitting in meditation, then less sugar is required to be consumed. Each of the fifteen varieties of insulin also respond to those regions within the form that are “growing” or in other terms becoming crystalline, and may require the most sugar of all. Sugar is therefore diverted from already crystalline cells to those who are growing into the crystalline structure to foster the continued ascent of the whole.


A lack of development of all forms of insulin haunted an initiate whom we shall call Hudson, earlier in his ascent and was also a contributing factor to his fatigue at the time. The herbal kingdom assisted Hudson through the ingestion of tinctures to recover his biological information on a full-range insulin hormonal system. Over time, he moved beyond this type of fatigue in his ascension that was insulin based. One could see in this that Hudson might have become diabetic in his later life if not for ascension and indeed this is so. Most weak regions of the form will be genetic weaknesses that may be problematic already or would be problematic in older age. One can ascend out of such a weakness by embracing a crystalline structure and system in its place.


We have had initiates who ascended out of diabetes. As the pancreas became crystalline, insulin began to be produced enough that they no longer required ingesting such a substance from the outside-in. We have also had initiates ascend out of thyroid problems that were either over or under active in a parallel manner. As the thyroid became crystalline, it produces a more complex form of hormones that were more efficient at maintaining one’s metabolism. We have also had initiates re-grow organs that were surgically removed, but necessary to the ascent of the whole. Everything is possible in ascension; all that is required is one’s continued devotion to the path and continued willingness to intend one’s evolution, and so it can come to be.


Reproductive System


Reproduction takes on the function of regeneration within the crystalline form. Regeneration in the crystalline form is quite complex with 40 different forms of hormones associated with the recycling and repair of the cellular structure. Nutrients are recycled as they can be within the crystalline structure; new organs form around 2,200 segments of DNA that filter the blood extracting that which can be recycled and reused again, and then send such substances to wherever they are required for regenerative purposes.


Regeneration involves the repair of an existing set of cells rather than the recreation of a whole new set of cells to replace those that are dying off. Regeneration does not lose the ability to create a new set of cells if need be, but assesses first if the cells that appear to be going into distortion can be first repaired rather than recreated. It takes far less energy to repair a set of cells than recreate cells leading to a more efficient system overall, which in turn leads to greater overall strength and health of the form.


Regeneration is such an ongoing process within the crystalline structure that there is rarely a moment that one part of the form is not receiving one substance or another required for repair. Therefore, the reproductive system is a very important system to the maintenance of the crystalline form. There are 18 new glands that grow to support regeneration; in the male, these glands grow in the scrotal sacks or balls; in the female, they grow in the vaginal area and above the mons pubis. One may wish to check if one has all the glands that one should have to date for regeneration. By 3000 segments, one should have 6 of these new glands. By 6000 segments, one will have 12 glands in total. By 9000, one should have all 18 glands in this region of the form.


A lack of regeneration of a particular part of the form may lead to disease. In Briar’s case with her uterus and ovaries going pre-cancerous, this indeed was a regeneration issue; the regeneration failed to occur leading to distorted cells that became diseased; as enough within the region of domain became diseased, then the entire organ lost its function. The ovaries failed to produce their hormones, which then lead to a loss of regeneration throughout the body that was associated. As this region of domain was repaired, the necessary ingredients to the overall system were restored.


What Is Cancer?


What are cancerous cells? Cancerous cells become coated in mucous to a point in which they cannot breathe; they cannot take sugar and oxygen in within the in-breath; and cannot exhale their wastes. The result is a sick cell, which leads to a sick system or region within the form if the problem persists and expands to include enough cells in the same region of domain.


The solution? Well, the solution can be multifold, but we suffice to say that something is interfering with cellular regeneration. Sometimes the cause can be an erroneous genetic pattern; as one strives to retrieve all of the DNA to support the life of the crystalline cell, then the pattern can be rectified and one ascend out of cancer. However, in some cases the wrong regenerative substances are inserted into the same cells over time leading to a build-up of mucous until the mucous begins to suffocate the cells. Much like a human that tries to subsist on junk food and becomes ill over time as a result, cancerous cells begin by consuming the wrong nutrients or toxins.


What supplies too many of the wrong nutrients or toxins to one given region? This can be a complex issue as it depends upon how the body builds fat for the purposes of storage of excessive materials or toxins, or how the body transports nutrients or toxins from one region to another. Many forms construct fat in the space between organs, glands and systems for the purpose of storing excessive nutrients not needed in present time or toxins; if the organ, gland or system is near or next to the fat utilized as a storage tank for a certain nutrients or toxins, the cells nearby can become infected with too much of one nutrient or a toxic substance and then subsequently become cancerous. The solution? Detoxification rituals. (See below for more information).


Supplements and Ascension


The availability of vitamins and minerals in large dosages add to the problem in present time. Per grew up with a set of parents who were vitamin and mineral advocates. As a result, he took way too much of everything over the course of his childhood and adult life. Per was told early in his ascent by his guidance that he had taken way too many vitamins and not to take anything else unless advised. There has been plenty of everything if not excessive amounts in some cases, and some of the excessive B vitamins were stored near his prostate and in the fat between organs in the pelvis. Per would have prostate cancer later in life if he were not ascending due to the result of excessive B vitamins transferred through the fat in this region of domain, which interfered with regeneration.


More recently in Per’s continued ascent, the fat in the space between organs has been modified in full; all excessive vitamins were removed and now there appears an opportunity for the cells of the prostate and testes to recover and regenerate into the future unimpaired. Although addressing this region of domain occurred later in Per’s ascent, he is advising that the sequence of ascension be revised to include this region of domain between the organs of the belly in particular at a much earlier stage to avoid this problem in the ascent of others. The ascent of the space between organs and glands will now become a part of the ascent to 9,000 segments.


Our point here is that anything in excess is not a good thing in ascension. Retaining the health and balance of the crystalline system requires small amounts of nutritional substances, not large amounts of any one substance. It is for this reason that we recommend herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies rather than high dosages of vitamins and minerals to overcome obstacles in ascension. Generally, Asur’Ana and Per do not take herbs or vitamins period; only if it appears that they are missing genetic information for a particular development of a particular system in ascension. We would advise that initiates be cautious therefore of supplements, and take herbs only for as long as it is required to overcome a difficult moment in one’s continued ascent.


One can also commune with the herbs and often obtain the information required without ingesting the substance at all. This is what Asur’Ana has done in association with the recovery out of any health issues she has encountered to date, as she was advised not to consume any herbs or remedies whatsoever. She was told she already had everything within; and just required redirecting the genetic information to a point that it sustained the health of the region of domain.


Herbs and Biochemical Genetic Knowledge


Long ago, one’s ancestry was fully conscious with 36,000 segments of DNA. As the dream for existence at 36,000 segments shattered, which led to a fall in consciousness for your ancestors, the genetic information shattered along with it. As the genetic information for fully conscious human form shattered, the missing records entered the dream of the herbal kingdoms upon Earth. In so doing, the biochemistry associated with 36,000 segments was transferred from the human form to the herbs.


Last year, Asur’Ana had the opportunity to go into a large Chinese herb shop and grocery store in the Calgary region of Canada. This is not the first herb store of this nature that she had been into, but the most extensive as it was the size of a small warehouse. Asur’Ana’s form went into ecstasy, for here was all the missing genetic records for all regions within her form! As she connected and communed with the herbs, she drew into her field the lost information that allowed her to build a strong and healthy crystalline form through continued ascension.


It is not only Chinese herbs that hold human genetic information from the past, but also many other herbs. Chinese herbs hold more ancient knowledge of an earlier time period between 42,000 years ago and the original seeding of the grand master humans upon Earth. It appears that the falls in consciousness of the grand masters occurred primarily in the regions known as China and Tibet today, and so the herbs from this region absorbed the biochemical information from the lost human consciousness that occurred upon the associated land.


North American herbs appear to hold the biochemical information on an earlier time period of lost consciousness known as the Fall of Atlantis until present time (10,000 Earth years ago or 40,000 human years). It is why Asur’Ana has mapped out primarily North American herbs in association with ascension in the West, as it is these herbs that hold the necessary biochemical knowledge to build the form to 3,000 segments of DNA, as this is where the lost biochemical information went as the dream for human consciousness was shattered. This is also the same for Hawaiian herbs. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.)


South American Herbs along with African Herbs appear to hold the information from the fall of the era of the Mahavishnu (18,000 Earth years ago or 72,000 human years). It is interesting to note that South American Rainforest Herbs are now also available in the West through a few distribution companies. For a long time and relatively early in her ascent, Asur’Ana put herself on a combination of South American Rainforest Herbs that she had found at a Whole Life Expo. These herbs provided the necessary keys for Asur’Ana to ascend to Mahavishnu (15,000 segments of DNA) as they held the lost genetic information of her ancestry. One should be able to find such tinctures along with any other Western based herbs or Chinese medicine through the web if it is not available through one’s regional health food store.


European herbs, homeopathy and flower remedies in particular appear to hold the knowledge from the era of the fall of the Anu or Greek and Roman Gods (30,000 Earth years ago or 120,000 human years). They will be useful therefore in the ascent to 6,000-9,000 DNA segments.


The use of herbs and homeopathy either for the purposes of ingestion or communion with the kingdom associated will provide the missing information to allow for one’s ascension to be complete rather than incomplete in this lifetime. Homeopathy and flower essences take small amounts of each substance allowing for a vibrational shift rather than a nutritional experience of the associated herb or flower. Communing with the herb or flower once one has learned to commune sufficiently with the nonphysical will have similar affect without ingesting the homeopathic remedy.


Loss of genetic information is a loss of tones of creation that hold movement, sound, and vibration. Held within the herbs is not only the biochemistry of one’s lost ancestry, but also lost information on the tones of creation, movement and sound that was held at the given time period in one’s ancestral incarnations. All was recorded; all is upon Earth; where it was recorded has often been the question for the map makers or map carvers of ascension, as where the missing information is has not been necessarily obvious.


(NOTE: Map makers or map carvers of any species, whether they are humans, plants, animals, etc., gather together in dreamtime to carve the ascension map for one’s species. One does not travel anywhere physically. Everything is done on the inner planes.)


The Chinese somehow managed to map out the missing records in their herbal medicine along with the meridians associated with the energy flow in the body; much of their knowledge appears to be associated with the lost consciousness of the Grand Master ancestors. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may be another means by which ascending initiates can find relief and support through troubled times in ascension, or support the ascent out of a disease or chronic ailment; and for those ascending out of disease, is the recommended and suggested treatment along with homeopathy and North American, African or South American herbs.


How exactly do ingesting herbs support ascension? Within the herb is information that is biochemical as well as historical. As the herb enters the blood, the body will transport it to the region of the form requiring the information to ascend. The biochemical information provides the keys and building blocks to restore the system, gland or organ to the crystalline structure. As the body masters the information the herb provides, continued ingestion of the herb is no longer required. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 1 “How to Work with Herbs and Essential Oils in Ascension” for more information.)


How does one determine what herb one needs, the dosages or how long to ingest them? Muscle test. Muscle testing is a direct feedback loop in which the body says “Yes, I need this substance” or “No, I already have this information, thank you.” Practicing this form of feedback will give one confidence in its usefulness. Some prefer the pendulum to muscle testing, and this too may be another means of discerning kinesthetic knowing.


How does muscle testing or pendulums work? When an answer to any question is “yes”, the muscles tighten and the energy flows in a particular direction in one’s chakras. If one presses against the tightened muscles, they resist, and this is how one discerns a positive answer through muscle testing. For the pendulum, one observes which direction it spirals to discern a “yes” or “no” answer. The chakras surrounding one’s form will move in one direction for a “yes” answer and the opposite for a “no” answer; one’s own energy then spins the pendulum giving one physical plane feedback. (There is a section “How to Muscle Test Your Truth” in Chapter 8 of Ascension Insights, Volume 6 that provides step by step instructions to begin to muscle test. This same technique can also be used to receive clear guidance by using the pendulum.)


Energy Dynamics of Disease and Pain


Before disease steps into form, there is a large hole in the related part of the etheric body in which there is no energy movement, or there is a twisted energy movement in which not all parts of the region of domain receive equal chi. Some regions may receive too much chi leading to the experience of excessive fire element and combustion of the molecular structure; some regions receive too little chi leading to a drowning effect of too much water element. Chinese medicine also tracks the elements in the system acknowledging that too much fire or water in any one region leads to disease.


Excessive water leads to too much mucous, which leads to cancer. Too much fire leads to combustion of the molecular structure in which the form literally collapses in upon itself withering away. As enough of a particular gland, organ or system withers or goes cancerous; it fails to hold its function within the form leading to disease and eventually death. However, long before this occurred, a problem in the etheric body developed, and as one strives to repair the etheric grid work and release the underlying karmic contracts, there is then an opportunity to recover from the disease instead through ascension.


Ascension brings about an increasing sensitivity to that state of one’s etheric body. Many ascending to 3,000 and beyond will feel the problem or blockage in the etheric and think it is a physical malady as the pain is so great and feels so physical. Some ascending humans have taken their troubles to the doctors only to be sent home “fine”. One initiate even thought they were having a heart attack, which the doctors confirmed as a negative. This proved to such ascending humans that the problem was sincerely etheric, and if they chose to release the underlying pattern and karma in the etheric, the manifestation of the associated disease would be offset in the physical through ascension.


Even physical pain is really the result of stuck energy in the etheric. Move the energy and the pain will begin to move and clear. Focus is key to the movement of any pattern at cause of stuck energy in the etheric. Acupuncture needles may open up the meridians for a time, but if the underlying cause of the pattern and the associated thoughtform and karma fails to be released, the meridian will close again leading to the recurrence of the pain. Therefore, one can use acupuncture in the assistance of opening the meridians if one chooses, but one must also choose to release the patterns underlying the stuck meridians if one wishes the healing offered to be retained.


One can also learn to give oneself one’s own acupuncture treatments by simply intending to open one’s own meridians that are closed, or clear those that are stuck or blocked through conscious intention and focus. This Asur’Ana has included in her meditations for working with the kundalini, the focus of opening all meridians in the form so that the chi may flow smoothly throughout the entire vessel. If there is a stuck region, one must focus for a time upon such a region until the blockage releases and the meridian opens more fully.


Energy focuses wherever one pays attention in the field or form, causing a quickening of movement that will foster a release of stuck points and patterns in the etheric. The Language of Light is also useful to add along with focus as it will spin in a manner that fosters the breaking up of density. Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of Light.


For some, Reiki may also have a parallel affect; however, understand that Reiki attunes to a mechanized energy flow. Sometimes the flow is supportive of one field and not another, and the mechanization does not allow the movement to adjust to the personal needs of those receiving such treatment. The Language of Light on the other hand is a conscious energy flow that will attune to the field and choose to move in a manner that serves the evolution of the individual upon a personal level. The Language of Light has consciousness. Such consciousness allows the tones to attune to the field and adjust the pace of rotation to meet the needs of the level of transmutation required.


Etheric Scar Tissue


Some meridians or parts of the etheric body may have been stuck since one was born; these are often in the middle of decay or scar tissue in one’s genetic structure from another time and trauma within one’s ancestry. In order to move the energy throughout the region that great trauma has been recorded, often the etheric scarring must release first. Etheric scarring will emulate scar tissue in the physical; etheric scarring is a hardened energetic region stuck in time at the moment of the trauma in one’s ancestry. Some stuck points will sit in time from 18,000 to 30,000 years ago or longer!


As one focuses upon the layer of scarring to be released in the etheric, the pain and trauma that one’s ancestry experienced will surface to be cleared. Often one may go into the experience and re-experience it in the NOW with a recollection of the lifetime(s) at cause; sometimes one only feels the pain or anxiety involved and may cathart or cry until it has been released. As the etheric scar lifts, the energy begins to flow anew into a region that may have been blocked for many generations if not thousands and thousands of years in one’s ancestry. As the energy moves, the underlying cellular structure may now ascend into the crystalline form, as there is enough chi to allow for it.


Using Minerals in Ascension


Underlying most disease are key ancestral karmic experiences, trauma and incidents of great pain. The key to releasing the etheric stuck points so that the physical may heal is to release the etheric scarring. As enough energy is applied through focus, any etheric scar will release. In addition to focusing with one’s mind during meditation, one may also use the assistance of the mineral kingdom. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 9 “Language of Light and Minerals” for more information.) Certain minerals hold certain Language of Light tones that may be useful in breaking up etheric scarring of a particular nature at certain phases of ascension.


Asur’Ana and Per have constructed a mineral based synthesis altar for this purpose that generates all of the Language of Light tones to support their ascent day and night. They also travel with their altar which anchors such energy for the purposes of global karmic release and anchoring global peace. A synthesis altar can be constructed a little at a time and does not require perfect or expensive pieces, just the right pieces to fill in all of the notes of the scale. Then one can add other pieces from the Language of Light and Mineral chart that are specific to one’s personal needs at any given phase of ascension. (Please see Mineral Treasures Chapter 2 “Building a Synthesis Altar” for more information.)


Asur’Ana has also found it greatly useful to suggest ascending initiates to work with a hand sized crystal point of either rose quartz or clear quartz in nature on a daily basis. Such a point can be held in the hand and then used to amplify the energy to assist any stuck point within the etheric body in releasing. In addition, the kundalini channels must be opened to greater and greater degrees in ascension, and a hand-held point can assist with carving larger kundalini channels. Often those with chronic fatigue have failed to adequately opened the kundalini channels in their ascent to date, which translates into not enough chi moving through the meridians of the vessel, which leads to an ongoing sense of tiredness.


Here is a simple exercise to use a hand sized crystal quartz point to assist in more greatly opening the kundalini channels at any stage of ascension. First, we would recommend taking the time to clear one’s field through synthesis. The Synthesis Meditation in Chapter 11 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 and the Elements Meditation in Chapter 13 of Ascension Insights, Volume 4 offer a series of instructions that foster movement in the energy field in a manner that is supportive of ascension. However, the ancient ancestors would like to point out that this is all lost knowledge that one’s ancestors once understood; once all humans knew how to manage their own energy field to sustain the health and well-being of the form through conscious focus and intention.


Over time, humans on the surface of the Earth in particular went into such great forgetfulness that they forgot that there was an etheric form before there was a physical form, and that the etheric becomes stuck or diseased before the physical becomes diseased. Furthermore, humans forgot how to maintain their energy flow to sustain a lengthier life span along with their health. This is very sad for the ancient ones to see, as it has created so much needless pain and suffering of the physical life experience.


However, there is a positive note to it all, and that is to the degree one learns to manage one’s own energy systems through conscious daily focus, there is no need to be in pain or suffer for any length of time again into the future. Furthermore, one can take responsibility for one’s own health and learn to move the stuck energy fostering of recovery of any diseased part of the form, and retain oneself disease free from this point forward.


Opening the Kundalini and Healing with Minerals


Utilize the Synthesis Meditation to get the field moving and flowing. Hold the hand sized quartz point while one is synthesizing, charging it up and clearing it of anything that it has attracted or any patterns that do not serve one’s healing. Ask that one’s own angels to set in motion a movement of energy through one’s hands and into the point that will foster clearing the kundalini channels and add whatever Language of Light tones one is in need of at this time for this purpose.


Now hold the point facing the body beginning at the tailbone. Slowly move the point up the front of the body and past the head with the intention to widen the central kundalini channel that runs through the spinal column. Take five minutes or so to focus upon the main kundalini channel, slowly moving the point from bottom to top of the form. Now begin at the top of the right foot, slowly moving the point up the right leg, right side of the body and down the right arm, again with the intention to open the side channel of the kundalini energy system. Again, take five minutes or so to focus upon the right side kundalini channel. Last focus upon the left side of the form in parallel manner to the right, again taking five minutes or so.


As one widens the kundalini channels, more fire will move through the etheric form; as more chi move through the etheric form, there is more to energize one’s meridian system, small chakras and grid work. As the grid work is more greatly charged, those regions previously unable to ascend can now began to embrace the crystalline structure. The more chi moving through the etheric body, the faster the ascent and the greater one will have the ability to move stuck energetic points to allow for a recovery out of pain or disease. Last, as enough fire moves through the kundalini, the experience of chronic or intermittent fatigue shall also subside.


One can then charge the same point with whatever tones are required to assist in the clearing of one or more stuck points in the etheric body in which one is currently experiencing physical pain, or is aware of a diseased part of the form. Ask one’s angels to add the necessary Language of Light tones to assist in breaking up the density enough so that the energy may begin to flow through the diseased or stuck portion of the etheric body again. Hold the point at the end of the associated meridian (if one is familiar with acupuncture or acupressure) or pointed towards the region in pain or that is diseased within the form until the density breaks up enough that the pain ceases. This is one manner in which minerals may assist in the release of etheric scarring enough that one may ascend out of chronic pain or disease.


Understand that once the cells have become diseased and die, they go numb and one will no longer feel the pain. Physical pain is a symptom of dying cells that still have some life within them; once dead, the cells go numb. Often as the cells regenerate again, one will feel physical pain again in the recovery of a diseased part of the form. Understand that this type of pain is a symptom of ascension and a positive sign of recovery.


Working with Larger Minerals in Ascension


Sometimes there are stuck entities, machines and other compressed thoughtform held tightly within diseased, decayed or scarred regions of the etheric body. One can utilize a larger point or sphere to assist in pulling the density out of the etheric body so that one’s field can then break it up through the spinning of one’s chakras. Asur’Ana has utilized spheres and larger points for this purpose, and we guide initiates to muscle test or pendulum which pieces from your altar will be of the greatest use for such a purpose. Then one may hold the larger point or sphere near the problematic region of the form allowing it to absorb the density until the energy moves enough to leave the etheric body.


After one utilizes their minerals for this purpose, one should clear them of anything that they may have picked up during one’s own healing process and clearing. One can either hold the mineral in one’s hand and pushing Language of Light tones through it until one senses the stone is clear and repaired of any damage; one can also cover one’s minerals in water and give them an hour or two in direct sunlight allowing the rays of the sun to do the clearing. In the healing process with ascending humans, the minerals sometimes absorb entities of great destructiveness, and the sun has been helpful in clearing such things in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience.


Asur’Ana has often taken her minerals to bed with her on bad ascension days placing them next to wherever there was great pain in the form, and awakened with all pain totally released the next morning! The mineral kingdom has agreed to serve ascension in this manner to settle karma for their own misuse at human hands for destructive purposes. So, let us honor and thank the mineral kingdoms for their support of the human form at this evolutionary time period.


Depression and Ascension


Depression from an ascension point of reference is generally the result of one who absorbs all of the rage and anger of others, and then represses it so greatly that one becomes numb. Out of the numbness, one feels bored, melancholy and depressed. Often depressed individuals have no emotional or intuitive body and a strong mental and creative body. This was a composite of an initiate whom we shall name, Dante, when he was an engineer earlier in his life experience. Dante suffered from depression and melancholy; he tried to offset this sometimes by having extra-marital affairs; but this did not resolve the problem for Dante.


From our assessment, Dante has “grumpy bear syndrome”. He would sink into a particular set of frequencies associated with rage, but not express the anger, but rather repress it, becoming increasingly grumpy and melancholy. The solution was to tease him until he laughed, after which he would rise out of such vibrations and cease to be depressed. Laughter is therefore a good solution to depression.


However, in order for depression to cease to be a recurrent pattern, one must learn to process the repressed anger that is one’s own, and return the anger that belongs unto others. Anger is often gathered as an unconscious manipulative practice in which one then dominates the dance of life, as others are afraid of the anger that one carries. This too was Dante’s management style in engineering; others responded to his repressed anger and took care of business out of fear.


Over time, Dante learned to move the red ray or anger through the kundalini rather than sit upon it in a constipated manner. In the movement, then the anger that belongs unto another can be sorted through and returned through conscious intention in the act of synthesizing the field. One also must come to terms with one’s own anger in allowing it expression.


The fear of anger is really the result of having the anger of others in one’s field. If one expresses the anger of others, one wishes to destroy or “kill” another, and this is what most are afraid of. If one simply allows one’s own anger to rise and be felt, one wishes not to destroy but rather set boundaries surrounding how another has defiled one’s boundaries. Anger is the natural response to any violation, whether it is physical or energetic. It is why children scream in rage before they can speak; they are screaming about feeling violated, either in behavior of their parents or lack of understanding or in abusive energy flow.


Most parents choose to punish the child for feeling angry rather than allowing the anger to flow. This is how repression is learned and in particular within families that have no permission to express anger (often of Germanic or Norwegian origins), or in which only one member of the family may express the rage and violence of the group. This was Per’s experience with his father; his father was the only one who had permission to express rage in the family. This caused his father to be often be out of control in rage. For a long time, Per also repressed his anger out of fear that he would be punished if he allowed for the expression; and he could not get angry, only remained stoic. Over time, Per gave himself permission to get angry; and then discovered the difference between violence and authentic anger that is one’s own.


Authentic anger feels good and revitalizing; it causes the chi to flow through the body, and pushes one to set one’s boundaries with the violator. Anger is related to the red ray that is associated with life force; move the anger and one will recover one’s life force and energy through ascension. This too is helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue to understand. In healing the fear of anger, one may require going back to the earliest memories of when one chose to repress the anger, release the karma, heal the trauma, and forgive those who manipulated oneself into shutting down one’s life force and expression. In so doing, one can recover what one has lost, and learn to manage and run the red ray, which is vital to the choice to ascend. One will also leave depression behind as a distant memory in so doing.


Several initiates in our DAS self-study program have worked their way out of a lifetime of anti-depression medication through ascension. It is possible, and the medication does not assist the process. Therefore, we advise that those who are on anti-depression medication to gradually reduce the dosage and work your way off the drugs, and intend to ascend and move the anger and recover one’s life force instead.


However, if one is manic-depressive or schizophrenic and suffers from a biochemical brain imbalance, we do not recommend that one cease to take one’s medication. There is no means of correcting the biochemical imbalance at this time through ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 11 “Earth’s Perspective on Autism, the Indigo Children, and Ascension” for more information about the karmic roots of manic-depression and schizophrenia.)


Suicidal Feelings


Suicidal feelings are the desire to self-destruct turned inward. The same pattern expressed outward leads to homicidal tendencies or one who harms others; turned inward it leads to the desire to die or commit suicide. In the current human dance, the unconscious darkness of family, friends and businesses is passed around like a hot potato. Humans naturally do not take responsibility for their own disowned darkness; instead, there is generally one in any group that has the genetic predisposition of taking on the darkness of the group. This is also where the “black sheep” in any family comes from; they are expressing the darkness of the entire family, as this is their predisposition.


In Asur’Ana’s family, it was her grandmother that took on the darkness for the group. Grandma was always depressed. From the age of 45 onward, she expressed recurrently that she wanted to die, and that there was no point to further life for her. Alas she lived to the ripe old age of 95, wishing to die for a very long time! Grandma absorbed the will to die for the entire family, but never had the courage to commit suicide.


For those who take on darkness in the form of insanity, suicidal feelings are often the result. One is tormented by the dark and violent personality from many others that desires to belittle one and torture one into such a state of worthlessness that one chooses to take of one’s own life through suicide. We have had initiates who have told us that they ascended out of suicidal feelings, and were relieved that they were no longer tormented internal to self so. How did this occur? Such initiates released the need to take on the darkness of others in their ascension. In so doing, the darkness that belonged unto others was returned unto whom it belonged, and the unconscious parts of self that belonged unto the initiate were integrated to a point that they simply lifted out of the vibrations associated with such thoughts.


Thoughts sit in vibrational bandwidths surrounding Earth. This includes thoughts that appear supportive of life and thoughts that appear most destructive of life. As one ascends, one rises through the associated bandwidths of all thoughtform and transcends; one transcends the part of self that resonates with destruction so that ascension may be the life result instead of death. Ascension is ultimately about the transcendence of death; both emotionally and physically. The crystalline form does not die but regenerates; in order to embody such a form one also emotionally deals with all internal self-destructive patterning, and chooses to transcend such thoughtform, anchoring a new way of being that is unity based in its place.


Ultimately, it is one’s thoughts that create one’s body along with one’s reality. If the body is ill, fatigued, depressed or diseased, then one holds on to thoughts that create such a life outcome. Ascension allows for the transcendence of thoughtform to a new state of being that allows for the reality of unity to be born. In a state of unity, one ceases to destroy self or others, but moves towards collaboration. Collaboration is about all members of the group supporting the group goal, without undermining, without greed, without judgment of the part to be played, without jealousy that one role is better than another, and without competition.


The current state of the form at 2 segments of DNA is in biological competition; parts of the form are expended and die off in not receiving enough nutrients or chi to subsist; other parts of the form receive more than they require. Much like the patterns of extreme greed, hoarding, and wealth that create the opposing polarity of poverty, hunger, homelessness and starvation in human civilization, the body at two segments of DNA sits in both polarities simultaneously. The end result is aging, disease, discord and death.


In order to ascend out of such a state, one must transcend the very thoughtforms at cause, which include war and peace, life and death, along with wealth and poverty. As one balances the polarity coming to the middle path, one enters a state of unity. As one’s thoughts become unity based, unity based crystalline biology can then be ascended into. As more of humanity ascends into such a biological state of being, human civilization will evolve out of the need to war or consume resources and into a new day of honor, unity and enough for all. Such an outcome requires 30% of the human population to ascend to 3,000 DNA segments or higher in vibration.


Detoxifying, Disease and Ascension


Ascension requires recurrent detoxification of the body to maintain the health and well-being along with continued evolution of the form. Toxins come in many forms in the current human dance; some are the result of pollutants one has been exposed to in one’s life; some are the result of something one has ingested through one’s food source; and yet others are the result of toxic thoughtform that has manifested itself down to the physical biochemistry.


Humans at 2 segments sit in toxic thoughtform that perpetuates war, disease, abuse, aging and death. Toxic thoughtform can be associated with “I hate” and “I destroy”, whether such thoughtform is expressed internally or externally. Ascension brings about the transmutation of such a state into “I forgive”, “I understand”, “I have compassion for”, and “I ascend and evolve”. As hate and destruction cease to become one’s foundation of thought, then one moves into a state of unity.


Upon a biological level, there are agents of destruction known as viruses and bacteria primarily. Toxins support the virus or bacteria in deteriorating the form by altering the biochemistry enough that the associated cells are weak and easier to infect. Therefore, choosing to detoxify the form on a recurrent basis pulls out those agents that weaken the form to such a great degree that the agents of destruction could bring about the death of the form as they are released in the transmutative process of ascension.


Viruses and bacteria are released from the decay in the ascent of the non-crystalline cells into the crystalline cells. As a result, sometimes an infection of one sort or another will occur as a part of the ascension process. One can treat such infections by boosting the immune system through herbs; however, the choice to detoxify in addition will pull one through such difficult moments in ascension most rapidly.


The skin is the largest organ of the form. Bathing and mud baths have become the two main means by which Asur’Ana and Per have detoxified their forms in ascension, and released those agents that weaken any system. Bathing has become a daily ritual for each of them. Bathing can include swimming pools, saunas and steam baths, however one also does not wish to absorb the toxins of others, and so must be careful of the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities along with the chemicals used. If ill, perhaps bathing at home is a better choice as one will have purer water and can add one’s own essential oils, salts and bath ingredients to support the choice to detoxify.


In other books of the Ascension Insights series, we have spoken of “Batherapy” which is available through most health food or drug stores in the US or online in other parts of the world. Batherapy, which is comprised of many minerals including sulfur blended with enough chlorophyll to ease the smell, has proven to be very useful for detoxification in ascension. Batherapy turns a regular bath into a mineral bath, much like going to the hot springs. The minerals attach to the toxins and pull them out of the pores of the skin. Some minerals are absorbed through the skin assisting in the remineralization of the body. Crystalline skin becomes so porous that it can both release toxins and absorb nutrients, another reason one must be careful as to the water in which one bathes within.


For heavy metal toxins, Asur’Ana has bathed in tomato juice. Add one large can of juice to a regular hot bath and soak for 30-45 minutes; the tomatoes latch onto the metals and pull them through the pores. Often heavy metals end up in the feet more than any other part of the form; one can also take footbaths in pure tomato juice if this is so. Milk baths soften the skin and allow the dead layers to fall away. One can add a jug of milk to a hot bath as an inexpensive means to this goal. If one is vegan, one can use soy milk or almond milk. Epson salts are also useful if one is unable to obtain Batherapy and also will pull toxins through the pores. In earlier volumes, Asur’Ana recommended rotating between the tomato, milk and Epson salt baths in support of ascension, and indeed this is still useful from the Ancient Ones’ point of view.


Mud baths can be taken at home or even while on the road. Asur’Ana and Per have learned to detoxify from long plane travel by giving each other a mud bath upon arrival at their destination hotel, no matter how late it may be in the day or wee hours of the morning. They have a rapid recovery from all toxins absorbed upon aircrafts and in their air circulation as a result. However, in their toughest moments of ascension, the mud bath has become the preferred resource, as it pulls up to 100% more toxins from the skin than bathing, and also allows the dead layers of skin to be removed for even more movement of toxins out of the form.


Asur’Ana and Per have experimented with white and green clay; both are useful. Generally, they make a thick paste of the clay with water and a small amount of essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. Then they spread the paste all over each other’s body, allowing it to dry for 20 minutes or so, and then wash it off in the shower followed by a salt scrub.


Salt scrubs are easy to make oneself and good to use once or twice per day; mix 1 cup of medium grain salt or Epson salt with six tablespoons of jojoba or almond oil and add a few shakes each of essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. Take a palm sized amount of the salt scrub and spread it over the entire body while in the shower (except face and hair) and then rinse.  The salt will assist in the removal of dead skin and the oils stimulate the skin for regeneration and the release of further toxins. Often, they feel so much better thereafter that they may lie awake for hours simply moving off the discordant energy patterns they are transmuting in the moment.


Detoxification rituals are a part of the path of ascension. Fail to adequately detoxify the form, and one is certain to become ill in ascension. However, for those who are diseased and are choosing to ascend out of such a state of being, the detoxification rituals will best support the body in such a goal. Therefore, we recommend the use of baths and mud baths as frequently as possible to foster the path of ascension in this lifetime.


Other Tips from the Ancient Ones


  1. Intention Is Everything. Intend to recover and move the pain out of the associated etheric region of the form. Intend to ascend the decayed or scarred tissue into healthy crystalline cells. Intend a future of health, joy and continued ascension.


  1. Take Back Your Power to Direct Your Own Form and Life Dream for Ascension. You are God Goddess in form. God Goddess commands one’s reality, becoming the dreamer and the dream. Create the dream to recover and ascend out of any ailment or life predicament that is painful or joyless. Intend the dream and take back the power to manifest from those one has given one’s power unto; then release the karma with all who would wish to unconsciously interfere with one’s manifestation.


  1. Become Your Own Doctor in Ascension. Learn to muscle test or pendulum and listen to the body in terms of what it requires to heal and ascend. Give unto the body all that is required to fulfill upon this goal from proper nutrition to the herbs and homeopathic remedies that will support one through rough times in the biological ascension process, or in the ascent out of disease, fatigue or depression. Take back your power from all practitioners to heal oneself through the choice to ascend. Cease to go to those practitioners that strip one of one’s records to heal or ascend.


  1. Eat Healthy Fresh Foods. The body is one’s temple. Choose the freshest possible vegetables and fruit and eat what the body craves of this daily. The body desires food that is “alive”; alive food cannot come from canned, boxed or frozen sources. Intend to become a vegetarian and to give up the eating of flesh in order to transcend the need to slaughter anything to subsist. As one ceases to slaughter, one will cease to be slaughtered, as disease is the result of the slaughter of one’s own field and grid work.


  1. Give unto the Body What Brings It Joy. Take the time to walk in nature each day and commune with the trees, lakes, ocean, mountains, rivers, meadows or streams around oneself. The body is a part of Earth and requires the connection and communion with her global body to feel whole and loved along with nurtured. Attune to the nature kingdoms that one encounters in one’s daily life for messages to support one’s ascension and healing process. Take time to synthesize each day and move one’s energy through conscious focus, attuning inward unto soul to receive its guidance.


  1. Detoxification Rituals. Take time each day to have a bath, mud bath, or swim to aid the body in its detoxification for ascension as well as healing any pained or diseased part of the form. Use such time also to meditate putting on some gentle music, lighting some candles, burning some incense, and then go inward listening to one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source for the next steps upon one’s life journey.


  1. Living Environment. Create the sacred space at home to heal within by designing a healing environment. Incense and candles along with essential oils, soft music and moving water in the form of fountains, live plants and decor that gives one pleasure can assist to create such a space. Some regions humans live are too toxic to ascend beyond a certain point in this lifetime. Allow oneself to relocate to those regions that are supportive of the choice to ascend, or recover from disease. If one cannot see one’s way to such relocation now, then intend it so into the future. Remember you are the dreamer and the dream; intentionalize what you wish, and the dream will flow accordingly to make one’s dream one’s reality.


  1. Preoccupation. Find a preoccupation that brings one joy. Boredom in one’s daily work sends unconscious messages of self-hatred unto the form all day long, which translates into the death of the cellular structure. Intend to alter each preoccupation in one’s life to allow for the birth of joy in all that one does. If one cannot see one’s way to such a goal, intend it so anyway; then start planning for a shift that will allow the dream to be materialized.


  1. Focus. Take time each day to focus upon one’s healing process. Meditate, ground, clear the field, connect with one’s ascending soul, and listen; listen to the guidance offered and take action accordingly. Utilize the minerals along with focus to move the stuck problematic regions of the etheric body so that one may ascend out of disease and maintain one’s continued health in ascension. Understand that there is no pain so great it cannot be released through focus and the intent to ascend. Ascension translates into transmutation; one’s density is transmuted, and in so doing the energy begins to freely move again leading to freedom from pain, and enough energy to fulfill upon one’s life mission.




We said far more than we originally planned in this communication. This is what collaboration is all about; we collaborate with Asur’Ana who shares her insights and experiences with us, allowing us a more thorough examination of the possibility of ascension out of disease or other chronic ailments. Understand that ailments may come and go in ascension; that one is forever transmuting decay and scar tissue that may be filled with viral or bacterial agents or toxins that are hard upon the form, leading to a temporarily difficult physical circumstance. As one strives to support the form through such moments, and not allow such parts of the form to go into even greater distortion in failing to take action early in the game, one will avoid ascending into disease.


Life changes through ascension. The ascent to 3,000 brings about the fulfillment of all karma that one had to clear in this lifetime at birth. Therefore, a whole new life is born after this point in each initiate’s life experience. Allow the life changes that reflect the completion; in so doing, the attachment to the past shall release, and the ascent shall not lead to disease. Ultimately, disease is the result of failing to let go; in holding on to resentment, anger, pain, suffering, or the karma and thoughtform of others, the etheric energy becomes stuck or blocked to a point that the cells begin to die. Let go; release the past; release the resentments or the need to carry the pain of others. In so doing, one may recover living to see the emergence of the Golden Age ahead.


The ancient ancestors hope that this information is of use to many reading of our materials. Please share this information with others who are awakening to the path of ascension in this lifetime. We have many to reach, and little time to do so, as the times of cleansing are already underway. We honor you in your choice to ascend. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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