Image of the Language of Light symbols. Language Of Light Tri Tones 97 – 136

3. Language Of Light Tri Tones 97 – 136


The following are 40 Tri Tones of the Language of Light. Please refer to Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for 48 Single Tones. Dual Tones 49-96 can be found in Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Please see Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 on how you can use the Language of Light to facilitate ascension.


Infinite Oneness




Nature: Active

The Symbols of God/Goddess and Oneness

Infinite Oneness allows forever or expansiveness to experience the moment. The application of infinite oneness expanses the moment into the opportunity of all possible expressions. Only in the leaning one way or another is the expression of the moment cast until the next moment’s leaning. The movement from all possibility to a moment expression is action directed from a point of balance.






Nature: Passive

The Symbols Balance, Dream and Communication

Symbolic allows for moment to moment coherence. The translation of any possibility requires the interweaving of all the possible moments perhaps viewed as links or chains of experience, each moment leading to many possible moments. Each possible experience contains within itself all the expressions that are woven so as to maintain balance in creation. Symbolic in the passive weaving is the predisposition for completion.






Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Passion, Creativity and Purpose

Inspiration combines a moment movement within a structure to allow fulfillment of the moment. Each creational moment emboldens the next moment to a more expansive mode of expression. Forever can be seen as momentary brilliance expanding into itself, full and complete, leaving open to the next moment the possibility for brilliance and completion, directed and molded through inspiration.


Creative Self Expression




Nature: Active

The Symbols External, Breath of Life and Passion

Creative Self-Expression is that which supports structurally and with vision the directed movement of actualized expression. The lean of the moment translated into all the necessary movement and pushed forward through creative self-expression into each moment’s moment, expanding and elaborating the unknown from potential into actual experience. The pathway from the possible to the complete is directed through creative self-expression.


Collaborative Dream




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Dream, Community and Function

Collaborative Dream allows for structure within which creative self-expression can actualize. Each potential moment of self-expression longs for a context of fulfillment, each moment being defined by the context. Each moment’s brilliance is derived from the canvas, the backdrop, the reason for being, the mechanism for actualization of potential requires the pull and the attraction to come forth into experience.


Collaborative Structure




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Community, Structure and Human Species

Collaborative Structure integrates movement and the attraction to come forth into the experience of the moment. Each moment contains the individualized creative self-expression and the collaborative dream such that each contributes the moment into the moment to create the ever-expanding experience. Each expansion of the moment widens the known, the actualized, and thereby widens the potential, the possibility.


Collaborative Creations




Nature: Active

The Symbols Dance of Life, Fluidity and Divine Union

Collaborative Creations allows the push toward the greater moment. Each successive action increment provides a more complete, stronger push across the moment to fuel the expansion into brilliance required by the moment. Flow is, action is. All desires to express through movement beyond the present, forever in the moment, expansion in the now.


Collaborative Unity




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Honor, Unity and Integrity

Collaborative Unity allows the flow of creation through action to have the parameters of expression. Collaborative Unity exerts a boundary or limit such that creative action moves in alignment with the greatest good. The combination of overlays for each moment creates the magnitude of expression as well as influencing the possible direction. This allows the moments to align with intent such that all moments contribute in harmony.


Collaborative Governance




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Non-Conditional Governance, Stealth and Communication

Collaborative Governance integrates momentum and design from the moment into the moment. All possibilities are accounted for and provided the opportunity to express through the moment. Fullness and completeness are implicit for all expression is equally important. The opportunity to express is provided equally, fully and completely until completion is expressed and the moment is complete. Each completed moment gives up its essence into the greater moment driving toward greater completion.


Consensus Reality




Nature: Completion

The Symbols Communion, Jurisdiction and Power

Consensus Reality is a completion tone that combines the capabilities of all previous nine tones. This tone allows the segmenting and combination of moments so larger explorations can be expressed. Great thought is simplicity in grandeur, fulfilled upon in the smallest of tasks, completion in the moment. The greater good of the whole driving each moment into a brilliance achieved only as the small and the large emulated unto one other, each seeking fulfillment and completion through unity of expression.


The Human Kingdom




Nature: Active

The Symbols Land-Based Worlds, Human Species and Non-Conditional Love

The Human Kingdom holds the non-conditional love tone for the consensus reality known as Earth. An action tone drives the movement of the consensus towards completion both in the moment, but in the larger moments as well. Human stewardship is inherent in the action and drive toward completion and each aspect of the non-conditional love tone caresses those around it in the dance outward beckoning each into becoming more than expected causing each moment to expand in fullness.


The Plant Kingdom




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Land-Based Worlds, Unspoken Worlds and Compassion

The Plant Kingdom holds the compassion tone for the consensus reality known as Earth. This tone forms the fabric of expression and provides the possibilities for human kingdom to express through. By holding the structure for expression, the plant kingdom allows for the greatest good through molding the action of human kingdom into a movement of unity and harmony tempered with compassion. Compassion filters action into grace, wholeness and completeness in the moment.


The Mineral Kingdom




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Land-Based Worlds, Unspoken Worlds and Forgiveness

The Mineral Kingdom holds the forgiveness tone for the consensus reality known as Earth. This tone folds the movement and structure of human and plant kingdoms into the multifaceted expressions of grandeur in the moment, holding all the possibility and directing flow into the greatest good. Forgiveness applied allows what might have been into what could be, bringing forth the brilliance of any moment in the clearing of evolution or ascension.


The Animal Kingdom




Nature: Active

The Symbols Land-Based Worlds, Unspoken Worlds and Divine Union

The Animal Kingdom holds divine union tone for the consensus reality known as Earth. Moving from a basis of balanced male-female, animal kingdom seeks to create a consensus in agreement with itself as the inherent push to evolve creates all possible paths including movement from balance, which includes movement into balance. All paths or moments of creation move within the harmony of the divine union, painting the strokes, pushing toward completion.


The Dolphin Kingdom




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Water-Based Worlds, Unspoken Worlds and Freedom

The Dolphin Kingdom holds the freedom tone for consensus reality known as Earth. Freedom to create and freedom to be expresses through open-ended possibility of the moment broadening or narrowing the strokes of animal kingdoms and human kingdoms into the harmonic openings allowed by the greatest good. This allows for the fulfillment upon the union of vision that opened the dance of the consensus and expanding beyond what has been into what is unseen and unknown.


The Whale Kingdom




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Water-Based Worlds, Unspoken Worlds and Breath of Life

The Whale Kingdom holds the breath of life tone for the consensus reality known as Earth. This tone allows for the expansion and contraction or movement in the moment of the expressions of Animal kingdom, Dolphin kingdom and Human kingdom, each of which contribute to directed expansion. The breath modulates the tempo of evolution and holds the possibility for the different expressions, modes, and colorations, all the while striving towards completion in each moment and each moment’s moment.


Unity of All Species




Nature: Active

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Unity and Land-based Worlds

Unity of All Species gives shape to the relationship of all through unity as the centeredness allows each to participate in the fullness of self in relation to the greatest good of the whole. The energy focuses upon equality relative to giving and therefore receiving. Each embodying this tone moves toward right relationship with all others within the consensus. All in unity implies a forthrightness in communication so each may hear that which is not known allowing accuracy of interaction.


Truth of All Species




Nature: Passive

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Truth and Land-based Worlds

Truth of All Species allows the possibility for all resonant truths in a consensus to form into a larger expression of self with each truth expanding the possibility of expression for the whole and for itself as the recognition of each truth within itself pushing each to expand and therefore expand yet again in the inherent recognition of self in truth. Truth expands in awareness of truth and therefore all species expand through the awareness of each other.


Honor of All Species




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols of Underwater Worlds, Honor and Land-based Worlds

Honor of All Species allows all that embody the tone to stand as an equal with all others in that honor of all expresses unity and truth with no other agenda, bringing forth an integration of self in alignment with the purpose of all in the consensus. Honor is movement within the structure provided by unity and truth creating the basis expansion and fulfillment while allowing the widening of structure through interaction of the whole.


Divine Union of All Species




Nature: Completion

The Symbols Divine Union, God/Goddess All That Is and Fluidity

Divine Union of All Species is a completion tone combining the previous nine tones into the fulfillment of the dance in the consensus. Inherent in this tone is the ability to move with fluidity in the projection of self within the greater good of the whole. The possibility of self-expression in any mode of choice opens as all species are cooperating with equal fullness to bring forth the dream into the expression in physicality.


Divine Union of All Species




Nature: Active

The Symbols Dream, Purpose and Communication

Evolutionary Plan of All Species allows movement forward through multiple planes of access in the unfolding expression of self becoming. Each possibility extends itself seeking other extensions of self becoming to cooperate and interact with. Each movement forward by various expressions of self causes other expressions to move forward as well, each drawing the other to bring out that which has remained unexpressed.


Divine Timing of All Species




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Breath of Life, Function and Balance

Divine Timing of All Species defines the space of expression within which the extensions of self becoming may unfold. Creation requires a space of cocooning and nestling lest outward movement cause separation and singularity. Divine Timing in the synchronization of expression sets the stage for consensus level cooperation by aligning motion into common grouping for common purpose whereby all participating gain through the self-expression of the whole.


Divine Dance of All Species




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Stealth, Structure and Dance of Life

Divine Dance of All Species integrates the movement of Evolutionary Plan within the possibility of Divine Timing to allow the weaving of the design to unfold into the larger design available within the consensus. Each extension toward completion within the Divine Dance provides the opening for larger weaving and greater completion and is this not the potential in evolution that each moment defines itself and opens into the next moment.


Multidimensional Awareness




Nature: Active

The Symbols Intuition, Consciousness and External

Multi-Dimensional Awareness allows movement beyond self and consensus to forge cooperative universal activity taking the greater good of all into a wider arena of expression. Each movement of multi-dimensional awareness pushes the consensus into another expression of greater good where each expression must complement and support each other expression. In so doing a wider understanding for all awareness becomes possible as each provides an entry for the other.


Multi-Creational Awareness




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Consciousness, Inner and External

Multi-Creational Awareness defines the space of expression for multi-dimensional awareness to expand within, each possibility leading to another in the unfolding awareness of the vastness of what can be. All combines into the greater being for each expressing and then allowing each to combine again while retaining the awareness of self within the relationships to the whole. As each can see the expansion of self within the expansion of the whole as orchestrated on ever increasing planes.


Multi-Creational Divine Timing




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Breath of Life, Inner and External

Multi-Creational Divine Timing integrates the dimensional and creational awareness into the fullness of each expression, each sensibility, one after another, laying the path for yet the next creation. All participating consciousness extend each through the other in the widening of the creational entendre, unfolding as ready for each to experience the greater-ness of self that may not be imagined from within that which is known.


Multi-Creational Divine Dance




Nature: Active

The Symbols Dance of Life, Inner and External

Multi-Creational Divine Dance movement into awareness of motion whereby all is orchestrated for the purpose of the greater good at the creational level. Each movement is in syncopation with those others creating in the same space and moment. For each push forward there is a corresponding return of knowledge assessment bringing all into the greater awareness generated in the forward movement thereby allowing movement forward again for each in their own level of knowledge.


Multi-Creational Orchestration




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Jurisdiction, Consciousness and Function

Multi-Creational Orchestration allows each layer of possibility to caress the motion of the divine dance coaxing the fulfillment of the thrust forward from the limitless unknown into the completeness of the layers of knowledge wrapping inherent the orchestration. All fulfillment is in the forthrightness of orchestration weaving the patterns of divine dance movement through the layers of creational possibility culminating in the flowering of knowledge heretofore unknown.


Multi-Creational Unity




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Unity, Inner and External

Multi-Creational Unity combines divine dance and orchestration within the construct of multi-creation producing textures of unity having openings for interaction with like textures thereby producing wider creations where such expression would be otherwise unknown. How open is the combination to expand beyond itself is the only limit on the vastness of unity. Each opening for construction past oneself is the possibility linking all structures into one larger and more expressive than the last.


Awareness of All That Is




Nature: Completion

The Symbols Consciousness, God/Goddess All That Is and Oneness

Awareness of All That Is integrates the previous three groups of three energies into a single sphere of rotating energies expressing as a whole with ten times exponentially greater possibility of expression than any single energy by itself. Through this mode of expression, one brings All That Is into a creation to be aware of itself expressing through the desire of another aspect of self, leading to a joining of creative awareness and possibility.






Nature: Active

The Symbols Magnitude, Truth and Dream

Stewardship pushes outward riding the current of expansion relative to one’s truth as expressed through the dream within the consensus, within the consensus, within the consensus, within the consensus. Each act in direction sets forward the pulse of a larger self, a larger picture, a larger intent wherein each self agrees in the expansion and in so doing opens the pathway to others wishing toward a similar way of being.






Nature: Passive

The Symbols Communion, Creativity and God Goddess/All That Is

Co-Creation connects stewardship with all the various possibilities of expression and guides motion through creative intent to fulfill upon the desire of the creator within the desires of all creators in the same creative space. All of motion moves through unique patterns to fulfill upon intent within the framework of the greatest good of all enabling each level of expression to contribute to each other level regardless of magnitude.


Multidimensional Multi-Species Honor





Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Dance of Life, Underwater Worlds and Land-based Worlds

Multi-Dimensional Multi-Species Honor integrates stewardship and co-creation in the larger context of consensus within consensus within consensus, within consensus with each participant creating in the fullness of expression an open-hearted opening for each to expand beyond the vision of self into the self made possible through the honor of each within the creation, within the creation, within the creation, within the creation.


Multidimensional Multi-Species Unity




Nature: Active

The Symbols Underwater Worlds, Community and Land-based Worlds

Multi-Dimensional Multi-Species Unity moves between the creators accumulating the resonant thoughts to be promoted forward into the creational consensus aligned with the vision of the consensual proponent, therefore allowing each movement in fulfillment of some aspect of agreement of all contributing consciousness. As all movement is in unity, each movement represents balance in flow and therefore aligns each movement with all others.


Multidimensional Stewardship




Nature: Passive

The Symbols Oneness, Community and External

Multi-Dimensional Stewardship creates the backdrop upon which unity proposes itself and through the interaction guides unity motion in the patterns of stewardship leading to the creation of levels of cooperation in the evolution of the unity creators. All guidance intends the unique input for growth within each creational endeavor such that all paths are experienced and have expressed each nuance for the creational benefit.


Multi-Creational Stewardship




Nature: Integrative

The Symbols Oneness, God/Goddess All That Is and Community

Multi-Creational Stewardship offers unity and stewardship the opportunity to express across multiple creations through the interaction with the desire of other creators. Each stands in their own space and flows with another and another in the inward and outward dance, each step leading to another, weaving a more intricate design in the fabric of creation in the desire to hold larger evolutionary space through the interactive play.


Unity of All That Is




Nature: Active

The Symbols God Goddess/All That Is, Unity and God Goddess/All That Is

Unity of All That Is directs an outward and inward movement designed to have the inner and outer reflect each growth and expansion through the recognition of motion choreographed expressly to represent multiple simultaneous reality that is of course one reality in nature and source expressing multiple possibility for the benefit of each associated in the creation of the evolutionary experience.


Honor of All That Is




Nature: Passive

The Symbols God Goddess/All That Is, Honor and God Goddess/All That Is

Honor of All That Is molds the experience of unity through the expression of honor thereby allowing those creations that support the greatest good of the whole to manifest and expand through the continual application of unity movement through the creative expression of honor. Through the omnipresence of God Goddess expression all possibility of honor flows forth to direct each movement in the flow of greater magnificence.


Truth of All That Is




Nature: Integrative

The God Goddess/All That Is, Truth and God Goddess/All That Is

Truth of All That Is combines unity and honor to allow each the fullness of action and interaction such that all has the capability to know itself and the awareness to be with all others in the greater understanding that the greater good enhances all into supporting each other so as to expand the truth of self. Truth expressed through God Goddess continues to enhance each truth in the creation of new and expanding truth.


Stewardship of All That Is




Nature: Major Completion

The Symbols God Goddess/All That Is, Dream, Community and God Goddess/All That Is

Stewardship of All That Is completes the tri-tones by stepping the quanta into the possibility of the quad-tones. As each expression of stewardship at any level of creation pushes the evolution through the care of all that makes up the creational environment, all receive the benefit through the ever-changing milieu derived from the expanding awareness of each cooperating consciousness moving to completion through expressing the expanding dream of All That Is.


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