Image of a luminous Sun shining over a valley in the autumn. Ancestry, Lineages, Holographic Knowledge and Ascension

4. Ancestry, Lineages, Holographic Knowledge and Ascension


The Ancient Ancestors perceive that the issues of ancestry, lineages, and holograms inherited upon birth a confusing issue for ascending initiates. It is our desire to bring more information about the nature of such things to consciousness so that each may better understand how and why humanity is one species, regardless of genetics and archetypal nature. Perhaps in the greater understanding of how and why this is so will also penetrate the current human leadership so that greater peace between nations can be born.


Only 7 of the 18 Root Races Survived from Human Seeding


Humans are one nation; humans were seeded upon Earth 75,000 years ago by Sirian scientists (300,000 years as humans calculate them); such scientists chose DNA from many humans that were resident upon Sirius. Analysis of the original seeding records gathered by ascending initiates and the Earth as she ascends shows that such DNA was not purely from this creation; that there were many genetics from other creations seeded in the original 18 root races deposited upon Earth.


Many genetic packages went extinct leaving only 7 root races remaining after the first 100,000 human years of existence upon Earth. The 11 root races that expired held DNA primarily from radioactive and electrical creations and the rotation of sacred geometry of field along with biochemistry was so dissonant that the entire nation fell ill over time and went extinct.


Sirius seeded humans of this nature upon Earth without Earth’s permission as a consensus reality. The natural world never agreed unto this seeding. And yet the humans that were left to fend for themselves altered Earth’s reality extensively; for now, inherent upon the land that was co-shared with the natural world were records of destruction and extinction. These records would reactivate again at a later time and due to a sad set of circumstances that we ourselves are responsible for in karmic cause as the Ancient Grand Masters.


Our Own Cause


The Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth 25,000 years (100,000 human years) later and long after the 11 root races had gone extinct. We were unaware of this fact, as little was shared between the scientific community and spiritual community upon Sirius. As a matter of fact, the two factions are so incredibly at war with one another, that over time one has sought to prove the other wrong. And so, we came to Earth where there had been extinction of human tribes but knew not about it. Read more

Image of a maple tree with red leaves. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life

14. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life


From the Maple Tree Kingdom


It is the Maple Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Our kingdom has been involved with the human species since your original seeding upon Terra (Earth) from the Sirian star system. Humans were seeded with certain plants and trees that were common food source upon Sirius. Maple trees have always contained a sweet sap that is easy to tap into and enjoy as a sweetener or as a treat for human taste buds. And so, our species like many others originates from Sirius.


Sweet Dreams and Sour Dreams


The sweet taste of certain food source is associated with the sweetness of life. Many humans crave sweets because their life is lacking the sweeter dreams that one would like to make manifest. Those who reject sweets also reject the sweetness of life or the sweeter dreams. For a long time, one particular initiate’s body craved sour and salty over sweet tastes; eating something sweet was not her preference. This was a reflection of the sour dream she was living at the time where she felt unfulfilled or starved for sweeter dreams. Over time, she learned to embrace sweeter foods, especially after her beloved joined her, and this was a reflection of embracing the sweeter dream of having a beloved in her life dance. Now baking sweet treats as well as eating fruit each day is an ongoing part of diet.


Sweeter life dreams and sour life dreams have more to do with energy dynamics than any other cause. Sweet dreams that provide a sense of fulfillment are magnetic in a magnetic creation. What are magnetic dreams? They are dream projections from the solar sun that are rotational in energy flow or circular in nature. It requires a rotational field to catch a rotational dream. Sour dreams on the other hand are caused by pyramidal or angular flow that intersects the circular flow of a magnetic creation. It is the interaction of magnetic and electrical energy that creates a sour dream.


What is a sour dream? Long ago, Terra harbored only magnetic flow and knew nothing but the sweetness of life with all kingdoms living in harmony with one another. Over time, humans from other star systems that viewed Terra as a living terrarium chose to seed plants, trees and animals from other creations. This was long before human life came to be upon Terra. Some of the foreign plants, trees and animals hosted rotational flow; they contributed to the dream of fulfillment of Terra. Some foreign plants, trees and animals contained angular or electrical flow in their DNA; these kingdoms caused the sweet dream of Terra to turn sour over time. Sour dreams lead to sour outcomes for the whole. What do we mean by this? Sour dreams create travesties of all kinds; the more sour the dream, the greater the travesty.


Sour Dream of the Dinosaurs


The sour dream that was created in this cycle in the third dimension after foreign plants, trees and animals were brought by human scientists in spacecraft led to the experience of the dinosaurs in our more recent history. The dinosaurs were seeded only in small numbers to begin with on the part of human scientists from Alpha Centauri. Read more