Image of a millipede in blue lighting. The Thousand Legs of the Millipede

11. The Thousand Legs of the Millipede


Blessings for Forward Momentum upon the Ascension Path


The Millipede Kingdom


It is the Millipede Kingdom that greets you today. Millipedes are known for their long bodies and one thousand or more legs that each propels us forward in the same direction. We are also associated with the caterpillar kingdom before they become the butterfly or moth. Millipedes tend to be three to six inches long or more, brown or black in color, and are known to be poisonous if we bite. We have two heads, one at either end of the form so that our legs may carry us either forward or backward in direction. Either head emits a poison if we feel threatened, or if we are poisoning our kill for dinner.


Nature Emulates Human Thoughtform


Much like the praying mantis, our species poisons our meals so that they cease to move about for easier dining. We also consume our own poison which is not of course poisonous unto us up through a certain age, and after which our own poison also kills us allowing us to die. Millipedes rarely live beyond 50 years of age in present time and in the tropics. Much like humanity that is poisoning themselves with their own wastes so to speak, or toxic spills from your businesses, and becoming ill and dying of your own poison, so do we end our lives in similar vein.


Why do we live so? Well, we emulate human thoughtform. All of nature emulates humanity’s behavior towards oneself or others, both individually and collectively. Long ago humanity in the form of the Pleiadian Humans known as the family of Anu arrived upon Earth. They bred a slave race through the process known as cloning or duplicating their own genetics to produce another human in a laboratory. Shortly after this occurred, nature mimicked the Anu’s behavior and duplicated another insect kingdom that was a reflection of the Anu themselves, known as roaches.


Roaches, Mosquitos and Flies


Roaches are a parasite; they take from Earth and give nothing in return. So was the Anu parasitic unto Earth. For the Anu took from Earth great resources of minerals including gold and shipped such resources off to other creations without giving anything unto Earth in return. The roaches formed as a mirror of the Anu. Scientists have been surprised to find out that roaches are one of the few kingdoms that will survive after nuclear fallouts and near the epicenter of the blast. It is because roaches are impervious to radiation that this is so; as they are formed through a process of genetic duplication that is founded upon radiation; and so, roaches are inherently radioactive, as are mosquitoes and flies.


The Anu created their slaves for many purposes, including to wait upon them, and also to extend their lives. Over time, the Anu began to drink of the blood of their slaves to sustain their life into immortality. This was known as the “Elixir of the Gods”. As this occurred, nature again cloned a representative of their behavior known as the mosquito.


Black Widow Spiders


The mosquito is a parasite that is known for sucking the blood of the animal or human kingdoms; just like the Anu themselves drank of the blood of the slaves. Over time and in their boredom, the Anu also developed unusual sexual practices in which special slaves were chosen and mated with, and then poisoned or suffocated, sometimes during the act of sex, and then the blood consumed after death. This caused the insect kingdom to clone a new variety of spider known as the Black Widow. The Black Widow mates with her partner and then consumes him for dinner.


Praying Mantis


The Anu also dined upon dolphin and whale blood, along with crustaceans such as scallops, shrimp, lobster and crab. These were imported from the Pleiades and incubated in large salt-water tanks, until the ice shields collapsed creating your oceans; after such a time, such species were raised in the wild in the ocean. As the Anu began to consume shellfish to obtain the nutrients necessary to their continued life extension practices, the praying mantis was created by nature as a reflection of their behavior. The praying mantis preys upon other insects just like the Millipede and poisons them until they cannot move and then devours them. In parallel manner, the Anu would put their crustaceans into boiling water until they too could not move and would then devour them. One can think of boiling water as poisonous to crustaceans.


Poisonous Mushrooms


The Anu later developed poisons to kills their human slaves when the populations became too great. This caused the plant kingdoms to clone many poisonous forms of vegetation such as mushrooms in the wild. Suddenly the red nations peoples were surprised as the mushrooms they had always dined upon killed entire tribes. Other tribes, in seeing the mushrooms another tribe had consumed had killed the bodies of their neighbors, chose to be selective in the choice of mushrooms thereafter, and survived. However, all of this was caused by the Anu in their behavior, which was mimicked by nature, as nature mimics human thoughtform.




One may wonder where flies came from. Flies are a pest unto humanity and nature alike, as they contribute nothing, but are not necessarily poisonous, but are bothersome or troublesome. Flies land upon one’s food transferring germs; they fly about one’s eyes causing one to have to shoo them away. It was the Aussies that learned to string corks around their hats that would swing back and forth as they walked or rode their horses to keep the flies out of their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. This was necessary as in the outback there are so many flies that one may end up swallowing a few as one opens their mouth to speak or dine and if one is not careful!


Flies developed in nature as a reflection of the large populations of human slaves bred by the Anu that increased in numbers as birth control went out of control. Such humans in earlier times were not poisonous unto Earth per se, lived somewhat in harmony with Nature, but were troublesome or bothersome as they ran vibrations and held tones of creation that came from other creations that were non-resonant with Earth’s magnetic biosphere. In essence, these humans were deemed pests unto Earth much like flies unto humanity in present time.


Human Annihilation


Alas during the era of the Anu, the slave race increased in population to such great proportions that there was not enough food upon the land to sustain them. It was as this occurred that the Anu themselves took to capturing the old, deformed, ill and useless and hauling them off to concentration camps where they were gassed to death by the million, as the Anu viewed the over-breeding of the slaves as unwanted pests much as humans view flies as unwanted pests today. Earth estimates that over 8 billion slaves were destroyed in this manner over time between 30,000 and 35,000 Earth years ago (120,000-140,000 years in human terms).


There are also mirrors in nature associated with human behavior that is “holocaust-like”. Locust infestations over your crops are one example of a natural holocaust that affects humanity. Last year in Australia, many crops are under attack by so many locusts that the farmlands are ending up barren wastelands. This has also happened many a time in South America and Africa. Nature is only emulating your own behavior in association with the mass extermination of humankind on the part of humankind.


Alas, human annihilation has not stopped, although it may not be reported much until long after the fact in our perception. There has been a holocaust of sorts also occurring in Africa in association with AIDS; AIDS is a human-made virus and was inflicted upon the black populations through inoculations per your own ascension records. They were inflicted purposefully to reduce the African populations. As humans cease annihilating one another, nature will cease to annihilate human crops, or humans themselves.


The Crystalline Structure Is Impervious to Parasites


Many have learned over time that human form as well as all animal form is filled with parasites; that it is parasites that are literally eating the form from the inside out over time, which contributes to aging, illness and disease along with death in the life experience. As the form dies, it is also the parasites known as maggots that decompose the form. Nature again is only emulating human behavior. Humans like the parasites within your own form are destroying Earth through the use of toxic pesticides and other byproducts of your civilization; humanity has become a greater parasite unto Earth in present time due to the development of toxic chemicals and technology that is non-resonant with Earth’s magnetic biosphere.


Ascension brings an end to this dance of the parasites that consume the form in all animal kingdoms including humans, whales and dolphins; as the crystalline structure is impervious to the parasites that cause aging, illness, disease and death. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana recommends that ascending initiates utilize a de-parasite program at least once in the choice to ascend, to assist the body in ridding itself of unwanted parasites so that it may more readily transcend into the crystalline form. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for a gentle parasite cleanse.)


As the form becomes crystalline, the body ceases to die or age, and the associated consciousness raises to a point where one ceases to desire to harm others or Earth or pollute nature in any manner. As humans cease to harm, they will also cease to be harmed by nature in any manner, including the parasites within.


Modifying One’s Thoughtform to Become Unity Based


It is only through ascension that a new day can be born from the point of view of the Millipede kingdom. This requires human ascension as nature emulates human behavior, as nature is a non-conscious fabric. Humans, dolphins and whales are conscious fabric or fully conscious form. Your species being conscious is designed to command reality. Alas if your species falls into great forgetfulness and participates in brutal and abusive behavior like the Anu, then all of reality in the form of nature is commanded to do the same.


Over time and due to the brutality and warfare of the Anu, nature was propelled into barbarism with kingdom preying upon kingdom in insect and animal form; and plant kingdoms suffocating other plant kingdoms in the dance of life. Minerals have been spared somewhat only perhaps because they cannot move or are not animate in physicality; however, even minerals have been shattered at human hands for the purposes of greed, and therefore have suffered as greatly as any other kingdom due to the loss of human consciousness.


Now why does the Millipede Kingdom point all of this out? It is time for humanity to take responsibility for their thoughtform. Humans have fallen into such unconsciousness that one thinks that one has no liability or cause for the dream that one experiences in the dance of life; or the dream that surrounds oneself in one’s fellow humans; or the dream of collective humans in other nations that are starving or at war, or the troubles of nature herself. And in reality, you are responsible for all of it, and it has been the loss of awareness in your species that has led to the difficult circumstance that each species upon Earth experiences in present time.


A Vegetarian Diet


There is something one can do about this now and at this end of evolutionary cycle that Earth has embarked upon. One can choose consciously to ascend and modify one’s thoughtform to become increasingly unity based. As unity-based language becomes the biological blueprint for the human species, Nature will follow suit and enter the dance of unity together with humanity in the physical. In so doing, the lion will lay with the lamb because humans have ceased to destroy one another through warfare, or consume the animal kingdoms for dinner. As all humans become vegetarian again, so will all of nature do the same. As all humans become self-sustaining and live from the breath only, so also will all of nature do the same.


The inner is a mirror for the outer. As the biology becomes crystalline, agents known as viruses and bacteria along with parasites cease to be able to destroy the form. As the biology of form ceases to destroy itself, then the behavior of form ceases to destroy others outside of self. In so doing, as the biology changes to be harmless, so will the behavior follow suit; this will be the same for human, whale, dolphin form along with all other kingdoms upon Earth through the choice to ascend.


Nature Is Conscious in the Unconscious and Nonphysical Realms


Humans also have the conscious freewill choice to change one’s behavior in the now. One can choose to become vegetarian in the now and live by such a standard; nature has not such a choice, as nature is not conscious enough to alter the behavior in the physical. Nature is conscious in the unconscious and unspoken nonphysical realms only. It is the unspoken realms that Asur’Ana accesses as she channels or translates the wisdom of our species and each species upon Earth.


In the unspoken realm we understand much; in the physical we are mechanized to such a great extent that there is little conscious understanding of anything. Scientists call such mechanization “instinct” or “instinctual knowledge”, which causes the animal kingdoms to procreate and raise their young, consume this species or that or this vegetation or that, or migrate from one place to another.


Instinctual knowledge also instructs the insect kingdoms in their wherewithal. Bees instinctually know how to gather honey to weave their hives with wax and sugar to lay their eggs only to produce more bees. Ants know how to work together to create an ant hive also to lay their eggs producing more ants that gather what they require to consume in order to survive. This is also so for each kingdom upon Earth in the natural world; the natural world survives founded upon instinct.


Journey Back to Full Consciousness


This is not the way it always was, beloved. Long ago and upon another dimension of life, all kingdoms upon Earth were fully conscious. Each kingdom had awareness in the physical, although such awareness was more as it is in dolphin or whale form in present time as it was a nonverbal awareness. Sometimes sound was used to communicate if there were vocal cords associated with the species; but even without sound there is nonverbal communication that is telepathic. Each kingdom could take charge of the physical form through telepathic communication between body and soul and instruct form through conscious awareness to move from here to there, or gather in certain regions of domain to support Earth in her energy flow.


This is not so today as soul is too far out of body of all form upon Earth to communicate. This is primarily due to the pain that physicality experiences which causes soul to retract so. Ascension shall bring an end to soul retraction through the dance of communion and divine union; as the body ceases to be in pain or inflict pain upon any other kingdom, then soul shall merge again with form leading to the return of the state of full consciousness within each species.


All kingdoms upon Earth are beginning their journey back to full consciousness in present time in the choice to ascend. Some kingdoms are retracting as they have genetics from other creations and cannot attain such a state upon Earth. Millipede suggests that those reading this book worry not about the extinction cycles in nature; they are necessary to the ascent of the whole, and many species are retracting and many more shall retract in the decades ahead as they are non-resonant with the magnetic flow of the Great Central Sun.


Those that make it through into the dream of the Great Central Sun and are non-resonant shall perish thereafter due to disease. This cycle of physical cleansing may take as much as 100 years into the future to orchestrate; but thereafter all remaining upon Earth will be resonant unto the purposes of evolution and ascension Home.


The Great Cleansing


For humanity, this is also the same. The coming quarter century will be termed the “great cleansing” in your own future history as so many shall perish due to dissonance with Earth’s changing magnetic forces; the dissonance will lead to disease within and many plagues that will kill many humans. However, those remaining will resonate with Earth and all kingdoms and ascend into new biology that allows for a return of unity in relations within your species and nature alike. This is coming, and it is coming through the birth of ascending children in the decade and century ahead.


Ascending Children


Many initiates are blessed with the presence of the ascending children in their families. Two grandparents to such children are amazed at the nature of their grandbabies, each now over 2 years of age. In one family, the child is so adored by the parents, the school as well as local friends and neighbors that they are sought after to be with. The local preschool tells the parents that their child is so wonderful and assists by playing with the other problem children in the class that they are welcome at no charge any days that they are not paying for them to be present. The neighbors request the child to visit as it calms their own children of like age. Such is the nature of ascending children that hold the Language of Light thoughtform; they have a calming and unity-based affect upon all others that surround them.


Generational Ascension


Therefore, it will be the young that carry us home. This is not only so for the human species, but for the Millipede Kingdom along with all kingdoms upon Earth. No kingdom is choosing to ascend in a single body or generation; but rather ascension is staggered out in time with genetic changes occurring with each next generation born ahead. In so doing, ascension will come along in a fluid manner for all of Earth and each species shall move more greatly towards vegetarianism and a regenerative cellular structure known as the crystalline form in this first phase of evolution. This first phase of evolution is anticipated to be embodied in full by 2050-2065 in all kingdoms upon Earth, including the human kingdom. As this occurs, all kingdoms will move into a new day of unity together, including human civilization.


It is those in adult form and who are reading these materials that will actualize this future. As one intends to ascend, one not only intends ascension in this life and begins to take the body into the crystalline structure as far as one may master, but also one intends it so for each that is related unto oneself in present time and yet unborn. It is the ongoing conscious choice to ascend that will mold the future into an ascending future for the human species and bring forth ascending children. The more that can join in with this intent, the more power humanity shall have to mold the future into a new future of peace, joy, unity and love in future generations.


Millipede also reminds each that consciousness does not end with death; that each human carries on beyond death as a living ancestor. It is oneself as an ancestor that will assist each ascending birth that is related to one’s own lineages in fulfilling upon the task of the evolutionary journey ahead. Therefore, one will experience the future generations’ ascension from the nonphysical beloved; one therefore is also intending a new future of greater joy for oneself along with one’s species in the choice to ascend.


Moving in the Right Direction to Allow for Ascension


And so, what does Millipede wish to close with? Pay attention if we cross your path, along with the caterpillar or centipede kingdoms. We are each gifted at moving in one direction with all legs propelling us forward, or sometimes backwards as Millipedes in particular can move in either direction. However, all legs move in the same direction. We are therefore gifted in perceiving whether all parts of oneself are moving in the right direction to allow for ascension. Call upon us for this purpose.


Ascension requires that all parts of the field align and rotate for the purpose of expansion and a rising rapidness of vibration. This requires that each molecule, each meridian, each chakra small and large, each subtle body along with the light body and greater auric field be rotating in a manner and direction that allows for ascension. If parts of the field are moving in the wrong direction, it is much like one or some of our legs moving backwards when the rest of the legs are moving forwards; one may not get where one is attempting to go. Call upon us and we will assist one in perceiving what requires releasing to allow all parts of self to ascend, and how to move the field so that all moving energy systems flow in the right direction to lead one home.


Asur’Ana has had some encounters with millipedes in Hawaii. Many times, she has been amazed that these little worms with hundreds of legs climb up to the second or third story of her apartment, only to roll up on the carpet unable to go any further. Alas, carpet is not a good surface for the millipede’s legs! This mirrored unto Asur’Ana how she was stagnating in her ascent, or in other terms, unable to move forward. As she addressed why this was so within and chose to transcend, her ascension continued again. Then she would cross our paths outside where the millipedes were happily traversing along the sidewalk.


Recently Asur’Ana had her first encounter with a Millipede in Norway. This critter was about 6 cm long and crawled inside the living room of Per and Asur’Ana’s house. Per was pleased to move the Millipede outside without having to kill the little bugger. He used a cup to capture it and move it safely outside, while thanking our kingdom for being the mirror that they required to ascend.


Nature is always a mirror; if one acknowledges the mirror, we will work with you to vacate one’s premises. One may also make agreements with our kingdoms to only appear when the mirror is necessary. Then one will take our presence as the important mirror that we offer and transcend; in so doing, we may embrace one another in the dance of life rather than be as enemies. As we embrace one another, there is no requirement for any kingdom to poison or harm oneself either.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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