Image of 2 polar bears on ice with the Aurora Borealis in the nighttime background. The White Fur of A Polar Bear

28. The White Fur of A Polar Bear


Blessings for Creating a Complete Ascension in this Lifetime


The Polar Bear Species


We of the Polar Bear Kingdom have much to say to our human brothers and sisters who are ascending. We honor our channel Asur’Ana for making her time and efforts available to transcribe our message into words. This is the 28th piece in a series of materials that has poured forth in the past year and a half from many species wishing to share their insights and blessings with our ascending brothers and sisters in human form.


Nature Reflects Back What Humankind Offers to Experience


Humans who live within or visit the cold snowy regions in which we reside sometimes fear our species. Indeed, Asur’Ana recalls an article she read on an airplane while on her way to Bergen, Norway several years ago about a woman who was caught in the presence of a polar bear in the Arctic Circle. The polar bear circled her for several hours until finally she shot it dead out of fear.


The bear reflected the fear that this woman resides within in her own internal state of being. Had this woman come to a state of peace and perhaps offered the love of her heart unto the bear, the bear would have been filled from within, lost its hunger and left her alone. Alas this woman’s heart was sealed shut, not unlike most humans, due most likely to her own childhood trauma; and so, fear was all that she was capable of exuding and hence the outcome of the dance.


Asur’Ana pondered this experience and came to our species enquiring about the incident. Polar Bear explained that all animals respond to the love one offers; however, if fear is all that is in one’s heart, we then can only emulate the fear offered. Out of the fear, our species created a fearful experience for this woman; however, it was still a reflection of her internal state of being and not our kingdom. Nature is non-conscious fabric. Nature is only capable of reflecting back that which the conscious species such as humankind offers up to be experienced. Nature in and of itself determines nothing; only fully conscious species have the capacity to offer thoughtform that nature is then designed to mirror or reflect.


She pondered this above explanation for a long time, and chose to create an experiment to assist her in better understanding. An opportunity arose for this experiment with another member of our kingdom, the Black Bear. At this time, Asur’Ana and a friend were visiting Miette Hot Springs near Jasper in the Canadian Rockies several summers back. There was a long windy road upon which they were able to view rocky mountain sheep and bighorn sheep nearby, along with wild deer. She had requested that bear present itself unto her, and in response a young black bear had climbed up a tree to nibble upon some berries that day so that she could view bear without feeling afraid.


She watched the young bear for some time, and then chose to experiment. She expanded her heart and embraced bear, filling its field with her love. Happily, the bear became full and no longer required the berries, and climbed quickly down the tree within five minutes of the experiment. The other humans also watching the bear quickly climbed back into their cars in fear; however, Asur’Ana knew that there was nothing to fear as the bear was full. She proved a good point unto herself; share in the love with any species that may be carnivorous, and there will only be love in return, and one will not find oneself consumed in the exchange.


This winter past, an ascending couple spent time in the Jasper region. Along a magnificent snow-covered forest on the way to Maligne Lake, a herd of Wapiti (Native American terminology for Elk) were grazing. They pulled over in their car to watch. This couple both chose to open their hearts and fill the Wapiti with love. Lo and behold, the entire herd of over 50 animals stopped eating and sat down to take a rest. The Wapiti were full, filled by the love of these two humans. The couple watched for a long time before finally getting the internal message about the blessings that they were anchoring into the region and the Wapiti were complete, and they were free to leave.


Nature Acts Out Humanity’s Unconscious Harm


Nature responds to love as in the above examples. Nature also responds to fear. In recent months there have been several shark attacks off the shores upon the Big Island of Hawaii, one in a generally safe snorkeling beach with a load of coral that the sharks rarely trespass upon. Why did the shark attack? The shark responded to the fearful entities in the surfers nearby, and as the entities entered the shark, the shark lost control and attacked a human.


Nature is a non-conscious fabric or non-conscious thoughtform that will take on one’s unconscious harm and act it out towards oneself as a member of the fully conscious human species. Polar Bear wishes ascending humans to understand this so that as one goes out into nature, one comes into a state of peace and love within; in so doing, one will always be safe no matter what circumstance one may find oneself in.


In the ocean and out in nature, non-ascending humans are beginning to fracture more greatly due to the higher vibrations that exist therein. If you could imagine a human field at 2 segments of DNA as the size of a large egg that surrounds the form. As such a field goes into the now high vibrational movement of the molecular structure of nature under their feet or enters the high vibration of the water, such a field begins to crack like an egg.


Out of the cracked human field oozes entities that were once contained therein; alas often such entities are in great fear. Now such entities enter some animal or sea creature nearby, and the animal or sea creature likewise goes into fear and attacks. The animal or sea creature is not the cause; the entity belongs unto the human. However, generally the animal or sea creature is blamed, and often hunted down and shot for being “harmful”. The real harmful ones are humans, beloved.


Nature in and of itself does not engage in unconscious harm. We have fallen into harmful patterns of hunting one another in the physical to subsist. However, this is due to a lack of chi and loss of genetic materials for the crystalline diaphragm, which would manufacture enough sugar from the air if it were present, causing us not to require hunting one another to live. A time is coming in the next 25-year cycle in which most species will have enough of a crystalline diaphragm to cease to hunt one another forevermore. This is coming and is the result of the global ascension of all species into the crystalline form. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on the crystalline structure.)


Unconscious Harm Comes from False Ascensions


Unconscious harm is primarily a human phenomenon. Where does such harm come from? It comes from thoughtform that your species fell into due to false ascensions and miss-ascensions long ago. The false ascensions created a form of combustion internal to the form, where the form ignited in fission as if a nuclear bomb had bombarded it instead of ascending to the next dimension. As fission occurred in ascension, it became a part of the human thoughtform. Fission is a form of implosion where molecules combust and fail to sustain the life of the form. One can consider such forms of implosion underlying many forms of disease experienced by humankind and nature alike in present time.


Ascending humans have focused upon releasing the karma underlying patterns of disease over this past year and a half. This has led to a greater understanding of the original cause of disease and destruction. Disease and destruction were caused by the false ascent of humans, dolphins and whales alike whom through the act of building in vibration without biological modifications necessary to construct a fourth or fifth dimensional embodiment, caused the form to combust in fission in an attempt to ascend. This anchored scarring in the genetic structure that later caused disease, but also anchored the thoughtform of fission upon Earth.


Original Cause of Fission Thoughtform


What is fission thoughtform? Fission thoughtform implies “I intend to destroy myself”; “I intend to destroy another”; “I intend to dominate through abusive tactics”; “I intend to subordinate others unto my will”; “I intend to sacrifice myself for others”; “I intend to self-destruct”. Humans at 2 segments of DNA emulate these thoughtforms and tend to polarize into the destroyer or the destroyed; or the one who dominates and the one who subordinates. These are the thoughtforms that are the cause of both warfare and disease in all of its many expressions in human form, including murder and physical abuse, along with the subtler forms of psychic or emotional abuse that underlie control and manipulation games.


It was after the thoughtform of fission became global thoughtform that a group of humans from the Pleiades came to Earth and constructed nuclear armament to war upon one another leading to a nuclear holocaust, which lead to such a great fall of all species that each fell into consumption and the requirement to eat flesh to subsist. Ascending humans, whales and dolphins were responsible or the cause of this experience. However, as further information gathered from the ascent of map making humans, dolphins and whales alike has recently revealed, neither the human form, whale nor dolphin form as it was seeded upon Earth from the Sirius Star System held enough ascension records to ascend in any other manner.


Therefore, the original cause goes back upon the Sirian scientists that cloned the dolphin, whale and human strains to be seeded upon Earth. In the cloning, certain key records of understanding were removed that allowed for only an impartial ascension at best. In essence, Sirius now receives back a large amount of karma for creating a fall in consciousness upon another planet by not providing all holographic knowledge inherent in each species in the original genetic package seeded upon Earth.


Why would humans not provide the entire set of information in the seeding? Perhaps they thought that such humans upon Earth would develop technology and war upon Sirius, and they wished to protect themselves from this, and so they only seeded enough information to suspend life and procreation but not enough to evolve or develop technology. Indeed, the red seeded human race from Sirius as reflected in indigenous populations in present time has never developed technology; only the Pleiadian race and the slave race that they incubated with their own DNA that has white skin.


The red indigenous human populations are not the underlying cause of the development of nuclear armament or technology in present time; this has been created from the memory of such technology once being present upon Earth when the Pleiadian Anu were alive about 30,000-45,000 Earth years ago (120,000-180,000 human years). And history does repeat itself, which is why such technology has emerged again and has been used again to harm others through warfare and nuclear implosions.


The Pleiadians had actually warred upon Sirius over resources and dominion over other star systems for thousands of years prior to the time that Sirius chose to ascend to the fifth dimension. One of the solar systems the Pleiadians warred upon Sirius over was control of your Solar System and Earth; indeed, Sirius ended up conceding and allowed the Pleiades to “procure” your solar system as intergalactic real estate. For you see property ownership of humans has extended beyond the boundaries of their own planets for a long time in multidimensional and multi-creational human history.


Earth Is Her Own Consensus


Polar Bear inquires as to what rights do humans upon Sirius or humans upon the Pleiades have in owning Earth? Earth is its own consensus with its own agreements and a sovereign evolutionary pathway. Earth never agreed to have humans, whales or dolphins upon her or within her consensus. Nor did Earth ever agree to have Pleiadian humans come, create a slave race, and remove so much gold and other minerals that her ice shields would collapse becoming your oceans. Nor did Earth ever agree to the construction of the ice shields in the first place. All of this was pressed upon Earth from Sirian and Pleiadian dreams that had nothing to do with the consensus of species existing upon Earth, or the consciousness of Earth as a whole.


One might say that Earth fell victim to more powerful dreams that others pressed upon her and ended up manipulated into falls of consciousness that were not her own freewill choice to create. This is also the same for the humans, dolphins and whales seeded upon Earth. None of such species chose to fall in consciousness; they desired to ascend and support the ascension of Earth and fiercely believed that this is why they had been seeded.


Those that feel the call to ascend in present time hold ancestry to such humans originally seeded upon Earth. One feels the call to fulfill upon one’s original human mission, which was to evolve and assist Earth in her evolutionary pathway. Alas humans, whales and dolphins alike held not all of the records for ascension, and as such create an incomplete ascension anchoring destruction and fission upon Earth instead.


False Ascensions Occur When a 4th Dimensional Form Is Not Constructed


What happens in a false ascension? Only a partial fourth dimensional form is constructed; furthermore, where the gaps are in place the body combusts as there is no form in the next dimension for the body to move up in vibration as the kundalini is ignited for this purpose. In later times and in the pyramids of ancient Egypt, records have been uncovered of ascensions so incomplete that entire heads, arms, backsides and legs were left behind along with a pile of ashes. These ascensions were the most destructive of all, and were the result of the entire form combusting as those leading this movement failed to create any form of biological changes whatsoever; only ascend the light body.


Alas, a light body cannot ascend by itself; both form and light body must move up in vibration together, and this requires biological changes that build a fourth dimensional structure in the very DNA of the form, along with a fourth dimensional light body. This is what the crystalline form creates a foundation of; for first one must have a crystalline form, and second a crystalline light body. And then from the crystalline form and light body, a fourth dimensional biology and energy field may begin to be constructed on top of the third dimensional biology through the act of soul infusion. As this occurs, there is a body to move into as the third dimensional form burns up in the act of ascension.


There have been human civilizations that have ascended into fourth dimensional form. In more recent centuries and after the last Fall of Atlantis, Mayan, Inca and Anasazi human tribes ascended as a collective into the fourth dimension. These ascensions were complete enough to construct fourth dimensional form, but were still incomplete. For they utilized a group light body that also created a group dark side that was left behind and pressed upon the remainder of the third dimensional human civilization. This darkness lead to warfare and the use of fission once again in the explosion of nuclear armament over Nagasaki and Hiroshima along with other nuclear tests that have harmed Earth. A portion of each form within these tribes also combust as the ascensions were not complete, leading to the thoughtform of fission once again becoming prevalent in the human dance.


Assuring a Complete Ascension This Time


If humans were to create incomplete ascensions at this time of awakening yet again, it would create World War III, and humanity would simply blow itself up along with Earth, and Earth would miss her ascension opportunity. It is for this reason that Earth is intervening in the human dream and human dance along with the dolphins and whales to assure that only a complete ascension occurs at this time in history. In so doing, humans, whales and dolphins alike will learn from the mistakes of their ancestors, release the karma for fission, and ascend with Earth into a new day and golden era ahead.


There are many metaphysical groups led by the same nonphysical forces that have created incomplete ascension after incomplete ascension in human history, beginning with the first groups of 100 or less of the red seeded race about 180,000 years ago. These souls are in great confusion. Such souls asserted themselves through gifted humans who chose to channel the nonphysical realms in recent decades, leading many who feel called to ascend astray. Some of such groups believe that they only have to ascend the light body.


Almost 2 decades ago, a group of 100,000 humans was caught constructing a group light body without the genetic modifications required to ascend the biology of any of the forms. This group was going to repeat the same patterns of other incomplete ascensions in ancient Egypt, with the bodies merely combusting as no fourth dimensional form could possibly be constructed without the body first becoming crystalline in nature. This group was pressing its darkness upon the human species in its group ascent and was the underlying cause of the occurrences known as 9-11, the Afghanistan War and the Iraqi War in recent human history. As this group was dismantled and prevented by Earth from further ascension, the human dream for war could be diverted in a new direction. In so doing, the Iraqi war came to closure.


Therefore, for those interested in the ascension movement, and who may have been involved with teachers of varying kinds, Polar Bear says unto you that you must separate your energy field. It is only as one has one’s own energy field and one’s own light body that one can even begin to resurrect the form to the crystalline biology. This is a prerequisite to the ascent to the fourth dimension, beloved. First, one must have a crystalline form and light body; then one can begin the process of soul infusion to the fourth dimension, and build a fourth dimensional form and light body to ascend into.


Resurrection and Restitution to the 3rd Dimensional Form That Can Ascend


The current map of ascension offered up for humanity and all of Earth is really a form of resurrection and reconstitution to a third dimensional form that can ascend. Humanity and Earth fell into a second dimensional thoughtform and frayed DNA due to the nuclear annihilations caused through human warfare over a 50,000-Earth year period (200,000 human years). As the DNA frayed, attachment became more and more prevalent as the genetics and gridwork intertwined between embodiments. Before one can even begin to think about constructing a fourth dimensional form, one must first un-intertwine oneself from the attachment of a 2nd dimensional energy pattern.


Energy in the second dimension moves horizontally and vertically. Attachment is horizontal and vertical connections between the gridwork of one form to another. It is why one can say that in the attachment and ownership that humanity has fallen into, one has moved into second dimensional thoughtform, as the energy flows horizontally and vertically between parties.  Third dimensional thoughtform is round and rotational.


One will notice that the Language of Light rotates and is round in nature. The Language of Light is the third dimensional thoughtform that all species upon Earth have chosen to ascend into, and it adequately assists in the relinquishment of attachment as each note of the 144-note scale of the Language of Light is embodied leading to a fully conscious form and field of 36,000 segments of DNA. (Please refer to Chapter 3 of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of Light.)


The Language of Light works upon many levels. As it is brought into the energy flow, one begins to modify straight lined energy or ‘psychic machinery’ into rotational movement. The rotational movement does not leave space for the attachment, and therefore others who once perhaps were interconnected unto oneself are prevented thereby from reconnecting after one has released or burned off one’s attachment to another. This is necessary, as second dimensional thoughtform seeks to retain things “as they are”. Non-ascending humans or nature for that matter therefore seeks to perpetuate the patterning it is in and does not embrace change easily.


This is difficult for ascending humans and nature alike, as ascension requires ongoing and unrelenting change; first change in the energy flow of the field and change in the biology; and then change in the relationships one may have to others. It is the change to others that humans may have the most problems with, as sometimes ascension requires a parting of the ways with old friends, family, a spouse or child, along with a boss or job, and the current paradigm frowns upon such ideas deeming them unkind, unloving and “bad”.


However, if the relationship prevents one’s further ascent, or one has completed upon the karma, then one is preventing one’s ancestry from moving forth in an evolutionary sense. This of course is not bad if one views the dance from the point of reference of evolution rather than the current third dimensional paradigm of attachment. For it is attachment that assures that one never leaves another; however, it is also attachment that will cause an ascending form to become ill if it is not released to the degree required in any given level of evolution.


The Language of Light causes biological modifications to the crystalline form or cellular structure for each who so chooses to intend to ascend at this time in history. There are herbs holding the biological codes for these modifications. Such herbs have been offered up in Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs”. There is also information on minerals in Chapter 9 “Language of Light and Minerals” of the same volume.


Whereas, the herbs assist with biological changes, the minerals assist one in learning the motion of the Language of Light in one’s chakra system, subtle body movement, light body and greater auric field. If one is having difficulty ascending a particular segment of the form, working with the minerals and herbs associated will facilitate a greater chance of carving a complete ascension for oneself. It is only as the entire body becomes crystalline that one can consider ascending into the next dimension.


Generational Ascension


Most species are not choosing to ascend in a single lifetime; but spread the ascension into generations that may take upwards of 50 years into the future to fulfill upon mastering a fully conscious structure. This is also so for humans; humans are choosing by and large a generational ascent with the first groups ceasing mostly at 1,800 to 3,000 segments of DNA, and future offspring taking the ascent to the next level of evolution. One therefore will ascend as far as one can in a given life, and the ascent will bring about whatever changes one is willing to embrace into one’s life dance along with biology.


Even an ascent to 1,800 or 3,000 can be incomplete. In the ascent to 1800, one creates a conversion to the crystalline structure for the healthy cells of the form. If not all healthy cells become crystalline, then some systems fail to convert to the crystalline system. This can lead to a diseased system or diseased part of the form later on, as non-crystalline cells tend to become cancerous when surrounded by those of the crystalline structure over time. One will only ascend into disease beloved if one fails to carve a complete ascension, regardless of how far one may go in a single life.


Ascent to 1,800 DNA Segments and Beyond


At this time, no one is prevented from ascending to 1,800 segments. However, only those who have red inheritance may ascend to 3,000 segments of DNA and beyond, as one must have a magnetic history of ancestry to draw from in order to accomplish this evolutionary goal. Sometimes this occurs in one’s ancient tapestry, however such information can be pulled forward into present time to augment an ascent beyond 1,800 segments.


Understand that the ascent to 1,800 allows one to transcend dogmatic thoughtform, and unify enough polarity that one can create a more magical life experience than one’s pre-ascension state. Why is this so? Much of the unconscious is integrated in the ascent to 1,800 segments that involves one’s physical plane reality. As one integrates the unconscious, one not only heals trauma from present life or past life ancestry, but one also gathers up knowledge that one’s ancestry had lost in the last Fall of Atlantis.


Such knowledge may be gifts and talents that then takes one in a new direction in one’s life, allowing one to develop new skills that support oneself, or create a joyful relationship, friendships or beloved when this was impossible before the ascent. Therefore, the ascent to 1,800 leads to a more joyful life experience in Polar Bear’s estimation than for those who cannot ascend at all, and perhaps is therefore worthy of intending and fulfilling upon in this lifetime.


Generally, as one ascends from 1,024 to 1,800 segments, there is a lineage and holographic “Ancestral Assessment” that occurs within the healing temples for ascension. The gatekeepers of ascension through this assessment then determine it if one has ancestry to move beyond 1,800 in one’s continued ascent. If not, one’s future ancestors will have an opportunity to draw in the appropriate lineages for the next phase of ascent. No one is to be left out beloved; all are to ascend. However, it is such a large project, and there have been so many falls in consciousness, that restoring the human species or Earth to a biology that was prevalent 200,000 years ago will take at least 50 years into the future to accomplish. Then Earth and all species therein may begin their ascent to the fourth dimension.


Ascension into the Great Central Sun Dream


Some view ascension as an event. Perhaps at the moment that the body is ready to be relinquished in the third dimension and consciousness move to the fourth dimensional creation, there is an event of great magnitude that occurs. However, Polar Bear views global ascension as a process; and the reality is that the movement from second to third to fourth dimensional form may be so gradual that there may be no single event that marks such a shift.


Earth is transgressing through many Star Gates in her ascension into the Great Central Sun Dream. Many may not feel the Star Gate as it is passed through; or may not even feel it as Earth as a whole passes through the skin of the Great Central Sun in 2048. However, this does not make the process of global ascension any less real or less focused upon by all kingdoms and all souls upon Earth at this time in history.


Ascension is the only reason to exist from our point of view. Perhaps our goal will become your goal, and you too will carve as complete ascension as you can in this lifetime. The purpose of the Ascension Insights series is to support each, regardless of how far one may go, in creating a complete ascension. The intentions and meditations therefore shall be useful tools for each who so chooses to participate in utilizing these materials in one’s personal ascension.


Being Thorough in One’s Ascension


Polar Bear like the entire Bear Kingdom is associated with Harmony Bearer in the new astrology for ascending initiates. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information on the 18 new signs and the Language of Light associated.) One will find that in the ascent to 3,000 and beyond, one will become associated with one of these new signs, and these shall be the first base notes of the Language of Light that one shall master in one’s ascension.


Therefore, one can say that each sign provides one with a set of keys or instructions in association with the Language of Light to foster one’s continued ascent to the crystalline structure. It is in the ascent to 3,000 that one begins to address the cells that have decayed. It is the Language of Light energy movement that creates enough chi to push down the ley lines and meridians of one’s etheric body and grid work to resurrect that which has died within the form.


As one begins to embody the Language of Light, again one desires to be thorough. One will be learning each of the 48 single tones in the ascent to 3,000. Therefore, one will require assuring that all 48 notes are available to one’s field and the consciousness of one’s form to assure a complete ascension. Bringing a note down to physicality may require more than the ongoing focus upon each of the 48 notes in the scale of the Language of Light. It is for this reason that the herbal kingdom is choosing to be a biological conduit of the information necessary to ascend.


Herbs are also available in nature and unto all kingdoms upon Earth. Herbs in the wild are modifying their biology to provide the nutrients to the animals that ingest the plant kingdoms so that they too may embrace ascension into the physical. Seaweed and other underwater plants are also modifying themselves to make available the necessary nutrients for the fish to become crystalline. For those species that consume flesh or fish, then the nutrients are also made available unto the animals still caught in consumption practices at this time. In so doing, all kingdoms are provided the nutrients required in order to ascend into crystalline biology.


Becoming Vegetarian and Eating Organic Food When Possible


No kingdom is to be left out, although there are some choosing extinction at this time as the origins of the DNA is primarily silica-based. Silica-based DNA cannot ascend in a carbon-based system like Earth, or enter a carbon-based dream such as your Great Central Sun. Such species were imported primarily from the Pleiades as they gave the Annanuki pleasure. Such species have continued to subsist until present time, and shall be phased out through the coming 50 years of ascension.


As nature has expressed again and again, those species destined for human consumption are no longer ensouled by nature. Farm animals relied upon as flesh are ensouled now by human souls until the karma has been completed for the inhumane treatment and dishonor that has occurred in the living and breeding environment of such species. As human souls are complete, they shall retract, and the farm animals shall begin to die off. Humans will then choose to become vegetarian; and many humans may die of the very diseases that farm animals are dying of in the ingestion of the meat before the disease has been detected. This has already started with the “Mad Cow Disease”.


Humans are fortunate. One has access to a variety of foods that can provide proteins required to ascend as well as all other nutrients without the requirement to consume flesh. Many reading this book have made a choice already to become vegetarian. One initiate recently wrote to us about all of the chemicals in milk and milk products due to what is fed to the cows. Yet another shared how bad the farming in the Midwestern US has become, with farmers spraying each crop several times. This initiate shared that the soybeans were sprayed before they were harvested to kill the leaves for easier picking. How can one eat anything given this and not be poisoning oneself? Therefore, one can choose to eat as much organic or locally grown food as they can. In so doing, one is less likely to add the poisons of such chemicals into one’s form.


The dishonor of the human species has extended back upon yourselves in Polar Bear’s estimation. The choice to mass-produce food in the manner that it occurs almost global wide is poisoning humanity, and in so doing dishonors human form. It also dishonors nature for having to absorb the poisons as well into their own systems. It is no wonder therefore in the times of cleansing that such crops and livestock shall die off; they are sitting in enough poison to kill the form as administered by the very humans that farm them. Perhaps this experience will lead humanity back to organic means, and working more closely with the land in community.


For the land itself that has been farmed in this manner, sprayed and sprayed with chemicals of all kinds, it will not be poison free for a long time and requires the turning of Earth’s skin to accomplish. Therefore, humans will have to turn to farming fresh land not used in this manner in times past and as the future crops fail. This Polar Bear perceives as a good thing as it will bring humans back to working in their garden again, and in so doing they will remember to commune, and remember to communicate with the devas and kingdoms that provide the nourishment to foster one’s life and one’s ascent.


Relocate to More Pristine and Pollution-Free Places


Fission thoughtform dishonors. Many groups of humans function in fission thoughtform hold the same thoughts: “How can we destroy?”, “How can we self-destruct?”, “How can we control?”, “How can we subordinate?” Group thoughtform is no different than personal thoughtform, and the destruction carries forth in all capacities. The destructive thoughtform also is associated with the masses of humans living in the cities, and there are many that claim that humans therein are being poisoned not only through the crops and water, but also through the air in the form of “chem-trails”.


Asur’Ana has watched over the years in her air travel the air conditions get worse and worse and worse over the US mainland. Heavy black smog appears to be over most continents in the West including Europe, except interestingly enough Australia. Australia has clear blue skies in the day and lovely nighttime views of the stars. The smog in the San Jose Bay Area increased so that she was eventually guided to relocate to Hawaii, as it was poisoning her enough to prevent her continued ascent beyond a certain point. This may be so for many ascending humans; and therefore, one may wish to complete their karma for wherever one resides if this is so, and choose to relocate someplace more pristine and pollution free.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana has relocated to Norway in December 2019 to facilitate the collection and transcription of records and information regarding the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. Piecing the records back to 200,000 years ago involves the seeding of the Grand Masters from Sirius. They were seeded at the North Pole. Hawaii used to be located on the North Pole and because of the pole shift, it’s currently located where it is.)


Regions along the coast or in the mountains offer a form of transmutation that is generated by the land itself. The land under major chakra centers, near the ocean or in the mountains has the benefit of a more rapid pace of ascent of all kingdoms including the land. As land ascends, it moves energy more rapidly, both in a molecular sense as well as the energy flow within and between the global chakras. Such movement will assist in the transmutation of smog and other pollutants including chem-trails. This is so in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, which has pristine land, water and clear blue skies.


Living upon an active volcano such as the Big Island of Hawaii is another experience all of its own. There is the ongoing emission known as “vog”, which those with only 2 segments of DNA often react to as if it were smog. But for those who are ascending, vog is really sulfur emissions that much like going to the sulfur springs, cleanses the field continuously. Volcanoes are places of regeneration of Earth’s skin; the regeneration can therefore work nicely for the ascending initiate by assisting with the clearing of field due to their emissions.


Some initiates love taking a day trip to the Volcano Center upon the Big Island, where there are beautiful fern forests and places where the steam vents allow them to stand directly in the volcano’s emissions. Such days allow for greater clearing of their field, and leave them feeling better thereafter, much as having taken a mud bath.


Some initiates living in Northern California would venture to the hot springs of Calistoga weekly. There they would bathe in the pools and have mud baths every other week. These mud baths in particular assist them in the deep detoxification of ascension. If one does not have access to such, one may instead purchase green or white clay (known as bentonite) from the health food store and create one’s own mud bath at home. Such mud has a parallel affect to the initiates’ experiences in Calistoga; it pulls the toxins that they are releasing or exposed to even in the pristine environment of Hawaii.


Ascension Cycle and Extinction Cycle


Why is humanity poisoning itself? You are in an extinction cycle, beloved. Although this makes Polar Bear very sad, there is a new day in sight now in which ascension shall take off leading to a clearing of the toxins that are problematic due to human technology. Most of such problems shall be transmuted through vibrational shifts.


Most poisons are only one molecular component off from substances that supports the health and well-being of the whole. This is what Asur’Ana and Per have learned in the transmutation of each poison within their form in the ascent to 36,000 segments and beyond. They have learned that any poison can be tamed in a slight biochemical shift, and the removal of only one molecule in the chain of molecules that are associated with the poison. In so doing, all poisons have been rendered harmless in their ascent to date. This will also be so for Earth into the future and in her continued ascent.


Therefore, Polar Bear wishes to close with the understanding that there is nothing beyond transmutation that cannot be altered into a positive and supportive dance. As this is so for one’s own life experience, this is also the same for the body; this is also so for each species upon Earth and the global body of Mother Earth. All can be changed in the choice to ascend, and the choice to evolve. For many reading this material, the choice to ascend may allow one to ascend out of disease. This occurs as what is poisoning the system is detoxified and altered through the act of transmutation in ascension. It is also through the act of transmutation that the toxic thoughtform of fission is left behind, as this ultimately underlies the manifestation of any disease in physicality.


Ascension also modifies the thoughtform “I want to die” or “I self-destruct” or “I sacrifice myself” into the new thoughtform of the Language of Light. What is the thoughtform of the Language of Light? The Language of Light is founded upon forgiveness, truth, authentic power, compassion, non-conditional love, freedom, unity, honor and peace. As one leaves behind the destructive paradigm, one embraces a new dance founded upon unity thoughtform. In unity, all are honored; one also learns to honor oneself by giving unto oneself whatever one requires in order to ascend. This includes the food that one eats, the place that one works, the region that one lives, and the friends that one spends time with. As one learns to give unto oneself only that which fosters ascension, one has embodied unity in one’s life dance.


Therefore, Polar Bear asks each reading this book to review one’s current life. Where is one dishonoring self in one’s continued life choices? What modifications does one require to bring all parts of one’s life’s dance to a place where it supports one’s choice to ascend? Intend these so beloved; intend such changes into one’s dream and make it so, HO! In so doing, one will ascend, and one will support one’s future ancestry in the goal of evolution for all of humankind.


We hope that what we have shared is of use upon your personal path of ascension. Call upon our kingdom if one so wishes for communion, support and unconditional love.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Gifts from The Animal Kingdoms. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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