Image of a gigantic orange and black orb weaver spider. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider

5. The Web of the Orb Weaver Spider


Blessings of Conscious Dream Weaving


The Spider Kingdom


The Spider Kingdom has always had great respect for Asur’Ana who has persevered upon her path of ascension sometimes through great difficulties. Her intention has been so strong to ascend and to understand the problems of her past ancestry that the dream for the ascent was fulfilled upon nonetheless. This is the power of intention; it has the capacity to mold the dream in a particular direction that allows for ascension in this lifetime.


Ascension and the Good Life


Ascension and the “good life” may be at odds with one another. Humans quite naturally want a good life and wish for “this or that” which is perceived to be a fulfilling experience. In reality, there is little that one’s extensive ancestry has not already experienced from great fame or wealth, to disease, to loving unions of many kinds, to unrequited love or the loss of the beloved; to having children or raising the children of others; to having preoccupations of all kinds associated with human endeavors; to travel or relocation to a new country or region of seeming greater opportunity than “home”; to adventures in nature or upon the battlefield; to deaths of all kinds. There is nothing really that one’s extensive ancestry has not already dreamt many times and experienced.


Some ancestors had the “good life” and generally the lives to follow down the same family tree would then polarize into the “not so good life”, for this is the nature of polarity. Perhaps one in this lifetime is living the good life. If so, one may have little use for this information as the inner quest generally is the result of the “not so good life” or those who feel somehow disappointed in their current experience and expression. Out of the internal disappointment of feeling unfilled, many an initiate’s ascension begins, or so this is so for both Asur’Ana and Per. Neither felt fulfilled in their pre-ascension life experience, and further the choice to ascend brought about shifts that gradually led to a sense of inner fulfillment.


Those experiencing the “not so good life” are in polar counterbalance to ancestors that experienced the “good life” long ago. The good life can be defined as having circumstances go one’s way, whether one has the job or career one wishes for and feels important within, or the loving spouse, or the beautiful family, or any other manifestation that one likes.


As one ascends, one begins to unify the extreme poles. For a time, one may ascend into the “good life” and wish to remain there, and then out of the desire that nothing change and the goodness and sweetness that one now experiences remain, one may cease ascending; or worse yet desire only to ascend the other parts of their life that appeared not so good in one’s judgment. Alas, this has created incomplete ascension many a time in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience as such initiates then schism over karma, parallel lives and ancestral experiences associated with the next phase of ascension in their focus only upon what they desire to work upon.


Spiraling Through Both Poles in Ascension


Ascension is a “spiral” home and out of the density that one’s ancestry has fallen into. In ascending out, one will spiral through the both poles of any given expression that has prevailed in one’s ancestry over time. If poverty-wealth has been a prevalent genetic pattern in one’s ancestry, then one will ascend into times in which one manifests in ease, and times one manifests in great difficulty as perhaps the karma causes one’s dream to shatter in the continued ascent. If there is no dream to direct a particular dance upon the physical plane, then it will fail to occur. However, each layer of karma for failed dream weaving one clears, then one gains further power to manifest one’s own dreams free of the manipulations of dark forces that have controlled the unconscious and dream weaving process for so very long.


Asur’Ana and Per have experienced many times of difficult manifestation in their ascent to date. They have spiraled into difficulties almost every year in their continued ascent; each time that they went into a difficult manifestation period, more of an understanding was gained of how the dark controlled the dream of humanity and Earth alike. In such understanding, new patterns can be woven and a new dream created which can stand free of such manipulations. If Asur’Ana and Per chose to only remain in a period of ease of dream weaving, perhaps such information would never have come to be understood, in which case Earth’s ascension would fail into the future.


Fame and Fortune Create Attachment


Furthermore, if Asur’Ana and Per had remained in the “good life” having great ability to manifest, they also would have created great fame for themselves. This would have led ultimately to their death rather than their continued ascent, as fame creates so many cords of attachment that the etheric body would become too greatly compromised for ascension. Asur’Ana and Per’s ongoing intent to ascend Home in this lifetime caused the next layer of difficulties and karma for manifestation to surface, which has never really allowed fame to become a part of their future.


Why is fame and fortune so difficult in association with ascension? Fame and fortune create attachment between parties. The more famous or wealthy the person, the more cords of attachment into the etheric body between others or the possessions that one acquires. Now perhaps the famous or wealthy individual receives so much chi from their fans that they do not rapidly age or become ill, but rather regenerate and with a little plastic surgery, remain youthful into their 50’s; as do many a Hollywood star succeed at in present time. However, at some point the attachment catches up with the physical, and one ends up ill in their later years due to fame and fortune.


One can think of the life of Katharine Hepburn here and her battle with Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s Disease Katharine experienced was the result of electrical sacred geometry run through her field that fostered her fame most of her life. Over time, the geometry deteriorated the nervous system enough that the body became diseased. This also occurs for many elderly Hollywood stars, but one does not hear much about such stars as there are always new stars emerging to focus one’s attention upon. However, in the end, the outcome will be the same for each, as fame fractures the etheric body so.


Many watch each president of the United States or Prime Ministers in other countries age during their term in office. The aging is from cords of attachment from billions of humans that are now aware of one’s existence, and the electrical sacred geometry run through the field associated with the nation that they are in governance over. Often this leads to severe diseases in later life, such as the Alzheimer Disease that has occurred in the life of Ronald Reagan. One can see that much of the attachment into Reagan’s form occurred in the head, which is why the brain deteriorated so after his term in office.


Group Identity and Electrical Geometry


There are many preoccupations that can also fracture the etheric body. One initiate, a former computer engineer, who in working for a large corporation had taken on the energetic identity of the company in his country of origin. The result of a load of electrical sacred geometry was deteriorating his form enough that he had to leave the preoccupation behind in order to ascend beyond 2,000 DNA segments. The preoccupation would have led to disease and an early death if not for ascension, and now this individual works as a nighttime security guard making almost the same income, but without the stress of all of the electricity.


Many have ancestral agreements to hold the identity of others or corporations in the physical plane. Any time one has such agreements, then one runs through their field a host of electrical geometry that supports the group identity, but will over time make one ill with a variety of diseases. Such geometry can lead to Parkinson’s Disease as in Katharine Hepburn’s case, as she was holding the identity of Hollywood in her field, or in many others who have no reputation and are virtually unknown by anyone, but have taken on due to ancestral agreements the identity for large groups.


Such a dance can also occur in the metaphysical movement. Therefore, if one is finding that one is becoming diseased, one may begin to seek out if one is holding identity for a group in some manner that is fostering the deterioration of one’s field and form. If one discovers that this is so, one may choose to release the karma instead, retract from the group and heal oneself through ascension.


Dream Weaving for Ascension


A dream for ascension will never lead one to fame or fortune. It is because Asur’Ana and Per were so intent upon ascending in this lifetime that any dream that would have led to the multitudes knowing of their work has been cancelled from their dream weaving. In so doing, the dance has remained small enough to foster human ascension and the path to be carved, and not large enough to prevent their own ascension. For fame would have created an energetic web around them that would ultimately have killed the form. Even the limited reputation that they have created has caused problems for their fields; and they have learned to work around this releasing such attachment in a manner that ascension could be fostered to the next level each year.


There are some dreams that dovetail with ascension and others that do not. If one’s intent to ascend is strong, then anything in one’s life that does not serve to support such a goal will come up to be released and transcended and left behind. This may be difficult for many, as circumstances are often so that one’s own family will be in unconscious opposition to one’s choice to ascend, and continuously pull one apart during family get togethers. Perhaps one will have to release the family therefore, or visit them minimally in order to ascend as a result. Sometimes such a dance will also occur with one or more of one’s own children or a spouse or beloved. Each case is unique, and any relationship that deters ascension is a relationship to complete with and exit the dance of for those dedicated to this path in this lifetime.


How does it feel to leave behind a relationship that is deterring one’s ascension? Sometimes this is a painful process as the cords of attachment can be great. As all cords of attachment release, then the grief or sense of loss is left behind and a greater sense of internal freedom born.




Why is it so difficult for humans to become sovereign? Sovereignty of field is a requirement for continued ascension. Sovereignty is a non-attached state in which the ley lines of the etheric grid work that have been moved outside of the form to attach to other persons, places, possessions, pets, plants or land is restored inward to allow for increasing light within to foster a higher vibration, and a conversion to the crystalline cellular structure. Sovereignty of field may require that one release the relationships that continue to cause one to remain attached thereby preventing one’s continued ascent. Sovereignty of field may also require that one move from the home that one has lived in for a time or even relocate to a new region to continue to ascend and release the attachment to the land.


For most humans, there is comfort in the intertwining and attachment; and it is for this reason that the path of ascension may not be for everyone; and many may not be likely to take their ascent beyond 1,800 to 3,000 segments in this lifetime; for anything above this really does require making many life changes that most may not feel is their truth to undertake in present time.


For those even mastering 3000, two life changes are a requirement. Such changes shall include leaving behind the family or children, or leaving behind one’s spouse, or leaving behind the spiritual teacher or group, or leaving behind the job, or relocating to a new region to live within. Such changes are fostered by the completion of all ancestral karma between parties, which is what ascension brings forth. Two of such life changes are required in the mastery of 3,000 segments; and four of such life changes are required to master 6,000 segments or Bodhisattva level evolution.


Generational Ascension


It is for this reason that evolution to Bodhisattva level may be for few in adult form, and why Earth has determined that a generational ascension is the better modality to foster an awakening within the human species. As young children ascend to these levels at an early age, they will have already transcended their attachment, and be free to go where they need to be as they mature. Awakened children shall become the norm in due course, and they shall be so inner directed that nothing outside of themselves will determine their direction or fate, not even their parents.


Perhaps this will be difficult for the parents to understand. However, perhaps many reading this book remember their teenage years. One rebelled in one’s own teenage years, and one will see such rebellion in even greater ways amongst the younger generations in the times ahead. The young folk will follow their truth and in so doing, it will be easier for them to ascend, as there is less that they have attached to having not lived such a long time and become intertwined through creating many associations.


What happened to the hippies of the 60’s? They became the yuppies of the 80’s! One initiate whom we shall name Zevan was a prime example of this with the house, family, and job earning over $150,000 per year. Where did the ideals of his youth go? Zevan took a stand against the Vietnam War, and later in his life worked for the military developing weaponry. Zevan has released the karma for this, but this is an example of extreme polarity. One may have ideals that one held in youth that become forgotten, and one goes on to do or become exactly what one despised!


The Middle Road and Soul’s Purpose


Ascension brings an end to such swings as one finds the middle road, which is one’s soul’s purpose. What is one’s soul’s purpose? One’s soul’s purpose is to ascend, and live to experience what the ascension brings forth and how it alters one’s life dance in the completion of karma and the evolution of thoughtform into a new way of being and viewing the world. If one masters 3,000 in this lifetime, one will have completed with all karma that one was born to experience for this life and a whole new life will emerge based upon karma from an earlier time in one’s ancestry. One will then go on to live this new life at a different vibration and in the expression of such a life, give credence to what an ascending life means.


Will the new life be a “better life” than the one that one knew before? Perhaps this is an issue of judgment from the point of reference of the Spider Kingdom. A life is a life, and each life has karma to clear in order to allow for the evolution of your species. As each life fulfills upon the karma to be cleared, each contributes to the overall evolution of humankind. No life is any better than any other, and each life serves if it supports the evolution of the whole of one’s species. Therefore, embrace your life in your intent to ascend; allow yourselves to let go of those relationships that do not serve your choice to evolve. Allow the changes that ascension entails, and live the ascending life. After all this is the biggest contribution any human can make unto Earth at this time of history.


Spider further reminds each to intend joy, unity, honor, peace and non-conditional love into one’s life dance. Regardless of the karma one must release for continued ascension, one can mold the life experience through intention in a direction that brings one a sense of internal fulfillment. Intentions mold one’s dream by charging the threads of one’s web with a particular vibration that attracts a particular type of experience into the day-to-day life expression.


Dream Weaving Information


Asur’Ana and Per have had many experiences with Spider in their ascension. Asur’Ana loved spiders and took their appearance in her home or on her walks to mean something; to her the appearance of spider translated into how her dream to ascend or manifest her needs was doing. If spider was on a large web that was well woven, she took it as a sign that her dream was doing well. If a broken web crossed her path, then she took it as a sign that her dream had been shattered, and it was time to clear the karma for why this had occurred and reweave her dream. If the spider web held a “catch” tightly cocooned in the middle, Asur’Ana took this as a sign that what she desired to manifest would occur in the physical.


One night upon the porch of their home in Alta, Norway, a large spider appeared with a furry middle about 25 mm and legs that stretched about 75 mm out from the core of the body. This spider was a sign that they had moved into big time dream weaving capacity in their ascent. Asur’Ana attuned unto our kingdom and we warned them of the power of their thoughtform, and that any manipulation for an accident or problem would rapidly manifest if they did not pay attention. Asur’Ana and Per continue to pay attention to their dream daily as a result to offset any potential problem, and to assure that their dream for personal ascension and human ascension stays on track.


In spring of 2022, a beautiful orb weaver spider appeared outside the window of their office. Orb weaver spiders are bright yellow or orange with a brown or black geometric pattern on their backs, and can grow to be about 2 to 3 cm. This spider created a large web that they enjoyed watching for many weeks, until the gardener destroyed it in the routine trimming of the shrubs. This was a sign that their dream had been shattered in full, and indeed it took Asur’Ana and Per a month to repair the damage and release the underlying karma associated so that the dream for their dreamtime events, personal ascension and human ascension could be fulfilled upon that year.


Spider holds the information on weaving the dream so that physical manifestations are a reflection of one’s intentions. Although we cannot share of our knowledge, we can point out where one’s dream is weak or in need of restoration. We can also guide one to more readily see the karmic dance that has caused one to give their dream away unto another, or take the dream of another rather than weaving one’s own dream through intention. After all this is what becoming the dreamer and the dream through ascension is all about; learning to consciously dream weave one’s own dream and then live to experience it in the physical. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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