Image of a maple tree with red leaves. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life

14. Blessings For The Sweetness Of Life


From the Maple Tree Kingdom


It is the Maple Tree Kingdom that addresses you today. Our kingdom has been involved with the human species since your original seeding upon Terra (Earth) from the Sirian star system. Humans were seeded with certain plants and trees that were common food source upon Sirius. Maple trees have always contained a sweet sap that is easy to tap into and enjoy as a sweetener or as a treat for human taste buds. And so, our species like many others originates from Sirius.


Sweet Dreams and Sour Dreams


The sweet taste of certain food source is associated with the sweetness of life. Many humans crave sweets because their life is lacking the sweeter dreams that one would like to make manifest. Those who reject sweets also reject the sweetness of life or the sweeter dreams. For a long time, one particular initiate’s body craved sour and salty over sweet tastes; eating something sweet was not her preference. This was a reflection of the sour dream she was living at the time where she felt unfulfilled or starved for sweeter dreams. Over time, she learned to embrace sweeter foods, especially after her beloved joined her, and this was a reflection of embracing the sweeter dream of having a beloved in her life dance. Now baking sweet treats as well as eating fruit each day is an ongoing part of diet.


Sweeter life dreams and sour life dreams have more to do with energy dynamics than any other cause. Sweet dreams that provide a sense of fulfillment are magnetic in a magnetic creation. What are magnetic dreams? They are dream projections from the solar sun that are rotational in energy flow or circular in nature. It requires a rotational field to catch a rotational dream. Sour dreams on the other hand are caused by pyramidal or angular flow that intersects the circular flow of a magnetic creation. It is the interaction of magnetic and electrical energy that creates a sour dream.


What is a sour dream? Long ago, Terra harbored only magnetic flow and knew nothing but the sweetness of life with all kingdoms living in harmony with one another. Over time, humans from other star systems that viewed Terra as a living terrarium chose to seed plants, trees and animals from other creations. This was long before human life came to be upon Terra. Some of the foreign plants, trees and animals hosted rotational flow; they contributed to the dream of fulfillment of Terra. Some foreign plants, trees and animals contained angular or electrical flow in their DNA; these kingdoms caused the sweet dream of Terra to turn sour over time. Sour dreams lead to sour outcomes for the whole. What do we mean by this? Sour dreams create travesties of all kinds; the more sour the dream, the greater the travesty.


Sour Dream of the Dinosaurs


The sour dream that was created in this cycle in the third dimension after foreign plants, trees and animals were brought by human scientists in spacecraft led to the experience of the dinosaurs in our more recent history. The dinosaurs were seeded only in small numbers to begin with on the part of human scientists from Alpha Centauri.


The sour dream that was the result of a blending of melodies of electrical and magnetic tones of creation caused the dinosaurs to reproduce out of control. The dinosaurs also fell in consciousness and lost the capacity to exist from the breath only; this is also the result of the fact that the air upon Terra was different from the air of their creation of origin and did not provide the nutrients required for the dinosaurs to subsist. As a result, the dinosaurs first became vegetarian and feasted upon the vast plant life that was available given Terra’s terrarium-based nature; and later as they fell again, they became carnivorous and began to feast upon one another along with the other animal kingdoms.


This is an example of a very sour dream; a sour dream will create a dance in which one will hunt and eat the other rather than live in peace and unity as well as harmlessness. The underlying cause of how and why the dream of the carnivorous dinosaurs came to be is ultimately the result of the many electrical species that had been seeded upon Earth in the form of plants and trees that soured Terra’s music to a point that a very difficult dream of consumption caught. If the plants and trees had remained in magnetic flow only, the dream for consumption would have never occurred; and then the human dream that is recurring in present time that is associated and equally caustic may also never have caught upon Terra.


Plants and trees are taking responsibility for their cause. Perhaps long ago, we could have chosen to cleanse those species within our kingdom through conscious intention that were non-resonant and creating sour music and extinguished their presence. After all, nature focused upon cleansing the dinosaurs from Earth and manifest a meteor large enough to create a blanket of dust that cooled Terra just enough to cause the entire dinosaur kingdom to go extinct in a few short weeks. If our collective consciousness accomplished this, then certainly with enough focus, we could also have cleansed the real cause behind the dream for the dinosaurs by cleansing the dissonant plant and tree life; and perhaps even before the dinosaurs ever came into dominion. However, Terra and all upon her did not understand the real cause of her sour dreams until now.


Why was the cause of the sour dream Terra has experienced gone unperceived all this time? Perception is a funny thing. In distortion there are veils of illusion; the veils are not unlike a screen that then reflects back what one believes rather than revealing the truth. The dissonance of the electrical kingdoms in plant and tree life of the time created enough haze that Terra perceived what she believed was true and went about clearing it; but failed to clear the real cause underlying the veils. This ensured that the sour dream recur again; and so, it has due to the seeding of the human species and all that has come to be so since. Now due to the presence of photonic energy from the Great Central Sun, the veils dissipate and the underlying cause and truth can be more greatly perceived.


Cleansing of All Foreign DNA


Perhaps it matters not when one perceives the truth as long as one does so and in time clears the cause and underlying patterning associated. All plants kingdoms as well as all animals, minerals, dolphin and whale kingdoms along with the human species begin a long process of cleansing now; the cleansing is to remove all angular energy flow from Terra that causes sour and violent dreams. This requires the cleansing of all foreign DNA from all associated kingdoms at cause. The cleansing of foreign DNA shall occur due to the conscious intention of each kingdom to fulfill upon this goal.


Recently, Asur’Ana read a BBC report of a large pod of whales that had beached themselves again in New Zealand. This time humans could not help them back out to sea without risking their own lives, and so shot them instead to “put them out of their misery”. The whale kingdom is beaching itself as it has the wrong DNA to support Terra; they are retracting from life so that their consciousness can carry on in another creation that does resonate. Humans in their own way actually supported their intention to die and settled karma for violence between humans and whales in the process.


Perhaps, one can see from the point of view of nature that this was not a travesty, although many humans may view it as such; but it is actually a great gift as there is one less set of sour music playing through the field of this whale pod that creates a sour dream for Terra to catch. The whales as well as dolphins from foreign creations and with electrical energy flow are taking responsibility for their cause and choosing to clear their karma by exiting physicality; a hard lesson, but one that all kingdoms face at this time and into the coming quarter century ahead.


Recently another article surfaced about how many frog species have gone extinct in the past 20 years. Many frogs are from foreign creations and run electrical flow; many of these species are leaving Terra at this time; but those frogs that are of magnetic inheritance and energy flow will remain. Overall, about 20% of all kingdoms, plants, animals (including insects and fish), minerals and trees, are destined for extinction as they host electrical energy movement and DNA. As those that are dissonant retract, those that are resonant will reproduce more heavily and continue to provide the energetic job that each species hosts in association with Terra’s overall field and energy flow. Nothing will be lost and peace and unity shall be gained for all to experience as a sweeter dream catches upon Terra.


Humans live in an even more greatly sour dream at this time than nature. Human dreams are so sour it makes natural world dreams appear peaceful and unity-based in comparison. However, natural world dreams still express their sourness through the act of consumption; the consumption occurs amongst those animals that eat grass, and the sourest of dreams have caused one animal to consume another both upon the land and within the sea. This is the first dream to subside as the electrical kingdoms retract from physicality; the animal kingdoms are due to evolve into a vegetarian digestive system and cease to consume the flesh of any other species. This is anticipated by Terra to come to be so by 2035-2050.


Conscious Breath Biology


Some kingdoms are choosing to move straight into conscious breath biology where they will not consume anything again; this is so for the whales and dolphins who are on target to cease to consume anything but their mother’s milk by 2025 (amongst ascending magnetic varieties). For many birds, it is easier to move into conscious breath biology than develop a vegetarian tract as there is less room overall for the added weight that would take away from their ability to navigate through the air. Therefore, many birds are on target to cease to consume anything by around 2030 and subsist solely through the breath.


Birds act as bearers of communication taking information from one region to another in their migration patterns and in support of the evolution of Terra. Birds also move energy in their flight paths that assists in the cleansing of density upon Terra. Each kingdom has a special purpose and truth.


What is conscious breath? Conscious breath is the capacity for the diaphragm to manufacture 8 forms of sugar necessary to sustain crystalline biology from the oxygen gathered through the lungs in each in-breath. As all kingdoms move to conscious breath biology, no kingdom will consume another ever again. Such a state of being is Terra’s legacy; conscious breath-based species continued to exist upon Earth until the era of the Pharaohs.


As the Pharaohs went about mummifying as many animal species as they could gather, the dark forces associated stripped each kingdom of enough records that all remaining kingdoms with conscious breath biology lost the capacity to subsist solely from the breath. Although this is a sad occurrence, the mummification process also preserves a template of the DNA for all associated kingdoms including conscious breath biology; this is the template all kingdoms are drawing upon now as an ascension blueprint to be mastered in the half century ahead. Terra estimates that by the year 2050 to 2075, no kingdom will consume anything, including the human kingdom.


Given the dissonance of the current human dream, it may be impossible to fathom such a shift in such a short timeframe. Terra however is entering a new dream where there is so much photonic energy available that altering DNA from one blueprint to another is much more rapid than before. It is photonic energy that fosters DNA growth and change in the intent to ascend amongst adult populations of any kingdom. It is due to the increasing amount of photonic energy ahead that Terra perceives a more rapid level of change in a shorter timeframe in the future dream.


Photonic energy is not readily available in your human cities due to the radiation held in the building structures and electrical flow therein. It is for this reason that living or working in a city will limit one’s ascent as there is not enough photonic energy available to foster the genetic changes one is choosing to make in adult form. It is for this reason that the Maple Tree Kingdom advises that ascending humans move into the countryside or as far as one can from the density, as there will be ample photonic energy available therein to allow one’s ascension to flourish.


Pyramidal and Box Shaped Geometry in Cities


The cities may become regions of death ahead due to the cleansing of those who cannot master magnetic energy flow. How and why is this so? As Terra continues to warm, the magnetic energy becomes increasing strong in pulsation. The magnetic pulsation inverts the electrical flow of those who are still spinning such geometry inside out. As pyramidal or and box shaped energy flow are inverted, their continued rotation cuts up the etheric body leading to disease and then death.


There are also loads of collective pyramids and boxes in all cities that is created by the collective human consciousness that resides within them; this type of energy flow has to do with human institutions and governance as it is reflected in your current civilization. Earth has written a large dissertation about group energy flow in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1.


Those interested in understanding these patterns are best guided to work with this workbook, as bringing to consciousness variant geometrical energy flow for the purposes of transcendence is not necessarily useful except to those map making ascension to or beyond 3,000 DNA segments in this lifetime. The workbook is for those willing to master to 3,000 and perhaps beyond and are devoted to this goal. The information shall provide the focus and insights necessary to facilitate a more complete ascension, if this is one’s personal spiritual goal.


Our point however is that there are massive collective pyramids and box shaped geometry that run in your human cities and suburbs. As this energy flow turns inside out due to the magnetic pulsations of Terra, humans will be cut up both from the inside out and outside in leading to large numbers of deaths in such regions. There is little Terra can do to prevent this from occurring as humans have created the dissonant geometry due to the high amount of electrical DNA associated with your collective inheritance. It is for this reason that we guide ascending humans to leave the cities and dense suburbs as this will be necessary for your survival ahead.


Extinction Ahead for Kingdoms Hosting Electrical DNA


However, in understanding this, you can also understand how and why electrical frogs or other kingdoms are also going extinct at this time. Nature is moving into a strong magnetic pulsation and this flow depresses the angular energy flow of those species hosting electrical DNA back upon the etheric body until the body can no longer survive and the species goes extinct. This shall be for all plants and animals upon Terra that host electrical DNA in the coming times of cleansing ahead.


Cleansing the mineral kingdom is another problem however that Terra is just now beginning to address in her collective ascent. There are many minerals that are not really resonant with Terra; these minerals came from other creations with variant energy flows of 14 movements. 8 of the 14 movements are magnetic in nature; however, the magnetism associated is either too strong or too weak; therefore, these kingdoms must modify themselves to become resonant with just the right magnetic pull in the times ahead.


6 of the 14 flows are electrical in nature within the mineral kingdoms and sours Terra’s dream to an extreme; it was as the Anu in particular brought minerals that were from the Pleiades in the form of opal, malachite and lapis, and began to grow these minerals in large human-made laboratories, that the electrical flow associated caused Terra’s dream to go so sour. The sour dream then called a dance in which the Anu themselves went insane, warred upon one another and eventually blew up Earth in a giant nuclear holocaust. The sourness of the dream at cause of the nuclear holocaust was directly related to the amount of minerals that the Anu grew for their own profit and gain in Pleiadian funds, as well as their own pleasure.


About 50% of the lapis, malachite and opals grown by the Anu were exported in any year; however, these humans began to fancy having malachite floors, and lapis ceilings, and opal bottom pools; the Anu even coated their pyramids in such stones for the beauty unto their own eyes. The problem was that the more of these minerals that the Anu retained upon Terra, the more electricity entered the energy flow of all minerals upon Earth, and the more sour the music became causing a sour dream to catch leading to a massive fall in consciousness for all species from a nuclear annihilation at the end of their era.


Sour Dreams in Cities


How exactly does sour dreams work? We are analyzing sour human dreams to assist initiates in understanding and learning to weave a sweet dream instead. Sour dreams have to do with how much electricity is running in one’s field or in the environment that one lives. Let us use an example of a love triangle to explain. If there are two men vying for one woman, and the dream is purely magnetic, then the woman will choose one of the men and the other will be disappointed, but this is the end of the story. If 50% electrical flow is added to the dream, now the disappointed one chooses to murder the man or the woman or both out of vengeance. This is what electricity does; it causes dreams to become violent in nature.


Perhaps this is why there are so many sour stories that occur within human cities. Cities are filled with more electrical dreams than any other region of domain upon Earth. As such, there are many sour scripts that are offered that can lead to murder and intrigue, violence and rape, drug abuse and even torture. One may think that this is exciting, but in reality, it is a reflection of what electrical pulsations do to a human dream; it causes dreams to become sour or violent when the same dream broadcast in a country town would not have this outcome due to a lack of electrical pulsations to cause such.


Cities have become even more increasingly radioactive and electrical leading to even greater violence and intrigue this past century. This is primarily due to the advent of your electrical gadgetry. Over time, the radiation has soured the dream so much that there are “inner cities” when perhaps this was not so to the same degree a century ago. Certainly, cities such as New York and Chicago have large inner cities that often look like war zones with burnt out buildings and cars, and if someone accidentally gets off the wrong freeway exit and enters such regions and is white, one may not come out alive. This is an example of an extremely sour dream caught inside of any city.


Those of Arab and African Descent Are Primarily Magnetic


Recently, in the riots near Paris it has come to be understood that there are ghettos of French people of primarily Arab descent that have fallen into a sour dream. Poverty is high, unemployment is high, and perhaps even drug use is high in the sourest dream regions in any city. In the US, the covert government allows the drug use to restrain those living in the ghettos from creating riots, as the drugs anesthetize them into better accepting their circumstance.


Why are the ghettos of those of African or Arab descent hosting such sour dreams? Those of African or Arab descent are primarily magnetic in DNA. As they relocate to the cities of a foreign country, they run into electrical energy flow of the white people who are primarily of Anu or Anu Slave descent. The combination of electrical flow with magnetic flow creates the sourest dream of all; and this is where one then experiences greater violence, drug use, lack and poverty in such regions, as such is the nature of a sour dream.


What is the solution to this experience? For those of Arab or African descent, perhaps the solution is to ascend, and in the ascension, one will restore magnetic energy flow to a greater degree so that the dominant dream ceases to be sour and one then catches a sweeter life experience. However, it is difficult to ascend inside the cities; and so, it is a “catch 22” or a circumstance in which there is little possibility of evolving out of the dance enough to allow for a change.


Perhaps if humans en masse were more aware of the possibility of ascension, there would be larger groups focused upon this outcome. However, many humans are descendants of the Anu and are in the wrong creation to ascend, or are of Anu slave descent where the hologram was so modified that there is not enough awareness to ascend. It is those of this nature that are in for a large cleansing in the era ahead as they host the wrong genetics for evolution upon Earth.


Those of Ancient Red Ancestry and Indigenous Origins Are Ascending


Those of Arab or African descent or those of ancient red ancestry as well as those who are indigenous have a far greater possibility of ascending at this time in history. Some regions such as South America may find their way to magnetic flow that is greater in the cities or suburbs due to the larger numbers of ascending adult humans of indigenous origins. As this comes to be so, the cities of South America may not be quite as caustic as other western-based communities that have fewer ascending adults or children living therein.


Honolulu is an interesting place from this point of view as much of the local population is ascending, and as a result the density is far less and there will be less struggle to remain in this region in the times ahead as a result. However, one will also witness that places like Hawaii that exist under major chakra centers are also more rapidly beginning to cleanse; more non-ascending adults are leaving physicality more rapidly as a result.


Generational Ascension


For those who are white but of indigenous ancient ancestry, pulling your ancient ancestors forward and choosing to ascend into their associated magnetic DNA will allow you to become resonant unto Earth in this lifetime. This can be accomplished through intention as long as one has a magnetic inheritance to choose from.


Ascension is complex but let us suffice to say that the intent to ascend into magnetic resonant DNA with Earth will cause this, and if not in this lifetime, then in the future generations that one will be related to in inheritance. As one of your inheritance mates with one of a more indigenous inheritance, the offspring will inherit the necessary information to ascend into more fully magnetic DNA and energy flow that is resonant with Terra. This is how generational ascension shall take hold.


Lineages are also not just directly related unto one’s family tree. Each inheritance is related to about 2 billion others currently incarnate upon Earth. If only one of the 2 billion associated with oneself chooses the right partner for continued ascension and produces offspring that hosts the right genealogical inheritance for the task, then one’s ancestry ascends. This is the beauty of generational ascension from the Maple Tree’s perspective. Even if only a few intend to ascend of any given ancestry, one intends it so for all 2 billion others related unto oneself. As such, all humans will begin to ascend, and this is already coming to be so.


For plants, trees and animals, all are beginning to ascend as well. Each successive generation that has magnetic genealogy shall pull the cellular structure of each kingdom into greater and greater harmony with all of Earth. For each kingdom, crystalline biology that is magnetic in energy flow is what is to be ascended into. For the minerals, ascension occurs within the current form without the requirement of birth, death and rebirth as rocks do not experience such.


Minerals that are dissonant shall be dissolved over time into magma of the molecular components. The components shall then flow together in a new elemental configuration to create new resonant minerals that will support Terra in her continued ascent. Already this is occurring in the core of Earth that is a molten ball of magma and fire; this ball is increasing in size and magnitude and one day will penetrate the surface of Earth entirely. As this occurs, Terra will burst into a ball of flames and will have mastered a 5th Dimensional state of being, or in other terms, become a star. This is anticipated to occur about 1,000 years into the future as humans measure it.


What does the Maple Tree Kingdom wish to close this chapter with? Intend a sweet dream to dream weave and experience, beloved. Intend to ascend into magnetic energy flow to the degree that one can in this lifetime. Intend to move out of the cities that will harbor increasingly sour dreams in the times ahead due to the manner in which the electrical flow shall be inverted by the magnetic pulsations of Terra in her ascent. Intend to spend time in the natural world dream and learn more about a state of inner peace and beauty, for this is something that the natural world can teach each ascending human. Also enjoy your treats such as Maple Sugar, and as you do so, intend to catch a sweeter life dream that is fulfilling and joyful to experience.


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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