Image of a double rainbow over a hill with flowers. Managing One's Field in Ascension

Chapter 5: Managing One’s Field in Ascension


Much of what we are going to speak to in this chapter and the following worksheets are associated with information that have been brought through a little at a time as the patterning in the unconscious of the human energy field was uncovered. Here we strive to consolidate most known information that applies to those ascending to 2,200-4,600 segments of DNA in this lifetime.


Let us suffice to say that the energy field in the map to ascension has gone through many alterations over time. As human map makers continued to ascend particular lineages, more and more layers of the unconscious surfaced that was previously unknown. This is a part of the clearing work of those who are the map makers or map carvers; to leave no stone unturned more or less in the examination of ancestral karma associated with one’s inheritance. All planes also must be examined and cleared.


Collapsing the Space Between       


There has been much focus as of late in collapsing the space between to 25% of the overall field for those resting at 3,000 segments; to 22% for those at 4,000 segments; and to 20% for those at 4,000 to 4,600 segments. For those proceeding beyond this, one may collapse the space between to 18%. The space between is the region of domain that is denser and holds the pathway of light that the ley lines and meridians of the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies along with dreamtime self are constructed from. In essence, the goal is to move as much chi through the positive ley lines of the meridians and field as possible while minimizing the density or space between to the minimum required to hold the structure of the field.


As the space between is collapsed, there is little room for the false gods to dance. The false gods are space between consciousness inflated to the proportions of God/Goddess. The false gods inflated as each gave their power to do so to the false gods. As the space between of Earth likewise increased to a point of creating many shadows surrounding humanity, the false gods moved from inside the human vessel into the shadow surrounding Earth claiming themselves “God of Earth”. In reality these entities are not God at all but a consciousness from only one half of the sum total of what makes up any creation.


The space between is the density; the space without the light. Consciousness solely from the space between will only hold one half of the picture and the picture associated with the density or separation and destructive thoughtform; in parallel, consciousness solely from the space without or light will only have the other half of the picture, or be light and loving only. Understand that the light and loving forces ascended Sirius; space without consciousness with only a partial picture ascended Sirius and this led to a very incomplete ascension and a load of karma. Read more

Image of the new global sacred geometry in beautiful pastel rainbow colors of the Language of Light. Mastering The Living Dream

10. Mastering The Living Dream


All life upon Earth is a living dream. Most life upon Earth however is in a non-conscious dream. What Earth means by this is that such species have not biological awareness. Humans, dolphins, whales and selected nature kingdoms such as the Panda Bear have biological awareness of their existence. Such awareness creates a different experience of life, as one perceives oneself as alive in the physical, whereas most of nature only perceives the nonphysical dance of energies that surround physical form. (Please see Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 36 “The Black and White Panda Bear” for more information on fully conscious animals.)


Understanding the living dream equates to being a part of a greater script or play that one has a role within, and learning to manage it through conscious intention. There is a script for all of life upon Earth projected by the solar sun through the holographic planes and onto physicality. The physical field is woven in multiple layers of etheric energy that compresses down the dimensions to create the physical cellular structure. The field of every living plant, animal, mineral, human, whale or dolphin captures the script or movie broadcast upon oneself which determines one’s life experiences, creations, manifestations, difficulties, tragedies, disease, as well as the expression of joy, laughter and love in the dance of life.


It is the spiraling DNA that captures the script or movie for one’s life. DNA has mutated over time to become increasingly limited. The fully conscious Grand Masters had 36,000 segments of DNA at the time of their original seeding. The red nations people also seeded by Sirius had 15,000 segments of DNA. 15,000 segments capture far more dream than 2 segments can ever capture. Why is this so? One can liken the number of segments available to be comparable to the strength of the screen available to capture the dream broadcast. In essence, a screen derived from 2 segments has so many holes that much of the dream of what could be possible for one’s life experience and expression falls through the holes and is manifest in one’s unconscious instead.


The Human Unconscious


The unconscious is made up of many fractured off pieces of self that are the result of many falls in consciousness throughout human history. As the genetic materials were depleted due to nuclear warfare and stripping of information by the false intervention, there were missing records. In essence, wherever there is a missing record, one has one or multiple holes in one’s grid work which translates into holes in one’s screen that captures the movie script for one’s life. Asur’Ana has discovered that there were 36 parallel lives occurring for humans at 2 segments of DNA. Due to modifications in Earth’s global field, this has been reduced to 24 planes. Each plane has a separate “you” dancing upon it, capturing a portion of the dream for one’s life.


Life is extremely limited and mechanized at 2 segments of DNA. The reason for this is simply the vast amount of the dream that is lived in the unconscious. At 2 segments, over 80% of one’s dream is captured by the unconscious. This leaves one with only 20% of the dream to be expressed in physicality. It is perhaps for this reason that it is difficult for humans to embrace change, as change requires fluidity, and there cannot be much fluidity of dream when it is so limited. In essence, one’s dream is as fractured as the DNA, and fracturing creates either non-change or radical shifts, and little in-between. Read more

Image of Dream Weaving and the 8 planes of reality. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream

17. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream


The purpose of the human species is to master conscious dreaming. This is the purpose of mastering one’s initiations; one becomes the dreamer and the dream. One envisions any dream, and then lives to experience it exactly as one envisions such a dream.


If the dream is for a beloved, then the beloved is made manifest and the beloved comes into one’s life dance. If the dream is for a new place to live, a preoccupation that brings one joy, a child, a healthy form, living in a beautiful region, or one’s ascension, one has the capacity to dream the dream, and then live to experience the dream. This is the original purpose that the human species was designed for; to be a living dream weaver that experiences one’s own dream.


We have spoken in previous books about how intents or dreams are made manifest. We now summarize this process with some major new additions and changes due to global changes in the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. Let us suffice to say that Earth has entirely restructured four planes surrounding manifestation; the Planes of Dreamtime, the Planes of Magic, the Planes of Thoughtform and the Planes of Unity (formerly the Planes of Karma). This restructuring allows ascending initiates to become the dreamer and the dream. It is the purpose of this chapter to discuss the path of becoming the conscious dreamer in human form.




How does one transcend? One transcends through forgiveness. How does one forgive? How does one forgive others who have harmed oneself or damaged one’s form, or brought misery to one’s life? Forgiveness comes through understanding. In understanding how one’s ancestors have destroyed or harmed others, one will come to understand why one harms another. In so understanding the underlying emotional cause, one can most readily forgive.


For all that have experienced the trauma over New York, there are millions and millions of other humans that have experienced equal trauma in a less publicized manner. Such humans have been seemingly victims to incest or sexual abuse of a parent over their form. Abusive parents, teachers or schoolmates have emotionally traumatized many humans. Many humans have abused others including their own children out of fear, confusion, or frustration. Many humans have struggled to make ends meet and pay the bills, or find a loving partner, or transcend a disease killing the form. Read more