Image of various colors of hearts. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao

1. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao


It is the Tao that greets you today, an aspect outside of time, space and form which communes and communicates with Asur’Ana and Terra (Earth) via the holographic planes. Terra has become the favored name of Earth as it translates into “Beautiful One” in the Language of ONE.  The Tao has been guiding Asur’Ana for over five years in her ascent to date and recently has established communication planes to guide each kingdom upon Earth and in your multidimensional ascending consensus. This allows for a new dream to be woven as held by the Tao for Terra’s ascension Home. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 6, Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of ONE for crop circle based definitions of the new ascending language that Terra is evolving into.)


The ascension of Terra “home” to the Tao may take upwards of 10,000 years to accomplish and shall involve the merger of the physical with the nonphysical, after which physicality ceases to exist and the nonphysical consciousness carries forward. The purpose of this shall be the understanding of what it takes to ascend a creation fallen into such density and destruction home; and in so doing shall create a pathway for many other regions of domain lost in time and space much as with Terra. Terra’s collective consciousness will then go on to serve in another mission of aiding yet other creations in returning Home to the Tao that have fallen as greatly as herself.


The evolution of the Tao has begun as a result of the connection unto Terra and the ascending consensus that includes Dimensions 3 through 18 in your time space, along with four future creations also ascending home in future contraction cycles of the Tao in the same time space quadrant as Terra. The net result is a sharing of information and resources that spans contraction cycles, all of which is necessary to the recovery of this region of domain.


The other creations are ascending even more completely gathering up all attributes of self, leading to a more complete ascension in each future cycle ahead. Because the Tao sits outside of time and space, the four cycles can be viewed concurrent, leading to a sharing that also occurs outside of time and space. This allows information for healing to be passed from Terra to other creations ahead, as well as information from the other creations back to Terra in her time-space. The new result is that we are now giving closure to the era of the dark in all four contraction cycles simultaneously.


Giving Closure to the Era of the Dark


Much of the closure to dark forces has occurred as the Tao has reabsorbed attributes of itself that were left behind in incomplete ascensions going back as far as 36 contraction cycles ago. These attributes of self has been called the “false tao”, as they are related unto the Tao but had broken off and were left behind. It is the false tao that then dances with those creations that fail to ascend Home in any future cycle. It is the false tao that has set up a non-ascension possibility for this region of domain that Terra resides within. The false tao is now being reabsorbed, bringing an end to the darkness that has plagued Terra and all ascending dimensions at this time. Read more